Nine Paths of Asura (Ch.132) The Maws of Star Stream Lake



  • Chapter 71- Shady Youth

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    For the second time Lineir found himself traveling through space time. When he landed this time however it was much more gentle. Touching down gracefully, he quickly surveyed his surroundings. Evidently he had not traveled far as surrounding him was still the same type of scenery he had seen before, a wide forest as far as the eye could see. He hadn't even taken a step however when he felt a slight amount of killing intent and his sixth sense tingled. He immediately side stepped and whipped around to see the perpetrator.


    The ground in front of Lineir was sliced into thin pieces not unlike that time against the Celestial Hummingbird. However, the slash rather than parting the ground as far as the eye could see barely cut through more than a few feet. Lineir's eyes lit up with a dangerous red glint. Either this attack had not been serious, or the attacker was just weak. He immediately executed a movement technique and appeared to teleport behind the enemy. 

    "Hmph, where did that bastard go? I don't recognize him at all, he's definitely one of the other Chosen in disguise. If he needs to hide himself he must be weak!" Lineir peered at a hunched figure in front of him. The figure was a male cultivator with the appearance of a shady youth. Currently, this shady youth was clutching his sword and looking around frantically to see where Lineir had gone without realizing that the enemy he sought was in fact, right behind him...

    "Where am I? Also, don't move." Lineir extended a ghastly bone scythe and reached around the youth's neck. The slightest movement on either of their parts would at best slit the youth's throat, and if Lineir so chose, the entire head would come off to ensure the death of this cultivator. 

    "Ah good sir, I mean't no offense-" The shady youth immediately began to grovel but before he could even utter the whole sentence Lineir pressed pulled his elbow in a little resulting in the bony scythe cutting a line of blood into the youth's throat. 

    "Cut the crap. Answer my questions and don't waste my time with needless words." Lineir didn't enjoy hearing begging and he had better things to do than listen to this fool. Immediately the youth's eyes began to bulge as he tried to answer the question but using as few words as possible.

    "Ah...yes...I'm sorry... this is the Forest Arena of the Trial of a 1000 Chosen Cups. As I'm sure you're aware, the 1000 Chosen will battle it out here and proceed deeper to the Mountains and River's Canyon. In there the Hidden Heaven's...." The youth stopped unsure if he was using too many words but Lineir's ears immediately perked up after hearing the words Hidden Heaven. "Go on. Tell me everything about these 1000 Chosen Cups. Actually, pretend I don't know anything about the Trial of a 1000 Chosen Cups." The youth looked at Lineir questioningly, as if he couldn't believe that Lineir wouldn't know this already, but his eyes quickly drifted back down to the bone scythe at his neck and he started talking.

    "The 1000 Chosen Cups Trial is an expedition into an ancient heavenly testing ground. It is administrated by the Heavens and the head administrator is Lord Cao Sun, the Lordmaster of Tea. He personally administers the rewards and is also the head Alchemist of the Major Serras Sect. The Top 100 in the trials will receive a Immortal Core Forging Pill! Top 50 will receive 5 such pills. Top 10 will receive 10! And as for the number one participant, he will receive a minor pill personally forged by Lord Cao Sun!" The shady youth's eyes shone with a fervent light. If his desire for these pills was any greater it would probably manifest as a Dao! Lineir however was thinking of the pill he had received from the head administrator earlier. If this youth knew Lineir had received a pill the Lordmaster of Tea himself considered good fortune, he would probably immediately pass out from shock.

    "Additionally, while the 1000 Chosen are indeed fighting for the chance to gain these pills, that is not the only thing they seek. Those who dare to venture deep enough into the ancient heavenly testing grounds will eventually come across treasures which were left by Heaven for the younger generation. Of course, only the strongest Chosen of major planets and sects would dare attempt that. After all, not only is the arena itself fraught with dangers, but other cultivators are all eyeing the rewards. Anyone who enters the deeper areas will have to have the qualifications and strength to keep what they find or else they will simply be searching for good fortune for others." The shady youth made it clear that he had no intentions of entering the deeper areas. Lineir however was contemplating what he should do.

    "Very well, explain the dangers of this area a bit more for me. Also, tell me what you know about the Chosen of major planets and sects. Oh and give me your space ring. Then I'll let you go." Lineir had no need to kill this youth. His power level was incredibly weak. The only reason this youth had entered was because his planet could not even be considered a minor planet and he had essentially been offered up as a placeholder. That was why he had been hanging out at the fringes of the ancient testing grounds hoping to rob some other weaklings. After questioning him thoroughly, Lineir let him go and immediately started heading deeper into the testing grounds.

    "Hmmmm, I'm not sure exactly how strong I rank against the Chosen of other planets. According to that youth, there is an age limit in restriction. I am actually a few years younger than the limit. The top Chosen of other planets will not only have vast resources and cultivation techniques, but will also have a few years more time cultivating than me. Not to mention that they started cultivation from birth. I wouldn't want to openly confront anyone until I get a better idea what the cultivation levels are like here. Fortunately, if there is one thing I'm confident of, it's my ability to conceal myself." Mei's training in movement and concealment mean't that Lineir's ability to move unseen and undetected was often enough to avoid detection from the elder generation. Mei assured him that unless these juniors possessed some sort of unusual detection technique or treasure, they would never be able to find Lineir if he moved carefully. Indeed, even if they possessed extremely powerful detection skills, Lineir could probably evade them if he was careful to mask his killing intent.

    "Hehehe." Lineir's cold face didn't change expression but his eyes took on an imperceptible pleased tone. "All of the major chosen are already deep into the trial. Anyone left in the forest... is definitely a weakling!" Lineir had examined the spacial ring of the shady youth, and while he was poor and had apparently had already been robbed at the beginning of the trial, there were several pills and minor artifacts which Lineir had never seen before having never been in a sect. While Lineir had obtained absolutely insane wealth in the form of high level cores from the golems in the Heavenlly Pillar, his native planet simply did not have the background to create any higher level pills or treasures for him to spend his wealth. Not to mention what few higher level sects Lineir had interacted with, he had made enemies of in the process of obtaining his wealth. He kept his eyes open for other cultivators who still lingered in the forest like the shady youth as he went deeper. It was time to see what the pill forging techniques and treasures of other planets were like...

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    Chapter 72- A Touch of Death

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    Plink! Plink! Plink!

    The sound of various pills, treasures, and other space rings quickly filled Lineir's space ring at a terrifying rate. He was literally sprinting deeper into the trials while grabbing treasures as if they were grapes on a vine. Mei's concealment techniques made him into something of a ghost to the weaklings fighting outside. 

    "These retainers are so weak. Any Chosen who hasn't gone deeper at this point is also weak! I may as well use this chance to upgrade my inventory." Lineir's thoughts ran along these lines. He had heard everything from that first youth. While there were only 1000 Chosen in the entire trial, each of them had been allowed to bring several retainers depending on their status. The retainers had to be within the same age bracket as the chosen however. Furthermore, it was unlikely for the retainers to be particularly powerful as anyone with near the same level of power as the Chosen would be a Chosen themselves and would not settle to serve another usually. Except for a few of the higher level planets and sects, the retainers were actually just here as helping hands for the Chosen. Additionally, they served another purpose! Pack mules! As long as a Chosen guarded a particular area, his retainers could search the entire area much more quickly than one person alone. In that way they could grab and carry more treasures. Indeed, several higher level Chosen had entered deeper into the forest and left their retainers to search the outer areas for any scant treasures. They were counting on the fact that their retainers were on the same level as lower level Chosen and all the higher level Chosen would not waste their time on the treasures outside. Unfortunately, they did not count on Lineir entering the arena late...

    Plink! Plink! Plink!

    "You bastard! What planet are you from! My Heaven's Fist Sect will not let you off---"

    "Scum! How could a Chosen such as you dare to rob the retainers in the outer forest! Wait till I inform my master----"

    "Return the treasures at once and I'll tell my Empire not to destroy yours----"

    Each and every retainer which Lineir robbed spouted out incredible lines such as these. However, Lineir was already long gone by the time the last word had been uttered. He had to make up lost ground, and while he was interested in seeing if there happened to be any real treasure in these retainers and weak Chosen's hands, he was only stealing from those who happened to be in his path. A very wide path...

    The Head Administrator usually watched over the 1000 Chosen Cups with an eye which was neither vigilant nor lazy. He had participated in this ceremony for uncountable thousands of years and had long since lost the desire to watch too closely. However.... this time, the reason he was not particularly vigilant in watching over the 1000 Chosen Cups was different. This time he was staring intently at one more cup off in the side. The first ever 1001st Chosen Cup. He stared at it with such intent that  if there was anyone else around they would wonder if it was a precious treasure or gifted from the love of his life. His mouth uttered some pitiful words,

    "I can only hope it does not break. For if the Chosen of that man is killed in a mere Trial then his rage will surmount the Heavens and raise the Hells. Even if he is dead, his Echo does not fear the wrath of the Heavens. That amount of influence with the Heavens would stop him from taking this one's life!" He shuddered and resumed staring at the 1001st Cup, the other 1000 Chosen Cups long forgotten. "Please don't break!"

    In the clear water of the tea cup was a projection of Lineir, shuttling through the forest at great speed. As he picked up treasure after treasure and was cursed by retainer and Chosen alike, the Head Administrator watched with bated breath. If at any moment he looked to be in real danger, the Head Administrator's own personal tea cup swirled with a mystical whirlpool ready to teleport him to Lineir's side at any moment.

    "I must not let him die!"

    As he stared at the cup with all his might, suddenly the room darkened and the cheerful light passed away into a deathly stillness. To freeze time for a mortal was a simple matter for those blessed by the Heavens to live uncountable years. freeze time for a Head Administrator who had existed for countless years? That was something which only the strongest of Heavenly powers would consider. In fact, unless one of those Heavenly powers was specialized in the Dao of Time and Space and personally came to do battle, the Head Administrator could probably still resist from a distance! However, in the face of this presence, a mere thought from who knows how far away, the Head Administrator, one who had existed for eons and had the authority to command an entire plane of existence...was locked away unable to move a finger. His terror right now exceeded the Heavens and his heart which had ordered the destruction of worlds both major and minor was pounding as if being tenderized under the pressure. He desperately projected mentally,

    "My Lordship! Your disciple is fine! This one apologizes from the bottom of his heart for a minor delay in his introduction to the Trials!" He wished he could move his mouth but could only pray for mercy in his mind. The same voice which had spoken to him prior shattered its way into the Head Administrator's mind.

    "Do not intervene no matter the situation. This Trial...will be administered by ME!!" The voice vanished as soon as it came, and instantly the Head Administrator fell over into a sloppy kowtow covered in sweat. The portal which he had been holding ready in his personal teacup immediately dissipated and he continued to stare at Lineir's cup anxiously. A thought occurred to him, one which covered him in even more sweat! 

    "I didn't detect any usage of the Dao or anything just now. It's possible that that one has such mastery that he can simply hide the elements of the Dao from me...but why would he bother? My Timelock Cloak which can resist the attack of even a master of the Dao of Space and Time didn't even trigger, I doubt that he actually used the Dao just now. But if he didn't use the Dao to freeze time...then that means his mental presence alone was enough to...!" He gasped and clutched Lineir's cup as if it was his own child. Then he immediately let it go as his shaking hands distorted the image. There he remained in a sort of strange kowtow his arms spread around this 1001st Cup but not daring to touch. His own personal cup and stave were left forgotten on the ground.  

    "Damn, I guess I've gone too deep now and it's time for the real Trial to begin." Lineir had not encountered a retainer or Chosen for a good while now, and was meandering stealthily through the trees. As he got deeper however, the scenery had begun to change and the temperature had risen to more closely resemble a jungle and it had grown incredibly humid. After a time, it even began to rain. However, Lineir quickly realized that this was no ordinary rain. It was infused with Death Qi and was corrosive to cultivators. If a mortal without the protective Qi of a cultivator stepped in  here their skin would slough off almost instantly and all that would be left would be a few bones sinking into the mud below. Clearly, this rain was some sort of demarcating line indicating that the next arena was not for weaklings. Now it was obvious why there were no longer any retainers or weaker Chosen. Anyone who entered here without the required strength would meet a horrifying end. 
    Lineir initially resisted it by revolving his Qi throughout his Second Heart. His Lightning element Qi could easily cleanse the impure Death Qi from the water, his Darkness Qi could create a barrier through which the Death Qi could not pass, and he could even use Fire Qi to burn away the rain itself, but soon Mei told him to stop.

    "Kiddo, relax, this rain is mean't to sort out the weaklings. While your caution is admirable, you should take this time to temper your body and mind. Allow the rain to hit your skin and let the Death Qi seep into you. But only the smallest amount is to pass through your skin! You must revolve your Lightning  and Flame Qi constantly to eradicate any stronger tentacles of Death Qi and only allow the smallest of tendrils to follow your meridians. Enforce your meridians with your Darkness Qi and guide the Death Qi to your Second Heart. Ever since we were transported here, I have sensed a new presence growing in your Undead Heart. It is not the enemies which once hid in your Undead Heart, I have long since purged their presence from you, this is something else. As such, it would be wise of you to learn how to deal with the presence of Death Qi in your body and how to control it. Feeling the touch of Death and standing firm against it is something which all cultivators must learn sooner or later. Regardless, Death and Madness are closely related. Understanding more of Death will help you control your Madness I should think. Retract your defenses and let Death touch you!

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    Chapter 73-The Hanged Man (pt1)

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    Each drop of rain plopped down upon unprotected skin with a sizzling hiss. The noise was gruesome to say the least. Like bacon frying upon a flat stone. However, Lineir's body was too tough to simply degrade so easily. Soon he became proficient at separating the Death Qi from the water and drawing it into his meridians. The sizzling noises died down and simple sounded like ordinary rain.

    Plop Plop Plop


    Even for a cultivator whose body was as tempered as Lineir was, the process was exceedingly painful. To make it worse, he had to continue walking through the rain to go deeper into the Trials. To endure while sitting still and meditating is one thing. However, to continue to advance and be vigilant to hidden traps and enemies was another thing entirely. The process was at least twice as difficult.

