Stealing the Heavens - XXW

Hey guys i have decides to start this thread due to my inability to locate in the sea of threads or it might simply not exist yet, which would make it the first thread unded its name.

Reason that i have decided to start this thread was because this is one of the few novels that i am interested in at the moment. If you have read the raws and would be willing to provide some information than i and others like myself would be grateful.

Current chapter: 45 - unknown amount of untranslated chapters. So if you know anything please post; 
  • Now for the first question what are the cultivation realms
  • What is the life expectancy at each stage
  • Is this a harem or not
  • What will happen to his employer - lu chengfeng 
  • Will he be a servant for long?
  • Will he serve others than lu chengfeng
Sorry for so many questions and if you can answer than it would be most appreciated.


  • nobody have any spoilers.
    i also wanna know, when will he stop being a servant??
  • Anyone?????????????????? If you can please answer because these questions are killing me!!!
  • Can anyone give spoilers to this like how's the story, harem power lvls?
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