When does the MC learn necromancy?

I recently read in the spoiler of Duoluo Dalu 2 that the mc of Child of Light learns necromancy. However, it is the last book of the series right now, so does anyone know when it happens?


  • you sure its supposed to be child of light? think it might be Divine throne
  • No, from what I read, the MC of COL is supposed to have developed necromancer abilities through using light magic.
  • That is definitely the MC from Divine Throne. Necromancy does not exist in COL universe. Same author wrong novel. Long Hao Chen gets a treasure that is the inheritance of a light elemental necromancer and he eventually learns his skills in the latter half of the novel. Child of light has long since ended. So, no. You are mistaken, but once again, same author. It's an easy mistake to make.
  • if im not remembering it wrong, its the teacher from the mc of this novel that becomes the light necromancer. that would be the headmaster of the school, who was a light magician, he aparently achieved necromantic abilities through advanced light magic, and later he appears in douluo dalu 2 and the throne series. 
  • Once again. There is no Necromancy in the COL universe. It is in Divine Throne. Reread COL and you will find not a single mention of Necromancy. Also, the teacher of the MC in this novel is considerably weaker than the MC, so he had no hope of ever ascending. You are thinking of Long Hao Chen and his Light Magic Necromancer "Teacher" despite the fact he only inherited the tower that his "teacher" used as his base. http://totobro.com/ this is the site where you can read the novel. It's a good read.
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