Ze Tian Ji (Way of Choices)



  • Hmm... he didn't die of injury in battle. It's mostly because he went against his own Dao Heart when he fought against CCS. You have to remember that Taoist Ji and his 2 disciples (3 at the end, he's just a kid though) follow the Dao of the Heart. As long as they follow their heart's desire, their willpower won't break. Taoist Ji didn't follow his Dao Heart in aspects around CCS, therefore, he gradually weakens. In other words, he was guilty of how he treated CCS and he couldn't convince himself that what he was doing is correct. 
    On the other topic, Taoist Ji is and Divine Empress are younger than Old Demon Lord. Taoist Ji is also weaker in terms of cultivation (he is in Sacred Domain), while DE and Old Demon Lord is in Concealed Divinity, which is 1 realm higher.
    The war concludes with the Demons losing and surrendering under the conditions that they will not be treated as slaves, but more like a vassal. 
  • what chapter does he reach saint realm? and does he get to grand liberation realm at the end of the novel?
  • can anyone tell me some novels with good romantic endings i am new to reading novels and i read some novels like 
    tales of demons and gods
    soul land
    battle through the heavens
    i want to read some novels where story line is like above but little more intimacy b/w mcs or you can say a little more love type of moments not lust**
    i am currently reading ZTJ but according to many this doesnt end in good way so i am little disappointed except SOUL LAND i feel like all others book i read feels like they have rush ending i dont like that as being new to reading novel world.

    please guide me.

    i am also reading versatile mage web novel currently at 2133 chapter

    one more question does stellar transformations novel have any romantic aspect.?

    please help me guys
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