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No title for this really yet.  This is a beginning story, there are follow on stories that I've already started.  They all connect later on.  Let me know about what you think.

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In the beginning of time, there was oblivion. After endless eons there spawned two conscious; one had the ability to control the energy within the environment and the other had the ability to control matter. Later the consciousnesses named themselves Yin and Yang.  The conscious that controlled matter was called, Yin and the conscious that controlled energy, Yang. At first these two only had a slight insight into their abilities, as endless time passed the two learned how to control their abilities through trial and error.

At the beginning the two had expended their time gaining knowledge of their abilities. Yang would control the energy in the environment, but due to the lack of knowledge he would concentrate on feeling and moving the energy around. Yin would create random shapes of matter known as rocks; they called this element earth. As time flew by, they decided to combine their abilities to try and form something, but it would always end up in failure. Due to Yang's curiosity, Yang would control the energy around the rocks to crash into each other, through observing these actions, they gained an insight. Yang found that by combining a dense amount of energy into core of the rocks, this created a gravitational pull on other rocks with weaker energy or no energy at the core.

As they experimented more with their abilities, they found that what they could create was limitless. They created galaxies after galaxies attempting to create just about anything. In one of their galaxy they created the Sun, a planet with mass amount of energy; they called the element that burned, fire and the radiation that emits from it, light. After forming other planets near the sun, they found that some planets would revolve around Sun as others would collide with the Sun being engulfed. From this finding, they created other galaxy with Suns experimenting.

After creating millions of galaxies, they decided to visit the first galaxy they had created. After millions of years to their surprise, in one of the planets they found that there spawned a life form, organisms. After observing the life form for a few decades the organisms on the planet died. When they saw this they decided to conduct experiments on the planet next to it with a small planet rotating around it; this planet was closer to the sun. They attempted to re-create this organism, but failed many times.They could not understand what they were doing wrong, so they copied some of the environment on the dead planet. They had remembered there was an unknown element at the time on the planet that had vanished before the organisms died. They were too interested in the life organism that they had ignored this newly developed element; this element was water. They had to go through many trials before they could recreate the element, water.

With the element, water combined with the energy from the sun they found that this would create a new element; this was air. With the combination of the elements of fire, air and water they found that this formed an invisible layer, they call this the ozone. They decided to call this planet Earth. They took this discovery to the planet that used to have life form they called Mars. Thinking that the same thing would  happen on Mars, it instead failed.  There had exist a planet that rotated around Mars, but it had collapse due to the lack of energy and was pulled into the planet Mars.

They were shocked, they thought they had understood this new element. They decided to experiment to the other planets in the galaxy. They found that when placing the element water on planets with smaller planets rotating around it, it would form a ozone and the ones without, the element would evaporate into nothingness.  The planets closer to the Sun, the element of water would evaporate too quickly and the planet would burn. Within planets with the element of water and air, they found that the organisms would strive. After experimenting on the organisms, they learned to form higher organisms.

They first created fishes of different shapes and sizes.After the creation of fishes, they decided to see if this organism would survive on land; sadly it would die after a few seconds. They decided to create new forms that could survive on land, after many failures they succeeded. The first organisms to survive on land looked like the original fishes, but with 4 limbs. Through each organisms they created, they gain insight and created higher organisms. They found that the majority of the organisms they created had only but one instinct, that was to kill and eat other organisms. They decided to call the organisms that would kill and devour others creatures.

After spending countless years of creating different types of creatures, they found that through the combination of the four elements; fire, air, water and earth this gave birth to vegetation. After studying vegetation, they created other types of vegetation, i.e. trees, flowers, etc. After the creation of these vegetation, some of the creatures would use this as a source of food. They found that some of the vegetation they had created had special effects on the creatures they had created. The effects were astonishing, this allowed some creatures to prolong their life span and gave them a higher ability than the ones that only consumed other creatures.

Through Yin and Yang's many experiments, they decided to create their first being with higher cognition similar to theirs. Their first few experiments failed as they created monkeys and apes, these were the first creatures they created that had the ability to move with two limb and use the other two to grab. After a few centuries they were finally able to successfully create their first creature with higher cognition, they decided to call these beings humans. They found these beings to be quite interesting as they were able to learn as these two conscious. The only issue they found with these beings was that they were weaker than the other creatures they had previously created.

After the creation of humans they decided to create a being that had the might to dominate the rest. This creature's skin needed to be incredibly tough with massive amounts of muscles; they created the dinosaurs. The only problem with the creation of the dinosaurs was that they had a small amount of knowledge. The dinosaurs had the might to dominate the world, but knowledge less than the original creatures. Due to this failure they gave up on this creation.

Their next creation they decided to create an species that could stride in the sky. The first of these species were small birds. They were tiny and weak that attacked from the sky. After creating many of different sizes of birds, they decided to take this and combine this species with the dinosaurs. They gave birth to a supreme species of the skies, pterosaur.

After watching the dinosaur species dominate the planet for two decades, they decided to create a similar species to the dinosaurs. This new species would have a higher level of cognition, similar to the humans. After a century of experiments, they finally created the dragon species. They were similar to the dinosaurs, but they were twice as large reaching to the height of 10 meters and the length of 20 meters. They created ones that were with the ability of flight, ones that could borrow into the earth, ones that could control fire and ones that could rule the waters. These dragons were their ultimate creations.After a century of observing the dragons, Yin and Yang decided to revisit the other galaxies they had previously created to create other life forms.

After experimenting on other planets, they found that depending on the environment of the planet decided as to what creatures strive and which went extinct. They were surprised that the environment played a major role into the survival of these organisms. They found that depending on the distance of the planet from the Sun depended on the type of weather each planet had.Yin and Yang decided to revisit the elements that they had created and decided what would happen when they combined these elements. They found that when they mixed a different amount of each element they would end up with different results. When they combined wind and fire they would create lightning or tornadoes. When combining wind and water they could create tsunamis and whirlpools or freeze water. Earth and fire created magma and other types of minerals within the Earth. Fire and water created steam and when taking away heat from water it would condense to ice. There was many elements that they created, but the main ones they though were light, darkness, fire, earth, air/wind, and water. It could be said that Yang was the real creator of these elements as he was able to control the energies of the environment; while Yin was able to control matter.

These two conscious moved from galaxy to galaxy. They spent over a few millennial moving towards other planets creating and observing their creations. They felt like there was much to be gained from observing their creations as they could do things that they could never do. Their creations had feelings, a body, and many other aspects that these two conscious could never have. These two conscious had only ever known curiosity since their birth from the universe.


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    My initial post was sloppy, I posted the first and second chapters together mashing them.


    After a few millennium of their creation of the elements they decided to revisit their first galaxy again. This time to their surprise, the human race whom they thought to be one of the weaker species had strive and conquered the dinosaur race. They decided to observe why the dragon race was doing nothing, but found that the dragon race thought too highly of themselves to involve themselves with bothering with the humans. On the planet earth, the dragon race decided to seclude themselves in areas difficult to reach. The humans knew that the dragon race was not one to be messed with so they had left the dragon race alone not provoking the dragons.

