SA summaries and Important events

Well reading the Raws right now, so Ill make list of what happens at what chap, what I think is important/relevant to chars.

Chap 270-288 - 4 Monarchs vs Star Alliance God Battle  = , They fight against 5 man team lead by no1 person in Dream net that is Host of starry sky, but he is too oild and only can display 30% power of his prime
. 4 Gods loses 1st two matches as Starry sky is too strong and crushes them,  in 3-4th match , They fight via updated dream net that is with their talents. which leads to 4 Gods [ mostly lan jue and lan Qing] crushing starry sky. As a respect for senior 4 gods give up last match since they know if it wasnt for their talents they could never beat him.
At the end of match the identity are revaled , Host of starry sky was Divine Teacher aka Clairvoyant   and his 4 partners were Seamstress, Coffee Master,Driver,Steward making lan jue shocked utterly, Divine teacher gives Lan Jue command of Star alliance and makes him head of SA.

295 - 313 - Students Military Training  , They train at Yatsumoto star that is base of lan Qing, Lan qing is impressed by their work and gives them test where if school team can beat there military team. They all will get direct entry to his force if they join military + 1 year rented Iron and Blood mech of their. His force is most respected force in whole of their alliance and is unsurpassed glory.
L jue beats him with some surprise attack from Accountant,Making student win.
314-324 - 3rd level of training where L jue makes student wipe out a pirate group which has killed few hundred of their citizens and has 56 captured females. In the end they are almost hitted with Northern Fortress main artillery barrage almost wiping them all out.
Chap 303 - Savage Goddess guesses Lan Feng[Golden mask] as Zeus correctly with Prometheus and Hua Li, Lan Jue doesn't confirms her but she knows. She also tells him she will pursue him for marriage [ She still doesnt know that Lan Jue = Zeus= lan Feng]
312 - Sexy time bw MC and Qianlin
329 MoonFiend empress Rescue Request
333 Gradma Bess Reveal - , She has a blood domain as Paragon.
332- 333 - They Drink Wine master Legendary wine, Beggar feels his Paragon Way
336 - Qianlin and Lan Jue kissu! , So Grandma Bess fuses their blood together, making it so that Lan Jue when alone only has 1/3rd his strength that is 9.1 Level, And Qianlin has her own pure strength. When they are having contact with each other - They both get Lan Jue power aka Both are 9.7 Double lightening and thunder God levels. When they are intimate with each other aka KISSU! or ya know *wink wink* . Qianlin merges with Lan Jue making him 9.9 Peak with seeing his paragon road. Tho qianlin when separates is stripped naked[ Hail the Grandma]
337 - Revealed Qianlin already has 9 level Talent and silkworm ability resetted her, she has a special heavenly body
338 - Ability to think of each other to insta teleport , But Lan Jue isnt able to do it because he still has hera in his heart.
341- Pharmacist and daughter feels once again
344 - School Teacher trip to Ximeng, They face space disturbance in mid of trip where L Jue saves the day
349-350 Wang x Jin yan couple ,Wang past revealed ,dem feelz - He was a orphan grabbed by Dark Castle Dracula branch and experimented into having blood sucking talent, b4 he escapes in a mission and after 5 year of hiding joins NEU where he fells in love with Jin Yan and decides his best to live.
351 -352 Richard tries to forcefully get qianlin with 100 pilots b4 getting rekt by beggar
354 -bath scene *-*
353- 357 search for 3 wine master descendants begins by Beggar,wine master and Ljue+Qianlin
357 another paragon from descendant who is legendary wine creator himself , DRC boss, board of directors main mao seat, legendary Bacchus, the king and hierarch in entire Bourgogne red wine world, Haubert, Willan!. he is a grapevine himself and is 300 yr old.
360-361 - back story of 3 wine masters, Willan had great talent in wine and didnt thought much of henry , He and Bess worked together for years b4 they challenged henry. Henry worked with them for yr or 2 b4 creating same wine as them but when they drank it, they knew they were inferior to him and could never surpass him. Bess leaves DMR to work with henry, making willan go mad.
362 Zeus,beggar,wine master fight against willan paragon who is corrupted
364 grandma Bess aka laurra Bess reappears she is also one of 3 legendary wine master ,the crush of willan,
365-366 confession of willan and Beth to each other,willan mind corruption is purified ,they become couple. It is shwon how they both loved each other but due to misunderstanding and ego they suffered for 300 years. Bess loved willan and went to henry to learn his tricks so she could help Willan. Willan thought she loved henry so when he came back he kicked her outta of BoD and said he likes his sister. Which is wrong since he never marries her.
366- Beth tells about reason she did the stuff to LAN jue and qianlin and some past with divine teacher
367- Bess tells it was qianlin who saved him that day after planet fight,she can use it 3 times in her life but she has to sacrifice her ninth level talent each time for it and train from scratch. they also have to break through paragon together otherwise it won't work but bonus is they directly step into 2nd level paragon. Both Wine master ask wine teacher for help to shift their village which is in western alliance to some place.
368 LAN jue confronts qianlin about it, she admits it and talks abt how she knows he has her sister in his heart, she issad for herself sometimes but is happy that the person her sister loved is right. both relationship improve with qianlin gaining a space in his heart,
369,- rescue operation of moonfiend empress starts ,by jue and qianlin, he tells her his 1st meeting with empress
372 plan to capture angel rafel,he is shown with his wife/lover named Julie  ,jue and Zhou take her as hostage to get hi but he runs away in the end caring for his life more
373 rafel captured, pontiff castle in chaos
374 meets with angel surry .a woman angel who is a bestie of moonfiend empress, collaboration with her to save emp
375 - fusion practice, kissu x2 ayeee. They infiltrate Potiff castle
376-377 some past story about emperor[ L jue teacher] and his war with paragons
378 small fight against Uriel and he is kidnapped too,angry Pope is angry
379 Pope is searching for them but fails,they discuss counter measures and start suspecting dark castle like LAN jue wanted
380- visit to dark castle city
381 - visit to dark castle haunted house, qianlin is disgusted by it and kisses LAN jue to hide,l jue makes fake video that's about dark castle experimenting on the two angels and tells accountant to post it
382 - coax Pope into going to dark castle ,plan begins
383- lanjue infiltrates prison, rescues moonfiend empress and destroy a part,making alarm go off and making all high level angel rush there while he escaped via electric wires
384 mirenda intercepts LAN jue just as he is about to escape from castle,they fight where LAN jue beats the shit outta him b4 escaping for good
385 Pope angels search city,LAN jue leaves city and foes in high class hotel where they treat moonfiend empress, she was in coma and wakes up at end
386 she wakes up and inquires how she is here,LAN jue tells her they saved him and she begins her treatment by power ,after she recovers she asks what to do and LAN jue asks where she wnats tro go, she tells him she will be his 5th Amazon ,the dsawn angel su xiaosu, but if he doesn't wnat her he can leave. LAN jue accepts her temporarily because he knows she is lonely and has no one left in world, they prepared to smuggle her out of western alliance
387 they sit in plane where qianlin tells him she won't leave once he steps in their place,LAN says he knows and tells about past of 4 Amazon's mica was Satan daughter who was running away when he reached,xiuxiu was his partner from childhood who old man gave him, guoguo is rescued from northern lands and his family is very strong she was almost killed in rift of family successors for power. keer is orphan who only had 1 level talent and was experimented on by northern lands in super soldier program ,her 1/3rd body is machine and she is powered by s rank gem. her talent is not of her own
LAN jue tells he regards them as his sister's rather then girls in waiting
qianlin jokes abt how her  sister wouldn't be happy as married since he was surrounding by so many women which leads to awkward convo abt Hera and silence. and they are out of Western alliance
388 - they arrive at Los Angeles ,northern capital to take part in comp
he walks in hand in hand with qianlin in white dress and su xiaosu in black secretary dress, they meet with chu Cheng who is insta jelly and hits on su to get failed ,some talk abt gourmet coming here .
389 htalk with chu Cheng abt competition and future plans a bit
390 dinner with chu Cheng,qianlin, su xiaosu ,hua li and mo xi. we see mo xi giving qianlin a cold and cruel look, hua li flops on her a bit and have a fight b4 reconciling
391 meeting with skyfire team lead by gourmet , LAN jue tells he will take part independent, scenes with pharmacist and daughter . he gives her brain wave device that can make her look pictures of outside world via brain waves. feels again, he tells the elixir teacher story to members present who were shocked bybtfather stuff. gourmet threatens all members that if they are below top 100 they will have manhood sealed for half yr
392- Intro of 2 Paragon of Northern alliance listed no 4 and 5. The No 5th Paragon , Imaginary Snow [ Women] seems to have a past with SA , The comp starts
393 -  Opening ceremony including Concert of Hua Li
394 - Battles start,  3000 people are divided in 15 batches of 200 each[ It has 100 arenas taht why]. 1st batch has Seamstress, Pharmacist and Barber from SA , Pharma isnta rekts her opponent , Her daughter cheers her and calls the 4th Paragon - Giant uncle!, He seems happy and they hit off with each other and he promises her to give a gift to her, she is very happy and pharmacist while seeing this has happy heart that taking her daughter out was correct decision
395 - starts with some feels about daughter, when see  1st was able to see, her happiness barber,seamstress also wins. 2nd batch has no people lan jue knows of. 3rd batch starts, where he takes part His arena is 35th, the match is 1724th. His opponent is Northern soldier with Metal body [ like a terminator of sorts, half of it] His talent is Shake? his opponent is 8 level peak, so he has slight trouble as he is only 9.1 at the moment
396 - Jue catches him offguard and sends electric shock thro him since he is half metal he is fried and loses. Daughter becomes happy and cheers. She then leaves since she cant wear helmet for too long after talking with Uncle. The paragon asks pharma if she is blind, she tells him yes. He tells her to find someone who can bioshock her optic nerves , and he can arrange her treatment in northern alliance after it. She gets happy since Lan Jue is already doing it . Gourmet and 4P has chat about Divine teach and humanity crisis. Lan Jue meets with Pharma And daughter and family time! She asks him to go their[her and mom ] together.Jue accepts
397 -  lan tells her story while therapy, but is about to leave, when she asks him to stay with her in sleep talk. He cant reject and accompanies her insleep while accidently sleeping himself in the room. He wakes up next day and feels as if heart has been healed by her. they have breakfast,  some more family time with them b4 he leaves. 2nd round ebgins, he is 9th batch and faces no 67, chu cheng told him 1st 100 are all nine+ talents, so Lan Jue curses his luck.
398 - Pharma again in 1st batch, along with  ,chu cheng. Chu cheng faces mysterious black robe female with dark+ space twin attribute[ IS THIS A WAIFU FLAG}, she is from dark castle and a level nine talent, intense fight. Pharma one shots again..
399 - The Girl is Dracula's daughter, Che cheng in fights rips her cape and her figure is revealed . She is an ice cold beauty. Che cheng as we know insta like, his final moves bounds her and drops her down. And he wins. He personally goes to "undo the bindings" while ofc feeling her. She slaps him but he doesnt avoids it, Girl was shocked and asks why dint he avoid it . He hits on her and she leaves saying Rascal!. he decides to pursue her . His father aka referee comes and hits him. Chu CHeng fidn her info,her name is Lena. Next batch starts it has angel surry, constantine, driver . Driver faces a strong one.

400- Driver has a good match with opponent and ends with his speciality moon Nine Thunder. Fast forward to Lan jue match . And his opponent is surprisingly - the barber! Barker is 9.2, Jue is 9.1 the war continues in next chap!


