Brief Runthrough of Next Couple Chapters

Note: I am reading this from LNMTL because I barely know half of the Chinese "alphabet" and grammar, so some minor details may be missed.

Chap 176:
The fat elder from Qingyang Valley and Precious Tree Sect disciple, Han Xianke, both say there's nothing wrong with the spirit beast after close examination. Han Xianke tries to make excuses to which Jiang Chen accidentally laughs and lets out a 'puff'. After being called out, he gets into an argument with several people from the first prince's company.

Chap 177:
The rivalry between the first and fourth princes heat up while arguing before Dan Fei interjects and questions Jiang Chen after hearing him say "Five Winged Phoenix Dragon". Jiang Chen explains a pure breed has 12 wings and states that this beast is around 30 years old and is a male because a female it wouldn't have its current dilemma: being "love sick". Jiang Chen continues onto Yin and Yang copulation and how this beast just reached puberty and sexual awakening similar to man around 13-14. People think Jiang Chen is crazy for spewing nonsense and the rivalry between the two princes rage on while Dan Fei stands there awkwardly because she doesn't want to choose sides.

Chap 178:
Dan Fei snaps at both princes to stop, then glances at the Tutor who in turn asks how urgent is this love sickness. Jiang Chen says the Yang spirit will bloat up, harming its own Spirit Meridians and causing the beast to explode in just a few months. When asked about whether there’s a cure, Jiang Chen states that a mate is the best answer, but would take too long to locate. The second method however is much, Much, MUCH simpler; they castrate him and get it over with. Jiang Chen elaborates that a female would be able to cultivate to the limits, but a male is generally only used for breeding purposes because the female devours the male after copulation to provide sustenance and bloodline essence for the next generation.

Chap 179:
(I have trouble with the gift in this chapter.)
While the Tutor is saddened to hear the news, the first prince gets depressed about the fourth prince's fortuitous encounter. The Tutor then goes to fetch the gift which is revealed to be a Day of Gui GuoShi Command. It's a jade plate which is very hard to obtain. One must obtain the approval of the Precious Tree Sect, Tutor Ye, and the King. Any individual obtaining one in a decade is already rare! Currently, thirty years have passed and no one has been rewarded one. I'm unsure of its uses but although having one doesn't guarantee entry into the Precious Tree Sect, but significantly boosts the chances. While the first prince's company has murderous intentions, the fourth prince is happy out of his mind. After being ask, Jiang Chen's favor/request is to have his two companions freed from the Dragonteeth Guard.

Chap 180:
The two Qiao brothers are freed now and coincidentally, Tutor Ye cancels the competition among the younger generation this year, so Jiang Chen doesn't have to fight at all. Dan Fei conveys a message to Jiang Chen asking him to stay after the conclusion of the banquet to which he agrees. Walking with Dan Fei, Jiang Chen arrives in the back gardens where he sits across from Tutor Ye. Jiang Chen declines becoming Tutor Ye's disciple by relying on his imaginary master who he encountered half a year prior. Conversation then shifts to the NMD Wine where Jiang Chen admits to personally distilling it and stating only a Saint tier can be considered rare (Rank: Common, Spirit, Saint, Earth, Heaven). Conversations ends with Tutor Ye reminding Jiang Chen to never yield to anyone. While Dan Fei walks Jiang Chen out, he gifts Dan Fei a Four Seasons Eternal Spring Pill (FSES Pill) to apologize. After Jiang Chen leaves, Dan Fei is upset thinking Jiang Chen is calling her old and tosses the bottle aside into the grass.

Chap 181:
(Nothing about Jiang Chen this chapter.)
After returning to Tutor Ye's side, Dan Fei is teased by him regarding Jiang Chen. (Skipping conversation about fourth prince's luck.) He then asks Dan Fei to travel to Azure Heaven Southern Palace to request Elder Ning assist Tutor Ye with the castration. Being friends with Elder Ning, Dan Fei imagines this to be an easy task. After traveling to the Southern Palace, Dan Fei is startled to see Elder Ning, who walks out with Qiao Baishi. The reason? She looks like she's in her early twenties! After acquiring about her methods, Elder Nings reveals she ingested the FSES Pill. Upon hearing the name, Dan Fei immediately leaves, heading back to the entrance of the back gardens to look for that bottle she had thrown aside. Unable to find it, she looks for the housekeeper Aunt Lan.

Chap 182:
(First half is a joke, second half returns to Jiang Chen.)
After asking about the pill bottle and learning that Aunt Lan had assumed it was garbage and threw it away, Dan Fei's heart sank. She rushed to the Trash Cellar, hoping it is still there. After all... HER LOOKS WERE AT STAKE! 20 YEARS OF APPEARANCE YOUNGER WAS AT STAKE! Shifting through stinking heaps upon moistened heaps of trash, she finally found it with her hands covered in garbage sludge... When Aunt Lan arrives, Dan Fei makes her never tell a soul about what happened. After all... HER VIRTUOUS IMAGE WAS ON THE LINE!
After coming home, Jiang Chen sees the two Qiao brothers kneeling, asking to be punished. Jiang Chen forgives them but they took it upon themselves to viciously smack one another. Jiang Chen stresses he forgives them to which they finally settle down. Jiang Chen then turns to Xue Tong, the 'leader' of his eight guardians. Xue Tong is now at nine meridians, just half a step away from ten meridians, while everyone else is trying to break into nine meridians. Jiang Chen decides to pass on God's Eye and Ears of Zephyr to Xue Tong along with a good bow. After some bonding-bonding, Jiang Chen gives Xue Tong a Rare Jade Fruit to assist with eventually breaking though to eleven meridians immediately after entering ten.

Chap 183:
Afterwards, Jiang Chen is talking with his father. He wants to give one of the Five Dragons Opening Heavens Pill (FDOH Pill) but ultimately decides against it. Jiang Chen then asks about his cousin Xue Tong because he feels no blood connection, despite Xue Tong being his cousin. Jiang Chen then finds Jiang Yu and Third Uncle to discuss the possibility of Jiang Yu joining the Myriad Treasures Palace. When Feng Yan visits, Jiang Chen discusses business with him, selling common tier NMD Wine at the auctions. Jiang Chen lets Feng Yan see the formula and discusses Jiang Yu's entry and footing in the Myriad Treasures Palace. He then wants Jiang Yu to come to the Myriad Treasures Palace tomorrow, alone, and using his own power, discuss his standings in Myriad Treasures Palace. Afterwards, Jiang Chen prepares to join the ranks of Spirit Dao Realm practitioners.

Chap 184:
(I'm not going too much into Psychic's Head nor the , not because I suck at interpreting, it's because... I, uhh... Shut up. Leave me alone. *Goes cries in a corner*)
Ingesting the FDOH Pill, Jiang Chen feels immense pain! The power stored within cycles through his five main organs, wreaking havoc and remolding his mortal body. Afterwards, it moves to his dantian and begins the initial stages of shaping the spirit ocean. Jiang Chen thinks it's almost too easy, just entering the Spirit Dao Realm, just like that! He stays in closed door cultivation for seven days to allow the pill to take full effect and stabilize his footstep into the Spirit Dao Realm. After succeeding, he turns his attention to something else, Psychic’s Head; the only part of the Moonshatter Flying Daggers he has yet to begin practicing. After another three days of interpretation, he's actually already on the second level of Psychic's Head, ninth level of God's Eyes and Ear of the Zephyr, and fifth level of Boulder's Heart! Which means he can finally start practicing two of the ultimate moves! These two almost represent the sun and the moon, one fierce and intense, the other silent and mysterious, meaning he could maybe fuse these concepts with the Divine Aeon Fists! Another half a month pass. After coming out, Xue Tong did not let him down and broke through, half the guardians advanced into nine meridians, the others with one foot in already. Then he asks Gouyu whether she wants to become a Spirit Dao Realm practitioner.



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    We shall see, I might after a little while. Depends whether the next few chapters aren't confusing to translate.
    I mainly did this because I was curious about the next few chapters and thought people might've wanted to know too.
    I can't do this often though because Machine Translations really f*cks me up for some reason...

    Plus, as some can now see, I misinterpret things quiet often using MTL.
    LNMTL said "lovesick" and I didn't hesitate to use it instead of thinking about "being horny" or "in heat".
    I thought Jiang Chen he only met his "master" 6 months ago, and it turns out they hanged out for 6 months waaaay in the past.

