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Born of the Lei clan, a seemingly perfect Royal Clan of the East until a rebellion from the Empress' family which leads to the separation of the sibblings Gaïa and Yû at a young age. Crowned Prince Léi Yû was put through torturous training by the order of his father, Léi Yuan. Gaïa is a general for the West who is adored with a pure heart. Léi Yû as cold as ice. They're mortal enemies at Eklexarth. When a war triggers and Gaïa and Yû are to meet again, knowing eachother's identity...what happens at the war?

"I have no serious enmity with anyone, just you." -Gaïa
"This wine is like p***! I can't even go to the yellow springs even if I wanted to! Bleh!" -Yû
[Yellow springs=Underworld]

Author: LinMeiAi
Remember: The realm includes both modern and ancient goods, there could be iPods in the West and zithers in the East, or just different style clothes.
I'll be using some manga images to give you a good idea of what the characters should look like :P
[Status: Just started, writing Chapter 1]

[Chapters: (Book 1)
Chapter 1: East and the West (complete)
Chapter 2: Family Summons & Encounters (complete)
Chapter 3: This can't be! (ongoing)]

Léi Yû - Book 1 [Léi Royal Clan] - Chapter 1 - East and the West

East Territory - Imperial Palace

The palace was silent, it was a peaceful night where you could only hear crickets paired with the stunning glow of the silver moon that gives a chilling but peaceful aura.

"P-Please stop!" A cry from a woman could be heard in the palace, breaking the silence. Countless guards and servants woke up, thinking, Milady empress? Who would dare harm her?!

That thinking was instantly shattered as they heard their emperor's voice inside the room where the voice came from. Some servants, scared witless, had fainted on the spot. Others stealthily picked up the fallen and left.

A man with long black hair that looked to be in his 20's, coupled with an imposing aura, was opposite the woman who let out the cry. His gaze filled with hatred, anger and saddness. His right hand rested on the armrest of the throne, tapping impatiently as if looking for an answer.

"Why? Why a rebellion? From you, a person I don't wish to hurt!" The man seemed to be at lost.

The woman was drenched in tears, she wiped them before she replied "It was all part of the plan. Unify? Only fools would think about that. You think I loved you? You are a calamity."

The man had a dumbfounded look and she continued "I admit, I have fallen for you maybe a little, but my family is beyond you."

This caused the Emperor's heart to turn stone cold.

The Empress, in truth, really did love Lei Yuan. But she was part of the West and her family occupies most of her heart. She contemplated then continued "As me leaving alone won't hurt you as much..." She had a mischevious smile. "I will take Gaïa with me as retribution.


The Emperor, Lei Yuan, lost it. His saddness dissipated immediately, replaced with utter fury.

"Snow Li! You don't dare, you don't dare!" Lei Yuan was enraged to the point of wanting to go thousand laps around King Yama's palace.

Snow Li was laughing to the point of insanity. It's finally over! My mission's finally over! Was all she thought. She regained her calm composure and smiled with a tear drop at the corner of her eye, which slowly rolled down as she reached for a slip. taking Gaïa and burning the slip, which she then took out a Teleportation Spatial Seal, and disappeared along with Gaïa.

Sorry, Lei Yuan.

"Waaaaaaa! Wuwuwuwu!" A cry was heard from next to Lei Yuan.

Lei Yuan's pupils shrunk as he heard the cry. He turned to look and saw a 2 year old toddler, Lei Yu.

By this point, Lei Yuan has already gone to the point of no return. In future, he will not open his heart up to anyone. He will remain in solitude. He will kill anyone who harms his family, this was the lesson he was taught by Snow Li.

Lei Yu was like a living reminder of Snow Li. So the first thing he did-

"GUARDS!" His booming voice bellowed.

Dozens of men that wore armor, coupled with a golden insignia with a sword imprinted rushed over. They all had nervous expressions, after all, they all heard the earlier argument.

"Take the crowned prince away and when he can cultivate,  bring him to the Thunder Forest after giving him this ring." Lei Yuan said indifferently.

The ring was a interspatial ring, filled with books, cultivation scrolls, magic scriptures, weapons, treasures...

All the guards cursed inwardly in their hearts: Thunder Forest? That's one of the most dangerous places in this whole Empire! Even the beasts there are at least Xiantian early stage, you want your son to die at 5 years old?!

The servants outside grit their teeth as they heard this. Even the elders watching through the water spell- Floating Scryer were feeling resigned and shook their heads.

Lei Yu's Chambers

"Wuwuwuwuwuwuwu..." The cry caused heartache for all the servants.

"Shh..." The personal maid of Lei Yu, was currently looking after him.

Easier said than done! I, your father, will absolutely survive the Thunder Forest and make sure you're never able to tell me what to do anymore! Hmmph! was currently what he was thinking.


3 years later...

"Crowned prince, it is time to depart." a gollem of one of the guards appeared in the courtyard. After speaking, he handed Lei Yu the spatial ring.

"En." Pouting, Lei Yu could only obey.

"Ross, why the gollem today, eh?" Lei Yu questioned.

The guard, Ross, stood silent, slightly pale.

