There Seems to Be a Problem With the Divine Program

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"There Seems to Be a Problem With the Divine Program." - Everyone

"Hey, Pangu... there seems to be something wrong with the coding in the Netherworld. Error 404: Not Found? What the hell is this?" - King of the Eastern Hells, Dizang

"Pangu, it appears that an unknown error occured in the worlds in which I've created humans..." - Creation Goddess, Nuwa

"Pangu, for some reason... the program isn't allowing me to control the influx of light..." - Archer God of the Sun, Houyi

"I can't be bothered about this! I have more important stuff to do! EVERYONE SHUT UP!" - The Progenitor, Pangu

"Oh powerful, elusive, sovereign gods... may I inquire why this one is here, again?" - Ordinary Mortal Wu Hai

"That's simple. You're going to be our pawn in fixing the errors with the Divine Program. Don't worry, you probably won't die. Probably." - The Progenitor, Pangu.

"EHHHH????!!!!?" - Exasperated Ordinary Mortal Wu Hai


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    Dataflow 1 - There Seems to Be a Problem With These So Called "Gods" [Teaser]

    From an early age, concepts such as tradition and history will begin to develop in children's brains. The reason being, these customs make up a nation's national identity, and serve to give that nation a sense of uniqueness and individuality.

    Such topics are often taught at the early grade levels, and those teachings will naturally become more and more profound in the upper grades.

    Religion, mythology, established institutions... these are the things that our ancestors have left behind for us, in this modern day and age.

    Originally, 'religion' and 'mythology' were created as an explanation for the unknown. For things that humanity didn't understand, and couldn't possibly hope to comprehend.

    It was because of our fear for the unknown, that such stories were created. 

    If you were to ask me what I felt about them, I'd probably reply, "They're interesting and creative literary works, nothing more, nothing less."

    In short, I truly never believed in such mythos and prepositions. In more brusque terms, I found such beliefs abhorrent. 

    I believe only in myself. I trust only myself. I will rely only on myself.

    Wishing for external, rather fictitious stimuli to help... was something only fools would believe in. This was especially the case, given the leaps and strides humanity had made since X long ago B.C. in technology and science.

    In fact, I probably would never have believed in those existences, if I hadn't found myself in this type of ridiculous situation.
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