    Sorry guys, we'll see.
  • Here a small batch:

    Chapter 185:
    Gouyu has always longed to break into the Spirit Dao Realm, especially after the affairs with the Long family's coup. Although she is not Jiang Chen's 'woman', she is still part of his group so he wishes to help her. He gives her a FDOH Pill, explaining the effects to her. She vows to follow him for life but he writes it off, stating that he merely wants her to continue down the Martial Path. Suddenly, a servant runs in to inform Jiang Chen that the first prince is at the main door demanding an audience, threatening Jiang Chen that he will regret it if he doesn't come see him. Jiang Chen doesn't want to meet him but ultimately decides to do anyway. The first prince demands Jiang Chen "help this king" because he's already helped his younger brother. He then threatens Jiang Chen again by bringing up the matters regarding the Azure Heaven Northern Palace. Jiang Chen simply tells him to stop because he doesn't care and that he only helps the fourth prince because he's a friend. Conversation ends with more threats and blah blah blah we'll be enemies to the blah blah blah. As the first prince is leaving, Tian Shao visits because the fourth prince was worried about him and to bring him a little news about Ling Qianli entering the Spirit Realm. He then invites Jiang Chen to the 'Lost Border Fall Hunt' that's quickly approaching.
    (Again, LNMTL naming, not 'official' by any means.) 

    Chapter 186:
    (Some details regarding this hunt are confusing to me, so I'm sorry if I miss some things.)
    The Precious Tree Sect can only open the entrance to the Lost Border every 5 years and the Fall Hunt lasts for a month. Inside is a completely difference realm that changes every time it is opened. If you're stuck inside at the end of the month, you'll never come back out. The Hunt is held even higher than Tutor Ye's birthday. Although several thousands participate every opening, you have to have a certain status to join. However, Precious Tree Sect disciples cannot participate... (Bear with me on this next small part, I may f*ck this up horribly.) Apparently Precious Tree Sect disciples enter a different Lost Border, one that's 35 times more dangerous but with much, MUCH better treasures. Jiang Chen asks to reserve a spot for him, and if possible, an extra spot for him to personally invite someone else. Tian Shao then asks about the first prince's visit to which Jiang Chen replies with an insult about the prince. Afterwards, Jiang Chen visits Jiang Yu at the Myriad Treasures Palace to see that he's integrated himself quite nicely among their ranks. Then he wanted to visit Qiao Baishi at the Southern Palace but realizes he and Elder Ning aren't present. About to leave, he hears Tang Long (the border patrol guard they FIRST met who asked Jiang Chen for a delivery favor) arguing with someone about doctor visits, money confiscation, and lawsuit difficulties. Jiang Chen then realizes this case involved him killing a Northern Palace disciple for stealing. Tang Long explains he heard that his family had an accident and rushed back, immediately leading to his expulsion from the guard. The doctor he's requesting is for his paralyzed brother. The Southern Palace... 'waiter (?)' recognizes Jiang Chen and invites him in. Tang Long is surprised and Jiang Chen invites him to look for a Spirit Doctor.
    (God this was a lot of explaining to do.)

    Chapter 187:
    Jiang Chen brings Tang Long to the Qingyang Valley to which Tang Long freaks out thinking Jiang Chen is going to make him a medicine slave. Inside, Jiang Chen is called out, turning around he sees Han Xianke, the Precious Tree Sect disciple. He greets Jiang Chen and then explains that he wasn't acquainted with the first prince, it was only an expensive hire. He continues on saying he was sorry about what happened, and that he's trying to be more humble, using skill to speak. Using Psychic's Head, Jiang Chen realizes he's actually completely honest! (Skipping a bunch a conversation about the sect, Jiang Chen's inability to win against Han Xianke's stubbornness, etc.) The conversation turns to the reason why Jiang Chen is here, which results in Han Xianke volunteering himself to help cure the younger brother's paralysis. Han Xianke waits there while Tang Long goes to get his brother while Jiang Chen prepares to leave for Qingyang Palace again.

    Chapter 188:
    (Skipping, skipping, skipping...) Tang Long returns with his brother. (I forgot whether it was actually brother-in-law, or not...) Han Xianke stabs a couple of golden needles in him, causing him to bleed black blood. And he's 'cured', although it'll take a long time, while taking medication, for him to finally start walking. Han Xianke is eager for Jiang Chen to join the Precious Tree Sect but Jiang Chen says it's not time yet. After returning home, Jiang Chen discovers Dan Fei came to pay him a visit. Argument between Dan Fei and Gouyu erupt, probably because of jealousy and talk of being a concubine... (It's quite funny actually, there are too many things to describe so... Yeah... SKIPPED) Dan Fei compliments Jiang Chen about the FSES Pill. Jiang Chen asks about the castration, making both ladies blush. Ultimately, Dan Fei asks whether Jiang Chen knows about the Lost Border Fall Hunt and whether he wants to go because she has some empty slots available. (Btw, I immediately imagine her saying his in a tsundere voice: It's not like I came here just to v-visit you, b-b-baka! Ohh wait, you did. W-W-Well it's not like I left these openings just for you, b-b-b-baka! Actually, you did. LOL)

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  • Slow down Etvolare, I can only work so fast by myself D:
    (The "official" name, Maze Realm Autumn Hunt (MRA Hunt), is what I will be using to make it easier for followers.)

    Chapter 189:
    (Imaginary 4th Wall Break: "B*tch, I'm the MC, you think you can recruit me that easily? I can have the author write you dead in a paragraph!")
    Dan Fei wants Jiang Chen to quit Ye Rong's team and join her's. Hearing this, Jiang Chen is startled to know that he unintentionally joined a "team" when he asked for a spot. Jiang Chen kindly rejects her invitation but she insists and uses a slightly harsher, overbearing tone which Jiang Chen heavily frowns upon. Ye Rong and Tian Shao arrive and end up helping Dan Fei by stating EVERYONE (Lusty bastards) wants to be on her team, yet here she is asking someone politely and Jiang Chen refuses! In the end, Jiang Chen agrees and also gains a spot for Xue Tong. After everyone leaves, Jiang Chen chats with Xue Tong about brotherhood and the MRA Hunt. Xue Tong agrees join the Hunt and to call Jiang Chen, Big Brother. (Onii-chan! Okay, maybe not. *Shivers down my spine*) Jiang Chen finds out Xue Tong has reached the third level of God's Eyes and Ears of the Zephyr and will reach the fourth level before the Hunt starts, making his innate talent almost even better than Jiang Chen's!
    Chapter ends with Tang Long's brother recovering feeling in his thighs and walks with the help of Tang Long. Tang Zhong then wonders who that 'doctor' was to be able to cure him with just golden needles.

    Chapter 190:
    (Absolutely NOTHING about Jiang Chen this chapter.)
    Focusing on Tang Long. They managed to procure enough funds to live easily for the next few years. To celebrate, Tang Long has his fiancee go out to buy groceries for a wonderful meal. Just as she walks outside, she screams, causing Tang Long to rush outside to find his former colleagues (more like troublesome ruffians) from the Wyvern Border Guard. They came to finish giving Tang Long another beating for abandoning his duties. Tang Long tries to smooth things over by inviting them out for a meal, to which they reply stating only if his fiancee accompanies them (without Tang Long along) for a drink. (Gosh, why is everyone in this world so godd*mn lustful?! It's p*nis here, v*gina there, s*x in the alley, r*pe in broad daylight; come on, man!) Tang Long obviously gets upset, calling them animals in uniform, trying to take another man's woman and every assaulting their former colleague! They don't care and give him to the count of ten to hand his fiancee over to them for the night, and they say they'll leave immediately and have her safely returned by tomorrow. As Tang Long tries to help his brother escape, the leader of the ruffians tells them to kill them except the girl. Suddenly, an unidentified third party shouts "Does a Tang Long live around here?" A roughly 30 year old man steps out, mocks the four thugs and turns to Tang Long.

    Chapter 191:
    (Still no Jiang Chen, and I might mess some identities up in this chapter.)
    The man invites Tang Long and his family to join him. The four thugs try to exert pressure by stating they are prosecuting a rebel in the name of the law. It boils down to the man saying only the Dragonteeth Guard can prosecute someone and that this is the capital where they, from the border, have no power. (blah blah blah...) The thugs try to attack, the man launches a flare into the sky, and numerous Dragonteeth Guards descend, paying respects to the man they call 'Chief' (again, I might be wrong here). The leader of the thugs almost pisses his pants as be effectively BEGS for forgiveness, stating it was merely a joke, a misunderstanding. As it turns out, Jiang Chen asked Tian Shao to take Tang Long into the Dragonteeth Guard, so Tian Shao sent someone to pick Tang Long up. The thugs continue to try and talk their way out, offering money which was shut down in the exact same fashion they had shut down Tang Long's meal offer. Tang Long in turn is stunned, never would he imagine himself joining the Dragonteeth Guard so easily! Tang Long literally stepped into Heaven from Hell in a single step! There's a lot of extra explanation at the end but it boils down to him gaining a substantial footing and that Jiang Chen was the one who arranged this for him.

