Martial God Asura World

Can any tell me the relam in the martial God asura? 
Like first it's 9 province some contents than East sea and probably West South or like. Than holy land of martialism I am assuming is higher relam. 
Than it was mentioned Chu feng is from 'beyond' with another higher relam? 
Can someone give details about this! 
Thank you


  • 9 province continent is part of the Easter sea region. The 4 sea reagions together with Holy land of Martialism make up the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm. Beyond the heavens is a higher plane which is consisted of many Star regions , each star region has an upper boundry(upper/higher realm), not sure if there are many higher/upper realms or just one , but each upper/higher realm has ordinary realms attached to them, not specified if its just one or many.


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