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    i never said it was a chief method for both side and I never said everyone know it. I said some of the good guy would sometime even use it. Never did I said it was a major method for them, maybe for a lot of  demon dao but not righteous one . The point I am making is whether they are orthodox or not they can still know how to harvest women, we have seen orthodox people threaten women to turn them into dual cauldron, will I am not sure if you did or not like that one with the student of the immortal emperor I mention in the past. This hint that the good guy is not aloof enough to solely stick to what ever main cultivation method they uses. As long as it could help them gain more power both side would use it but one side is more in the open than the other. Heck there are orthodox sect mention in raising dual cauldron too, whether it's use for them self or to sell, it didn't mention but it prove my point in that it don't matter if they are orthodox or not they can still know the tech and again it's not everyone and their uncle know it.

    i think you are falling under false conception on that only people who major in sexual cultivation can know how to harvest women or men. In case you don't know this, there are men dual cauldron too. This conception is false cause if that is the case that like saying only someone major in fire cultivation can use fire tech, other can't.
  • does anyone know exactly how much time has passed since the mc entered into East heaven? how many years? 
    i remember by chapter 1k around 200 years had gone by then a 10 year wait happened before entering Top Pill Saint Domain for 1 year after that from the current chapter i am stopped at is a few chapters after the war against the Dark Clan where a random 20 more years passed but how bout in the latest chapter? 
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    But in an earlier comment, you were comparing harvesting women to using pills to advance cultivation. Anyone with hands and a mouth can use pills. Then in the same comment, you claimed a majority of people can do it. Do you know how much people makes a majority? All because one extremely privileged man threatened a girl that he's gonna kidnap and harvest her. So that automatically means that sexual techniques have become common goods and a majority of people can do it? Don't you think you're stretching things a bit here?

    I'm still not convinced that the fates of all harvested women is death because you didn't give me any solid proof other than you think or you're pretty sure.

    Actually, I think this is mead.
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    comparing it within popping pill is to show that harvesting women bring in a similar increase in power, it by no mean that make it a chief method they would use cause like I also said, using it a lot bring unstablilty to the realm and the righteous dao practitioners don't prefer it but it doesn't mean they won't know it. Also pill is not that easy to gain also, you need money to buy so it's the same not every bodies would be popping pill too. I will admit that I might be wrong about majority knowing the tech but I never said everybody and I also later on gave you an example of an orthodox sect raising dual cauldron so that's two example to show that not only people who major in sexual cultivation and low down rouge or demon fiend know the tech like you believe/imply. For better understanding, I will use another example, a lot of people know about how the time tower can shorten their time cultivation but not everyone use it or allow too. Does this better explain my point? They are certain thing that restrict them like some are not powerful enough to make the journey there or not enough money to enter, restriction apply to other thing too, just cause mc is able to easily gain those doesn't mean that everyone in the world could do it too. 

    As for the reason as to why I believe the girl are dead after being harvested most of the time is because if you still remember, when ning fan bought those 1000 dual cauldron at that auction, he reassure them that he won't harvest all of their cultivation and they won't die or was it that he won't kill them and they were glad, I can't really remember which of those but this bring up the question why ning fan have a need to reassure them of that? If commonly they don't end up dead there is no need for him to said that so what does it mean?
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    Because MC has that kind of reputation. Everyone knows, or believes that that MC is some sort of a sexual deviant, one of those old perverted monsters who snatch pretty young virgins from their homes and rape them to death in order to advance their cultivation. And MC is actually a master of sexual cultivation, even if it is just a superior branch of it. MC doesn't try to hide it. It is up to MC to prove them wrong, not the other way around, because MC himself was the one who chose the path that he's current on and he knows it will come with really terrible consequences. One of them is the kind of notoriety that you're talking about.