    Chapter 192:
    The four thugs beg Tang Long to forgive them. They give all sorts of reasons but Tang Long decides to have them killed without a single wasted thought. (<- That's like half the chapter right there... Literally) Tang Long is given three days of vacation before he reports to the Dragonteeth Guard for inauguration. The men from the Dragonteeth Guard leave. While walking back, ALL their neighbors suddenly become generous, offering half a sheep, a whole fish, couple chickens, baskets of eggs, etc. Tang Long smirks, knowing their intentions because he suddenly ascended to a Sixth Rank Dragonteeth Guard. He wants to thank Jiang Chen for all that he's done for him.
    (BACK TO JIANG CHEN! FINALLY! SWEET MOTHER OF GOD! OHHHHHHHHHHHH I HATE FILLERS!) Time flies as Jiang Chen continues to carve a wider Spirit Ocean. Gouyu continues to attack the Spirit Dao Realm. Dan Fei happens to visit and the two ladies are instantly at each others throats. The important thing to take away is that Dan Fei gives Jiang Chen a storage ring.

    Not Chapter 193, Summary of 189-192:
    Jiang Chen joins Dan Fei's team for the MRA Hunt. Tang Long is arranged to join the Dragonteeth Guard thanks to Jiang Chen's recommendation. As the MRA Hunt draws near, Dan Fei gifts Jiang Chen a storage ring. (THREE F*CKING SENTENCES! WHY DO YOU DO ME LIKE THIS 'PLOW DAYS'?!?!?!)

  • Shin said:

    Not Chapter 193, Summary of 189-192:
    Jiang Chen joins Dan Fei's team for the MRA Hunt. Tang Long is arranged to join the Dragonteeth Guard thanks to Jiang Chen's recommendation. As the MRA Hunt draws near, Dan Fei gifts Jiang Chen a storage ring. (THREE F*CKING SENTENCES! WHY DO YOU DO ME LIKE THIS 'PLOW DAYS'?!?!?!)

    Sometime preparation chapters are needed!
  • In the future there are a lot, and i mean A LOT of worthless chapters like these.
  • ... Have mercy on me Etvolare, please!

    Chapter 193:
    Skipping a bunch of useless flattery between Dan Fei and Jiang Chen. Dan Fei spills the beans and tells Jiang Chen her plan to capture the young of a Spirit Beast. She admits that she's failed the last two times but states she'll definitely succeed this time. The reason she's so hyped about it because of Tutor Ye's 'research'. Where most Spirit Beast young would eventually grow up to only be a Spirit Beast as well, Spirit Beast young inside the Maze Realm can actually advance to the next realm! They then talk about the Phoenix Dragon Tutor Ye possesses. Tutor Ye is at the (don't quote me on this) Ninth stage of the Spirit Dao Realm and so is the Phoenix Dragon (... I think). But Tutor Ye admits that the Phoenix Dragon may surpass him and eventually enter the 'Holy Realm' (please don't quote me on this, blame LNMTL), the equivalent of the Nascent Realm for humanity. Chapter rounds out with Jiang Chen agreeing to join Dan Fei's hunt for a Spirit Beast young.

    Chapter 194:
    MRA Hunt Registration. There's roughly 5,000 participants at the moment and the Precious Tree Sect is charging 200,000 silver taels per person. Jiang Chen has this cousin Xue Tong join Ye Rong's team. Ye Rong runs into Ye Dai and they once a-muthaf*ckin'-'gain start bickering like children. During their exchange, Jiang Chen gets called out by Dan Fei, who's wearing very provocative clothing. Jiang Chen is slightly surprised to see Tutor Ye standing on stage with personnel from the Precious Tree Sect and he jokes with Dan Fei saying she must be cheating with Tutor Ye's help. She dismisses this while pouting, saying that once they enter, contact with the outside world is cut. When the portal is about to open, Dan Fei reminds Jiang Chen that the top three, who win additional prizes, are determined by hunting/killing points. Tutor Ye steps forth and states that murdering fellow competitors is prohibited, but death may still swing around the corner. Remember to watch yourself, etc.

    I'll try to get more out tomorrow. Good night.
  • Here you go:

    Chapter 195:
    Dan Fei and Jiang Chen stand out because they're only a team of two. What really stood out was the fact that Dan Fei had a partner this time! If envy and hatred flooded the scene as everyone cursed at Jiang Chen. They soon enter the portal/formation and get transferred to the shores of an enormous lake. With a mirror-like surface that perfectly reflects the blue sky, Dan Fei states this is the most breathtaking place yet. Just as she's admiring the scene, a gigantic crocodile lunges out of the water, preparing to snap at her neck, severing her head from the rest of her body. Jiang Chen light pushes her back and wrecks the croc with just a single punch! (Not sure if Dan Fei gets wet in this scene or not... *Wink wink*) Walking just 10-15 kilometers, they were attacked 7-8 times by beasts. After another 35-40 kilometers, Dan Fei retorts Jiang Chen asking why he isn't striking up a conversation with her. (... SHE WANTS THE D!!!) He states he afraid to disrupt her diligent search for a Spirit Beast Young. Then she gets upset that he isn't collecting an nucleus cores (I have no idea what the proper name for these are in SoTR) because she was the one who had to spend money to get them in! Jiang Chen still doesn't appreciate Dan Fei's harsh, commanding tone and greedy nature; he snaps back that he won't pick up a single one and that she'll have to do it herself. Dan Fei does the girly girl girl thing, silently hating on Jiang Chen. But Jiang Chen again feels a pair of eyes watching him.

    Chapter 196:
    Jiang Chen believes that there may have been a Spirit Beast stalking them for a while, but determines there's no young with it. The chilly night slowly settles in and seeing as how it's so cold, Jiang Chen tosses Dan Fei a wool blanket that Gouyu had prepared for him. (LOL) While Dan Fei peacefully sleeps, Jiang Chen is constantly awakened by the numerous Spirit Beasts looming around the area. In the morning we find out there were 7-8 Spirit Beasts that 'passed by' from the North-West towards the South. Dan Fei only detected 2 and compliments Jiang Chen on his ability. Jiang Chen then sets down the bargaining table at breakfast. He also desires a Spirit Beast young, so Dan Fei takes the first, Jiang Chen takes the second, and then they continue to alternate. Dan Fei is obviously not happy hearing this. After breakfast, they move on, coming across a den with no young, several Spiritual Herbs, etc.

    I'll post this half first.
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    This should last a few more days:

    Chapter 197:
    After three days, Jiang Chen discovers roughly 20-30 Spirit Beasts, but no young, all speeding towards the South. On the sixth day, Dan Fei feels like she's discovered a Spirit Beast young. The two discuss the scent of breast milk, the abundance of Spiritual Herbs, the lingering aura, etc. As they close in on the den, Jiang Chen discovers there's actually FOUR young! (<- I might be totally wrong here. Please forgive me if I am.) Jiang Chen is worried that the parent is overpowered and could easily kill them. Dan Fei says she has a medicine that could force the adult asleep for 15 minutes to which Jiang Chen snaps that's too short. Dan Fei asks whether Jiang Chen is really a man and the two start quarreling like squirrels over nuts. Dan Fei decides to go herself. She sneaks towards the cave, pulls out a bamboo tube, and prepares the incense. Just as she's about to launch it, the Spirit Beast wakes up, roars, and starts swaggering because of the medicine. (Again, I might be TOTALLY wrong here.)

    Chapter 198:
    (Note: There's a possibility that there are actually a total of four Spirit Beasts including the young, instead of a total of four young. OR there's only two beast, one of them being a Fourth Level Spirit Realm Beast and the other being the young. My fault, I know, I'm sorry. Proceed at your own risk.)
    Dan Fei wants to kill the Spirit Beast right away but knows she can't easily break past it's skin, so she decides to just take the four young first. She doesn't even spare a glance at the Spiritual Herbs in the cave and prepares to sneak back out. Unfortunately, the Spirit Beast is too strong! Even though the incense she used was powerful and has an instantaneous effect, it's already starting to slowly wear off! She madly dashes out but the Spirit Beast wakes up and is chasing closely after her! Just as it's about to reach her, Jiang Chen shouts for her to duck and he fires three arrows at the Spirit Beast which is revealed to be a Giant Ape (<- Literal translation by LNMTL)! While it was preoccupied, Jiang Chen and Dan Fei make their escape, even though the Giant Ape may catch up easily. If the Giant Ape wasn't at the Fourth Level of the Spirit Realm, Jiang Chen might have wanted to use it as a guinea pig for his Divine Aeon Fists. Jiang Chen tosses the idea away but he's rapidly running out of refined arrows! He only has 12 left which will only last him another 15 minutes! Jiang Chen is silently cursing at Dan Fei for dragging him into this mess while he imagines how nice it would've been if he was allowed to bring one of his Goldwing Swordbirds right about now.

