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    Chapter 222:
    Lu Wuji is already dripping with sweat, but despite his attempts, Xue Tong didn't whisper half a word about Jiang Chen. The two then engage in a battle of words with Xue Tong rebutting Lu Wuji so easily that Lu Wuji has to physically kick him because he doesn't even have the words to counter back! Seeing his attempts not working, Lu Wuji then tries to appeal to Xue Tong's 'greed' only to be once again rebutted straight into the ground by Xue Tong's blade-sharp words! Left with no other options, Lu Wuji turns to 'Blood Three', planning to use him to end Jiang Chen. Instead, he is turned down so he grudgingly leaves for his uncle's place. Vice Director Yang cheers Lu Wuji up, saying they'll catch Jiang Chen, then they can control the youngest fifth prince, Ye Hao, so that they can control the Dragonteeth Guard! The conversation eventually turns towards Tiao Shao, about how he will eventually stand in Lu Wuji's way if Ye Rong is crowned King. Before leaving, Lu Wuji is warned to not have Hidden Hand move rashly, instead, have then continue waiting until the perfect moment arrives.
    As Lu Wuji is merrily leaving his uncle's mansion, a golden shadow quietly leaves the scene from deep beneath the ground. Returning to Jiang Chen's 'secret room', the GBR King reports everything he heard to Jiang Chen, closing with Jiang Chen being right about Lu Wuji being suspicious. Hearing the name 'Hidden Hand', Jiang Chen reveals a murderous shine in his eyes. He then thanks the GBR King for his hard work, not forgetting to compliment him. After sending the GBR King back to keep an eye on Lu Wuji, Jiang Chen ponders whether Xue Tong is safe. Lu Wuji has gone too far this time; Jiang Chen will absolutely not let him nor his uncle off easily.

    Chapter 223:
    Tiao Shao swiftly arrives at the Jiang family mansion after being summoned by Jiang Chen. Seeing his disheveled appearance, Jiang Chen can easily deduce that Tiao Shao is doing his utmost to help. Jiang Chen requests an extremely detailed list of all of Lu Wuji's contacts including their names, addresses, etc. He then wants Tiao Shao to tell Ye Rong to release the quarantine, reason being it'll lure the snake out of its nest. Jiang Chen lets out a cold grin after Tiao Shao asks if he has a plan. Jiang Chen states as long as Tiao Shao does his job, he will have a 100% chance of succeeding! Tiao Shao leaves swiftly to relay Jiang Chen's message.
    Ye Rong knows that although he's Crown Prince, his position has not yet stabilized and his foundation is rather unsteady. So he is ready to comply with Jiang Chen's request. Jiang Chen then tells Ye Rong that that Lu Wuji may be heavily involved in this case with heavy assistance from his uncle, Vice Director Yang Zhao, and that he may plan to use young prince Ye Hao. Ye Rong's eyes fill with murderous intent as he recalls Yang Zhao, a hardcore supporter of Ye Dai's ascension to the throne. Ye Rong would gladly have Yang Zhao's head if given the opportunity, so he asks if Jiang Chen has solid proof. Jiang Chen replies that although he doesn't have ironclad proof, his is 100% determined that Yang Zhao and Lu Wuji are cooperating with foreign forces. Chapter ends with Jiang Chen reassuring Ye Rong of Yang Zhao's downfall no matter what move he makes.

    Chapter 224:
    The order was released and the gates were opened once more. Although his uncle told him not to leave too often, Lu Wuji was so happy he dashed to Yang Zhao's residence to brag about how Ye Rong couldn't handle the pressure anymore. After all, he was only recently crowned and yet he had already ordered a capital-wide lockdown. Yang Zhao was disappointed because he was hoping he could give Ye Rong a heavy enough blow to topple his status as Crown Prince with his lockdown situation. The two talk about how Jiang Chen was still the major threat, and that even Ye Rong won't be an obstacle once they remove Jiang Chen. Yang Zhao is planning to 'murder with a borrowed knife', hoping to pin all the blame on Hidden Hand afterwards. Lu Wuji wants to make a move soon, so Yang Zhao reminds him to act stealthily and to not draw any attention at all, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous. Lu Wuji leaves the residence, walks around a bit, and then slips away to the hidden location where 'Blood Three' is staying. As Lu Wuji relays the situation to him, 'Blood Three' can't help but wonder whether this is a trap. Lu Wuji reassures him that it is impossible; after all, Ye Rong just ascended but Yang Zhao has complete control over the situation. Still unconvinced, 'Blood Three' states they have to coordinate with him, otherwise they don't have the qualifications to negotiate. Lu Wuji hates being looked down upon but he knows he has no choice in the matter. As Lu Wuji is preparing to leave, the GBR King sends a few squadrons of GB Rats to surround the location while he travels back to tell Jiang Chen. After receiving the news, Jiang Chen immediately sends for Ye Rong to dispatch an team of elites in secret. However, Jiang Chen's priority is still Xue Tong. Just as Jiang Chen's thinking that, 'Blood Three' is actually planning to forever silence his only eye witness.

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    Maybe I should just start chopping everything down to 3 or 4 main points...
    Anyhow, here you guys go, a quick two chapters:

    Chapter 225:
    However, Lu Wuji states that he still has many uses for Xue Tong, alive. The two have a fallout with 'Blood Three' not wanting word to accidentally get out about Hidden Hand. So, to compensate, he has Lu Wuji pay an extremely, enormously heavy price to keep Xue Tong alive! Although Lu Wuji is bitter about the steep price and 'insurance', he agrees, knowing that 'Blood Three' and the Hidden Hand organization can't operate in the capital without him and his uncle Yang Zhao. The two enter the other room to grab Xue Tong... Only to discover a room so empty, not even ghosts would haunt it... For a second, Lu Wuji thinks 'Blood Three' is messing with him, only to discover his facial expression isn't looking so good. Walking over to where Xue Tong was resting, 'Blood Three' sweeps the hay aside to reveal the entrance to a freshly carved tunnel! How could 'Blood Three' let Xue Tong escape so easily?! 'Blood Three' was an expert with acute, sensitive senses! And yet, Xue Tong sneaked away completely unnoticed! 'Blood Three' states that Xue Tong was sealed and restricted, so it had to be someone else who came to rescue him, and then locks onto Lu Wuji with venomous eyes, roaring that it was all Lu Wuji's fault! Although Lu Wuji is confident with his skills, 'Blood Three' doubts Lu Wuji is better than him. Based on the evidence, they're long gone. (It could be that they're still close, not too clear on that.) 'Blood Three' is a Rank Four Spirit Dao practitioner, so there aren't more than a handful of people who can threaten him in the capital. Letting out a sharp yet low whistle, 'Blood Three' summons a few subordinates and orders them to destroy any evidence on site and to find a new hideout. Now, 'Blood Three' is hellbent on utterly silencing Xue Tong for good, yet Lu Wuji still wants to keep him alive as a final trump card. Despite this, Lu Wuji is worried and anxious out of his mind right now!

