"Crossroads of Heroes" An Original Wuxia Creation by Pat Piper

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"Crossroads of Heroes"

This is my original Wuxia creation. It tells the story of 5 protaganists from the five major sects - Emei, Shaolin, Gaibang, Wudang & Kunlun.

In time, as their paths cross and lives entwine in perilous adventure, they will learn from one another the values of friendship and what it means to be a hero in a world with a declining code of honor.

- Pat Piper

INTRODUCTION (from website)

There is an old Chinese proverb which says “when one is in Jianghu, the body is hard pushed to follow the heart's bidding”. In other words, when a person is out in Jianghu, he no longer has full control of his actions and is often forced to act against his own will.

“Jianghu” literally translates as rivers and lakes, even though it is commonly known to most Chinese people as a gallant fraternity or sub-community of people who choose to live by their own moral principles instead of conforming to existing societal laws.

Metaphorically, are we being equated as mere unwitting travelers on a raft; flowing along the ferocious current of a mighty river and submitting ourselves to its toils without question? Why then, do people in Jianghu, who had supposedly steered themselves away from the mainstream, still find it hard to act freely?

Does the saying further imply that no matter what we choose, we still end up with the same moral dilemmas? Or Is this just a poorly disguised excuse, made up by people who were afraid to take risks and uphold their own moral standards in the face of the merciless mainstream?

“Crossroads of Heroes” is created as an attempt to explore this profound theme that is still prevalent in modern society, all in the fashion of a classic Wuxia tale. It tells the story of five protagonists - each from a different martial arts sect, and follows their individual journeys to enlightenment. As their paths cross and lives entwine in adventure, they learn each in their own way the meaning of heroism.

- Pat Piper




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    Emei Sect - Jing Lian

    Jing Lian is a month away from turning sixteen, an age by Emei Sect mandate that a student must put her skills to the test in the “Peach Blossom Trials”, a key factor on whether they will receive the “Maiden’s Five Flowing Methods” manual and be held in consideration to become the future leader of Emei Sect.

    Of course, the young and fun loving Jing Lian has no desire for such ambitions. When pushed to work by sister Fan Hua, her appointed guardian and fierce protector, Jing Lian would often brush it off cheekily by declaring her vote to Fan Hua on becoming Emei Sect’s future leader, to which she would receive a light knock on the head from an agitated Fan Hua, amid some blushing. While Jing Lian is elated that Fan Hua could eventually become their sect leader, she shudders at the thought of herself having to take on such a burden. In truth, her real passion is to see the sights of Jianghu, go in search of adventures and experience new thrills.

    While neither the strongest nor wisest fighter, Jing Lian makes up for it with her speed and dexterity. When traveling Jianghu, the distance she could cover in a day is unmatched and her ability to leap from rooftop to rooftop and from branch to branch is a sight to behold. When traveling at her full speed, it even seems that she is able to travel on air and water!

    - Pat Piper

    Copyright © 2016 Pat Piper. All rights reserved.

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    Shaolin Sect - Huai Xun

    During one of his early travels, Abbot Xuan Ling found an abandoned infant at the site of a bandit raid. Looking into the bright and determined gaze of the little boy, he immediately recognized their fated bond and took him into his care - giving him the Buddhist name of Huai Xun and mentoring him in the ways of a Shaolin monk.

    Life growing up as a Shaolin monk was strenuous but Huai Xun’s unyielding mental toughness allowed him to endure it all with ease. He trained rigorously in the various martial arts that was taught to him and steadily rose through the ranks to become one of the battle hardened fighters of Shaolin Sect.

    As a follower of Buddhism, Huai Xun was taught to be righteous and compassionate, and would only use his fighting skills to help the needy. However, it could be that the subconscious effect his early childhood trauma had on him, Huai Xun despised bullies and cowardly acts of tyranny, and would show little restraint in dealing harsh punishments to any such offenders.

    When news came to Shaolin Temple that tragedy had befallen one of their Buddhist allies, Abbot Xuan Ling acknowledged that it is time for Huai Xun to further his growth and thereupon entrusted him with the mission of investigating the matter.

    - Pat Piper

    Copyright © 2016 Pat Piper. All rights reserved.
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    Gaibang (Beggar Sect) - Shu Laozi

    Although appointed and well-respected as one of the seven beggar elders of Gaibang (aka Beggar Sect), Shu Laozi prefers to live life by his one strict rule: live free and not be bound to any mundane duties or obligations.

    To younger sect members, he often preached (usually half-sober, in front of a campfire with bird roast in one hand and a jug of wine in the other): “All beings are put on this earth only to survive. While pondering and unraveling mysteries of the universe might be fun and necessary to keep an open mind, at the end of the day, it is only one’s insatiable appetite that one has to attend to.”

    Shockingly, Shu Laozi had to eat his own words on the day he discovered that the Grand Master of Wulin (also the former leader of Gaibang and his life-long friend) had been murdered in cold blood and the culprit is still at large. An overwhelming sense of foreboding came over him like never before and he swore to get to the bottom of it even if it costs him his life.

    Luckily for him, Gaibang’s network of influence is widespread and his band of brothers, particularly the strong and capable beggar captain Lu Jin, would not be far away whenever he needed support.

    - Pat Piper

    Copyright © 2016 Pat Piper. All rights reserved.
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    Wudang Sect - Song Qingyao

    Nestled on the lofty peaks of Wudang Mountains, Wudang Sect is a relatively new school founded by revered Taiji grand master and originator, Zhang Sanfeng.

    Song Qingyao was admitted into Wudang Sect at a very young age and was only the sixth disciple that Master Zhang had taken under his wing. His innate awareness, love of nature and music made him an excellent student of Dao philosophy and the elegant Taiji fighting style. In addition to his diligence, Song Qingyao is also extremely honest, humble and is beloved by his shifu (mentor) and fellow sect mates, who all treat him like a brother.

    When adventuring Jianghu, Song Qingyao generally prefers to keep to his pacifist demeanor and will avoid direct confrontations for the most part. However, when his help is sought by someone in need, he will most likely offer aid without question, no matter the odds or danger.

    Indeed, Song Qingyao’s only weakness may be his gullibility and his everlasting trust in the goodness of people. Hence, he is prone to manipulation by anyone who is crafty enough to use his kindness against him.

    - Pat Piper

    Copyright © 2016 Pat Piper. All rights reserved.

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    Kunlun Sect - Xiao Jingtian

    Xiao Jingtian was handed the reins of leading Kunlun Sect after his shifu and older brother both died of critical wounds following a duel with the Grand Master of Wulin.

    Embittered by the experience and overwhelmed with this new sense of duty, Xiao Jingtian took upon himself to train vehemently in martial arts and study the many ways of strategy, hoping to apply all his knowledge and talents to one day defeat the Grand Master of Wulin and bring honor back to Kunlun Sect under his own name. He ate and slept this ultimate ambition.

    Tragically, his dreams were shattered when he received news that the Grand Master of Wulin was killed in mortal combat with an unknown mystery fighter. Stunned in disbelief and driven by rage, Xiao Jingtian vowed to uncover the secret identity of the murderer and exact his revenge on his new sworn enemy. His new obsession would eventually lead him to making many hasty decisions and putting his own life in great peril.

    Fortunately, his young niece - the talented Fu Yanlin, was never far from his side. Secretly, she always kept a vigilant eye on his uncle's dangerous pursuits and when things got too messy, she would always be there in time to give him a helping hand.

    - Pat Piper

    Copyright © 2016 Pat Piper. All rights reserved.
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