Stellar Transformation a little spoiler of the 20th chapter

did this for fun around 400 words i guess have fun 

    The eight stage golden immortal name Wubo face turn pale as he quickly took out a Spirit pearl to sent a message "Master something bad happened. That Qin Yu knows our plan now please hurry and come to the Amber Moon planet before he escapes."
      On the Red autumn leave planet 
            Yuqīng Zi received the message from Wu Bo but he felt like being hit on the head and being scolded at the same time when he heard what Wu bo said."If you cant bring success don't bring problems with you"But as of right now Yuqīng Zi didnt have time to punish his disciples, right now what he needed to do was to sent people out to The Amber Moon Planet. "Me, brother qiánqǐ dao and Jixià Huá will go first then send the 9th Stage immortals after that send in the 8th Stage immortals, everyone rush to Amber Moon plant now."
           Yuqing Zi and the golden immortals covered the entire Red Autumn Leave planet had all received the same command,"Yuqing Zi what is it?" Asked Qianqi a immortal emperor. Right now Yuqing was in a belly full of rage, this mission was held accountable by Mystic Sword immortal Emperor Yu so if it failed something bad would happen to them as well. 
"i don't know what happened but it looks like the disciples on the Amber Moon Planet screwed up, Letting Qin Yu know of our plans to deal with him. Brother Qianqi Dao, Jixia Hua well head over to The Amber Moon Planet quickly we cannot let him run away!"Commanded Yuqing Zi with telepathy. "he dare resist against Immortal Lu's commands?"asked the Jixia Hua the Immortal emperor. 
       After that the 3 strongest immortal emperors in a blink of a eye arrived at the Red Autumn Leave's Teleporter array, after a while around 70 9th Stage Golden Immortals along with nearly 280 8th Stage immortals arrived at the Teleporter array because the Amber Moon Planet was so Far away From the Red Autumn Planet they could only use a teleporter array to get their faster. But alas a single teleporter array could only teleport so many people at a time 1 array could only teleport around 10 people at a time. Yuqing Zi Xi Dao and JIxia Hua quickly went onto a array and a sparkle as quickly as lighting appeared after that single moment they were gone.  
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