MC followers

hey guys..can someone please summarize what happens to each of the MC personal followers?are they there with him til the end?do they find out his real identity?so basically what happens to them till the later chapters..would really appreciate it..thanks!!


  • If you watch game of throne. Thats what happen in sotr, they been left out. That what I read some spoiler that a lot of character never been metion again.
  • Exactly, almost all of them never mentioned again but i'm pretty sure they enter divine dao cause at the last part JC spend hundred thousands of years to create his own world, assuming his personal followers talent are not bad they should be at high level
  • They would probably end up Godkings in his lesser realms to manage once he opens a greater one.


  • Thanks guys...yeah that's kind of a bummer if they get left out..but i heard the story is still good anyway so i guess thats okay..reminds me of tales of demons and gods...never heard of the other characters in a while..
  • They are mentioned a bit more , than tdg's other sect friends but not in a manner that furthers the plot , but just as passing information.


  • Do they find out that he is a celestial prince?who finds out about it?if so, when and how? How did they react to this?thanks much!
  • the urge to beat up dan fei in the latest chapter was truly strong.....
  • the urge to beat up dan fei in the latest chapter was truly strong.....
    I don't know... Dan Fei somewhat amuse me
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