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    401- barber doesn't know LAN jue cult dripped so he still scared ,LAN jue does close combat with him making hi feel the Harmony with wind, 30 min passes and barbers admits Los on own. LAN jue goes back with qianlin holding hands, at far place pharmacist sees this,but luckily Junhelmet is off. she has a disappointed face. the 5th P gave her most advance helmet as gift
    402 - blue and qianlin fuses practice,he preps to break through 9.2
    chu Cheng goes to Lena room to hit on her by serving a delicious lunch with champagne while sweet talking,they eat together. Lena is peak 9.3 and a natural talent
     403. - they talk ,and Lena says he hates his sweet talking type and tells him to get out,chu Cheng cleans all stuff and silently goes away making her feel weird. Zeus break through 9.2 and then has some time with daughter. the competition has one player reactivate voting in which Lena wins making her join again, barber was 2nd. in round 3 ballot Zeus opponent turns out to be Lena
    404- fight vs Lena it's a hard fight for Zeus ,fight reaching climax by end. Zeus Is hanging indue to suppression of dark attribute by his two
    405-zeus barely beats her due to her not having complete control over fusion of both attribute . chu Cheng finds it a chance and goes to console Lena who shows her cold shoulder she is leaving dn cc follows her when robot tells if he leaves he will be kicked. Lena looks down at him but to her surprise he gives up comp and hugs her from behind.[while grabbing da booty] he tells he has been a playboy buy never found a true love , a person with good soul. he said he wnats to know her ,so to giver him a chance. lena says but he is from North while she West and the arteries fight too chap end
    406 - They talk more and lena says he hates the Second man aka who had sex with many women since she is pure nobility. CC preps to leave. When she stops him and tells she is hungry and asks to prepare food for her, CC gets happy af. Lan Jue waits outsude since pharma match not done yet, on stage 5th P asks Junwho she thinks will win. She closes her eyes and Gourmet + 5th P gets feeling of domain from her and she tells she is not sure but its familiar so mom or dad
    407 - Gourmet and 5th P are shocked by this, 5th P asks if she can see future matter to which she says yes, shocking them even more,  She likely has Eye of Future talent and gourmet gets her in his lap to protect her . Pharmacist faces a perosn with swallowing ability who she rekts because he used name of Swallowing the starry sky [ SS is name of divine teacher]
    408 -Constantine guesses she is disciple of 2nd paragon- sun revere.She goes back at stands, Shocked to see Jun in gourmet hands instead 5th P but he says its nothing, they bow to 5th P and insta leave,Jue meets them outside and gourmet takes them to his room in urgency and seals off space with domain. He tells them Jun wkoke her talent and its likely prediction class, shocking jue and her to no extent. Usually prediction talent awakens at 20 yr age, even divine had it at 10 yr old, but Jun has it age of 5-6 only!
    409 - they get serious, Jue calls mica and tell her to bring her,xiuxiu ,guoguo in zeus 1 and come insta. Gourmet calls winemaster and tells him and wine master goes to come there. Gourmet tells Pharma to live together with Seamstress and beautician, but jun says she wnats mom and dad ,making pharma blush. They talk more and decide not to leave start and gourmet leaves,Jun asks jue if she is a bother to which jue says no and if anyone wants to harm her they need to step over his corpse making pharmacist look gentle on him. She asks him whats his deal and jue tells excuse of cult drop, she checks his body and asks whether he dropped repair voluntarily and explain about it.
    410- Jue finally tells her truth, except Kissu fusion and teleportation. She is surprised and tell him he lucked out, since qianlin power made him free from impurities and thus it is not his talent dropping but all impurities vanishing making 9.2 pure thunder and lightening which will make his future bottlenecks less and more power. She then explains about 4 Control levels  - Control is divided into four big levels, the mao first level is called: The territory of principle, the second level is called: The French celestial phenomenon place, the third level is comprehensive, the fourth level is called: The supernatural power is boundless .
    Power of Paragons
    Certain Emperor[L jue teacher] - 1st P - Only person in 4th level or 3rd peak - Independent
    Sun Revere[Pharmacist teacer] - 2nd P - 3rd level - Independent
    Clairvoyant 3rd P - 2nd level Peak, He ruined his chances to go in 3rd level due to constant predictions, if he could be in 3rd level he would live 200 yrs more. - SA
    Davis/End Matter/Under Crown - 5th P - 2nd level Northern
    Space and Time Paragon - 4th P - 2nd level  Northern
    Pope and Satan - 6-7 P -1st level peak - Western
    Keeper and Wine master 8-9 P - 1st Level High order - SA
    All other low order 1st level[ Doesnt confirms whether Beth and Willan are included since technically they are around wine master level]
    Gourmet - Preliminary 1st level, He is middle of differentiating domain with principle
    Jue asks if Sun rever is alive to which Pharma says she dunno, she never saw him - she got his inheritance in jade pendant as a child, She also tells she is stuck in 9.9 peak due to husband missing heart knot. Jue thanks her for telling him all thsi as it opened new road for him, she tells him he has potential for 3rd level for sure, 4th is not she can say about. Jun wakes up and says father should protect her and mother in future then , which he nods to make pharmacist heart happier. She also tells jue to not depend on any external method to increase cult else he will lose purity. He goes back to own room where Su is waiting for him, and tells him to clam down b4 she tells dungeon story
    411 - Su tells that Pontiff castle is good on outside but dark inside. To keep up with dark tower and northern, they conduct hidden experiments far brutal then Dark tower and Northern alliance. They gather orphans who are gene tested, with 80% going to actual orphange and 20% with most power becoming lab rats. Out of which only 10% can survive till end. She was one of such experiments. They do brainwashing after every round. Thsi time due to her going there again and seeing all those new experiment subjects her memory comes back with trauma. She asks jue if she is too troublesome to keep , she can leave now, to which jue gets angry tells her that he fears no one and she should go to SA with him. He and Qianlin practice, a propoganda video is launched where Zeus wounds lena to point of death and Chu Cheng gives up comp to cure her injuries, Making Zeus hated. Chu Cheng  gets reactivated this time. In teh evening Qianlin,Zeus,Chu Cheng and Lena have dinner.
    412 - Chu Cheng intro them as Lan Jue and GF qianlin, Chu Cheng planned with Jue that he doesn't comes too attractive so he can have chance. But she sees thro his plan making CC speechless. And then Lena tells them that Jue is Zeus right, making them speechless. CC sighs and says he made mistake to jue, he cant handle these witty girls, To which Lena smirks at saying to late to regret, she already gave him her oppurtunity[ Couple kun!] They eat , while those two keep bickering, After it lena drags off qianlin and they all go to Biggest Bar., She drags Chu cheng for Dance, Qianlin refuses to dance xD Lena jumps on Main Stage.
    413 -  She drops her skirt noble attire, revealing tight leather clothing taht makes her look fiery with her red hair. She starts her dance on Metal and uses her powers in it due to having injury not fully healed up. She then points finger at chu cheng daring him, to dance off. He goes on stage where she says if he wins, she is his for the night - CC smirks. and starts his dance, Hua Li calls jue and tells him about video of his making jue speechless , Jue tells Hua li to come there. He says lena is poor girl who walked into trap, Which qianlin question, He tells this place is his chu cheng younger brother property.

    414- She says CC really is bad, and Jue says aint I abd too since im always with him, He says he also is a playboy in past to which she rekts him making him feel awkward since he was seen through. CC wins the dance easily, and whispers in lena ear that she is his tonight making her go red. Tehy back at booth and Jue coaxes 1929 lion dragons bottle from him, Hua Li arrives and CC knows he sold him so he threatens him to reveal his face here

    415- CC coax Hua Li to give up 1966 Cigars to him and jue.Lena gets his autograph. They smoke cigar and drink and then three bros decide to dance. Whole bar goes black and they dance with their talents on making it look like thunder,fire,water dancing, Whole bar is crazy and qianlin loses her composure too and starts screaming along with lena  showing her wild side. Then they return to booth and joke around ,

    416 - it gets late and late night show starts, when CC hurries up to leave, two ladies are curious and strip tease dance begins below, to which CC says it is art. Then the dancers start taking his name making lena mad and she goes out and CC runs after him. Then driver adds fuel to fire by saying nice girl which hotel today and she leaves alone, 4th round starts with 400+ people, CC  selects angel Sully, Jue tells him to not injure her as she is good girl, CC dreams about having Sully in one hand and lena in other hand and gets smacked by his father.