    Which is why it doesn't make sense, if sexual cultivation were so widely practiced, that it would come with so much hate from both factions, orthodox or not. Just because an orthodox sect is raising women to be "harvested" or to be sold doesn't mean much. There are a lot of different types of body in the world, and some rare women are born with a natural affinity to enhance the cultivation of their sexual partner. The people that the orthodox are raising could simply have a body that would enhance cultivation that they will use to reward their next generation. This would be a proper loophole for members of the orthodox side to "harvest" women without studying unorthodox/evil techniques or killing their victims. Or, if you look at it another way, the sect could simply be secretly training prostitutes or geishas as another revenue of income for themselves. And even if this orthodox is evil to the extreme, that's still just one example, out of how many sects MC lived with, massacred, or directly led? A barrel of apples is still a barrel of apples even if you found a pear inside.

    Furthermore, as I said before, I believe that when a male and female cultivator have sex, there will be benefits for both parties, however slight, and the effect is enhanced with the strength of each participant, but this is just a pet theory. But it sure makes more sense than saying a majority of people, or at least many of the elite cultivators, to be relying a woman's thighs to achieve power.

    Actually, I think this is mead.
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    ok dude, you keep thinking that I said they rely on it to harvesting women as a main source for power up for some reason. I stated that they could know the tech to do it and that it's not only some low down rouge or people who mainly focus on sexual cultivation know how to. Also you mention all the sect the mc went to and stuff? How many are there? How many did he massacre? And when he massacre them, cause no dual cauldron were mention so it don't exist, the same way women or kids are not mention when it happen? how many sect did we even got a deep view of it structure? 

    Also do you remember that when ning fan brought those 1000 dual cauldron, his reputation of "sex deviant" didn't spread, not many even known that he major in sexual cultivation, certainly those girl don't. The only reputation he have at that time when he bought them was a devil who kill people cause that's what he did before the auction started.
    also let me just ask you, what do you think happen to dual cauldron when people are done harvesting, maybe they die from the harvesting or happen like you said they live but do you think the person who own them will keep them now that they are mortal and have no use? Sure you can said oh they let them go or sell them or they might just be kill we don't know so I will said that me stating that they will certain to die from harvesting might be wrong, I will give you that.

    also I am not denying that sex between wife and husband could bring benefit to both party but that it's in the case of dao companion not dual cauldron. 
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    Didn't spread far, perhaps, but just by the fact that MC went to an auction that specifically carter to these devils and took over the ownership of 1,000 "dual cauldron" at once, that already revealed his colors, whether he intended to or not. If you find someone with a pocket full of crack, you'll just assume that he's just a druggie, but if you find someone with a truckload of meth, then your assumption becomes he's a drug-dealer. Druggies aren't normally dangerous, but if you mess with a drug-dealer, you better hope he don't pop a cap in your ass. Same logic. And the people who primarily practice on sexual cultivation will kill the girls afterward.

    In the lower realm, MC took down a lot of sects and at least a majorly powerful kingdom that ruled a third of a world, making quite a profit in the process. As I remembered, he at least massacred two sects. Post-ascension, he also took down a couple minor powers here and there, and even forced an entire region of minor sects to submit to him and he reformed it as a respectable faction. MC also spent years living in a lot of sects and powerful families, and have never notice that they are using women to increase their power, and he hasn't been offered any "dual cauldrons" by these people as a way to improve or speed up his training.

    As for what happened to the female "dual cauldron"? Nothing. And they'll likely survive with all of their cultivation intact too, if they do not encounter an actual devil who specializes in sexual cultivation. Afterward, they'd probably just become a concubine or a mistress to whoever they were given to, because in addition to their bodies, "dual cauldrons" tend to also be very beautiful women.

    And sex is sex. There's no difference between martial sex, doing with a concubine, or one night stands. The benefits will happen regardless. 

