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  • Of course they all love him. This isn't some ntr shit.
  • Alright good I don't like it when girls are forced to like him and shit
  • 1.Will wu xia eventually fall for mc?

    “True that. But I’ve never agreed to be your fiancee from the beginning,” Wu Xia released her hands from his.

    “Then agree to it now.” Yue Yang was the best in pushing his will onto others.

    “No.” Wu Xia rejected him in one breath.

    “Why? I’m serious about this. Although I didn’t have time to prepare an engagement ring now, but there’s something I have been wanting to say to you. I had tried to hide it for a long time, holding it in inside…” Even Yue Yang was almost moved to tears by his own love story. A love that transcends space and time, if his story was made into a movie, wouldn’t the audience be moved to tears?

  • She had already fallen for him by the time they defeated the Marquis of Zi Jin. Wu Xia was simply playing difficult for a while.
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  • Kk I see thanks
  • 1. Will the quillin girl become Mcs friend girl or enemy?

    2. Will hai tai long become able to speak to mc?

    3. Is the Wilson really an airhead I may be wrong but it seems to me every time he asks a very important question she steers off from it on purpose?
  • 1. Qilin girl is something of an ally, she really has no other place to go so she sticks with him, I assume it’s related to him having the potential to help her find her mother.  This is my speculation only though.

    2.  That I recall HTL never learns to speak, or he chooses not to.  He’s very much an intelligent creature and his intelligence has told him “shut up, bark, and be YY’s faithful guard dog.”

    3.  I don’t recall anybody named Wilson?  Could that be an autocorrect of Qilin?  If so she’s been shown to be an airhead but she knows what she can and can’t say.  It sounds like her mom is either very strict and/or has terrified her, unless... her mother is just fictional and she uses it asan excuse not to say things.

    Keep in mind there’s nobody that will tell you everything they know, it could be she’s not allowed to tell by a restriction from the clan or that she feels her value to YY would go down if she gave up too many secrets, it could even be she finds it amusing to tease him after being trapped for all those years.
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    Thank you!

    1. Does ye kong and fatty hai the li brothers and the others go to heaven realm eventually with mc?

    2.what does this titan mean by saying he only has 200 years of lifespan mc is an innate don't innates have life spans of 1000 years not to mention there are supreme innate and many more realms why Would the titan say this plz help me understand?

     Goddamn human, no matter what trick you use, you won’t be able to kill me. Because I’m an Ancient Titan, I have been bathed with God’s Water when I was born. When I entered adulthood, I was bestowed with God’s Blood by the King of Titans. With an undying body like mine, you think you can kill me with that little dagger of yours? Goddamn human being, what you are doing now is meaningless… If you can help me burn off these God Binding Chains, I could consider letting you off… Little boy, we don’t have to fight, let’s be allies instead. If you free me, I can grant you Titan’s blood. In this way, you can possess an undying body and also the powers of a Titan. Most importantly, we Ancient Titans are the descendants of God with eternal lives. So little boy with a lifespan of a few hundred years, don’t you want to have an eternal life?” Wu Su was in an extremely sorry state right now as his entire body was covered with wounds.
  • roflburn said:
    Ophis said:
    PS: What was the pass your found the most interesting? I really liked the 5th pass, the Beast Valley. Little Sister Death Mantis rocks.  B)
    Desire Valley had me cracking up, I love Pandora. Beast Valley was good to, I only wish he would have beat up the lion king.
    When does the black Hell King dieC? Does the sky Emperor also die? How and when? What about shun Tian black Prince Thousand Goblin Sect Leader Zi Jin Kingdom western lion pagoda green summit Sect? And who was the one that poisoned fourth Uncle and miss feng? Does he die? 
    I don't remember the chapter number that he dies, it's not far away from the current translation. At least I think it happens before chapter 600.

    Sky Emperor dies, should be soon, when the guys from the Heaven Realm enter the Ancient Battlefield, one of them toys around with Sky Emperor then kills him.

    Shun Tian fights Fatty and can't beat him after an extremely long time, and ends up going crazy.
    Black Prince gets killed by the "Ice Cold Guy" Xue Tan Lang or whatever his name is. Or at least defeated until he isn't a threat anymore.
    Goblin Sect Leader gets killed by Ye Kong and the Prince of Tian Luo.
    Zi Jin Kingdom and the others are irrelevant after the large battle that takes place where the above people die since they basically lose their top experts.