    Not only the humans but they found that after the millennium of being away from earth, the dragon race had evolved and broke apart from their original design. There was a new species of dragon that could control lightning, ice, light, darkness, and poison. Each of these dragon species had their own sub-species, a smaller version of themselves, such as wyverns and snakes. For wyverns each dragon species had their own version of the wyverns, but the poison dragons. The snake was the smaller version of the poison dragons, they were small, but lethal as it only took one bite to kill any of their opponent when injecting their poison directly into the blood stream.

    Even though the dragon race was still on top and their evolution was amazing, the humans was more amazing as a weak species that climbed from the bottom to the second strongest race. Yin and Yang tried to understand what it was that made the humans so powerful, but after a few centuries of studying the humans, they couldn't understand how the humans were able to stand on top. Since the humans were weaker than their predator, they would gather in groups and utilize weapons to defeat the threat. With the knowledge of the humans they were able to overtake all, but the dragon race and establish their presence among the various continents. The humans in different continents and regions developed their own unique weapons that allowed them to take out the other races.

    There was five continents and the humans existed on two of the five continents. Both of the continents the humans ruled, one was ruled by the dinosaurs as they were mostly driven off the other two continents, and the dragons controlled the last two continents. The various dragons, would fight among themselves to prove which was dominate. There was never one that could truly rule over the other one. The humans would always be fighting among themselves and other creatures to prove that they were the dominate race.

    As Yin and Yang observed the humans, they started to ponder as to how to create themselves a human shell. Maybe this would help them advance in their insights into their abilities. Even though they had created the human race, they never truly understood their own creations. They wouldn't understand as to how to insert themselves into their own creation. They experimented on creating the shell and injecting themselves. Yang later found that he could create a seal on the human body that would allow them to insert themselves. They decided they would create their shells in the mountains in the Xiong dynasty in the continent of Azera.

    Within the continent of Azera there was 5 major kingdoms and 7 minor kingdoms. The strongest kingdom was called Asura kingdom in the center, the next was Shu Kingdom to the south, Xiong dynasty to the west, Song kingdom to the east, Lee kingdom in the north The Asura king had slain a dragon with his military in the prime of his life, this had establish him as the strongest kingdom within the continent. The Shu king's ancestor had helped in driving the dinosaur race off the continent. The Xiong dynasty was newly established 1000 years ago, their military might had put them in the third strongest kingdom; instead of being called a kingdom they self proclaimed that they were a dynasty. The Song and Lee were new uprising major kingdoms that had allied together and fought off their foes.

    Yin created two human shells, both had an identical appearance as Yin didn't care too much about their features. Yang created the seal to bound their conscious to these two shells. Although it may sound but a short moment, Yang had spent countless years experimenting on creating these seals for their conscious. As Yin and Yang inserted themselves into these shells, they felt feelings they had never known. Everything came to them as a shock, from going from formless to having a body, this feeling was indescribable. They felt their first emotion, bliss.

    As they never had a body before, it was hard for them at first to move. After a few hours of trying to operate their bodies they were killed by a pack of wolves. Their body had been killed but their conscious still existed as they are not limited to their mortal body. They felt their second emotion the moment they died, anger. They were so angry that they had only lived for a few hours yet they were already killed by their own creation. After releasing themselves from their bodies, they destroyed the wolves and moved their location to a more secluded location to create their second set of bodies.

    Yin created their second bodies to be more robust and handsome. They both injected themselves into the bodies, this time they had the experience from their previous bodies so they were able to take less time to learn how to operate their bodies. They felt that while in these mortal bodies, their abilities were limited. They were surprised that these weak mortal bodies were able to ascend to the second strongest on this planet. They found that as they trained these bodies they could better utilize their abilities.

    They felt hunger for the first time that night. They had to find something to eat, with no knowledge of how to hunt or obtain food they starved. After the second day of starving, they attempted to learn how to hunt, after failing to gather any food, they gave up. Later that day Yang had remembered that not only did humans consumed animals, but also plants. They started to eat any plants within their reach. After eating the wrong plants they felt their third emotion, anguish, as they both experienced diarrhea.

    They found that surviving in this world was going to be a difficult trial. By the 5th day of living they were exhausted, they both had wished they never experimented the life the human race. They figure that by moving towards the nearest town, they could gain a mentor as to how to survive in this brutal world. On their trip down the mountain, Yin fell down a cliff and broke one of his leg. He had never experienced such intense pain before; he bawled his eyes out. Yang had to find another path down and help carry Yin the rest of the way down the mountain.When they finally reached the bottom of the hill, they were covered in filth. This feeling was indescribable, they felt sluggish and Yin's injury had become infected. By this point, Yin regret their decision to make their bodies in such a secluded location. They found themselves a road and decided to head on this road, hoping it would lead them towards civilization. On the second day on this route, they were surrounded by thieves, disappointed that they had ambushed two poor persons without a single cloth on their flesh; they were brutally killed in anger.

    Both Yin and Yang had never imagined that they would both be killed so quickly again after their rebirth. They found that as they returned to their conscious form, they would lose their feelings. There would be lingering feelings that they had once felt, their conscious was starting to evolve. They decided to form their new bodies closer to a village this time, this village was call Xi. In the woods outside the village of Xi, Yang created their bodies and they both inserted themselves into these bodies. This time they had learned their lesson and along with the bodies they created clothes to bear against the cold.

    As they walked towards the village, they were met with vicious stares; the towns people didn't take kindly to strangers. Although they were the creators, they had never experienced such emotions before, these stares petrified them.

    Yin started to communicate with Yang, "Why are they staring at us with such emotions?" "Is this the feeling they call fear?"

    Yang replied, "They of lower being, what is there to fear?" "Let us continue we need to learn how to survive in these bodies from these people."

    They found that as they approached these villagers, many of them would avoid them by changing their path of direction. When they were able to get close enough to a person to spark a conversation, they would be ignored. After a full day of trying to communicate with these villagers they had given up. It looked like they were going to starve and die again.

    Yin said, "Why don't we just do what we've seen other humans do before?"

    Yang replied, "What is that?"

    Yin said, "I believe they called it robbing."

    Yang hesitated briefly, "Let's give it a try. It seems like nothing else has been working for us."

    Yin or Yang has never stolen before, they have only observed other bandits rob travelers, from this they couldn't be called experienced. They were like two new cubs being thrown out into the wilderness, but with a bit of insight as they had observed the human race for decades. As to how to even start robbing someone, they had no clue. They had seen humans pull weapons against other and brutally slaughter others and they had been slaughtered by bandits themselves, but had never done the act.
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    So these stories are a working progress as I'm trying to write all of them at once and tying them together.  All my stories take place in a different time, but this one is the first one I guess.  This is the origins and later lead into the other stories.  There is only one story that take place in the same time and it is the Wanderer and another story which will later be posted.


    Both Yin and Yang knew they needed weapons, so Yin tried to create them swords that they had seen the bandits that killed them used. In attempt Yin found that it was difficult, all he was able to materialize was a small piece of metal that was 1 mm thick and 4 mm long and wide. Yin started to feel depressed, in his conscious form he had no emotions and all the power in the universe, but as a human he was limited and weak. For unknown reasons, tears started to form at the corners of Yin's eyes.  