    "This rain really stings. However, I can vaguely sense the mysteries of Death Qi hidden in this rain. It will take me some time to isolate and understand it but once I do..." Lineir wasn't entirely sure what benefits he would gain from this training but Mei's reasoning was clear. In the pursuit of the highest peaks of power, control was paramount. Oftentimes those who trained without the benefits of a master neglected this incredibly important point and trained simply to achieve maximum possible strength. Eventually, if they were lucky they received some minor injury when their cultivation overtook their control. However, the unlucky received major injuries and became cripples, or even imploded. In order for a drop of water to become a river and reach the ocean, it must first find the right path, it cannot simply blindly plow through hills and rocks.

    It was this very image of a raindrop flowing through the rocks and dirt which Lineir visualized at Mei's request. His skin was rock and his flesh dirt and the rain had to be filtered and purified before only the essence of Death Qi could enter his meridians and flow to his Second Heart. Gradually he felt his understanding of Death Qi grow. "I see, it was like that..."

    The insight he gained was related to the flow of water. Many mortals who had yet to step upon the path of immortality saw death as an absolute. However, Lineir was beginning to realize that death was actually something far more intricate than a simple end. As far as he could see Death Qi was actually a form of remnant energy left behind when a being's life force was extinguished. However, as to its exact nature, whether this energy was generated by the death of a being, or if it was some sort of byproduct of the netherworld which passed through the boundary when the soul fled, he could only guess. However, he could see that some aspect of death was similar to the flow of water. Never ending it merely passed from one form to another. He continued to meditate on this matter while advancing for several days.


    Lineir instantly drew Mei's sword and used a traditional backhand to slice a bat in half. 


    It's half eradicated body was practically disintegrated from the force of the blow and quickly sank beneath the swamp mud. Paying the vivid hate filled eyes no mind, Lineir immediately readjusted his mental state. Over the last couple days he had run across several of these bats.

    "Stop! Pick up that corpse!" Mei shrieked in Lineir's head from nowhere and instantly broke his mental state. He practically dropped her in his haste to scoop through the acid filled mud. Fumbling with the corpse he angrily demanded. "What? It's just an Acid Bat, the materials are worthle-...." He stared as a hint of gold crossed his view. Instantly he tore apart the flesh with his hands and found a golden pill in his hands. "Is this...what I think it is?!!" In his hand was exactly the Three Heaven's Pill which the Head Administrator had casually tossed aside while trying to appease Lineir. While it was definitely not as valuable as the Five Phoenix's Rebirth Pill which he had gotten instead, they were still pills made by someone of immense strength. Lineir wasn't entirely sure about the identity of the man who had saved his life inexplicably, but he had some suspicions. 

    "The pills must have been flung through the teleportation portal and ended up scattered in this swamp. Quickly, slay some more bats, the other chosen probably did not bother lingering in this Death Qi filled area as you have and passed it looking for treasures in the inner levels. I can sense that there's more, hurry!" Mei urged Lineir frantically. Such high level pills were the equivalent of a second life and could be used for numerous purposes or even simply used as wealth if one was in a hurry. Like that, Lineir immediately began to hunt the bats.

    While Lineir was hunting pills in the swamp, elsewhere some of the retainers he had robbed had begun to gather. 

    "This is outrageous! That bastard dared to rob us so that we will have to report to the young lords empty-handed!"

    "Ridiculous, that fool is truly only looking for short term gains while ignoring the larger picture, when he reaches the inner sanctums of the trial he is dead for sure!"

    "Quickly, does anyone still have their bag of holding? Quickly contact your masters and inform them of this idiot's crimes!" Soon enough some of the retainers who Lineir had not encountered began to send in messages to their masters informing them of their losses. Quickly, through word of mouth everyone knew of this mysterious robber who had blatantly robbed almost every single family and clan in the 1000 Chosen Cups Trial!

    "Wei Song! One of the underlings is saying that someone actually dared to steal from us in the outer levels! Here's a memory crystal with his appearance!" 


    A medium sized youth who was clothed in a dazzling  blue robe inscribed with magical runes which flashed like white lightning sneered as a blurry image of Lineir burst from a small jade talisman.

    "Hmph, if anyone sees him, kill him. He doesn't have the backing of a family. To rob from the Song clan is to steal from death!"


    "Hmph to rob the Fei clan, this man has gall stretching to the Heavens and Hells! Who does he think he is, an Asura? Kill!!" Similarly, a great ape of a man holding a towering battleaxe sneered elsewhere on a winding plain.


    "Dares to rob us?"


    "What foolishness is this, kill on sight!" With every crack, another picture of Lineir appeared in the hands of another Chosen.


    Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

    Everywhere memory crystals were cracked and the Head Administrator stared into his swirling tea leaves where he could only watch in horror as kill commands were issued left and right. 

    "What the hell is this is, has the disciple of that madman actually offended every family, sect, and clan in the entire Trial??!! I swear to the Heavens if those idiots actually manage to hurt that boy then my life is forfeit! If I survive this I will visit their fathers and have them be beaten for a hundred years!"

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    Chapter 74 - The Sightless Plains

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    In a short while, Lineir had gathered all the pills which had been consumed by various wildlife throughout the swamp. Having done so, he decided to leave as he was finished comprehending what he could of the laws of Death from the acid rain. He started to progress in a linear fashion and eventually found himself on the edge of a boundless plain. There grass as tall as a grown man waved gently in the wind.

    "Based on the answer of that youth I interrogated this must be the Sightless Plains. The final battles for this trial will begin here!" Lineir's eyes gleamed in anticipation of the danger and challenge. Unlike most who pursued the Dao, Lineir's views differed from the traditional path. Most when pursuing the Dao sought perfection, and thus by extension would pursue the hardest most difficult path in their cultivation to match their Third Heart's philosophy. However, Lineir's path was simply survival. To grow strong, one must be alive, and thus Lineir would not unnecessarily seek out hardships without proven benefits. It would remain to be seen whether or not one can reach the peak with such an attitude.

    "There's something strange about this grass... it's blocking my ability to sense killing intent..." Lineir frowned as he realized that the Sightless Plains were indeed a strange and bizarre area of the trials. The tall grass naturally inhibited ones divine senses and obscured detection techniques. Lineir actually had a rather weak divine sense considering his comprehensive battle power. He had spent his time focusing on cultivating his physical abilities and augmenting them with the elements of darkness and lightning. This naturally gave him some ability to sense things using the classical ability of divine sense, to see without one's eyes, but he was a bit lacking. This was partially because of his late start to cultivation. Simply put, he simply was not as finely attuned to these things as those who had cultivated from birth, and he had not had the time to bother cultivating divine sense techniques. However, despite the fact that his ability to sense others was practically nil, Lineir's lips curled up into a slight snicker.

    "Hahaha kiddo, you really hit the jackpot this time. While you might not be able to sense anything, that doesn't really matter as your divine sense is so weak normally. However, this grass is hardly enough to block MY divine senses. Additionally, while you may not have the ability to see everything in the area, your natural ability to detect danger is inherently high. I will be your eyes and should any danger come which I cannot see, you should at least have a chance to evade at the last second!" Mei chortled slightly putting on the airs of an old master. It was a baffling combination with her youthful girl's voice though Lineir had long since gotten used to it. "Let's get going, the stealth skills combined with this grass mean you are practically invisible to most cultivators. They will never see you coming..." 

    Lineir silently disappeared into the tall waving grass of the Sightless Plains. He was only mildly interested in the prize for winning such a competition. Considering the rather unorthodox method he had entered the Trials he was doubtful he could even claim the prizes if he came in first. However, he was sure of one thing. The many Chosen in the Trials would definitely have plenty of magical artifacts and relics. In such a situation where he could see them coming but they couldn't see him he would have to be an idiot not to gain some benefits!

    Clang! Clang! KACHA!

    Two swords clashed and sparked as swathes of the tall divine sense blocking grass were scythed away by the ensuing ripples of violent Sword Qi. 
    "Die! Anyone who messes with the Song clan will know only death!" The medium sized youth in dazzling blue wizard robes, Wei Song, clashed swords with another hooded black robed youth. 

    "Lin De, you vastly overestimate yourself to dare fight me!" The youth in blue robes cried out as he locked swords with one hand and in his other a swirling blue staff appeared. The ancient symbols carved into the wood seemed to sizzle with arcane might and he quickly chanted an incantation. Immediately a blue crystal atop the staff lit up and suddenly the youth's sword glowed blue and sheared right through the blade of the other youth.


    Upon his sword breaking, the youth wearing black revealed an expression of horror and immediately vaulted back. His sword destroyed he instantly disappeared into the tall grass. The blue robed youth launched several balls of arcane fire into the grass but the grass stubbornly resisted his efforts and refused to alight. Snorting Wei Song called out,

    "Lin De! A coward like you should just cower until the day you die! When we next meet I shall be sure to ensure to break more than your sword!" He clenched his fist and the arcane symbols on his robes flashed brightly before fading away. "Pathetic. Is this all the Trials has to offer?" 

    The hooded black robed youth sprinted through the dense grass taking no note of his route. "Shit that Song bastard is stronger than I thought. To actually break my family heirloom an earth step treasure in half... the rumors must be true. He truly walks the path of a Spellsword. I'd best avoid him. I'll have to find a new sword in the meantime or if I encounter anyone else my only option is to flee in this grass. I, Lin De refuse to believe my path in this Chosen Trial  ends here!"


    A dark light flashed through the air and Lin De's face twisted to reveal a look of utter horror even more intent than when he had seen his sword destroyed. His head turned to the side and toppled off his body as a few specks of blood spurted from his severed neck. Lineir glanced at the face as he quickly grabbed Lin De's bag of holding. His strike from the darkness a moment ago infused with the weight of Darkness and the searing ability of Lightning had not only instantly decapitated the foe before he could react but had also simultaneously cauterized the wound. 

    "Hmph, your mastery of Lightning is clearly still lacking. The wound is not even close to fully cauterized. You'd best practice, your opponents in the future will not be simply dispatched by mere physical force." Mei admonished Lineir as he observed the wound. He shrugged and pocketed the bag of holding while vanishing back into the grass. He would have plenty of time to practice his technique upon these unsuspecting chosen...
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    I appreciate the comment a lot man, especially the criticism! The following reply which explains a bit of the issues with level I've been trying to figure out is a bit long so please don't feel obligated to read it, just know that I'm honestly amazed and very grateful that you've stuck with me all this time. I'm never sure whether or not people keep reading, and the fact that you actually go back and reread is extremely touching to me.

    If you are interested in level, I have a secret which you may have guessed, I'm honestly not too sure about levels. I've actually been struggling and rereading periodically myself to try to understand some of the terminology and level systems I created. There's a couple issues with levels that I created which make it rather difficult to define Lineir's level (namely...certain characters are a lot stronger than they should be, and I'm not talking about Lineir here) and I had trouble defining Lineir's level in regards to the cultivators on his home planet. The average cultivators there are fairly backwards and thus weak as their understanding of the Dao is superficial, but the characters Lineir has run into (the angels and immortals) are far stronger than they should be. Of course, there is a reason for those two, namely they come from different planes so they are not native cultivators really. Additionally, there is one major paradox which I never got around to answering for you guys (ever wonder if this epic war resulting in pillarfall is important or related to Mei's home dimension?) and lastly, Lineir's cultivation system is so different from the cultivators on his home town that he literally doesn't fit in the same categories.

    What I mean by this is unlike the standard system where you have a stage say Revolving Core, Lineir might be able to battle such a stage, but his cultivation is completely different. Additionally, and I will explain this in detail in the coming chapters, while there are some common cultivation similarities, the stages in Lineir's home town and even some relatively more powerful places are actually illusions as people only possess limited knowledge of cultivation techniques. For instance, on one planet if everyone only knows a certain type of cultivation technique then they can compare stages with each other, but in Mei's dimension, which has a much more diverse heritage, there are so many different techniques that it is difficult to measure as every cultivator has a different set of levels. I am introducing new characters and new cultivation techniques soon so hopefully there is a better scale for power levels and that fixes the problem.

    Anyways, thanks for reading, and know that your feedback is appreciated as it has told me where to focus my efforts.
    Note, this is a preliminary goal, but until we hit a hundred chapters I am going to tentatively commit to a biweekly chapter release. There is no set days, I am setting a goal of one standard "long" length chapter which you are accustomed to, and one "short" chapter like the one above, per week as a personal goal to avoid long gaps. Cheers and enjoy the Valentines haha. P.S. if you're worried about the main narrative being lost, don't worry, it certainly won't be forgotten. However, there will be a very nice ending to the Hanged Man arc which I've been planning for nigh on half a year, I hope you'll find it as cool as I think it will be.
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    Chapter 75-The Hanged Man Pt.2

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    Across the vast plains one could witness clashes amongst chosen both near and far no matter where one was. Most of these clashes did not end in life and death situations however. The divine sense obstructing abilities of the grass made escape much easier for the defeated.If one was to sense that the battle was unfavorable retreat was only a few steps away at any given point. Well... it was for most defeated Chosen. Those unlucky to encounter Lineir were not so lucky. He could pin point their location in the tall grass as easily as an eagle would spot a snake. In this way, the number of Chosen were being reduced extremely quickly. Lineir was careful to only target those who had been defeated by other Chosen however. There was a vast difference between the levels of top Chosen and weak Chosen. Those who had already been defeated and were fleeing were the ideal target as they were naturally weaker, and oftentimes injured.