"Nevermind." Lei Yu understood very well. Ross was not proficient in the elemental laws of lightning so he'd have it worse off in the Thunder Forest than Lei Yu himself.

Then with an intent, Lei Yu disappeared.

So far...
Name- Léi Yû
Age- 5 
Stage- Xiantian early phase (secret training beforehand)
Magic affinity:
Lightning 100%
Water 100%
Fire 70%
Earth 60%
Wind 70%
Light 100%
Darkness 60%
Spatial 100%
Time 100%
Ice 100%
Edicts of Death 100%
Edicts of Life 80%
Edicts of Fate 84%
Edicts of Destruction 100%
Currently training in Lightning, Death, Time, Spatial and Ice
Physique affinity: 
Agility 100%
Strength 97%
Speed 93% ]

[Author's note: All thanks to his array in the chamber that's got element particles. And remember! AFFINITY!]


West Territory, Snow Palace

It was winter and different shaped snow would fall from the chilling sky. Experts would be flying high or low, or just walking, around the palace. It was made specifically out of eternal Ice which is unmeltable even against a fire. On the exterior, you would see various protection, killing and teleportation formations coupled with the Snowdon Beast Array.

The servants all had warm gazes as they watched a child that was seemingly 3 years old in the courtyard with a white panther. Currently laughing as another two 3 year old children join the fray.

"Come on, Gaïa, sweetheart, time to go have dinner." a woman, Snow Li, says.

"But... w-wut abwout Ninny and Leylwin?" The child, Gaïa, asked.

"Hehe... Nisse, Leylin, would you like to join us? after you can come back and play." Snow Li says, with a warm smile.

"Owtay." They replied.

Gaïa's black, long hair swayed as she ran in excitement.

Snow Li watched as a tear rolled down her cheek.

"Auntie, what's wrong?" Nisse asks. As Snow Li broke her moment of contemplation, she replied "Nothing, darling, just thinking of... something..." and walked towards the dining hall.


Thunder Forest

"So difficult..." Lei Yu was currently absorbing Lightning Essence which is a natural essence only found in extremely concentrated places. Refining them will be difficult as it is a bezerk element.

"Phew..." Lei Yu let a sigh of relief as he walked towards a cave.

As he slept, it was not completely dreamless...

A shout was heard and a child's cry was heard, "G-a---" It all became a blur.

"G, and a... is it a name? No... I don't know... why was it in the imperial palace? G-a..." As Lei Yu woke up, he would always question himself. The same dream almost everytime but how would he know why it's so important to him?

Why this dream everyday? He thought. It was akin to hell. He at least remembers this was the day he stopped getting pampered, saw his father's miserable side and painstakingly trained either way before the age of 5 to survive here.

Suddenly the cave shook like an earthquake and a white ring, coupled with runes, fell. A black ring also fell a few seconds after the white. On it were different runes.

I've never seen these runes before... Lost runes? Personally created runes? I've struck gold! Were currently Lei Yu's thoughts.

Lei Yu placed both rings on the opposite hand to the interspatial ring but suddenly blacked out.

"I see you're the inheritor of my 2 rings. Oho..." A voice was heard.

Now, Lei Yu was too intelligent for his age, so he thought...

Soul fragment or recording?

"I am but a Soul Fragment. I was deceased long ago in a war. I've been here in the rings waiting for an inheritor..." The old voice sounded. "En, but who would of thought it'd be a kid?"

"Y-you..." Lei Yu felt like he was being taunted for being his age.

"I don't have much time left so I'll explain the properties of the rings."

Lei Yu stayed silent.

"They both have a spatial property which I and my wife have put treasures in." The voice sounded. Lei Yu's eyes were shining. He continued, "The white ring possesses the ability to heal instantly any injury and create a corrosive white mist that can corrode anything and give off powerful illusions. Also possesses an automatic shield function that can block almost anything." Lei Yu was now drooling.

"The black ring possesses the ability to manipulate and use all the God Tier sections and below. For example, mortals can use fire spells but cannot go higher a tier until they get Xiantian early stage and so on. God Tier is only avaliable to deities, known as God Fire." He paused and continued, "But this ring allows you to use God Tier elements automatically." 

Lei Yu was sweating to the point of collapsing.

"There's a catch---" He dragged on. 

"The black ring is too dangerous for a 5 year old, wait till you're 17 before you use it." and a lock was placed on the ring which quickly dissipated.

"But I can't access the spatial property now..." Lei Yu was speachless.

"Oho... there's still the white ring. I don't think it's too dangerous... Maybe even helpful if you're going to absorb that lightning essence." The old voice taunted.

"Oh, almost time up!" the voice sounded.

Good! who want's to listen to you?!

"Don't choose the wrong path in cultivation plus personality... you're a seemingly good kid." He advised.

"Hey, since you can make a ring that controls the God Flame, are you even mortal?" Lei Yu asked.

"Hehe..." and the voice disappeared.

"Sh**! I should of asked what cultivation scroll I should focus on!" Lei Yu snorted.

And Lei Yu finally woke up. But it most definitely wasn't a dream. Lei Yu tried to use the black ring but the effort was to no avail.

If he were to be able to access the ring, he would find out a second catch...