    Chapter 199:
    While on the run, Dan Fei issues several very specific instructions while Jiang Chen is startled by because he thought Dan Fei already had an escape route prepared. Dan Fei originally thought this Giant Ape was just a dumb, old beast that's easily confused, but it turns out to be quite intelligent! Down to his last six arrows, Jiang Chen releases them all, each attacking from a different direction and angle, but it doesn't work! The Giant Ape is already within 30 meters of them! As it defends however, the Giant Ape is continuously breathing in the confusion-inducing medicine. Jiang Chen wanted to give Dan Fei a boost but who knew her footing was so weak she was practically stumbling! With no choice left, Jiang Chen turns to the Moonshatter Flying Daggers as he pulls two daggers out, one in each hand, as he prepares to unleash the two great techniques! The dagger in his right hand morphs into an overbearing, flaming, pouncing tiger! (<- exaggeration on me ->) The dagger in his left hand shifts into a silent, chilling hawk in the void. Trying to block the daggers the same way as arrows, the Giant Ape raises his arms to defend, only to get completely torn through! Seeing it's life in danger, it puffs up life a balloon, causing its skin to jut outwards like sharp needles, as it hopes to use this final suicide move to take Jiang Chen and Dan Fei down! It does not succeed. Walking up to Dan Fei, Jiang chen wants to scold her but can't bring himself to do so, and only asks about the young. Looking at the young, Jiang Chen quickly snaps at Dan Fei because he discovers they've been poisoned! (Or, more likely, they are poisonous and Dan Fei has been poisoned. Not sure, haven't read the next chapter at the moment while making this summary.)

    Chapter 200:
    Jiang Chen pulls out a knife and immediately slits the young's throat to put it out of its misery. He then turns to Dan Fei, hoping to silence her, too.
    Just kidding. Completely made up! I have to give you guys some kind of cliff, right? xP

    And just a light reminder guys, read this at your own risk. Close to half of this is left up to my interpretation based off of LNMTL.
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    Okay, I'm not that mean:

    Chapter 200:
    (As it turns out, Dan Fei is actually the one that's poisoned. She was struck by one of the sharp hairs on the Giant Ape Spirit Beast's body.)
    Dan Fei is afraid that she's going to die and is about to use her Spirit Qi to purge the poison. Luckily, Jiang Chen stops her immediately, telling her to just meditate and that if the poison gets past her Spirit Sea while she activates her Spirit Qi, then she will really die. Jiang Chen then pulls out a small medicine cauldron and begins to inspect the needle-like hair, skin, flesh, and blood of the Giant Ape. Jiang Chen discovers something and seeing Dan Fei suffering a little, he wears a light smile on his face. (*Cough* Sadist alert! *Cough cough*) He proceeds to mess with her saying there's good news and bad news. (LOL! He's such an @$$HOLE!) Jiang Chen's theory is that the there's no medicinal properties in or on the Giant Ape, so that means there has to be something in the near vicinity that can help detoxify the poison. Dan Fei tells Jiang Chen that she saw a few Herbs in the cave where the Giant Ape slept and Jiang Chen immediately goes to investigate. I say 'immediately' but Jiang Chen passes by the battle field and starts picking up all the usable arrows he can find. In the cave, Jiang Chen stumbles across a huge trove of flowers and plants. There's even (LNMTL naming incoming) Yu Mian Buddha Grass (YMB Grass) which boosts the chances of saving Dan Fei up to 90%! (Yu Mian means Jade Surface, I think.) Jiang Chen collects everything and returns to Dan Fei's side to begin refining the YMB Grass into medicine. Night slowly creeps up on them while Jiang Chen is refining and Dan Fei is afraid he won't make it in time or he'll abandon her half way, so she asks Jiang Chen to find some water for her to wash her face; at the very least she'll die with a clean face. Jiang Chen scares her by saying what's the point, the poison would slowly corrupt and disfigure her pretty little face anyway, which basically gives her a mini heart attack. The medicine is in the form of an ointment that needs to be applied to the skin where the poison made contact... Which means... SEXY TIME! ... Or not... Dan Fei is shy but silently holds it in because... HER BEAUTY IS HER LIFE! Ohh, I should mention there's a poisoned spot on her buttocks, too, which she actually begs Jiang Chen to help with because of already-said-reasons... *Wink* *Wink* *Nudge* *Nudge* *Honk* *Honk*
  • Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry guys. Got caught up. I'll make up for it.

    This is here just for (my) self-reminder:
    Human Realms are True Qi, Spirit Dao, Origin, etc.
    Beast Ranks are Mortal, Spirit, Saint, etc.

    Confirmation and clearing up many mistakes I made:
    There are indeed four spirit beast 'babies'.
    Dan Fei actually 'tried to drug' Jiang Chen into sleep PLUS doodled on his face before her operation, but the drug was much, MUCH too weak, even for a Level 1 Spirit Realm practitioner like him, much less a Rank 4 Spirit Beast like the Giant Ape.
    During their escape, Dan Fei had already ran ahead but stopped and tried to set a trap involving the same drug, again, which ended up completely wasting their time because the Giant Ape simply covered its nose while charging at them.
    The two daggers Jiang Chen threw actually landed on the Giant Ape's waist and head while it's body was suspended in midair.
    Ohh, and Dan Fei actually wants Jiang Chen to wash his own face, not her's, my bad.
    And unfortunately there's no sexy time, she rubbed the ointment on herself in all places... except her buttocks...

    Chapter 201:
    Jiang Chen begins to smear the ointment all over Dan Fei's butt (who is actually not hating this feeling). Afterwards, Dan Fei spends the night sleepless as her inner thoughts betray her outer emotions. She's extremely happy that they found four spirit animal babies, but she's also being slowly corrupted by the mortal world, in other words, she's beginning to feel the sin of 'lust'. She then thinks about how mysterious Jiang Chen is and all that he's done since his arrival in the Skylaurel Kingdom, from his 'unsightly' but enormous gift for the Tutor to how Mortal Rank Spirit Beasts actively avoid him. Morning comes, Dan Fei cooks breakfast, and wakes up Jiang Chen reminding him to wash his face because her doodle is still on it. After seeing her masterpiece, Jiang Chen picks her up and spanks her 7-8 times in a single breath! Caught by surprise, Dan Fei lets out a light squeal and whimpers a little as tears build up in her eyes. That doesn't last very long though, because Jiang Chen shouts towards the woods. Liu Can slowly walks out, stating he's going to kill Jiang Chen. (He's the only guy to reach Spirit Dao Realm at the time, out of the five from the Northern Palace that chased Jiang Chen when he was trying to reach the capital.) But after a quick remark from Jiang Chen, Liu Can actually turns around and dashes back into the woods. Dan Fei walks up to Jiang Chen and states they should follow and silence him, for good.

    I'll be back. Give me an hour, tops.
  • Chapter 202:
    First half is just the two talking about the manslaughter rule, Jiang Chen bullying Dan Fei, Dan Fei's masterpiece on his face, Jiang Chen's remark about her perfectly elastic bottom, the four Spirit Beast young's brutal sibling rivalry for survival to adulthood, and how Dan Fei's worldly views are extremely limited. After all that, Dan Fei suggests they start going, since the Liu Can is under the first prince, Ye Dai. After two-three days of tracking, Dan Fei is starting to question whether they went the right way or not, but Jiang Chen states that they're close, very close. They realize that there's actually a disciple from the Precious Tree Sect with Ye Dai! Soon afterwards, they're joined by the third prince, Ye Zheng. They soon start discussing their plan to kill the fourth prince, Ye Rong, and then the second prince, Ye Qiao. Afterwards, they leaving, both traveling towards the Southeastern mountains where Ye Rong is. Jiang Chen and Dan Fei discuss Ye Dai's low talent, great ambitions, and cruel, merciless tactics. Conversation switches to Ye Rong who is appraised as being a wonderful king, being low-key, but righteous, noble, and loyal. (Appraisals may or may not be by Tutor Ye.)

    Chapter 203:
    (All of you guys have come across this famous title at some point in your WuXia Reading 'Careers': The Mantis stalks the Cicada, unaware of the Oriole behind. 螳螂捕蝉,黄雀在后)
    Jiang Chen and Dan Fei converse for a bit regarding the outcome of either Ye Dai or Ye Rong ascending to the throne. Jiang Chen is surprised to learn that he's become a much more sought-after figure than he'd imagine, even impacting the choice of the Crowned Prince! Dan Fei remarks that Jiang Chen is often naive, almost as often as he's mischievously cunning. Soon after, they, too, depart for Ye Rong's location. They soon reach the entrance of a valley where one of Ye Dai's scouts is lying in wait. Afraid of notifying Ye Dai of their arrival, they choose to plan carefully. Dan Fei states she only has three rounds of Mind Enchantment Powder (ME Powder) left after being inquired by Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen instead brings out his own poisons, drugs, and status-inducing compounds to use as traps for Ye Dai.
    Switching over to Ye Rong now, there's a total of eight people in his group, including himself and Xue Tong, who has surprised them all with his stunning display of archery. Xue Tong reports to Ye Rong that the Spirit Beast they're hunting is heavily injured and trapped and that Ling Qianli is currently finishing it off. Their group soon arrives at a suspicious valley entrance which Xue Tong says to Ye Rong thinking it may be a trap set by other people. If they enter the valley and it turns out to be a trap, likely set by the other princes, they'll be surrounded and no one will be able to find them when the Hunt is over. Ye Rong decides to have them give this specific prey up and to leave the vicinity.

