Question about demon spirits

When someone integrates with their demon spirit do they take the form of that demon spirit or do they just take on some characteristic? I can't remember if it was ever said. Like Nie Li saint dragon, does he actually turn into the dragon or is he like a dragon-form Linley just maybe a bit bigger? Sorry if this has been stated but of course its been awhile and i couldn't find an answer in earlier chapters.


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    If you have seen the manhua and thats intended to be cannon then they just take on the characteristics such as the shadow devil demon nei li basically doesnt turn into anything but just gets some of the characteristics like having sickles extend fron his arms.

    With other demon spirits they morph into crosses between human and the beast like the decon and his panther demon or whatever in the manhua.
  • Based on the novel it seems more like they just go full dragon
  • Maybe just characteristic for normal demon spirit, and full form for dragon blood demon spirit....

    Or maybe the author forget about his own concept :)
  • Er the manhua constantly changes his family name so I wouldn't take that as canon. Atleast the version I read.
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