    Actually, I think this is mead.
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    ok this is being silly, sex is different in this novel. Mc show this shit like in the beginning of the novel, when he do it with his wives, it benefits both side but when he do it with his dual cauldron, he suck their power, there different tech for different effect. I am also pretty sure that two mortal having sex together won't really provide benefits for both side other in fact no benefits at all other then pleasure for a moment. the novel have different word for them show they are view as different thing, that why when mc said you are my dual cauldron women turn piss and automatically related to him harvesting them, dual cauldron are for harvesting so no, they don't get to keep their cultivation and become concubines or what ever unless those people who kidnap girl or buy dual cauldron think those those girls are worth his or her support/resource. I doubt women would act like that if he call them his dao companion, these two word represent different status the women are view as. 

    Just imagine this you are a dude is aiming to be immortal and you are doing everything you can to increase your power but your sect contribution point is not enough at this point and you happen to go out to search for some power up and you notice a girl near your realm and you decide "hey if I harvest her I can increase my power probably" so you kidnap her and when you are done with it which could be a one time deal or a few time and she become a mortal, would you then 1.) bring her along back to the sect and support her and neglect your pursue for immortality 2.) bring her back but focus on your practice and neglect her as your practice is more important or 3.) kill her or leave her there in the wild and advance on in your journey for resource/mission or what ever for more of your power up, which do you think people in this novel would pick?

    also the sect that mc visited, when he stay there alone, people have virgin "maid" to serve him and if you can't see a clue then I speechless especially when these happen after his sex name is know through all. Also him massacre a clan it won't show anything about the clan as it lasted like a chapter or two and he is just there killing and robbing them, we are not going to see indept detail of who is there like how many kid or women is in the clan and it structure unlike for example the time he join slaughtering temple. I remember he subdue like 2 demon clan and he barely interact with both those clan as For one of them he just goes there for an auction and to find the demon coucubine and then he just get drag into a whole coup thing and he end up subdueing that clan then leave right away.

    I also remember he form a kingdom and it happen pretty quick then all he did was stay in his home and with his wives and didn't really stay any where else so I don't really remember much of what you said about him staying a long time at certain sect.
    but I do remember when he attend the fishing event hosted by a major sect at the monster world, there were a bunch of "singing" girls on boats floating around the river coursing pass the resident of the people who is participating and it mention that anyone could use them as dual cauldron. This is another event that we saw some "indept" way of the sect. I don't remember much else about the sect or clan he stay in other than some where he stay with his wife and stuff or he was to busy practing in those sect instead of wondering around like he did looking for thing in the sect like at slaughter temple.
  • No, you're absolutely right. This is getting silly.

    This started because you wanted to fix my misconception about the number of cultivators who uses sexual cultivation and the fates of "dual cauldrons", and now we've splintered off to whatever this shit is, mostly arguing about which of our theory holds the most weight, and that's not counting whatever the main topic was that started this whole deal. Seems every time one topic ends, we've inevitably move onto something else that was brought up previously. I can't help but feel really awkward because we've been fighting back and forth like this for three days and three pages on a five page thread. And the issue we're arguing over makes me glad I'm using a throwaway name for this forum.

    So I could write up another long ass post here that you won't agree with, and you will retort with something that I will have a problem with, or we could just be mature and drop this before it moves onto an actual flame war, or until somebody comes in and laugh at us for taking this shit so seriously.

    Actually, I think this is mead.
  • Hey, this novel has ridiculously large chapters, features shitloads of sex and a devil cultivator MC! Dank as hell!
  • Yes but too bad the TL is as slow as a snail. 
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    did the mc already meet again with Yuan Yao and her daugthers in the raw chapter??
  • rvtots33 said:
    did the mc already meet again with Yuan Yao and her daugthers in the raw chapter??
    Not yet. He might soon since something big is happening and he might have to go to north heaven after he deal with the current war happening in east heaven.
  • @alenotbeer

    Thanks for all the posts and on a note about harems. I did find it funny in my recent read Devil's son-in-law where the MC has about 13 girls in his harem at the end of the novel. The MC's harem is fairly accepting of new girls, though they are often as the author likes to call them being salty vinegar about new harem members. However, the MC's three best friends are what strikes me as being funny.

