Update on Translations or Translator?

Hey i was just wondering if there were any news on He-man yet or if someone else will be picking up the series besides RWX who is picking up the slack for he-man because hes mia.


  • i am going to take it as he-man isn't going to show up then, its been 2 months  since his last upload and since everyone has lost contact with him.
  • yep looks like its not going to happen (hurts my heart) 
  • So He-Man is still MIA, but is he fine? RWX also stopped translating, I mean the man has a lot on his plate is completely understandable so does this mean that this series is dropped?
  • Yep dropped like what happened in ST back then.
  • ya, but this time its cause of his accident. just hope he recovers.
  • i hope someone can do it. that series is freaking awesome. 
    if i could read/ translate i would do it. 
  • i don't remember them saying anything happened to him.. i know something happened to a family member but he-man said he'd be doing the chapters for everyone that was donating that next week but then he dropped contact. some people (Wuxia translators) even said that they didn't know what was going on because they couldn't get in contact with him anymore, they assumed it was an accident. they never said anything about him being in an accident and never answered me when i asked if they knew what was going on or if they got in contact with he-man.
  • Do you know if RWX have solved the advertisement/auto-refresh issue? If so, it would be great if he continues to translate USAW while He-Man is MIA.
  • any new info when we can expect new chapter ?
  • Just consider it a lost cause, honestly I saw this coming when it was mentioned he-man was gonna be translating. May sound like a dick but its the truth.
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