    I'll try to get more out tomorrow. Sorry guys.
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    Here's one for now:

    Chapter 204:
    Unfortunately, Ye Rong, Xue Tong, and the rest of their team is too late, they're already surrounded by Ye Dai and Ye Zheng's group of seventeen! The three brothers get into an argument with Ye Dai constantly reminding Ye Rong that he, Ye Dai, is the firstborn and that he has true royal blood, not like Ye Rong's half-blood self. (Half a chapter worth of conversation later...) Seeing as how a bloody battle is imminently approaching, Ye Rong tells Xue Tong to run and look for Jiang Chen and Dan Fei during the chaos. Knowing escape is futile, however, Xue Tong is resolved to stay behind and fight. Just as they're about to begin, two figures land beside them; naturally being Jiang Chen and Dan Fei. Seeing Jiang Chen, Ye Dai roars at Liu Can, who desperately states that he clearly saw Jiang Chen several dozens of miles away a couple days ago! Liu Can tries to wiggle his way out of Ye Dai's death glare by trying to pass it off as a mere coincidence. Jiang Chen takes this very chance to 'thank' Liu Can for purposefully leaving behind clues as to where he was going. Jiang Chen continues to pin Liu Can as a double agent, making Ye Dai one step closer to finishing him off personally!

  • Chapter 205:
    Thankfully for Liu Can, the Precious Tree Sect (okay, that's enough, PT Sect it is) disciple lightly reminded Ye Dai of Jiang Chen's cunning nature and Ye Dai immediately forgave Liu Can. Jiang Chen, however, is relentless as he jabs at Ye Dai's weak spot, talking about his planned assassination of both princes and about Dan Fei. Ye Dai can't kill Dan Fei so he's in an extremely difficult spot, so he tried to bring her over to his team by badmouthing Ye Rong and boasting about his 'pure' blood. Dan Fei viciously snaps back at him and they go at this for a bit before Ye Dai finally realizes he has no chance. Thus, he will take care of everyone else first before dealing with Dan Fei, but the person who's first to go must be Jiang Chen who Ye Dai hates even more than Ye Rong! Liu Can steps forward and charges at Jiang Chen, stating he'd gladly do it; only to receive a single Flying Eagle Form throwing knife through the throat. Everyone stares at Jiang Chen, horrified, as Liu Can's lifeless body slams onto the ground. Ling Qiaoli and Xue Tong both react saying he's reached the Spirit Dao Realm already! Jiang Chen acts as though he had simply took out the trash and calmly turns to Xue Tong, complimenting him for noticing that the valley was a trap. Chen Li, the PT Sect disciple, is the only Level 2 Spirit Dao Realm practitioner on Ye Dai's team. Ye Dai is scared out of his wits and has no choice but to rely on Chen Li, who immediately tells Ye Dai to triple his original payment to which Ye Dai easily agrees to. Ye Zheng is afraid it isn't enough so he pitches in another triple portion, making it six times the original payment! Ye Rong wants to save Jiang Chen so he shouts that he's willing to pay ten times the original! Jiang Chen holds Ye Rong back and Chen Li immediately charges, wanting to take Jiang Chen's life as soon as possible; only to find that a strange aura has enveloped his Spiritual Sea.

    More coming, I promise.
  • Chapter 206:
    Suddenly, everyone on Ye Dai's side can't seem to draw on their True Qi nor Spirit Qi! Chen Li spits out words, asking Jiang Chen if he'd poisoned them! Jiang Chen grins and confirms his accusation. Terrified, Chen Li resorts to using the PT Sect's name to scare Jiang Chen, who simply asks why he should spare Chen Li. Chen Li is tongue-tied and tries to tempt Jiang Chen with riches. Jiang Chen refuses everything, stating he'd let Chen Li go if he's the only one left amongst his group (basically, kill everyone else and you go free), to which Chen Li happily agrees. Dan Fei then steps out asking Jiang Chen to forgive them all, it'll be troublesome if he killed two princes, numerous followers, and a PT Sect disciple. Jiang Chen tosses the control over to Ye Rong who readily agrees to Dan Fei's suggestion. All Dan Fei has to do is report what's occurred to the Royal Tutor and Ye Dai will never be crowned. Ye Dai is still scared out of his mind and shamelessly begs Ye Rong to forgive him making promises everyone knows he probably won't keep. Dan Fei, however, still decides to let his 'dog' life go. Jiang Chen slowly shakes his head, releasing Ye Dai now will only cause more trouble in the future. As Ye Rong's group along with Jiang Chen and Dan Fei decide to leave, all three, Ling Qianli and Ye Rong's two personal guards empty out everyone's pockets while they're still paralyzed. The biggest gain today wasn't the physical riches, it was Ye Dai's removal as a royal candidate.
    Roughly 25-30 kilometers away, the second prince, Ye Qiao, and his team discover traces of Ye Dai and Ye Zheng meeting up. Ye Qiao is prepared to startle several herds of Spirit Beasts and lead them to Ye Dai's location. Ye Qiao mocks Ye Dai for hiring so many experts because the best tool in the Maze Realm is one's own cunning, strategic mind. He proudly broadcasts that he, the second prince, Ye Qiao, is the only true candidate for royal crowning!

    Have this one first.
  • Chapter 207:
    While traveling, Jiang Chen discovers many Spirit Beasts that are badly mangled and severely hurt. Ye Rong points out that this doesn't seem like Ye Dai's style. Jiang Chen states that it was likely another Spirit Beast that did this, the injured Beasts have had their blood drained, yet they're still alive. (Clarification: It's possible the injured beasts are actually dead already, sorry, hard to interpret.) After some clues, Jiang Chen deducts that it may be a 'Gold Biting Rat'. (噬金鼠 literally bite-gold-rat, it's unknown if it's just golden colored or it actually eats/bites gold.) In fact, it's probably a Rate Wave of tens of millions if not hundreds of millions! Hearing this, everyone is anxious to leave the vicinity. As they're leaving, Jiang Chen spots a dead Gold Biting Rat, but then he spots another dead one 10 kilometers away! Jiang Chen confirms that someone has been setting them up. Pressing his ear against the ground, Jiang Chen informs everyone that there may already be a Rat Wave swiftly surrounding them! Jiang Chen continues to concentrate while using Psychic's Head, Dan Fei stops Ye Rong from distracting him. Jiang Chen has Xue Tong check too and Xue Tong confirms it, shouting that they're being surrounded, like the stuffing of a dumpling! (<- literal joke used) Jiang Chen forces everyone towards a mountain and starts sprinkling poison in all directions, but it's not enough! Jiang Chen once again thinks how nice it would be if they were allowed to bring their Goldwing Swordbirds. Suddenly, an enormous golden wave appears in everyone's line of sight, swallowing everyone in its path! Everyone's heart nearly stops as their souls threatening to sever all ties with their mortal flesh! (<- My exaggeration)

    Possibly one more tonight, we shall see.
  • Ohh crap! He woke up! I didn't make it in time! Noooooooooooooo...!!!

    Chapter 208:
    Jiang Chen sat down, ransacking his brain for ideas while deploying Psychic's Head. The Wave could easily devour a Spirit King! How was he suppose to get everyone out safely?! Dan Fei's eyes are locked onto Jiang Chen, desperately hoping he has some kind of plan to get out of this gigantic mess. Perspective shifts to Ye Rong as he contemplates whether or not this is how he dies, to be devoured by the Gold Biting Rat Wave and slowly digest in their stomachs. Ye Rong slowly turns towards Jiang Chen, his final ray of hope. Ye Zheng and his crew are the first to be devoured. Ye Dai shouts at Ye Rong, begging Ye Rong to save him. Ye Dai tries everything, sympathy for their third brother, apologies for his own mistakes, pinning the blame on their second brother's head. At the very mention of Ye Qiao, Ye Rong suddenly realizes it could be very true! Although he doesn't wish to admit it, Ye Rong silently, bitterly acknowledges that Ye Qiao may be the final victor. Slowly, Chen Li, Ye Dai, and his team are devoured, not even bones are left! Ling Qianli draws his sword and is prepared to go out in the glory of battle, but Jiang Chen stops him. The Rat Wave stops just before the line of poison Jiang Chen spread earlier, they were afraid and probing to see if it was safe to pass. Just as one breaks through, Jiang Chen stands up, and starts speaking in an ancient language that no one present understands. As if on command, a Gold Biting Rat King, the size of a wolf, steps out of the crowd, looking at Jiang Chen with a strange glint in its eyes. In the language of the Ancient Beasts, Jiang Chen and the Rat King converse. The Rat King questions who Jiang Chen is, Jiang Chen replies that he's an innocent bystander and that he and his party is not responsible for the death of the previously seen Gold Biting Rats. The Rat King snaps back saying it doesn't matter! The fact that humans entered this domain proves that they're going to start hunting Spirit Beasts!
  • Alright, one last one before I head off to bed.
    I'll make this one slightly longer and more descriptive.