    Chapter 226:
    Just as Lu Wuji is preparing to leave, 'Blood Three' returns from outside and lands a palm square on his chest, almost taking his life right then and there! 'Blood Three' scolds Lu Wuji, roaring that they've already been surrounded, and yet Lu Wuji still states he wasn't followed! 'Blood Three' and his subordinates are planning an escape by splitting up into two teams. As long as Ye Chonglou, the only Spirit King of Skylaurel Kingdom, doesn't show up, they should be able to easily escape. Without any shame, Lu Wuji asks 'Blood Three' to not throw him aside, to which 'Blood Three' replies Lu Wuji is lucky that he isn't ending him right now for getting him into this mess! Still thinking he has any power at all, Lu Wuji threatens then begs 'Blood Three' stating only he, Lu Wuji, can allow them to get out safely. Ignoring him, 'Blood Three' prepares his subordinates for escape, reminding them to not fight for an extended period of time. Suddenly, from the room that Xue Tong was locked up in, Jiang Chen materializes out of nowhere and mocks 'Blood Three' right in the face. Thinking he brought assistance or set up a trap, 'Blood Three' scans his surroundings only to discover Jiang Chen did indeed come alone and hadn't set up any traps. Still thinking he holds power, Lu Wuji orders 'Blood Three' to kill Jiang Chen! Although he is vigilant, 'Blood Three' knows he can easily kill Jiang Chen, so he prepares to strike. Jiang Chen doesn't even move; standing there, he continues to mock 'Blood Three', this time stating he's still listening to Lu Wuji. The end arrives way too soon as a golden shadow erupts from the floor and severs 'Blood Three' in half, freeing his head from the rest of his body...

    Once again, I have to remind you guys to not take everything I write as an 'official' summary.
    There will be errors; there will be mistakes; there will be missing details along with awful word choices.
    Lastly, there will be those who eventually come after my head because I said there were three guys instead of four. =.=
    And with that, I bid you guys good night.
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    Here's one real quick, I'll post two more tonight.
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    Chapter 227:
    (Self-Correction: 'Blood Three' probably didn't have his head chomped clean off, but I'm pretty sure he's dead.)

    Without revealing its true appearance, the golden blur escapes before 'Blood Three' could grab it. His dying words were instructing his subordinates to run and survive so he doesn't die in vain, and they acknowledge this order.

    Lu Wuji tries to run out of the hideout only to realize he was surrounded by thousands of Dragonteeth Guard, led by Tian Shao! For some reason, Lu Wuji just doesn't give up and tries to play the 'I was just out on patrol' card! But seeing it fail, he then tries to blame Tian Shao, stating he was framing him! Seeing that fail as well, Lu Wuji plays the 'I am Vice Director Yang Zhao's nephew, you can't kill me' card.

    (Seriously, Lu Wuji isn't even funny anymore. It started out amusing but the excuses just... He's just a sad piece of sh*t. I mean, come on! You were f*cking caught red-f*ckin'-handed with your f*cking hand in the bloody, motherf*ckin' cookie f*cking jar! ... Okay, I'm alright. It's out of my system... I hope...)

    Suddenly, a voice booms from behind him and next thing Lu Wuji knows, he's face-planted in the dirt with Jiang Chen's foot on his butt, half the bones in his body broken, a mouth full of bad blood, half his life knocked right out of him, and a dantian completely and utterly destroyed! (Ahh, just from typing that: Satisfaction... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) By Benny Benassi.)

    Lu Wuji still doesn't give up and continues using his uncle's name, prompting Jiang Chen to state that he hasn't forgotten about his uncle's participation in this mess. Jiang Chen tells Tian Shao that he wants to end Lu Wuji, and calls one of his followers, Guo Jin, out to take action. Calling out that he will mercilessly slice Lu Wuji up, Guo Jin prepares his blade.

    Just before he can strike however, Xin Wudao steps forth, trying to pry at Jiang Chen and Tian Shao, calling them mad for killing illegally! Xin Wudao, for those who don't remember, is one of Vice Director Yang Zhao's friends who happen to attend Tutor Ye's birthday under Former First Prince Ye Dai.

    Xin Wudao and Tian Shao get into an argument, one stating he has orders from higher up and the other stating he is Lu Wuji's superior and has the last say!

    While they're bickering, Jiang Chen tells Guo Jin to go ahead. And he does just that, swing down, straight through the neck, launching Lu Wuji's head into the air as a pillar of blood gushes into the air like a geyser!