    417 Fight bw Coffee master and his dark castle opponent Dark Master, They fight but He is too strong and coffee master has to admit defeat. Sully and CC fight continues - CC drags it to give her face but she decides to go all out.
    418- CC uses his big yama powers to beat her, and says jue he showed powers to impress lena since last night was fuck up. Jue opponent again is female making him curse his luck once more as he got villain tag due to beating lena a hot female. Her opponent is cute type of young girl , Her talent is Earth and fight begins
    419- zeus stalls fight allowing opponent to make strong attacks so he gets more pressure to improve
    420 yellow girl loses power and goes away crying saying jue bullies the human, and jue gets another hate tag. he is dumbfounded and elixir asks him why he did that. he tell he took her advise and got pressure which Leda to people thinking he despised opponent and did intentionally making him cringe
    fast forward to 8th round where only  48 are left. SA has pharma,seamstress, driver,steward and beautician. Pope has Sully who got reactivated and constantine dark has dark master,+ wolfchu chneg and LAN jue too
    421 talk bw cc and jue ,round starts jue faces Sully and cc faces pharmacist, Rip cc
    422 beautician faces dark master ,cc fights elixir whole heartily
    423 a hard fight continue we see more of power of pharmacist and new of cc
    424 pharmacist launches her big power and crushes cc and wins without injury,everyone is in awe and scared of her power. Miranda and lucifier know they can't beat her now, dark master beats beautician. chu Cheng tells LAN jue that why did he joke abt her being mother b4 ,because if she gave birth her power would clearly weaken shocking LAN jue, that yes at her strength giving birth would weaken her paragon road and secretly envies the sentiment of her and husband that she was willing to bear the child ,and regrets him missing now
    it's time for jue vs sully
    425 they fight and jue drags on to get. chance since without a big attack he can't defeat her
    426 keeps dragging on people finally know his power dropped,he keeps recharging power by gem he has making her lose 60% power b4 they do big attack
    427 jue hides primordial power under thunder which only Sully can feel in attack and she gives up as mark of thanks. he goes back to stands where pharmacist comes and walks with him at in arm making all speechless and none dare to hiss jue again, he thanks her and calls her elder sister naturally which she is smiles  at
    428 some talk bw those two and how they can't forget their lives each, driver ,steward and seamstress also pass the round and are in top 24 double defeat elimination where winer go to round Robin and loser fight again to advance 6 more. jue begins calling pharmacist as elder sister when they are alone together and their relationship gets better ,she also tells him to take care of women around him he says they are younger sisters to him, but pharmacist says they might not be seeing him as such . jue sighs and admits he is trying to but cant make them go due to their problem, he goes back to Lin and they fuse ,jue feels he is gradually accepting more of her at heart(kissu magicu)
    429 - double elimination starts, LAN jue draws pharmacist, and she gives up making him enter top 16 . as long as she wins 2nd match she can advance naturally. making jue go through this round easily. seamstress s face constantine ands she gives up too making batch 1 end
    batch 2 starts steward faces wereworld who 9.8 ,steward himself is 9.3 with ice and fire talent that measure up to 9.5
    430 - they fight with steward showing his power but pharmacist makes him admit defeat due to wolft being silver month emperor wolf who has two heads and suppresses basic six elements making steward at disadvantage, dark master wins too,.batch 3
    431- driver enters along with a northern person cc tells to keep eye on,they both face independent persons  and win quickly. top 16 come ,driver and pharmacist fro sa, northern has big missile and yan ningya along with one ore,dark with wolf and master,Pope with constantine and LAN jue . round Robin top 16 draw start, each day 1 round. win 3 point, lose none ,tie a point
    432- ballot is drawn. group 1 has zeues,missile ,wolf and one more
    group 2 pharmacist, dark master and two more, grp 3 has yan ningya ,driver and two, grp 4 has constantine and 3 more
    LAN jue has it hard but he is relived that no SA member in grp. 1 day rest ,he plays with Junhas dinner with pharmacist and goes to hotel in meeting of SA where accountant hunts for opponent info. missile guy is 9.9 peak and is whole body machine except brain and is result of research on man made control , he is likely half paragon
    433- accountant tells jue his chances are very low and Junsays he will be champion ,they bet if he lost is jue slave and if he wins he kisses her. pharmacist group is easy but true death grp is of drive, yan lingyan is also 9.8 peak and more rare talent then missile and she is disciple  to clock teacher of SA who is now space and time control at North alliance,  ( the 4th paragon who was woman and showed a cold expression at SA mention). She also has 7 colored pupils in both eyes.
    434- everyone is shocked by it ,driver ask jue to practice together other two are 9.7 ad 9.6 male and female with mysterious and strong origins too. some more analysis and LAN jue has to tell accountant and river abt cult drop too but not reasons
    ,435 driver practices with jue, since he has hitted a bottleneck at 9.7 due to facing jue in war . jue tells him its paragon road he is sensing and helps him ,he also kissu qianlin in front of him to show him true power as he is also someone who divine teacher selected
    436- they  practice together, there thunder fuse and LAN tried to absorb the fused ,and just by touching he and driver are blasted away getting charred he names as primal chaos God thunder and practice normally. the starting time approaches
    437 it starts mo xi is announcer and acts like lil bitch when talking abt Zeus ,making Zeus wonder what's her problem. 1st grp order is Titan 1st, wolf 2nd , sleet the ice women 3rd and Zeus 4th . according to rules matches will be 1-2,3-4 then 1-3,2-4 then 1-4,2-3 making jue having some luck finally. Jun says Mother and Father will today in answer to 5th P and father will win championship too
    438-439 war bw Titan and wolf , its a fiercewar and wolf wounds him a bit but he has to admit defeat in the end
    440 war bw sleet and Zeus ,she is having ice talent and drops temp to-100 Celsius
    441 jue uses nine sun thunder and injures her a bit ,she drops temp to -150  making him feel sluggish. she drops to -180 and jue starts getting freezes including his mind slowly and she is standing at her place too and she cant attack . jue is calm at mind and try to evolve himself I pressure he starts compressing his energy which is suicidal move but can do due to drop and qianlin silkworm healing she did on him
    442- due to him freezing the thunder in body is no longer wild and fast making him compress it easily. jue does it successfully and vanishes and reappears in front of her with hand on neck ,she loses . due to him having high control of attribute. grp 2 starts pharmacist faces a female who sucks blood to help her cult9 .6 she rekts her and is stopped by 5th P to not kill her
    443- grp 2 other match dark master vs thousand change fierce war
    444- Dark master wins but had to pay a good deal of price
    445- Group 3 aka Death group begins - Yan Ningya to Mr. long night, race driver to Cao Shuiqin. Fight bw Yan and Long, Pharmacists sits togetehr with jue and gives long a very high appraisal saying this will be closest match. Yan says according to 4P , Long has highest Principle comprehension in all here and wants to take advise from him in sword fighting. He destroys Yan sword made of energy in one move over and over. He is using sword of Principle of paragon shocking all.His sword has some similarities to Certain emperor making 5th P have chills .yan Ningya takes veil of her face and shows her pretty face.
    446 -She is at level of Zhou sisters in beauty. She uses 'Beautiful woman sword ' arts and finally uses her talent that is space and time. She uses her strongest power and Mo xi calls in alarm to 5th P that Long will die, but he doenst move at all. Long blocks it and tells her she can face him again when she masters time attribute, she admits defeat
    447 - Match ends, The reason 5th P didnt get up because he wanted Long to have damaged because the 1p breath made him restless. Pharmacist telsl jue that Long is not a human but only a Sword. Jue goes into deep ponder as to what should be his Paragon weapon, Due to nickname zeus he always used lance/spear form of lightening but he felt that it is not proper for him, And thinks after seeing Long swordsmanship he feels like , Sword is suited for him. He never practiced it but in moment ago he felt as if he liked sword very much, in all weapons Sword is hardest to practice and master. He opens eys and pharmacist congrats him for deciding on it. Driver vs Cao [Girl]. Jue and pharma are proud how eastern has 5/16 - Her,Him,Driver,Long and Cao.
    448- Cao talent is Qin Related aka Sound. She sneaks attack her but is hitted with sound wave making him feel like he is in fairyland. He breaks through with 9 moon thunder but Cao tells him he lost and makes movement and he drops down. She tells he lost due to not attacking her cruelly in sneak attack and now she has his power around  his heart. He admits defeat and says he didn't lose to her but to himself. When he saw her, he lost. She was his perfect type of girl and losing to her he doesn't regret. Cao blushes since he openly said it in front of all. She stares at him charmingly and runs away.
    449 Constantine vs a sniper, He wins but has good deal of injury. But he does it to feel the pressure to break thro 9.9 peak and sense his road
    450 - Shaft vs said. Said has power of words , able to do what he says in limited range. Shaft has Fog talent control of Flying swords, And it makes even Pharmacist shocked, the 1st time she was. Shaft destroys him and said admits defeat. 5th P suddenly lets out strong killing intent shocking mo xi but it goes down soon.
    451 1st round ends, Shaft goes to long in stands, Pharmacist is looking at them, and jue aks if she knows them. She said these two also have likely inheritance of sun revere since the two sword styles they use are of ancient times, We see 5th P and 4P talking seriosuly, They fear the long and shaft two person because if they become control too formidable, and Eastern power will increase too much, Clock teacher reason for leaving SA was because she didnt agreed to Eastern point of view of only having natural talent, She says she was wrong now but will stay loyal to Northern.  They feel the threat of two and Clock teacher says Long is likely to win it, as despite being not 9.9 peak he has stepped into half paragon in terms of comprehension. Titan says to 5th P to finish his experiment so they can win the championship.
    452 - Lan Jue practice alone in home and Qianlin made dinner for him, He hugs her ans says he wants to eat her the most, which she says can he even do it. Since if they have sex - Permanent fusion. Lan Jue comes to accept her more and more in his heart and tries to move on with life. Then they fuse practice and now they have power of almost half control in fused state. They have breakfast and jue leave for 2nd round. In part of city lottery about top 4 are done and due to long and shaft unexpected power many loses a fortune, At the end of chap two women come who bet 500 Million Northern money of Lan Jue to win in 1st group making the handler silent in shock
    453 - Northern: Eastern exchange is 1:2 , this money is enough to buy the northern alliance stadium in which matches are held. The odds are Zeus wins, compensates 6.3, Qi Mu aka wolf, compensates 0.16.  Jue and other wait in stands, he feels odd auro from titan. Driver stares at cao making her blush.
    We see Chu Cheng,Hua Li and Lena sitting together in VIP box talking.
    454- The three people talk about some stuff about jue, Lena wants to know but he says he cant tell her because she not his GF yet , she gives a humph and CC sighs that she is too sly., Then him and li discuss about some more stuff and she asks again, CC tells if she kisses him , he will answer. Lena kisses CC on face and tells him . grp 1 fights, Titan defeats sleet after 10 min, Jue and Pharma gets something is not right, as he is quite weak. Zeus vs Qi Mu fight, The silver haired women and women in mask and sunglasses watch him[ they betted on , and in NEU   The class + Tan sees it on projector . They start watching from top 16 and gets shocked when tehy know there devil teacher was zeus of 4 monarchs . Tang Xiao and Jin tao pray for him to win, Tang mi is having weird face since she gets taht zeus came here for qianlin and envies her that zeus is her idol , why cant he come for her.
    455 - FIght with Qi Mu start, Qi Mu looks down on him and zeus starts beating him with using power of primal chaos , Qi Mu changes to 2 heads but still zeus keeps pounding him over and over
    456 - Zeus finally uses Primal Chaos in open, making Miranda had his eyes pop out. Wolf also does 3rd change finally . Zeus keeps beating shit outta him, 5th P  screams primal chaos!, shocking all  person at guest since, primal is related with Certain Emperor. Jue tells him he cant win and has already injured his power. He unwillingly admits defeat and goes. Mo Xi talks about whether it is primal chaos and related to Certain emperor, 5th P nods. Hua li and Chu Cheng brows wrinkle, CC tells he always feel Mo Xi has some problem with zeus and he should check it, He doesnt want any problem to his brother, Hua Li nodes. Group 2 start- Pharmacist and Dark master easy win
    457 - group 3 start- Yan Ningya vs Driver , Yan destroys driver as she progressed thanks to long fight yday. Cao vs Long, Long tells her he is willing to listen to her one song aka let her attack wholeheartedly. She plays for 10 min b4 admitting defeat because she can't even approach Long with her music much less effect him. He tells her mind is confused which makes her gawk [ Good job driver kun], she blushes. 4th grp, Constantine vs shaft
    458 - Fierce war
    459 - Shaft with power destroys strength of belief ,making consta shocked and have a fear, he decides to go all out and try to kill him because he is too fearsome for pontiff castle existence with power to cut belief. Shaft is too strong and consta gradually turns to whole body bloody
    460 Consta loses , Northern and Western are in depressed mood because Long and Shaft are both from Eastern alliance. Jue stands up in applaud and the three meet each other and look forward to fighting each other. Driver goes to Cao and invites her on drink, she says she doesnt drink, Driver tells he has good tea. she gently nods and they go together. Pharma and Jue talk to each other, Jun comes to him. he asks gourmet if he ever heard of shaft/Long. He tells none in SA know them but they are from eastern so he will try to maintain Rship after end. 5th P and 4P in gloom discuss about it and 5th P says he wont make Long and Shaft leave northern alliance no matter what .
    461 - 4P is shocked, 5th P tells he is NA person and cant let it happen, 4P says isnt it good for humanity in war, 5th P says the ones to lead must be Northern alliance and not eastern. 4P is silent. Lan Jue goes back to room, has talk with qianlin and goes to practice, In cafe Hua Li tells Mo Xi to not aim at  jue again. Then she tells to prepare for taking part in major Drama by 4P at end of games, Hua Li face gets serious  and she tells him it is chance to increase life of humanity , its related to alien attack core with huge energy. Hua Li goes to rehearse as he must face this crisis this time. We see Dreamwork Progress to 69% and it says to maintain vigilance. Scene shift to NEU where all are jumping in joy and hope Lan Jue return soon. Scene to Pharmacist room ,she looks outside and jun thanks her to bring her out and asks when will they go back, she tells after comp end. she asks if her and jue will win which she says yes to. We see titan getting experiment done on him
    462 - we see two girls again who are jumping in joy with money gain, and says we must continue as this is what duty boss gave them. Jue comes in stand prepares and some talk here and there. We see two girls again and one is syaing Elder sister did we do right by doing 3 Billion bet, she says ist fine, If tehy win its 10 billion. Zeus vs Titan begins
    463 - Blue is crushed and 4P comes personally to maintain shield, Blue makes 3 diameter wide thunder and summons qianlin and merges with her under white light which no one can see what happens. And finally fights at 9.9 peak strength.
    464 - Miranda curses him inside, SA peeps mouth drop at Jue power, a Fierce battle
    465 - Zeus finally rekts Titan, he staggers to ground himself and his mask disintegrates to dust showing his true face to world. the whole NEU erupts like a bomb , Tan Lingyuan and Tang mi drop speechless and countless people bomb wu Jun Yi to make their children attend NEU.Zeus goes out on stretcher
    466- Jue wakes up in his room and its dark outside and sleeping besides him is naked Qianlin! Qianlim hugs him in her sleep and jue looks gently at her, but he has to control since if they do it, they will fuse perma. He inspects his body and finds some internal injuries but he has major good changes in body too making him happy and he finally broke thro 9.3. Qianlin wakes up and like a lil cat backs out from his thighs while taking quilt , jue laughs at this , Qianlin says why are you naked! , Jue shocks and at same time door opens, Jue intermediately takes quilt from her wrapping around him and she kisses him to vanish. is the pharmacist, He asks is she brought him, she said yes but gourmet was one who removed his cloths. he dresses up and comes b4 her, who gives him some meds to recover. She congratulates him for advancing and tells him to recover quick and leaves
    467-He relaxes that it wasn't Pharma who took his cloths off, goes to bed again and separates qianlin, She tells him she broke thro 9.2. Jue checks his caller filled with with calls, He dials one and females tell him they earned 27 billion Eastern currency this time, Jue tells them to quit now and they go to shopping for the stuff they need. They go out to eat and whole northern alliance is out for him because he beated their hero and finally has to disguise to eat.
    468 - He replied two bros , and then he smiles bitterly at a number and calls it, The person only says after comp end , rolls. He is shivering greatly and after while  He sighs and calls Lan qing telling father asked him to back, Qing is silent for while b4 saying that tell him b4 going, he will go together. He then kisses qianlin hand and feels like his heart knot really opened. He ,cc and hua li have dinner together. CC tells him if Pharmacist wins tomorrow and top 4 are all Eastern people, West+ north might not sit silently. They wont do anything till it ends. SA people are safer but they have started contacting and spying other ones. So be careful. He also says he met with uncle and got his experience so he will close up after this ends.. Jue goes home and takes meds of pharma and starts to repair.
    469 - Overnight Zeus becomes celebrity in world. Its time for Pharma vs Dark master, jue tells her to be careful , She nods but says it seems like opponent party doenst know that she knows who he was, Making jue have doubts.
    470 match starts , his identity is the Traitor aka Judas. The fight close one and chap ends with him launching a powerful attack in front and then sneaking behind Pharmacist attacking her.
    471 - Jue prepares to rescue as this had fatal threat to her life but suddenly sees look in her eyes that was disdaining all of this, and stop himself. She launches her attack truly which makes even 5P feel fatal threat to his life . The attack is over and judas is pounded to ground, his cloths tear off revealing his body. He is scared shitless and cant even speak anymore, He lfits up his hand to show he wont fight anymore. All person stand up including 5p and Gourmet, Gourmet deduces even he couldnt take that attack fully and pharmacist is not even paragon yet. Everyone feels as if 9.9 peak is nothing to her making them fear her. She takes back her sword and goes to jue and asks him whats he standing for and to sit.Jue gulps his saliva b4 sitting down. Long and Shafts looks at her fiercely and are unable to sit calmly. Jue says she was too strong ,but she says its her sword that is strong.
    472 - Long and Shaft give up their last comp, making driver have a win but they till qualify, Pharmacist gets nick of lu sword fairy maiden,all 4 positions are occupied by eastern alliance now. Gourmet passes to all SA people to immediately meet . Accountant is depressed because he lost both bets. Gourmet asks her why doenst she step into paragon ,,she said she hasnt grasped it fully. Her power is to destroy all other principle so she has to take it carefully. They ask her to become SA community member but she declines and tells if they need her, talk to jue, she will only help him. Jue is shocked by it. Then they have a serious talk in BG. In evening jue takes out qianlin for a drink he says she will love.
    473 - Lan Jue gets a treasure of sweet wine  and he proposes to Qianlin while drinking it to let him be his BF, Qianlin has stream of tears in her eyes. How long she waited for this, To jue open his heart to her. Jue vanishes in front of her making her restless, that was he angry that she didnt respond but finds him sitting next to her the next moment
    474 - he has a red rose in his hand and presents it to her and says, It might be only hom having feelings but he hopes she could accept it . He tells his feeling from beginning and qianlin has tears in her eyes but she says she cant accept him. Jue is shocked that she wont give him even a oppurtunity but qianlin bursts in tears, he hugs her says do not cry and takes back rose. She tells him he has to wiat till they go back to SA and she will tell him then and if he can accept her then. and runs away. Lan jue sits there bitterly and feels a strong bitterness in his heart as if new wound opened up. he goes back to room but is not able to make properly, Qianlin sees him and has wiping pain in her heart, She says in her heart she cannot tell him now otherwise he will be mentally affected too much making him lose in comp and she doesn't wants regret in their relationship. They fuse and practice together but it changed from b4 Semis start ,jue and pharmacist talk . On Guest place , 4p aka space and time is sitting bw gourmet and 5p.
    475 - The ballot starts and its Jue vs Shaft, Pharmacist vs Long night. Jue vs shaft starts, Shaft find taht jue has gem with high recovery and tells him , this isnt fair. And asks to compete in close combat rather then skill
    476 - People shocked by his shameless behavior, But jue accepts They carry on war purely of sword vs primal chaos.Jue finally in mid is able to learn true meaning of primal and his attribute merge,he also senses his paragon road and has transformation in body that only 9 peaks when comprehending principles  have but he is only 9.3!  he beats shaft attack and asks him if he wants to continue
    477- Shaft admits defeat directly and goes off stage dizzily. Pharmacist actually forfeits her comp, shocking all. 5p thinks its to give them faces and nods to gourmet, but gourmet is like wtf inside himself . She goes to jue and takes his arm and walks, He ask why she does it, she says later but he must face long night tomorrow fully. Jue is shocked that she gave up so he can get more pressure to get him better.
    478 -Final day arrive,match in evening , it has performances and award ceremony to earlier people in the day.. Thus the final begins
    479-  a toe to toe battle
    480- They erupt fierce wars making 4p and 5p have to personally maintain shield cover, which is also shaken making them surprised to no extent. A huge energy wave erupts from their war making the covering stretch out to stands scaring all audience shitless, This shakes 4p and 5p and they have to display their paragon domains  to control it finally and have to forget about security of those two inside it. after few minutes they finally take it back and inner picture is revealed. Whole arena is destroyed , all supermetal vanished and a hundred meter crater is in ground. Zeus and long stands real distressed with cloths in shatters and pale faces . Long admits defeat helplessly  and they support each other.
    481 - all eastern alliance erupts in joy with NEU going crayyyy. It shows what happens in those barrier moments and jue fused sun and moon thunder causing such a explosion. Hua Li comes to give performance which is named sea of blood, it shows the events of taihule star making all have deep fear, He shows the zues performance and speaks about it, he is about to reveal the truth but jue pats him on soldier to stop, to which he says if anyone stops him today is enemy of Gobi Entertainment making audience erupt in uproar.
    482 - He tells how jue drank whole bottle of gene medicine and its affect and asks jue to release his mecha. Jue gets this is what Hua li prepared to safeguard him after chu cheng warning. Jue is deeply affected and releases Thor . Whole world erupts in uproar and shock. Normal people, the participants and even SA people because not many knew the truth and at their level they knew the consequences of taking such medicine. all SA people stand up to salute him and Jun jumps saying that is his father, making pharmacist in tears and looks at jue with sentiment for making her daughter feel complete and proud. Whole world salutes to him giving him a weird feeling in his body rushing his repairs which is power of belief. Jue gives a small speech , 5p appears and shows a picture of nighttime, in which there is universal fleet having A Depot ship, 4 commander class, 12 expedition and 100 battleship flying forward
    483 - It is the Northern alliance 7th fleet, one of most formidable fleets. They come across 3 huge purple stars . The whole fleet goes in formation and Main artillery aims at biggest of stars. Under all gazes star grows to 10x of its size and is like a black hole. The artillery fires a beam of white light and it vanishes , moment later star explodes and as they are in joy, The white light is aimed at there fleet making them shock as it is same beam that they sent. They barely defend it using whole fleet power . And the star launches purple-red life forms, each same as Taihue star and much bigger The war erupts and their terror quantity make fleet fall in leeward, they prepare to escape buta  huge purple red form appears from thin air and blocks their route
    484- At present they can finally see enemy power, which is 10x the amount of fleet with having many Commander ship sized creatures . A firece war erupts again but other two stars also send forces making enemy unquantifable  and soon they hear a terrifying breath from those thousands of form while whole fleet is destroyed . Everyone is in fear . 5p says these will take 1-3 years at max to arrive at their galaxy and strengthen themselves by devoruing life and metal . The award cermoeny is done in depressing atmosphere . Pharma and shaft get same S rank energy gem. The 4p arrives b4 long and gives him his reward which is Ruler Gem , A high level S rank energy gem. Its power is to make all other energy gem gentle and remove their negative effects
    485 - Jue is gulping saliva at seeing the ruler gem in long hand,5p gives jue his reward , he opens box to see nothing . The crowd is in doubts too , but 5p lifts up as if air from box and gives it to him ,sighing . Jue cant see it but can feel it,after few moments gets incomparably happy and thanks the 5p. His reward is Stealth Gem , its one of rarest 3 S rank gems. Its power is to make a person vanish completely and is unable to deduce the person unless its a paragon domain ., No radars can catch you.  Its size is enough to make Thor have the stealth function . It ends. Blue asks long and shaft what they plan to do and they say return with you. He nods and gourmet appears with Jun in hand and with other SA members. They soar a bus to go to spaceship base directly .
    486 - They sit in bus, Jue closes his eyes and meditates. Pharma sits with him with jun in hand . They are suddenly blocked 1000 mechas, Gourmet sneer and go out while other members behind him. 5p appears and gourmet asks whats this about, He says to leave Jun behind and they leave safely and tells long and shaft to join northern . Gourmet asks is this his honor , he says he has to do for northern alliance so leave jun behind/
    487 - Their plan is to make jun stay here since she is most fearful , Pharmacist cant leave her so she will have to stay too. They cant begin on lan jue otherwise whole world will be against them. Pharmacist says is he prepared to pay price to make her daughter leave behind? Then 4p and 100s of northern alliance come out and surround them. Gourmet sneer that they want to stop SA just by this? 5p claps and whole Pontiff and Dark tower strength arrive making gourmet look finally change. 5p says sufficed now? Gourmet asks if they truly want a war with eastern alliance, 5p says they will be partners. Gourmet sneers saying this was also insufficent, They might be weaker but if they erupt fully together , 5p he should consider the survival of star they are on,making 5p look change
    488- What gourmet said makes them react fiercely if paragon burn there life to attack , even they cannot stop from destruction of huge scale. Not to mention all top 4 have some power of control and in their side . Pope arrives making them finally hard pressed and finally SA people faes change ugly. Suddenly a sound appears attacking pope which is keeper making pope face change  because keeper striking power is in all people most strongest , This isnt in paragon fight but in scale. If he erupts fully the star cannot withstand its power! and can make whole northern alliance dread. 5p gets angry and starts showing his power but another paragon arrives aka bookworm making them shocked again . Bookworm and Keeper start talking about they should launch some experiments here to which 4p says have they no shame? They get silent and a voice says that she is no longer clock teacher of SA and vice chairman of community and wine master appears .
    489- 5p finally starts dreading, They can win in personal strength but damage to Northern alliance will be huge and if something happens to these 4, whole eastern alliance will retaliate like crazy because what they represent is eastern alliance! 5p says dont they fear for SA, wine master says divine teacher is still alive, anyone who dares can begin there . 5p staggers but says can they truly make Jun leave ? Here is northern alliance! Wine master sneers and tells pharmacist to show her daughter, 5p is dumbfounded because its a robot. Wine master already sent her thro space control outside teh stadium. 5p then says Long and shaft arent his persons but Pharmacist says they are hers, which they already suspected. They both turn to sword and vanish giving no chance to paragons to stop them. 5p gives up and asks them to leave . They all disperse, SA people rush to spaceship where jun is hiding leaving behind only wine master and space paragon  They ask each other if they have been good, for 42 year wine master has endured but he   asks her why did she leave? Didnt she had deep sentiment with him, She does not respond, He says I only loved liquor,watches in my life- The sa shops such as clock and watch,  Photography shop still wait for their masters to return so wont she return? She dissapointedly says also can go back? She knows his sentiment but she leaves is due to that very sentiment. She said she loved someone else but that person loved her best sister she can't accept the fact and leaves, she know he is good to her but she can't do for him and leaves . the reason of different thinking was an excuse only because she can't face him and can't face herself , at that time she met 5p and decides leaving is best option, wine master is bitter in heart with such brutal fact.

