Regarding Little Flames Visual.

So I'm hoping someone can help me visualise him because I'm struggling to understand how he keeps attacking with his tail.
As I see him he is a tiger with a snack for a tail and wings. Which by my visualisation if facing his an enemy head on his tail shouldn't be able to reach them assuming it's curling over his back, or around his side. Plus the fact the wings are there as well adds the extra problem for it to get around.
The only two options I can see are.
1. The tail is ludicrously long, like two and a half times the length of his body or
2. He is spinning in circles when he attacks, which seems seems like it'd cause more problems than it is worth.

Is there any official art out there for him? Or are we just left to speculate?  


  • its a long snake/python.  Eventually it hardens and becomes a spear/staff I don't really remember but it's probably about a 2 meters long.
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