Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants (殺手房東俏房客) by Lao Shi (老施)

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Name: Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants (殺手房東俏房客 - Sha Shou Fang Dong Qiao Fang Ke)
Author: Lao Shi (老施)

Genre: Action, Comedy, City Life, and Harem.

The name Zhao Tie Zhu (lit. Zhao Steel Pillar) sounded pretty unrefined. But, when it came to his nickname, Phantom, it could be said that everyone in the assassin societies around the world knew that name. Nowadays, the world was too peaceful, and because of that, the assassination business wasn’t going well. Hearing real estate could earn you good money, Zhao Tie Zhu bought a huge villa, and became the legendary landlord.

He only rented his villa to single women. Zhao Tie Zhu posted renting advertisements on a well-known social website, and with that, women all came one after the other to his villa. The prettiest in schools, the prettiest in police teams, and all sorts of beauties came into his surroundings.

Proclaiming himself as hegemon of campuses, unifying the underworld. All so that the tenants would live in even more content.

I am a very responsible landlord——Said the Zhao Tie Zhu who was stepping on countless skeletons of the enemy.

Some of the content might not be suitable for underage children, as it might contain violent scene, vulgar words and maybe vulgar scenes.


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    Chapter 1 (Assassin Work Sucks, Time to Change Jobs)

    "Sigh, it's been over a month without business." With a bored yawn, Zhao Tie Zhu stretched, carelessly hitting the beer bottle beside him, making a clanking noise.

    "Beep, you have a new message." Zhao Tie Zhu's cell phone suddenly vibrated. His face changed, a new project! He picked up his cell phone from the trash bin under his computer. He didn’t even know when it fell there. Zhao Tie Zhu clicked to open the message.

    "Shit, what is this? Since when has my value dropped? Only 20 million to kill 5 people? I, Phantom, am a world-renowned Assassin. This is just insulting." Zhao Tie Zhu sighed grievously. Unfortunately, nowadays business was scarce. He looked at his wallet, empty for who knew how long. This kind of money was easy come, easy go. Over a month with no jobs, he had spent all his money already.

    "Fine, whatever. If it's only 20 million then let it be. Motherf***er. After this job, I'm quitting. I need to find a more stable job and save for my marriage." Zhao Tie Zhu lighted a cigarette and browsed his messages.

    Later at night.

    In Japan Ginza's number one underground boxing arena, two fighters on stage were locked in life and death close combat. In a private room, several bodyguards dressed in black stood behind a fat man. On the fat man's left and right side were two women. As he watched the fight, he messed with the women. It was a marvellous scene both on and off the stage. Heavy breathing voice could be heard.

    At this moment, a dagger appeared out of nowhere in the air and swish, the fat man's main artery was ripped open. There was only a faint sound, and then red blood squirted out, like a splendid fireworks display. Only then did the surrounding bodyguards realize that their boss had been killed.

    A few hours later, several assassinations took place in the Ginza district. The amazing thing was that no one even saw the shadow of the assassin. Some of the veterans knew this was the work of the 'Phantom'. There was this saying in the underworld: 'If you all of a sudden see God, then it must have meant that Phantom appeared.'

    The next day, Zhao Tie Zhu walked casually into the Bank. He gazed at the beautiful women behind the counters with their bank uniforms. Occasionally, he would lick his lips and swallow. If they considered him vulgar, then so be it.

    Zhao Tie Zhu ignored the disgusted looks of the women and walked straight up to the front of a counter. He tossed his bank card to the female staff behind the glass window, asking her to check the account balance.

    The female clerk frowned, picked up the dark card. It’s sticky texture made the woman frowned even more.

    She swiped the card and watched a long sequence of 0s appear. Her small, cherry-like mouth opened wide.

    Sure enough, seeing so much money in Zhao Tie Zhu's card, the female clerk’s face changed in an instant and she softly said, "Sir, you still have 20 million left in your card."

    "Sigh, I’m not sure how many days it will take me to spend it all." He sounded a little upset, and the female clerk’s eyes brightened even more.

    "Sir, do you want to withdraw money?" she asked.

    "No need. Just give me the card," he replied.

    The woman reluctantly returned the card to Zhao Tie Zu, along with a small piece of paper underneath the card.

    Zhao Tie Zhu cast her a playful smile, and his fingers inadvertently touched her. She immediately glanced at him with her flirty eyes.

    After he got up and walked out of the bank, Zhao Tie Zhu rubbed his fingers, and the note instantly turned into fragments.

    "Boring." Zhao Tie Zhu, his hands behind his head, slipped an unlit cigarette into his mouth and walked aimlessly down the street.

    "Prime real estate opening today. Lakeside villa fully furnished on sale for only 18 million RMB. Pre-order as soon as possible." Zhao Tie Zhu heard someone shouting from down the street and turned his head. There seemed to be property for sale.

    "Come and buy. Buy it for your parents, also buy it for your wife and children. If your parents don't want it, if you have no wife or children, then just buy one for yourself. If it's too big for yourself, then you can also rent it out. Monthly rent could reach tens of thousands. This is a rare long-term investment opportunity with a stable income!"

    Zhao Tie Zhu froze for a moment. That's right. Wasn't he going to quit as an assassin? Why not buy a villa to rent out? That way, every month he would get tens of thousands in revenue. Although he might not live in debauchery, at least he would not need to worry about his basic needs. With his brain lacking any sense of investment, he followed the voice and went over.

    Seeing someone approaching, the young property salesgirl shouted louder, "Boss, looking at your young age, your grand appearance, your face so vigorous, your good looks, you must surely attract the attention of a lot of women. Wow, with just a glance I can see you're a skilled and successful person."

    "What women? Ah, after all these years, big brother is still a virgin. How could I attract a lot of women?" Zhao Tie Zhu laughed.

    "Ah, boss, if you buy a villa, your luck with women will turn. No matter how many you want, they will all come to you." This sales girl was indeed talented. Swaying to the east and bullshitting to the west, she actually fooled Zhao Tie Cu into buying a villa.

    As he took out his card to make the payment, Zhao Tie Zhu felt groggy to have his own villa.

    After finishing all formalities, the salesgirl gave a pair of keys to Zhao Tie Zhu and said, “Congratulations, boss. You're now a member of special villa owners. While others are still renting, you're already way ahead. To celebrate, we should go out for a drink." The salesgirl batted her eyelashes.

    Looking at her fully made up face and airport-like figure, Zhao Tie Zhu hurriedly said, “No can do. I still have to move some of my stuff. I’ll have to take a raincheck." He said that while leaving the real estate agency as if he was flying. (TL Note: Airport-like figure = Flat chest )

    Back in his temporary dwelling place, Zhao Tie Zhu looked around at his room. He packed his computer and took a few items of clothing, then walked out of the room.

    He followed the address given by the sales girl and arrived at the villa area of the West Lake region. After searching the way for half a day, he finally found the villa he owned.

    No need to say, the villa's location was superb. Upon entering, he found that the real estate company had decorated it in a splendid way. Zhao Tie Zhu felt satisfied and had no intention of changing anything. The villa was divided into two floors, plus an attic, with ten rooms. Such a large area and the decoration was also very good.

    Zhao Tie Zhu entered the biggest bedroom, threw the clothes to the side, and lie in the bed. After all these years, this was the first time he had owned a house. His parents had left him for as long he could remember and Zhao Tie Zu had been raised by his grandmother. After his grandmother died, he became a loner. As for how Zhao Tie Zhu became the world-famous assassin, it started from one of his fortunate adventures. The story was quite a cliche. In his senior year of high school, he had skipped school one day and was hanging out on the streets harassing women. Perhaps even God would not stand him anymore, so a bolt of lightning struck him. When he woke up, Zhao Tie Zu found out he could somehow become invisible and his physical condition also became somewhat like a Superman. But he didn't have a hero-like consciousness. Thinking about how to make use of his new abilities, the easiest way was to become an assassin. Being invisible, no matter how you tried to protect yourself, with a flash of a knife it would be done.

    In just over a month, he gained fame in the underworld, and more and more people became aware of the name 'Phantom'. Afterward, many strange things happened. No need to dwell much upon this for now, later on, it would unfold in time.

    So up until now, with the world getting more peaceful, business was getting worse. So today, Zhao Tie Zhu had decided to retire for good.

    After thinking about so many things, Zhao Tie Zhu fell into a deep sleep.

    The next day, he woke up early. Thinking that since he now owned a house, he could rent it out. With this in mind, Zhao Tie Zhu could not help but smile. He turned on the computer, connected to the internet and logged into the city's most famous social forum, where he posted a rental ad in the housing rental section. The ad was simple: Lakeside villa, cheap rent, welcoming 20- to 30-year-old single women to live here. Men, no need to apply.

    After posting the advertisement, Zhao Tie Zhu got up and went to the balcony. He looked at the West Lake off in the distance. A slight drizzle floated in the air. making the West Lake seemed as if it was shrouded in mist.

    Back during those years with her, he would have loved this scenery.

    Zhao Tie Zhu gently rubbed his temples, threw away the cigarette in his hand, and leaped off of the balcony.

    Splash. The outdoor pool downstairs splashed up a burst of water.

  • Chapter 2 (The Policewoman and Underwear Thief)

    Nowadays, the usage of the internet was really widespread. Less than an hour after Zhao Tie Zhu swam a dozen laps in the pool and took a bath, someone had already called him. Of course, the phone he used was different from the phone he used for his jobs.

    "Hello, am I speaking with Mr. Zhao Tie Zhu?" A stiff sounding voice belonging to a woman came from the other end of the line.

    "Yes, and you are?" asked Zhao Tie Zhu, holding the phone in one hand and picking up a towel with the other.

    "Hi, how are you? I saw your post about the room you're renting out. May I ask, is it your own property, or are you from a property agency?"

    "It's my own."

    "Do you have the legal documents?"

    "Um... Well, I'm just renting it out in private..."

    "Can you ensure the tenant's financial security?"


    "Can you provide personal safety to the tenants?"


    "Have your fire prevention facilities been tested?"


    "Is the property fully insured?"

    "Screw you." Zhao Tie Zhu cursed, and hung up the phone. "What a crazy *****."

    He turned on his computer and added quickly one more line to the ad: 'Serious inquiries only, no psychos.' Then he turned off the computer, lied down and slept.

    "Bang, bang, bang."

    A couple of loud banging sounds drifted up from the door downstairs.

    "How uncivilized! It's not easy to have a dirty dream, and just when I was about to, someone has to wake me up." Zhao Tie Zhu cursed gloomily and picked up the phone to look at the time. It was only a little after seven in the morning.

    Immediately, he went back to sleep, trying his best to continue the nice dream and ignore the person at the door. Covering himself with the quilt, he was prepared to continue dreaming about hot girls.

    "Bang, bang, bang." The knocking on the door continued and he continued to ignore it.

    After a while, the knocking stopped. Zhao Tie Zhu was innerly pleased. Finally, he could get back to sleep.

    "Boom." An even louder sound came from downstairs, along with the sound of something being smashed.

    "Shit, a terrorist attack?" Zhao Tie Zhu was taken aback by the sound. He leaped up like a fish jumping out of a fish tank and rushed out of the room.

    He leaned onto the railing and looked down to see the door was knocked in by an unknown assailant. The poor wooden door lied on the ground, broken into half. Suddenly, a figure appeared on the doorway.

    "Hello, I was yesterday's ... Ahhhh!!!" The person at the door heard a sound from upstairs, looked up and was ready to say something, but didn't expect to see the horrifying scene which presented itself...

    Let's move the story back a little. Maybe to the time when Zhao Tie Zhu leaped up like a fish? Or to last night before he went to sleep? When Zhao Tie Zhu slept, he had this habit of not wearing anything; this was what people also called sleeping in the nude. In his mind, his body was still growing, and if he wore underwear, it might hinder the growth of his 'little brother'. That, of course, would be immoral and unhealthy. Which was why Zhao Tie Zhu had always slept naked ever since he was a child. Now back to this morning. Because he was a bit scared from the big bang voice, he forgot that he was still naked and ran straight toward the railing to look. And as we knew, a virgin will usually get a boner every morning, which people called a morning erection. This was not to mention he'd had an erotic dream. As a result, Zhao 'little' Tie Zhu was really like an iron pillar standing magnificently like a sovereign king. That was what had shocked the person downstairs, which, judging from the scream, was a woman. It was unclear whether she was cheering excitedly or... (TL Note: Zhao Tie Zhu literally means Zhao Iron Pillar, so the thing with the 'little' is a word game by the author.)

    Because of Zhao Tie Zhu's perverted mindset, he wasn't embarrassed at all, but rather proud of his big 'capital', just like those big breasted women who liked to wear low-necked dress to attract men. When men gawked at them, it would be their loss. Also, when you peek at beautiful women like that, aren't you the one to lose out? This is the so-called gender equality and society harmony.

    Zhao Tie Zhu hesitated, wondering if he should pose to show his perfectly built little iron pillar. As an experienced assassin, he had developed extraordinary perception, and from the woman downstairs he felt a strong murderous aura!

    This murderous aura was strong and clear.

    "F***, what year is it now? People are still holding guns everywhere." He saw that the woman downstairs was holding a dark black gun. Zhao Tie Zhu quickly dodged to the side. It wasn't the time to be cocky. Had he been slow, then little Tie Zhu could die, or he could die.

    At this time, Zhao Tie Zhu remembered this was his home, and the woman had forced her way in. So, he carefully looked down at her. She was dressed in a black uniform, with a few shining silver stars on her shoulder. Below her knee-length skirt was the faint trace of flesh-colored black silk. Her chest was as full as the loaded gun she wielded and just as powerful. He looked at her face, and although it was covered with a murderous aura, there was also a faint hint of shyness, which turned him on in an instant.

    "Officer, you shouldn't play around with that gun," he said with a smile. "It wouldn't be funny if it suddenly went off. Why don't we just sit down, drink some tea and talk about life? Won't that be better?"

    "Screw you," shouted the policewoman coldly. "Hurry and get some clothes on!"