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    Ohh, and just a warning, minor "politics" are involved so I might've f*cked up some parts of the summary.
    You've been warned; anyhow, here are the other two as promised:

    Chapter 228:
    Absolutely no one expected Jiang Chen to be so decisive. They only snapped out of their daze once Lu Wuji's head hit the cold, hard floor, kicking up dust. Xin Wudao is shivering, literally! He points at Jiang Chen, stating no one can save him from Yang Zhao, now. Only Jiang Chen isn't scared one bit, instead he says he's coming for Yang Zhao next! Without no other words to say, Xin Wudao exits the stage. Tian Shao walks up to Jiang Chen, warning him. Apparently Yang Zhao's great position is due to his backer from the PT Sect!
    Once the news reaches his ears, the King lets out a deep sigh as he feels a throbbing headache incoming. The king can't do anything about Yang Zhao! Instead, he turns to Shangguan Yi, the General Director of the Dragonteeth Guard, for advice. Although he is Yang Zhao's superior, Shangguan Yi can't really do anything about him either! He doesn't support Yang Zhao, but Shangguan Yi is truly afraid of Yang Zhao's backer! They discuss Yang Zhao's power in the Dragonteeth Guard, how he can appoint or dismiss anyone on a whim, leading him to abuse his authority over and over, again! Even though they can't punish him, the King has Shangguan Yi shave away some of Yang Zhao's authority in the Dragonteeth Guard.
    Shangguan Yi leaves to fulfill the King's orders while the King massages his temples, frowning at this mess. Suddenly, Tutor Ye decides to pay a visit! He asks how the King plans to act regarding Yang Zhao. The King instead states he's willing to follow whatever Tutor Ye directs him to. Tutor simply states to completely remove Yang Zhao from power, leaving the King in a difficult situation.

    Chapter 229:
    As fate would have it, Yang Zhao's sister actually had a relationship with Elder Tie! Tutor Ye emphasized that although Yang Zhao has a PT Sect Elder's backing, they are two different people from two very different worlds. He leaves with Dan Fei, stating that the King should make the decision he finds most suitable.
    The King is stuck contemplating, should he listen to Tutor Ye, but what about Elder Tie, but Tutor Ye knows best, but the PT Sect, etc. It boils down to whether he follows Tutor Ye or PT Sect Elder Tie. The King thinks deeply about this. Tutor Ye normally doesn't get involved with politics; Yang Zhao was a close friend of Ye Dai; Tutor Ye highly praises Ye Rong; Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen... The King suddenly thinks of Jiang Chen, how Tutor Ye is basically choosing him over Elder Tie! While deep in thought, someone reports that Ye Rong stopped by.
    Father and son exchange simple greetings and pleasantries before the King asks what Ye Rong plans to do. Ye Rong states that they should cut Yang Zhao down while they can, otherwise he'll get even more conceited and go on a rampage, affecting the Royal Family by making commoners think their king can't control his kingdom properly. The King once more brings up the problem regarding Yang Zhao's PT Sect backer. Ye Rong points out that the decision the kingdom makes has nothing to do with the PT Sect, as they are on two completely different levels. The Royal Family must be decisive and overbearing! Ye Rong knows in his heart that if he doesn't remove Yang Zhao now, he'll never have another chance before Yang Zhao knocks him off his position as Crown Prince! Ye Rong states that Yang Zhao will eventually come after the Royal Family and try to remove them in his rampage! The King sighs as he tells Ye Rong how Tutor Ye also stated to completely remove Yang Zhao from power. The King states he's getting too old, and that Ye Rong should take the lead of this incident.
    Back at 'Jiang' manor, Jiang Chen looks over Xue Tong's injuries and states that he can dispel Hidden Hand's seal completely in a few days. The rest of his followers state that they're going on patrol, only to be told to rest by Jiang Chen. He states that Yang Zhao won't make his move, not yet. Jiang Chen flashes a cold grin as he remembers his army of millions of GB Rats, currently residing right under 'Jiang' manor.
    (I personally like Elder 'Tie' more than Elder 'Iron', but if you guys want, I can transition over to 'Iron' to make it easier for you guys to follow along with the 'official' translations.)

    Once again, I might've screwed up on some parts, especially the King's decision. You've been warned... again...
    And with that I bid you all, good night~!
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    Chapter 230:
    Jiang Chen awakes early the next morning, knowing the day won't be quiet and tranquil. Tian Shao stops by, but looks quite depressed. He slowly relays what transpired the day before, about the king's decision and more. Once Jiang Chen confirms the 'Elder Tie' is the same person, he bursts into a laugh! A while into their conversation, Guo Jin suddenly brings in another member of the Dragonteeth Guard who states he's here with orders to surround Jiang Manor and arrest Jiang Chen! This Guard then notifying them that the companies outside, the Third and Seventh, are under Yang Zhao's personal management and have been left in the dark about Lu Wuji's rebellion and collaboration with Hidden Hand! This Guard and Tian Shao wonder if Jiang Chen should escape and go into hiding right away. But Jiang Chen simply smirks and states he'll be taking a trip to Dragonteeth Guard Headquarters. Jiang Chen reassures the two that even though this is a trap, they have absolutely nothing to worry about. He summons several GWS Birds and heads for Dragonteeth Guard Headquarters.
    (If this summary seems short, it's because I cut out a lot of repetitive lines and information we, the reader, already know.)
  • Another one! There may be one more to come:

    Chapter 231:
    (You know what, I'm going to shorten "Dragonteeth Guard Headquarters" down to "DTG Headquarters", but only if it has the word "Headquarters" at the end, otherwise, it'll still remain as "Dragonteeth Guard".)
    Swiftly arriving at DTG Headquarters, Jiang Chen suddenly says, "Is Shangguan Yi, General Manager of the Dragonteeth Guard, present? Jiang Chen has come to pay a visit!" in such a loud voice it shook the very ground like a wicked thunderbolt! Everything suddenly became very chaotic, especially Yang Zhao and his friends! Jiang Chen arrived too quick! And of his own volition!
    Before Yang Zhao can speak however, Xin Wudao and Qi Fengxian state they'll capture Jiang Chen at once! Nodding, Yang Zhao tells them to be quick about it. The two gather 16 Half-Spirit Realm and 4 Spirit Realm practitioners and together fly up on their mounts with the orders: kill Jiang Chen, capture Tian Shao, revenge for Vice-General Lu Wuji!
    Seeing them coming, Jiang Chen then shouts out, telling Shangguan Yi not to blame him as his men struck first! He then draws his bow, preparing to fire! Xin Wudao and Qi Fengxian are both Spirit Realm experts on the verge of breaking through to the Second Level. Waiting for them to get closer, as long as Shangguan Yi gives his 'approval' by not interfering, Jiang Chen would shoot each and every single one of his 22 targets down! They're closing in, 100 meters, 50 meters, 30 meters!
    By Jiang Chen's side, Tian Shao is sweating bullets! Jiang Chen lets out one final sentence, stating he's 'disappointed' it's come to this, and that Shangguan Yi didn't stop him.
    Several war cries ring out from the opposition, all stating they'll kill Jiang Chen and regain glory for the Dragonteeth Guard! They've finally crossed the mental line Jiang Chen drew! Jiang Chen draws his bow to the max, preparing to unleash a hail of deadly arrows, enough to make it rain blood in the sky! Suddenly, "Hold on a minute!"
    That shout caused the GWS Birds to swerve and completely halted all the dragon mounts! Tian Shao shouts, stating it was the General Manager's voice. Jiang Chen, once again, realizes he'd underestimated the Dragonteeth Guard, for they had such an expert atop their ranks!
    A middle-aged man, atop a Golden Winged Dragon, flew over. Every Guard in air bowed down before him. Once close enough, Shangguan Yi's glare lands on Jiang Chen, who once again repeats exactly what he said when he first arrived, in a manner neither arrogant nor servile.
    The two exchange swift greetings before Jiang Chen gets down to business, stating Lu Wuji constantly challenges him yet the Dragonteeth Guard does nothing! Do they really worship evil and and protect villains?! Nearby, Tian Shao nearly has a heart attack hearing Jiang Chen so opening opposing the General Manager!
    (... This summary was a mistake... IT'S WAYYYYYYYYYY TOO LONG!!!!!!)