    Chapter 209:
    (The title 舌灿莲花的江尘 literally translates to Tongue-Bright-Sacred-Lotus-of-Jiang-Chen or in English, Jiang Chen's Silver Tongue.)
    Chapter starts off with Jiang Chen lightly insulting the Rat King, stating that it can't even be considered a king because of its diluted bloodline. The ancient Rat Kings could easily talk their way out, they were masters at communication; the current Rat King is impulsive and rash! The Rat King retorts, stating what's the use of diplomacy? Humans come and slaughter us, why should we bother talking? The conversation transitions over to how man kills beasts but beasts in turn devour man. The Rat King states that he could easily devour Jiang Chen! But Jiang Chen points out that only he is able to revitalize their ancient bloodline. The Rat King doesn't buy it. So Jiang Chen elaborates, stating this Rat King is the only one in the swarm, and that it can hardly be considered a 'king' anymore, etc. Rat King becomes upset but Jiang Chen continuously states that he can help him, by actually transforming/evolving him into an actual Gold Biting Rat King with revitalized Ancient Bloodline! The Rat continues to call horsesh*t on what Jiang Chen is selling. Jiang Chen then delivers the finisher, stating although the Rat King probably has an inheritance, but simply doesn't know how to fully activate it! With this, the Rat King is completely sold, asking how Jiang Chen knows. It is still skeptical, but Jiang Chen simply states that its a gamble: eat a couple humans that will barely fill its stomach, or take the chance to evolve into a genuine Rat King! To top it off, Jiang Chen jabs at the Rat King's weak spot, the fact that there will eventually be no Rat King and their group will perish, eventually ending up as dinner for other Spirit Beasts. Thinking hard, the Rat King ends up agreeing to take the bet. After all, what Jiang Chen had stated was 100% accurate.
    While they were conversing, Dan Fei stares at Jiang Chen, completely stupefied by Jiang Chen's ability to talk with a Gold Biting Rat King! Plus they even talk for such a long time! Dan Fei's brain is on the verge of collapsing into complete, total, utter chaos. She and Tutor Ye can send simple instructions to their Spirit Beast mounts, but not one soul in the 16 Kingdoms has even heard of the Ancient Beast Language! Her mind is filled to the brim with overflowing questions she wants to ask Jiang Chen. But at the moment, she can only silently hope Jiang Chen managed to convince the Rat King.

    Alright... GOOD NIGHT GUYS!
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    Here's two chapters for now. More should be on the way tomorrow if not the next day.

    Chapter 210:
    As Lady luck would have it, the 'Goldbiter Kingrat' (GB Rat or GBR King) was indeed convinced. The GB Rats all retreated after being commanded to, and Jiang Chen further proposes either the GBR King leaves with Jiang Chen in half a month, or Jiang Chen spends the remainder of the month teaching the GBR King. After some light contemplation, the GBR King decides to leave with Jiang Chen, along with his entire colony. When Jiang Chen questions how, the GBR King replies that they have a Spatial Secret Skill that allows all of them to squeeze together into something not much bigger than a ordinary pebble. Shocked at their ability, Jiang Chen begins to wonder how devastating that force could be! It'll be enough to shake the entire 16 Kingdoms! GBR decides to teach Jiang Chen the Secret Skill, so Jiang Chen asks Ye Rong to wait for him for a moment and leaves with the GBR King. Ye Rong decides to use this time to give his brothers a proper burial. Suddenly Ye Qiao comes out of nowhere and although Ye Rong is burning with inner hatred, he keeps it in. They chat for a bit, while Ye Qiao silently thinks to himself whether Ye Rong is on to him. Then the Rat Wave pops up in their conversation but Ye Rong states he hasn't seen one, leaving Ye Qiao awkwardly scratching his head.
    (Some clarification of the Secret Skill. This particular colony has 2.3 billion individuals. I believe each 'pebble' can hold several million individuals! Jiang Chen has a Storage Ring so he can easily hold thousands of these 'pebbles'! And I think the GBR King currently has ten thousand of them, or the name is just "ten thousand trench quarries". <- LNMTL translation)

    Chapter 211:
    Chapter opens with Jiang Chen asking for the name's of Ye Qiao's two subordinates. After hearing they either don't have a surname, or no name at all, Jiang Chen remarks that even a dog is treated better than that! Ye Qiao's eyes glimmer with icy killing intent; although he can easily take down Ye Rong's team, he decides to wait for now because they're in open space and he doesn't want to let someone escape. Plus he's scared of Dan Fei. While the deceased Ye Dai wanted Dan Fei for her looks and body, Ye Qiao looks last her and onto her standing in the kingdom, her status as the granddaughter of Tutor Ye, and entire background. Ye Rong and company take their leave after a while and once they were a kilometer or two away, Jiang Chen states that the killing intent and aura surrounding Ye Qiao's two subordinates is exactly the same as the dead GB Rats. Jiang Chen continues to say that he has a 70-80% chance of silently disposing of the two. Turning to the GBR King, Jiang Chen relays that he's discovered the culprits who killed the GB Rats. After hearing the details and how they may plan to escape soon, The GBR King sends ten GB Rats to surround Ye Qiao's team as scouts as it prepares to summon the Rat Wave once more.
    Back to Ye Qiao, he continues to stare in the direction that Ye Rong left in with undisguised, blizzard cold killing intent. He knows it is impossible for Ye Rong to have survived a Rat Wave, so did the Rat Wave just not arrive? 'Spirit Stone' and 'Spirit Wind', the two subordinates, are both Level 1 Spirit Dao Realm practitioners. Ye Qiao prepares to have these two go and assassinate everyone in Ye Rong's camp. The two have a 20% of winning in a head on collision, but using their specialized hiding, disguising, and assassination skills, the chances are 80%! Just as he's about to let them go, a scout returns, shouting that there's a Rat Wave quickly surrounding them! After a while, the scout reports that there's a hole in their encirclement, but it leads to a valley with a dead end! Remaining optimistic, Re Qiao decides to gamble it, choosing to rush towards the opening, hoping they'll be able to somehow make it out.

    And that's where I'll leave you ladies and gentlemen tonight.
    And once again, a light reminder that this is up to 50% interpretation by me based off of LNMTL.
    I'll will occasionally repeat this every 10 chapters or so just to remind people I'm still a fraud.
  • Here's two more:

    Chapter 212:
    Just as 'Spirit Stone' and 'Spirit Wind' (too lazy to change dead people's names) were prepared to suicide for the kill on Jiang Chen, the GB Rats made their move! In a matter of seconds, two Spirit Dao Realm powerhouses were killed! After Ye Qiao's unwillingness and regret, the scene cuts to Jiang Chen returning to Ye Rong's party, reporting everyone's dead. Everyone is excited, and soon begins to calculate their own profits. Seven days before the Hunt is over, Jiang Chen decides to split up with Dan Fei, speeding towards the Southern region, hoping to locate the cause of the Spirit Beast migration at the very start of the Hunt. After nearing a valley/canyon, Jiang Chen hides his presence, only to have the GBR King pock his head out from underground, informing Jiang Chen that there are 80-90 Spirit Beasts up ahead where even the weakest one was in the Spirit Realm! They were all here, hoping to find something; something very... special. (I was almost gonna write "precious". LOL) Jiang Chen enters the burrow of the GBR King to get closer to the crowd of Spirit Beasts. Activating Psychic's Head, Jiang Chen directs the GBR King on which direction to slowly burrow so as to not inform others of their presence. After all, a human would immediately set these Spirit Beasts into a killing frenzy! After getting close enough and activating Psychic's Head to it's maximum range, Jiang Chen discovers two unique, special Spiritual Energy! One of ice and the other of fire!

    Chapter 213:
    Although curious, Jiang Chen is still extremely cautious. Each Spirit beast has its own independent group. One group (of father and son I believe) in particular is especially desperate to obtain the 'Ice and Fire Demon Lotus'. (冰火妖莲) They've been waiting for over 20 days! Jiang Chen happens to hear this and is shocked to see that there's actually a Ice and Fire Demon Lotus (Yup, IFD Lotus is its new name) growing here in the Maze Realm! Once it 'obtains intelligence' (which I believe means hit maturity), it's at the very least Holy Rank and can actually change its appearance! Calculating a bit, Jiang Chen ponders whether or not there are other precious resources in this Maze Realm. The most precious part of it is actually the 'Fire Core Ice Essence' (炎心冰髓) or the actual spirit of the IFD Lotus. The Fire Core Ice Essence (Jesus Christ, FCI Essence it is!) is actually very weak in defense, the IFD Lotus on the other hand is extremely fierce in combat, acting as a sort of dutiful bodyguard. Although Jiang Chen knows it'll be very, VERY beneficial to him, he knows he can't take on all the Spirit Beasts. Jiang Chen has the GBR King continue burrowing downwards, completely avoiding the crowd of Spirit Beasts. Soon after, they both feel a wave of heat, followed by a wave of cold, then heat again. Jiang Chen knows that it's hit maturity and is about to emerge! Hundreds of vines then sprout out of the ground, and the IFD Lotus makes its beautiful appearance. At that very moment, every Spirit Beast's eyes were green with greed! Over a hundred Spirit Beasts pounce at it! Just as Jiang Chen was thinking whether several hundred Spirit Beasts can even take it down, he witnesses the IFD Lotus swallow one of the pouncing Beasts whole! Suddenly, Jiang Chen realizes the IFD Lotus purposefully released its aura to lure in Spirit Beasts as nourishment, in order to assist it in its evolution!