    He listened carefully to her voice. How come it sounded like the voice of the crazy person who had called yesterday? Zhao Tie Zhu looked at the policewoman, puzzled, only to see that she was still aiming the gun on him. Sweating, he hurriedly said, "I'll go, I'll go."

    A few minutes later, Zhao Tie Zhu appeared at the railing, fully dressed. the policewoman had re-holstered her gun.

    "Officer, why did you break into my house?" Seeing the gun holstered, Zhao Tie Zhu postured himself proudly. "Our society has laws. I could sue you."

    "Well, I knocked on the door for so long, so I thought you had been kidnaped. I didn't expect you to be doing something so shameless." The policewoman gave Zhao Tie Zhu a despising look.

    "What shameless thing?" he scolded. People were so rude nowadays. "Speak clearly! You can't just throw around insults like that. I really am just a young man. Haven't you heard of morning erections? Didn't your husband teach you? Or perhaps your husband's couldn't stand anymore?"

    "You!!!" said the policewoman ferociously. "Believe it or not, if I shoot you, you won't have any erection anymore! Come down, I have something to ask you."

    "I think it's better this way," he said in a lazy way, bending down onto the railing. "Officer, just tell me what's the matter. I'm a good person and will cooperate with you."

    "Do you have a room to rent?" the policewoman asked.

    "Yes, but I only rent it to young women. Seeing you like this..." Zhao Tie Zhu looked the policewoman over intensely from head to toe, feeling too uncomfortable to finish his sentence.

    "Hey! Are you saying I'm old?!" shouted the policewoman. "Listen here. I, Su Yan Ni, will graduate from the police academy this year, I'm only 24! Open your perverted eyes and look closely."

    "Tsk, tsk, tsk. I really need to look a bit closer." Zhao Tie Zhu squinted his eyes and stared intensely at her chest. He looked like a werewolf on a full moon as if he could swallow her alive.

    "Have you seen enough yet?" Su Yan Ni grew cold. A few days ago, she heard someone reported that recently in the West Lake district, a thief had emerged who stole young girls' underwear every day. When she went online last night, she accidentally saw Zhao Tie Zhu's ad that was only for young single women. She could not help but feel suspicious. From the call she had made last night, she felt that this landlord was an impatient man. Generally, impatient people will act in inappropriate ways more easily, such as stealing underwear. For a while, Su Yan Ni admired her own reasoning capacity. In order to personally catch this underwear thief, she decided to go undercover as a tenant and stay in his villa, so she could watch him closely and catch him red-handed.

    Zhao Tie Zhu didn't know Su Yan Ni had already flagged him as the underwear thief.

    "Do you want to rent it out or not?" Su Yan Ni asked impatiently. As far as she was concerned, if Zhao Tie Zhu was the underwear thief, he certainly would let her stay because of her good looks.

    As expected, Zhao Tie Zhu stared at her for a while and then said, "Sure, why wouldn't I? So you want to rent it?"

    "Of course, I want to rent a room," said Su Yan Ni.

    "It's simple," he said. "The room's monthly rent is 2000 RMB, utility costs are included in the rent. The phone bill will be split equally."

    "2000 monthly?" she complained. "So expensive. You might as well just rob a bank."

    "2000 is too expensive? What I have here is a lakeside villa! You can feel the fresh air from the West Lake and there's also an outdoor swimming pool. Where can you find such a good place for just 2000 a month?" Zhao Tie Zhu acted as if he was giving her a good deal.

    Well, no risk no gain. Motherf***er, you just wait until I put you in jail, then see if you will still be so cocky. "OK, I'll take it," she said.

    "Ok, 6000 for three months, plus the compensation for the door. That'll be 10,000 in total."


  • Chapter 3 (An Accident Scam, A Woman Helps)

    Regardless, yesterday Zhao Tie Zhu was alone in the villa, but now, a second person had arrived, a blossoming beautiful officer. Looking into his wallet at the 10,000 RMB he had received from Su Yan Ni, he was very happy. This was the first money he had earned outside of being an Assassin, and also the first rent payment he had received as a landlord.

    Su Yan Ni's room was next to Zhao Tie Zhu's, so they shared the balcony. This was her choice. She figured to quickly lure out the underwear thief and catch him, she should put herself up as bait. She was certain that if she lived next to Zhao Tie Zhu, he wouldn't be able to resist the temptation.

    Watching him humming a song as he helped carry her luggage up, Su Yan Ni let out a proud smirk.

    As Zhao Tie Zhu sang "Free The Slaves With A Song", he suddenly felt a gust of cold from behind and turned his head just in time to see Su Yan Ni's kinky smile—well, at least to him it was very kinky—and he couldn't help but getting a cold shiver. "This woman insisted on the room next to mine, don't tell me it was because of my brilliance? Or did she adore my little iron pillar? It seems that tonight when I sleep, I need to let the door to the balcony open to allow her to do some wild things." Zhao Tie Zhu couldn't help but feel a rush while having those perverted thought.

    "I'll let you be happy for now, pervert,” Su Yan Ni thought to herself ferociously upon seeing his dirty expression.

    After moving the luggage, Zhao Tie Zhu said to Su Yan Ni, "The doors use a fingerprint identification system, so I don't need to provide you with any keys. Wait a moment, then you can input your own fingerprints. I'm going out to call a carpenter to fix the door. It's because of you; why get so violent over nothing? Oh, that poor door."

    "Humph, you also scammed me out of 4,000 Yuan. Just go, go! I still need to arrange my room.” Su Yan Ni drove him out, then took a glance at her little nest, admiring the environment. With a small harrumph, she unpacked her clothes from the suitcase.

    Zhao Tie Zhu went out of the room and down the stairs. Picking up the door from the ground and shouldering it, he walked out of the villa. He looked around. Despite all the noise, not even a single security personnel came to look. The security system here was really bad, he thought to himself. But how could he know that Su Yan Ni had already sent the security personnel away.

    Walking out of the housing complex, Zhao Tie Zhu eyed the door on his shoulder. He wasn't sure if he could find a place to fix it. Since he was now a landlord with limited income, he could not spend as lavishly as he once had.

    Casually hailing a cab, Zhao Tie Zhu soon arrived at a nearby Home Improvement Store.

    He didn't know a lot about doors. When he was still an assassin, he had learned to pick locks. However, he had no clue what to do when it came to fixing a door. He strolled into the store carrying the door. Since many people were going in and out the store carrying doors, window glasses, and the like, he didn't attract any attention.


    Suddenly, someone knocked into Zhao Tie Zhu. He moved backward slightly, but the other person was knocked outside and fell to the ground. Zhao Tie Zhu was just about to help him to get up, when that person unexpectedly held his arm and rolled back and forth on the ground, shouting, "Ahhh, my arm, my arm is broken. Ahhh, the pain is killing me. Ahhh, everybody quick come and look, he could have killed someone."

    Zhao Tie Zhu was stunned, then he carefully watched that person rolling on the ground, and let out a cold sneer. When the person had bumped into him before, Zhao Tie Zhu was aware of how strong the force was. It was impossible that the person's arm could have been broken. He obviously was in an accident scam situation here.

    When some shoppers saw this, they just looked coldly at the person rolling around on the ground. From just a glance, they could tell that he was a scam artist who had been defrauding the people at the store for many years. God knows how many people had been scammed already. Such scam artists specialized in extorting the new customers. The merchants didn't try to interfere since they made their living here. If they were to offend the scammers, and then the scammers interfered with their business, their lives would also not be easy then.

    Almost as soon the person had shouted out, several large men appeared at the person's side. One of them, a man with a flattop hairdo, let out a sad expression. Squatting down next to the crying person, he said "Monkey, Monkey, what's wrong? Who broke your arm! You tell your big brother!"

    "It's him, it's that man carrying the door,” said Monkey, unexpectedly shedding some tears. “He's the one who broke my arm. Big brother, don't let him run away.”

    Nowadays, even scam artist were so professional. Zhao Tie Zhu could not help thinking that.

    The guy with the flattop stared at Zhao Tie Zhu. He stood up, walked over, and in a fierce voice said, "You, you deliberately bumped into my brother to break his arm, right?" The flattop guy’s first question was really a good one. Had he asked for money right away, people might suspect them of being scam artists. He first accused the victim of deliberately breaking his brother's arm to cause the victim to be confused and panicked, then the other large men would surround him to scare him even more. After a while, another accomplice would step in to act as a peacemaker. At that time, the victim would be grateful and obediently handed out the money. Having thought of this bullet-proof method, Flattop felt proud of having finished junior high school. Intellectual people were just different.

    Sure enough, after hearing his words, the thin young man who looked to be at most twenty-something showed a hint of panic in his eyes. This was the first step. Flattop secretly gave his colleague a signal, and immediately, three or four people were already standing next to Zhao Tie Zhu.

    "It... it wasn't on purpose,” Zhao Tie Zhu said, sounding ‘panicked.’

    "Not on purpose? You broke my brother's arm and still you tell me it wasn't on purpose? You think you can bully us?" Flattop straightened his chest, his chest muscles suddenly bulging.

    "Big brother, I really didn't do it on purpose." Zhao Tie Zhu slowly moved backward as if he was going to run away. One person moved behind him, blocking the escape route.

    "Trying to run after hitting someone? It looks like you really do want to bully us. We’ll just have to teach you a lesson today." Flattop clenched his fists, and the bones let out 'ka ka' sounds.

    At that moment, a fat man stepped out from the crowd. He looked at Flattop and said, "Zhao Lao Liu, don't make any trouble at my place."

    Seeing this man, Flattop hurriedly smiled, "Chief Li, I wasn't making any trouble, but someone broke Monkey's arm. Look, it's this guy. He even tried to run away just now!" Flattop pointed his finger toward Zhao Tie Zhu.

    "Oh? This little fellow," Chief Li said, turning around to look at Zhao Tie Zhu. "You tried to run after breaking someone's arm?” he asked.

    "No, Chief Li," Zhao Tie Zhu said ‘nervously.’ "I was just walking along and, suddenly that person bump into me. Then he said I broke his arm. It was really an accident."

    "Hey, whether or not it was an accident, you broke the man's arm. You should take him to the hospital," said Chief Li, then he suddenly seemed to notice the door Zhao Tie Zhu was carrying. "Were you going to fix that door?"

    "Yes, my door is broken." Zhao Tie Zhu sighed, "I intended to get it fixed, but didn't expect to run into this matter."

    “Well then,” said Chief Li, “since you have something to do, I'll just have them go see the doctor by themselves. Zhao Lao Liu, give me some face, here. This youngster has a matter to attend to, you guys go see the doctor by yourselves."

    "Uh... How much would be enough to give for compensation?" asked, Zhao Tie Zhu, sounding a bit puzzled.

    "Just give them a thousand Yuan to fix the bone and buy medicine,” said Chief Li.

    "But I only have 700 on me,” Zhao Tie Zhu said helplessly.

    "Only 700? Then 700 it is. Zhao Lao Liu, hurry and take Monkey to the hospital."

    Watching the performance, Zhao Tie Zhu could not help but feel that it was a bit ridiculous. It was also quite amusing to play along with them. But it was time to end this farce now. Shaking his head, he was just about to lash out, when he saw a small figure emerging from the crowd. It was a young perfectly beautiful girl who seemed to be around 20 years old. The young girl said, "I know how to fix broken bones, let me take a look." Then she squatted down to look at Monkey's arm.

    Zhao Lao Liu's face expression immediately changed. “Hey, girl!” he shouted, “Don't act rashly. If you touch my brother's arm and something happens, will you take responsiblity? Just stay out of this."

    The pretty girl's expression changed, and she whispered, "We'll talk when it's done. But this man, I see..." Not finishing her words, she stretched her hand out and grabbed Monkey's supposedly broken arm and pressed it lightly.

    "I knew it!” the pretty girl shouted angrily. “His arm isn’t broken at all. This is extortion!"

    "*****, I told you to mind your own business." Seeing that the act was up, Monkey pulled his arm away from the girl and punched at her face with his other hand.

    With a graceful movement, she lightly dodged and sommersaulted back. Staring at the people around, the girl said, "You guys are committing a crime in broad daylight."

    "Humph, a crime? Which one of your eyes saw us committing a crime? Just now, I saw you break my brother's arm. Girl, nobody can touch a brother of Zhao Lao Liu." He gave the other guys a look, indicating for them to move on to the girl. Now, only one person was watching Zhao Tie Zhu, preventing him from escaping.

  • Chapter 4 (That Kung Fu Girl Is So Unbearable)

    Recently, there have been a lot of shows on National TV with Wushu artists who do fake kung fu. This has caused many of people to lose interest in martial arts. But actually, real experts often hide among the community, where they grew up training in martial arts for many years, even decades, to sharpen their skills. Although these types of people can't do what they do in the movies, like fly from rooftop to rooftop, they can actually individually fight multiple opponents easily.

    This girl who appeared in front of Zhao Tie Zhu really seemed to be an expert, at least in Zhao Tie Zhu's professional eyes, which wouldn't often be mistaken.

    Monkey, who just moments ago had been laying on the ground, clenched his fists and attempted to bash her head. Such lack of skill. Zhao Tie Zhu shook his head. With his hand moving so openly, leaving his whole body exposed in front of the girl, she just needed to move her right foot slightly forward, then lower her body in a flash; Monkey's fist hit the empty air. Before he could make a second move, her right hand swiped sideways and landed on his ribs. The huge impact made Monkey instantly lose half of his fighting strength. He rolled to the side, tears and snot streaming out.

    "Damn professional." Zhao Tie Zhu nodded. This Monkey could squeeze out tears and snot at will, it was really admirable.

    Almost at the same moment as Monkey rolled, Zhao Lao Liu's other guys had approached the girl. Zhao Lao Liu was certain she was a martial artist. The men half-surrounded her and prepared to attack.

    Seeing so many hands and feet coming at her, she didn't panic. Instead, she rushed toward one of them. She grabbed his hands with both of hers, then turned her body, with her back leaned onto the guy's. One foot on her toe, and her other foot clamping the guy's foot, she lowered her body and surprisingly threw him over her shoulder!