    Yang stared at Yin in astonishment and shouted, "You are able to produce water!"

    In shock Yin felt the wet droplets on the corner of his eyes as it rolled down his cheeks. "No, this is a emotions we once saw, i believe it is called crying. I have never felt so weak before in the entire existence. We created this galaxy and these humans, we've even watched them for decades and yet we are so weak and powerless when we have become human. After thinking about these a sudden surge of feeling emerged in me and these droplets of water formed through my eye sockets."

    Yang sighed, for some reason, Yin was more emotional than Yin. Although they both are the creators of this world, they both had been two separate entities with two different abilities. It was like twins being born into the world, they both have the same appearance but were very different when it came to the mind. 

    Yin gritted his teeth, a new feeling had spawned in him, it was rage. "One of these days I shall rule over these puny humans and make them feel sorry for what I have experienced today."

    Yang stared at Yin shocked, it seemed like both of them were changing at a rapid pace, these new experiences and feeling seemed to have affected them both greatly. Yang vowed to himself that he would stay clear of some of these human emotions. They had both come to this world to understand the human race and what made them so great, not to rule over them. They were the creators of the universe, in their true form with but a thought they could destroy everything, why bother with some of these petty human emotions? From observing Yin and having the human cognition, he could start to vaguely start to understand why humans were able to rise from one of the weakest creatures they created to the second most dominate creatures.

    Yang had figured that it was these emotions and the ability to gain knowledge and cognition that these humans were able to advance so far compared to the other races they created with no ability to perceive knowledge. Yang had also deduce that this was the same reason for the evolution of the dragon race. It seemed that cognition had played a major role as to whether one race strive or one race's extinction. Unlike Yin, Yang had used these emotions and information to try and further his understandings. They had no understanding of how they were created, or how they gain their abilities, but that when they were created there was nothing but darkness. Everything that they learned they had to use millenniums to come to understand some of their abilities, but they felt that there was still much they had yet to learn.

    As it seemed that Yin was irrational at the moment. 

    Yang suddenly said, "Why don't you just leave your body momentarily and create weapons for both of us?" 

    Yin was shocked, why didn't he think of that? He had been so preoccupied with the surge of human emotions and forgotten that he could just simply leave the human shell with but a thought. With a thought, Yin left his human shell and created two swords identical to the ones the bandits had used to kill them. After Yin reinserted himself into his shell, Yang passed off the other weapon to Yin.  They had seen humans use these weapons before, they copied some of the moves they had seen before. 

    To their surprise, it was not as easy as they had expect. After grasping a bit of ability they headed back towards the village, Xi. As they walked up to the first villager they saw, they demanded him to give them food.

    "Give me something to eat," Yin pointed his weapon at the villager.
    The villager had recognize them as there weren't that many people that traveled through such a small village. With a look of disdain, the villager quickly moved out of the path of the sword to Yin's side and jabbed Yin right in the ribs.Yin fell down to the ground in pain dropping his sword, within a second of being jabbed the villager shouted, "Thieves!" After a second of the shout the whole village flooded the two with pitchforks and shovels in their hands ready to kill. This wasn't the first time the village of Xi had encounter bandits or thieves. Being a small village they were constantly abused by bandits and thieves so the villagers trained themselves to defend their land. Some of the villagers shouted, "Kill them!"

    Yin and Yang was clearly outnumbered and out strengthen. Another villager quickly disarmed Yang and kicked him in the stomach, causing Yang to fall on his back hitting his head. The shock of the impact instantly knocked Yang out. The rest of the villagers took this opportunity to start kicking the two on the ground. It could be said that the anger had been pent up in them for generations of being robbed, they had used this opportunity to vent their frustrations on the two weak bodies. Yang curled his body into the fetus position, covering his head with his hands, struggling to resist the beatings of the villagers.

    After a minute of being beaten, a loud voice sounded out, "Stop!"
     It was a wrinkly old man hunched over on a wooden cane, this was the village leader. The village leader had been alive for more than 50 years, this feat for a human was impressive; normally humans would live no longer than 30 years before they die from being killed out in the wilderness or by another robbing them. In this era, war was endless; armies were always drafting villagers at the ages of 12. Every year, a knight would move from village to village gathering the youths; as a commoner, they would serve as cannon fodder for the infantrymen. If you could survive on the battlefield pass the age of 20 this feat was impressive. One would be given the opportunity to stay or leave the military; if you stayed you would become a commander's runner which held the highest rank for a commoner, if you left the military you gained your freedom and the chance to live anew.

    The village leader had been taken drafted when he was 12 years of age and was lucky enough to survive 8 years of brutal war. When given the option as to whether he stay or leave the military, he left. The village leader was tired of a life of war, he had seen too many of his friends die on the battlefield. He had forgotten long ago where you came from or who his parents were. After leaving the military, he traveled from place to place, but everywhere he went there was war. It was until he found the village, Xi; secluded from rest of the world.

    When the village leader had arrived to the village, it was being attacked by bandits. He had saved the village leader's at the time daughter and was wedded her. They gave birth to one daughter and the mother died at childbirth. During the time the village leader was in the village, he had taught the people how to practice martial arts to defend themselves. He was the most respected man in the village as he gave them a new life.

    "Tie them up!", the village leader ordered; two men moved forward with ropes and tied them off. 

     They were dragged to the village leader's house. When Yang woke up, he was tied to a chair next to Yin. Yang's initial emotion after waking up was shock. After he was knocked out, he had his first dream; it was during their time of wondering from galaxy to galaxy creating countless planets trying to understand their own abilities. He didn't know how to describe this feeling; it was as if he was in a different dimension, he couldn't grasp this new information.

    Looking to Yang's left, Yin was swollen up; his face looked like a pigs. Yang felt aches all over his body, trying to figure out what had happened after he was knocked unconscious. Yang tried to move, but was unable to he found that he was also tied up to a chair. They were tied up in a wooden room 3 m by 3 m, with a table in front of them; there was a faint sweet fragrance. 

     Yang suddenly heard a soft tender voice through the door, "Father, they both woke up!" After a few seconds of the voice calling out to someone, a wrinkly old man opened the door in front of them.

    "Took you long enough to wake up, I had been waiting all day. It is now almost evening." The old man said as he approached them. "I am the village leader for the village of Xi; my name is Qi Yi."

    Yin angrily replied, "Puny human, one day I will make you regret this day." Yang sighed, shaking his head.

    Qi Yi laughed, "Puny human?  From my view, you are the one who is tied up and beaten half to death, while I am the one who is standing here staring down on you."

    Yin barked, "You, who have only lived for nothing but a speck..."

    Yang interrupted Yin midway into his speech, "Elder Yi, we apologize if we had done anything to offend you, but we are like new born babies. We both have memory loss and had suffered for days in starvation. We had no knowledge of how to acquire food and resorted to a method we once saw." Qi Yi walked close and looked at both of them closely looking from one to the other, his face was 1 ft away from their faces examining them.