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  • Oops, my bad guys, I accidentally skipped Chapter 212.
    The ones directly above are actually 213 and 214.
    ... You guys are lucky, now I have to do another one. =.=

    Chapter 212:
    Ye Qiao decides to risk it and charge towards the valley. Along the way, one of his subordinates relays that they might just make it out since the Rat Wave can't possibly cover every inch of the Maze Realm. Just as another subordinate is about to speak, he stares in a direction like he sees a living ghost. It was Jiang Chen! Ye Qiao questions Jiang Chen, stating he clearly saw him leave in the totally opposite direction just a few minutes ago! How could he be here? Did he circle around? Ye Qiao doesn't want to tell Jiang Chen of the Rat Wave, he simply states that they were in this valley to test their luck on an injured Spirit Beast. Just as Ye Qiao is turning to leave, Jiang Chen mocks him. And then he goes on to talk and make fun of Ye Qiao's 'master plan' to kill Ye Dai and Ye Zheng, then pin the blame on Ye Rong. Ye Qiao denies him and Jiang Chen then states that Ye Dai and Ye Zheng have indeed already died at the fangs of the GB Rat Wave! One of the Ye Qiao's subordinates then shouts that the Rat Wave is once again surrounding them! Ye Qiao glares hatefully at Jiang Chen, shouting that Jiang Chen was deliberately buying time! Jiang Chen states he is indeed stalling, and he's here to collect a debt. Ye Qiao continues to roar at Jiang Chen, calling him a complete lunatic! Jiang Chen laughs and slaps Ye Qiao across the face by stating he dodged the last Rat Wave, and that this one was deliberately caused by him! The ground shakes as a golden wave advances towards them! Knowing that Jiang Chen won't be attacked by the Rat Wave, the two subordinates hope to capture him to use as a meat shield. The Rat Wave has arrived! One by one, everyone on Ye Qiao's team falls to their death by either getting their necks torn off or their guts spilling out!

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  • Wow, after reading the 'official' translations and my summaries, I feel so embarrassed I almost want to stop...
    Welp, here's the next three:

    Chapter 215:
    After the first Spirit Beast is devoured, a second and third soon follow it. Seeing the situation, all the other Spirit Beasts attempt to run away, but the hundreds of vines that speared out the ground earlier form a blockade, trapping all the Spirit Beasts inside. Jiang Chen is quick to respond and tells the GBR King to outflank it and attack from the back! Burrowing deeper underground, they reach a wide, hollow cavern that's surprisingly warm. The fact that the cavern is warm suggests that the FCI Essence is indeed close by. Jiang Chen has to hurry if he wants to absorb it, because after a while, the IFD Lotus could finish devouring all the other Spirit Beasts and the FCI Essence will be strong enough to repel Jiang Chen by then! Arriving at another opening, Jiang Chen realizes there are 8 other IFD Lotuses guarding the FCI Essence! Silently cursing at the FCI Essence, Jiang Chen probs them, realizing each of the IFD Lotuses are at the peak of the Spirit Realm! With no other choice, Jiang Chen decides he has to sacrifice several GB Rats. Although the GBR King is extremely hesitant, for the sake of evolution, he abides. Jiang Chen states that he only needs 3-5 minutes of time to succeed! The GBR King summons several thousand GB Rats to distract the IFD Lotuses. Taking this chance, Jiang Chen rushes to the FCI Essence's side. Jiang Chen reaches out one hand, only to get severely singed, so he utilizes the two secret techniques of the Divine Aeon Fists to grasp the FCI Essence. With an appearance of a beautiful jewel, the FCI Essence is completely powerless to defend itself on its own! Since its intelligence has already awakened, the FCI Essence curses loudly at Jiang Chen, warning him to stay away! At first it thought Jiang Chen was going to absorb all of its spiritual energy, but it soon realizes Jiang Chen is actually refining it! The GBR King sees Jiang Chen working on the FCI Essence and painfully summons more GB Rats to stall for even more time! Slowly, Jiang Chen completely refines the FCI Essence, and when he finishes, all the surrounding IFD Lotuses start to wither away at a speed visible to the naked eye! Recollecting all his descendants, the GBR King and Jiang Chen make a run for it, returning through the tunnel they'd dug earlier. Up above, all the IFD Lotuses start dying off, releasing the remaining crowd of Spirit Beasts that doesn't number more than a third of the initial amount! Happy and thankful, they all rush towards the cavern, only to find the a room with the aura of both the FCI Essence and a human! But neither were present! Searching around, they find a tunnel that they conclude a human sneaked in through. On the other side, Jiang Chen and the GBR King emerge from the ground and madly dash away! After refining the FCI Essence, Jiang Chen's Spirit Sea is on the verge of exploding! He has to hide somewhere with the GBR King and finish fully refining it into his body. Luckily he practiced the Divine Aeon Fists as their yin and yang techniques were what allowed him to refine the FCI Essence.
    (Jesus Christ, did I write too much guys?)

    Chapter 216:
    Five days later, Jiang Chen emerges from a burrow after successfully refining the FCI Essence into a Seedling in his Spirit Sea that will become his Divine Ability. (<- Some trouble in translation and interpretation in this sentence.) There's now less than two days left before the Hunt is over. After traveling towards the exit area, Jiang Chen is only left with half a day before time runs out. On site, Dan Fei and Xue Tong are worried sick that Jiang Chen won't make it in time. Ye Rong's voice rings out as he welcomes Jiang Chen back, stating if he didn't return, Dan Fei might've stayed behind to look for him. After some light conversation regarding their kills, gains, etc., the portal opens with disciples of the PT Sect guarding it to make sure no one escapes without giving up half of their profits. After grudgingly leaving half their earnings with the PT Sect disciples, participants begin to leave the Maze Realm. With her turn approaching, Dan Fei sees Tutor Ye and they lightly converse about her earnings and how Jiang Chen joining her team played out. Dan Fei then dutifully reports that all other princes other than Ye Rong have perished, going slightly into detail about their plots, schemes, attempts, and death. After some more discussion about the Rat Wave, his ability to speak to Spirit Beasts, and the struggle for crowned prince, Jiang Chen walks over to Xue Tong who's being questioned by a stranger. After being inquired, Xue Tong tells Jiang Chen that the stranger asked for Xue Tong's background, which he told him, after seeing him interact with Ye Rong. Jiang Chen feels like that person just now has been constantly observing Xue Tong, but passes the feeling off as his own over-sensitivity. An Elder of the PT Sect walks up to Tutor Ye to inquire about two people. After some light remarks back and forth, the elders goes to find Jiang Chen. He asks what Jiang Chen discovered and obtained in the Maze Realm. Jiang Chen 'smartly' dodges the question by stating Tutor Ye should've already told him and wishes to not repeat Tutor Ye's words. The elder's face darkens as he softly threatens Jiang Chen, stating that he could easily cut off Jiang Chen's future by making it difficult for him when he joins the PT Sect, if he manages to get in that is. Obviously not shaken in the least, Jiang Chen snaps back!
    (Gosh these are getting longer and more sophisticated to summarize! Beware when reading this, I probably f*cked up more than half of it. Sorry.)

    Chapter 217:
    Bewildered by his remark, Elder Tie demands for Jiang Chen's background, asking if Jiang Chen knows what status he possesses. Smirking, Jiang Chen prepares to completely ignore him and begins to take a step away. Completely infuriated buy his behavior and disrespect, Elder Tie roars at Jiang Chen to halt! But Jiang Chen pays him no heed. Ye Rong tries to get Jiang Chen to soften his words, only to get singled out by Elder Tie. Ye Rong asks for Elder Tie's forgiveness. Elder Tie gets even more upset, stating the youngsters of Skylaurel Kingdom are becoming more and more daring, not even offering up their names to him! Lightly pushing Ye Rong back, Jiang Chen stares fearlessly at Elder Tie, stating his name 'Jiang Chen' loudly and clearly. Anger beyond limits, Elder Tie bans Jiang Chen from ever entering the PT Sect, thinking that it would be enough to scare the wits out of Jiang Chen. Although he has been patient, Jiang Chen can no longer remain silent. He states that he doesn't give a damn if he is banned, but since Elder Tie has spoken, if the PT Sect wants him to join, then they'll have to beg him! After leaving these words, Jiang Chen smirks, turns around, and leaves. Elder Tie is utterly stunned by Jiang Chen's performance! Never has anyone ever spoken to him, an esteemed elder of the PT Sect, in such a manner before! He stands firm in his declaration, to never allow Jiang Chen into the PT Sect! All the youngsters who participated in the Autumn Hunt take pleasure in Jiang Chen's misery as they begin gossiping about Jiang Chen's stupidity and idiocy for daring to talk about to a PT Sect elder! (Skipping Dan Fei's apology. Skipping Dan Fei and Tutor Ye talking. Skipping Xue Tong and Ye Rong talking. Skipping Gouyu's isolation while tackling the Spirit Dao Realm. Skipping love story between Qiao Baishi and Elder Ning. Ohh wait, crap, I skipped too much. Ohh well.)