    The guy didn't expect her to have such strength. He was thrown high into the air and crashed to his comrade's body.

    "Hmm, that was a good one. In an instant, two of them are out of the game, leaving only two more. Let's see what she'll do now." Zhao Tie Zhu's hand stroked his chin, carefully watching her.

    After throwing the first guy, she suddenly she squatted down as if she had eyes on her back. A lashing leg descended, flying dangerously past her head. She moved back and quickly grabbed the leg, pushing strongly and forcing the man to flip over in the air. He hit the ground with his head still down. Another one out of the game. All this seemed to take a long time, but it actually happened in only a few seconds. When she threw the guy, the girl felt a sweep of wind coming from a fist, and quickly raised her arms to block. Bang! A huge force threw her flying for several meters. Still in the air, the girl adjusted her position, and with a ‘thumb' sound she landed in a kneeling position onto the ground, her face completely red. Not letting her take a breath, Zhao Lao Liu, who had knocked the girl away, was already running toward her. His hand was now already holding a long, thick, black stick, which appeared to be extremely hard. It sped toward her head.

    She narrowed her eyes. With one of her arms already numbed, and without a way to dodge, she knew that it would hit her head. She let out a sigh of grief. Apparently, in the end, her pair of fists was no match for the enemy's four hands. In any case, Zhao Tie Zhu had to bravely act heroically to save her.

    POW. Hearing only a light sound, the girl suddenly noticed another man's presence. It was hard to tell when he had appeared. He didn't appear to be strong. He stood there, blocking the sunlight, which made it impossible to see his face at the moment.

    "Ah, you're even willing to use a stick on a girl, that's too cruel." Zhao Tie Zhu grabbed Zhao Lao Liu's stick with one hand and laughed.

    "Kid, get lost if you don't wanna die," Zhao Lao Liu said fiercely, attempting to pull the stick away.

    "Nowadays, you shouldn't run around holding a stick. It wouldn't be nice if you hit someone. And even if you hit no one, smashing a flower isn't right either. Better give your stick to me." With only a slight exertion of strength, Zhao Tie Zhu snatched it away.

    Zhao Lao Liu was shocked. He had served in the army for several years and was well known for his strength. Nevertheless, this young man had unexpectedly snatched his stick with a casual move. He suddenly realized he was kicking at an iron wall.

    "Since you guys put on a good show for me, I'll give you my door as a reward." Zhao Tie Zhu lowered the door from his shoulder and waved it single-handedly. The door hit Zhao Lao Liu, throwing Zhao Lao Liu with a bang. He flew a few meters away and lay twitching on the ground, his face blank.

    Only then did the girl see that the man in front of her was the same young man who was being extorted before. Unknown to her, the other guy who guarded this young man was already on the ground with his eyes rolling.

    "Are you okay?" said Zhao Tie Zhu, turning around and extending his hand to the girl, who was still kneeling on the ground.

    "I'm fine, thanks." She grabbed his hand and stood up.

    "You're not hurt?" he asked.

    "No, no." she said.

    "You're really not hurt?"

    "Really, I'm not!"

    "Don't lie to me, okay?"

    "I'm not lying to you, big brother. You can let go my hand now." The girls face was so red it seemed as if it was going to ooze blood.

    "Ah? I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I forgot, I forgot. It wasn't intentional. Ah, it's so embarrassing." Zhao Tie Zhu hurriedly released the hand and touched his head, playing dumb. Hmm, her little hand was so tender. I didn't expect this chick to have such soft hands considering she practiced martial arts. Tsk, Tsk... Zhao Tie Zhu regretted not being able to hold her hand a little longer.

    What's wrong with this guy..? The girl felt awkward for a moment. One moment he looked like a weakling being bullied, the next, he was like an expert, sending the bad guy flying. Now, he acted like a hoodlum, casually grabbing a girl's hand.

    "This... My name is Zhao Tie Zhu. How should I address you, miss?" Zhao Tie Zhu asked. (TL Note: He was using a polite way to ask her name.)

    "My name? Hehe, you're really interesting." The woman laughed softly like a silver bell, "My name is Chen Ling Shan, you can call me Ling Shan."

    Zhao Tie Zhu looked at the girl. Her entire body emanated a youthful energy. Because she had just been fighting, her face was covered in a sheen of sweat, and her wheat-colored skin revealed a thread of healthiness. She wasn't wearing any makeup at all. Her figure was terrific, her delicious, plump rear end was covered by cotton exercise pants, and with her straight short hair, she looked very mature.

    "What are you looking at?" Chen Ling Shan protested coquettishly.

    "Huh? Ah! Nothing," replied Zhao Tie Zhu with his usual innocent act. "I was just looking at your face to see if you're hurt. Well, it was because you helped me. To repay you for saving me, let me treat you to dinner."

    "No need, it's okay," said Chen Ling Shan, preparing to leave. "I still have a matter to attend to. See you around."

  • Chapter 5 (Rascal, Oh! Rascal)

    Chief Li was indeed loyal to his friend. He and his hoodlum security guards encircled Zhao Thie Zu and Chen Ling Shan. Glaring at Zhao Tie Zhu, he said, "How can you beat people like this, young fellow? And you, you're just a young girl, but you already are accustomed to using violence? Violence won't solve anything! And now you've injured those people. Why don't you both come with us?"

    "Why should we go with you?" asked Chen Ling Shan discontentedly.

    "Why?" said Chief Li disdainfully. "I'll tell you why. I'm the Security Chief in this marketplace. You've made trouble here, disturbing the order of the marketplace. You can continue to resist, but in a moment, the police will arrive. Then we can see if you still try to resist."

    When she heard him mention the police, Chen Ling Shan's face tightened. In this era, everyone was still scared of the police.

    "What are you still waiting for? Let's go." Chief Li gestured to the hoodlums next to him. Several muscular, baton-wielding thugs reached out to grab Zhao Tie Zhu and Chen Ling Shan. After hearing the word police, Chen Ling Shan was stupefied for a while and did not even try to evade.

    Zhao Tie Zhu frowned. He grabbed her hand and shouted, "What are you looking at? Quick, run!" He forced his way through and ran toward the outside.

    Zhao Tie Zhu pulled Chen Ling Shan with him. She felt a great force on her hand, and she unexpectedly felt as if she were floating in the air.

    The surrounding security guards had expected the two of them to run. They immediately attempted to hit them with their batons. Chief Li still shouted incessantly, "You beat people and still want to run? Our society has laws! Stop them!" None of the people in the crowd moved a finger, they just watched coldly as Chief Li barked his random orders.

    One of the security guards reacted too fast maybe he was too eager to do his duty or something. Anyway, I also don't know why he was faster than the others. Maybe he was very excited, thinking of his time at school practicing running, a skill he could now employ. After catching these two people, Chief Li would show his appreciation, and then he would surely rise in career, hahaha. Even as the bodyguard still daydreamed about this matter, Zhao Tie Zhu, without even looking, let out a fast and furious kick! It landed right on the security guard's stick. And by stick, we don't mean the big stick he was holding in his hand, but the little stick between his legs... Anyway, that little stick obviously wasn't as durable as the big stick. The guard instantly bowed like a shrimp and was sent flying away several meters. The pitiful security guard didn't even get a chance to get his name mentioned in this story and was eliminated in an instant.

    As a gap opened up, Zhao Tie Zhu accelerated. Chen Ling Shan felt as if she were weightless as he pulled her, her feet had left the ground and she floated through the air behind him. She gasped as she heard the sound of the wind in her ears. This beast ran really fast.

    Zhao Tie Zhu was pleased. He gently rubbed her hands, and a rippling smile appeared on his lips. This Chief Li was very kind to give him this opportunity. If he didn't repay the kindness, he wouldn't live up the name of the Phantom.

    Zhao Tie Zhu's gaze swept about and he found that Chief Li was in front of him, not too far away. He suddenly exerted some force on her hand, pulling her body in front of him. His other hand quickly embracing her thighs, at the same time pushing with both of his hands. He unexpectedly held Chen Ling Shan up.

    "Ahhh!" Chen Ling Shan was shocked by this action and gasped out loud. Unconsciously, she embraced his neck with both of her hands. Her pretty face was instantly covered by a red blush. Never in her life had she been carried by a man in such a way. How could this guy be so shamelessly rash? She glanced secretly at Zhao Tie Zhu's resolute face, and couldn't help but secretly say to herself, "Oh my, I never thought this guy would look so wretched..."

    Zhao Tie Zhu noticed her gaze and felt joy in his heart. Ah, this chick must have been captivated by his resolute charming face. He immediately gave out a sunny smile. Little did he know that this smile had let Chen Ling Shan think that he was unusually wretched...

    In a blink of an eye, Zhao Tie Zhu reached Chief Li. Chief Li hadn't expected his men to be so weak; he hastily took out a stun baton from his belt and waved it toward Zhao Tie Zhu.

    Zhao Tie Zhu planted one foot and then spun his body; his right foot flew high in the air, and a beautiful leg whip landed on Chief Li's face. Glistening saliva spewed from his mouth, along with one yellow tooth. Chief Li flew out several meters and fell to the ground, howling like a pig about to be slaughtered.

    Carrying Chen Ling Shan along, Zhao Tie Zhu dodged several times and managed to get out of the crowd. The security guards behind him were obviously too slow. Seeing him about to get away, some cleverer guards threw their baton forcefully at him.

    Chen Ling Shan saw the sticks flying toward them, and was surprised. But before she had a chance to warn him, some of them had already hit Zhao Tie Zhu's back. He let out several groaning sound, his face instantly turned pale. He staggered slightly a few steps. Then, as if mustering all his strength, he let out a big howl and sped out of the marketplace.

    "Big brother Zhao, they're not catching up. You can put me down." Chen Ling Shan hurriedly said, seeing Zhao Tie Zhu's face grew pale.

    "It's okay," Zhao Tie Zhu said with his teeth gritted, "I can still make it. They certainly won't let us off easily. It's better to run away a bit farther." His heart filled with joy, he unconsciously tightened his right hand. Since his right hand was supporting her firm thigh, the rich sensation gave him a burst of fluttering feelings. Chen Ling Shan obviously didn't realize that even after being injured, he would still have undying desires. She simply looked worriedly at his pale face. "Although he's a bit like a hoodlum, and a little wretched," she thought, "he's also very chivalrous."

    After running into a dark alley, Zhao Tie Zhu knew he could not go on any longer without arousing her suspicions, which wouldn't be good. Although he was a hoodlum, he was a hoodlum with a high moral character. At least, that was what he thought.

    He breathed heavily as he put her down. He slowly said, "Here... should... be safe."

    Chen Ling Shan looked at the person in front of her, and couldn't help to feel a burst of guilt. It was to protect her that he had... She had completely forgotten, she was the one who tried to save him first...

    "Are you okay?" asked Chen Ling Shan. "Let me see your back. I've studied Traditional Chinese Medicine."She walked up behind Zhao Tie Zhu and tried to lift his clothes.

    "No need, no need," Zhao Tie Zhu said, hurriedly turning around. He would be finished if she took a look. Earlier, those few sticks weren't enough to even tickle him, let alone injure him. "I'm fine, just a little sore. Let's find a place to rest," he suggested.

    With a hint of guilt, she hesitated for a moment, then said, "Okay, let's find a place to rest."

    Zhao Tie Zhu felt secretly pleased.

    Half an hour later...

    "Er... Big brother Zhao... I just said to find a place to rest, how come you brought me here..." Chen Ling Shan said uncomfortably.

    "Hey, just rest. I'm used to eating while resting. Besides, it's almost time for dinner, why not just eat something?" Zhao Tie Zhu laughed and handed her a menu.

    "This..." Chen Ling Shan looked helplessly around at the steaming food. She hadn't expected him to bring her to a restaurant. Never mind, she thought to herself, just eat some dinner first.

    Chen Ling Shan ordered a few dishes. Zhao Tie Zhu ordered the restaurant's special, Kung Pao Chicken.

    "Ling Shan, are you originally from here?" Zhao Tie Zhu asked.

    "No, I'm from Tianjin. I came here to study." Chen Ling Shan replied.

    "Oh? To study? You're going to university here?"

    "That's right. I was admitted just this year."

    "Which university?"

    "FJ University. Big brother Zhao, how about you?"

    "Me? I'm also a student. Hahaha, I was also accepted into FJ University this year. What major are you studying?"

    "Big brother Zhao, you're also a freshman at FJ University?" Chen Ling Shan asked in surprise, "I'm taking Finance, what about you?"

    "I'm also majoring in Finance! It seems we were really brought together by fate, fellow classmate." He acted as if it was really a matter of fate. Chen Ling Shan didn't believe it a bit and asked, "Then, when do we need to report in?"

    "That... I forgot. I didn't check..." Zhao Tie Zhu said awkwardly.

    "Hmmph, I knew you were lying." She pretended to be angry. He was just about to explain when the waitress brought out the dishes they had ordered.

    "This Kung Pao chicken taste really good! I order it every time I come here." Zhao Tie Zhu took another chicken leg and said, "When I was little, I had two younger sisters at home. Including me, there were three of us. Every time we ate chicken, mom and dad would buy another chicken leg to add into the pot so that we, brother and sisters, would each get one leg. But they didn't tell me about it. At that time, I thought that a chicken had three legs, and it would hide the other leg behind its ***. It was until I was in the third grade. When I was appointed as the class monitor, during a field trip, we passed through a village and took a rest. To show off, I ran to catch a chicken. Then the teacher asked me what I was doing. I said I was looking for the chicken's third leg. The teacher held his breath for a moment then said, you little rascal."

    "Big brother Zhao, you are a big rascal," Chen Ling Shan said angrily. When she heard him finish the story, she immediately understood what he meant by the third leg. Her face flushed a red color, so touching.

  • Chapter 6 (The Origin Of Phantom)

    Zhao Tie Zhu ate the meal with a cheerful heart and left no food on the table. He hadn’t expected this chick, Chen Ling Shan, to have such a big appetite. She ate the food without any affectation. This big brother really liked that. He was secretly amused.

