I am making a Petition to allow posting R-18 in FanFiction

Who's with me! We shall make a Petition to allow, or rather change Grandpa... I mean big brother RWX's mind.

R-13 is un-acceptable. Wuxia and Xianxia fan fiction should have that spice of R-18.

Take MGA for example.
The thrill, the gore, the love, the awesomeness is there because of R-18.
Take  HJC for example.
The cruelty, the slyness, and perverseness is there. That is why it is awesome.
Take AGT for example.
The the shyness, the cuteness, and that awesome in the middle is just breath taking.

To sum it all up, please consider.

R-18 is life.
R-18 is love.
R-18 is justice. 


  • Want to join the Petition?
    Just leave a comment here starting with.  'I (your name) Join to this Petition'
  • You might want to remake your post, you dont have a specific reason, just a why not. talking about how someones white peaks poked out of there clothes is not r-18. and this is probably better in prayer to the higher realms

  • I'd be for, I like novels where MC is antihero, and they have usually content like killings of millions etc like WMTW
  • What were those 'spice' moments you read in the novels you listed? You should probably add some more detail instead of going straight for it and expecting that everyone will get what you mean. And me honestly, I don't mind the violence factors in a novel since I'm so desensitized from all the stuff I've read but the uncalled for fanservice just makes me want to drop the novels instantly. Like cringe I don't know who even reads that bs with a straight face. I dropped HJC right at the start because the interactions with the romance were so unnatural (don't even try to say that it was 'just like that in that era', i recognize bad writing when i see it). Anyway, maybe some interesting plot would be nicer than random mass-murders and useless fanservice scenes. I'd say no r18 without some further planning/ decision making on the topic (but honestly just no to avoid the cringe fam).
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    I didn't even know about this....  I personally can't read anything that "sugarcoats" or censors the reality of things.  Not every PG13 novel, book etc is like that... Most likely however, R+18 explores those themes and it makes those novels great.  I thank the OP for making this petition and I would love to support it.  I also understand RWX's side.  Therefore why not beforehand put a warning message on what makes it not PG-13.  That should solve the problem right?  
  • mee13 said:
    I'd be for, I like novels where MC is antihero, and they have usually content like killings of millions etc like WMTW
    Please tell me what those initials mean?  I would love to check it out but can't find it.  
  • I'm not sure what r-18 you are referring to, maybe you are just looking at cruel things such as rape, or you could just be looking for scenes that are vivid of describing what has happened. You could also be looking at major gore or the description of very disgusting things. You should think about what you want to make a reality in your petition. 

    In my opinion, I believe your just looking for where intercourse is just a reoccurring thing that happens in the story and it describes it in detail. Then you have much gore and slaughter. Idk really what you are looking for but, hope you be safe!.
  • y'all need some milk
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