    As for who did the poisoning, I'm not sure, I only know that the person who orchestrated it was the Ancient Demon King, and he does not die, he goes into exile.
    is the final harem list is 7?
    The Girls:
    The Code Besides the Names of The Girls stands for "Sequence that they met him"-"1st to 3rd base, to Home Run(H) and Sequence" 
    e.g. Wu Hen 12-H1 is 12th girl he meets and is Yue Yangs first Home Run

    a.) Wives/Fiances
    *Tong Tian Tower Girls
    1. Yi Nan (Bright Eyed Thief) 2-H5-ch.657
    - Girl from the Hundred Butterflies Valley. Strong fighter uses Spirit based attacks and Mirror Defense to reflect attacks. 
    Best friends with Yue Bing.  Yue Yang pretends that shes a guy to get up close and personal smiley 

    2. Empress Fei Weng Li 3-H13-ch.1233
    - Once the Conquering Queen of Heaven Realm, but was betrayed and sealed in the Black Hole Space in Yue Yang's pendant. 
    Strong overall ice user and often gives advice to Yue Yang. Likes to use the carrot and the stick with Yue Yang.

    3. Supreme 4-3
    - Strongest ranker in Tong Tian Tower. Very bad ass long/close range fighter. Mentors Yue Yang and the Wives-Union. 
    Often aloof because of the drive to be the strongest.

    4. Luo Hua (City Mistress) 5-H2-ch.329
    - City Mistress in the Tong Tian Tower 4th floor and Princess of Heaven Luo Empire. Long range laser user. The very clingy and lovable wife. 
    Loves flowers and gardening.

    5. Princess Qian Qian 6-3
    - Second-in-command of the Wives Union but always seeking to oust the commander. Straight up melee fighter which uses only strengthen-type spirit beasts. 
    Always fights with Yue Yang but is pretty cutsie when they're alone. Likes to bite alot.

    6. Yue Yu 7-3
    - Older sister of Yue Yang from his Second Uncle Yue Shan. The gentle healer of the group but eventually grows into a pretty strong water-based fighter. 
    Really stresses out a lot about being his cousin but sorta deals with it in the end.

    7. Red (Bloody Queen) 8-H6-ch.723
    - Guardian Spirit of Yue Yang. Pretty shy and gets jealous of other spirit beasts a lot. Apparently into spanking

    8. Tipsy Cougar Princess 9-H9-ch.903
    - Spear user with a Little Panda Girl as a Spirit Beast. Alcoholic, gains levels when imbribed. Relative of Luo Hua

    9. Xia Wu (Little Snow Girl) 10-2
    - Original fiance of Yue Yang and Commander-in-Chief of the Wives Union. Uses a Storm Spirit, has a close combat swan style and uses ice/ lighting for long range. 
    Very intelligent, often with a book in hand.  Stalked Yue Yang a lot. Ends up as main wife, coordinating everyone's "growth"

    10. Beauty Feng Xian (Heaven Punisher) 11-H3-ch.451
    - Member of Demon Hall and younger Sister of Supreme. A seductress with a Succubus Guardian Spirit. A long range fighter with lightning attribute. 
    Very proud and passionate be it about Yue Yang or fighting.

    11. Wu Hen (Sickly Beauty) 12-H1-ch.272
    - Cousin of Xia Wu. A Defensive fighter with Crystal Summon. Loves studying Runes and History. The quiet little supportive wife.

    12. Southern Border Monster Queen (Eastern Region Monster Race Princess) 13-H10-ch.1013
    - Uses Pipa Flute for long range sound attacks. Daughter of Dragon Emperor. Loves collecting treasure and spoiling herself (milk baths everyday apparently). Slowly warms up to Yue Yang. Likes it rough.

    13. Xia Yi (Half-Elf Slave/ Dragon Saintess) 15-1 
    - The smart mouth slave who Yue Yang loves to force cosplaying on. Often insecure with her breast size, especially with Beauty Feng Xian and Young Half-Demon Slave smiley 

    14. Young Half-Demon Slave  / Pandora 16-H8-ch.868
    - A slave girl Yue Yang purchased at Tong Tian Tower 6th level. Second place in the chest department. The clumsy maid type. Likes to draw explicit pictures of Yue Yang and her to get his attention.

    15. Jiang Ying (Spider Empress/ Drangon Girl) 17-3.99
    - Daughter of Dragons who are often at Tong Tian 10th floor, leaving her lonely. Likes to do childish things but really just wants the company. Strong innate ranker fighter.

    16. Hai Lan (Hai Yingwu/ Sea Race Empress) 19-H4-ch.593
    - One of the many children of the Sea Emperor. Was assigned as manager at Flame Reef Island? Pretty great back story. Water based halberd user.

