King of Gods



  • Basically, ZF becomes super op, marries ZY and QX, and ZF has op sharingan eye. Everything was just a genjutsu and ZF finally escapes out of it.
  • I really recommend to read this book after rebirth/reincarnation of ZF. Everything else is different, including the story. All he does in chapters 1-700 is basically finding out the realms of cultivation and basically wth he wants to do with his life. After his reincarnation, he now focuses on his cultivation to the max and becomes even powerful than he was previously. He also now has more oppurtunites, due to his new body and etc.
  • I tried to read it after he died, but I didn't understand what was happening AT ALL, or who any of the people were.
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    Try reading spoilers. If you need more help, I can help u.
  • @bonifide
    You mentioned in a previous post that Zhao Feng's clones have their own thoughts and one even liked someone on their own.

    How independent are they? Are they like real clones, albeit having all his memories up until the splitting of his soul to create them? Can they rebel?
  • How tragic is the novel? can someone spoil me on the tragedy tag
  • The whole story is a joke, that's the tragedy.
  • Grid said:
    How tragic is the novel? can someone spoil me on the tragedy tag
    The only tragic guy is in the series lord guanjun, that's all. Yun hai first took his girl and after that took his disciple.
    For that tag, dont care about too much. Normally when you look in the raws, you can find only 3-5 tags. The others are translators and fan picks.
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