    After finishing the meal, Zhao Tie Zhu wanted to ask Chen Ling Shan to go for a walk, but she said she had something to do. Not giving up, he still had the gall to shamelessly ask for her phone number when they were about to part. If there was an opportunity, they could find a lonely place to discuss Chinese Wushu more deeply.

    With a toothpick slipped in his mouth, Zhao Tie Zhu walked down the road. For some reason, he had the feeling that he had forgotten to do something, but what? He thought for a long time, but he just couldn’t remember. It wasn’t until he got back to his villa and saw the big empty door frame that he remembered he had gone out to repair the door. However, he had broken the door apart when he smashed it on Zhao Lao Liu. Since it was beyond repair anymore, he shook his head and searched online to find a door installation company.

    It was noon now. Zhao Tie Zhu strolled around the villa but didn’t see Su Yan Ni anywhere. That little police blossom should have left for work already. Bored, he walked into his room and turned on the computer. Suddenly, a QQ video call window popped up. His look became tense. Just when he was about to turn it off, a message appeared, “Turn off the computer if you have the guts to, but you’ll regret it.”

    Ah, Zhao Tie Zhu gloomily accepted the video call. Shortly after, an image of a blonde foreign beauty appeared, wearing only a small tank top. Her full chest almost burst out from the poor support provided by the tiny garment. If you carefully looked, you would notice two pink bumps in the middle of each breast. This chick wasn’t wearing any bra. It really was… So exciting…

    “Hi, Phantom,” said the foreign beauty looking straight into the camera and winking coquettishly at Zhao Tie Zhu. Normally, he would instantly be transformed into a werewolf, but this time, he actually felt a little depressed. Apparently, this foreign beauty was just like empty air to him.

    “Hey, Phantom! Don’t be so cold every time you see me. Seeing you like this really hurts my feelings…” She spoke with a slight trace of resentment.

    “Don’t be like that, big sis,” said Zhao Tie Zhu contemptuously. “You’re so experience, and yet you still pretend to be so weak? In this world, is there actually anybody capable of hurting the feelings of Dark Angel?” It turned out that this beautiful woman, Angel, was another legendary figure in the assassin community nicknamed Dark Angel. This Angel person was an expert in using various methods to kill people. With her appearance constantly changing, nobody knew what she really looked like. So Zhao Tie Zhu knew, this bitch might look alluring right now, but in a second, she could turn into a big hairy Russian. A few months ago, Zhao Tie Zhu and Angel were in the same small force while doing a mercenary job abroad, and they had saved each other’s lives. So, their feelings were still tied together pretty strong.

    “You’re so rude… We haven’t met for quite long, don’t you miss me?” Angel let out her tongue, gently licking her lips. So provoking and alluring.

    “I don’t. I’m no longer in the business now, why are you still looking for me?” Zhao Tie Zhu asked.

    “I just heard some news, and I bet you’ll be very happy to hear it. So, I couldn’t wait to tell you. Ah, but who would have thought you could be so cold…” said Angel with an aggrieved look.

    “If you have something to say, then say it quickly. Otherwise, I’m going to sleep.” Zhao Tie Zhu said while rubbing his eyes.

    “Give me an intimate kiss in front of the camera, and then I’ll tell you.” Angel said playfully. Zhao Tie Zhu couldn’t help but getting goose bumps.

    “Hurry up, say it. You know my patience is limited.” Zhao Tie Zhu eyes squinted slightly. Upon seeing this, Angel quickly said, “You’re really no fun at all. Hold on, I’ll get something.” After saying that, she turned around and climbed to the back of the bed. From the video, you could see that Angel was wearing a super short skirt with a black silk net underwear underneath. And when she bent, the whole scenery under the skirt was shown in front of Zhao Tie Zhu.

    “This minx…” Zhao Tie Zhu helplessly gasped out a sigh. If he hadn’t worked together for some time and he was very familiar with her, he would probably have been seduced by her. But, just thinking about all the men who died in her hands, Zhao Tie Zhu couldn’t help but shiver.

    A moment later, Angel seemed to have found what she was looking for. She got up from the back of the bed and returned to the computer. She lifted up a photograph and said to him, “You should know this person, right?”

    Zhao Tie Zhu’s eyes instantly became fierce, a powerful murderous aura emanated from his body. Angel, who was on the other end of the computer, seemed to feel his monstrous killing aura, and yelled, “Damn, you almost scared me to death.”

    “Where is this person?” Zhao Tie Zhu’s murderous intent disappeared as if it never appeared at all. His eyes returned calm, but in the depths of that calmness was a touch of extreme fury.

    “He’s currently in FJ, should be in the same city as you. There’s an economic summit coming up in FJ where he will attend as a guest.” Angel replied.

    “The Economic Summit? Understood. This time, I owe you one, Angel.” Zhao Tie Zhu took a deep breath and thanked Angel.

    “I’m telling you, this time he employed five people from my organization to closely protect him 24-hour. You also know the capabilities of my organization, so, your stealth ability might not be useful. I advise you to deeply consider your actions.” As Zhao Tie Zhu’s former companion, Angel had accidentally discovered that he could become invisible.

    “I’m not going to mess up.” Zhao Tie Zhu said calmly and turned off the video without waiting for Angel’s reply.

    Economic Summit? It was scheduled for about half a month from now. He was very happy.

    Si Ru, apparently God does have eyes. That Li Tian Feng finally appeared. You just wait. In half a month, I will avenge you. Zhao Tie Zhu gently stroked the string of beads on his hand. His eyes flashed with a trace of sadness as he whispered.

    Suddenly, Su Yan Ni’s shout echoed up from downstairs, “Zhao Tie Zhu! How come you haven’t fixed the door yet? You’re not trying to keep my four thousand Yuan for yourself, right?”

    Zhao Tie Zhu’s eyes changed, concealing the sadness immediately. He then yelled, “Do I look like someone short of 4,000 Yuan? You’re really looking down on me. I’m going to sue you for slander. You have to compensate me for these mental damages.” He said this as he walked out of the room. The string of beads in his hand slowly faded before completely disappeared.

    Zhao Tie Zhu’s stealth ability had such a feature, in which he could make himself or things that were in direct contact with his body to be invisible.

    Everyone had their own painful past, which they didn’t want or couldn’t bear to recall. Zhao Tie Zhu would sometimes let himself get lost in the midst of the secular world, so he wouldn’t have to think back on his heartbreaking past. It was during that time, he experienced a feeling of hatred, which struck to the bone, and caused him to walk the path of the Phantom, killing only kill those who deserved to be killed. In just a few months’ time, the name of Phantom resonated throughout the criminal Underworld.

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    Chapter 7 (Luring Peeping Tom)

    Zhao Tie Zhu walked out of his room, only to see Su Yan Ni standing downstairs, with a trace of anger in her pair of almond eyes.

    "Hey, Aunty, where's the fire?" said Zhao Tie Zhu to Su Yan Ni. He leaned sluggishly against the wall.

    "Why haven't you fixed the door? I'll be taking a shower later. Without the door, how can I wash myself?" said Su Yan Ni.

    "Oh? Nobody is stopping you from taking a shower, just go ahead," said Zhao Tie Zhu, walking down from the second floor.

    "How can I take a shower with the door open? What if someone's peeping?" She purposely stressed the word 'peeping'. Normally, even if a person didn't have any intention before, but after hearing that, they might give it a shot. This was Su Yan Ni using the strategy of 'Catching a Tiger Cub without entering its Lair'. Right now, she was saying to Zhao Tie Zhu that she was going to take a bath, and later on, she would deliberately make some sounds. If he was the perverted underwear thief, then he would certainly come to peek at her. At that time, she would heroically take the action and capture him.

    "Pfft, who wants to peep at someone like you?" said Zhao Tie Zhu with a look of disdain. Then, he thought of himself as the landlord. Having charged so much for the rent, if he didn't repair the door soon, it wouldn't be appropriate, and people wouldn't want to stay here.

    Therefore, Zhao Tie Zhu picked up the phone and called 12580 and asked for the phone number of the renovation company. He made the call immediately. Seeing Zhao Tie Zhu had called someone to fix the door, Su Yan Ni said nothing further and went into her room upstairs, uncertain of what to do.

    Soon after, people from the renovation company arrived and installed a door. It took less than half an hour. The price of the door, together with the installation cost, didn't exceed 3,000 Yuan. He had made a profit of about 1,000 Yuan, which made him quite happy. Unknown to him, Su Yan Ni was already standing there. As he turned around to go upstairs, she said, "Shouldn't you give me back that one thousand?" She reached out her hand.

    "Hmm, I spent a lot of time today trying to find a new door. The one thousand should count as compensation for my hard work." Zhao Tie Zhu quickly headed upstairs to avoid Su Yan Ni.

    "Hmmph, I don't care," she said, glancing at him. "I'll consider this one thousand as a down-payment for the three months of phone service. I'm going to take a shower. Don't you dare take a peek!" Su Yan Ni turned around and went upstairs.

    "This chick..." Zhao Tie Zhu smiled helplessly. Because she was so hot, he didn't argue anymore with her. One thousand for three months of phone service was equivalent to more than 300 per month. Her bill wouldn't exceed three hundred no matter how much she used it, so there should still be some surplus on the balance. He would still earn some profit, so he continued on upstairs, whistling a tune.

    Just when he was about to enter his room, he saw Su Yan Ni walk out of her room holding a towel and head toward the bathroom at the end of the corridor. Being on her way to take a shower, Su Yan Ni only wore a white tank top with a trace of something pink underneath it. Beneath that, she wore only a pair of short training pants, revealing a nice scene of her snow-white legs. Zhao Tie Zhu expression revealed some frustration. This chick was clearly trying to come on to him. Did she really think that he could be so easily seduced?

    Whether it was intentional or not, a black thong suddenly fell to the ground. Worrying that Zhao Tie Zhu might not notice, Su Yan Ni uttered a cry. When his attention had shifted to the thong, she pretended to be at a loss. She quickly picked up the thong and walked into the bathroom, her face flushed.

    Zhao Tie Zhu frowned slightly. This little police blossom had tried to seduce him over and over again, could it be that she was attracted to his handsome figure? Although this was highly probable, Zhao Tie Zhu was more certain that she had another purpose. His words had repeatedly made her walk away in anger; with such a princess-like character, she couldn't be like that.

    Zhao Tie Zhu shook his head, resolving to forget about such things. He walked into his room.

    Whoosh, the sound of splashing water came out from the bathroom. Zhao Tie Zhu twitched his mouth in disdain, this seduction technique was a just a bit too brazen! The bathroom door wasn't closed tightly and the sound was so loud.

    Considering you're sincerely attempting to seduce me, if I don't do anything, it would be unbefitting of my Phantom name... Zhao Tie Zhu smiled wickedly.

    He left the room and walked slowly toward the bathroom. He didn't attempt to cover the sound of his footsteps as if to tell Su Yan Ni that he was coming.

    The bathroom door was a sliding type which now exposed an almost 3 cm gap. Steam wafted out from the gap, seemingly creating a magical lure.

    When Su Yan Ni heard Zhao Tie Zhu's footsteps, she said to herself, "This pervert can't hold it any more, my big sacrifice won't have been in vain!" Feigning ignorance, Su Yan Ni acted as she were simply showering herself, but she was really waiting for Zhao Tie Zhu's eyes to appear in the gap. At that moment, she would catch him in the act, and then to put an end to him on behalf of the government and the people. At that time, as a fresh Police Academy graduate, she would make a name for herself as the person who exposed the sensational underwear thief. Wow! Ha ha ha ha, thinking of that, Su Yan Ni couldn't help to laugh out loud.

    "Damn, laughing so happily. Later on, I'll make you weep." Zhao Tie Zhu chuckled evilly.

    Watching as the shadow outside drew closer, Su Yan Ni's heart grew more and more nervous. She was still dressed, but her simple shirt and shorts were already wet from the long exposure to the steam. They now stuck to her body, showing off her attractive curves more clearly, revealing the pink bra, of which even the lace could now be clearly seen. Her short pants also wrapped her hips tightly, outlining a perfect curve.

    Su Yan Ni's face flushed red slightly. It was hard to tell whether it was because of the steam, or the excitement of catching the pervert, or because of her current half-naked state.

    Zhao Tie Zhu slowly arrived in front of the door. He sighed secretly and thought, "You forced me to do this!" Slowly, he moved toward the gap.

    The scene that met his eyes was the almost half naked body of Su Yan Ni. Zhao Tie Zhu barely just casted a glance at her when Su Yan Ni leaped into action. In the time it takes to breath, she rushed to the door and shouted, "Pervert, you have nowhere to run now!" She pulled the door open.

    The scene in front of her let her stupefied. Zhao Tie Zhu was supposed to be on the other side of the door peeping, but not a single trace of him could be seen. How was it possible? Had she been hallucinating? Su Yan Ni looked around, but only the sound of wind could be heard. There was no sign of Zhao Tie Zhu.

    Su Yan Ni didn't give up. She rushed to his room. There was Zhao Tie Zhu, already leisurely lying in bed. Earlier, the instant she opened the bathroom's door, he had made himself invisible and then quietly returned to his own room. He had never expected that the police blossom would take him to be a pervert; it was unbelievable. He was somewhat speechless. Suddenly, someone appeared at his door; it turned out Su Yan Ni. She was still completely soaked with water.

    "Zhao Tie Zhu, why are you here?!" she shouted.

    "This is my room, where else should I be?" He innocently looked at her.

    "You were just..." Before the word ‘peeping' slipped out, she closed her mouth. He was in his room, and the distance from the bathroom to the room was about ten meters. Even if he did peek at her, it would not be possible to get back to the room in such a short time. Was it really a hallucination? Su Yan Ni was full of doubts.

  • Chapter 8 (The Second Tenant)

    Zhao Tie Zhu looked at Su Yan Ni with a playful expression. This time I struck you speechless, let's see if you still dare to look at big brother as a pervert. Tsk... Tsk... In this world, where could you find such a handsome and carefree pervert? Su Yan Ni looked at his expression, which read, “I need to be spanked.” Furious, she said, "What are you laughing at? Look at your perverted, kinky expression."