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    Last one for the night:

    Chapter 232:
    Shangguan Yi is the one who's most surprised; especially at Jiang Chen's advantage in this argument! Before he even says anything, however, Xin Wudao and Qi Fengxian shoots his mouth off stating Jiang Chen has no proof, he's mad, he doesn't know his place, he's challenging the entire Guard, blah blah blah~ At the end, all 22 request to take action against Jiang Chen!
    (The words used here is 请战. Literally translates to "Please-War" but figuratively means to "Please fight" or in this sense, "Please let us fight". I'm not 100% certain though, so I might've missed some key components. Sorry.)
    Once again, Shangguan Yi is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Kill Jiang Chen, offend Tutor Ye and Crown Prince Ye Rong. Investigate Yang Zhao, offend a PT Sect Elder!
    Suddenly, while Shangguan Yi is in mid-thought, two voices ring out, mocking him! The first a female, the second Elder Tie! The two appear right in front of Shangguan Yi! Jiang Chen assumes the female to be Yang Zhao's younger sister because she referred to Lu Wuji as "nephew". She then turns around, staring straight at Jiang Chen, asking if he is the person-in-question, Jiang Chen? Elder Tie smirks as he knew he'd one day get a chance to strangle Jiang Chen by the neck!
    Shangguan Yi suddenly states that this is Dragonteeth Guard business, and that the PT Sect should not and can not interfere with the mundane world, especially not their internal affairs. Elder Tie snaps back stating Lu Wuji is his woman's nephew, how could he not act knowing the killer was right in front of him?
    The female pours oil over the flames, stating Shangguan Yi is a coward and should just retire if he's not up to the task of managing the Dragonteeth Guard! Shangguan Yi is ready to explode; these two couples are playing him for a fool! He's just as powerful as Elder Tie but he can't act against them in the open!
    Shangguan Yi knows they're trying to usurp his seat as General Manager for Yang Zhao so he states that only the King can appoint who becomes General Manager! Elder Tie's face darkens as he and Yang Xiao, that female, play a duet cacophony, shouting how they can easily pressure the King, how Shangguan Yi is incompetent, how he challenges the authority of a PT Sect Elder, etc. Elder Tie then outright tries to knock him off his seat by stating he's temporarily giving the seat over to Yang Zhao!
    Shangguan Yi shouts at Elder Tie, telling him not to go to far! Elder Tie ruthlessly slaps him across the face by asking what is he going to do about it? He even goes as far as to mock Shangguan Yi, stating if he cooperates, when this is all over, he'll be promised the position of Vice-Manager!
    Shangguan Yi explodes, stating he'll go to PT Sect to protest against this injustice! Elder Tie ignores him completely, then turns to Xin Wudao, asking him why he's yet to move! Xin Wudao and Qi Fengxian look at each other, and then at Jiang Chen as they prepare to move with the protection of a PT Sect Elder!

    (For those looking for a quick summary: Blah blah blah... Jiang Chen this! Jiang Chen that! Blah blah blah... Elder Tie arrives mid-chapter and mocks Shangguan Yi for another half chapter then forcefully takes his title away and gives it to Yang Zhao!)

    (... Is it because I cheated on Chapter 230? I promise I won't do it again. Please? JUST MAKE THESE SUMMARIES SHORT! PLEASE!)

    Guys, I just reread my last few summaries. The Rank "General Manager" and "General Director" are the same.
    It's "Manager" at LNMTL, but "Director" in 'official' translations. So just in case someone was wondering, yes, I f*cked up.
    Originally I maintained it as "Director" but recently forgot to transition "Manager" over to "Director".
    So just as a clarification, the two are indeed the same rank, I just messed up. Sorry.

    Anyhow... Good night~

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    I promise there will be more tonight, here's one for now:

    Chapter 233:
    Shangguan Yi roars, telling Xin Wudao and Q Fengxian to stand down! Only to have the two ignore him with a single sentence and then pounce eagerly towards Jiang Chen!
    Letting out a light smirk, Jiang Chen releases a couple arrows. Although each appear ordinary, Jiang Chen integrated the essence of 'Moonshatter Flying Dagger' into every one of them!
    Sensing something out of place, Elder Tie quickly shouts for them to dodge! But it was too late! Three arrows found their new home in the throats of three unfortunate individuals. Xin Wudao and Qi Fengxian both had their heads completely erupted!
    Three headless bodies hit the ground, drawing up a lightly curtain of dust and staining the floor! Everyone returns their gaze to Jiang Chen once more, only this time, in deep fear.
    Shangguan Yi silently thinks to himself what a monstrous talent Jiang Chen is. Even is he compared himself to Jiang Chen, his bow art would've been severely weaker! But he is not upset, but rather extremely elated! This was the man who stands beside the Crown Prince!
    Unable to say anything else, Elder Tie roars at Jiang Chen, stating how dare he commit murder in such a place! He then once again tries to in the blame on Shangguan Yi, calling him a coward for not stopping his subordinates as they were killed in cold blood!
    Not falling for Elder Tie's schemes again, Shangguan Yi simply states that the two had already turned their back on the Dragonteeth Guard the moment they dismissed orders and rushed in!
    With no other threat available, Elder Tie resorts to using the name "Precious Tree Sect" to pressure Shangguan Yi! Following up, Yang Xiao also curses him. They use Elder Tie's father's name, stating Shangguan Yi has become an enemy of the entire Tie family!
    At this moment, Shangguan Yi is indeed shaken! After all, Elder Tie's father was one of the four Great Elders on the PT Sect! Not even the King could not risk offending such a character, much less him! In his heart, Shangguan Yi is slowly forming thoughts to turning against Jiang Chen for the good of the Empire...
    Both Elder Tie and Yang Xiao are elated to see Shangguan Yi back down in defeat! Turning towards Jiang Chen, Elder Tie, a Level Six Spirit Realm expert, wants to see how Jiang Chen fares after losing Shangguan Yi's support!
    An invisible pressure locks onto Jiang Chen, who struggles to fight against it. Suddenly, a voice travels out of nowhere, mocking Elder Tie for using his father's name to bully others!
    It was the Royal Tutor, Ye

  • Chapter 234:
    (Super summary: Tutor Ye is here to support Jiang Chen. The End.)
    Atop his symbolic Five-Winged Phoenix Dragon, Tutor Ye makes his grand appearance! He silently praises Jiang Chen for his courage and boldness after seeing him standing up to the pressure of a Level Six Spirit Realm practitioner.
    ( ^ One-fifth of the chapter already... PRAISE LORD HELIX for a short summary!)
    Elder Tie feels humiliated after seeing Tutor Ye completely ignoring his existence! Elder Tie tells Tutor Ye to stay out of this 'personal grudge'. To which Tutor Ye scoffs at, stating Jiang Chen upheld justice for killing Lu Wuji who colluded with evil organizations and that PT Sect should be rewarding him for performing such a magnanimous feat!
    Enraged, Elder Tie pulls out the " but he's my woman's nephew" card! He then states that Jiang Chen killed him for "no reason at all" and whether or not Tutor Ye wants to make the entire Tie family his enemy!
    Tutor Ye roars that although others fear Elder Tie's father, he does not! He warns Elder Tie to not speak nonsense because Jiang Chen is his benefactor who he holds in regards almost as if he were truly his own son/nephew! Not the mention, there is solid evidence pointing to Lu Wuji commit crime!
    Everyone is shocked by these words! Tutor Ye was really going all out! He was willing to go against the PT Sect for Jiang Chen! If people didn't know better, they might've thought Jiang Chen was his illegitimate child!
    (Half chapter here... LORD HELIX have mercy!)
    Tutor Ye degrades Lu Wuji, Xin Wudao, and Qi Fengxian, essentially calling them rebels! (Poor third arrow-through-the-head guy, never even got mentioned once!) Silently, every Guard's mind is slowly shifting towards Jiang Chen's story.
    Seeing no way to salvage the situation, Elder Tie ends up asking why Tutor Ye values Jiang Chen so much. He was just a country bumpkin, with no influential background and no proud skill. He tries to sugarcoat everything, stating he'd even select 18 gifted, young PT Sect disciples to "deliver" to Tutor Ye's place!
    (Uhhhhhhhh... This verse sounds... Kinda messed up...)
    Even Yang Xiao tries to kiss up to Tutor Ye, crying while saying her nephew was killed wrongly and that Jiang Chen is a tyrannical monster! Tutor Ye disregards her, stating not even ten thousand gifted youngsters would measure up to one Jiang Chen! He continues, saying how the older generation should leave it to the young generation to settle their own problems.
    Seeing as how Tutor Ye is so hellbent on protection Jiang Chen, Elder Tie leaves one last remark, warning Jiang Chen that he will dies horrifically if he gets his hands on him. He then makes sure Tutor Ye will not assist Jiang Chen, nor will he pressure Yang Zhao before he also agrees to not bother with this.
    Out of the corner of his eyes, Tutor Ye spots a smile on Jiang Chen's face, signifying he can easily clean up now.
    (LORD HELIX whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy is the summary so long?!)

  • For those who are slightly confused by the last chapter:
    Basically, Elder Tie and Tutor Ye both agreed to not get involved in this Lu Wuji incident. They can't assist their allies, nor can they suppress the enemy. It's now Yang Zhao vs. Jiang Chen, head to head, macho and macho, without any external interference! Or at least I hope it is...

    Chapter 235:
    (Spoiler: Title is "Yang Zhao died!?")
    Chapter starts off with Elder Tie and Yang Xiao threatening Jiang Chen to watch his back! However, shortly after, another General rushes over to Shangguan Yi with an ashen face, informing him that Yang Zhao has died!
    Everyone is stunned as to how this could've happened! Elder Tie suddenly turns to Shangguan Yi, framing him as the mastermind behind this incident. Only to have Shangguan Yi viciously counter stating maybe Elder Tie personally did it in order to frame him!
    Everyone turns to the new general as he recounts the events. He states that Yang Zhao was perfectly just a few minutes ago. However, when Xin Wudao and Qi Fengxian were killed, Yang Zhao never came out of the room he was in. When this general went in to check on Yang Zhao, he discovered his mangled corpse atop a pool of blood! The body looked like it was gnawed at with nothing left but bones, only the head remained completely untouched!
    Not believing what he's heard, Elder Tie orders the general to lead him to the scene! Before leaving, he leaves Jiang Chen with a death threat, if he was involved with this incident, the entire Tie family will be his sworn enemy!
    As if he only heard the whistles of the wind, Jiang Chen merely smiled lightly. After all, it didn't matter whether this incident occurred or not, Elder Tie was never going to let Jiang Chen go free in the first place.
    (Half chapter point.)
    To Shangguan Yi, this news was heaven sent. However, the aftermath would be both beneficial and detrimental. He then greets the general warmly, asking him to lead the way. Before leaving, he apologizes to and thanks Tutor Ye, warns Jiang Chen about his tremendous talent, and congratulates Tian Shao for following the right person.
    (Another quarter chapter.)
    After Shangguan Yi leaves, Tutor Ye turns to Jiang Chen, stating he can see less and less of Jiang Chen's abilities. After all, even though everyone suspects Jiang Chen, there's absolutely no proof whatsoever! How could he possibly kill an Earth Spirit Realm practitioner!? There is only one youngster in this world who can impress Tutor Ye this much, and that person is Jiang Chen.