    "Hmph, another interesting haul. At this point, I've finally managed to scrounge up some decent defensive items." If one were to carefully observe Lineir now, they would recognize that he was outfitted much differently than when he had entered the plains. Generally, Lineir did not wear armor. This was simply because defensive artifacts required much more time and energy to make. After all, what requires more materials, a single sword or a whole suit of armor? While hunting down escaping Chosen, Lineir had gradually acquired a fair amount of wealth. What he had done was to wear the best pieces which were suited for him. The result was that he now looked like an oddly wealthy scavenger. He had on beautiful armored boots which Mei assured him were made from the descendant of a minor dragon. Under his robes he now had a strong flexible silk armor which while he was unsure of its exact quality, was definitely extremely resilient. Additionally, one of his hands was now covered in rings which could be used one time only to generate extremely potent life saving magics. Some of them were purely defensive in nature, such as barriers, while others could be used offensively as a last ditch attack. Unfortunately, while these treasures were certainly valuable and combined definitely increased Lineir's survivability considerably, they were all spoils looted from the bodies of losers. Hence Lineir was certain that against the truly strong Chosen of the Trials they probably wouldn't have much of an effect.

    "Hide!!" Mei's voice suddenly hissed in Lineir's ears like a snake. Immediately he withdrew his limited aura and shrank into the tall grass. His Qi circled and collapsed in on itself as per the secret technique he had rigorously practiced upon the Sky Pillar. To those of his level, he was practically invisible unless they knew he was there or happened to look directly at him. Even those vastly above his level, members of the senior generation and the like could have trouble sensing him if they were not actively looking. Though he should be invisible, Lineir exercised great caution. Anyone who Mei would warn him to hide from was probably trouble at the very least.

    "Damn, she ran for it as soon as she saw me. Smart but damn annoying, how did the clan realize..." An average looking figure stumbled by. However, this Chosen while average in shape, stature and dress, sporting standard green cultivators robes had one odd characteristic about him. Lineir could see very clearly from his hiding place. His eye's were glowing jade green! They were the eyes of a snake and at first glance Lineir instantly knew that this man was more than he seemed. 


    The man and Lineir in his hiding place froze as a small cracking noise rebounded across the plains. The man with snake eyes seemed to turn completely green as the glow in his eyes receded and he appeared to blend into the grass. If Lineir didn't know he was there already he wouldn't have been able to sense a thing until he was practically on top of him!

    "Hahaha damn. Stealth has never been my thing! Come on out little brother, the clan has instructed me to discipline you!" A great hulking man, perhaps 3 meters tall bumbled into view. He wore a great fur draped across one shoulder like a scarf and was otherwise bare chested with many scars. A large crescent shaped battleaxe hung on his back. Lineir noted that though he crashed through the grass making great noise, his feet were actually quite lithe and nimble never stopping. They embodied the essence of momentum. Clearly this man despite his stupid appearance had great understanding of the Dao. 

    "Not coming out little bro? It's pointless to hide from me! You know this little ax of mine is not something a little grass can block! Fine we can do this the hard way!" Lineir almost choked in disbelief as this burly newcomer unslung his ax. 

    "Little ax?? That thing is so large it's practically a scythe!" Lineir was not exaggerating. The double bladed axe was nearly 2 meters from tip to tip. When it was unslung an intense foreboding sense of danger filled the plains. The burly man leveled it with the ground so that the tip pointed straight down. The ax was so long that though the man himself was nigh 3 meters tall, the tip almost touched the ground. "Last chance!" He paused for a second but from Lineir hiding spot he could tell the jade eyed man still hadn't budged a centimeter.

    "Fine! I'll dig you up along with the grass little snake bro!" 


    A loud whistling wind swept through the air as the man swung his ax in a wide circle. A purple colored sheen coated the ax and Lineir felt a sort of resonance within him. This man used the Darkness element! As the massive ax spun, a expanding ripple of Darkness Qi filled the air and slashed the tall grass to pieces. Lineir quickly ducked under the blow, but the grass which he had been hiding in was ripped out of the ground and shredded in a solid 10 meter radius. Instantly there was a new clearing in the grass and the only things left standing around the man with the ax was the jade eyed man and Lineir. The jade eyed man quickly locked eyes with the ax wielding monster, but both of them startled as they realized Lineir was but a few meters away. They voiced their astonishment in unison,

    "Who the hell are you???"

    Lineir immediately reacted despite his shock that the ax had managed to scythe away the grass in one blow. While he could accomplish the same feat, that was because Mei's sword was infinitely more sharp than most weapons. To clear an area of 10 meters of the tough divine sense blocking grass would take immense strength and technique. With a single leap backwards Lineir instant cleared the 10 meter area and fled back into the grass.

    "Hmph, no one of importance it seems. Alright little bro, you're coming with me!" The massive man took one hand off his battleaxe and reached it out through the air towards the jade eyed youth. It glowed a brilliant azure blue and even a dozen meters away Lineir felt a sort of formless pull sucking him towards the man's palm. 

    "Gravitational manipulation. Rudimentary at this level, but definitely not something to be trifled with. Be careful disciple, this one definitely has some sort of major power backing him! There's no way he developed such a technique on his own!" Mei analyzed the technique in a moment and warned Lineir who was still hiding in the brush. Lineir snorted, "Which one of these Chosen doesn't have a major power backing them?" Mei could only helplessly admit that in terms of backing, Lineir whose master was halfway to a ghost, was lacking. As the palm glowed, the jade eyed man slit his eyes and raised a palm as well which glowed emerald as he resisted the invisible attraction. 


    The air being attracted towards the big man's palm started to violently flow in and out as the two clashed from a distance. 

    "Give it up lil bro, you know I'm stronger than you'll ever be. It's time to face punishment! We are leaving this trial!" The big man called out. However, the jade eyed man said with a fierce look.

     "Jun! I don't give a damn about the clan. She's mine and you know it! Besides, you're not capable of making me leave the Trials!" With a grin the green light expanded into a sphere 3 meters wide and a huge repulsive force appeared completely blasting away the invisible attraction from the big man's palm. Instantly he sprinted off leaving the monstrous man far behind. However, though the big man looked vaguely annoyed, he actually quickly smiled.

    "Lil-bro has grown so strong. This Trial will be a good tempering experience for him. As for you little man in the grass. Come on out, I don't like those who hide besides lil bro!" This Chosen Jun quickly raised his hands and that formless attraction tugged at Lineir nigh 15 meters away. Lineir, with a little smile of his own walked out with his hands out. "I didn't mean to spy on your family problems. However, would you be interested in a little spar?" The big man grinning from ear to ear as well grabbed his ax. "You want to spar? Why didn't you say so sooner, I Jun Li have never turned down a fight in my life!!"

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    Chapter 76 - Blatant Intervention

    "Let's begin then" Lineir smiled and neglected to use his sword for the spar. He could sense that the man in front of him, though not simple, was honest and straightforward. While he could have Mei soften the edge of the blade, it would make more sense for him to simply duel with his fists. What he was looking to compare was elemental insights, not weapon skills. His hands imperceptibly darkened and a heavy sense of ponderousness permeated the atmosphere. Upon seeing this Jun Li smiled. "Essence of Darkness, very well, let us compare insights!" His hands glowed blue and everything in the area immediately began to experience a universal pull towards him.

    "Kiddo, while his insights are related to yours, they are concentrated in a different area than yours. He is clearly manipulating the laws of gravity using darkness as a base to gather mass. If you pay close enough attention you can definitely gain some firsthand insight into how to manipulate gravity as well!"


    Astonishingly, Jun Li's attraction grew to a level where Lineir was gradually being forced forward against his will. It became obvious that Lineir's technique simply did not generate the same level of attraction. To be more accurate, you could say that Lineir's usage of darkness was not even primarily to create an attractive force. He was simply gathering a large amount of Darkness Qi and in doing so, the world naturally grew heavier around him. 

    "This...I can feel it calling to me!" In Lineir's brain, insights were being calculated at furious rates. This kind of battle of insights was truly stimulating. Finally an opponent who was neither too powerful or too weak! Since they were simply sparring, Lineir was willing to fight in a stupid and pigheaded manner. Namely, competing directly in this strange contest of attractive forces. If it was a normal fight he would have long since launched himself forward into true close range combat. However, though it might be a friendly contest, he had no intentions of competing to lose!

    Jun Li had been growing confident seeing Lineir being pulled forward. However he quickly realized that Lineir was not giving an inch after that initial start! Within moments though Lineir was still off balance Jun Li could pull him no farther. He also wondered why this strange man had suddenly challenged him to a duel only to compete only on the forces of attraction. For a man like Jun Li though, he was happy to compete on any topic and switching styles to close combat would almost be the equivalent of admitting defeat so he kept doing exactly as Lineir wanted and continued to compete merely with the laws of gravity.

    "Not enough! He's going to win!" Lineir strained his mind but his knowledge of Qi was simply too rudimentary compared to one who had probably studied since he could walk!


    Meanwhile in the Head Administrator's cave.

    "What is he doing! A friendly duel in the middle of the Sightless Plains! If he had encountered any other Chosen it would have been a life or death battle!" The head administrator was losing his mind. Suddenly, time froze around him with the exception of the image of the tea cup he had been using to monitor the battle. The image kept playing while the Head Administrator dripped sweat in fear. The lordly voice came again directly in his mind yet all around him at the same time.

    "Make the rain fall." It commanded.

    "Wha-whaaat?" The Head Administrator had been expecting an order to intervene directly in the fight and pull out Lineir before it got any further or other Chosen noticed.

    "The Death Qi filled rain of the swamp. Make it rain." Though the voice had no sense of urgency, only a sense of unyielding demand, the Head Administrator fumbled over himself as time restarted and he could do more than quiver helplessly again. 

    "Yes your lordship! It will be done your lordship!" Internally however he was frantically hoping that no one in the Heavens were not watching this Trial too closely. To alter the conditions of the Sightless Plains with acid rain...though he didn't know why, it was clearly interfering and could be inferred as blatant favoritism!

    Absentmindedly the voice seemed to mumble in the passing, "I wonder if he can comprehend the legacy I left at that time...."

    Chi.....shi shi shi shiiiiiiiiii!!!

    The sound of rain filled the air and the clear skies of the Sightless Plains darkened with a sudden Death Qi filled rain. For the first time in millennia the Trials were altered! Everywhere Chosen stared up at the sky in wonder. 

    "What is this?"

    "How can this be...?"

    "The rain of the bog?"

    "Is this some new quirk of the Trials? My father didn't describe this at all!" 

    Immediately Chosen began to marvel and exclaim. Some even thought that someone was interfering with the Trials and hit the nail on the head! However there were many who were fighting which simply circulated their protective Qi and continued to fight. After all, a rain of this level, while disconcerting, was not enough to seriously affect Chosen who had made it to the Sightless Plains. 

    "Strange...why did it begin to rain..." Jun Li began to think before simply circulating his Qi and redoubling his efforts to pull Lineir to him.

    "Death Qi odd...wait..." Lineir at first dismissed the rain, but after a few moments stopped fighting it. Jun Li looked on in astonishment at Lineir,

    "Are you crazy?? Why would you let Death Qi rain enter your meridians! If you want to stop the duel this one will definitely let you recover!"
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    Chapter 77-Breakthrough!
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    Jun Li almost hesitated and stopped using his law of attraction, however, when he began to let up he realized that Lineir's abilities had not actually let up whatsoever! Despite the fact that a sort of hazy mist had begun to steam off of Lineir's skin he continued to gather Darkness Qi and cause the entire atmosphere around him to take on a smothered aura.

    "This guy...he's...meditating??" Even Jun Li who had trained using unorthodox methods himself could not fathom that Lineir was actually absorbing Death Qi from the rain and simultaneously utilizing what appeared to be the full span of his abilities. Of course, Jun Li did not know that Lineir had actually spent a long period of time adjusting to the acid rain beforehand, after all why would anyone spend time in the swamp where there were few benefits?

    "Hmph, he's using me to grow more powerful. However, he's still a formidable opponent even while distracting himself, I'll play along and finish him fair and square when he's done!" Jun Li shrugged and continued to use his abilities. In the spirit of fair competition he was willing to allow Lineir to continue what he was doing.

    "A secret...I can feel it...just a little bit more time!" Lineir was furiously meditating on insights while channeling Darkness Qi at the same time. He could sense that somewhere in this rain, in this Death Qi, there was something familiar! 

    For over three days and nights Jun Li and Lineir remained locked in a stalemate. If it had been any other opponent, they definitely would have broken Lineir's reverie and taken advantage of his lack of focus! However, Jun Li was different. When he decided on something he never changed his mind. If he said that his opponent could meditate than meditate they would! Finally on the morning of the fourth day, a shocking development occurred. 


    A hissing noise began to permeate the Sightless Plains as a great change came. All across, the Chosen under the acidic rain suddenly began to experience a terrifying aura which penetrated their very souls! Many of them quickly rotated the Qi in their Second Hearts and blocked it out but were still shaken internally and mentally.

    "What the hell was that!"

    "I feel...sad..."

    "So heavy...."


    Those affected by the rain began to feel the world grow darker! It was as if the acid rain had actually straight up filled them with a sense of ponderousness. Even Jun Li, despite his strong heart could feel that the world seemed just a fraction heavier, like his own hands had begun to weigh more! Lineir, however had the complete opposite reaction. Inside his Second Heart he had come to begin to understand a new kind of power. This power was actually a combination of two different parts of him. It was a combination of Madness and Darkness Qi!

    "The Death Qi of this rain is not what it seems! Though the cycle of death produces the energy required to give its strange flesh eating abilities, it actually contains a trace of Madness! It is faint and has gradually faded over the course of time but somewhere long ago an expert definitely left behind his mark!" Lineir had realized this a moment ago and it was as if a thunderbolt had struck him. He realized how Madness could be used!

    A second later Jun Li experienced a feeling he had never felt before! Whispers... they seemed to travel from the world outside directly to his mind! Though he furiously stimulated his Second Heart and quickly blocked out all external influence, the damage had been done.

    "Why, what are these voices!" For the first time in the fight he was...unnerved. Normally, techniques which affected the mind were ineffective on him. He was after all Jun Li, Chosen amongst Chosen! However, these whispers had insidiously penetrated his protections without his knowledge. Even though he was actively channeling his Qi, they continued to infest and whisper to him. Of course, these were the whispers of Madness!