    490- wine master has pale face and nearly drops down, he says originally he is a clown and says sorry for making her be disturbed and wouldn't appear in front of her again. the shop is still open for her is she wants and promises to never appear in front of her again. a pain passes through his eyes own 40 years of love to get this answer, he feels as if his heart emptied at the moment and leaves moving staggerly . clock and watch teachers sees him and feels shivers on her, for 42 years he also .... back to hanger Zeus 1 docks and 3 paragon are waiting, they show the plan they made for today .Jun is playing with mica,xiuxiu and guoguo. jue didn't make keer come due to her relations with Na and two ladies who bet were mica and xiuxiu, beside them is su xiaosu who was received by mica b4 finals. they leave in battleship along with 4 paragon maintaining vigilance. the two oldies take his stealth gem to fiddle around,wine master sits in corner alone and jue controls the ship and after quarter seeing no attack goes to washroom to separate qianlin and they talk ,he broke through 9.5 directly tdy

    491 - qianlin also jumps to 9.4,they go out and qianlin blushes ,LAN jue jokes how he should be magician and doesn't tell qianlin and his secret when coffe master asks. pharmacist calls him and he sits with her. she tells him reason she gave up because ethose two were her fellows and it was their test to him and he will have advantage in future. they talk more and the 3 alliance release joint statement of alliance,Eastern ambassador is LAN qing, 7 Days later they finally arrive home

    492- seamstress who left earlier to take materials home welcomes them and they set in bus , jue asks qianlin what's up and she says she need 2 days to prepare they arrive in SA and qianlin leaves alone, pharmacist asks any problem but he says nothing big seeing Jun there , she tells him to come with her as she has matters to discuss.he agrees and tells mica to go back and arrange for su xiaosu, they all look at her with some hostility but she remains calm because if she wants to live here as Amazon she has to keep relationship with these girls good
    he goes to pharmacist place where she takes him to her training room where even paragon can't listen at and asks him to sit. blue tells this room was too wonderful and she tells him he can practice here and he nods because this room is too helpful for him. she tells him room secret,reason for money gathering, and her paragon way problems and stuff. she activates her room array

    493 a huge pressure comes up even having jue hard pressed and her sword appears, jue surprisingly says that she is suppressing her paragon weapon? she tells him she is trying to make it fully her own,it had also relationship with Jun losing her eyes. reason she doesn't leave Hall much is to suppress it but as her paragon way increased she can go out a bit now, when she controls it truly is when she becomes paragon. she tells him her past, with her inheritance she also found some drugs and two swords of teacher one her and other her husband  which even he couldn't control completely, she and her husband met each other practices together with sword and when they reached ninth they fused with them. they didn't pay attention to warning of these swords terror and made them their paragon weapons but their vitality was getting eaten by the swords ,making them consume huge drugs and gems. His husband joined military to look for more resources but never came back, she then was pregnant and begane to lose it but divine teacher came to her and took her to SA and helped her suppress it along with giving her method to suppress it which room is based on. she says she doesn't know to hate or love these swords as they united and parted their couple. there are 4 such sword and if they gather together they can destroy day itself with their power. shaft and long have one sword each . jue is shocked by all this

    494, these are ancient times swords named Executes the immortal sword, to unite immortal sword and falling immortal sword and certainly the immortal sword. To execute immortal four swords!"
    jue is utterly shocked and is absent-minded, she tells these once fused can destroy high level weapon easily and snaps jue out of his mind. her sword is unite the immortal, jue says is she controls it she can defeat 5p ? which she says is easy to do. long night is the falling immortal sword, the shaft passes is the countless changes wonderful immortal sword certainly. In the past the husband carried off, sharpest execution immortal sword, executes the heads of immortal four sword.".
    she tells the reasons she left because of they wanted to test him and he gained those opportunity zjue is confused and says but he is disciple of certain emperor what are they planning to do? pharmacist then says ,,they aren't possessors of swords but are sword souls themselves making jue shocked utterly. she tells that it was divine teacher who asked her to stay and raised these matters with her. and told her the day 4 sword meet together is when humanity faces it's worst disaster. jue trembles and see how divine teacher has saw all his life and planned it for him. he asks did the two swords select him for control whish she nods at. she tells him to practice hard only at paragon he can fuse with those two sword and control them

    495- she says to practice hardd and she will try finding immortal chart which helps in controlling them and locates sword, after which she has hope in her eyes, that maybe she can find husband. Jue tells her to tell him once she gets a clue and he will help fully. She nods and tells him to only tell this to qianlin and prepare and tells not to mind Divine teacher controlling his life because he paid too much for humans. He goes to shop meets with girl and talks with Su , she thanks him and says she will leave to get pirate group sorted out. Jue gawks but she tells him watching his actions inspired her and she made this decision, And she got rid of pope ban this time so they cant find her. He gives her zeus 1 with stealth gem making her eye red. Zeus tells her to take care and she tells him to keep a spot at shop for she will be back, He says his store is always open for her. She hugs him silently and leaves.