    Rant section:
    Honestly, I'm starting to lose interest... Extremely rapidly...
    I loved SoTR at first. Then the GWS Bird army came along and I slowly realized Jiang Chen doesn't do sh*t...
    Sure he's uber smart, but he almost never does anything himself! He relies on others to do it for him!
    There's the GWS Bird army, Tutor Ye, the GB Rat army, etc. Sure there are some highlights but for the most part...
    Anyhow, I hope it picks up, like the very beginning where he actually kicked *ss and showed off his skills.
    I understand many might not feel this way, so I apologize to anyone who was 'offended' by this.
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    @shin totally get what you mean, his battles are so anti-climatic, his foes are cardboard villains who get erased without much of a resistance. The only real battles he has been was against the assassins, the sect that helped that Long chick and that spirit beast, three real battles is pretty much nothing. Doesn't help that he constantly nags that he is a proud son of the heavens and all that shit, would be willing to bet that overall he has said several chapters worth in total of that shit. Probably going to read until this arc finishes then put it on hold and stack the chapters and give it a chance later.
  • Silently sneaking one in:

    Chapter 236:
    After seeing Yang Zhao's mangled corpse, Yang Xiao flies into a rage, roaring at Jiang Chen that she'll slaughter his nine generations of family! Turning to Elder Tie, she begs him to take action against Jiang Chen immediately!
    Although he wants to, during Elder Tie's analysis, he discovers that Yang Zhao's wounds came from numerous beasts! Feeling a little scared because Elder Tie is also in Earth Spirit Realm, he tells Yang Xiao that they're returning to PT Sect first. Whatever creatures that did this to Yang Zhao must be powerful enough to threaten his life as well!
    Yang Xiao feels wronged, but Elder Tie's mind is made up, so he makes up excuse of requiring his father's assistance to investigate the corpse so that he can return to the Sect as soon as possible.
    Just as Shangguan Yi arrives, Yang Xiao immediately starts verbally bashing, threatening, and cursing him to relieve her mood. Shangguan Yi stands firm, stating he wouldn't have gone through so much trouble if it was him that took action.
    Unconvinced, Yang Xiao asks why he took Jiang Chen's side. He replies stating it was out of respect for the Royal Tutor and for the Crown Prince. Elder Tie is enraged, shouting "this isn't over"! Seeing how deranged and stubborn the two are, Shangguan Yi no longer bothers to waste his breathe on them.
    Seeing this, Elder Tie once more threatens Shangguan Yi's position as General Director. Shangguan Yi stands firm, repeating his position was bestowed upon him by his Majesty. Seeing his threat fail, Elder Tie silently writes Shangguan Yi's name on his blacklist in his heart. After that, Elder Tie leaves.
    (Halfway point.)
    Shangguan Yi sighs as he realizes his position as General Director is crumbling, and that he may just be another 'figure head'. Earlier, Xin Wudao and Qi Fengxian blatantly defied his order in public! He silently vows to once more tighten his grasp on his position; to rebuild the Dragonteeth Guard from the ground up and remove any threats from within.
    The first Vice-Director Zhou Gui encourages Shangguan Yi. During their talk, he mentions how Jiang Chen might be the key to rebuilding the Dragonteeth Guard, anew. Hearing this, Shangguan Yi must once more reevaluate this youngster named Jiang Chen.

    The last quarter of the chapter is Shangguan Yi revisiting all of Jiang Chen's achievements and stating "This Jiang Chen... Is not simple!"

  • I know these writers are hard-pressed to publish a ridiculous number of chapters to fill their quotas, but it's almost unbearable how they rely on recountings, repetitions and over-emphasised situations just to eat some paragraphs away
  • Guys, you know you're free to comment here, right?
    There's no need to [-1] somebody if it's only because of that.
    No class nor work today, so here's one for now:

    Chapter 237:
    ('Official' translations keep stating Yang Zhao was Elder Tie's 'uncle-in-law' but that's a BIG MISTAKE. Obviously, Yang Zhao is his 'brother-in-law'. If it was 'uncle-in-law', Yang Zhao would either have to be Yang Xiaoqian's father or uncle... Ohh, also, I'm going to call Elder Tie's father 'Supreme Elder Tie' to make it easier for myself. And if you guys want, I don't mind switching over to 'Elder Iron'. Let me know.)
    Back at the PT Sect, Supreme Elder Tie examined the corpse and determined Yang Zhao was killed by an extremely powerful Spirit Beast, one that can easily overpower an Earth Spirit Realm expert!
    At this point, Tie Can (the son) brought up how Jiang Chen, a country bumpkin, and the Royal Tutor, Ye Chonglou, didn't give him any face, even stating he wasn't afraid of Tie Long (the father)!
    Tie Can always knew how to get his father riled up. However, this time, Tie Long is not so easily swayed, not even by his own son, so Tie Can can only continue to pour more oil into the flame!
    He tries to use Tutor Ye once more, only for Tie Long to harshly remind him not to offend someone he can't afford to offend! There are two big factions in the PT Sect, the Tie family and the Xie family. ('Xie' like... Thank you 'Xie'. And I think the Head of the PT Sect is from the Xie family... Not sure though...)
    Tie Long reminds Tie Can not to go against Ye Chonglou. Xie Tianshu, the representative of the Xie family, has invited him to enter PT Sect numerous times before, only to be rejected each and every single time!
    Tie Can realizes he definitely can't go against Ye Chonglou... But what about Jiang Chen? Tie Long states that Jiang Chen will have to enter the PT Sect, sooner or later, so he must pressure Jiang Chen as much as possible!
    Tie Can states that Jiang Chen also rejected Ye Chonglou's invitation to become his disciple, causing Tie Long to burst into cheerful laugher. Tie Long's line of thinking is: if Jiang Chen rejected Ye Chonglou, that means he must want to enter PT Sect! Perfect!
    The conversation soon turns towards a 'talent competition', hosted by the Four Supreme Sects. Young experts from all 16 Kingdoms will compete, possibly shaking the foundation of the Four Supreme Sects if one gains a Heavenly Genius!
    Tie Can says it doesn't matter since Tie Long's position in the PT Sect rivals the Head. Tie Long looks disappointingly at Tie Can, reprimanding that Tie Can's position is only because he's his son, and that he's basically worthless other than that!
    Tie Can says he's training very diligently very day, only to have his father sneer "Yeah, in a woman's belly maybe."
    Conversation turns sour as Tie Long lets out a secret... The Four Supreme Sects of the 16 Kingdoms is actually becoming weaker and weaker... Compared to the real powerhouses outside!
    The Realm they currently reside in is called the 'Wanxiang Realm', controlled by humans. (万象 literally 'ten thousand-simliar', fun fact, also the name of Vientiane, if anyone knows where that is...)
    There are many powerful Empires! The 16 Kingdoms is only a weak cluster of alliances in the grand scheme! The humans here are bless to live here, but if their power continues to drop... They'll be forcefully removed from the Wanxiang Realm! Exiled! Into the 'Wild Lands'!
    (荒蛮之地 first word meaning wasteland/famine/shortage of food, second word meaning 'very', 'savage', or 'barbaric', third word is a pronoun like it, him, her, etc, and the fourth word meaning 'land')

