Can someone give details regarding MC's master! 
Like his power, when they meet, what kind of skills or stuff he/she give to MC
Thank you


  • 11 bead, Strongest person under 12 beads.
    6 elements - Fire,water,wind,earth,dark,light. so he is also known as Six Absolute Emperor
    Has sister set of ZW legendary equip set.

    His 6 element control law, shit ton of free stuff and his sworn brother makes equips for ZW.

    They meet when ZW with Fei'er and the Xue'r secret lover dude go to Northern wilderness to gain some beast cores for their The matchless camp. They are attacked by Shen [blood bitch] and after fight they meet him
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    Xue'r has a secret lover? I thought she was with ZW?

    Do they kill the Shen people?
  • He meant the guy infatuated with xue'er. 
  • xaax102 said:
    He meant the guy infatuated with xue'er. 
    Oh okay, thank you!
  • Yea, and they do not kill them since shen had a 9/10 jeweled person in them. ZW posions him with his tri-skill but he cuts off his arm to stop it.
    ZW then bullshits his way out by saying Fei'er and other dude are jewel island future successors and moment you kill dem , The sect will know and launch war etc etc to get barely saved.
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