    *Heaven Realm Girls
    17. Ming Yue Gang 21-1
    - One of the Three Giants of Heaven Realm. Was released by Yue Yang and co. from the Prison Emperor's seal. Often gets harrassed with love letters from Yue Yang. Encountered again pretending to be a guy called Pearl Prince and gets harassed by YY. 

    18. Bi Lu (Daughter of Jadiete Lord) 23-H7-ch.840
    - Very smart spy type character. High sense of smell. Discovers Yue Yang's identity and solicits his help to regain what she lost. Supports Lie Yan Regimental Commander in her love life.

    19. Lie Yan Regiment Commander  (Ancient Titan Lineage) 24-H7-ch.840
    - The Giantess Regiment Commander with fiery red hair and 8 meters tall. Was betrayed by her comrades and imprisoned. Helped out by Yue Yang just to recruit but eventually fits in very well with the family. Loves Yue Yang but is pretty conscious about being bigger than him hehe. Eventually takes matters in her own hands and uses a treasure from Bi Lu to become her twin to seduce YY.

    20. Ying Luo (Liberty Queen) 25-H12-ch.1360
    - The martyr girl he meets at Tian Hua Territory. 

    21. Qing Ping 26-0
    - The beautiful Fish-Variant Guide at Baihe River City. Originally was meant to spy on Yue Yang. Thinks that he's molesting Liu Ye. Likes handsome, cool guys like Xue Tan Long. Eventually falls for the lecherous guy.

    22. Huan Yue (Bright Moon Goddess) 27-H11-ch.1306
    - Supreme's Guardian Spirit Beast and is like a mischievous twin sister. 

    b.) Friends (in other words... Potential Wives smiley )
    * Tong Tian Tower Girls
    23. Yue Bing 1-2
    - Younger Sister of Yue Yang from Fourth Mother. Only one not a potential wife. Sorry for the Sis fans.

    24. Treasure (Gold Eyed Demon Lolita) 14-0
    - 100 plus years old I think. The harbinger of bad luck. But shes cute so she gets a way with it alot.

    25. Liu Ye (Apprentice) 18-0
    - Schoolmate of Yue Yu with a unique skill that Yue Yang wants to develop. Has a huge crush on master. Worships him too.

    26. Heaven Disaster (Sister-In-Law of Beauty Feng Xian) 20-0
    - Member of Demon Hall. Young girl who Yue Yang picks on a lot. Often reminds enemies that shes not part of the Wives Union.

    * Heaven Realm Girls
    27. Giant Curvy Lolita Xiao Xiao En (Princess Giant) 22-0
    - A Heaven-ranked commander giant in a Heaven Realm event who was knocked out by one of Yue Yang's fellow participant. He takes care of her and she thinks of him as an elder brother. 400 meters high and wants to grow as tall as a mountain smiley 

    *Most live in Yue Yang's Grimoire World (Except for Supreme/Empress Fei Ling Wei/Ming Yue Gang)
    So after this MC in the end of story will have 22 wifes? Or i am wrong?
  • And someone can tell me, how many beasts he will have at the end ?
  • sleep with xue wu xia which ch ?
  • It doesn’t happen in the story because if they lose their virginity it will hinder their growth so by the end XWX and Princess are still virgin.
  • Princess Qian Qian didn't happen because they were cockblocked every time, the hindering growth stuff was only at the beginning.

    As for Xue Wu Xia, it didn't happen at first because of the growth stuff, then she fell into a coma to fuse a Godship and stayed that way till the end of the second last arc. After Wu Xia woke up, it didn't happen again because she needed to be a virgin to accept the Divine Power of a Goddess in God's Ruin entrance and then open said entrance.

    A pity to the extreme that the author left the two main wives out...
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  • So is only red alone from his summoning beast his wife or is everyone of them his wives?
  • Can anyone list the yue yang cultivation rank by chapters mainly after heavenly rank 1
  • Anyone, who read the raw, did the author reveal about Ah Xian (Fourth Mother)?
    Like whether she had any Grimoires or what she knew. I know she came (was born) from World Tree like Yue Yang's mother and Yue Bing and Shuang, I wanted to know about her specialties.

    As for Yue Yang's Twin Phoenix beasts, did they born with him or they came to being when he contracted with the Divine Grimoire?
    It was kinda revealed at early stage but even now I'm confused since I see they were listed as his Divine Grimoire Guardian beast and sometimes born with him as Transcending Mythical Beast.
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    Can you please post a list of all the members of the Valley of the Hundred Flowers and Butterflies?
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