Is the old guy dead?

I mean the guy in the ring, around book 7?


  • Yes, he never comes back to life because his entire soul was disintegrated, there is nothing left to recover.
  • Rip, hows he going to learn magic now though....
  • I was almost sure it would do a BTTH or MGA
  • he mostly focused more on sword technique after that..
  • Daborbas said:
    Rip, hows he going to learn magic now though....
    He goes into the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts and spends around 2 years there, it tempers him and calms him down and lets him gain insights in the Laws of the Earth.
  • O-old guy?! Nobody disrespects grandpa Doehring! Lol, yeah it's very sad though  :'(
  • Dont worry, Grandpa Doehring its not death, he went to help the MC of BTTH on a black ring :smile: 
  • No he didn't. :o
  • All kinda magics become somewhat irrelevant in the story as soon as he becomes a demi God.
    Unfortunately, Doehring is gone for ever since his soul dissipated.
  • When he gonna be a paragon? Kinda shit without gem-gem's special technique
  • He never becomes a Paragon, he becomes something better.
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    Grandpa Doehring T^T 
    Whyyy WHYYY!!!!
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