    "Hahaha, I get it now! The rain is not mere Death Qi but also contains Madness! Though I do not have any particular accomplishments in Death Qi, I can substitute my knowledge of Darkness and combine it with Madness instead! When combined with the Dao of Rain it can actually shroud an entire plain in the essence of Madness! It is as if Madness is a deadly toxin. Normally when released it quickly dissipates! However, when it is concentrated enough, you can surround it in a shell of an elemental Qi and encapsulate it. Whoever first created this technique must have been afflicted with Madness, but one day discovered this technique of turning it into a weapon! Moreover, this expert not only used Death Qi to preserve the Madness, but also used the Dao of Rain to spread it. Mmm it's enough to even make me shudder, such a technique has only one purpose, to sow mass confusion and terror over as many people as possible!" Lineir's breakthrough left him exhilarated! He looked at Jun Li whose face was twitching seemingly resisting some sort of inner demon. He had long since stopped using his Laws of Attraction as distracted as he was! If Lineir wished, he could easily attack while Jun Li was distracted!
  • Chapter 78- The Hanged Man pt.3

    "Let's end it here. Thank you for the pointers!" Lineir clapped his hands together and sincerely bowed. Jun Li looked slightly hesitant, an unusual expression for such a large man. Why did this strange youth suddenly challenge him to a fight, and then back out after he gained an advantage? Regardless, while normally he would never back down from a real fight, this had after all been a simple duel and Lineir had backed down first giving him face.

    "Very well, feel free to seek me out at any time, I Jun Li will accept all comers!" He clapped his hands together as well and then turned to leave. "Where the heck did lil bro end up? ARRRGH damnit!! I totally forgot I was supposed to be bringing him back to the clan!" He looked at Lineir with an aggrieved expression, "You chose a terrible time for a duel! Before I go, what's your name, what clan are you from, I don't remember any others that train in the laws of attraction besides my own and I haven't seen your face before...?" 

    "Lineir, I'm afraid I don't have a clan." Here in this Trial Lineir didn't mind giving out his real name. No one was hunting him here. Additionally, he wasn't lying he really didn't have a clan name, and while it might be dangerous to reveal that he had no family backing him, he didn't really care. It would become obvious eventually, and even still, many would assume he simply didn't wish to disclose his family name, such cases were common after all when youths went out adventuring. Not everyone wanted to show off their status and power! Jun Li simply nodded acknowledging Lineir and headed off from the clearing into the tall grass. Lineir took one more look around at the cleanly shorn tall grass and walked the other way. "Hmph, he was very strong. In terms of brute strength he far outclassed me. Even with my new insights I wouldn't want to fight him in a head to head fight." He then called out to Jun Li who was already half enveloped in the Sightless Plains.

    "That snake man took a  left up ahead. If you hurry you can probably catch up!" Of course, this information was something which he had asked from Mei whose senses easily penetrated the Sightless Plains. Jun Li simply flashed a massive thumbs up over his shoulder and adjusted his direction slightly.

    "What an honest man, so easily trusting the word of someone he just met...perhaps not all these Chosen are worthless." Lineir smirked and headed off looking to meditate on his insights. The entire time the Death Qi rain had been falling and scattering Madness. This rain already contained the insights and legacy of some great expert. Lineir was simply injecting his Madness like a spark of electricity into water. It spread easily in this premade medium and infected the whole field. However, if he wanted to truly master this technique and produce his own rain in the future he would need to first understand the secrets of the Dao of Rain which were hidden in the storm. 

    Three days later, Lineir emerged from a secluded glade in the Sightless Plains. He had purposely had Mei find him a deserted corner and had withdrawn all his aura as he meditated trying to understand the rain. With a clap of thunder, the Death Qi rain had suddenly stopped when he had gained total mastery of its production. Realizing that it was extremely unlikely this was a coincidence, Lineir looked up at the Heavens and clasped his hands. "Whoever you are, thank you for the lesson." He then headed off deeper into the Sightless Plains to test his insights out. It took him some time to return to the hotbed of action, but once he got to a more contested area, Mei immediately alerted him to a likely target.

    "Kiddo, the guy up ahead looks like a weakling. I'd suggest ambushing him, cutting off something important and then testing out your new techniques!" She displayed a ruthless approach which fundamentally was very practical. However, Lineir just sighed. He had long since gotten used to Mei's ruthlessness and at times her advice had often saved his life so he couldn't complain. He wasn't a complete sadist however! If he ambushed someone unless he had very good reason he wasn't simply going to wound them and then toy with them as a cat might play with a mouse. He would either slay them outright or face them in head on combat! 

    Shhhhuaaaa! Shua! Shua!!

    After a few seconds observing the Chosen in question Lineir ascertained that Mei's prediction was correct and that the Chosen was not particularly powerful. The Chosen was in black robes with a short stature and a small scimitar slung across his back and seemed to specialize in some sort of stealth technique. However, while that technique had helped him survive the Trials until now it did no good against Mei's divine sense!

    "Hmm? Not this damn rain again. What a pain." The Chosen stared up as out of the sky which had cleared a few days ago inexplicably, dark raindrops fell. However, he soon came to know his mistake in believing that this was the same rain as before! 

    Shua! Shua!

    Instantly when the rain made contact with the Chosen it evaporated as it clashed with his protective Qi. But instead of sizzling up and disappearing like the original Death Qi rain, a thick fog of Darkness Qi appeared.

    "What? This isn't Death Qi! It's Darkness Qi? Is this another change to the Trials??" The Chosen was bewildered as he was suddenly surrounded by a stifling atmosphere of Darkness and even his cultivators eyes were impeded by its blackness! That wasn't all however! A moment later his mind was infected by poisonous whispers! The power of Madness gripped him and his eyes gradually took on a red haze as he desperately fought for control of his own mind!


    Insidiously a torrent of horrifying whispers permeated his very soul, slipping right past his Qi defences! His hands clenched and unclenched around his scimitar as he drew it and flailed about unleashing various techniques trying to disperse the fog of Darkness Qi.

    "Chameleon Slash!!"

    The black fog parted but was quickly reformed as the Rain fell faster than ever!

    Iguana Jumping the Nine Hells!"

    He crouched down on all fours like a lizard and suddenly vaulted off the ground soaring twenty meters forward into the sky! He landed outside the bewildering rain and hid amongst the tall grass.

    "Ugh...I don't know how they found me the first time but I refuse to believe they can penetrate my concealment technique now that I've fled! My clan may not be known for its combat power but in stealth and concealment we are unmatched! Additionally, our secret technique is based off the 5 Colored Iguana of ancient times, it is perfect for blending into these Sightless Plains!"  He reassured himself and tried to calm himself as the torturous whispers started to die down. It was at this moment that Lineir suddenly stepped out of the thick grass into an open patch! 

    "Hmmm...incredible, this technique covers such a large area yet wreaks such devastation even on single targets! Additionally...its Qi consumption is minimal as it is fueled by the power of Madness! I simply need to create the medium for Madness to travel!" Lineir smiled evilly and his eyes had a hint of the snakelike pupils of the Hydra! He suddenly shifted his gaze from the rain on the ground and stared directly into the hidden Chosen's eyes!

    "It's ok...he can't see me. It's just a coincidence! Impossible, no one at our level can see through the 5 Colored Iguana's Mirror Scales technique! He knows I jumped over here and he's bluffing trying to scare me out! As long as I don't move he can't see me!"

    Frantically, he tried to remain still. Presently, Lineir seemed to lose interest and broke eye contact walking off to the side. Ecstatic the Chosen crowed,

    "Hah! I knew it! Wait...What...the rain why is it here agai-...NOOOOOOOOO!!!" An instant later, a horrible downpour of Lineir's Darkness Rain crashed from the sky like a flood of Madness. Before the Chosen could even decide whether to stay still and possibly break cover, it was upon him! The Madness quickly amplified and the Darkness came on twice as thick as before, so thick the Chosen could barely even move under the weight of the Laws of Darkness! The whispers of Madness swept past his Qi and penetrated into his mind.


    Out of the corner of his eye Lineir caught sight of a flash of metal and then a crumpling noise as a headless body fell limply into the grass. The Chosen's own hand and scimitar were quickly bathed in both blood and rain after he took his own life in Madness! Lineir almost walked away but then sighed and turned back.

    "He might be weak but you never know...maybe he had some good items."

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  • Chapter 79 - The True Use of Madness Rain

    After looking the Chosen's corpse Lineir snorted in disappointment. As expected, his bag of holding was simply filled with standard goods and miscellaneous goods. After taking out several stronger mid level Chosen, Lineir didn't put these things in his eyes at all. To be fair, they were still incomparably high level compared to Lineir's home town. But that was because the cultivators on his home planet were simply too backwards! They followed the same old styles and relied on ancient legacies and weapons passed down from cultivators who had been forced to leave the stronger realms in times past! To be could even say that the ancestors of his home planet were losers! Of course, this wasn't true in every case, there are many reasons why a cultivator might choose to leave the higher realms, but in any case, over time weapons were lost and techniques forgotten. The result was that what was left was a weak heritage and a planet which could not compare to the Chosen of this selection!

    "Don't be so presumptuous as to assume all these Chosen are weak kiddo. Against the top Chosen of these Trials, I suspect even that Jun Li fellow you ran into would not dare to fight them lightly. However...your progress is quite good. As your master, I have many techniques but this legacy is something even I cannot guide you further on. I believe its maker...holds many similarities to Madraeyal the original owner of the blade which houses my Final Heart! However, I have never divined this particular technique in my studies. That being said, with my experience I can tell you one thing! You are using it wrong!" Mei confirmed that this technique was extremely mysterious in origin, such to the point where even she could not understand the maker. However, as an experienced expert of a higher plane, she could still offer pointers as to its usage!

    "I've just learned this technique, I understand that it's not mean't as a single target attack but a wide area of effect ability!" Lineir quickly stated his theory but was shot down almost instantly by Mei.

    "Hmph, as I thought you have the wrong idea. Or rather, you're half right. It is true that this ability is an extremely effective area of effect ability! However, it is not necessarily meant for that. That kind of logic is a common fallacy of mortals. After all, the ability to slay thousands or tens of thousands or even more lesser foes is something mortals have always dreamed of. But you are no mortal! You are a cultivator who walks the Path of Madness! Your primary enemy in the future will not be mortals! No you will be facing cultivators and not pathetic ones like the 'Chosen' you just slew. No you will be facing those with heritages which far surpass your own, whose legacies may be no less than that of my teachings!" Mei's voice dripped venomous derision when she spoke of mortals and weak Chosen. It was obvious she held them in no regard whatsoever!

    "Ok, I understand that I must always strive to grow strong, but what does that have to do with how to use this Madness Rain?" Lineir inadvertently created a name for the technique on the spot.

    "Think about it, what are the strengths of this technique?" Mei tried to get Lineir to arrive at the answer on his own.

    "Well, when I use it, I use Darkness Qi instead of Death Qi. So it lacks a corrosive effect but instead generates a heavy weight using the Laws of Attraction. This will slow down the enemies holding them in place, perhaps doubling or even tripling the effort of moving." Lineir began to think of what he could do with this technique.

    "And?" Mei clearly wasn't done and her tone became impatient.

    "Well, of course there is also the effect of Madness. It attacks the mind and soul directly and is difficult to defend against using Qi based techniques. It's a good combination with the first binding effect holding the target down for the Madness to finish them off." Lineir's logic was fairly simple. 

    "Not bad, but still you focus too much on killing. Yes, you can slay normal cultivators by the thousands if you wish, but plenty of techniques are capable of that, what is it that makes this technique special?" Mei pressed Lineir for answers.

    " has a huge area of effect if I wish, but like you said that doesn't help against powerful opponents...the other is...its low Qi consumption, and how intricately it combines different Daos to bypass the opponent's defenses..." Before Lineir could finish thinking Mei pounced!

    "Exactly! The low Qi consumption! You can use this technique all day long if you wish! And its intricacies, its insights far surpass your normal techniques! Let me put it to you this way. Your normal techniques are like a simple meal. You can cook them easily enough. However, this technique is an elegant dish crafted by a master! There is no way you could possibly comprehend it on your own but he handed you the recipe and the ingredients pre-prepared and taught you how to make the dish yourself! Hence it can bypass most mind defenses and soul defenses at your level and even touch the minds of those at a higher level than yourself! This technique is something you should not have! In the higher realms, techniques with similar low Qi consumptions and subtle effects are known by one name and one name only. They are Domains!" Mei's voice thundered in Lineir's mind!  "Domains are exactly as this technique, but usually only comprehended by those several realms higher than you! Additionally, they are usually not complete until an even higher realm! That you should have it now is simply a Heavenly blessing! The proper usage is simple. Forget about using it as a weapon of mass destruction, you can as it is a cheap way to take care of weaklings, but against the same level and higher don't discount this technique! Since its Qi consumption is so low you can activate it for an entire fight! Additionally, you use Darkness Qi instead of Death Qi. Your Madness Rain is heavy rather than corrosive so it impedes enemies movements! If you summon it during a battle and leave it on continuously can you imagine the amount of trouble an opponent will have to go through to fight you while their body is simultaneously affected by the binding effect and the whispers of Madness? Additionally, the weight will not only slow down the opponent while he or she is launching their technique, but it will actively impede the technique as it flies through the air ablating the damage! This is one of the natural advantages of the Darkness element! Lastly, once you gain great enough mastery over the technique you can unleash terrifying combination attacks with it! Imagine your opponent's divine sense blocked by the fog of Darkness Qi and his movement impaired, even if only slightly you will have the absolute advantage in launching absolutely unseen stealth attacks and fading away! If one wants to catch you in the Darkness Qi they can forget about it unless they are truly gods of perception! Now do you see what you've been handed from the sky? Literally from the sky??!!!" Mei sounded almost indignant by the end of the tirade. 

    "I see..." While Lineir was digesting all this information a strange thought came to him. "Is it me...or does Mei almost seem to be envious?" A second later his suspicions were confirmed when Mei leaked out mournfully,

    "I didn't get my domain until I was two Realms above you..."