    496- Jue talks with girls about harvest and tells them Su past, All of them apologize to him for being rude to her till now. he says he doesnt blame them and she left not because of them, He tells he gave her zeus 1 and if tehy have any opinion, which all say no to. He goes to his room and calls lan qing inquiring about situation at army and asks to come. He tells him not to come,making jue gawk because from qing sound it seems humans dont have much chance. He tells him he cant go to father with him and he must face him one day. He aks jue about his repair problem and he tells him all matters.

    497 -  lan qing tells him to remind li and cheng about his safety. He calls chu cheng who apologizes for not being help which lan jue stop him to, CC tells he will go to pursue lena to western alliance and then he calls Li. He prepares to leave next morning. Next day Qianlin comes to SA with black box in hand and is staggering, She arrives at shop but jue already left. She goes outside and sobs because she know he went to certain emperor but didnt took her due to her actions. She goes back, in Zeus 2 jue is feeling suffocated by thinking what is she hiding from him, he fears the reaosn and he escaped to not meet her. After while he works on thor upgrade plans when alarm sound and he is attacked by a biology.
    498 - War bw Zeus 2 and Biology, Zeus equips thor and destroys it from inside and after hesitation grabs the carcass of dead biology. He isnt sure if its related to one shown at war with 7th fleet.
    499- Zeus arrives at destination and docks at city purple Luo cheng where he admires a piece of ship, 3x his ship size who he thinks is fathers latest work. He hears a sound saying saying cam back, making blue stand there motionless, He tell him to follow him and jue follow behind him like a child. They go to factory vault and sit inside office where he calls him father. To which he responds does he still recognizes him as father?
    500-Jue tells him he didnt had face to come back.And he is hitted with lot of pressure at the same moment. Father says he came back well , jue gets tear eyes and is about to say when his father says he was too harsh in past and doenst blame him. Jue looks at his gentle side and his innermost feelings are in turmoil. They look at each other silently and his never smiling father gives a smile to him which looks forced and ugly, Jue breaks down seeing this and kneels but is topped by father who hugs him, jue cries a lot in his arms constantly saying sorry. They go to home in capsule and in way jue tells him about all his matters from start to end . A huge house appears b4 them giving feeling of antiques completely and surrounded by a great forest his father grew painstakingly , He remembers his childhood and inhumane training but gets that if he and his brother have name today is because of that. They walk towards it jue asks him to come back to world, which he rejects. No one knows that humanity peak powerhouse is living there as old farmer and scientist.

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    501 - Suddenly a sound appears telling them to stop and is having great pressure. Father keeps it off blue and jue is shocked by this because that power was stronger then laura bess! It is a 20 year old looking female wearing jeans and jacket. She in anger says finally found ya making father gawk saying how you appeared here. She says she wont let him off this time. Father says to give him face in fornt of junior which she sneers at, saying he gives face giving? she wasted dozes of her years in youth. and suddenly see jue asking who he, Father immediately says he is apprentice only in flurry, she puts pressure on jue asks him who are you, he says Father this... and she erupts making threatening gesture towards father and a blackhole appears, jue is shocked because that is level 3 Paragon power ! and he has never heard of such. he goes at side and calls wine master to ask her, ANd tells her name Immortal which he heard from father mouth he is shocked and says where is she? jue refuses saying its related with his elder. Wine master tells him its his paternal  Aunt, making jue shocked. She was taken by Founder of SA, When Divine teacher was chairman and she was deputy directors. Clock teacher leaving also had some relations with her [ Mostly clock liked Certain emperor and His aunt had some rship with him? - speculation on my part] Afterwards her and divine matter had falling out on some matter and she left SA, He asks jue to tell her to come back, Making jue gawk saying I try , it seems like her temper isnt good...

    502- Wine master says its not just good, b4 paragon she was known as hot red pepper and was famous for being rude and unreasonable. Jue says he will try but not to hard, he still wants to live. Wines master says good and tells him to her about soon demise of divine teacher. Father and her fight outside and he grasps her making her immobile, she says to let lose her and she wont fight. He does and she immediately presses body on him and bites at shoulder, making father scream. Jue feels awkward seeing this and goes inside. Some time later door opens and they enter.Father says jue and qing are his adopted sons only and apprentices, jue gets the father ploy says yea we dont have blood rship. She syas tahst good otherwise she would castrate him making them gawk. Father says to give face but she says he gave him when she wasted 36 years looking for him ? jue gawks and is abt to leave but she stops him asking where he got her name from. he tells wine master, making her ask if he is SA member, Jue nods and she says to father you did good deed by getting SA apprentice and father acts yea. Making jue shock that he is nothing compared to fathers acting skills! Jue runs out leaving those two bicker with each other like unhappy couple. He goes to a big tree where he remembered teh childhood hellish training . Blue after seeing father behaviour starts to worry that if he is reaching his life end? ,he calls lan qing and tells him about stuff here and says sighing father was old. Jue asks about military situation. ANd says he will come join him after visit here to which qing responds - I do not hope that you come. after a period of silence.

    503 - Jue says to tell him truth and qing says if he wants to do something he has to do outside military, against these biology most useful are different talent powers,Making jue understand why 4-5p didnt begin at them even if they stopped them. He says to wait for few days and he will help with SA, qing says he will visit to maintain rship. He starts practicing and when open eyes, sees father in front of him . Jue asks if can continue story of his which was left earlier . Immortal is at father side and her anger turned to a gentle smile  while Father face changed to chilling like b4 making jue gawk. H feels as if father mood is not right . They return where Immortal tells jue to call her old lady from now, making father twitch but he doesnt dares to say anything. Jue nods and says her Old lady with respect making her full of joy . She gives a white metal ball making jue gawk because its a energy gem even rarer then Energy gems! Depot and commander ship run on it, the one in his hand isnt suitable for bship but enough for his mech!, its value is no less then S rank gem. Father tells him to continue his story, jue thinks in mind luckily he already told matter of kidnapping and cough sex with qianlin else it would be awkward with immortal here and continues from NEU part.  WHen he reaches bess part where his blood fused Father says divine teacher dare plan his people , jue asks whats the matter? He says will qianlin looking same as hera with such power appear out of nowhere for him? And asks him that when he  goes back ,he should  clarify all matter. Listening to this jue heart is cold and suddenly realizes all his life changed when she appeared! and all these question appear that she appears exactly when he most needed her, his spirit starts shivering and father tells him to continue, he tells everything including Pharmacist talk of 4 swords which finally made father and immortal face shock since they knew about power of those.

    504- Father nods saying Pharmacist is good, Jue sighs saying prolly qianlin has issues truly and is depressed when father hits him, immortal face changes and call him to stop, at which father gae aggressive look saying dont interrupt when he manages his child. Immortal doesnt speaks again and goe sto side obediently. Father says to him has he time for this bullshit? He must get stronger to face enemy. even if divine teacher planned him he didnt do anything evil to him and qianlin is well meant to him. Jue sobers and Father tells him to follow him, He then practices Primal chaos together with father making him have huge improvement in it. Father then tells him since he decided on Immortal swords he will teach him primal chaos swordsmanship , because in might those two combined are very strong but in defense PCS is strongest, Next few days they train making jue giving feeling of being reborn. After few days Father tells him to go go base with him to Upgrade Thor, Jue gawks and says he hanst gathered all mats and gems yet, Father says what he lacks will be given to him,jue nods and follows. Most people know father for his strength but very few know that he is worlds top scientist second to none, because he is in hiding his fame isnt big as Keeper and Bookworm . Immortal silently follows them at distance wherever they go. He tells her to go back, she sneers saying so he can escape? He said you heard jue and SA needs you, and he wont leave again because this is his home., She refuses. Father says he has no interest in women, she says she has in him He says he is old!,She says she isnt also young making him speechless. She says for him she can change , she knows he didnt like her hot temper so she can be gentle now, she must be with him in same place! He says he is not same as her and not steady and calm person, She still says she wont leave him making him lose his temper And says why cant she understand, He has disputes with many. He is not a good person like her, he is dreg male and cant bear a person always following him. She goes silent and Jue at side gawks saying father finally addmitted the truth that he truly is the dregs male!

    505- They arrive at destination and father leaves to go, jue asks her worriedly old lady you.., she says she will not be defeated easily and one day he will amke him live with her as familiar. They exit together and jue in his heart favors her slightly. She asks father doesnt he wants her? he says he doesnt dare wants her because of instability he lives iwth, She said sufficed and walks . Jue and father shocked that how did she flip so easily. Thye feel something is not right but she truly walked. Father and jue enter and tells jue to show his design.  We see Immortal sitting in spaceship 1st class, having sinister smile on face saying taht soon father will quick to strive for her, she doesnt need to look for him. And ship leaves to SA city. We see Yasutomo star where qing looks outside and day of divine teacher is coming near, He calls Cheng and tells him to arrive at SA day after tomorrow and we see training of new yasutomo regiment, We then see Jue in Thor going at twice the speed of light with having smile on face, except stealth the thor is now comparable to Zeus 1. Father leaves in Zeus 2 because he feel immortal harbors evil intentions and decides to walk. In jue front is Purple read crystal that is core of biology with power equal to S rank gem  and has great deal of life energy. He promises father to bring him Tear of sea god gems which were secretly taken by alliances for their purification. He feels restless and wonders if this gem can make his father life increase or of divine teacher. He reaches planet skyfire where XiuXiu comes to pick him up, he tells her father taught him Swordsmanship which he will teach her making her happy, He then says he has put her in inconvenience for all these years , she responds saying its her duty . He says he doesnt regard her as aide but as younger sister. He tells her to not use this again and they can be brother and sister later on is good? Her face goes white and asks what do you want to say boss?

    506-  He says he doesnt wants her to waste her youth, she says if she cant follow him in his side she has no point in living , Blue gets scared and asks is she serious? She responds yes and he bitterly says to forget it . She tells him to not bring it up again, she is not staying because of being grateful like others and is satisfied following him. Blue heart sinks, he knows her love is most tahts why he told her 1st in girls, He truly doesnt have anything to give these 4, He has sentiment to xiuxiu but from as chile he only regarded her as sister which cant change and then  hera came. They go out and she asks him he doenst wnat her? He says okay he wont talk about this again, She hugs him and bitterly cries. Jue suddenly looks to side and sees qianlin full of tears, she reaches out in her bossom and throws the soulcaller gem and her bangle  and runs away hugging the black box. Jue wnats to pursue but xiuxiu holds him very tight and crying bitterly. What he cant see in his bossom xiuxiu is looking at her with split eyes, after 10 min she stops and tells to go back[ THAT BITCH MOVE XIUXIU]. Jue is bitter at heart and picks up bangle and gem from ground. He goes back to room and is depressed he calls her and tries to summon her but its as she cutted off all relationship bw them. He sigh in his heart again and again and takes bath and goes out to try and meet her when wine master calls him to come. He helplessly nods because he feels it might be related with divine teacher .