  • The father tie actually feels like a better person....
  • Not gonna lie, that previous chapter is starting me get me interested again... I have hope again!
    Especially that tournament of talents... You know... As long as Jiang Chen actually fights...

    Chapter 238:
    Stunned, Tie Can asks if it's really that bad. Only to have Tie Long roar that it's way worse that how he said it! The 16 Kingdoms don't even have a single Nascent/Origin Realm practitioner! And the Four Supreme Sects only have one combined!
    (Let me know, do you guys want Nascent or Origin Realm? Origin would be easier to remember and type out, but Nascent is more 'sophisticated' in a way. I'll use Nascent for now, if you guys want me to change, just let me know. Also, I'm not sure if each Supreme Sect has one Nascent Realm expert or it's just all of them combined only have one. Sorry.)
    Tie Can regards this level as a living legend! Only the old ancestor of the PT Sect has reached the Nascent Realm! Tie Can can't help but ask if other regions have Nascent Realm experts.
    Tie Long scoffs, stating there a far, far more, by the several dozens! Tie Long's cultivation can barely be considered mediocre there! Tie Can is stunned because there aren't even ten Heaven Spirit Realm practitioners in the PT Sect!
    Tie Long then blows his mind once more by stating that the true experts there are 'Heaven Nascent Realm' practitioners! Their ancestor is only a First Level Nascent Realm practitioner! Tie Can is truly the frog in the well!
    (Quarter chapter point.)
    News of what transpired at DTG Headquarters spread like wildfire during dry season in the woods.
    (Roughly two-thirds completion point. I know, I got lazy, sue me. I didn't want to summarize everything for a third time because the author needed cannon fodder. Literally, almost half the chapter is a summary of what happened and 'people once again realized they had underestimated that youngster named Jiang Chen' times 20. Ugh...)
    Jiang Chen 'congratulates' the GBR King on eating two Earth Spirit Realm experts. Then he gets back down to business, saying although it may help his cultivation, it doesn't assist his bloodline awakening a single bit!
    Jiang Chen then states that because the King has an inherited 'Secret Skill', he has a super easy way to awaken his bloodline, but Jiang Chen must first be a Nascent Realm expert plus luck plays a major role.
    Bringing up a second method, Jiang Chen says he can 'wash' the GBR King's bone marrow out with a Heaven-Defying Spiritual Medicine. However, this method requires luck even more because that Medicine is hard to come by even in a hundred years!
    The third method is the most tedious, using mysterious 'Innate Spirit' to pass through the King's Spirit Qi to once again, 'wash' the bone marrow.
    There are numerous others but they are much rarer and harder to use. Hearing this, the GBR King is elated beyond belief, admiring Jiang Chen's knowledge. He swears that as long as Jiang Chen can help him, he is willing to become his "goon" for life. (Lol)
    Jiang Chen smiles, stating he'll naturally take good care of his allies and subordinates. Satisfied, the GBR King brings up the matter of developing the Flaming Heart of Ice to obtain a Heaven-Defying Divine Ability!

  • For those that are confused, I'm sticking with 'official' translations when it comes to 'Flaming Heart of Ice' and 'Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice'... Solely because they sound 'cooler'. Lol

    Chapter 239:
    (Super summary: Jiang Chen breaks through to Level Two Spirit Realm... Move along...)
    Of course Jiang Chen hasn't forgotten about the Flaming Heart of Ice. (Followed by 10, no 20, almost 30, paragraphs of recap... Aaaaaaaaaaaand a third of the chapter is done...)
    Jiang Chen realizes he can't control it properly at the moment, so he must advance in cultivation, to break through! Currently, the most he can do is manipulate two Bewitching Lotuses of Fire and Ice. Compared to how many were in the Maze Realm, it's simply Heaven and Earth!
    In a secret room, Jiang Chen controls his Spirit Qi, forming a sun and a moon, then injecting them into the ground, causing two Bewitching Lotus vines to sprout out! The GBR King is surprised that Jiang Chen already has this much control to be able to summon two! With these, Jiang Chen can fight against a Level Seven Spirit Realm practitioner, a Heaven Spirit Realm powerhouse!
    Although the GBR King can rival a Spirit King practitioner, Jiang Chen doesn't accept his flattery too readily. He isn't satisfied until he can at least control TEN Bewitching Lotuses! Which means he must first reach Level Three Spirit Realm to barely control that many.
    For the next 7 days, Jiang Chen absorbs the essence almost all the Spirit Medicine he obtained in the Maze Realm to build up his Spirit Sea, tempering it, integrating everything into his strength!
    Finally, all his hard work pays off, and he advances to Level Two Spirit Realm! His Spirit Sea is refined as many impurities in his body is expelled.
    Although he's become more handsome and blah blah blah, Jiang Chen only cares about his strength. To his delight, he can now easily manipulate FOUR Bewitching Lotus vines!
    God's Eye and Ears of the Zephyr are now at Level Ten. Boulder's Heart advanced to Level Six. Even Psychic's Head broke through to Level Four! Jiang Chen even obtained a new comprehension for Vast Ocean Current Splitter, Divine Aeon Fists, and Moonshattering Flying Daggers!
    Completely satisfied with his harvest and advancements, Jiang Chen exits the secret room to discover it's much quieter outside. During the 7 days, Ye Rong gained the most. His position as Crown Prince was now stable, almost immovable! In a way, he had the indirect support of Royal Tutor Ye Chonglou!