Lightning forest, Northern borders, 8 years later

Lei Yu was practicing the spells of Time, found in the white ring, but suddenly, a scream was heard not far away. Lei Yu paused and climbed up a tree to ascertain the direction and climbed back down, swiftly making his way to the area.

"Someone! Help me!" a female cried. A man wearing black was looking coldly at the girl.

"No one'll hear you in the lightning forest." the man seemed confident.

"No..." the female fell into despair.

"Now where is it?!" the man yelled.

"I really don't know..." streams of tears were rolling down her cheek. The man couldn't care less and brandished his sword.

"You're doing no favor to yourself by keeping the location of the beast hatchling a secret, Ya Fei." the man yelled coldly.

The man raised his sword, but then lightning struck and chopped the man's arm off.

"ARRRGH!" the man was stupified. He unconsciously looked around for any sign of people.

"Boo! Hehe..." Lei Yu jumped off a tree and landed in front of the black clothed man with a grin on his face.

"Who are you?!" The man pointed at Lei Yu, a flash of horror on his face.

Lei Yu let out a sigh and said, with a trace of disdain on his face, "Have you no face, going after women like this?"

The man had an expression of fury and yelled, "So what? She offends me so I go after her!" He had a proud expression on his face.

Lei Yu's face darkened as he released another thunderbolt.

"You can't hurt me! I'm one of the Darknorth family's genius young generation!" the man cried.

Lei Yu had a hint of surprise on his face. Thinking it would work, the man tried to show off all his meritous deeds done for the Darknorth clan.

"You thought I was surprised your from a big clan? I was suprised about- When did scum like you exist?" Lei Yu face darkened once more.

 "I'll soul call my clan leader and he'll appear with a teleportation seal!" the man was now dripping cold sweat.

"By all means, go ahead." Lei Yu shrugged.

The girl grew alarmed and said, while shaking, "M-milord, are you sure about this?" 

Lei Yu turned around, meeting the gaze of the girl that looked about the same age as him. He warmly smiled, which made the girl blush and said, "I'm sure, you'll see."


The man broke a soul call talisman and a few seconds later, a man called Darknorth Hui who looked youthful appeared. His black hair with no impurities made him look to be 20, but everyone there knew he would never look old due to using a technique only avaliable to the jindan stage.

"Dong'er!" Darknorth Hui casted his gaze to the man's arm, which was dripping with blood and occasional electric snakes would appear, stupifying Darknorth Hui.

"Who dared do this?" Darknorth Hui grit his teeth.

The man slowly pointed and Lei Yu and said, "It's he who dared! Uncle, bring justice, I beg of you!" the man had tears in his eyes.

 Darknorth Hui slowly turned his head to where the man pointed toand sucked a breath full of cold air. He quickly got to his knees and kowtowed, "Crowned prince!"

Lei Yu slowly nodded. "Rise..."

Darknorth Hui rose and turned to look at the man, "Insolence!" Darknorth Hui's voice bellowed.

"W-what?" the man was utterly frightened.

Darknorth Hui had a look of disappointment on his face and said, while shaking his head slowly, "If the Darknorth clan serve the Royal clan, the Lei clan and I say 'Crowned Prince', do you still dare ask me to avenge a severed arm?" Darknorth Hui had a mocking smile on his face.

The man, Darknorth Dong how understood. He couldn't help but feel bitter now that he remembered the crowned prince was sent here since 8 years ago.

"Darknorth Dong awaits death for his treason." the man, now in a kowtowing position, waited.

Darknorth Hui, too, felt bitter.

"There's no need to kill you." Lei Yu replied, he continued, "You never knew who I was, it can't be counted as treason. All I ask, stop pursuing the girl." His words were like heaven in Darknorth Hui and Darknorth Dong's ears.

"En, acknowledged!" Darknorth Dong bowed and left after being dismissed by Lei Yu. Darknorth Hui followed.

After this, the girl, Ya Fei insisted on staying with Lei Yu and helped whenever she could. She and Lei Yu grew quite close and Ya Fei told him why Darknorth Dong was pursuing her, a beast egg, it seemed. A few months later, the egg hatched and a blue bird that could change size appeared before her. Ya Fei called the bird Ya Ming.


3 years later, Lei Yu underwent the 4-in-9 tribulation thanks to his understanding on the Way of the Universe, a crucial unchangable advance technique that the old man that made the rings allowed Lei Yu to have before using the lock. But the last stage was incomplete, however, he was in no rush to complete it since he knew he could spend even a million years without being able to get to the stage, even a mishap could cost his life.

And so, the 11 years of being in the lightning forest passed with painstakingly training. Whether it was training in the [Heaven Tsundering Lightning Diagram] which focuses on the sword, a cultivation scroll found in the white ring, whether it was training in the way of the universe and trying to get insights, whether it was reading the magic scriptures of every single element and practicing them, from the interspatial and white rings or reading the books inside the interspatial ring to enhance his knowledge, he never wasted a single second.

He felt his improvement was too quick as he'd passed the 4-in-9 tribulation and is now mid Yuanying stage by relying on resources in the 2 rings. After all, his father was only late Jindan stage which was already considered 'powerful' in the Suanni Continent...