  • Chapter 80-The Hanged Man Pt.4

    After Mei's morose expression she felt silent and Lineir could only snicker internally. He was truly heaven blessed. A second later, a thunderous voice came across the Sightless Plains.

    "The Gate of the Trials has opened. 64 Chosen remain in the Sightless Plains. Rankings will be determined by the order each Chosen passes through the gate!" 

    Lineir pricked his ears as a terrific beam of light roared into existence. A few kilometers away it roared into existence spouting from the ground into the sky so bright one might thing the clouds themselves would be charred. 

    "Heh, I see, they want to preserve those that have made it this far. Instead of forcing us into a real deathmatch, those who were strong enough to come this far will simply be ordered by speed. However... I wonder if it will really be this simple! Tch, no matter." With a smirk Lineir made for the light beam.

    "Let's see someone try to stop me!"

    All across the Sightless Plains the remaining Chosen scrambled to be the first to make it to the light beam. However, many Chosen did not go all out. These were the strong ones, the ones who had deep enough legacies and heritages to know that the 1000 Chosen Cups Trial was rarely so simple! These Chosen also headed to the light beam but cautiously. For at the end... there would surely be complications if not a complete bloodbath!

    Clang! Kacha! Kacha! Shua!

    At the site of the light beam several of the quickest Chosen stopped and gaped. The beam of light coalesced and spiraled into the air, photons acting as if drops of water. A huge stone monolith rose up into the sky and engraved in bold strokes were the characters!

    "To enter, stand here unmoving for the time it takes an incense stick to burn! Only one may stand at a time!" In front of the monolith was a shallow platform of stone upon which one was evidently supposed to stay. Instantly battle broke out as those fastest to the site tried to wipe each other out! Many of these Chosen quickly realized what was happening here. If they could defeat all the others and quickly stand here they might be able to sneak a surprise victory before the other stronger Chosen arrived! A vicious melee erupted with techniques flying everywhere! One Chosen with glimmering battle armor ornately crafted and a fearsome eagle emblem swept several others away at once and ascended the platform.

    "HAHAHA you dare to stand on the thrown of I, your.. father--" 


    A terrifying crash sounded as before he could even utter a victory cry three other Chosen simultaneously launched magical techniques and blew him hundreds of meters away where he choked up mouthfuls of blood! Instantly three other Chosen ascended to stand in the platform. One of them was precisely the huge man who Lineir had dueled earlier, Jun Li! Opposite to him was another snake eyed man clothed in green, his lil bro, Sai Li! And in front of both these two was an elegant girl wearing a Qipao and holding a lute. The three faced each other, Jun Li, smiling with his scarred face and heavy battleaxe, Sai Li raising a strange whiplike flexible blade, and this strange girl. Around them several weaker Chosen fought amongst themselves but none dared ascend against these three!

    "That's Jun Li, the Son of Gravity!" One of the Chosen who had retreated from the melee exclaimed to his follower another Chosen.

    "And Sai Li! No one offend that snake!" Another Chosen quickly called out. However, when they caught sight of the girl another shout went out,

    "Ya Li! The Daughter of Gravity too? Are they fighting over some sort of interclan affair?" Another remarked, however his cry had barely died down when Ya Li unleashed a fearsome cry which drowned out the noises of fighting.

    "Sai! I swear that if today you leave the Trials with all your limbs intact I will have the family cut them off for me!" Her voice was as strong as it was high and nothing at all like the graceful opal lute she carried in her hand which looked as if it could have been crafted by the Heavens.

    "Haha, lil bro played a joke, it was a joke, a joke, Honey, can't you let him off on account of our upcoming marriage?" Jun Li had an oddly charming innocent expression on his face. He raised his hands to placate Ya Li, but it could be noted that a large amount of dark energy began to build giving his hands a dark glow. Additionally, though he seemed to be raising his hands in peace, they were inching closer to the haft of the battleaxe on his back. He sighed darkly in his mind. When a woman got like this there was no stopping blood from being spilt! As expected, despite his words, Ya Li's face only reddened more and she shrieked,

    "That motherf****** no good pervert of a brother of yours tried to kidnap my one and only sister! I don't care if he's family, anyone who tries to touch my little sister is a dead man!" Ya Li raised the ornate lute to her lips and inhaled. Instantly her chest pumped out impressively as air whooshed inside and  a fearsome wind Qi gathered in her Second Heart. Seeing this Jun Li immediately paled and drew his battleaxe protectively in front of him as the green robed Sai Li backed off a step an emerald scale shield appearing in his left hand as well.

    "Don't you think you guys are being a little too overbearing taking over the whole platform for the Li family?" A roguish voice entered and a petulant blue robed man appeared along with a retinue of strong cultivators. Immediately there was an uproar as several watching Chosen exclaimed,

    "Wei Song, his retainers alone contain 5 of the top twenty acknowledged Chosen in the Trials!" Instantly the other Chosen sighed. It seemed their dreams of trying to sneak a good ranking were at an end. With Wei Song here none would pass easily until his entire group had ascended in their minds.

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    Chapter 81 - The Hanged Man Pt.5


    A tremendous gale appeared as the blue robed man raised a gust of wind which quickly spun into a small tornado. Inside were numerous blue runes which interlocked and whirled in endless circles. Each of these runic circles were strong enough to  trap a weaker cultivator and combined into a 1000 circle formation which could rip apart even strong Chosen's defenses! The members of the Li family immediately switched their attention to this new Chosen.

    "If you guys want to settle your family differences do it somewhere else, that platform belongs to I, Jian Te!" The tornado spun and though the three Li members combined managed to disperse it they were all pushed to the edge of the platform. Instantly Jian Te leaped up with a swirl of his blue robes and a scepter with a cats-eye jewel on top appeared in his hands. "Now do you want to leave peacefully or shall I show you the difference between our births?"

    His arrogant words immediately caused several Chosen to scowl. Their entire lives they had always been of higher birth, higher status and had enjoyed the privileges associated with it. Though his words were true that only made them angrier. They could only hold their rebuttals deep in their chests and pray that they did not form into internal devils one day. The trio of the Li family quickly allied themselves against this foreign enemy. Jun Li's hands glowed with dark attraction and he immediately channeled it into his massive battleaxe casting a pall across the atmosphere of the entire area. Sai Li shield suddenly sprouted several snake heads across the surface and its emerald glow could compete with Jun Li's darkness. As for Ya Li, she drew a deep breath and raised her lute to her lips once more. A melodious tune soon came out and as if upon signal Jun Li and Sai Li unleashed simultaneous attacks towards Jian Te! First Jun Li swung his battleaxe and a devastating whirlwind which seemed to twist in and out of itself spun into existence. It's attractive forces were incredibly profound and would definitely have overwhelmed Lineir before he comprehended his Madness Rain. On top of this, Sai Li unleashed his own attack, an emerald beam shot out of the middle of his scale shield and rushed towards Jian Te. Its light was so powerful that even looking at it induced a sense of paralysis as if one's senses were being overwhelmed. Lastly, as Jun Li and Sai Li's twin attacks neared Jian Te, Ya Li's melodious tunes suddenly transformed into a terrifying beast. A huge winged chimera phantom appeared and also sped towards Jian Te. However, facing the simultaneous attacks Jian Te did not retreat or show hesitation.

    "Hmph. Perhaps if your older brother Ji Li was here I'd be unable to do anything but cower. He is not however, and with my family's Heaven Swallowing Scepter, even if you three come at me together it is useless. Come back when your cultivation is higher!" He waved his scepter and a blue-runed tornado twisted into existence again. However, it was twice the size and the circles of runes combined together into giant skulls. 

    "Heaven Swallowing Wind!"

    First Jun Li's own whirlwind crashed into Jian Te's Heaven Swallowing Wind. However, though the mysteries were profound, it was quickly defeated. There was simply a power differential. Then Sai Li's emerald beam came. For a moment, the Heaven Swallowing Wind became sluggish but moments later the beam was simply swallowed by the rune skulls. Lastly, the Chimera phantom came but with a pitiful gasp it too was battered and swallowed whole by the tornado and its skulls. All three members of the Li family suffered backlashes from having their techniques destroyed, but stood firm swallowing blood in their mouths. Immediately they casted protective spells and wards while pumping their defensive Qi to the max but when the Heaven Swallowing Wind came they were blasted off the platform their Second Hearts spent into internal chaos and were unable to stop as they were flung many meters away. There on the ground they lay there family conflicts forgotten as they stared at Jian Te. However, rather than following up Jian Te simply advanced to the platform and beckoned to his minions.

    "Unless anyone else wishes to make a challenge and waste their lives my followers and I will be leaving first. I trust that no brothers or sisters wish to die by my scepter today?" Jian Te didn't even bother looking around to see if anyone was stepping up. He began to kneel and enter meditation on the platform. However, before he could kneel a blast of emerald light flashed in front of him. Jian Te easily crushed it with his palm the light fragmenting and shattering. "Li family bastard. I gave face to your older brother by letting you live. But I see you truly wish to be disciplined. Very well. Your older brother cannot blame me for teaching you a lesson when you asked for it!"

    The Heaven Swallowing Wind appeared again and shot out from Jian Te's scepter directly towards Sai Li! Jun Li immediately rushed over despite numerous bloody wounds all over his body and placed himself in front of his brother. 

    "What are you doing! I don't need your protection!" Sai Li practically hissed at Jun Li but Jun Li simply hefted his battleaxe and stood firm like a human bear. 

    "The Li family stands firm! Ya-er! I know you have your issues with my lil bro but now is not the time! Come!" He called out to Ya Li but she simply looked at Sai Li and smirked. 

    "Jun-er, I know you love your lil bro but I too have a younger sister to protect and this man sought to do her harm!" She stood there seemingly ambivalent to whether or not the two brothers died together. Jun Li's face fell and he simply sighed. 

    "It doesn't matter... even if you came we couldn't stop Jian Te. But that won't stop me from trying! Haaaarrrrrgh!" Jun Li released a mighty swing of his battleaxe and a fresh whirlwind twisted into being warping space itself. Sai Li stared at the back of his brother and also tossed up his emerald scale shield which emitted a scintillating beam. However, their two attacks were not as powerful as their previous attacks when they were at full power and Jian Te's Heaven Swallowing Wind quickly tore them apart. At the last second, Ya Li's expression changed and she quickly blew her lute trying to intervene. However, the phantom Chimera it formed was also torn to pieces and the tornado came relentlessly. It clashed into Sai Li's emerald shield which was floating in front of the brothers and instantly the shield exploded. Then it reached Jun Li's battleaxe. The battleaxe was wrenched from Jun Li's hands and tossed away though it did not break. The tornado reached the brothers and they closed their eyes as they desperately tried to circulate their defensive Qi barriers. Ya Li could only watch helplessly from the side. 

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    Chapter 82 - The Hanged Man Pt.6


    A bolt of lightning shot down from the turbulent skies which had been stirred by so much wind Qi. With an explosion the bolt crashed into the Heaven Swallowing Wind tornado and instantly dispelled the gusty gales! 

    "Karma sown is karma repaid. Today I repay you for your favor Jun Li! Take your family and finish the 1000 Chosen Cups Trial!" A youth holding a long infinitely sharp blade darker than black landed in front of the Li brothers. His sharp eyes were calculating seemingly ordinary amongst cultivators but if one were to look closely they would see a sharp cleverness and killing intent which far exceeded the norm. Naturally this youth was Lineir and he had come to repay Jun Li's kindness! Karma sown must be repaid!

    "Hmph, more small fry dares to draw death upon themselves? I can oblige! What family are you from, I, Jian Te, will wipe out one generation of your clan for each breath of mine you waste!" Jian Te still standing on the platform looked up from his meditation as his Heaven Swallowing Wind was finally dispelled. His cold arrogant words were backed with the power of his Sect which towered above others. However... Lineir simply laughed. A storm began to brew in the skies above as the atmosphere became dark once again!

    "Jian Te is it? I've heard of you. Something about the biggest mouth and the least brains." Normally Lineir wouldn't seek to insult someone without a purpose. He would prefer to use his blade rather than his words to beat someone else's throat. However... Jun Li could be considered someone he owed, almost a friend! To one like Lineir who had traveled the world alone and on his own this was his ultimate reverse scale. Especially considering Lineir's poor background this silkpant's arrogant manner had truly pissed him off. To touch someone he owed a debt to in his sight? In this silkpant's dreams!

    "Pft I will say one thing nameless weakling, you sure can run your mouth! I'd like to see for how long you can still utter such drivel!" Jian Te raised his scepter to summon his Heaven Swallowing Wind again, however a strange thing happened before he could even begin to channel.


    Drops of rain fell from the sky! As the first drop landed several of the weaker Chosen instinctively circulated their Qi prepared to resist a corrosive acid rain! After all the Sightless Plains had been blanketed with such a rain for many days! However...when they circulated their Qi preparing to resist Death Qi it never came!

    "What is this? This rain seems so similar to the acid rain of the Sightless Plains but there is no corrosive effect?"

    "So heavy....this rain makes me feel like I'm covered in heavy mercury!"

    "No Death Qi but something else?"

    "Wait! This is darkness Qi mixed with rain!" Several of the Chosen present began to speculate on the origins of the rain. 

    "Is this another unexpected move on the administrator's part?" One Chosen guessed. However, while this was all happening Lineir was staring directly at Jian Te standing on the platform and he smirked. 

    "Too late for regrets. You've already entered my Domain...Now get out!" Instantly Lineir disappeared as every Chosen felt the weight of the world increase several fold!

    "What? Where did that man go?" Everyone looked around curiously straining to see past the Darkness Qi infused rain. It not only hindered movement but the darkness hindered their eyes and their divine sense similar to the Sightless Plains!

    "Parlor tricks! I'll blow this wind away!" Jian Te had an ugly expression on his face as he realized his divine sense was completely obstructed by this freakish rain! However, once again before he could even summon his Heaven Devouring Wind Lineir appeared behind him on the platform! 

    "Get off. I've already reserved this throne for a real Chosen!" Jian Te's eyes widened as he realized Lineir had taken his back and he had never seen a thing! As he whirled to turn already preparing his defensive Qi Lineir smirked and slashed with his blade.