    507- he arrives at wine place who says him thanks and they go inside, he sees Immortal there and his jaw drops  and says old lady. She looks at him saying whats he saying, shouldnt he be calling her, his mother? Making wine master tremble and look at jue. SHe tells them to sit and they both do dumbfoundedly . She says she came to due to divine teacher and jue akss will she go back after it? She asks what does he thinks? He says to take command of Sa and she nods,making wine master feel shocked again. She asks wine master still having heart problems and he sighs, She says time circumstances change and she will intro him one, then mentions pharmacist making wine master say dont be ridiculous. She asks winemaster is her shop ready, he says 2 days he will prepare, She is Photographer of SA.  She leaves and wine master aks jue whats the matter bw those two?

    508-He hints saying its related to Master and he doesnt ask anymore, Jue akss about divine teacher. wine tells he will die in 3 days,making jue sigh, His brother should arrive in 1-2 days. Then they talk about invasion matter, divine teacher star alliance expands all under 60 to practice mecha combat and if they dont want they can withdraw, If tehyc ant use mecha well tehy can sue own strength in the end. they must form a battle regiment of mecha.  almost 600 people in SA  take part and are above 6 level of talent. And They tell jue must lead and teach them making him dumbfounded[poor guy], He suddenly doenst feel sorry for divine teacher, 600 different talents to teach! and with over 100 Ninth rank, are they so easy to train?

    509- Jue tells him to hold committee and he wants Gourmet and pharamcist to help him, wine says he will get gourmet but he needs to talk with her on own. he leaves shop but in no mood to visit qianlin because of extreme burden that dropped on him. He goes to Seamsstress shop and bitterly asks her if driver is there., They three talk and his mood finally gets better. He leaves and goes in his cyle and soars to qianlin place. His mind is chaotic and keep having pic of her and hera one after another, he goes in open this time.

    510- He feels as if qianlin is getting more imp in his heart then hera , He rings doorbell and Qianlin father opens door. Blue chockes silently but he hasnt been found out, He says he is to visit qianlin.  He says she left at morning and hasnt come back and to try her inter comm, He says bitterly they had misunderstanding and she isnt picking up. Zhou Xue invites him inside. He asks who he is and tells his name as Lan Jue and teacher of NEU,His father calls her ans she picks up and jue talks to her, she says she is out and if no matter do not disturb her. he says it was misunderstanding but she hangs and he sighs bitterly,gives Xue back com , thanks him  and goes back down the hill on cycle. He then goes to NEU with hidden face and directly goes to wang , he is about to reach him but hears A Halt! sound and turns face to see savage goddess, and sighs in his heart , why does he always end up meeting her. She tells him to remove mask else he wont be polite, Jue removes and looks at her and she is left standing there motionless with mind in chaos.

    511- they fight a bit and he wears golden mask and Says halt stopping her in tracks as if fear took her and listen to jue all commands and they go to special training student class. he inquires various class and school matters in way. He sees students training and  decides to test them

    512- Devil training begins againa bit, he shocks all for good time,Savage goddess is shown to break thro 9 talent finally and a god rank. He tells them they have 3 days to consult their family to continue the training, They will be prepping for war.

    513- He talks at school some bit and goes to Old age home , then in evening to SA, He keeps thinking of qianlin all night and in morning goes to wine master who gives him secret list containing details of all SA participants , Wine master says it will take 3-6 months for mecha to arrive but Dream Net has been finally updated.

    514- wine master tells they with help of purple red biology have possible found methods[Transformation technique/Preserving Youth] to increase life by 50-100 years but to speed up they need more of their crystal,  jue gives him how own and wine master promise to pay him back. They have promised all SA people take part this benefit once the research is completed successfully , jue takes list and prepare to go to pharmacist.
     515- jue goes to her house and asks Jun, she tells she was taken by wine teacher to visit divine teacher . jue knits brow saying does she really want Jun to take that road? she will lose her childhood. sister says she can do nothing, she asked Jun about this and she said she wants to be useful. jue nods and talks about mecha regiment and asks for her help ,she accepts easily making jue gawk. she tells she is interested in life enhance and transform for Jun and wouldn't hurt her to keep young. jue thanks her and promise if it's success she will be first one to get it. she says she will be not able to direct it, so she will be personal bodyguard of his forces. they talk bit more and abt swords and jue leaves. he just about to enter shop but qing calls him saying to come outside SA entrance to receive them and he goes. chu Cheng, hua li and qing are outside he tells head guard to let them in, qing eyes head guard and his face changes slightly but jue notices it
    516-they go inside shop and in vio room and talk, qing asks about father and they talk abt him. chneg sighingly says qing barely got holiday till divine teacher death. jue talks to li about sea God gem and chu Cheng asks them what's the deal and they tell him abt it which shocks him that there is really method to preserve youth and life? qing tells them to preserve youth best practice with woman and   they shouldn't use transformation tech before paragon because external vitality might damage their potential. they all tell jue to be careful due to exposure at fight end, he tells them abt regiment and wing gives him good advice saying he should separate them as squads and not go to main battlefield but use as pirates with hit and preserve their life
    517 - he gives him more advice and Cheng saysa he and jue should fight seeing their progress and jue sneer at chneg saying he wnats piece of him? they see jue cult like dropped since como and ask what's the matter and jue sighs and tells them all matter about qianlin, shocking all 3 and making hua li absent minded deeply, they ask wheree is she now? he said had a lil problem and not in same place now. Cheng challenges him and he accepts they go alomg with amazons to wine master and ask him to prepare place for them comparing notes. winew master brings them to special space in arena where they hear immortal and wine master asks her aunt what are you doing her ,making all shock including LAN qing. she sees jue and gets happy saying adopted son you came to see godmother and lead so many people? and looks at Amazon's and asking which one is wife making those 4 go red. but the most shocked is LAN qing not because of her 30 yr old appearence but because of her power, he cannot even realize the degree of her strength making him feel oppnet party is a paragon. immortal looks at qing and asks isnt he also adopted son of that old foggy and says he was suree proud when he talked abt him , jue hurries up and says yes telling qing that she father's female friend and our godmother while signalling with eyes.
    518 - qing expression becomes very strange but she is elder so she respectfully calls her and she says to call her old lady and how nice it would be to have graceful son like him and gives him same energy  metal ,LAN qing says he can't accept and she says can't he recognize her as God mother , he about to speak but jue stops and takes the gem nodding to her qing feels this is improper as he is righteous in nature,but chu Cheng steps up and calls her aunt , she snorts saying she doesn't like people with overflowing sentiment and he gets insulted making all others laugh hard and even qing has to change direction of face to supress. she talks bit more b4 wine master finally stops her and tells they gotta fight she gets hyped and says I must take part making wine speechless, he says act as referee .cc vs jue begins and cc is hard pressed
    519-cc gets rekt, jue vs qing, jue uses xiu xiu sword this time
    520- war gets heated and jue abandosn sword due to high possibility of here getting injured ,both bro get invested in fight and start to use principle strength ,wine master calls in alarm to stop them but he can't force them to stop because space will be destroyed. suddenly they both stop with all around them static. they can't even move their body or talent in any way,bothnare shocked beyond description and then see immortal holding pink camera in her hand. She photographed them and captured in picture breaking their principles. all are shocked by her power ,she releases them and goes to her shop to see it's work. jue asked her how long she could keep that photo, she casually replied 3 years and ble had chills down his spine saying that is worse then a prison and she tells only she can ruin the photo,if she rips it then they both will be torn apart too, but says uses energy depending on people captured.
    521-  Jue is scared and leaves insta. They talk with wine master and jue feels SA story is too deep and Divine master planned all of this for reason, They go in verti car to Hotel arranged for 3 bros. Jue and qing talk and qing tells he can setp in paragon at any time but is suppressing it so he can accumulate more of it. He tells jue to be especially careful these days, jue leaves . He just about to get in verti car but a chill shivers down his heart . He is attacked by someone and it is a paragon! Jue goes all out to try and use time , because Qing will feel something is not right and rush. But he is surprised that his ever fast Lightening and thunder is completely restrained. The assassin attacks him but he barely manages to save his heart but then feels he has been Violently poisoned!
    522- He tries to resist but is overpowered and finally cant defend anymore, The assassin launches strongest atatck and jue knows he is going to die but a white light appears b4 him. The three bros rush out and call jue name in alarm, Jue body and soul is shivering and he feels like his heart broke to pieces, In his bossom is qianlin with white face and blood all over body staining her white dress crimson. She summoned in front of him and grasped him him to shield but the thorn pricked her body. Jue is screaming wkae up and you cant die while holding her.  We see a lil while ago qianlin felt as if jue is in danger and tried to summon him but couldnt due to domain block, she breaks down cursing herself and starts praying to let them be summoned, when he is about to die she is suddenly teleported there and insta decides to save him. Jue looks at her full of tears, her life is vanishing and she wants to speak but cannot say a word.. Jue decides if she must die, he will die togetehr - He cannot bear the pain of living alone again. He kisses her forcefully and they merge making all toxin spread in his body instantly, he grits his teeth and endures.
    523- Due to him merging, His power increases and he tries to resisst it hard, He feels qianlin already went in deep sleep and no matter how he tries he cant stop poison at all. He is sure the person who attacked is 10th Paragon , aka assassin . He is about to die but Immortal comes and take his picture and begins to forcefully separate poison from him. He feels as his body and sould breaks into pieces, She removes it and blue loses concisouness. She asks wine master The name of org in anger and he tells her, She says if they dont tell who sent the assassin she will make sure to wipe their existence. We see jue wake up in his room, his repairs dropped but no qianlin in his side. his heart gets flustered , XiuXiu runs from outside asking him is he fine? Jue asks himself- Is he all right?, He felt as all was dreamland but the pain of wound in his mind and heart is clear.
    524-he remembers qianlin look,that wasn't painful but was satisfied that she protected him. he asks xiuxiu about her, her faces changes but she says hasn't seen her. . the three bros come and ask alright? their faces are ugly as especially hua li, jue never saw him like that. jue about to say but qing says he should go he was out for 2 days and it's divine teacher death tdy. jue wnats to ask any qianlin because that's all in his heart but he Sobers up and feels as she is alive faintly. he pledges that he will make assassin suffer in future, immortal couldn't remove poison completely and small part merged with him. he dresses and goes out but is very weak. qing shoulders him and feeds him energy and jue feels a dreadful killing intent from qing body. chu and li dicusss who attacker could be and they go to museum. they enters following lead of wine master and see lot of people ,pharmacist visits him saying qianlin is alright and she sent her off. everyone stands there silently with regret on faces . after a while divine teacher says come making their heart grieved, they go lead by wine,gourmet, keeper, bookworm followed by committee members and then 4 bro. they immediately feel as they entered in different universe, they see the person come from distant star,one is Jun she is dressed well,her pupils seem to have a light and in centre of forehead there is silver gem which is her 3rd eye. besides is immortal in pink dress who stands silently and in mid is middle age person with vigor making jue shocked ,since it's divine teacher! all bow to him and he says he must give them some matters.
    525- divine sees Jun and says he is happy to find successor b4 dying and she will be future museum host, wine master will lead SA and his old position will be of jue. divine now to jue and suddenly a light falls on him, divine says he is sorry for controlling his destiny but as painful it is,he must do that. he tells past 15 yr ago he saw these biology first time and humans are nearly extinct, he is scared and even thinks of making Eastern people escape to another place, but he remains calm and uses a big prediction tech to see any hope and that hope you jue,jue mood fluctuates. divine says I don't understand too how one person could change destiny. however he keeps doing it on him and finally gets it, he says his father and him couldn't do anything with power but what he does is links, his links all over will be slim chance at survival..he says sorry again nd asks will be he willing to help him. jue sighs since he is already in mid of all now,he will. jue asks since he knows about his life most,how did Hera die. he knows it wsnst normal death and divine face changes. he says to wait and then talks to others and asks them to go, they all sob. he asks immortal, gourmet,jue to remain. they all about to leave and 4 star shine falling  green red golden and blue color on 4 monarchs

    526- divine vision becomes serious he says qing you are the future of Eastern alliance. I haven't got much but I have prepared my lifetime svaing 4 amulets for ya four . Green start shines brightly and falls on qing, he feels countless wind rush in his body and feels as he became one with wind. divine looks to chu chneg who has Stern respectful face , he says yama arteries are needed for world and he is most friendly person in yama in his heart is filled with goodness. yama arteries are more then just death, red star shines and a string flame covers all over cc. he felt as his soul is burned and purified and suddenly is enlightened that he needs to understand the flame and begins meditation on spot, divine smiles and looks to jue he says he has good heart and weary temper, he is future of humanity and someone who will be strongest, golden star shines and falls upon him.he feel as his soul is washed and the arrow in hem merges,he also begins meditating. divine finally looks to hua li but his look changes to of regret and says he  has the tenacity of gentleness and water of water, the sea clear innermost feelings only. But also has outwardly submissive but inwardly evil-hearted and frailty of water, if you is a female, then, you will become the control of model mother world. What a pity ......" ,making him shock ,divine teacher shines blue. light on him hoping to purify his inner evil.but unlike others he doesn't meditates and says to divine teacher to direct the wrong way.. divine sighs and says destiny made him duty bound not to turn back and perhaps one day, suddenly hua li feels something in innermost feeling to break and his consciousness is swallowed by that energy. divine looks at him and regret in eyes get more and some sympathy. divine turns to pharmacist and says you were finally out of haze now, she smiles saying that's because Jun father came back. divine says to her to practice with jue the primal chaos can help her body

    527- he looks at Jun and says her future achievement will be bigger then his and to protect her well and asks pharmacist to send Jun back and come again. now I only immortal and divine are left and he asks her does she still blames him? he says if not because of him perhaps her and certain would be same place tdy, she says enough and even without his words he wouldn't stay longer. and says he always thought one is perfect but is truly imperfect. she stops him saying she regards him as elder bro why is he making her hate him in final moments?she forever left because she didn't had any face left to face him again. he stays silent and she finally asks why he sowed dissension bw her and certain ,what crime did she commit to face those years of loneliness?.
    divine sighs and tell the moment he saw her he fell in love,but at time was busy with SA founding matters but with her in his side he felt life was content. the certain emperor came and he was incomparably happy and felt making SA formidable dream would be completed but then he saw that you like him, my heart broke I felt intense envy and wished one could rip him into shreds but he was too weak so he sowed dissension in them, he from the moment of seeing her only felt sentiment of wife towards her. saying this he has eyes full off  tears, immortal gawks she thought many reason but never thus because she always regarded him as brother! divine says he the hated himself for doing it since both left and his heart shattered and is glad she came back at his death so he could tell her this as it was his lifetime wish..