    His dragon friend brags from the start how he will fly atop the head of the MC with a bunch of dragon females to show of. However, he ends up being forced into a monogamy by his wife who gets's help from the female alliance (MC and mates girls, who band together to stop the guys from getting more girls)

    His demon friend often tries to hitch up with other girls then his wife but always get's discovered or stopped, while crying out how he doesn't wanna end up "hung up dead on a single tree instead of living in a forest." Eventually (fairly late in the story), he get's a second wife who turns out to be sex-crazed and thus stops all further tries to get girls cause he has no energy.

    His human friend, only loves one girl and tries his best to be in a monogamy, but fails because a 2nd girl falls in love with him and after she saves his wife, the wife pretty much forces him to marry her as well.

    For me, this was kinda funny because of how two of his friends tries so hard to start a harem but fails repeatedly, compared to almost every other story having everyone as mentioned except for the MC not having more than one wife.
  • rvtots33 said:
    did the mc already meet again with Yuan Yao and her daugthers in the raw chapter??
    Not yet. He might soon since something big is happening and he might have to go to north heaven after he deal with the current war happening in east heaven.
    He met with the eldest one (the one who oversaw his tribulation/severing or whatever it was).
    He also met with Xiaomon (some papapa action there :p)
  • After reading recent chapters, I came to realize that the whole motif of this novel is basically "reunion" or "desire to meet up with loved one again".

    Ning Fan
    - Meeting Mu Weiliang (resurrection) again
    - Meeting his father, mother, and brother.

    - Meeting his girls in North Heaven
    - Meeting Ni Fan
    - Meeting both masters

    - Giant (future NF) in ch 1210 was talking about he has met with master, brother, and the girls but missed not meeting up with one person (Sword ancestor?)

    Old Demon
    - Meeting his wife (resurrection) again

    Ni Fan
    - Meeting the butterfly (NF)

    Emperor Zhang (the Fu Li girl) & Tantai girl & (possibly) Yuan Yao & Black Demon Cat
    - Meeting big brother/master/Ni Fan again

    - Meeting her butterfly again


    The ultimate goal of Ning Fan incarnations are to meet up with sword ancestor again. However, the destiny dictates that they can never meet. Hence, the plot of GE is actually centering around trying to meet with loved one again.
  • So, i just finished reading ch 423, where Ning Fan fights Mo Luo with the help of thunder immortal emperor tai su and a purple (?) guy, is that purple guy a future ning fan?
  • I think so. At first, he thought it was an avatar of Zi Dou Xian De, but he later thought back to that event and develops some suspicion on the identity of that person.

    Other than this guy, there's possibly another Ning Fan clone from the future who wore black. And I'm pretty sure that the "person" that a couple of love interest thinks back on and calls brother is Ning Fan clones too. So since there's more clones popping up than an episode of Naruto, either time travel or they are all an alternate Ning Fan. Yeah, alternate Ning Fan. I stopped reading for the past couple months, but I was pretty far ahead so...

    I'm sure most of you know that the author has already incorporated elements of the existential philosophy and self into his story, but in the later chapters, he's even throw in elements of time travel and multiverse theory into the mix, with hints of time-travelers (mostly just him, probably) from the future and one heroine(ish) meeting herself from an alternate universe. I think I know a little bit of what separates a real world and a dream world now. But at the same time, it's been even more confusing. This story gets even deeper into philosophy later on, mostly focusing on time/reincarnation/existence.

    I just don't know how to describe this author anyone. He's extremely ambitious, I'll say that. There were hints of it in the early chapters, but I'm surprised he's actually went for it, that crazy bastard. Oh, the quality of the chapters after 1000's declined substantially, but I've gotta respect him as a content creator. I'm still gonna read this just to see what he'll come out with next.

    Actually, I think this is mead.
  • Or may be he's a Ning Fan from another dimension (Samsara)
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