    Qi Yi started with "I actually saw the both of you earlier today, attempting to try and communicate with the villagers, but where ignored. I was following you two the entire time, as we don't get many visitors in this secluded village, but bandits and thieves. After watching you two leave, I had thought you two gave up and continued on your path, but instead you two imbecile came back with swords intending to rob the first villager you see. Leading you to being beaten to a pulp. Even though, you claim to have memory loss, you can not stay in this village as you have already committed a crime."

    Yang's stomach suddenly growled, the female standing outside suddenly burst into laughter. Suddenly a young female walked into the room, the two had felt that a goddess had descended into their lives. They had never felt such a feeling, it was the feeling of love. The young goddess was the Qi Yi's daughter, Qi Mi. "Mi, what are you doing in here? I thought I told you to stay outside!"

    "O... father, look at these two poor men. They only resorted to such measures after attempting to talk to the villagers and were ignored. They must've been starving for days, and without their memories to survive out in the wilderness; they were cornered into thievery." Qi Mi lightly replied.

    "uh... it is slightly our fault that they both resorted to the methods that they did. They attempted to talk to the villagers all day with nothing to show for, but contempt." Qi Yi said dejectedly.

    "How about we first give them some food, for their hungry stomachs? As for their lost memories, we can have them work the land and have them learn how to survive." Qi Mi said smiling.

    "No! What, if they've been lying? If we just let them run amok unsupervised they might try to rob someone again or maybe something worst!" Qi Yi barked.

    "How about I watch them?" Qi MI replied.

    "Absolutely not!" Qi Yi shouted.

    Before Qi Yi could keep talking Qi Mi jumped in, "Who else in this village is as trained in martial arts than I am, besides yourself, father? You've trained me since I was 2 years old how to defend myself. What is there to worry about with me with these two? Plus, if their story is true, we can't be as heartless as to send these two men to their deaths."

    Qi Yi sighed lowering his head. He was contemplating as to what their next line of action would be. After a few minutes Qi Yi slowly raised his head and stared at both Yin and Yang. "I will allow for you to escort these two around. They will work the lands, as for shelter they will be locked up in the shed in the back yard every night. If, they show any signs of suspicious activities or even hint of it we will run them out of the village or possibly end their lives."

    Yang quickly replied "Thank you senior, you will not regret this. We will be the hardest working men."

    Yin stared in contempt to the side, but didn't say anything. His gaze would often land on Qi Mi, he couldn't understand his actions. Was it because she had saved their lives? If, they were killed they could just as easily create new bodies; as they had already been killed twice. But the feeling of dying again, for some reason they both didn't want to think those thoughts again. Each time they died, they were flooded with negative feelings, they would feel an intense pain in their chest.
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    Later today, Afghanistan time, I will post new chapters for Wanderer and Forgotten so look forward to it.


    In a flash, two years had passed. At first, the villagers were cautious of the twins, but after six months, it wasn't hard for them to to start liking them, as they were both hard working.

    As the two worked the land, Qi Mi would observe them. At first she had to show them, how to properly work the land, after they got the hang of it she would joke with the two, as she observed them. Soon they started to grow closer, Qi Mi would always tease the two for their lack of knowledge, but there was a sense of love in it. Yin and Yang's feelings started to grow stronger for Qi Mi as time passed. After spending a year in the village, the villager's trust grew to the point where the men of the village took them into the wilderness, to teach them how to hunt and gather herbs.

    After two years of education, they had grown to the point where, if they were thrown out into the wilderness again, they would be able to fend for themselves. Yang specialized in the sword, as this was their first weapon, he had been given special lessons from Qi Yi. Yin on the other hand was preoccupied with the emotions of the humans, it was like a drug. Unlike Yin, Yang hadn't let the human emotions rule over him; he was constantly focusing on studying the aspects of the world. He had found that, as he increased his insights and physical body, by absorbing the energy of the world into his human shell, he was able to increase the use of his abilities, while in his shell.

    Over the two years, there were many times that Yang would leave his human shell and as he did each time, over time, he found that it was getting comparably harder the longer they stayed in their human shell. It was as though, their conscious was merging with their human body. Although Yang had constructed the seal to implant their conscious into the human body, he never really grasp what he truly was doing. There was so much that the two, had yet to discover; they were like teenagers in the peak of their lives still experiencing their growth spurt.

    After two years, Yang had felt that it was time, that the both of them moved and traveled to gain further insight into this world and the humans.

    Late at night, during a spring night, Yang approached Yin. "I think it is time we moved." Yang told Yin.

    "Huh?" this had caught Yin off guard, "Why?" Yin asked startled.

    "We can't stay in this small village forever, if we did, we could never understand what truly makes the human so superior and special." Yang said.

    Yin felt an indescribable ache in his heart. He didn't know why, but this feeling made it that, he didn't want to leave this small village. He had grown accustom to the people and most importantly he had fell deeply in love with Qi Mi. He couldn't bare parting with the first woman, he fell in love with. Yang had felt the same, he had also came to like the villagers to an extent and had developed a special feeling for Qi Mi. He knew these feelings was just temporary as they both are eternal and she would only last but a speck of their life time.

    Yin pondered for a while; as he was reluctant to leave Qi Mi and said "I'm going to stay, I have found

    that I have fell in love with Qi Mi. I'm sure that you have also, but unlike you I am not able to leave her side."

    Yang sighed, "Alright, before I go though, I'll impart all of my knowledge, I've gained so far onto you. Let us exchange all of our knowledge we have gained so far before we depart."

    The two talked throughout the night. Yang exchanged about the insights, he gained from this world and how to improve their ability to utilize their abilities in their mortal bodies. He also, told Yin that as time pass, it would become harder for their conscious to leave their bodies, as they are starting to merge with their mortal bodies. Yin was surprised that in two years Yang had gained so much insight. While Yang was studying the world, Yin had been too preoccupied with the human emotions, so he was only able to provide little information to Yang.

    At the break of dawn the two finally finished exchanging knowledge. Yang had started to pack what little belongings he had, five sets of clothing. Before leaving, Yang wanted to thank the villagers for what they had all done for him. If not for them, they would have died a third time. Yang had waiting until the villagers had woken up before departing his room to say his farewells. Most of the villagers were surprised, but they had long expected that one day, this day would come. These two were in the prime of their youth with memory loss, it was expected that, they would venture out to find their lost memories. They didn't expect that Yin would decide to stay behind though, they had known that both the brothers, had feelings for Qi Mi; it was probably due to this that Yin was staying is what they figured.

    By noon, word had already made its way to the village leader's house, of Yang's departure. Yang decided to visit Qi Yi and Mi last as it was incredibly hard to tell them of his departure. Qi Yi had taken Yang as his disciple and taught him the way of the sword, it could be said Qi Yi was like a father to him. Qi Mi was Yang's savior and he had special feelings for her, she had gift him an incredible feeling; one that he wasn't sure, if he will ever experience again. Every step toward the house was unbearable, his heart started to race and sweat protruded through his pores; each step became slower.