    528- she says she will not  forgive him but she doesn't hate him. he is happy and sighs that imaginary snow aka 4p left due to this . she likes divine and he liked immortal ,immortal liked certain and wine liked snow... she says snow asked her in private her sentiment to you and when I told her it was as brother she was most happy and then sigh. she bitterly says perhaps she should not have loved one she did.. jue wakes up from his meditation he is surprised to see his purple thunder changed to golden completely which should only happen normally at paragon. divine teacher tells him to come with him and whit light covers them which is divine domain. divine brings qianlin and she as if lost soul from her body,jue asks what is the matter? he tells he was rescued too late the poison spread to her mind and she is now vegetable, jue just by listening to vegetable word shivers and felt if break downs. divine sighs perhaps this is destiny playing cruel fate on these having power . jue declares no she is also living and she is my wife,divine gawks saying what I she never wakes up and he replies then they will get old together and die together. divine sighs sayings she didn't love him in vain and had some matters she could never tell him,jue looking at them gets it a lil and divine says yeah she and Hera are same as him and qing, his adopted daughters. jue trembles and asks so did he sent Hera to him? while having his soul shiver in deepest place. he admits yes he sent her hoping she would infect him and lead his heart to good side. jue clenches fists and says was her love his pulling strings too? was he controlling her? his innermost in turmoil oneself loved her so much and was in pain for such a time ,what if it was all due to he duty?
    he says he only sent her to keep him on good track and nothing else, she fell in love with him and asked him to be together with you in same place, jue relaxes a bit. divine teacher says he son of certain doesn't have confidence in himself ? both Hera and qianlin sentiment to his was real. he says Hera death was blow to him too and he used all methods to find truth. he says it is related with you certainly, the planet was releasing huge amount of radioactive toxin effecting all around it, northern had to attack with full power to destroy it and she went to it during that time, it is related to someone close to him otherwise she would never move due to outsider saying to her.

    529 Hera- blue shocks and thinks close to him and hera are few and he could find under comprehensive investigation. divine then takes out black box seeing which jue heart stabs with pain because it is the same qianlin was holding, inside it has old desolate computer, divine opens it and then opens a folder ,it has lot of video files. he opens 1st. one and jue shivers seeing it cuz it is Hera in it. she says she met him tdy and hopes isn't too repugnant, 2nd vid she says he is a good person and teacher duty doesn't seem hard now,3rd vid she says I fell tdy and he carried me anxiously to hospital and didn't take any advantage, 4th vid her face is red she says he held my hand tdy and said he likes me ,what do I do ? do I tell teacher. 5th vid she smiles hee hee saying teacher said he won't take part and it's up to her. she says she must not do it easily and stretch him. 6th vid she talks more and face red vid end. divine about to open next but jue stops him. he already broke down in tears remembering her and feels a deep pain in heart and is about to collapse remembering their times together. divine teacher sighs and stops . he then opens last vid in list .she is standing in ruins and says she doesn't feel right,why hasn't jue came here? b4 he asked me to come I felt if it was not right  but I didn't had reason to suspect him so I came and ,she suddenly screams what is that , a beam is heading her way and making earth shiver..  she calls startedly a jue ajue I don't want dead  but then set form resolve and said if teacher one day u can see this vid make qianlin see my vids and let her replace me . I know I'm selfish but ajue will be too sad without her.qianlin pls..... the beam closes and she clenches teeth and puts the intercom in box. next second all static. jue looks at carefully and feels she didn't what to die, she didn't want to give up me my hera
    divine tells besides this vid everything in her com was erased , and this should make you imagine the terror influence behind this capable of removing it in inter-space. he said he checked person around him but couldn't find any. jue presses his fist hard they turn white. he remembers the day when he heard it, he completely collapsed . he was planning to choose her dress,marries with her and gets news of her death and not even skeleton saved . he collapsed for days and pain left him down for years. it's not he didn't want to revenge for her but he couldn't find a single clue. divine teacher to find this com in planet debris paid how much efforts?. jue says is he unlucky person? the party must have some beef with him that it had such huge influence . why must it attack her ,why. divine teacher also says he would like to know and then opens another folder with video files again but less then b4. he opens 1st vid and we see. crying face screaming elder sister elder sister and it is qianlin

    530 Qianlin- she says . I must discover the one who harmed you, your murderer  . vid 2 elder sister tdy is ur death anniversary ,I found that person he is in SA  ,I do not have courage to approach him , I hate him because of him you died.3rd vid -I saw him by telescope he looks like good for nothing,4th elder sister hekp me,we checked all around him but couldn't find anything why didn't u tell clearly ?5th decided to test him,6th why is it like this? I took med but why didn't he take me to hospital he keeps calling me Hera ,what do I do sis 10th that bastard I hate him , he .... 15th I feel quite happy , I can see why u were attracted to him and I can see he loves you deeply. 31st Vid - He confessed to me! Im quite happy but I feel pain, I have not accepted him making his heart wounded , But how can I accept him? I visit him for duty! All he knows about me is false, I have been deceiving him , how can i accept him? This is all I planned, The wedding is I did to deceive him, how can I have face? I must tell him truth but I fear it, will he still love me after knowing it? Elder sis I finally knew why you kept calling him in death,love is too painful.. help me sister. 33rd -I decided , I must not conceal , I will tell him all even if he never forgives me,hate me. But i must tell him so I can tell him I love him.  That was last vid. Jue looks at qianlin body  and shivers. Divine teacher said right her and hera sentiment to him is not false! Qianlin I do not hate you, I do not see you as hera shadow, I love hera and I love you qianlin. at this moment he only felt his heart broke to countless pieces. Divine teacher closes the box and gives it to jue who receives with trembling hands. Divine  teacher then hands him over qianlin hand and says this the complete and true her, if he must hate ,he should hate him for making these 2 tragedies and has tears down his face. Jue hugs her and waves hand over her hair and says we will never separate again and kisses her and she vanishes in his body. Him and divine teacher go back to museum , cc is still meditating. Qing sees lan jue face and inquires , he says nothing and stands at his side. Pharmacist comes back and sees jue face and knits brow too,Divine says to excuse them to qing and hua who leave and then he,jue and pharmacist aretehre with meditating CC. He tells them to not block his news after his death,He then says he tried to be savior but destint cant be changed maybe he will appear one day in front of them in some other form and he vanishes completely and just b4 it says to immortal , in next lifeif we meet ill never let you go again. She finally tears up and hate in her heart vanishes and remembers all time he helped her and called her elder brother from heart. Jue shakes and pharmacist gets sad, she goes to jue and holds his arm but jue sad look changes to extreme firm look, he hugs her and says elder sister Im all right and goes outside,

    531- He goes out and decides to be strong, hera died-he must revenge, Qianlin is alive- He must protect . He believes as long he hits paragon together she will wake up!He will never let her be separated until she wakes and then she will be his wife! He sees its daytime but sky of sa is pitch dark , a star light goes and all SA members silently stand and looks divine teacher go off. He falls , the 3rd paragon falls from sky!.
    Dark Tower - Satan says he falls and in his voice is sorrow beyond description, Why is he so uncomfortable as he lost a pillar of life,He is extremely irritated and no one dares visit him
    Pontiff castle - Pope says human dies does not know goes to heaven or hell
    Northern alliance -  5p says he walked , 4p nods ,he says isnt she supposed to be sad? she says she must walk now, she didnt go at his death because she didnt wanted to think of those sad past event,but he walked now and i belong to SA clock shop after all, do not stop me.
    Planet Luo Xing -  Certain emperor whisky in one hand cigar in other, raises the cup saying you walked, Respects  you.

    few days later, control list changes. Revere the sun is removed, divine teacher falls
    first, the certain emperor,
    second, the end matter - Davis(strength),
    third, the time control - Imaginary Snow (time),
    fourth, the Pope (belief),
    fifth, Satan (dark belief),
    sixth, the Austria technique king -Keeper (science),
    seventh, the space and time scepter - Wine master (space),
    eighth, the starry sky latent evils - assassin (speed and toxin),
    ninth, Karmic Scholar - Bookworm (science),
    tenth, deep it keeps watch certainly - Gourmet(death belief).

    1 week later , space and time control returns to SA and opens the clock shop, making SA have 5 paragons in list. Wine master sits in his shop and keeps drinking, He sees in opposite direction and keeps saying innerly, she came back, she came back! In past she walked due to divine teacher and he walked and she came back. Nobody stopped her , the day she came back wine master saw her open the shop and with simple cleaning tools clean the shop by herself, His heart is vacant, he wants to call her and have drink with her talking about liquor and clock but he cant. Jue arrives at his place and jokes with him and leaves saying I will be busy from now, Only when person is living has a opportunity with pain in his eyes . Divine teacher walked , he closes himself in room for 3 days endlessly watching Hera and qianlin vids 3 days later he is a changed man, his eyes are gentle on outside and much work to do, no student in class dropped and it's time to begin their training, at home he is taking utmost care of qianlin ,changes her cloths,massages her body,dress her,baths her to maintain her body. all class join SA regiment for a total of 823 people!he goes to neu where 1000 new simulators are unloaded and he works in testing them with accountant .

    532 jue makes all take part in comp to see their levels but excluded familiar faces of star alliance. win master sighs looking at his leaving back  because even he feels this burden is too big, he gets up dresses and goes to clock shop after listening to jue word. one lived spiritless for all these years must he die like that? they talk and she says she will dink one time to get dive out of her heart making him jump in joy. jue watches comp and accountant analyzes it ,he gives the spaceship from father to keeper and bookworm to improve and making it their regiment ship
    he finally revives call from su xiaosu who is quite gloomy ,she tells MOT of her loyal persons died and she only managed to bring back one ship worth people and resources . she is hesitant to say but jue tells her to to qing place and he will let them enter, she is teary eyed asking boss really?
    533-he needs her experience and believes one raised by her aren't savages .he goes back to room does routine with qianlin and practices . regiment stuff divided in four brigade lead by him,steward, coffee and driver, he discloses their identity as well
    blue responsible first brigade, all excels at the long-distance attack certainly machine A, the race driver responsible second brigade is good at the close combat attacking, the third brigade of coffee excels at various special capabilities, the steward responsible fourth brigade of excels at the speed and detection.first brigade Wang Zu team leader elixir teacher, the second brigade is more ruthless, team leader Wang Zu is a gourmand. Third group of team leader Wang Zu is a beautician, fourth group of team leader Wang Zu is a machinist.Wang Zu comprised of this brigade strongest member, are responsible for carrying out the special mission. All is the god level machine A equipment.