    "Ha ha, still calling me perverted? Look at yourself, dressing like this to take a shower! The way you shower is really unusual!" He looked at her from head to toe and laughed.

    "Ahh!!!" At this time, Su Yan Ni just realized that because of the hurry, she didn't even think about her appearance and was now standing half naked in front of Zhao Tie Zhu. Her face went on fire in an instant. Without saying another word, she turned around and fled.

    Playing games with me? Big brother could bring you to climax with his pinky finger. Zhao Tie Zhu smiled wickedly.

    Time passed by and in a blink of an eye, it was already dark. "Who is going to cook dinner?" Zhao Tie Zhu shouted.

    "Can't you do it?" Su Yan Ni responded from the neighboring room. From that afternoon until now, she hadn't left the room.

    "You’re a police officer; don't you need to work in the afternoon?" Zhao Tie Zhu asked.

    "Mind your own business!"

    "Fine, I'll prepare the dinner. What do you want to eat?"

    "I'm not eating anything. If you wanna eat, just eat by yourself."

    Haha, Zhao Tie Zhu smiled helplessly. It appeared this woman hadn't calmed down from this afternoon's frustration. He got up, went downstairs, and left the villa.

    A bit later, Zhao Tie Zhu returned with fresh vegetables and other ingredients. He looked upstairs, but Su Yan Ni still hadn't come out, so he went straight into the kitchen.

    The kitchen was fully equipped. Zhao Tie Zhu simply washed the vegetables trying to decide what to cook. When he was finished, he just started to prepare the food.

    Before long, three simple dishes and a soup had appeared on the table. He sighed. How many years had it been since he cooked by himself? He washed his hands and shouted, "Dinner's ready! Come down."

    Not hearing any response from upstairs, Zhao Tie Zhu didn't call out anymore. He just sat down and grabbed a bowl of rice to eat.

    "You're really no gentleman at all. Can't you just call again?" He had just eaten half a bowl of rice when Su Yan Ni appeared in front of him. At first, she hadn't intended to come down. She knew if she did, it was same as admitting defeat. But, then, how could she catch this underwear thief? She was going to wait until Zhao Tie Zhu called several times and then bit the bullet and went down. But, who would have thought that he only called out once? So, she just went down.

    Zhao Tie Zhu didn't say anything, simply pointing at the chair beside him. Seeing that he had even prepared some rice for her, Su Yan Ni felt a warm feeling in her heart; this guy wasn't really so bad actually. She sat down. After dinner, Zhao Tie Zhu began cleaning up the dishes. "Wearing a thong is bad for your health,” he said, “you should be more careful about that!"

    "Zhao Tie Zhu!!! Go to hell!" Su Yan Ni yelled. A pair of chopsticks instantly flew toward him. He dodged them, laughing, and with several jumps, he had left the kitchen. "Tonight, you wash the dishes!" he cried, running up the stairs.

    "Zhao Tie Zhu, you just remember this." Su Yan Ni clenched furiously the rag cloth in her hands. But her anger was more of because of embarrassment.

    Zhao Tie Zhu whistled and went into his room. Suddenly his cell phone rang. When he picked it up, a sweet woman's voice could be heard, "Hello, is this Mr. Zhao?"

    "Yes, who is calling?"

    "How are you? Is there still a room for rent?"

    "Yes, you want to rent it?"

    "That's right. Can I come over now and take a look?"

    "Well, okay, come on over."

    After hanging up the phone, Zhao Tie Zhu continued to ponder the female's voice. With such a soft voice, he was certain that the voice's owner must also be similarly soft.

    Half an hour later, a knock was heard downstairs. Zhao Tie Zhu ran down to open the door and took a look at the woman standing at the doorway. Her spotless white cheeks and willowy eyebrows hinted a trace of softness. Her long hair was draped over the shoulders, and her body was wrapped with an unconventional style Cheong Sam (Chinese long skirt). Wearing a pair of sandals, her ankles looked even more beautiful. This woman's appearance could really make a man drool.

    Zhao Tie Zhu was a little bit distracted. He felt no inclination to joke, which didn’t happen often.

    "Hello, my name is Cao Zi Yi. You must be Mr. Zhao," Said the woman at the door in a soft voice, holding out her hand.

    "Yes, I am." Zhao Tie Zhu shook her hand gently and let it go right after. "Please come in," he said.

    Cao Zi Yi followed Zhao Tie Zhu to enter the room. At that time, Su Yan Ni, who had just finished washing the dishes, saw him taking a woman inside and walked over, curious.

    "This is one of my tenants," said Zhao Tie Zhu in introduction.

    "Hi, I'm Officer Su Yan Ni," Su Yan Ni said with a friendly smile.

    "Hello, my name is Cao Zi Yi, I'm a painter." Cao Zi Yi responded with a smile too. Then she looked at Zhao Tie Zhu and said, "Mr. Zhao, do you still have a room for rent?"

    "No need for this formality, just call me Tie Zhu. There are still open rooms upstairs and downstairs. How many rooms do you want to rent?" asked Zhao Tie Zhu.

    "One is good. I'll choose the upstairs one, so I can enjoy the view. We’re near the West Lake here, and I intend to stay for a few months to paint."

    "Then let's have a look upstairs," Zhao Tie Zhu said, leading her up the stairs.

    Su Yan Ni looked at Zhao Tie Zhu and couldn't help but wonder if something wrong with this pervert's head? Why was he acting so seriously?

    When they were upstairs, Zhao Tie Zhu pointed to the room on his left side and said, "From this room, you can see directly the entire West Lake. Please go in and see."

    She went into the room and walked to the window. Staring at the West Lake outside the window, a strange look flashed in her eyes. She turned toward Zhao Tie Zhu and told him that she would take the room.

    "Miss Cao, how long will you be staying?" he asked.

    "Please don't call me Miss Cao, just call me Zi Yi. I will stay for a half year. How much is the rent?"

    "500 a month, included utilities. There's also a swimming pool downstairs. The phone bill will be shared equally."

    Su Yan Ni, who had followed them upstairs, heard Zhao Tie Zhu's words, and couldn't help from rolling her eyes. This guy rented the room to her for 2,000 but rented to the other for only 500. Both were equally beautiful women, but the difference was really too much.

    "So cheap?" said Cao Zi Yi, surprised.

    "Yeah, the rent should be paid for three months in advance," replied Zhao Tie Zhu.

    "That's all right. Here’s 1,500." Cao Zi Yi took out a stack of money from her purse and handed it over to him. Without even counting it, he put the money away and said, "When are you going to move in?"

    "I can move in right away. I'll go to get my luggage."

    "Let me help you then," Zhao Tie Zhu said and walked out of the room with Cao Zi Yi. Su Yan Ni, who was still standing off to the side, couldn't help but say, "Aren't you mistaken? Why is my rent so expensive? Am I not as good as her?"

    "You? You're better in every way. But, what I do is none of your business!" Zhao Tie Zhu laughed and followed Cao Zi Yi as she walked out of the villa, leaving behind Su Yan Ni who could only gnash her teeth in anger.

    Shortly, Zhao Tie Zhu returned, carrying the luggage with Cao Zi Yi. After helping her settle down, he went back to his room and laid on his bed while staring at the ceiling. The villa finally had a third person. His happy life as a landlord was getting closer.

  • Chapter 9 (Beating Someone to Protect the Tenant)

    The next day, Zhao Tie Zhu slept until noon. After washing his face and brushing his teeth, he walked down the stairs to get something to eat. However, Cao Zi Yi had already prepared a meal and was waiting for him. Zhao Tie Zhu couldn't help but felt a warm feeling in his heart. Other than his grandmother, no other woman had ever cooked for him before.

    "Go wash your hands before you eat." Cao Zi Yi smiled.

    "Done!" Zhao Tie Zhu quickly washed his hands and then sat down at the table.

    "When will Yan Ni come back?" asked Cao Zi Yi handing some food to Zhao Tie Zhu.

    "Who knows," he filled his mouth and said, "she's a civil servant, she has to work overtime for the sake of the public."

    "Hehe," Cao Zi Yi sat down at the table and said, "Why are you making fun of people?"

    It was then when suddenly a noise came from the door. They saw Su Yan Ni opened it and came in, followed by a man.

    "Well, Li Zi Qi, you’ve taken me home,” Su Yan Ni said a little impatiently to the man. “You can go back now."

    "Ai," said Li Zi Qi, somewhat annoyed. "Yan Ni, it's not like you don't know my feelings, why are being so cold?"

    "Don't address me so intimately, our relationship is just an ordinary one between colleagues. I'm home now and want to eat. Do you want to stay and eat, is that it?" Ignoring Li Zi Qi, she put her bag down on a chair next to her. Seeing Zhao Tie Zhu and Cao Zi Yi were eating in the kitchen, she walked toward them. To everyone's surprise, Li Zi Qi followed her.

    "You’re really a terrible bother. I'm already home and still you're following me? If you have so much free time, why don't you go to find some criminals?" Seeing this shameless person following her inside, Su Yan Ni angrily turned around and was about to push him. He didn't seem to notice Zhao Tie Zhu and Cao Zi Yi. With one hand, he grabbed Su Yan Ni's arm and said, "Yan Ni, let's talk about this calmly."

    Being grabbed in this way enraged Su Yan Ni; she tried to pull her hand back, but Li Zi Qi unexpectedly held her tightly, not letting her go.

    "Hey, how can you just trespass in someone's house?" said Zhao Tie Zhu, standing up. Still holding his bowl in one hand, he grabbed Li Zi Qi's arm with his other and said, "Do you think you can just harass my tenant?"

    Li Zi Qi felt as if he were being clamped by a set of pincers; a tremendous power crushed down into his bones. He immediately released Su Yan Ni's hand and then stared at Zhao Tie Zhu, "How dare you assault a police officer!"

    "Assault your ass!" Zhao Tie Zhu released his arm and grabbed him by the collar. Li Zi Qi struggled at once trying to get away, but Zhao Tie Zhu's hand was firm as if it was an iron clamp. Zhao Tie Zhu slowly walked toward the door and said, "As a landlord, it's my duty to protect my tenants from harassment and abuse of others. If you dare to come here again, I’ll happily sever all three of your legs." Then, he threw Li Zi Qi out of the door. He flew several meters before dropping to the ground. With a "bang" sound, Zhao Tie Zhu slammed the door shut.

    "Thank you," Su Yan Ni whispered. It was clear she wasn't in a good mood.

    "It's okay. Since you rent my place, you're mine. It's my obligation to protect you." Zhao Tie Zhu said heroically.

    "Who's yours?” she shouted, clenching her two little fists. “Since when did I become yours?"

    "When did I say that you're mine? I said that you're my guest. Could it be that you're thinking day and night of becoming mine? Ah, my requirement for a girlfriend is very high,” he said in a teasing tone. “She must be gentle and caring. Someone like Zi Yi would do quite well."


    Seeing them argue, Cao Zi Yi quickly said, "Okay, okay, you two are adults. Stop acting like children.  Let's eat or else the food will get cold."

    Su Yan Ni stared at Zhao Tie Zhu and said nothing else. She sat down and ate in silence.

    Before they could finish their meal, the door rang again.

    "Open the door! Hurry, open up!" Someone shouted outside the door.

    "What kind of person is that, not allowing people to finish their meal." Zhao Tie Zhu put down his bowl and chopsticks and got up to open the door.

    Several policemen suddenly rushed in, followed by the cold looking Li Zi Qi.

    "He really comes." Su Yan Ni felt alarmed. Li Zi Qi's father was Li Gang, the chief of the Public Security Bureau. He relied on his father's position to join the Public Security Bureau, and his personality wasn't good either as he liked picking flowers and trampling grass (TL Note: a womanizer and a bully). Relying on having a good dad, he was a second-generation official. When he first entered the Bureau, he boasted that he would make a name for himself within one month. He didn't make a good impression by himself, but considering his father, he could easily adapt in many ways. Being followed home by him like that just now had made her extremely angry. Even though seeing Zhao Tie Zhu threw him out of the door had made her somewhat calm down, but considering Li Zi Qi's nature, he certainly wouldn't let the matter drop. She never imagined that in this short time, Li Zi Qi would already have brought some people over.

    "Cuff him and take him away," Li Zi Qi said to the surrounding police while pointing at Zhao Tie Zhu.

    Hearing his order, the surrounding cops took out handcuffs, walked toward Zhao Tie Zhu and said, "Mr. Zhao Tie Zhu, you are a suspect in the recent murder which occurred in the West Lake. Please return with us to assist our investigation."

    "Hey, skinny, how can you just arrest someone like that?" Su Yan Ni hurriedly cried out. The skinny policeman looked at Su Yan Ni and said, "This is an order from the Bureau, little Su, you stay out of it."

    Zhao Tie Zhu looked at the surrounding policemen, shrugged helplessly and said, "It seems that you’re determined to blame me, fine. I hope you won't regret it."

    The nearby policeman handcuffed Zhao Tie Zhu and pushed him out of the room. They quickly got into the police car and left the West Lake district.

    Su Yan Ni stared at Li Zi Qi, who stood in front of her, unable to hold in her anger. But, she was also stationed under Li Zi Qi’s father, so she couldn't do anything to offend his son. Being in this helpless situation really made her mad.

    "Yan Ni,” said Li Zi Qi, “you should think again about our situation." He then got into the police department's BMW X6 car and left.

    "Asshole!" Su Yan Ni angrily took off the badge she was wearing and smashed it down on the ground.

    "Don't be angry. I'm sure Tie Zhu will be fine." Cao Zi Yi tapped Su Yan Ni's shoulder from behind. Her eyes calmly looked at the direction of the disappearing police cars. Somehow, she was sure that Zhao Tie Zhu would come back soon.

  • Chapter 10 (In the Bureau)

    Zhao Tie Zhu got into the police car and looked curiously around. He had never had the chance to sit in a police car before. Seeing this, the police officer next to him shouted, "Don't act so strange!" and then threw a kick his way.