    Lightning Break!

    Instantly Lineir's sword seemed to flicker in an extremely direct fashion such was its speed in his Domain! It arrived before Jian Te had even turned halfway around. However, something unexpected happened which even caused Lineir's expression to change. His strike was actually blocked! Though he managed to land a hit directly on Jian Te's blue robes, several magical defenses suddenly activated and Jian Te merely grunted rather than being bisected in half as Mei's sword was stopped!

    "Plebian! You expect to beat your father with such shitty tricks? This father is wearing the skin of a Blue Horned Ape's skin, Earth Dragon's Armor, and enough defensive amulets to defend against an elder for several breaths of time! Amongst this generation I, the Blue Magician am unkillable! Now Die!" Jian Te fully turned around but A moment later he faced only empty air as Lineir mysteriously disappeared again!

    A moment later several members of Jian Te's retinue standing next to the platform who were struggling to move under the suppression of the Darkness Rain Domain cried out!

    "Behind you!" They screamed and Jian Te's eyes bulged as a horrifying sensation crept across his neck, as if someone was digging his grave! 

    "Impossible....there's no way he got behind me from this close---!!!" He wheeled around but to no avail.

    "Jun Li bring your family and ascend the platform! I guarantee that none here will not disturb you for an entire incense sticks worth of time!" Lineir made a bold declaration as he planted his foot in Jian Te's backside! 

    Blast Cross Kick!

    The flames of the Phoenix roared to life as the unfortunate Chosen was blasted off the platform. Jun Li, Sai Li, and Ya Li could only stare in amazement as before their eyes the Darkness Rain opened up a path for them to ascend the platform!

    "Hurry up! Before some other idiot comes!" Lineir called out before leaping off the platform to chase the evicted Jian Te. Staring at this mysterious black robed youth who he had felt he could beat a few days ago, Jun Li could only sigh. 

    "Maybe he was holding back, regardless, thank you second lil bro!" Then he grabbed Sai Li and Ya Li and sprinted to the platform!

  • Chapter 82- The Hanged Man Pt.7
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    As Jun Li ascended the platform carrying his family, Ya Li yelled out, "Protect my sister Yu if you see her!" Lineir simply nodded as the Darkness Rain poured down even heavier forming a ring around the platform. The heavy suppression ensured that no Chosen could sneak in under his watch! Then he stepped towards Jian Te who had just gotten back up after being blasted off the platform.

    "Yyy-you!  Don't come any closer! It's pointless anyway, no matter how fast you are you cannot penetrate my defensive equipment!" Jian Te tried to maintain a strong stance but regardless of his defenses his stinging backside still felt seared! The Blast Cross Kick from earlier would have flayed him like a fish if he hadn't had such strong life saving protections.

    "Oh really?" Lineir raised his eyebrows as he disdained words and began a vicious beating! 

    Lightning Slash!

    Lightning Slash!

    Lightning Slash! Lightning Slash! Lightning Slash! Lightning Slash!
    Lightning Slash! Lightning Slash! Lightning Slash! Lightning Slash!
    Lightning Slash! Lightning Slash! Lightning Slash! Lightning Slash!
    Lightning Slash! Lightning Slash! Lightning Slash! Lightning Slash!
    Lightning Slash! Lightning Slash! Lightning Slash! Lightning Slash!
    Lightning Slash! Lightning Slash! Lightning Slash! Lightning Slash!

    Over and over Lineir activated his Lightning Slash on the helpless Jian Te. Though every time his blade was stopped short Jian Te's body quickly built up an extremely polar charge as the heavy rain poured down unrelentingly. Over and over Jian Te's body was smashed down into the mud until he resembled a drowned worm, his head barely peaking up from the ground gasping for air. Finally the beating stopped for a second and he tried to shout out,

    "My older brother is in the deeper section of these Trials! If you cut the shit and seppuku now I can guaruntee you a mostly complete corpse-!" He started to spit out only to shriek as Lineirs blade cracked in a horrifying backhanded slice!

    REVERSE Lightning Slash!

     All of the electric charge building up on Jian Te reversed in an instant and an explosive crack of lightning appeared which crackled through the stormy skies! Amongst the conductive Darkness Rain which was the best medium for Lineir's Lightning Qi to travel it's destructive power does not need telling!

    BANG! SSSSssssssssss.....

    A huge flash of light appeared after the explosion and there was a horrifying plume of smoke rising as well as the smell of burning skin and metal. Jian Te's sorry figure lay on the ground smoking as the rain pounded down relentlessly on his battered body. On his once brilliant blue runed robe there was a massive burnt cut which sheared all the way through ruining the beautiful patterns. Underneath, his concealed Earth Dragon Armor was cracked in two and the smell of burnt worms pervaded the air. Underneath, miraculously Jian Te had only suffered some superficial wounds. As he felt himself over, realizing he was ok he shouted out,

    "Hahahaha you think with your third world techniques you can penetrate this Saint's armor? To your people my manservants are gods! Wa...wait! How can this be?" His hands finally found the massive cut across his robes. "Hehehe cutting my robes, I'm impressed! But a plebian such as yourself could never penetrate Earth Dragon armor! Wa...WAIT WHAT????" His hands reached inside his severed smoking robes and reached the terrifying rent in his chestplate. "Wa-Wait!! We can talk this through! My brother will return from the central region shortly! He can definitely reward you if you spare my life!" The proud Jian Te began to beg. However, Lineir's eyes were more cold than that of a merciless dragon. He prepared to stab down into Jian Te's unprotected chest. 

    "Stay your hand!" A voice rang out from the platform. Surprised Lineir looked back at the platform where Jun Li and his family were almost done waiting to ascend!

    "About time you showed yourself. And what if I don't?" Lineir's hand did not tremble in the slightest as he raised his hand for the killing blow. However, what happened next surprised him. He turned leaving Jian Te whimpering and broken on the ground. The Chosen was not going anywhere soon. On the platform which was surrounded by a dense curtain of Darkness Rain a strange phenomena was happening. There was a flicker and then a devilish hand appeared from nowhere reaching into the curtain towards the Li family!

    "Then these ones will die!" The hand abruptly breached the curtain however, in that instant Lineir snapped back to the fallen Jian Te and he yelled,

    "If you want him so bad then you'd best save him!" Lineir mercilessly stabbed down into the cut in Jian Te's armor and then grabbed him by the neck and flung him into the sky like a chicken! He then dashed to the platform! 

    "You dare!" The voice changed as the hand immediately stopped trying to penetrate the curtain. Instead a swift flickering shadow materialized next to the curtain which withdrew its hand and formed into a deep purple robed youth. He immediately shot off and caught the falling Jian Te stuffing medicinal pills into his throat! However, he realized in an instant that he had been tricked! Jian Te's body was wracked with the explosive power of lightning and before he could even get the pills down it was charred black from the inside out, his soul already cast down into the Yellow Springs! The purple robed man turned with a murderous aura to face the platform however the Li family had already been teleported out! They were the first to ascend and the winners of the Trials! Lineir simply took a step onto the platform naturally passing under his curtain of Darkness Rain which separated the platform from the outside. He had performed a dangerous bluff! Recognizing that this new Chosen was trying to capture the Li family as hostages Lineir quickly deduced the best possible plan to get him away from them! He used Jian Te's body as bait and lured him away from the platform long enough for the Li family to leave! Now however...several strong auras approached the borders of his Darkness Rain and upon reaching it cautiously entered his Domain. He sensed that they were all top Chosen of the Trials! 

    The purple robed figure set down Jian Te's body and then drew an ancient scimitar.

    "You've committed a crime you cannot afford to pay! Chosen of this Trials I call upon you! In the name of Ji Te bring me this scoundrel's head dead or alive!"
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    Chapter 83- The Hanged Man Pt.8 All Against One
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    Lineir looked around cautiously as he realized he was utterly surrounded. Standing on the platform he cut an imposing figure despite being only of average stature. Facing him in the pouring sheets of Darkness Rain were a dozen Chosen holding various treasure weapons and all releasing wicked killing intents. Ji Te additionally had a monstrous phantom aura which could even penetrate the protective effect of Lineir's Domain. On the platform however, Lineir's breathing deepened rather than quickened as he centered his Qi and rotated his Second Heart. He was prepared to fight to the death right now!


    There was a brilliant flash of lightning released from Lineir's sword which instantly blinded all watchers. An instant later Lineir had simply faded away into the dark rain. To the Chosen who had encircled the platform it was as if Lineir had become a ghost! They were reasonably certain that he was somewhere in the storm but the rain had intensified until it smothered out all light! Additionally, their divine senses were severely impeded by this rain. A shiver ran down several of the weaker Chosen's spines as they felt like they had suddenly provoked the ire of an Undead monster! To suddenly disappear was a spectral act which did not seem human!

    A peal of lightning appeared illuminating the tense of all the Chosen. Ji Te suddenly called out,

     "Behind you!"

    Ssssss! Shuuaaaa!!!!

    There was a sharp noise and the smell of ozone filled the air as Lineir suddenly appeared behind one of the weaker Chosen. Before the Chosen could turn Lineir had already drawn his blade lightning fast and severed his head! Then before the other Chosen could take more than a single step towards him he vanished back into the darkness. All around the rain continued to fall as the occasional flash of lightning would illuminate terrified faces. While several of the stronger Chosen did not fear Lineir's sneak attacks the weaker ones had realized an absolutely terrifying truth. Lineir could slay them at will! Now that the Li family had been teleported out of the Trials there was nothing stopping Lineir from running rampant!

    "All Chosen under the Top 10 retreat! You can do nothing here!" Ji Te obviously realized this in a moment but even as he called out the order to retreat Lineir reappeared with a flash of thunder and lightning and executed another weaker Chosen! Soon the remaining weaker Chosen had huddled together and were retreating out of the Darkness Rain Domain together like a herd of frightened sheep. When they had exited the Domain they remained outside peering in. Several of the top 10 Chosen had begun to try to breach Lineir's Domain! 

    Holy Light!

    Great Fireball!

    Phantom Hand!

    Numerous top 10 experts including Ji Te began to spew out their techniques in the hopes of breaking through the Domain or at least exhausting Lineir's Qi. However, while they temporarily managed to open great swathes of open sky the rain would reappear and pour down just as wildly as ever afterwards! 

    "How much Qi does this bastard have? Is he really a member of the junior generation?!!" Several top Chosen began to grow increasingly frustrated as their techniques failed to clear the rain. What they did not understand was that a true Domain type of ability like Lineir's had exceedingly low Qi requirements! While they actively tried to clear it and find Lineir they simply exhausted their Qi while Lineir could relax! Additionally...the rain began to take on an insidious form unbeknownst to the Chosen. Gradually, it was filled with a touch of...Madness! Though Lineir slowly increased the levels to their maximum, soon the top 10 Chosen began to be touched by Madness. They became increasingly erratic and wasteful completely focused on clearing the rain! All the while Lineir would watch and occasionally make a token appearance to frazzle their nerves! Even Ji Te was at the end of his rope trying to deal with Lineir's sneak attacks. However, in the midst of his seeming frustration suddenly his Qi exploded as he cleared his mind and unleashed a powerful magical technique!

    "Got you!" Behind Ji Te a huge phantom hand appeared as Lineir launched one of his sneak attacks. The Chosen Lineir had targeted quickly raised his staff to block and Lineir sensing Ji Te's sudden surge of Qi quickly attempted to fade back into the cover of the Madness Rain. However, before he could vanish completely the phantom hand behind Ji Te curled into a fist with the index finger pointing directly at Lineir! In that moment Lineir felt a strand of strong Divine Sense lock onto him slicing through the rain. Ji Te had locked onto Lineir! 

    "I have him caught in my Phantom Hand Locating Seal! He cannot hide from us anymore, bring HIM DOWN!" Ji Te exultantly screamed as Lineir felt multiple killing intents and divine senses follow Ji Te's strand and lock onto him. Several powerful techniques began to cast and Lineir, caught by surprise, was unable to dodge!
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    Chapter 84-The Hanged Man Pt.9-One Against All 

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    Lineir felt a shiver run through his spine as time slowed down and the familiar feeling of Madness clouded his vision red. In this moment between life and death it was do or die! Ancient Chinese characters scrawled through his crimson vision and a few of them gathered together like spiders walking across the surface of his blood red eyes. 

    If the Heavens Hold Back Your Path...Topple them!
    If the Hells Undermine Your Path... Bury them!
    If You Block Your Path...Destroy Yourself!

    Lineir could make out a message within. In that moment, a rippling sensation spread through him as a strand of red Qi exploded from within his Second Heart! The red Qi traveled his meridians and then crashed out into the atmosphere around him. Though no one else present could see it, to Lineir's Madness filled eyes, it was as if red Qi was spilling out everywhere from his body! It tangled with the air, the Qi, even the Madness Rain! Everywhere it rushed and though it was no more than some strands it forced its way in! The world around him pulsed red and in a moment Lineir became the center of this red-filled universe!

    He's received the legacy. Someone from the old guard is guarding him. But that one won't make a move for something as big as this. I've divined that the Great Sects will intervene in a moment. Go there and save your junior brother. No need to explain, just warn the Great Sects that interference from the older generation is not tolerated. Slay them in the name of Asura if any fail to take heed. Return to the battle for the Western Pillar after you've finished. 

    On the fields of battle in another planet far away, these words boomed into the mind of a cultivator. Without hesitation he raised his right fist and a massive fireball began to gather around his hand. With one punch he unleashed a force akin to the detonation of a sun!

    Solar God's Fist- Setting Sun!

    A blazing conflagration erupted from this fist and blasted through the battlefield which was crawling with horrifying monsters and demons. However, though the uncountable monsters, demons, and even devil commanders filled the battlefield with techniques which blotted out the sky itself, this fist strike was simply too powerful! A fiery wall rushed through their ranks and turned them to ash!