    Qi Mi was watching Yang from the window and saw his hesitation as he approached. The feeling in her heart was akin to being stabbed, by a thousand needles; for a moment, there were droplets forming at the edge of her eyes. Although, she had spent an equal amount with the two and their appearance being the same, she had come to fall in love with Yang, not Yin. She pushed down this feeling, she didn't want to be the one to tie Yang down to this small village. Qi Mi quickly wiped the tears from her eyes and slowly moved towards the door; as she reached the door she slightly paused. Memories of the two years flashed before her eyes momentarily, after taking a deep breath she opened the door and met Yang half way.

    Yang was surprised that Qi Mi was already expecting his arrival. He stood like a statue as he watched Qi Mi approach him; his heart fluttering as he watched her walk to an arms reach away. For some reason the words he had prepared a head of time, wasn't coming out of his mouth; he had forgotten everything he had wanted to say and just stared at her. He wish this moment in time would stop forever. Yang was finally able to squeeze a word out of his mouth after an unknown amount of time.

    "I'm going," was all Yang could say.

    "I know..." Qi Mi said with a sulken face. The two continued to stare at each other as in a daze. As Qi Yi was watching the two from the house, he couldn't bare it anymore and finally decided to walk out and say his farewell.

    "Lad, I see that you are finally leaving," a loud voice came from behind Qi Mi.

    Yang averted his eyes towards the incoming voice and said, "Yes, I want to thank you before leaving."

    Qi Yi laughed, "All I did was taught you a little bit, it isn't something worth thanking me for."

    "No, if you didn't allow us to stay in this village, who knows, we would've probably died already." Yang said as his head shook. 

      Qi Yi slowly approached Qi Mi from behind and laid his hand on her shoulder. As if, Qi Mi had awoken from a spell, she looked at her father.

    "Qi Mi, don't you have something you want to say?" Qi Yi gently glanced at Qi Mi. Qi Mi tried to say something, but nothing would come to her mind, but the words "DON'T GO!"

    She swallowed down those words and said, "I'm glad for you, you are finally going to go find your memories. I hope you a safe journey."

    "I thank you Qi Mi, if not for your words two years ago; my brother and I would have been thrown out of this village and eaten by wolves. Words can never express, how grateful I am towards you." Yang squeeze a smile. Qi Yi could only shake his head ,as these two could truly never say what they wanted to. He decided to take off and give them their privacy. The two continued to stare at each other for a while longer.

    Finally, Qi Mi gained enough courage lean towards Yang, giving him a light kiss on the lips. Yang's heart was filled with more unwillingness to leave now. Her soft lips, felt like he had been struck by lightning, paralyzed; all thoughts disappeared from his mind and his body went limp for a second. After lightly kissing Yang, Qi Mi quickly turned around and dashed towards her house. Yang could barely hear the soft words of "Farewell." After a minutes Yang finally regained himself and set off.

    Inside the house, Qi Mi was balling her eyes out. Soon, it was as if, the heavens was crying for them, it started raining.

    Qi Yi calmly walked over and calm his daughter's heart. "Qi Mi, I know that after these two years, you've grown attached to Yang. Although he is now gone, he knows that he always has a home here and will one day come back. There is also, still Yin here." Qi Yi said with a sigh.

    "Although, they both look the same, what attracted me towards Yang was his personality. He was like the sun to me; always so bright and warm. Now that he is gone, it feels like apart of my heart has been torn." Qi Mi continued to cry as she grasped her left breast.

    Qi Yi could only slowly comfort her. He had also felt this feeling once, it was when Qi Mi's mother had died from childbirth. Luckily, he had his daughter to rely on otherwise, he would have lost his way.

    Yang had decided that, he would first travel towards the capital of the Xiong dynasty, Luo. He had remember seeing this city to the south-east of the village, Xi. The capital was more than 20 kilometers from the village, Xi. It would take a few days by foot; Yang had decided to stop at villages en route to Luo. It was early spring, so sleeping outside shouldn't be too harsh. As Yin and Yang had already said everything there was to be said; Yang didn't bother to see Yin as he left.

    After a day of traveling on the road, Yang had encountered 2 attacks; one was from a wild boar and the other was from bandits. At dusk, Yang had went off road to find a river, there he encountered a boar. Yang easily dealt with the boar; as the boar charged towards Yang, he used a side step and easily slit the boars jugular. This wasn't Yang's first time dealing with a wild boar, he had encounter countless dangers while hunting with the villager of Xi. With the little ability Yang had gained through fortifying his body, he cast fire on a dried log by the river; he enjoyed the boar and napped at the location.

    At dawn, Yang heard footsteps approaching him; as he opened his eyes, he saw a group of 5 looking at the roasted boar with gluttonous eyes. Before Yang could offer them some boar, they had already drawn their blades. The man in front of the group was their leader; he was 1.7m tall, with robust muscles and a scar, from what seemed to be lion claws on his left cheek. From their mannerism, they were bandits; similar to the ones, he was slain by.

    "Give up your belongs, otherwise this boar will be your last meal." The leader said.

    "I would have offered you a piece of this boar, but seeing as you have evil intentions; this shall be your resting place." Yang rebuked.

    "Haha..." the bandits laughed. "You are only one man, while we are five." the bandit leader said as they brandished his weapon at Yang.

    Yang snorted. Rolling to the side, Yang drew his sword and cut down one of the bandits. Another bandit charged at Yang with sword in one hand preparing to slash at Yang's shoulders. Before the bandit to get close to Yang, a invisible wind shot out from Yang's direction. There appeared a red line on the bandit's neck, before he knew what happened, he had already died, with his head rolling on the ground.

    This had scared the last three bandits, they had never seen such abilities before, to be able to cut someone's head off, with but a thought. Yang decided, he couldn't waste anymore time with such lowly scums and easily cut down the last three with his sword. The mental effects of him using wind element to kill the second bandit had already taken affect and halted their movements throwing them into a panic. They could do nothing, but wait until Yang had arrived in front of them stabbing them directly into the heart.

    After the two years of living the world, he wasn't as naive as when he first became a human; he had known that, if he didn't kill them they would later cause him trouble again. Especially, since he has used his one of his ability to kill one of the bandits; no one in the world was able to producing these abilities. If word got out he would be hunted down to the edge of the earth. This wasn't his first killing a human; half a year ago the village had been attacked by a small group of bandits. None of them walked out of the village.
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    After a month of traveling, Yang finally arrive at the capital of Xiong, Luo. Luo was fortified by a 40 ft wall, with guards constantly patrolling the walls. The capital had two gates, a eastern gate and a southern gate. The eastern gate was used for military or government personnel, while the southern gate was used for civilians. At the southern gate, there was a squad of guards inspecting all personnel that went through the gate. There was a guard with a table off to the side, collecting coins from each person or group that went through.

    Yang was standing in line behind a caravan, slowly making his way towards the gate. Although, he had left without a single copper coin in his pocket, he was able to collect 1 gold coins and 73 silver coins from the bandits he encountered on the way to Luo. It took half a day of standing in line, until Yang was able to make it through the gates; the fee had been 50 silver coins. The currency standard in the world was 100 copper = 1 silver, 100 silver = 1 gold, 100 gold = 1 diamond; diamond was the highest of currency. 1 gold coin could feed a small family in a desolated village for a year.

