Novel with Arranged Marriage

I'm just finished reading BTTH... battle between bitch Fiancée with MC... I like this kind of fight... I want to know if there is same novel like BTTH... a novel where MC was looked down by his fiancée and he defeat his ex fiancée like nothing for revenge... is there such novel??


  • HJC
    doesnt defeat her in combat because she is way too shit for MC to even begin her, tho you see  him crushing her literally in every other mean, Making her know the lil bitch she is

    Ze Tian Ji - Arranged marraige, MC is loathed by majority, But not directly by wife. Its unique and you should rea dit
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    If HJC I've read it... till the end... especially when the bitch princess got disowned by her father...
    Dude, I'm looking for similar situation like nalan yanran and Xiao yan... MC beat his ex fiancée...
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    MC is engaged to girl and she loathes him before the possesion. He simply show her to a part of his abilities while getting her beautiful sister.

    Immortal Executioner
    Well,it's highly spoilerish so read it at your concern.
    MC marries 4 women. Slowly he shows that he is genius alchemist so that other bigger sects throw their beautiful girls to him since they think he is womanizer and they can benefit. Kind of forced marriage.

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    Waiting till completely translated...
    Immortal Executioner : 
    Hmm.. not this kind of story...

    Man, I'm want a story where MC beat his ex fiancée... Also humiliated her sect....

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