    So, yeah... I should, uhh... Probably make these summaries a bit... Shorter... Next time...
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    Chapter 218:
    Jiang Chen gives his father, Jiang Feng, a higher tier FDOH Pill. The best time to tackle the Spirit Dao Realm is before 30 years of age, Jiang Feng is almost 40! After receiving the FDOH Pill, Jiang Feng's mood swells as he reaches the peak of excitement and joy as he races into isolation! Originally, his talent was exceptionally high, only he had little time to cultivate because he was the head of the family. Jiang Chen recounts all his gains during the MR Autumn Hunt: the two Silver Moon Ape young, numerous Spirit Herbs, the 2-3 billion strong GB Rat clan, and the seed of the FCI Essence in his Spirit Sea. Jiang Chen then thinks about training the Goldwing Swordbirds (Alright, I can't. I should've done this way sooner: GWS Birds) to the Spirit Realm so he has an army of Spirit Realm GWS Birds! But Jiang Chen knows how difficult it'll be, although he's loaded right now, he still doesn't have enough money to go through with his plans! Dan Fei comes over to see how Jiang Chen is doing and to deliver the two Silver Moon Ape young. Worried, Dan Fei asks whether Jiang Chen will enter the PT Sect. Jiang Chen says if he doesn't, Elder Tie will be too self-satisfied. Still worried, Dan Fei tries to recruit Jiang Chen to stay with Tutor Ye. Jiang Chen smiles lightly, because Dan Fei still doesn't understand that he only wants the PT Sect's resources and talented disciples to spar against. Seeing as how Jiang Chen is not replying, Dan Fei excuses herself, walks towards the door, and leaves.
    (Urgh, this is still a pretty long summary...)
  • Urgh, I hate myself for not waiting for the 'official' translations.
    Now the names Ice and Fire Demon Lotus AND Fire Core Ice Essence are stuck... forever! Uhhhhhh...!

    Chapter 219:
    Three days later, Ye Rong is officially crowned the Crown Prince. (<- I know it sounds weird but no other word comes close.) With his ascension, the once divided Kingdom becomes whole, quiet, and settled once more. With Ye Rong's status, he easily raises Jiang Chen to the status of a Second Rank Aristocrat. On that day, Tang Long actually came to pay a visit! He and Jiang Chen then sit down to have a nice long conversation about Tang Long's gratitude, life, new job, etc. After some light talk, Tang Long gets to the point, stating that he's heard a 'Magical Treasure' is soon to awaken in the valley controlled by the Azure Heaven Southern Palace. It's so special that even PT Sect disciples are rushing there! Xue Tong then comes in, reporting that Qiao Baishi has returned. Seeing Tang Long, Xue Tong is surprised and they both congratulate one another on their accomplishments. Jiang Chen gets up to see Qiao Baishi as his personal guards come greet Tang Long, exchanging a cup of wine. Seeing Qiao Baishi's disheartened expression, Jiang Chen teases him, asking how his love story with Elder Ning is coming along. Turns out, Jiang Chen was right on the money! Qiao Baishi reports that the Head of the Azure Heaven Southern Palace has forced him to cut all his ties with Elder Ning! He thinks it has something to do with his lowly background. After being inquired by Jiang Chen, Qiao Baishi tells him the Head is not only female, but actually secretly Elder Ning's mother! Even Elder Ning tried to resist her mother's orders, but to no avail. Running back with his tail between his legs, Qiao Baishi asks for Jiang Chen's wisdom and judgement. Jiang Chen simply brings up the topic of the FSES Pill and Qiao Baishi immediately face-palms himself.
    (... Really? It's still this long? I cut the summary almost in half, too!)

    Chapter 220:
    Qiao Baishi practically worships Jiang Chen like a god! Jiang Chen has him refine some pills for Tang Long before sending him on his merry way. Xue Tong escorts Tang Long out. After sending Tang Long off two streets away, Xue Tong prepares to return home when he hears something. Shouting for him to come out, Xue Tong draws his bow, preparing to retaliate. From behind him, a voice suddenly rings out "Are you the one they call Xue Tong?" Xue Tong is completely startled, but before he can even move, his wrist is painfully grasped as a wave of intense heat starts to corrode his arm! Trying to fight back, Xue Tong punches out with his free arm only to be effortlessly deflected! Feeling a current of electricity run through his arm, Xue Tong slumps to the ground. The mysterious assailant literally bags him and vanishes into the night. Back inside the mansion, Jiang Chen is practicing Psychic's Head when he suddenly feels a disturbance! Rushing out, he realizes he can't feel Xue Tong's aura at all! Everyone rushes out and discovers that there was indeed a battle that just took place! Looking around, Wen Ziqi discovers a wax pill. As he is about to pick it up, Jiang Chen stops him! The pill was actually lined with poison and revealed a note inside, stating that if Jiang Chen wasn't killed by the poison, then wait for the next one. His subordinate was the first, and soon after, they'll have Jiang Chen's life. Jiang Chen brainstorms and arrives at the conclusion that the Southern Palace might be involved, or maybe even someone from the PT Sect who reports to Elder Tie! After listening to his subordinates' opinions, Jiang Chen decides to borrow Ye Rong and the Dragonteeth Guards' power. The tranquil state of the Skylaurel Kingdom was once again broken as an imperial order was passed to close all gates and completely restrict air travel as the entire Dragonteeth Guard enters a frenzy raid! Ye Rong is especially angered, seing as how Jiang Chen was the main reason he obtained the position of Crown Prince and Xue Tong had personally assisted him in the Maze Realm! Tutor Ye personally deduces that the assailant is not of the deceased princes' group, but rather, a personal enemy of Jiang Chen! This was perhaps Jiang Chen's greatest trial to date.
    (OH. MY. GOD! Why is this summary still so long?! I even shorten it by removing several points! Uuuuuuuuuuggghhh...)

    Chapter 221:
    Jiang Chen is given 30 flight plate for his GWS Birds by Tiao Shao who also reports that the Dragonteeth Guard is utilizing their entire force to investigate this matter. He states that although there are many underground organizations, none of them have the power to contest with Jiang Chen. With the blockade in place, it's only a matter of time before the Dragonteeth Guard finds them. Jiang Chen's eyes turn cold as a murderous intent gushes out of his body, stating that he will pay them back with blood!
    At a secret location in the capital, a man asks another whether he's confident he won't be discovered. The one asking turns out to be Lu Wuji! The man codenamed 'Blood Three' replies the Dragonteeth Guard will suffer greatly if they try to capture him. The two converse about payment, a win-win situation for both, their revenge plan to turn the Jiang Family upside down, and Lu Wuji's bone-deep hatred of Jiang Chen. Lu Wuji wants to torture Xue Tong into spilling the beans on whether or not Jiang Chen had anything to do with Ye Dai's untimely death in the Maze Realm and 'Blood Three' doesn't refuse him.
    In another room, Xue Tong is chained down with his True Qi completely sealed. However, he can still utilize the Ears of the Zephyr, with which he overhears that the man who kidnapped him was actually part of Hidden Hand, the same underground assassins organization that tried to kill Jiang Chen once before and where his bow originated from! Most importantly, it was someone with insider information, Lu Wuji, and extremely likely Vice Director Yang, too, that had bribed Hidden Hand to send an expert to deal with Jiang Chen! Even in this situation, Xue Tong is very loyal; instead of thinking about himself, he's thinking about how to get this information back to Jiang Chen! However, Lu Wuji enters at that moment and begins his heinous torture routine. Despite the immense pain and beads of sweat pouring down his forehead, Xue Tong refuses to make a sound, making Lu Wuji, his tormentor, very unhappy.
    (Chinese name of Hidden Hand is 命暗门 or literally Life-Dark-Door. I had to dig very deep to find what Etvolare translated it into. LNMTL translated it as Life Secret Door, and my only clue was that Xue Tong mentioned the Catacombs. And this is still a very, very long summary...)

    Okay, and that's all I'm leaving you guys with tonight.
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