    Zhao Tie Zhu didn't try to dodge; he let the kick hit him in the stomach. A hint of a devilish look flashed out from his eyes, and an evil smile twisted the corner of his mouth. "You're good," he said with a smile.

    "Whether I'm good or not, is none of your business," shouted the policeman. "You really have such guts to mess with Li Zi Qi." He was about to kick him again, but another policeman held him back.

    Zhao Tie Zhu ignored the policemen and closed his eyes to rest.

    Soon, they arrived at the Public Security Bureau. Two policemen shoved Zhao Tie Zhu ahead of them as they walked down. Li Zi Qi, who had already arrived, glanced at him, and winked at the person beside him. Then, he went straight into the Bureau's main building.

    "Hurry up!" shouted the policeman who had kicked Zhao Tie Zhu, pushing him forward. Zhao Tie Zhu kept silent, following the policemen inside.

    After going through several turns, the police officers led Zhao Tie Zhu into a sealed room and pushed into the corner next to a water pipe. Then, they cuffed him to the pipe, making him standing there with no chair.

    "Stay here and be quiet," one of the police officers said, and then walked out of the room with the other officers.

    Leaning against the pipe, Zhao Tie Zhu pondered the situation. It seemed this Li Zi Qi's influence in the Bureau wasn't small. In just a short moment, he could mobilize quite a few police to arrest him. Besides, hearing how all the officers listened to him, it seemed Li Zi Qi's rank must be quite high. Alas, considering his new line of work, Zhao Tie Zhu couldn't afford to make a scene.

    After about half an hour, Li Zi Qi, now wearing a police uniform, joined by the police officer who had kicked him before, walked into the room. They both sat down behind a table. The police officer picked up a pen and with a serious look, asked, "Name?"

    "Zhao Tie Zhu"




    "See for yourself."

    "Behave. If I asked you something, then just answer it. Gender?"


    "Do you know what crime you committed?"

    "I don't know. I only remember that I threw some trash out from my house. If I committed a crime, maybe it was littering."

    Li Zi Qi's face sank, and that policeman's face also became sour, he continued, "Don't play dumb. Don't think we don't know what you did!"

    "Hey! I really don't know what crime I committed."

    "Today, we received a report of a homicide at the West Lake. According to witness description, the suspect looks exactly like you."

    "If I said that I look exactly like your father, would you believe me?" Zhao Tie Zhu said derisively.

    "Well, then let's do this off the record," said Li Zi Qi off to the side. The police officer in the monitoring room turned off the surveillance camera and then turned around to walk out of the monitoring room.

    Li Zi Qi watched the camera on the wall. Seeing that the cameras had been turned off, he said ferociously, "So, feeling a bit arrogant, are we? Now that you've fallen into my hands, let's see if you can still be such an arrogant ass." Having saying that, he picked up a baton and shoved it into Zhao Tie Zhu's belly. Zhao Tie Zhu just stared coldly at him. He didn't even frown when the baton hit him, it was as if the baton was only made of air.

    "Seems you want to act tough." Li Zi Qi smiled maliciously and continued, "Let's see how long you can keep it up."

    With disdain in his voice, Zhao Tie Zhu said, "Longer than you, I imagine. You couldn’t even get it up to begin with." (TL Note: the Author is making a word play. The character for 'tough' was the same as 'hard/stiff'. So, you know what Zhao Tie Zhu meant.)

    "Fine, then. Even facing death, you still don't want to confess." Li Zi Qi's eyes were filled with killing intent. He walked around the table and took an electric Taser out from the drawer. When he turned it on, the electricity made crackling sounds and blue lights from the electricity reflected on Li Zi Qi's face, making him looked even grimmer.

    "Buzz!" The electric Taser struck directly on Zhao Tie Zhu's belly, which made him frown slightly. In the end, would he need to do some killing to get out of here? Would he finally be able to live a happy life as a landlord, or would it all be gone? If Li Zi Qi had known that Zhao Tie Zhu frowned because he was considering whether to kill them or not, he might think that Zhao Tie Zhu was some sort of demon right now.

    Seeing Zhao Tie Zhu frown, Li Zi Qi was happy and was about to increase the power output of the Taser. Suddenly, Zhao Tie Zhu's cell phone, which they had confiscated, rang.

    Li Zi Qi turned around to look at the phone on the table and gesturing to the other police to check. The policeman picked up the phone and said, "It's someone named Ray."

    "Who is this Ray person? Is he your partner in crime?" asked Li Zi Qi.

    "Ray..." Zhao Tie Zhu whispered, "Can't you ask for yourself?"

    "Still not answering?" Li Zi Qi once again used the Taser on Zhao Tie Zhu and then picked up the cell phone and pressed the answer key. Immediately, a loud and clear voice could be heard on the other end of the phone. "Tie Zhu, where are you now? I've come to FJ."

    "Hello, this is the FJ Police Department. What relationship do you have with Zhao Tie Zhu?" Li Zi Qi asked coldly. There was paused, and then, "What crime did Tie Zhu commit?"

    "He is a suspect for a homicide case and is currently with us under investigation. What is your relationship with him?" The phone went silent for a long time, and ten seconds later, the person on the other side said, "I'm his brother." Then he ended the call.

    At this time, at the FJ train station, a young man about two meters tall, dressed in a camouflage uniform, looked gloomy at the phone. These small fish could catch Brother Tie Zhu? What a joke. It seemed that Brother Tie Zhu was in trouble. The young man carried a huge duffel bag in one hand, and his phone in the other. He quickly dialed a number.

    "Tell me the truth. What's the relationship between you and this Ray person?" Li Zi Qi asked with a dark face.

    "Him? He's just my brother." Zhao Tie Zhu answered, his face showed a nostalgic look.

    "What does he do?" Li Zi Qi asked.

    "He's just a troubled kid," said Zhao Tie Zhu laughing.

    Li Zi Qi signaled the police behind him with his eyes, and the two of them walked out the room. Outside, he asked, "Didn't you say that Zhao Tie Zhu is an orphan? How come now suddenly he has a brother?"

    "He is an orphan," replied the police officer. "I did check his background. It must be one of his good friends."

    Li Zi Qi felt relieved. When he’d got back at the station earlier, he had asked them to do a careful background check on Zhao Tie Zhu. After all, it wasn't easy to buy a villa in the West Lake district. Li Zi Qi was a person who would plan ahead before acting. After finding out Zhao Tie Zhu was an orphan without any power backing him up, he immediately brought his people to the West Lake District.

    Li Zi Qi entered the room again and then said, "I wanna see how long you can still hold on." He picked up the electric Taser and hit Zhao Tie Zhu with it.

    He electrocuted Zhao Tie Zhu repeatedly a dozen times, but Zhao Tie Zhu didn't let out a single sound. Li Zi Qi couldn't help but become angrier. "Bring me a bucket of water."

    The policeman who had accompanied Li Zi Qi hurriedly went to get a bucket of water. Li Zi Qi held Zhao Tie Zhu's hands behind his back and pushed him down next to the water bucket, and said, "Now you'll see that I'm not fooling around." He grabbed Zhao Tie Zhu's hair and was about to push his head into the basin.

    Just then, the sound of cars could suddenly be heard outside the Public Security Bureau's entrance. Zhao Tie Zhu smiled. He’s here, finally.

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    Chapter 11 (Ray To The Rescue)

    The whirring engine sounds could be heard, one after another, followed by the sound of brakes.

    Li Zi Qi frowned and said toward the policeman on the side, "Go out and take a look." The policeman walked out the room, following his orders. But, shortly after, he nervously rushed back into the room and cried, "Zi Qi, there's a lot of soldiers outside!!"

    "What?" Alarmed, Li Zi Qi walked out the room and looked outside. There, he saw two large trucks parked in front of the Bureau building. Armed soldiers jumped down from it, quickly getting into formation. A middle-aged man with two three-starred stripes on his shoulder stepped out of a military jeep and walked toward the Bureau building, looking serious. He was followed by several soldiers carrying assault rifles. A young man, two meters tall and heavily muscled body followed beside the middle-aged man, conversing with him along the way.

    The middle-aged man came to a stop in front of Li Zi Qi and in a deep voice said, "Hello, can you please tell me where Comrade Zhao Tie Zhu is?"

    "Uh... Who is Zhao Tie Zhu?" asked Li Zi Qi, feigning ignorance.

    "I remember your voice," said the muscular build man beside the middle-aged man. "It was you who answered brother Tie Zhu's phone!"

    "You are...?"


    Li Zi Qi suddenly felt a chill from the soles of his feet, sweeping all over his body in an instant.

    "Ray, I'm in here." Zhao Tie Zhu suddenly shouted out fiercely.

    Ray's expression changed. He grabbed Li Zi Qi's neck with one hand and walked inside. The middle-aged man waved his hand, and several soldiers immediately followed behind Ray.

    Bang! Ray kicked open the door, which Li Zi Qi had shut closed before. Seeing Zhao Tie Zhu's hands cuffed behind his back and a water bucket placed in front of him, Ray roared furiously and threw Li Zi Qi, smashing him against the wall. Poor Li Zi Qi, in such a short period, he had been taken by the neck and thrown away twice already.

    Ray rushed to Zhao Tie Zhu's side. He stared at the pale-faced policeman and yelled, "You're still not going to uncuff him?"

    Trembling in fear, the policeman took out the keys. He undid Zhao Tie Zhu's handcuffs and then walked to the side. He was innerly surprised; who was this Zhao Tie Zhu person? How could he alert the troops to rescue him? The policeman had a feeling that he had messed with someone he shouldn't have.

    Zhao Tie Zhu massaged the joints of his hands, looked at the policeman, and laughed, "I remember you kicking me." Without waiting the policeman to react, Zhao Tie Zhu unleashed a flying kick and knocked the policeman to the wall, sending him collapsing to the ground together with Li Zi Qi.

    "Brother Tie Zhu, I'm late," said Ray remorsefully. His face looked bad.

    "Not late. I was just warming up. Haven't been beaten for quite a while. Ha Ha." Zhao Tie Zhu clapped Ray's shoulder, pulled him to his side, and whispered, "Ask your men to go out. I want to loosen up my arms and legs a bit."

    Ray nodded in acknowledgement. After sending the soldiers out of the room, he closed the door.

    Zhao Tie Zhu slowly walked toward Li Zi Qi, squatted down and looked at him. His face was filled with panic. With one hand, Zhao Tie Zhu grabbed his collar and lifted him up, laughingly saying, "I'm indebted to you for taking care of me before. Now, it's my turn to take care of you."

    When the soldiers outside heard the continuous screaming, they started to whistle, watching the flying bird in the sky, giving an "I hear nothing, I see nothing" appearance.

    A few minutes later, Zhao Tie Zhu walked out with Ray, his face showing a satisfied expression as if he had finally lost his virginity after holding off for so many years. The middle-aged man was standing at the Bureau's entrance with his hands behind his back. Ray led Zhao Tie Zhu to the middle-aged man and said, "Uncle Liu, this is my brother, Zhao Tie Zhu. Tie Zhu, this is my grandfather's advisor, Colonel Liu Tian Ci."

    "Thank you, Advisor Liu," said Zhao Tie Zhu, cupping his hand.

    "Since you are Ray's brother, then you're the same as him. Call me uncle Liu," said the middle-aged smiling.

    "Uncle Liu," Zhao Tie Zhu called.

    At that moment, a police car with the lights flashing and siren sounding pulled into the Public Security Bureau. A grim-faced man stepped out of the car. He caught sight of Zhao Tie Zhu with the others, and hurriedly walked over. Looking at Liu Tian Ci, he asked, "Since when can the army rashly meddle in the local government affairs?"

    "Who are you?" Asked Liu Tian Ci.

    "I'm FJ City Public Security Bureau Chief, Li Gang. Would you give me a reasonable explanation, Colonel?"

    "Your Public Security Bureau has detained one of our troops without justifiable reason. Would this explanation be reasonable enough?" answered Liu Tian Ci. He couldn't care less if Li Gang was the Bureau Chief. For him, even the city government personnel, who were more powerful, they still couldn't mess with the army. On the other hand, no matter how powerful the army is, it still couldn't randomly intervene in Bureau's affairs. So, Liu Tian Ci still had to provide a reason. If he showed force too much, the impact wouldn't be good either.

    "Take care of your soldiers," Li Gang said grimly, looking at the dozens soldier standing in the courtyard. "I'll personally report this matter to Commander Chen."

    "Do what you want," replied Liu Tian Ci. He wasn't worried about this Commander Chen. The one who asked him to come here today was Ray's grandfather, who was FJ's military commander. As long as he brought Ray along, what was there to be afraid of? After waving his hand to the soldiers, the soldiers quickly climbed back into the car. He then said to Ray, "You should go back with me. The Commander hasn't seen you for a long time."

    "Tie Zhu," Ray said to Zhao Tie Zhu, "why don't you come with us? My grandfather also wants to meet you."

    Zhao Tie Zhu hesitated for a moment and then replied, "I need to go home first. I'll catch up with you in a little bit."

    "Then, I'll go with you. Uncle Liu, I'll head back later."

    Liu Tian Ci nodded and threw the keys to Ray, saying, "Use my car then."

    Together with Zhao Tie Zhu, Ray got into the military jeep, and they disappeared in the cloud of dust.

    When Liu Tian Ci got back into the truck, both trucks roared out of the Public Security Bureau.

    His face grim, Li Gang said to the person on his side, "Where's Zi Qi?"

    Looking hesitant, the person said, "in the interrogation room."

    Li Gang quickly walked into the interrogation room. Pretty soon, a loud, angry roar came from within, "You all just wait!!"

    The military jeep sped along. Ray, holding the steering wheel, said to Zhao Tie Zhu, "Brother Tie Zhu, how did you end up in the Public Security Bureau?"

    "Ah, shit happens. It's fortunate that you came, otherwise I would have needed to act by myself." Zhao Tie Zhu lit a cigarette and placed it on Ray's mouth. Then, he lit one for himself. Exhaling a smoke ring, Zhao Tie Zhu sighed in relief.

    "I heard from Angel that you're out of the business?" asked Ray.