"CHIIIII!" a black and gold Thunder Hawk's cry sounded. On top of the thunder hawk was Lei Yu.

This was the thunder hawk that Lei Yu found in the Lightning Forest central area and raised after he found the 2 rings. Lei Yu was reluctant to kill it and make it a spirit ring, using it's abilities, so they set up a Bond contract which can only be set up by the thunder hawk's will. Unlike the master-servant contract, it grants the hawk more freedom.

The two landed on the cave's exterior and Lei Yu jumped off it's back.

"Reiga, I'll be right back." Lei Yu said, while running towards the cave, notifying Ya Fei of his leave.

En. The thunder hawk's voice sounded in Lei Yu's mind through the Bond Contract's telepathy function.

"Crowned Prince!" a male and female voice sounded.

2 people were flying in the sky, looking out for thunderbolts, looking about wearily for Lei Yu while looking back to a jade talisman which tells them whether Lei Yu is alive or not.

"CHIIIII!" Reiga sounded.

The 2 people flew over to where the cry sounded.

"Ross, Isobel." Lei Yu maintained a calm demeanor. He was never close with anyone in his family, and was iscolated almost all his life from humans. Plus, he dislikes his maid and his father, for unknown reasons, chooses to stay away from him.

The calm demeanor sends a shiver down their spine, Ross and Isobel can't help but think of Lei Yuan.

Ross bowed and Isobel followed straight after, after, Ross spoke "Crowned prince, His Majesty summons you for-"

Lei Yu closed the left eye while a azure light shone in his right eye which looked like a flame, making some hand signs like he's not paying attention and said "The yearly family summons."

"Y-yes." Ross replied.

Lei Yu let out a sigh and placed himself on Reiga's back, following Ross and Isobel back to the Lei Palace.


Lei Yuan should look similar to:
https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/fe/30/fb/fe30fb5a003ec5af7a00c06de0b840b6.jpg (from knight fantastic night)

Ya Fei:

Cultivation stages:
Using cultivation from Stellar Transformations- http://stellar-transformations.wikia.com/wiki/Cultivation

Spells will derive from:
Coiling Dragon- http://coiling-dragon.wikia.com/wiki/Techniques
And my own imagination 3

[To be honest, the first part will be boring and the real thing will be when it's the war. It does get interesting in ch.2+ though.]


Léi Yû- Book 1 - Chapter 2- Family Summons & Encounter

East Territory, Imperial Palace

The palace was bustling with servants carrying plates, putting cloths on the dining hall table, sorting out silverwear, making shapes out of the tissues and cleaning the palace. Today was the Family Summons where every great clan and the Royal Clan in the East gather in Suanni City, the heart of Suanni Continent, and discuss future plans, have a few competitions, a few feasts and this lasts for 20 days.

This is the first time for Lei Yu to participate as this was the first time he was summoned and usually spends his time in the lightning forest.

Lei Ross, Lei Isobel and Lei Yu landed outside the palace and were greeted for their return to the palace. Lei Yu just gave an indifferent gaze and walked away.

As he neared the well, Lei Yu heard a group of people heading his way, they numbered 5.

"Oho... it's Lei Yu! Step-brother, do you remember me, Lei Aru?" A female voice from the group sounded.

Lei Yu didn't know how to reply. Even if they met before, Lei Yu was only 2 years old with practically no memory. He doesn't even know his own father too well, nevermind siblings. He was in iscolation for 3 years only ever seeing his own maid before he left to the lightning forest.

Lei Yu turned around and saw the female had light brown tied up hair, she was tall and wore a green and gold traditional chinese dress. She was probably 'Lei Aru'.

"Forgive me, step-sister, I really don't remember anyone from the family." was Lei Yu's reply.

"It's alright. How about a spar to warm up for the competition?" Lei Aru asked. She bore a grin while the other 4 people looked at her in shock.

You think I'm an idiot? You just want to find out everyone's weakness and calculate in the tournaments. Was currently what Lei Yu was thinking.

"Alright!" Lei Yu politely accepted.

"Get in positions... 3...2...1...SPAR!" A girl that seemed to be 13 shouted out. Her short black hair made her look even younger.

Lei Yu did a spin kick and landed at Lei Aru's leg, which she tripped with her eyes closed, the other 4 people stared dumbfounded and which lightning shock her which paralyzed her for a few seconds.

"O-over!" the 13 year old girl shouted out.

"Lei Yu wins!" the girl shouted out once more.

"W-what? I didn't even see anything..." Lei Aru stared.

Lei Yu helped Lei aru up, which they both clasped hands as a sign of respect and Lei Yu once more walked away, heading to the palace's interior. 


West Territory, Nisse's courtyard

Gaïa, Nisse, Leylin were together as always. This time Lee Miku as well as Hou Dewéi, from respectable clans were joining them.

"Hey, hey, how about this piece of news, the East territory's crowned prince has actually survived the thunder forest to this day, since he was 5 years old." Lee Miku started gossiping.

"Why are we talking about him?" Hou Dewei snorted as he looked at Lee Miku, who was wracking her brain for gossips.

"Hey! He's pretty handsome you know..." Lee Miku chuckled. Hou Dewei gave her a stare then said "No, I don't know because I'm male and I refuse to judge men as handsome unless it's myself."