    There was a whooshing noise as the flames passed, then cracking as the incinerated corpses began to crumble, and lastly a ghastly hiss which was the death sigh of an entire battlefield of monsters. Across the battlefield, all was charred black and flames danced merrily still strong enough to burn out the life of all living things and send the dead back to rest. Across the field was a monstrous Pillar which was even bigger than the one Lineir had once scaled!

    "Aish, these flames should hold them for a bit. Time to pay my respects to my junior brother!"

    The man with the flaming fist raised a keen slightly curved katana in his left hand. With one slash, the blade in his left hand swiped through the air and rent a hole in the dimensions! As the peerless blade slipped through the molecules of the air to open a hole to the void, little black bubbles of the void appeared bubbling up as if the blade was crying tears along its path! A moment later the cultivator stepped through the hole with a swish of his robes and the hole closed behind him leaving a decimated battlefield still filled with the crackling flames of the setting sun.


    As the techniques neared Lineir he simply uttered one word. In a moment, the red Qi which had spread out to encompass the platform and all the cultivators in his Madness Rain Domain suddenly exerted an unbelievable pressure! As the numerous techniques from several top Chosen approached, their momentum was suddenly slowed! When the Phantom Hand of Ji Te reached Lineir, Lineir simply reached out with a palm and crushed it! The resulting force was muffled as the red Qi suppressed everything and everyone under Heaven! A ghastly batlike specter had appeared behind Lineir and rushed him while his back was turned. However, when it touched his strong straight back, rather than shattering it and possessing Lineir's soul as it was meant to do, the batlike specter let out an ear piercing screech and vanished into a wisp of smoke utterly defeated! All other techniques similarly broke apart on Lineir's body regardless of whether or not he even deigned to move a finger in defense!

    Kacha Swing!

    Under the suppression of the red Qi none of the top Chosen could move, this included Ji Te! In less than an instant Lineir vanished and heads began to fall to the ground with powerless expressions of shock and disbelief! The cultivator with the iron staff which had blocked Lineir's attack just now and given Ji Te an opening to use his Phantom Hand Locking Seal technique had no such opportunity and helplessly was beheaded while being unable to move more than an inch! A second later Lineir reappeared over the fallen corpse of Ji Te! He sheathed his sword and withdrew his bloody elbow bone scythes into his arms. 

    "My Second Heart is completely empty of Qi!" 

    A terrifying feeling of emptiness filled Lineir as he realized all the Qi in his body had been expended in this instant! A moment later he fell to the ground powerless and was rendered unconscious. The pouring Darkness Rain petered out and the skies of the Trials turned clear again. Lineir lay on the platform alone. Around him were the bodies of all the top Chosen associated with Ji Te. None of the spectating Chosen who had all retreated outside the Darkness Rain Domain when it became infused with Madness chose to return to the platform. Instead they waited for an incense sticks worth of time to pass. They waited for Lineir to ascend for they dared not provoke this monstrous youth even when he was unconscious!

    The teleportation platform began to glow and the beam of light flared as it prepared to receive the unconscious Lineir. But then it suddenly dimmed as a phantom hand which covered the sky, swathed in dark purple tattoos, swatted away the beam of light. The teleportation platform broke down completely and a rumbling voice appeared.

    "You dare slay the disciples of not only my Te Phantom Hand Sect but even those of all the other Great Sects! There is no need to try to teleport away, you would not find refuge no matter which planet you run to! Today, this senior of the Te clan will save you the trouble and hang you for your crimes!"

    The ghostly hand solidified until it became a real purple tattooed hand of death! Covering hundreds of meters it slammed down from the sky towards Lineir as one might slay an insect. However, though it fell quickly, it did not immediately crush Lineir but instead picked him up and drew him into the skies!

    "Your crime is punishable by death! You will be hanged for 10,000 years in the valley of the dead and when your soul will be locked upon this Nine Hells Refining Gallows Rope so that you will resurrect as an undead and suffer the pain of rotting both in flesh and soul for all eternity!"

    With those words, a gallows appeared in the hand's massive palm and Lineir's limp helpless floating body was hung lifelessly from the rope. As the noose closed around his neck Mei desperately tried to awaken Lineir or take control of his body but to no avail!

    "Wake up disciple! Even I cannot do anything once this rope snaps your neck, your soul will be swallowed and refined by the Gallows Rope for all eternity!"

    However, the noose closed and contemptuously the giant purple hand grasped the end of the rope between his two fingers and then whipped it with terrifying force! This casual movement instantly snapped Lineir's neck and ended his life!

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    Chapter 85- Legacy
    Find the edited first 20 chapters on Wattpad with more to follow. When I catch up I'll also be posting new chapters on there.

    "Rogue cultivators. How disgraceful that not one but even two of my family should perish under their hand. Pathetic. Head administrator, the families demand an accounting of this farce! Don't think the families haven't noticed your lack of impartiality!" The massive purple runed hand upon which hung Lineir's dangling corpse suddenly pointed up to the sky and motioned. Suddenly portals began to appear everywhere above the Trials and the numerous Chosen still remaining in the Trials began to be teleported out as hundreds of ancestral level powers appeared.

    "An accounting! We demand an accounting!"

    "In the Nine Heavens and Hells what kind of imperial would let someone of our great Wang family die to favor a rogue?"

    "Who the hell do you think you are! Head Administrator come down here at once!!"

    Great heroes from every nearby planet materialized one by one and began to level accusations at the Heavens. In his cave, the Head Administrator was watching through the waters of his teacup and began to shake with rage. However, he could do nothing but accept it for he was truly in the wrong this time! However, who could he complain to? The Celestial Court would hardly listen and he didn't dare ask the one responsible for his actions to take action. To offend that existence was worse than death!

    Eventually, as the numerous ancestral level powers assembled, the purple tattooed hand from the Te Sect began to slip back through the void while Lineir's body dangled from the gallows pinched between its fingers. 

    "Head Administrator, I will return after I throw this fool's corpse directly into the Hells! Wait for me!" the hand was about to slip through the spacial crack and enter the void with Lineir's body, something unexpected happened in the skies above the Trials.


    A normal human sized hand suddenly materialized seemingly out of thin air along with a straight edged blade. It sliced through the rope coiled aroud Lineir's broken neck and suddenly another hand appeared and grabbed Lineir's corpse covering it in strange runes before vanishing into thin air!

    "What? Someone dares to intervene? Who is it? Head Administrator you dare to intervene again??!" The Te Sect Leader roared in rage and suddenly the retreating hand smashed out from the spacial crack. Soon the entire forearm was visible completely covered in mystic purple runes.

    "For the sake of a mere rogue cultivator you would offend me? Come out here and face me or I shall level a complaint with the Celestial Court and it will be your head hanging from the gallows!!" The Te Sect's voice bellowed through the spacial crack as he prepared to manifest completely above the skies of the Trials.

    Drip. Drip. Drip.

    Unbeknownst to all the gathered ancestors, a faint plopping noise began to gather in the atmosphere. So subtle was this noise than even these pinnacle cultivators of the Great Sects had no idea it existed. However... a moment later, the skies in the Heavens began to be deluged by rain though in the atmosphere it was so high there were no clouds. One second there was nothing and the skies were clear. The next a terrifying torrent of raindrops began to appear and fall seemingly from nowhere!

    "What? Who is activating a Dao Domain right now?" The ancestors were puzzled as amongst the hundreds of them the drops of rain fell.


    A portal opened in the air as tears fell from the sky.

    "Elder Generation of the Great Sects....going so far as to murder my junior brother personally, you've truly fallen far. To murder a member of the junior generation simply because they have no backing do you think the Heavens do not have eyes simply because you have a seat on the Celestial Court? You WILL pay the price!"

    Through the pouring rain there was a rumbling noise and the light of the dawn suddenly appeared. A great fireball was conjured into existence and rocketed forwards towards the gathered ancestors! Several of them launched techniques which covered the skies but the great fireball which resembled a fist simply punched right through them as if they weren't there!

    Solar God's Fist- Rising Sun! 


    A firestorm appeared as the fiery fist reached the center of the amassed ancestors and exploded! It rushed out and incinerated everything it touched burning not just flesh but even true treasures and destroying the very air of the sky!


    When the firestorm expanded to a distance covering 10,000 kilometers, it finally dissipated and air furiously rushed back in to fill the empty void it left. All across the sky still flaming corpses and even white hot ash showered down as the absolute devastation was revealed. A lone figure appeared in the sky. Clothed in clear sky-blue robes, he held a crying blade in one hand and flames in the glowing red-yellow fist of his other. 

    "Hmph, still alive old Te dog? Don't think you can run so easily, my Mizuchi will weep tears for you." The sky-blue sleeves of his arm lifted and his blade appeared to flash in the reflected light of the flaming sky. He suddenly reached out with a hand and fished through the flames before suddenly stopping at a point in the sky. This point happened to be exactly where the Te ancestor's spacial crack had been! The hand surged through the empty air and disappeared as it broke through the dimensions!


    There was a strange shattering noise as through the void it reached and seized something! A second later it withdrew and ripped something out of the void!

    "AHHHHH! Who are you?? The Great Sects will not forgive you if you kill me!" The Te Sect ancestor was dragged out into the skies of the Trials! His once majestic purple tattooed arms were covered in horrific burns and ash and the sky-blue clothed cultivator had him by the arm. This mysterious cultivator began laughing.

    "Hahahaha the Great Sects won't forgive me? They should be so thankful that I am willing to forgive THEM! Now die." The crying blade sliced forward and severed the Te ancestor's head. Drops of immortal blood fell down from the sky like tears as the blade flashed red then returned to its clear blue hue. As the Te ancestor's beheaded corpse fell from the still flaming skies, the sky-blue cultivator turned to a patch of empty air and called out.

    "Alright. Now that that is taken care of, fellow Daoist of the Old Guard, I thank you for your timely intervention. Would you be so kind as to return my junior brother to me?"

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    Chapter 86- Burning Wish Pt.2

    For anyone still reading, I'm posting the edited chapters of this story on Wattpad, currently on Ch.20 or so, so if you want to relive the story it was meant to be told, head over to

    And be sure to follow my Wattpad account there for updates as I will be posting new chapters there as well once I catch up!



    There was a strange noise as the dimensions were shifted and a mysterious figure shrouded in purple motes of light appeared.

    "Hehe, you say you're his senior brother? Might I ask what sect this little boy belongs to?" The mysterious figure asked. The strange motes of purple light made it so discerning his true appearance was impossible. Sometimes his appearance looked like this...then sometimes that, it was bewildering to the eye even for cultivators. However, the sky-blue cultivator who had slain the ancestors of countless sects merely laughed.

    "We cannot exactly be called a sect, there are far too few of us. However....Dahn....I think you know who you're talking to." He chuckled uproariously and continued,

    "Hahahaha this is truly funny. The impartial Bladelord Dahn thought to be dead by all the Heavens and Hells, to think you were hiding all this time. And to suddenly reveal yourself after all this time. For a no name junior no less. Let me guess, it was Old Man Hans who put you up to this wasn't it? Did he guilt trip you into protecting my junior? I must thank him next time I see him, how is the battle going for the 5th pillar by the way? I've been at the Western Front for so long that I have no idea how the rest of the world is doing." 

    This mysterious figure, Dahn as the other cultivator called him, felt a shudder go through him at the casual use of his identity. The number of people who would still be able to recall his identity on sight...were few indeed, and all of them were very powerful indeed. He sighed,

    "Hans did put me up to this I admit. I'm too soft, its a miracle I've survived this long. Whatever, my job is done, take the boy and I'll be off. I trust I can leave him in his care and go about my business now that you've arrived?" Lineir's body suddenly appeared in Dahn's arms and he tossed him to the sky-blue robed cultivator as if he was glad to be rid of him.

    "Hehe, see, I've been ordered to return to the Western Front. I'm the only one holding it down as a matter of fact. I only came to show those old dogs of the sects that they cannot interfere with the growth of the junior generation. I was wondering actually...could I trouble you to continue guarding my junior brother here, just in case they forget my warning today?" The sky-blue robed cultivator caught Lineir's body and ruefully seemed to ask Dahn. Though it was impossible to see Dahn's face through his shifting purple Qi disguise, one could almost make out an indignant posture...

    "Are you serious? You want me, to go against the Heavens, for the sake of a boy I don't even know, as a guard dog? I have other things to do..." He replied petulantly, however the sky-blue cultivator cut him off,

    "Really? And what exactly else do you have to do while you hide from the Heavens? I haven't heard of the legendary Dahn doing anything these last 1000 years as a matter of fact. But...if the legendary Bladelord Dahn were to guard this could claim to be sowing good fortune with the name of Asura. What does the legendary Bladelord Dahn think about that? Would guarding a boy in the name of Asura be a waste of time?" The sky-blue cultivator smirked as he knew he had Dahn. Dahn, was speechless,

    "First Old Man Hans, and now you. FINE!! I accept. But I'll only intervene if those truly old fogies from the sects come, and only if it doesn't endanger my own life!" He yelled out in frustration. The sky-blue robed cultivator suddenly reached into his robes and there was a ripple as something came out of his space ring.

    "Hehehe, knew you'd do it. I have something here which you in particular might find interesting. All those years ago, I happened to be watching as you fought those dogs of the Celestial Court. Since you were 'dead'...and they were in a rush to find healers after 'slaying you', I happened to grab some spoils from the battlefield when no one was looking." The sky-blue robed cultivator tossed a set of swords to Dahn which miniaturized in midair to land neatly in Dahn's palm. Dahn, examined them and exclaimed,

    "My old blades. Hahaha, truly it cannot be said that those who follow the name of Asura are not treated well. Very well, I'll guard the boy if someone comes who is not within three generations of his time. However...there is the minor matter of your junior brother being dead at the moment. I've preserved his soul in his body and prevented its dissipance but I have no way to revive him myself." 