    "Yeah," Zhao Tie Zhu answered, "these years, business is bad, almost all the bad guys have been killed. If I continue to do it, sooner or later, National Security would target me. It wouldn't be fun then!"

    "Why don't you join the army then? With your ability, you'll surely become an elite."

    "I'm not interested. You don't know how cozy my life is now..." Zhao Tie Zhu watched the scenery outside the window, and couldn't help but think of those two people in his villa.

    "Brother Tie Zhu, what are you doing now, then?" Ray asked curiously.

    "I'm a landlord now. I bought a villa in the West Lake District, and only rent it to beautiful women. There are two already now. What do you think? Isn't it comfortable to fool around with beautiful women every day?"

    "You know," Ray said with a nostalgic face, "I really miss the days when we were mercenaries in foreign countries."

    "Well, we're not the same. Back then, you were just going through training, but for me, it was my livelihood. Since you're back now, your family will give you a good job."

    "That's army life. My family has served in the army for generations. My grandfather (from father's side) asked me to join my grandfather (from mother's side) and then go back when I gained enough experience. I still prefer hanging out with you. Eating and drinking whatever we like, as long as we're safe."

    "Bah, with your current condition, you still worry about safety? As I see it, with your physical attributes, even placed in the National Security Special Ops, you'll still be top-tier."

    "Top-tier your ass. One time, I personally witnessed you blow the head off of that Russian 'Polar Bear'. You should know that 'Polar Bear' was the Russian underground's boxing champion, he could rip a tiger and crush a leopard with his bare hands. With my kung fu, I would be nothing if I were placed in the National Security Special Ops." Ray's expression suddenly became serious, "I heard from my grandfather, those Special Ops members were elites chosen from various military districts. Furthermore, I also heard that among them, are many with extraordinary talents. My grandfather didn't tell me in details, but only said, with my current skill, if I was placed in the Special Ops, I'd just be an average person there. You've got to be careful, brother Tie Zhu."

    "Hehe, currently I'm just a landlord. My ideal life is to flirt with girls, collecting rents, and then find a good wife to have my son. That would be fine. Of course, before that, I want to avenge that year's grudge." Zhao Tie Zhu said softly.

    "Have you found that person?" asked Ray. He only knew that Zhao Tie Zhu had an enemy, but Zhao Tie Zhu never told him about the details, so he never asked.

    "Yes, I found him. Soon, I'll kill him myself. Look, just drop it. Turn left in front; the third building is my villa."

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    Chapter 12 (Hired Bodyguard)

    The jeep slowly parked in front of Zhao Tie Zhu's villa, and the two of them got out. Zhao Tie Zhu opened the door to find Su Yan Ni and Cao Zi Yi sitting on the sofa in the main hall. Were they just waiting for him? He couldn't help but feel touched at heart.

    "Tie Zhu, you're back." Su Yan Ni stood up, surprised. Cao Zi Yi just looked at him with a gentle smile, not saying anything.

    "Of course. If I didn't come back, wouldn't you be lonely?" Zhao Tie Zhu chuckled.

    "Who's lonely? You're the lonely one. Your whole family is lonely." Su Yan Ni shouted with her nose wrinkled. However, her eyes flashed a faint trace of tears. Zhao Tie Zhu hit Li Zi Qi because of her. Now that he was safely back, she could put her worries away.

    "Who's this?" asked Su Yan Ni, seeing Ray, who stood behind Zhao Tie Zhu.

    "Ray, my bro." Zhao Tie Zhu introduced him. Ray stepped forward with a smile on his face, "Sister-in-law, how are you?" Then he said to Cao Zi Yi, who was still sitting, "Second sister-in-law, how are you?"

    "Jeez, watch your mouth." Zhao Tie Zhu smacked Ray in the back of the head, feeling a little awkward. Although, the two women were okay, he wasn't someone who would just randomly pick up a girl.

    Hearing Ray say sister-in-law and second sister-in-law, both Su Yan Ni and Cao Zi Yi both blushed. Cao Zi Yi didn't say anything; she just looked at Zhao Tie Zhu angrily and then went upstairs. Su Yan Ni, who was tougher, yelled out, "Don't talk nonsense. There's nothing between Zhao Tie Zhu and me." Zhao Tie Zhu also stated, "Indeed, indeed. There's nothing between us. Bro, don't misunderstand."

    Ray smiled lasciviously and then said, "You're all living together. If you're not his wife, then what?"

    "I'm just a tenant here, I also paid the rent!" said Su Yan Ni.

    "Okay, just stop it. Tonight, I'll probably come home late. You should go to bed early." said Zhao Tie Zhu. Then he tugged on Ray and walked out the door. (TL Note: Saying something like "you should go to bed early" is a polite way in Chinese to say goodbye.)

    When they got in the car, Ray laughed, "This chick is really not bad."

    "Yeah, and she's a little police beauty too."

    "Tsk tsk, big bro, your taste is really high. Are you giving into the temptation of the uniform? This young brother of yours can't compete with you."

    "Just drive."

    In a burst of laughter, the car proceeded to move toward FJ's military compound.

    Half an hour later, the car arrived at the entrance of the FJ City's military compound. Liu Tian Ci, who had already received Ray's phone call, was waiting for them at the entrance. Seeing them coming, he instructed the guards to open the gate, and the car slowly entered the military compound.

    Catching the car keys thrown by Ray, Liu Tian Ci said, "Ray, please come with me. The commander is waiting for you in his study."

    "Brother Tie Zhu, come with me," said Ray, following Liu Tian Ci into a small two-story building. As he followed behind them, Zhao Tie Zhu squinted slightly. In just this short distance, he had discovered more than five sentries. The defense of this military compound was really tight.

    (TL Note: Since Ray is going to refer to both of his paternal and maternal grandfather, I'm going to differentiate it by using 'grandfather' for his paternal grandfather and 'grandpa' for his maternal grandfather here and also in future chapters. The same thing goes for 'grandmother' and 'grandma'.)

    Inside the building, a white-haired old woman was lying in a rattan chair, listening to the opera. Seeing Ray enter, she called, "Ah, my dear grandson, you remember to visit your grandma." Ray walked over quickly. Half squatting in front of her, he said, "I thought about you every day, but my missions required me to go abroad. So, there's no way I could come to visit you regularly. This time, I'll stay for a while, and accompany you."

    "Good, good. Is this your friend?" The old woman pointed to Zhao Tie Zhu. Zhao Tie Zhu hurriedly said, "Grandma, how are you? I'm Ray's friend."

    Ray introduced him, "Grandma, this is my bro. His name is Tie Zhu."

    "Oh, Tie Zhu, is it? Well, if you don't mind, just call me grandma, like Ray." The old woman pulled his hand and said, "Our Ray, he likes to go everywhere..."

    Ray was a bit helpless seeing Zhao Tie Zhu listening to his Grandma's nagging. Signaling Zhao Tie Zhu with his eye, he went upstairs by himself to see his grandpa.

    A moment later, Ray stuck his head out from the study upstairs. Seeing Zhao Tie Zhu was still being nagged by his grandma, he shouted, "Brother Tie Zhu, my grandpa asks you to come upstairs."

    Receiving his Amnesty, Zhao Tie Zhu hurriedly excused himself to the old woman and went upstairs.

    "My grandma really likes to nag," Ray said to Zhao Tie Zhu in a low voice.

    "It's okay, my grandmother was also like that," said Zhao Tie Zhu, smiling. Then he followed Ray into the study.

    Just when he entered the study, Zhao Tie Zhu saw an old man in a uniform standing in front of a row of bookshelves looking for something. Seeing Zhao Tie Zhu had come upstairs, he stopped, then pointed to a wooden chair next to him, and said, "Please sit down." Zhao Tie Zhu obediently sat down. Suddenly, he felt a strong Qi energy locking onto him. Tracing the Qi aura to its source, he saw a hunched old man standing in a corner of the room, looking at him.

    "That's my grandpa's old guard," Ray whispered to Zhao Tie Zhu.

    "Tie Zhu, I've heard about you from Ray. Are you interested in joining the army to serve the homeland?" This was Ray's grandpa, Chen Wei Guo, FJ City's military commander. He spoke with a heavy voice that carried imposing pressure.

    "Elder, I'm an undisciplined person. I'm afraid I can't endure the discipline." Zhao Tie Zhu smiled, unaffected by the imposing pressure.

    "Being young, why don't you a have a little bit of awareness. Currently, the country is facing many internal and external problems and is in dire need of young people like you. Don't you want to contribute to your country?" asked Chen Wei Guo, his voice growing louder.

    "What the country needs more are the pillars such as you, elder. I'm afraid I just want to live a worry free and untroubled life."

    "Ha ha ha, you two brothers have the same character." Chen Wei Guo suddenly laughed and then pointed his finger to Ray, saying, "this grandson of mine, if it weren't for the pressure given by Ray's other grandfather, he might have already gone to who knows where." Ray scratched his head in embarrassment and said, "Grandpa, I would never do that... My dream is to serve the country. I'm devoted to the party..."

    "Boy, you're still playing innocent with your grandpa? Don't think I don't know the things you've done as a mercenary!"

    "Grandpa, I didn't do anything. You shouldn't slander people." Ray showed an aggrieved look.

    "Humph, do I need to talk to your grandfather about you impregnating someone else's wife out there?"

    Ray's face fell instantly, and he said, "Grandpa, please don't tell my grandfather, otherwise he'll break my legs."

    "I can keep it from your grandfather, but you need to join my troops obediently. I'll let you be trained properly."

    Hearing Chen Wei Guo's words, a wave of chills somehow swept through Ray's whole body.

    Chen Wei Guo ignored Ray and said to Zhao Tie Zhu, "Actually, I prefer to call you Phantom."

    Zhao Tie Zhu's Qi aura suddenly rose to the extreme. But, it was only for an instant and then disappeared again. Only Angel knew that he was the Phantom, and even Ray didn't know about it. However, unexpectedly, Chen Wei Guo knew about his identity.

    Ray's face was covered in shock. He shouted, "Grandpa, aren't you mistaken? How can brother Tie Zhu be the Phantom?"

    "Humph, why don't you ask your brother Tie Zhu by yourself whether or not it's true?" Chen Wei Guo snorted coldly.

    "Brother Tie Zhu, are you really the Phantom?" Ray asked in disbelief.

    Zhao Tie Zhu nodded his head, saying nothing.

    "F***!" Ray suddenly said in anger, "Brother Tie Zhu, you're really mean. Why have you never told me? Don't you take me as your brother?"

    "It's not that I don't want to tell, but this identity of mine isn't something good to reveal." Zhao Tie Zhu looked at Ray and felt a warmth in his heart. Hearing Ray's words, he understood that Ray stood on his side. What worried him was if Chen Wei Guo suddenly put him in a difficult situation. Since this is a military compound, Zhao Tie Zhu knew if Chen Wei Guo really wanted to catch him, it would be very difficult for him to escape.

    "Phantom," Chen Wei Guo suddenly said, "since you don't want to join the army, then let's make a deal."

    "I'm listening, elder."

    "Recently, our country's research in technology has made a major breakthrough. However, the news was somehow leaked to Japan. And, according the news from our spies there, Japan has sent several spies to sneak into our country to steal this technology. If they can't steal it, they will get rid of our researcher at all cost. The National Security Bureau Special Ops has already sent people to protect those researchers. However, they still lack manpower. So, I need your help."

    "Well, elder, you know, I don't like to deal with the government," said Zhao Tie Zhu helplessly.

    "I will not ask you to directly protect those researchers. The daughter of Director Li, the Head of the R&D Department, is admitted in the FJ University this year. I want you to also enroll in FJ University to protect Director Li's daughter."

    "Hmm," Zhao Tie Zhu puzzled said, "why do we need to protect Director Li's daughter?"

    "Director Li's daughter is also a member of the R&D Department! We hid her information deeply and aren't sure whether Japan found out about it or not. So, just in case, I plan to let you protect her."

    "This Director Li's daughter is that amazing? At such a young age, she's already a member of the R&D Department?"

    "That, you don't need to know. But, I can promise you that if you protect Director Li's daughter well, then I will give you a National Security Bureau Special Ops's identity, which allows you to save a lot of troubles." Chen Wei Guo said persuasively.

    After thinking for a while, Zhao Tie Zhu replied, "I'll say this first. Even if you give me this identity, I won't work for the Special Ops."

    "Of course, I'm just giving you the identity. If it wasn't because you only kill the people who should be killed and also that you've never killed our fellow countrymen, I would already have you captured long ago." Chen Wei Guo while giving him a benefit was also threatening him vaguely.

    "Okay then, one last question," Zhao Tie Zhu said seriously, "this daughter of Director Li, is she beautiful?"



    Everyone was silent.

    "Ha ha ha," Zhao Tie Zhu laughed. "I'm just joking. When do I start the job?"

    "Wait until the start of the semester in FJ University, then I will arrange an identity for you, so you can enter FJ University as a student," said Chen Wei Guo.

    Zhao Tie Zhu was blanked. He never imagined that what he'd said when trying to fool Chen Ling Shan, would become a reality. He was actually also going to attend the FJ University.

    "Tomorrow, you should pick Director Li's daughter up at the airport when she arrives in FJ city. You have a place where she could stay, right? Just let her stay at your place so you can protect her 24 hours a day." Chen Wei Guo then gave a phone number to Zhao Tie Zhu and said, "This is Director Li's daughter's phone number. Contact her when you're at the airport."

    Why is there no photograph of her?" asked Zhao Tie Zhu.

    "State secrets." Chen Wei Guo answered, "For her own safety, she can't have a photograph outside."

    After talking about other miscellaneous things, Ray drove Zhao Tie Zhu back to the villa.

    Chen Wei Guo lay on the chair, slightly squinting his eyes, and after a while, he said, "Old Lin, what do you think of this person?"

    That hunched person only said one word, "Profound."

  • This novel is awesome xD I root for it!
  • Chapter 13 (A Fierce Fight)

    "Oh? How profound?" asked Chen Wei Guo curiously.