"Narcisist." Nisse replied.

"Leylin! Help your brother out..." Hou Dewei pleaded.

"Oho... he won't listen to you." Gaïa teased.

"Gaïa's right, actually..." Leylin replied.

"Fine. He's handsome but his personality sucks... He's such a loner." Hou Dewei said, shaking his head.

"He's only a loner because he spent 3 years in iscolation after some unknown to me incident and 11 years in the lightning forest." Lee Miku argued back.

"All the adults seem to know the reason but won't tell us until we've got high enough cultivation." Nisse complained.

"Lucky, my family refuse to tell me anything as if they're afraid of me finding something out. What's there to hide?" Gaïa shook her head.

"Want me to tell you when I reach general rank in the Western Army?" Nisse asked.

"It's alright. By then, you'd probably forget." Gaïa laughed.

Drip. Drip.

"Oh, it's raining..." Leylin said, while looking up to the sky.

"Let's go inside then." Nisse replied.


Eastern Territory, Imperial Palace, Main Hall

2 people stood in the Main Hall. Lei Yuan, who was sitting in the throne, suddenly stood up and walked towards Lei Yu.

"Father." Lei Yu grit his teeth as if he was struggling to call the man in front of him his father.

Lei Yuan contemplated before saying "I don't wish for you to spend your time in the lightning forest all your life, so I've decided to send you to a school where there are magic lessons as well as millitary lessons, also including everyday subjects."

Lei Yu, for once, felt his eyes gleam at his father's decision. Lei Yuan nodded.

Lei Yuan continued, "You'll be attending Eklexarth Academy, which is in the Central Territory of this realm, the Praria continent. A neutral zone." Lei Yu nodded, and Lei Yuan continued, "You'll be going with 7 other people from our clan. Their names are Lei Aru, Lei Ruze, Lei Biyu, Lei Feng, Lei Bai, Lei Chen and Lei Qing. I assume you aren't familliar with them."

"Maybe I've seen some of them but didn't know their names, but I know Lei Aru." Lei Yu said.

"They'll be in the banquet hall at dinner. You'll be departing with the 7 after the 20 day Family Summoning." Lei Yuan said, while bearing a surprised expression.

"En." Lei Yu replied.

"Also," Lei Yu stopped his speech and continued, "I found a girl in the lightning forest a few years ago and she's staying with me. If it's possible, I'd like to bring her to the academy with me. She isn't weak either."



A cristine dining hall was put to display as various people sat down the grand table, which was made out of a hundred housand year old white jade. Laughter and conversations could be heard resounding in the large hall. A chandelier made of gold and diamonds hung above the table and servants would be giving drinks or placing food on the table.

At the left side of the hall, all the younger generation were chatting, playing cards and eating. At the corner stood Lei Yu with a glass of wate, looking as lonely as possible since he's no good at socializing.

A few minutes later...

"Lei Yu!" Lei Aru's voice sounded and everyone in the hall was silent and dumbfounded. He actually came to this summons? would be precisely what everyone, no matter old or young, were thinking.

Lei Yu was surprised by the sudden shout and saw Lei Aru walking towards him.

"Step-sister Aru." Lei Yu maintained a calm demeanor.

"Ehh?! Just call me sister. hehe..." Lei Aru said, while chuckling.

this time, 6 people were behind Lei Aru.

"Oh, let me introduce to you, me, the 6 behind me and you will be going to Eklexarth together, hehe..."

Lei Yu has seen 4 of them with Lei Aru earlier.

"This is 13 year old Lei Ruze, our announcer for the spar earlier, and your cousin." The girl with short black hair walked forward until she was next to Lei Aru.

"Nice to meet you again, Lei Yu." Lei Ruze gave off a warm aura as she smiled.

"Likewise." Lei Yu replied

Lei Aru then introduced Lei Feng, Lei Aru and Lei Yu's step-brother, followed by Lei Chen, Lei Yu's cousin, Lei Bai, Lei Yu's step-brother, Lei Biyu, Lei Yu's step-sister and finally Lei Qing, Lei Yu's cousin.


A few days later, grand table

Lei Yuan sat in the seat of honor with various aristocrats, clan leaders and millitary generals with a map in the center like a meeting. Everyone had serious gazes as they listened to the emperor.

"Seven years until the peace treaty expires with the West, we need plans beforehand." Lei Yuan swept his gaze around the table as he said this.

"I believe we should hurry up and cultivate the younger generation." the suarve looking man, Darknorth Hui suggested.

"En, I agree." nodded the emperor.

"Start laying formations, I say." a millitary general suggested.

Everyone sat down started giving suggestions and volunteering to do the job. Most ideas were accepted and families started sending their younger generation to various schools to cultivate.


Day of departure

Lei Yu sat down on Reiga's back with Ya Fei, whom he came back for in middle of the family summons, and lifted off while the other 7 acted as guides. Sometimes they'd stop and gather resources from the shops and sometimes they'd stop for a break since the 7 did not have the pleasure of having a spirit beast fly for them. Lei Yu had a bored expression and couldn't help but yawn. From the Suanni continent to the Praria continent was 2 million kilometers. Lei Yu can travel 500 thousand kilometers per day but the other 7 are limited to 200 thousand kilometers per day, and he can't casually reveal his own cultivation.