    The sky-blue robed cultivator smiled,

    "Leave that to me. You just do your thing and fade away, I don't want the child to get cocky knowing he has a protector. Watch closely, its not often you get to see a wish come true." With that, Dahn faded away slipping between dimensions. The sky blue robed cultivator clenched his fist as it glowed a molten hot orange color. He whispered to Lineir's motionless body still bound in purple runes,

    "Little junior brother, you should really be more careful. You only have only one life after all. Well, at the moment that is the case. Regardless, we've found you now you are no longer alone. I cannot stay but I can at you another path!" He opened his fist and in it was a burning flame waving crazily in the wind. It was merry at times, sad at others, it danced and grew with the wind! He took the flame, and with an open palm smushed it into Lineir's still chest!

    "Let this one's desires be reborn upon this world. In the name of Asura, I command you to begin anew!"

    Burning Wish!

    There was a great explosion of fire from Lineir's chest and the sky was rocked with waves of orange as the world recognized the will of the sky-blue robed cultivator! The great Daos of the world were unable to resist the command of this man, and obeyed his order as they would Fate itself! Suddenly, Lineir found himself in a strange place. He was surrounded by darkness. However, there was a feeling in his chest. As if he was feverish and needed to cool off.

    It's so dark in here. Where am I? What is that? Sister? Mei? Is that you? I'm hot, so very hot. Is anyone there, can you bring me water? However, no water came.

    Fine, if no one's there I'll get up and get it myself. Lineir thought, however when he tried to open his eyes and get up, he found that his eyelids were heavier than a 10,000 jin rock and he panicked as he realized he couldn't open his eyes. 


    Suddenly Lineir's mind was flooded with images of the gallows and the robe ending his life. He remembered Mei's voice in his head pleading. The feeling as the noose tightened around his neck, though he was unconscious at the time. He remembered all the events of the Trials. Then he remembered all of his adventures, the Necropolis, the City of Light, the numerous life and death situations he had been in. He remembered all the Karma that he had sown himself and had been sown with him by others throughout the years. Even the crazy dragon princess who had branded him with her mark all that time ago. Lastly though, he remembered two promises. One he made with his master. To walk the stairway to the Heavens over the slain corpses of their enemies. His promise with Mei. That would happen, he was sure of it. The other, was a promise with someone every bit as important as his master. Someone who had supported him even before Mei had come. His sister, Yiu! That he would be back someday and they would meet again and never be hungry! Without her, none of this would have happened! His path, his cultivation, his adventures, they never would have happened if she hadn't supported him day and night as a child. In that moment, Lineir felt the burning in his chest reach a peak, as if a new sun was forming inside. With a roar, he forced the fire inside him to condense and condense until finally it exploded out with the force of a supernova!


    "Master....Mei....Sister....Yiu.... I have returned." Lineir's body, floating in the air suddenly spasmed as his chest began to beat anew and he opened his eyes!

    "Kid? You're alive? He did it. I don't believe it. That crazy cultivator did it, he brought you back to life!" Mei's voice was teary as she shrieked in joy in Lineir's mind. 

    "Yea. I'm alive. Better than alive even. I can feel it. The path of Madness held me tight. However, I see the next path. A path I could not see without experiencing Madness fully first. Now I see it though. I see the second of the Nine Paths of Asura" So saying, Lineir's eyes which had been clouded in the redness of Madness slowly flickered and in the center of them, a new form appeared amidst the swirling chaotic characters of the Nine Paths of Asura. A channel formed, a path which cut through the formless words and shapes which wandered amidst the shattered hellish world of Madness in Lineir's eyes. This new path wandered off far into the distance crawling off the whites of Lineir's eyes, however it formed a new character before it left.


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    Chapter 87- Blade of The Mourning End
    Edited first 30+ chapters here
    Sorry guys, having trouble getting my writing juices together right now, unemployment is kind of sapping my willpower away. 

    The character Redemption burned in Lineir's eyes with a solar flame. When the characters eventually burned away, Lineir's eyes returned to normal losing their hellish red tint as if it had burnt out. He found himself floating in the air as a strange sky-blue robed cultivator hovered above him. Lineir immediately cupped his hands and bowed.

    "Thank you for saving this one senior. Might I know the name so I might repay you this favor one day?" Lineir formally called out. However, the senior laughed joyously,

    "Hahaha, there's no need to repay a favor from me junior disciple brother. It's the least  I can do after all your time in the wilderness. When I was your age I had the guidance of the celestial bodies to aid me. It must be hard to wander these troubled waters alone with so many of those old sect sharks still swimming about. Back in my day the path to the top wasn't blocked by so many bodies...errr I mean people. Anyways, I've saved you this time in the Name of Asura. But don't expect me to do so again. I have other battles to fight and you'll have to grow on your own. Next time, try to avoid provoking so many people at once ehhhh? I know those old fogies from the Sects are a pain, but you're not ready to take them all on just yet. Lie low a bit young man." Lineir was nonplussed at this strange man who referred to him as junior disciple brother. As far as Lineir was aware of at least, he hadn't joined any sects! However, the senior simply continued without even noticing Lineir's bewildered gaze,

    "Anyways, the war for the Western Pillar requires my presence. until we meet again." He smiled kindly and slashed out with a tearful blade. A long dimensional tear trailed his blade and he stepped into it with a swish of his sky blue robes. As the tear was closing before Lineir's stunned eyes however, there was a pause and the closing of the tear slowed fractionally. The voice of the sky blue senior called out,

    "Oh...right, I forgot as the first time meeting, I had best prepare a welcoming gift for our first little junior brother in all these years. Sh*t I forgot to bring anything.....I know! Take Mizuchi until we meet again. Remember to bring her back to me when we meet again at the Western Pillar!" There was a frantic tossing noise and suddenly out of the dimensional tear popped out the icey blue sword. Frosty tears seemed to weep out of the blade as the dimensional rift closed with a soft pop. Lineir caught the blade in his hands and almost dropped it as it was freezing cold!

    "That bastard just left me??? Are you kidding me??!" An exceedingly cold voice came out of the blade and Lineir had a terrifying flashback to when he had first met Mei. Suddenly a chill ran down his spine.

    "There's no way...." He began to think but stopped when a huge list of vile curses began to fill the air seemingly coming from the frosty weeping blade in his hand.

    "***** ****** *************************************************************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Instantly Lineir realized what he was dealing with and sighed. Mei too was shocked into silence. Dahn, who was also concealed in a pocket of space time was speechless as well. Simultaneously all three thought,

    "That crazy guy left his Deathblade behind???"

    "Hmph, comparing The Mourning End to ordinary Deathblades. You're begging for death!" The handle in Lineir's hand turned chillingly cold and he almost dropped the blade. He greeted the frosty katana,

    "Hi! It's nice to meet you Mizuchi. I'm Lineir, my senior brother left me in your care. I was just wondering however...what exactly is the relationship between your master and I?" He trailed off. However, the handle of the blade started to warm back up, it was at least not too painful to hold now. Gradually drops of water began to gather and slip off the surface of the blade. It was as if it was actually crying! Suddenly, a great wailing overcame the starry sky above the burning Trials.

    "Waaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!! Master you left me to an idiot!" The blade wailed out and Lineir was struck by the difference between the mature Mei and this strange new Mizuchi. Additionally, the voice was of a girl again. He had to wonder...were all Deathblades female? However, he stowed the thought as he considered the more pressing issue at hand...calming down this crazy blade!

    "Relax, relax, your master didn't abandon you permanently or anything. He only loaned you out to protect me until I meet up with him again. By the way, where is the Western Pillar." Lineir placated. However, when the blade heard that he didn't even know where the Western Pillar is the wailing only grew louder!
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    Chapter 88- Returning to the Necropolis

    First 50 chapters edited here, will be posting new chapters on here once I'm caught up.

    Finishing up some interviews in NYC, fingers crossed! This chapter took me forever to write. It's not that long but I kept writing a paragraph and then stopping and starting again over several weeks.

    "How can you not even know where the Western Pillar is?? How could that ******** master leave me with you. After all I've done for him? Ugh, despicable. Whatever, hurry up and grow strong so I can return to his side!" The wailing voice of a childish girl cried out desperately and Lineir sighed. 

    "I would love to become strong already so that everyone can stop talking down to me..." He thought. However, to the anxious and haughty Deathblade he was quite polite...unlike Mei, he had a sneaking suspicion that this Deathblade was in full possession of her powers. She could probably destroy him without a second thought if he was careless with his words and offended her!

    "Mizuchi, how strong exactly do I have to be to reach the Western Pillar? Where is it?" Lineir asked.

    "The Western Pillar is located on the Skyhold Continent on Planet Red Moon. As for power...easy, master your heritage and learn the World Without God's Domain and you'll be powerful enough to travel there at the very least, perhaps even take part in glorious battle with my master." She replied, slowly calming down. Then she sighed,

    "Although with where your cultivation is at now...I'll probably be an old hag before you master it and return me to my master." 

    Lineir was curious,

    "What is this World Without God's Domain? Is it related to my Darkness Rain Domain? Who is your master? Who is fighting the battle for these Pillars. What does it all mean?" Lineir's questions spouted like cannons. Perhaps he could finally get some answers! However he was sorely disappointed...

    "The battle for the Pillars is not something which you can really understand at your current level. At best, you can only comprehend it on a superficial level. Do not be so insulted, it is the truth and all I know. Even my master does not truly understand the battle for the Pillars. I can tell you one thing though. The Pillars were once the path to true power in ancient times. To ascend the Pillars to the top would provide one with the capital to break through the Heavens and bury the Hells. However, in modern times they have become a battleground for many of the major powers. This entire dimension will inevitably be forced to battle for these Pillars and the winner will decide who will control this era! It is inescapable, there is no avoiding this fate as Fate itself has already decreed this in the Akashic Records. Short of someone rewriting the will of Fate itself your only choice will be to participate in this fight! The only question is not whether you will fight or not, it is a question of when! Right now, the senior generations, those you could call distant ancestors, my master, they all struggle to buy time for you to grow strong. Strong enough to seize the reins of destiny and win this battle yourself! So do not rest, yet do not rush either. For either will result in your end, one in which you pathetically struggle against forces you are not ready for, and another where you yourself fail against your own flawed cultivation path."

    With a strong warning, this new Deathblade Mizuchi fell silent. Lineir contemplated her words carefully trying to pick out what details he could. Even Mei was silent as this was new information to her as well. After a while, Lineir mentally asked Mei,

    "Master, does the fight for the Pillars not exist in your dimension?" To which Mei responded,

    "Kiddo, I'm not sure. I've never heard of these Pillars. I did not manage to study the sword for long before I ended up losing my body. Whether or not it is because this fight does not exist in my dimension, or it is a struggle which was beyond my current comprehension at the time I cannot say." 

    "Hmmm.." Lineir thought it over some more, but eventually gave up on learning more about this great battle for now. Instead he asked,

    "So what should I do now MIzuchi?" To which she replied,

    "Like I said, learn the World Without Gods Domain. You've already started on the path and received the legacy. Step into the light beam of this trial. It will transport you directly to the Lord's Necropolis. Ignore the rewards from this Thousand Cups Trial, the Lord has already prepared far more suitable rewards for you in the Necropolis. As for the battle for the Pillars, don't worry about it for now. Work on increasing your power as quickly as possible. When you are strong enough to join the battle you will come to know more about the Pillars." 

    Lineir stepped directly into the beam of light and disappeared from the Thousand Cups Trial. Behind him lay devastation and fallen chosen, elders, and patriarchs. As the light beam flared, Jun Li as well as his brother and fiance at the exit point stared up at the platform wondering about the fate of the mysterious young man who had both battled against and fought beside them. When a few surviving Chosen began to make it to the light beam and exit, the three Li clan members hoped to see his black robed figure, but neither Lineir nor any of the top Chosen who had warred with him ever appeared. Eventually, the light beam shut down and an administrator came to administer the rewards. Jun Li could only sigh and wrap an arm around Ya Li,

    "Hmph...I refuse to believe someone with such a great destiny could die so easily. One day, I'm sure we'll meet again on the fields of battle. At that time I will be strong enough to match his blade!" He thought as he accepted the reward of first place in the Trials. Meanwhile in the void... 

    A youth tumbled around and around bouncing through spacial rifts and tears!

    "Goddamit why is this ride so rough I'm going to be torn apart!" Lineir cried out frustratingly into the empty void. 

    "Sorry! The Lord made this spacial tunnel countless years ago, it must have degraded over time, do not worry though, it's definitely stable, what goes in must come out!" Mizuchi cried out. However, this was  little comfort to Lineir,

    "I'm going to come out in pieces!" He shrieked as several of his meridians were ripped apart by spacial shards!


    The mysterious red Qi suddenly appeared amidst Lineir's veins! Like a raging dragon it lunged through his blood into his Second Heart and roared merging with the black Darkness and yellow Lightning Qi! 


  • Chapter 90-The Divine Ruby Rose

    You can find the chapters on my wattpad. Also, there were 2 chapter 82s so I'm moving the chapter count up one sorry for any confusion!


    Lineir cried out in immense pain! For several agonizing minutes he was bounced around in the void sustaining heavy injuries and all the while his Second Heart was assaulted by red Qi! His Second Heart began to rotate furiously in reaction to the sudden assault of this strange Qi! As the red Qi began to merge with the black and yellow Qi in his Second Heart the other two Qi's became agitated and began to revolt against his control as well! It was a two pronged attack and there was little he could do except clench his jaw and endure. Finally, after the time it took for an incense stick to burn he was ejected unceremoniously from the void onto a familiar purple-runed stone floor.

  • Chapter 90-The Divine Ruby Rose

    You can find the chapters on my wattpad. Also, there were 2 chapter 82s so I'm moving the chapter count up one sorry for any confusion!


    Lineir cried out in immense pain! For several agonizing minutes he was bounced around in the void sustaining heavy injuries and all the while his Second Heart was assaulted by red Qi! His Second Heart began to rotate furiously in reaction to the sudden assault of this strange Qi! As the red Qi began to merge with the black and yellow Qi in his Second Heart the other two Qi's became agitated and began to revolt against his control as well! It was a two pronged attack and there was little he could do except clench his jaw and endure. Finally, after the time it took for an incense stick to burn he was ejected unceremoniously from the void onto a familiar purple-runed stone floor.

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