    534 dream net training,rewards system,pharmacist meds and they su xiaosu chief teacher and her 26, pirates join. Su Xiaosu changed, became the Yasutomo Armed forces colonel military rank specially appointed special commissioner.  her people  have become the teacher. qing trained them personally for a week making them fear deeply when listening to his name even su xiaosu a lil. Three months pass in trainingz the mecha arrive and qianlin under jue daily care can do Simple walking, takes off the clothes, to put on the clothes and eating meal, she has been able to take care of oneself. despite having dead eyes. the biology are getting closer and more of their scouts are seen, new outer frtress are developed and North has 8 West 5 and East 4
     535- one month passes where they do combat in mecha and then they all leave in Zeus the ship he got from father and Zeus 1 to pirate territory, their goals are to control all of it in one month. this is what su xiaosu suggested,jue knows it's her selfishness a bit but he was convinced due to her reasons, they must give them actual combat exp and that place is perfect. Zeus ship can take 1k and all sit there while Amazon's and pirates in Zeus 1. pharmacist comes to jue and takes him to storehouse in ship and says they came making him excited ,she brings out three swords of color red blue and white. her is white and other two turns to shaft and long. she leave sthem saying chat well.

    536- they tell him about themselves and once born there soul only lasts for 10 yrs but their req are harsh ,him fuses with qianlin was perfect host he siaghs saying she got hurt due to her and they say if we do now she might be hurt in her state. jue says then they can look for other qualified host hopefully making them shock, he says he can't hurt her anymore she alrewayd paid too much for him. they say they didnt pick wrong person, and they could still merge but jue will have to suffer a lot more, long will fuse with him and he has to endure his sword has ,shaft will do qianlin but he has to suffer his gas. too. jue agrees what is pain compared to his heart pain?. they tell to fdo it in 15 days or they will lose their minds . jue nods 5 day later they enter the region and are invisible bpcuz wine master managed to give their ships stealth gem as promised big reign and zues1 go by side and their target is a small grp pirate gro poison bee .
    537 - some inner shit of bee grp and sneak attack begins
    538- easily wipe them out, get the stuff and move on
    539-there next target is storm star having a mid sized gro having 1500 member,8 small ships and a battleship. they discuss tactics and we see how su xiaosu is having most workload and doing it but she is happy because she wants to show her worth.jue and her discuss plans ,he practices in night with 3 swords to adapt. 2 day later they arrive and plan begins
    540- mica and co with scouts go in zeus1 but suddenly jue is shocked and immediately calls them back ,the star is having purple red biology all over it, jue goes with gourmet, pharmacist to confirm whether it's spoliaters , they see whole place is lifeless and the biology is sucking life out of star ,he with gourmet and pharmacy and 20 other non levl talents ewuip mechas and tells shisp to prepare since it's a female beast spoliaters they are facing
    541- War erupts, Jue,pharma,gourmet in mecha attack female beast while others deal with her spaws. Gourmet and Pharma only use speed mechas after jue persuasion. We see tang xiao who is leader of 11th squad in 1st brigade and got by own ability, His squad considists of tang mi and most NEU students. His mech is called fat boy and they charge ahead
    542- we see growth of tang xiao and Jin Tao, Jin is team leader in a squad and his mech is 15 m long Tibetan mastiff shaped
    543- pharmacist launches her attack and all feel principle from her she is not paragon but comprehended the principle road,- heart of Justice. jue combos with her and they kill female beast who reveals a form of human like but fat and ugly and bigger then Thor in size
    544 - all erupt in cheer and jue waves his hand which has a 30 cm sized life quartz from spoliaters making all erupt cuz that is what they need for research but jue ,pharmacist and gourmet knits brow because they feel this was a nine peak beats and they can feel this was not a fully developed female beast but a fetus only and fear that how strong developed will be then . they guess that these female leave their puppets on stars and devour them to evolve and shudder.Gourmet says to relay to Eastern alliance this info asap, they keep watch on planet carefully and after few hours due to death fo female beast all biology turns to ash revealing planet. they see pirate grp as if vanished in air along with battleship and corroded small ships. they find a treasure house deep underground which has door corroded a bit jue estimate that it could withstand battleship main artillery easily. with help of pharmacist they break and see the amazing wealth which tang xiao comments says saying this profession is too good, they find 500 high quality machines 20k energy gems capable of powering a machine.  for 3 hour each but jue feels as if something not right the grp it was too weak and felt wiped out too easily but they go on

    545- They get rich, steward checked and says these were NA persons.since equip had marks of them erased. They take all in chu ring, which jue had wine master made for him specifically. Pharmacist talsk to him about fusion and he says not yet, she asks why and he tells This place must have atleast 10k people judging on stuff here but they vanished along with ship and she gets it that their might be a spoliator that is capable of destroying bship , They build base with mats they gained from both grp and begin rest. Zeus 1 docks but big reign completely vanished like it was never there.In a room jue prepares to fuse, pharmacist stands with him in room, Gourmet in lookout for hidden enemys while all wang zhou surround his room, He passionately kisses qianlin with gentle look which pharmacist thinks of don't be too excessive now and her husband form appears in her heart.
    546- Long tells jue must fuse with him 1st and then help qianlin fuse with Shaft, It begins and jue screams in pain , It felt like all his body and soul is in pieces from the power of sword. Long reminds him to endure, if his willpower is string he will succeed. Jue remembers the look of qianlin when she was hitted with assassin attack and dying, he remembers the vids of hera and a\her and is calm because this pain couldnt compare with those. Pharmacist clenches fist because she know how hard it is, shaft told her that Long night is strongest sword in past 10k years and if he went all out ,jue could never beat him.Shaft is excited and says they chose right person and can finally combine their two swords, Pharma sneers saying couldnt they already do it given their power?
    547  Shaft tells it isnt possible because in 4 sword only unites the sword is female aka of pharma and other 3 are male, male swords can work together only if they fuse with pair of lovers.Pharma says no wonder they ran so hard seeing 5p, making him speechless.Suddenly a white light envelops jue and pharmacist says its qianlin power, shaft says isnt she unable to do anything, pharma says its power and instinct  of love . Jue then feels like he wnet to different space and long appears b4 him, he tells him they have trouble because two attribute of their do not match and asks jue for high level thunder egems so they can do, he tells its in thor and thor appears there and long takes out all gems inside it but sighs that they are impure, his vision fall on black box and he gawks, jue tells its a living metal he got in auction to make his weapon, long tells him its origin and says its purest thunder treasure in existence, They are made from when monster gets a heavenly tribulation to ascend into God, if they fail they leave this.Jue gawks saying is his luck so good? and He is correct about using this to cast his weapon? Long refuses saying its main function is to.... CLIFFHANGER KUN

    548- long tells it's use is too absorb and he should insert it in his energy core so he can absorb the thunder of it. he says if he can do it he might be able to use2-3% of his power otherwise a paragon can only use 1% of it making jue gawk. long helps him fuse with it under his power which changed jue road to principle but jue is worried because right now if he steps in paragon he cnat advance again ,but then his core goes read and sword fusion restarts
    549  fusion continues and we see gourmet inner monologue that he gets now one who killed mins is not Satan but someone who wnated to destroy his and his family future and  due to rushing in paragon level ,he can never get past level 2 . he then sighs since a 1200 metre spoilator is rushing in their direction!we see big reign preparing main artillery to rek it but a voice says them to stop and let it take care of it and they respectfully nod. gourmet launches into space and wonder what is ship doing and begins to attack but a pink color spreads and we see immortal swinging around her pink camera making him dumbfounded
    550- some stuff about immortal talk,then back to fusion scene where shaft and pharmacist discuss jue and he says long needed a space to merge truly but since jue did it,his thunder will have some space power too.fusion finished and red light shines from his eyes making pharmacist attracted to him in her mind as a reflex but she controls herself( due to her having female sword likely) shaft says to rest b4 his merge and he takes. a bath to relax
    551- jue current level is half paragon. like pharmacist that they can step in it whenever they fdele like it. we see aing and he is worried,the army matters are getting tiring and his power to suppress his breakthrough is lessening, he almost broke through paragon when jue attack happens but stopped by immortal but this condition is unstable,he sighs and vows to kill assassin himself and starts to practice, father comes there and asks him what's up? he gawks seeing him and father asks him what's the matter and tells everything, father sees divine teacher wind power he gave him in his body and says he doesn't have any need to worry and can break tho with confidence. he then says he will stay here and work as mechanist making wing incomparably happy because for him father is respected and a person to worship with his power, he isn't scared of anything now
    552- we now see chu Cheng deep in practice at home feeling his principle road nd finally gets true meaning of yama arteries while his father and grandfather chat outside about him,gourmet and all. nd of chap we see a plenty in ximeng which is 95% water and owned by Gobi Entertainment

    553- back story of Gobi Entertainment  a bit. they found blue star while exploring and threatened Western alliance if they took it from them they will go to North and declare them as enemies after long negotiations Western have them but they have to make a space fortress for them which kpthey made and was strongest of time,no one know how much influence it has in them and after consideration the group was allowed to maintain a universal fleet. in outsider eye blue star is tranquil but in sea at 20k metres there is a grand palace in ancient Greek style,it is revealed that they possess ancient arteries of true sea emperor ,we see hua li in room and has a gentle water strength in front oh him, his father appears after him and asks is he sure to undergo the acceptance of sea emperor arteries? and if he must he has to give a next hier, hua li says he doesn't want to choose mo xi because it would pain her. father says it is her destiny,you can reject her but you cannot abandon her status of other of next sea emperor descendant. hua li has pain in his eyes b4 finally nodding

    554- hua li strips and goes in that blue light making whole castle shake and all start bowing and praying towards light because ethey know new sea emperor must be born, a figure appears which is mo xi who is dressed like nobility, hua xu aka li father tells her she can still back down because li doesn't want her to which she says - That day of me being born. I am his wife. Even if he is not willing to want me, even if he has many reasons, in my heart, never changes this cognition. I can only be his wife, forever and ever. I will only have a child for him, I am the wife of sea emperor, our children, will inherit sea emperor arteries the honor." (sure bitch) , xu doesn't say anything again. back to jue where he begins merging qianlin with shaft, and feels a different type of pain in his blood arteries. but gradually endures it

    555- he fuses quickly and wakes up, making pharmacist gawk since she took 7d7n to merge while he took 3 for two swords. she said she will guard him as he practice to feel them, but he says must address regiment 1st he calls driver,coffee,steward and su xiaosu. gives su command and all go to subdue while him,pharmacist, first brigands wnag zu, stay with Zeus 1. he about to go but immortal pop up . he asks what is she doing her, she pouts saying she must protect her son aftereal. jue feels a warmth in his soul and calls her mother from his heart making her eyes red . he says when they were at institute and all students brought their guardians ,qing won't say a thing but their brothers would feel lonely because they never had maternal love, he tells her he will take care of her in old and she sneer saying who is old and runs away but a tear drops from her eye dropping in air

    556- jue catches her tear in fist silently he practices then feeling sword, 20 day passes in training and su xiaosu returns wiping out 12 geps gaining massive wealth and zero dmg, she asks jue if they can press forward ,he nods and she says she is dead tired by command and he needs to take it back driver says where was she tired ,she is iron fortress. jue demonstrate power of sword and kills the the captured spoliater in just 2 hit with sword making him and all gawk, jue is excite it took all his power in two sword sbut that's not even 1% power and he didn't merge his talent yet. long tells him his father is likely attacking the immortal boundary and saving up strength

    557- tells about immortal boundary a bit, jue says he prolly cant get it and long says as long me fuses with lei jing,sword fully and reaches level of his father he can reach it. he tells they can live millenniums. jue asks can qianlin do it? long says it's difficult for her unless you find a immortal spirit treasure for her too like his lei jing, jue then says he won't reach that boundary, living so long without loved one will be painful so long tells him btr find it. they move on to attack no 10 grp red spider pirates which has great defenses ,jue sits in command with su xiaosu with him who planned it all
    558- su xiaosu explains all plans and all nod, the defense is truly too great and jue ends up having to sneak in due to showing off b4.
    559-his task is to sneak in scout it, seeing there jue is shocked because they are having strictness more then alliances military and if a spoliater wnat to take a root he couldn't because of how great defenses are, in the end their are insulation devices even making jue come to a stop in his tracks
    560- he changes plan a follows a person coming out and tortures him for infoin car and then diguises as him to go pleasure area with bar,women and all. some stuff there and he starts a bar fight sneakily and during fight gets ten + interspace comms since at their place each pirate identity and status is in them. he goes back in car and back to from where he came from aka defense control . plan begins

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    I bet people might appreciate it, if they enjoy the spoilers!
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    What a great gift you gave us viole1369. Thank you very much!!!!
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  • @voile1368 - You forgot one paragon in your paragon list (level 3 paragon)-- romantic interest of LanJue's teacher.
  • @voile1368 - You forgot one paragon in your paragon list (level 3 paragon)-- romantic interest of LanJue's teacher.
    I didnt, she was never introduced at that time and the list is for people mentioned in taht very chapter by Pharmacist herself, The Immortal aka Certain emperor made her 1st appearance in chap 501. Just like Pharmacist didnt tell about Bess and willan, because she doesn't know them.
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