Spoiler on JC's past

Can someone tell me the specific details on when and how Jiang chen will tell huang er(or whoever he tells it to?) about his past life.
Cause I read in the past threads that he will tell her about it and would like to hear the specifics, better yet if someone could do a rough translation/spoiler on the chapter. Really curious to know who he tells about his past that's why...
please and thank you! (^_^)/


  • It's in teh 2000's iirc just before he is about to set sail to rescue his dad.


  • Can you please summarise in details? I can't read the raws and I might be old already when we even get to the 2000's -translation-wise (TTATT)
  • Read at lnmtl.


  • So after he defeats the demons...he trains for like 200 years and starts unlocking the seals his dad left inside him (he unlocks an item left by his dad for each level of the seal he unlocks, there are 9 levels total which correspond to the 9 levels of the god realm, each time he levels up he unlocks one). When he's at level 8 or 9 some mysterious old man whose name also starts with Jiang comes to visit him. The old guy is one of his dad's followers, and was sent by his dad to the place they're in like hundreds of thousands of years ago. Turns out he was the one who brought the dragon, phoenix, turtle thing, and white tiger, as well as the ice/fire vines, and some other treasures to the world they're in (too lazy to look up the translation used, but the mainland or whatever). That's the reason Jiang Chen was able to find all these crazy items in this mundane world. 

    The old guy tells Jiang Chen that his dad is still alive probably, and that they should go back and save him. Jiang Chen tells Huang'er everything about his past before he leaves, and promises that he'll be back within 100~10000 years.
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