When they arrived in Praria continent...

"We can only go maximum 60 miles while flying when we reach Eklexarth City." Lei Biyu warned.

They were currently in the Goldsand plains which is the final border for them to reach Eklexarth City. While they were talking, Lei Yu finally got the hang of socializing. Unfortunately, he developed quite a few personalities as well without realizing.

The group was suddenly halted by bandits. It was too easy to tell they were from the west.

"Halt!" The bandit leader shouted.

The group had nowhere to run since the bandits were forming a blockade.

"Give us all your money and I say you can go." The bandit leader said, sword in hand.

"F*** off Xia Mi!" Lei Chen shouted.

Truth be told, they were forced to give a precious elixir due to this blockade and their superior number of a hundred. Now it looks like they're going to be robbed a second time.

"Aren't we from the same school? Where's your dignity?!" Lei Aru complained.

"We're desperate for resources and you just happen to be from the east, we're doing a meritous deed for our west, making you suffer." Xia Mi replied, making motions with her sword.

Lei Aru shook her head and was about to pass Xia Mi her interspatial ring but was stopped by Lei Yu.

"What are you doing?" Questioned Lei Aru, who was sweating profusely. She knows how impatient Xia Mi is and apparently doesn't want to anger her.

"What the hell? Who the f*** are you?" Xia Mi was angered.

"Was superior numbers what allowed you to bully my clan?" Lei Yu was full of killing intent.

"I-I" Xia Mi could feel pressure and couldn't get her words out. Cold sweat was rolling down her forehead but she didn't dare wipe them away in Lei Yu's presence.

"Well?!" Lei Yu's voice bellowed and every single bandit forming the blockade collapsed. Xia Mi was on the verge of fainting.

Lei Yu, in a soft voice, whispered in Xia Mi's ear, "By all means, try harm me, if you're foolish. But don't ever think of robbing my family with this joke. You'll know what comes after it, and if there's even a scratch on them, well... I'll be looking for you specifically..."

These words alone caused Xia Mi to have shivers sent up her spine and she couldn't help but faint. The group stared dumbfounded at Lei Yu as he once again sat on the Thunder Hawk, Reiga, and ascended.

"Well? What are we waiting for? To Eklexarth City!" Lei Aru broke the silence.

"En." Ya Fei got to know the group while flying.

They all looted Xia Mi and her underlings and left.


"Hehe! Let's go to the most luxurious restaurant to celebrate Lei Yu bringing home treasures from that b**** Xia Mi!" Lei Chen laughed while pouring the 'Pepsi' beverage found in Xia Mi's interspatial ring into the glass cups he brought as they were seated in the Eklexarth Academy courtyard.

"You're already students here but me and Ya Fei still need to complete our papers to get an identity card and our own accomodations." Lei Yu sulked.

"Try get along with your neighbours, I bet 90% you'll be living near us and the western Snow clan. We could get expelled for causing too much trouble." Warned Lei Bai.

"En." Lei Yu and Ya Fei nodded.

The Snow and Lei clan were mortal enemies, Lei Yu at least knew this much.


A few hours later, Ocean Treasure Restaurant

"En! I'll have the Lobster Specials!" called out Lei Feng.

"I'll have the Wanton and noodles." Lei Yu called out with a calm demeanor.

"I'll have the crispy duck!"

"I'll have the mapo tofu."

"The spicy aubergine..."

"I'll have-"

"Of course, milords, miladys, anything else?" The serving waitress asked with a smile.

"Bring us 8 glasses of lemonade!"

"Of course." The waitress bowed.


"En, this hits the spot!"

"I'll never be able to eat any other food except this again..."

"Let's come here again more often." Suggested Lei Aru.

But then a crash was heard and everyone turned to look. They saw the same waitress and a man with scars on his face holding her by the neck.

"Oho... Ai Daiyu, this is where you've been hiding? Where's my money, huh?!" The man with scars had a grin on his face.


No one near the waitress was willing to help for fear of the man with scars.


"Aiya... What's with the stream of unlucky encounters?" Lei Ruze shook her head.


"Say your goodbyes if you can't even pay off your debt." the scarred man had a bezerk look in his eyes.

"Stay your hand!" Lei Yu's voice sounded.

Everyone couldn't help but turn to Lei Yu.

"Huh?!" the scarred man sounded furious.

"Milord, stop! He's from the west's Hou Clan!" the waitress yelled.

Just as the scarred man was about to grab his dagger...

"tími stöðva!"  Lei Yu called out.

And time stopped for the scarred man. He was just like a statue, unmoving. Lei Yu walked over to the waitress and carried her over to the 'Lei table' before getting back to the scarred man and unfreezing him.

Lei Yu whispered in a soft voice "I said stay your hand, and I dislike being ignored..." he continued "I don't care who your backers are. In front of me, they're worth not even a fart."

The scarred man felt his complexion go pale. Time was one of the most difficult to understand and yet, an advanced technique of time was just used.

"Now f*** off." Lei Yu had a gaze of disdain.