    As Yang was only travelling through, he wasn't too worried about the importance of money. If he need food, he could easily enter the woods to hunt. Hunting had been his greatest source for food for him, at times he would gather herbs to cook with the meat. As Yang could control the energy of the world, he wasn't afraid of any encounters he would meet along the way.

    As Yang walked through the gates, the streets was bustling with people, as they barter at the bazaars and kids running around blissfully playing around. Yang had seen this scene before, it was before he had became a human. The effects of having a human mind and observing this scene was too different, from when he was a conscious. He was filled with a scene of awe, it was so massive; it felt as if he could walk on for days and still not be able to see everything on those streets. As a conscious, he had no emotions, but as the human, he felt so many emotions rushing through him as he stared at the path before him, it was as he had just seen a priceless piece of art.

    Yang slowly walked through the streets, looking viciously left and right. He wanted to experience everything. Yang zipped to every stall, looking at all the goods. He didn't quite know what some of the uses of the items being sold, was being used for, but it was still interesting to see. By dusk, he had searched through only 20% of the stores in the bazaar. Feeling tired, he finally decided to find a place to rest. He had remembered that people loved to go to taverns to rest.

    Yang walked up to a 3 story building, it's exterior was flashy, with a big sign "Lover's Tavern". He had decided to stay at this location due to the looks of it, there was also bustling noise coming from inside. As Yang walked through the tavern doors, a bulky man came flying towards him. The sudden surprise attack was too sudden, leaving Yang unable to dodge in time. The bulky man used Yang like a cushion and landed on top of him, knocking him down.

    "You better scram before, my patience runs out!" roared a young woman's voice.

    Her appearance was that of a barbarian; there was barely any clothes covering her, her body was too muscular to look like a woman's. The main parts of her body was covered with hide from various animals that had been killed by her. She was currently being surrounded by 3 men, who looked like body builders.

    "Hehehe, why so inpatient? When we are done with you, you'd be begging us to keep you company." One of the men said.

    "Hahaha, that's right! When the night ends, you'd be crawling for...." Another said, but before the man could finish what he was about to say, he was knocked flying with his teethes darting out of his mouth.

    "Sounds like fun, I'll make sure to enjoy this moment and let you all know, what it means to dance with a Mian woman." said the barbarian woman.

    "I'll make you regret that!" the last of the two screamed, as they charged at the barbarian woman.

    In a flash, the two men were thrown towards the door of the tavern. Yang didn't know who he had angered, but his luck was horrible. He now had 4 men who weighed about 250 lbs each stacked on top of him. Yang's physical body was currently still weak, the most he could lift with one hand was 75 lbs each. With four men stack on him, it was a total of 1000 lbs!

    Struggling to get out from underneath these men, Yang was running out of air. Yang weighed about 156 lbs, while he had 1000 lbs crushing on top of him. After a minute of struggling, the barbarian woman took notice of this weak little man. She slowly approached her mountain of victims and with ease, kicked the mountain off of Yang. Without a word of apology for what she had done to Yang, she moved back towards her table and sat down, continuing to drink.

    Briefly watching as the four men drag each other out of the tavern, Yang stumbled to stand up after being crushed. After a minute, he finally recovered himself and walked towards the barbarian's table.

    Sitting across from her, he stared at her for a moment.

    "You looking for a beating too?" The barbarian woman said with a cold glaze.

    "I took a beating because of you, I expect an apology." Yang said.

    "haha... fuck off!" The barbarian woman barked.

    Slightly angered, Yang ripped the table top off. The barbarian woman was startled, this weak person who couldn't even dodge a bulky man heading his way earlier and couldn't even make his way out from underneath four men had the ability to rip the table top off it's stands. Although Yang's physical strength wasn't all that great, when combined with his ability, he could greatly boast his physical strength. To be able to rip the table top off it's stand was extremely hard. He would have to had the strength and speed to be able to rip it off fast enough, before lifting the stand along with the table top.

    "Apologize!" Yang glared at the barbarian woman.

    "Strong! If you had the ability, why didn't you use it earlier to dodge?" The barbarian woman questioned.

    "Anyone caught off guard would be taken down." Yang defended.

    The barbarian didn't seem like she was convinced, either way she didn't really care. "Okay, I apologize that you don't have any ability to defend yourself."

    Yang had never encountered a woman so repulsive before. He had only been in the world for no more than two years, in those two years he had spent his time in Village, Xi. His human interaction was limited to the the village people and a few travelers once every three months or so.

    "Huhh..." Yang sighed.

    He couldn't be bothered with this woman anymore. He still needed to reserve a room for the night. It was already evening and all the taverns were starting to become packed. Yang stood up and walked to the counter.

    Yang stared at the female clerk and asked, "Do you have a room for the night?"

    "That will be 10 silver coins."  Answered the female clerk.

    Since this was the capital of the country, the price had been a lot higher than normal cities. The tavern rate for a room in the smaller cities were only 50 copper coins to 1 silver coin. Since, this was the capital of Xiong dynasty, the price was a lot higher as there was many people constantly going in and out of the capital every day. 10 silver coins would be able to feed a family of three for a third of the year, in the village, Xi. Although, Yang had lived in the world for two years now, he still didn't understand the true value of money, While Yang had lived in the village of Xi, all of the living expense had been covered by Qi Yi and Qi Mi.

    As the clerk handed the keys to Yang, his stomach started to grumble. Embarrassed Yang turned around and scanned for a empty table. In the crowded tavern there was only one empty table left, it was far in the corner of the tavern. As Yang made his way towards the vacant table, a group of 5 mercenaries walked in. Noticing that there was only one table open and there was a puny man about to sit at the table, the leader of the mercenaries charged towards to vacant table. Just as Yang was about to sit down on a seat at the table, he was suddenly shoved off by the brute mercenary leader.

    Yang's luck had been incredibly horrible today, first he had a mountain of men thrown on top of him and the female didn't even apologize. Now, this brute had shoved him off the seat, before he could even sit down. Angrily, Yang stood up and dusted himself off.  Yang had experienced the brutality of mankind before, when he had first came to this world with Yin, as they were slaughtered by a group of bandits. Since then Yang had killed off some bandit groups that tried to invade the Village of Xi, but he had never had to deal with such rude people.

    "Fuck off, if you know what is good for you!" The mercenary leader said impassively. His men approached and surrounded Yang.

    "Haha... I was looking for someone to vent my anger on to. It must be my lucky day!"

    As Yang finished his speech, he grabbed the nearest mercenary's wrist and twisted it clockwise with his 70% of his power, dislocating the mercenary's arm and ripping all of his muscles tissues. The rest of the mercenaries were shocked for a second that this puny man could do such an act with his stature. The other three mercenaries charged at Yang, one attempted to grab at Yang's head, as his hand approached. Yang used his pointer finger and inserted his energy into it, slamming it directly into the palm of the mercenary. The mercenary felt a jolt of electricity throughout his body for a brief second and found that he was paralyzed.