  • I agree that the dad does 'sound' like a better person, but he's a 'Tie' so that means he's still a villain, I guess. The son is spoiled completely rotten, but I think the father is a schemer who wants to usurp the title of 'Sect Lord' or something.
    Also, another warning, he may sound nice in my summaries but I'm pretty sure he's not a nice guy... I just leave out too many details...

    Chapter 240:
    Other than Jiang Chen, Gouyu also came out after two or three months, finally entering the Spirit Realm! A 22-Year Old Spirit Realm practitioner! This has never occurred in the history of the Eastern family!
    Although Gouyu knows Jiang Chen may never have any intimate feelings for her, she doesn't regret her decision to abandon the title of 'princess' and become one of Jiang Chen's followers. She once again pledges herself to Jiang Chen.
    Later on, Jiang Chen walks the manor, seeing his personal guards working hard, and then he sees a bummed-out Qiao Baishi. Jiang Chen asks if his future mother-in-law is giving him a hard time.
    Baishi replies that Elder Ning's mother is completely firm on her decision to marry her daughter to a talent from the Northern Azure Palace, going as far as to say Baishi is unworthy of her daughter because he's from a lowly Eastern Kingdom.
    Baishi even revealed that he was friends with Jiang Chen but she doesn't accept 'friendship'. Even though Baishi and Qing Yan (Elder Ning's true name) are mutually in love, her mother is publicly engaging Qing Yan to that Northern Azure Palace talent, tomorrow!
    Baishi has no choice but to ask Jiang Chen to help him. Jiang Chen laughs, and of course he agrees.
    After sending Baishi off, Jiang Chen receives an unexpected visitor, Elder Fei of Qingyang Valley, the very guy who disappeared off the face of Wanxiang Realm for several months after he helped Jiang Chen refine the FDOH Pill!
    With a belly of dark burning flames, Jiang Chen sarcastically asks, "So you're still alive, huh?" Prompting Elder Fei to 'act cute', apologizing and massaging Jiang Chen's shoulders.
    Seeing how happy he is, Jiang Chen jokes around with him for a bit before Elder Fei finally reveals that he is no longer only the master of Qingyang Valley, he is also an Elder of the PT Sect!
    Elder Fei goes on to say that because of the pill formula Jiang Chen gave him, the Sect Lord personally granted him his position! He continues stating it's only because Jiang Chen gave him this chance that he was able to return to the PT Sect. He goes as far as to say even if Jiang Chen tells him to betray the PT Sect, he wouldn't hesitate for a second!
    Seeing this, Jiang Chen requests him to simply be a 'matchmaker' for Qiao Baishi and Elder Ning. (Last few paragraphs add no new info.)

  • Thanks alot

    Oh not Northern Azure Palace again
  • Thanks man, the story is kind of good to follow but the chapters are way too slow. Honestly I generally don't like battles in Web novels cause most of the times they are pointless, with a few exceptions. So I don't mind the lack of fights but the story is moving super slow, it's like he took out the pointless fights for useless repetitions... I may start reading just your shorties LoL
  • Self Note: 'Myriad Domain' and 'Land of Desolate Wilderness'
    Future Reference: 'Official' translation is using "Original Realm" so I'll switch from Nascent Realm to Origin Realm so people won't be too confused, and because Original Realm sounds awkward to me...

    Sigh, another 'filler' chapter... This one is literally Jiang Chen setting up Qiao Baishi's wedding.

    Chapter 241:
    After sending Elder Fei off, Jiang Chen writes several letters, sending them to every influential party in Skylaurel City that he personally knows, including Crown Prince Ye Rong and even Royal Tutor Ye Chonglou!
    The next morning, Tian Shao comes to 'pick up' Jiang Chen, explaining that even Vice-Director Zhou Gui wished to join in on the fun. Jiang Chen agrees, willing to draw Zhou Gui into his circle of influence.
    Soon after, Dan Fei arrives! Not long after her, Ye Rong, Shi Xiaoyao, and Zhou Gui arrive at Jiang Manor! Seeing all these people, Baishi is incredibly moved!
    Turning the page, because of Elder Ning's status, her spouse must marry into her family, which is a very, VERY big deal! In front of the Southern Palace, is a young man from the Northern Palace, Xiao Yu, one of the three big 'talents' who's already at Level Two Spirit Realm! He's almost guaranteed entry into PT Sect!
    (Half-way Point.)
    Xiao Yu only wants power and status, towards woman, he doesn't even hold the slightest interest! However, he was moved after seeing Ning Qing Yan's beautiful portrait, post FSES Pill consumption. So much so, he 'fell in love' with her... Ugh...
    (Skipping a bunch of mental monologue. Ohh, would you look at that, Three-Quarter Way after the skip. =.=')
    Standing outside, he pays his respect to 'Mama' Ning Gong, then directly says hello to Ning Qing Yan. Although she utterly despises him, Qing Yan still replies to give him face in public.
    Mentally, Qing Yan is waiting for Baishi to make his move because she knows he wouldn't just leave him. If she has to, she would run away with him. Ning Gong is very dissatisfied with her daughter's attitude at the moment.

    I'll try to squeeze a few more out tonight. No promises though. Sorry.

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