The scarred man instantly ran, increasing his speed with wind spells.


"Milord!" the scarred man bowed.

"What trouble do you bring now?!" the lord, Hou Dewei had a hint of annoyance in his tone.

"This brat stopped me from collecting my owed debt and even-"

"FOOL!" Hou Dewei slapped the scarred man with an angry expression.

"Bosain, do you think this is the west?" Hou Dewei asked the scarred man, Bosain, who was lying on the ground with a pained expression as the slap was amplified with the edicts of death.

"N-no milord." Bosain tried his best to stay conscious.

"I don't care a single bit what happened!" Yelled Hou Dewei.

"But the lord that stopped me even stopped time around me!" Argued Bosain.

"I hate having my authority challenged- eh?" Hou Dewei paused, then continued "What did he look like and where does he look like he's from?" Hou Dewei asked with interest.

Thinking Hou Dewei would help, Bosain instantly replied "He's a little bit taller than you, black hair, he wears a school uniform... Eklexarth Academy! He looks to be 16, he's also from the east!"

"ABSOLUTE FOOL!" Yelled Hou Dewei, giving him a second slap.


Eklexarth Academy reception

Ya Fei had been given accomodations and was to be near Lei Aru's residence, surprisingly.  

Lei Yu had recieved his keys and was, as expected, given a mansion near the Snow and Lei family. He let out a sigh and flew to the mansion on Reiga, the Thunder Hawk.

As he reached the mansion, he could see the mansion was already decorated, cleaned and a maid was already waiting there. 

"Welcome, milord. I am your personal maid provided by the Eklexarth Academy." The maid said with a smile.

"Bring me to my room." Lei Yu said indifferently.

"We seem to have a guest, milord." The maid said softly.


Then, a figure walked over to the maid and Lei Yu.

"You seem to have done a number on one of my guards..." The figure, Hou Dewei, said with a bitter smile.

"Oh? Your guard? My apologies." Lei Yu said sarcastically.

"Let's not get our continent problems to Eklexarth. Since we're neighbours now, we'll be seeing eachother everyday and it'll be a nuisance if we fight everyday." Hou Dewei said, then continued "Anyways, my friend seems to like you just based off appearance and starts arguing when I refuse to give my opinion."

Lei Yu couldn't help but let out a laugh.

"I'll try my best but I think we'll get along just fine. Besides, the peace treaty is still up and by the time it's over, we might of graduated." Lei Yu had a calm smile.

"En!" Hou Dewei nodded and left.


First Day of Class, room 547, Magic Theory

"Welcome to Magic Theory, but before I start, let me introduce Lei Yu and Ya Fei from the East. I'm professor Hong Lin. Is there anything you want to tell us about you?" the professors voice sounded.

"En. I may not of spent much time around people but I hope we get along." Lei Yu put up the 'nice' act.


"Eek! He looks handsome in person and well as in pictures!" Lee Miku whispered to Gaïa.

"... All you ever talk about is him."

"How did you... even get pictures of him in the first place?" Nisse asked with a curious expression.

"Hehe... I told one of my guards to put a few cameras in the lightning forest." Lee Miku had a proud expression.

"Gag..." Leylin made a gagging expression.

"I had a little chat with him yesterday, he seems cool." Hou Dewei argued.

"Really?" Nisse asked.

"Just an act.". Gaïa shot a glance at Lei Yu.

Lei Yu, as if felt that glance, glanced back, which made Gaïa look away.

"Now, we normally place students from the east and west separately as to stop disruptions in class due to differences... But there are no more seats in the East side so you'll both  have to sit next to Snow Gaïa and Hou Dewei. Lei Yu next to Gaïa, Ya Fei next to Hou Dewei." the professor's voice sounded.

Everyone couldn't help but turn to Hou Dewei and Gaïa.

"Ah, I see." Lei Yu made a calm expression, but his tone suggests a trace of disappointment. Ya Fei seemed not to mind.

"Bastard dares show disappointment?" Gaïa grit her teeth.

Lei Yu made his way to his desk and sat down.

He whispered to Gaïa, "Why so hateful?"

Gaïa could feel his breath near her ear and blushed red before snapping out and standing on Lei Yu's foot. But she ended up hitting the white ring's barrier which sent electricity, numbing Gaïa.


"Is there anything wrong, Gaïa?" the professor asked.


Gaïa then whispered "You owe me lunch. You nearly got us both in trouble."

Lei Yu was dumbfounded, weren't you the one who stepped on my toe in the first place on PURPOSE?

Ring Ring Ring...

The schoolbell rang and it was time for second lesson, Leadership in Millitary.


"I don't do seating plans, but if anyone misbehaves, they'll be joining professor Lan Jue's practical millitary lesson, 100 laps around the field, et cetera." professor Mu An said, while casting his gaze to the various students.

This time, Lei Yu sat next to a female his age called Lin Ai from the Northern territory, Yásmiara continent, an ally to the West as Ya Fei does not participate in the millitary lessons, and the rest of the Lei family were paired up with eachother or with their friends.

When it was the end of lesson, the professor set an assignment.

"You'll be doing an assignment with the person sat next to you how homework. A slide show and speech about the art of millitary and the influence of a good leader. This will also enhance character and confidence. Due in 2 weeks."