    Yang had shot a jolt of electricity through the man's arms throughout his body paralyzing him and also punctured a hole in hand. Another mercenary approached from behind with his fist aiming at the back of Yang's neck as Yang punctured a hole in one of the mercenary's hand. Twisting Yang's body with his left hand palm open, he grabbed the mercenary's fist and with the momentum of the twist he spun the mercenary into the paralyzed mercenary. The fourth mercenary, unsheathed his sword and slashed at Yang, with a side step Yang easily dodged the slash and uppercut the mercenary, sending him flying 5 feet away slamming into a group of traveler's table.

    With all of the mercenary leader's minions defeat, he stood up from his seat. "You aren't too bad, to be able to defeat my men so easily. It is too bad you have offended me today, Jin Hao, leader of the Tigers of the West."

    Everyone in the tavern was shocked. Everyone knew of the Tigers of the West, they were one of the most ruthless mercenary bands, that would slaughter all of their targets sparing no women or children. Like their name, they came from the western region of the Xiong kingdom, and had been known to have had slaughtered countless people. There group had consist of more than 500 people, making them in the top ten mercenary groups within the kingdom. The leader was known to go out and cause trouble for common people and at times rape and slaughter small villages, they were more like a band of savages. The four mercenary that Yang had defeat was four of his personal guards that he always kept around him, there strength was underneath that of his generals.

    "Tigers of the West? More like Girls of the West." Yang insulted.

    "I'll make you regret in hell, that you had offended the wrong person. After killing you, I'll personally lead my men towards your home town to rape and slaughter all of the village people."

    With one look, Jin Hao could distinguish that Yang had came from a small village, from the clothing he worn. Yang's clothes was all tattered and worn out from his journey. Jin Hao also had the many experience of looting, raping and slaughtering small villages, killing one more small time villager was nothing new to him.

    See as how Yang had easily taken care of his minions, Jin Hao didn't aimlessly charge at Yang, but instead sized him up for a brief second. After about a minutes time, Jin Hao finally made an attack, he had been looking for openings in Yang's stance. There was openings everywhere, Jin Hao didn't know how Yang was able to defeat his men with his bare hands. He had to be a master in disguise or just plain lucky. It had taken him about a minute, before he made a move, because he couldn't decide how he was going to open on Yang. He had seen, how Yang had easily dodge one of his minion's sword by side stepping, although Yang look weak, it looked like he was rather skilled in the marital world.

    Although it was dirty, Jin Hao had decided to toss this chair towards Yang to distract him momentarily. While Yang was preoccupied with dodging the chair, Jin Hao would attack Yang's opening. Although this played out smoothly in Jin Hao's head, nothing ever goes as planned, as each individual are different in the marital world. Jin Hao had though Yang would dodge, but what had shocked him was that instead Yang had took the chair head on by grabbing it and deflecting it to the side. With this, it left Yang's front wide open, instead of attacking from the side, Jin Hao made a quick adjustment to his plan and decided to stab Yang in the front.

    Just as his sword as inches away from Yang's heart, Yang's body suddenly vanished reappearing at Jin Hao's left side. Yang thrust his palm into Jin Hao's chin, stunning Jin Hao and bring Jin Hao into a slam. Yang slammed Jin Hao's head right into the corner of the table, knocking Jin Hao unconscious.

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    After the commotion, Yang took what money the TIgers from the West had on their possession and paid it for the damages. Everyone, including the barbarian women was in shock, that this puny man who couldn't even dodge earlier had taken out Jin Hao, one of the most infamous mercenaries. Even though Yang had toss one of the mercenaries towards a group of traveler's table, they didn't pursue this matter after watching how Yang had single handily took out a group of 5. Although, Jin Hao had threatened Yang, that he would wipe out his home town, Yang wasn't too worried as there was Qi Yi who taught him the art of the sword and Yin whose ability was only slightly lower than Yang's when it came to controlling their abilities. Yin's body lacked physical strength as he was always too busy enjoying the fruits of human emotions.

    After paying the tavern manager, Yang had decided that it would just be best, if he ordered food to his room to avoid further trouble. Yang just needed something simple to fill his hunger, although the money that he had taken off Jin Hao's group was enough to cover for an extravagant meal, he just ordered a simple dish of chicken and rice. After finishing his meal, Yang could finally go to sleep, he was worn out from the travel and hadn't slept in a proper bed for a month. For some reason that night, Yang had dream that the village, Xi was razed and Qi Mei was laying in Yin's arms. Tears of blood was pouring out of Yin's eyes as he held on to the lifeless Qi Mei.

    As these scenes flashed through Yang's dream, he sprung up wide awake, drenched in sweat. Although Yang was confident in the ability of the villagers of Xi to defend themselves, this dream started to grow some doubt within his mind. Yang quickly brushed off these thoughts, as he heard a loud commotion outside.

    "Village boy come out!" Jin Hao had come back for revenge from the night before, he had brought along 100 of his minions.

    Jin Hao had the tavern completely surrounded, although this was the Capital Luo, as long as he paid for the damages done, the government wouldn't pursue this matter. Inside of the Capital, there were on going feuds and fights between the schools. There was the mercenary's guild, Avalon's trading Association, Ji , Yao, Lei and Meng schools. The mercenary's guild, Avalon's trading Association and Meng school wouldn't normally cause trouble within the Capital unless provoked, while the Ji, Yao and Lei schools were constantly at war to determine who was the strongest within the Kingdom. Each school specialized in their own techniques and weapons.

    Each school represented a portion of the Capital's military, they would provide their best disciple to the kingdom's military force.  There was four divisions: Wu division, their specialty weapon was the spear; Fei division, who used the sword; Nubei division, they used bows; and the Xao division, in charge of assassinations. Although, the fractions had many of their men in these divisions, it was one of the Emperor's generals that controlled these divisions to ensure that, they wouldn't one day try to overturn the dynasty. With the four combined they were one of strongest military might within the surrounding kingdoms.

    The Ji school, primarily used the sword and their art was called 'Moon slicing Water'. This school's ancestor had created his sword techniques one night while staring at the reflection of the moon on a pond in his courtyard. It had taken him 40 years, before he was able to finalize his techniques and created his own school for swordsmen to follow. This practice was based of being tranquil like water and slicing water without leaving a ripple like the moon. This school had over 5000 followers in the capital and 13 branches throughout the kingdom. After the first Emperor, Xiong Jou Toua had learned of this school and their profoundness, he had made their school the main swordsmanship within the dynasty.

    The Yao school, trained in the art of the spear, their art was called 'Snake in Grass'. This was based when the first ancestor of the school had watched a python dart out and killed his brother from the grass as a child. The sudden strike had amazed him, although he had lost his brother. After spending countless days observing pythons striking their preys and pondering on the insights, he had finally created this spear technique. There school had consist of over 4000 followers within the Capital only,

    lower than the Ji school, but they were not to be underestimated because of the range of their weapons. While fighting a swordsmen, they would gain the advantage and their thrust was their primary killing move that would kill a swordsman, before he could even reach the spear man.