Lei Yu and Lin Ai couldn't help but look at eachother.

"Let's do the assignment at my place." Lin Ai spoke first.

Lei Yu slowly nodded.

"I live in the central district northern side, here." Lin Ai passed him a slip with her phone number in case he still can't find her address and her address.

"En." Lei Yu recieved the slip.


After break, there were 2 more lessons before lunch, which lasted for 2 hours.

Lei Yu was waiting for Ya Fei as they were going to the Ocean Treasure restaurant, but then...

"There you are! Didn't I say you owe me lunch?" Gaïa came over to Lei Yu with Nisse, Leylin, Lee Miku and Hou Dewei.

"You seriously meant it?" Nisse was stupified.

"En." Gaïa replied.

Nisse, Leylin, Lee Miku and Hou Dewei whispered to eachother and left.

"I don't owe bitches like you anything." Lei Yu closed one eye and the other eye glanced at Gaïa before closing as Lei Yu leaned against the wall.



Lei Yu was stupified, oblivious. He didn't know what to do when he saw Gaïa crying little teardrops. It even caused some other students to look his way.

Lei Yu sighed, and patted Gaïa's back before whispering, "If you stop crying, I'll take you to Ocean Treasure every 2 times a week."

This time, Gaïa's eyes were shining as she slowly nodded, but she couldn't hide her excited expression. He would normally leave her alone, even if the onlookers were watching. But he saw himself from years ago when he looked at her. After this, he didn't feel strong animosity towards her just because of the war. He decided to stop being prejudiced and find out what she's really like and the same goes for Gaïa.

Ya Fei had arrived a minute after the commotion was solved and had told Lei Yu she decided to go with Jie Minhua, a classmate from the Central territory that she was really fond of, for lunch.

Lei Yu nodded slowly before heading to Ocean Treasure with Gaïa. He were once again greeted by the waitress, Ai Daiyu, but only this time, the Lei family nor Ya Fei was with him and Gaïa came.

Gaïa looked around and couldn't help but smell the food some waitresses were bringing to the other tables. She tugged Lei Yu's arm and quietly whispered, "Is the food here good?" Her eyes were shining as if she knew the answer but wanted to ascertain.

Lei Yu grinned and whispered next to the back of her ear, causing Gaïa to subconsciously flush red, "You'll see, won't you? Now wait patiently."

The waitress came back with plates of roast chicken with soy sauce, mapo tofu, fish, lobster...

Gaïa immediately got her chopsticks and ate.

"Gaïa, no need to rush, take as much as you like slowly..." Lei Yu chuckled and continued, "So unlady-like..."

She glared fiercely and replied, "When there's good food, there's no need for all that palace etiquette."

"En, I'll remember how to catch you addmitting it's good food, right?" Lei Yu could only continue chuckling.

"Oh, you've got some rice in your hair..." Lei Yu suddenly said, then leaned over to get the rice off. When Lei Yu sat back down, he maintained a normal expression while Gaïa was flushed red as she recalled his cologne scent and handsome features right before her.

"Something wrong?" Lei Yu couldn't help but ask.

"N-nothing." Gaïa bit her lip to stop herself from shouting.

"You see, this is what you get for eating so fast... You don't even realize when there's rice on your hair due to stuffing your face..." Lei Yu teased.


Gaïa and Lei Yu parted ways as they both went to their residence after lunch and 2 more lessons. Gaïa could only recall the moment in the restaurant over and over again, trying to forget but it was to no avail.

Nisse was waiting outside Gaïa's residence with a complicated look on her face. Gaïa was puzzled and ran up to her.

"Nisse, what's wrong? Gaïa asked.

"Remember not long ago I said I'd tell you what all the adults know about what happened in the East palace a few years ago, after I became a high enough rank like general?" Nisse asked.

Gaïa skimmed through her memories, "Of course, what about it?"

"No need for that, my mother just told me..." Nisse contemplated.

"That..." She struggled to get her words out.


Xia Mi:


Léi Yu- Book 1- Chapter 3- This can't be!

"No need for that, my mother just told me..." Nisse contemplated.

"That..." she struggled to get her words out.

Nisse finally took a deep breath brefore saying, "Lei Yuan of the East is your father."

Gaïa sucked in a cold breath before saying, "Impossible..."

"Mother says father died a long time ago."

"This can't be true!"

"That'd mean... oh my goodness..." Gaïa was in denial.

"En. Lei Yu should be your brother and he doesn't know that." Nisse said in a serious tone.

But even though I've been told this, I don't see him as a brother and- all I can ever think about is his face near mine at Ocean Treasure.

That heartless bastard isn't my father, end of conversation." Gaïa was crying at the thought of having a father who sent their own blood to a death maze.

En, fine, but the thought of... hehe..." Nisse purposely paused, and continued, "A brother raised in the East, a sister raised in the West, what are you going to do in the war?"

"I'll try my best to avoid him. I will act as normal around him, I will not tell him he and I are related, but if he does something unforgivable in the war... only God knows what I would do, because I don't know..." a tear drop from the corner of her eye rolled down.

Witch øf Darkness, Myriad Empress


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