    The Lei school, used the bow and they called their art 'Sparrow in the Wind'. This ancestor had watched, how the sparrow would use the wind to glide and fly with the wind instead of against it. This brought him to gain insight into the wind and its affects on moving objects trying to move against it. There school only has one technique, but it was incredibly hard to master. The strength of this school came from the design of their arrows and bows, unlike regular arrows and bows, their arrows looked like it was being pushed with the wind and could fly for 2 km, when shot. This school consist of over 4000 archers in the Capital and 4 branches.

    The Meng school used daggers and poison to kill their opponent, they called it 'Illusion Death'. It was created by a doctor after his fiance was rapped and killed by a government official. Since his expertise was creating drugs, he had created a drug that played illusions and had made his way into the official's house on the pretense of curing him of his cold. After drugging him for days and making him go insane, the doctor killed him with a hidden dagger. After killing the official, he had become a wanted criminal, thus he went into hiding, creating his own hidden school consisting of no more than 1000 killers. After the Emperor had learned of them, he had brought the school head out of hiding to train his own group of assassins.

    After a waiting for a incense stick time to burn, Jin Hao sent his men into the tavern to retrieve Yang. After no more than 20 breaths, the 10 men Jin Hao had sent in were sent flying back out of the tavern. In the dim tavern, there was Yang, seated on at a table casually drinking tea.

    "If you have the courage, come at me Jin Hao!" Yang shouted, after experiencing the dream last night, Yang couldn't leave any loose ends. He figured to ensure that dream didn't become a reality, he would have to kill Jin Hao today.

    "Haha... you still have the balls to fight? My men have surrounded the tavern. Even if you wanted to flee you wouldn't be able to. Today I'll make you regret the day you offended, Jin Hao!"

    "Stop wasting my time and come at me already. I'm started to get impatient. I want to finish this fight before my food is served." Yang barked back.

    With a hand signal, Jin Hao's men stormed the tavern, unfortunately there was only two entrances, one in the front for customers and one in the back for employees. Even with 100 men, they couldn't all enter the tavern at once making it easier to handle these men as they came through the door one by one for Yang. As they walked in one at a time, Yang easily took care of Jin Hao's men with nothing but his fingers, tossing them to a corner of the tavern after killing them. Within a half of incense stick time, all of Jin Hao's men were turned into a mountain of corpse. After the dream, Yang decided he had to be merciless, as he didn't want Jin Hao's men to track him back to Xi.

    Jin Hao only had 5 men left with him as personal guards. He stood there shocked, when his men had entered the tavern, he had heard a loud commotion of tables and chairs breaking, but after a half of a incense time there was nothing, but silence. He hadn't thought that this village boy would be able to single handedly handle all of his men. He was starting to think that his person was a power figure from a large school somewhere. Did he offend the wrong person? As these thoughts were running through his head, Yang walked out of the tavern.

    Since Jin Hao wasn't going to enter the tavern, the only option Yang had left was to go out and greet Jin Hao, also he didn't have the protection of 100 men anymore. If Yang had charged out in the beginning, the results would've been a bit different as he would have to face off with 100 men at once, but he had decided to sit in the tavern and allow Jin Hao's men to enter the tavern one by one easily defeating each one. Although there was the back entrance of the tavern, they still had to navigate their way through the crowded working environment of the back, slowing them down.

    "Are you going to attack first or shall I?" There was a hint of killing intent in Yang's eyes as he said these words, sending a chill through Jin Hao's spine.

    After a moment, Jin Hao struck out with his sword, as Jin Hao charged, his 5 men encircled Yang. Yang easily dodged Jin Hao's attack, before Yang could throw out an attack, another sword was already closing in on him from his left. Yang quickly drew his sword and parried the incoming sword. It was a 1 vs 6, it wasn't looking to advantageous for Yang as he was constantly dodging and parrying incoming sword attacks. After 20 breathes time, the attacks finally stopped as they were all shocked that not one sword strike had landed on Yang. He was slippery as an eel.

    With the slight pause in attacks, this finally gave Yang the opportunity to attack, he had determined that the minion to his 11 o'clock was the easiest to deal with first, as he swordsmanship was the sloppiest. In a burst, Yang darted towards this minion and upper slashed him in two. This movement had been too fast and had caught him off guard. Easily dealing with the weakest, Yang turned his attention to the next weakest and in 10 breaths time, Yang had dealt with the remaining of Jin Hao's men. Yang turned his attention back to Jin Hao's ugly expression of fear.

    "Then there was one!" Yang pointed his sword at Jin Hao.

    Jin Hao stared at Yang with fear, he was contemplating on how to escape this nightmare. His intestines had turned green that he didn't bring all 500 of his men. If he did, he would have been turned into a laughing stock as he had mobilized 500 men to deal with one person, so he only brought along 100 men. It was too late for regrets as 100 of his men was now lying dead and he was next. Jin Hao knew of Yang's terrifying strength, as he hand easily taken care of him the night before with his bare hands. Although, Jin Hao would be turned into a laughing stock, he rather keep his life than become a corpse. He quickly threw his sword towards Yang and dash to make a retreat into the crowd.

    As Yang saw Jin Hao's actions, he slightly frowned. 'How troublesome, now I have to chase.' Yang sighed as he easily dodged the incoming sword and gave chase. Jin Hao was frantically pushing the crowd, as he made his way through not caring in the least who he offended. After 2 incense stick of time of playing the game cat and mouse, Jin Hao finally ran into a group of men and fell on his ass. Just as Yang thought he finally caught up to Jin Hao, Jin Hao was staring at Yang with a great big smile on his face.

    "Haha... you are dead now!" Standing behind Jin Hao was a group of 4 men, they were the young masters of the Ji School. These four were the 5th, 8th, 10th and 13th young masters in the Ji main house. Jin Hao had made transactions with these young masters before, it was for sex slaves. After Jin Hao had bumped into these four, at first they were enraged and about to slaughter Jin Hao. After seeing that the person that had ran into them was their supplier of sex slaves their attitudes changed. They had quickly inquired why he had looked the way he had and had found out that someone was in pursue.

    After seeing that the person that was in pursue of Jin Hao, was in nothing but rags, they figured that he must be some hidden expert in some back mountains. They couldn't care to give face to this stranger as they belonged to one of the elites. Although they didn't know the whole story, they figured that this hidden expert had probably only slaughtered a few of Jin Hao's guards and scared Jin Hao into a game of mouse and cat. They didn't know that Yang had easily taken care of 100 of Jin Hao's men earlier, which resulted to his sorry state.

    Although, these men didn't have much relations with Jin Hao, they couldn't allow the man in charge of their sex slave supply perish before them. They were from an elite family, they couldn't have their names tainted with the job of going out slaughtering villages to obtain young female sex slaves. They needed a man to do their dirty work for them. The sex slaves sold to these young masters, after having served their use, they would be sent off some random cliff in the mountains for the animals to feed. They always made sure their actions were hidden from the population and always conducted these business at night.

    "Heh, looks like nothing but a small fry. I'll handle this!" The 13th young master, Ji Lu said.

    "Make it quick, I have an appointment to keep!" the 5th young master said, Ji Tsao.

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