    The hunched old man whispered, "His Qi energy doesn't leak out, and he could conceal his internal strength. His whole body is well trained and has already reached the pinnacle."

    Seeing his own guard giving Zhao Tie Zhu such a high assessment, Chen Wei Guo smiled, "I only heard that according to Ray he’s really awesome. And, I've also heard the name of Phantom. However, I never thought that he would be so powerful. Well, do you want to test him?"

    "Indeed, a little." The old man's face neither showed happiness nor sadness; there was no trace of any expressions.

    "Then," Chen Wei Guo said, "why don't you give this Zhao Tie Zhu a visit tonight? Consider it a test for Director Li's daughter sake."

    "Yes." The old man turned and left the room. It seemed as if he was just strolling casually toward the hall, but before anyone realized, he had already vanished into the darkness. It was as if he was never there to begin with.

    "Brother Tie Zhu, I need to go back and spend some more time with my grandpa tonight. Tomorrow, we'll go out and have some fun," said Ray, seeing Zhao Tie Zhu to the villa's entrance.

    "Okay, will do. Well, you should go back now." Zhao Tie Zhu waved his hand and walked into the villa.

    "Ah, Zi Yi, don't keep blocking my way."

    "I'm not. Yan Ni, don't just randomly fire the missiles."

    As he walked in, Zhao Tie Zhu saw Cao Zi Yi and Su Yan Ni playing on the computer. They both had brought their laptops to the living room. Placing the computer on her lap, Su Yan Ni wore a close-fitting lace nightgown, revealing the perfect curve shape of her breast. Cao Zi Yi was lying on her stomach on the sofa, with her laptop in front of her. She lifted both of her legs, swaying them back and forth in the air. He didn't expect Cao Zi Yi to have such a cute side. Her breasts weren’t as big as Su Yan Ni’s, but because of the way she lay, more than half of their milky whiteness bulged out.

    Zhao Tie Zhu felt his life was really too beautiful...

    He sat beside Su Yan Ni and asked, "What are you gals playing?"

    "Just see for yourself," said Su Yan Ni. “It’s Kart Rider. Ah, Zi Yi, you crashed into me again."

    "Ha ha, how old are you guys?” said Zhao Tie Zhu. “Still play this game? Zi Yi, why do you also follow her madness?"

    "I'm a painter, so I need to regularly looking for different source material. Don't you think the landscape scenery has a lot of colorful details? That's why I'm playing it." Cao Zi Yi didn’t even lift up her head as she spoke. When she didn't hear any response from Zhao Tie Zhu, she looked up and saw him staring at her in a daze. Looking downward, she noticed her how much of her chest was exposed. Her face blushed, and she quickly got up in a sitting position. It was rare, but Zhao Tie Zhu's face also flushed red immediately. He lost his mind for just a moment, but then hurriedly said, "I didn't see it. I didn't see anything." If only he hadn't said those words. But, now, Cao Zi Yi blushed even more.

    Seeing Cao Zi Yi became ashamed and bury her head between her knees, Zhao Tie Zhu got up and said, "Well, you girls play, I'm going upstairs." Then he walked into his room, keeping his eyes fixed straight ahead.

    "I'm so useless." He secretly cursed himself. All this years, having wandered through so many flower fields, he didn't expect that he would have blushed. But... Cao Zi Yi's face suddenly appeared in his mind. He sighed, "Ah, she's so much like Si Ru." (TL Note: In Chinese, women are often referred as flowers. So saying he wandered through many flower fields is basically saying that he had many experiences with women.)

    As his imagination ran wild, suddenly, a Qi aura locked onto his body. Zhao Tie Zhu's expression changed. This Qi was so thick he felt as if he was enveloped by mud, with no gap at all.

    "Interesting." The corner of his mouth twitched, and he looked fiercely toward the window.

    Outside, a hunched old man was standing on top of the villa's fence. He just looked silently at Zhao Tie Zhu. Zhao Tie Zhu stepped to the balcony. Looking at the old man, he said, "Elder, it’s quite late, shouldn't you be asleep? You know, it’s really not good to be a peeping tom.”

    The old man suddenly grinned, "Throughout my forty years of wandering, I’ve seldom met a worthy opponent. Meeting you, kid, my hands are itching for a match. I really hope you can help me out.”

    "I wouldn't dare disobey," said Zhao Tie Zhu. And, with a kick, he flew out several meters. The old man's eyes sparkled as he said, "This place is too small for us to unleash our full power. Follow me, kid." After saying that, he leaped toward the West Lake.

    Zhao Tie Zhu jumped quickly to follow. With every leap, they covered the distance of a dozen meters. Furthermore, the old man's speed wasn't slow. The one followed the other; it didn't take long before they arrived at a secluded open area next to the West Lake.

    At this moment, the old man's hunched figure had been completely straightened, exuding a strong Qi power. There was no wind, but his gray gown somehow fluttered as if there was. Suddenly, it began to swell up.

    Zhao Tie Zhu was not as lackadaisical as he once had been. He wasn’t sure how long it had been since he faced an opponent as formidable as this. He stretched out his front leg, his toes angling toward the ground. “Please, I’d love some pointers,” he said. His body flashed forward, and in the blink of an eye was in front of the old man. The old man’s arms formed a circle as he defended himself. Just as Zhao Tie Zhu’s fist was about to strike him, he blocked with one arm. The other arm swept around as flexibly as if it had no bones in it, striking directly toward Zhao Tie Zhu’s face. Zhao Tie Zhu dodged to the side, evading the attack, then pushed out, shoving the old man’s hand aside. He followed up with a roundhouse kick. At the same time, the old man kicked out toward Zhao Tie Zhu. The kick attacks let out banging sounds as they shot through the air. BAM! A massive sound exploded out as their legs collided. Beneath them, the ground couldn’t withstand the pressure; it sank down, and cracks spread out across its surface.

    Keeping his feet stable on the ground, Zhao Tie Zhu crouched down and kicked in a leg-sweeping attack, which the old man avoided by retreated a small step back. As he dodged the attack, the old man shaped his hand into a claw that shot toward Zhao Tie Zhu. In the blink of an eye, the two of them had exchanged dozens of blows.

    Bang. Zhao Tie Zhu’s hand seemed to have slammed into the man’s ribs, moving with such speed that it left behind an afterimage. The old man flew back a few meters. When the old man stopped moving, it became clear that he hadn’t been hit after all; he had actually used one hand to protect his ribs.

    Zhao Tie Zhu wasn't someone with the 'Respect the Old and Cherish the Young' philosophy. At the same time as the old man was thrown flying, he moved to close in. Just as the old man was about to land, Zhao Tie Zhu elbowed him. Another boom rang out. Raising both of his hands, the old man received the elbow hit. "What a powerful force," he thought secretly. With both hands holding Zhao Tie Zhu's elbow, the old man leaned to the side and swept his foot in a circular motion. He redirected Zhao Tie Zhu's elbow's force and then twisted his waist. Suddenly, a great force emerged from his hands. Bang! The old man threw Zhao Tie Zhu flying backward several meters.

    "Tai Chi!" Zhao Tie Zhu exclaimed in surprise. It seemed that the old man had trained to the pinnacle of Tai Chi. The ability to instantly disperse force and leverage energy by "borrowing power to strike" wasn't something that an average person could do. The old man’s feet flashed and, in an instant, he was in front of Zhao Tie Zhu. He unleashed another kick which landed on Zhao Tie Zhu's abdomen. Zhao Tie Zhu let out a groan as his body was flying through the air. In another blink of an eye, the old man had somehow already appeared midair, clenching both of his hands into fists, bang! The fists slammed onto Zhao Tie Zhu's shoulders. Zhao Tie Zhu smashed into the ground like an artillery shell.

    As light as a feather, the old man landed back on the ground. Looking at the hole in the ground created by Zhao Tie Zhu, the old man softly said, "In five years, you can be one of the top-five dragons."

    "I really need five years?" Zhao Tie Zhu's silhouette suddenly appeared behind the old man already, giving the old man quite the surprise. He had no time to react; Zhao Tie Zhu's fist slammed into the old man's face. This time, the hit was the real deal. The old man was sent flying several meters, slamming into a big tree, causing the tree leaves to fall on the ground.

    “Cough, cough, cough." The old man stood up slowly, coughing a few times. "Really a young hero,” he said. “In the future, the world belongs to you." He turned around slowly, and his body was hunched again instantly. "Make a good use of your power, young man. Among the heroes in China, your talent can be considered one of the most outstanding." Then, the old man's figure slowly disappeared in the darkness.

    "Cough." Seeing the old man disappear, Zhao Tie Zhu also started coughing. This old man was really powerful. He secretly said, "It's been a long time since I've come across such a strong opponent. Given the show I just put on, Chen Wei Guo shouldn't be worried about me anymore.”

    In the military compound.

    "How was he?" asked Chen Wei Guo when he saw the old man came back.

    "About the same as I was thirty years ago, assuming he exerted all his strength just now," said the old man, muttering to himself.

    "He was really as strong as you were 30 years ago?" Chen Wei Guo was surprised. He knew very well the strength of the old man thirty years ago. With his martial ability, he belonged to the top-three Chinese Dragons!

    “Times have changed,” said the old man. “In those days I counted as one of the top three dragons, but, if it were now, I might only reach the top seven. Zhao Tie Zhu's strength might put him in the top-five dragons. After all, the top four all have supernatural powers."

    "Top five dragons? Tsk tsk, too bad he isn't someone we can acquire." Chen Wei Guo picked up his pen and wrote down three characters on a golden yellow piece of paper: Zhao Tie Zhu. Then, he handed the paper to the old man and said, "After a few days, bring this to the Special Ops division."


  • Chapter 14 (Li Ling Er Arrives)

    Zhao Tie Zhu walked back slowly to the outer wall of the villa. Stomping one foot, he jumped up, and just like that, had jumped over the wall, which was two or three meters high. With another leap, he was already across the pool. When he leaped again, he reached the second floor.

    At the moment, Su Yan Ni and Cao Zi Yi were still playing computer games downstairs. Standing on the balcony, Zhao Tie Zhu gazed off into the distance, lost in his thought. If the personal guard of the Commander was already that awesome, then in all China, how many experts were there with supernatural or hidden talent? Furthermore, the dragon rank that the old man mentioned before, he had heard of it. But, he never expected that with his power, he would only rank as the fifth position in the dragon rank. That meant there were four more people who the old man considered better than him! Zhao Tie Zhu was secretly surprised, but, wasn't worried at all. He hadn’t even used his invisibility skill in the match just now, and furthermore, his power gradually grew every day. Since the day he was struck by the lightning until now, who knew how much his strength has growth? And not only that, along with the strength growth, came greater speed and explosive power. It could be likened to using one power to solve ten matters. In a few more years, his strength would nearly double. At that time, who would be able to match him? If he punched his fist, no matter what dragon rank or tiger rank, they would all be sent flying to the clouds. Zhao Tie Zhu gave an unconcerned shrug and turned around to walk back into his room.

    At that moment, his eyes were suddenly attracted by an object on the clothes hanger at the edge of the balcony. It turned out that Su Yan Ni had somehow hung a thong there to dry, as well as a black laced bra. Just like that, they fluttered back and forth, blown by the wind. So provocative...

    He let out a smile. So, this little girl hadn't given up on seducing him? When did he ever act like a pervert to cause her to become so obsessed? Zhao Tie Zhu helplessly walked back into his room.

    At this time, Su Yan Ni, who was in the living room, glanced upstairs out of the corner of her eye. Although Zhao Tie Zhu had stood up for her this afternoon, as a police officer, she couldn't allow her personal feelings to interfere with her duty. Having seen him come back this evening together with someone who looked troublesome, she didn't give up her resolve. Thus, she had hung her underwear up on the balcony. If he were to do something, then she would easily capture this underwear thief. However, in her heart, there was a burst of conflict and contradiction. She didn't know exactly why she felt like that.

    The night passed silently. Su Yan Ni woke up early and saw her underwear still fluttering there on the balcony. She couldn't help but sigh in relief. Perhaps, that guy really wasn't the underwear thief.

    "You know, Yan Ni, don’t you think it’s indecent to hang those things out just like that?" Zhao Tie Zhu laughed. Somehow, he was already on the balcony, pointing at the underwear.

    "Mind your own business. Humph, pervert." Su Yan Ni hurriedly went to the balcony and put the underwear away.

    Zhao Tie Zhu looked at the time on his phone. It was already nine o'clock. Director Li's daughter's plane arrived at ten. It was about time to leave.

    After saying goodbye to Cao Zi Yi, he went out and took a cab to the airport.

    FJ airport was built a decade ago. As the largest airport in the entire province, there were countless of flights coming and going daily.

    Zhao Tie Zhu stared at the electronic display board on the wall. In a moment, the plane carrying Director Li's daughter would land. When he heard the broadcast informing of the arrival, he quietly waited at the exit.

    Guessing that it should be about time, Zhao Tie Zhu dialed a number.

    "Hello, who's this?" The voice on the phone turned out to be somewhat child-like.

    Zhao Tie Zhu hesitated a moment and looked at the number; it should be the correct number. He said, "I'm Zhao Tie Zhu. Are you Director Li's daughter?"

    "Yes. Are you here to pick me up? I'll be at the exit soon. By the way, my name is Li Ling Er. Where are you?"

    "I'm at the exit. When you see the most handsome guy, that would be me." Zhao Tie Zhu laughed.

    "The most handsome one? How come I don't see any, there's only a bunch of uncles."

    Zhao Tie Zhu watched the crowd coming out at the exit. Suddenly, he saw a girl wearing a blue dress holding a cell phone and looking around.

    "Are you the one wearing the blue dress?" Zhao Tie Zhu asked.

    "Yes, where are you?"

    "Here~!" Zhao Tie Zhu cried out facing Li Ling Er, raising his hand.

    When she saw him waving his hand, she said on the phone, "Are you the one waving his hand and looks like an idiot?"

    Snap, Zhao Thie Zhu turned off the phone.

    Seeing Zhao Tie Zhu turn off his phone, Li Ling Er didn't get angry. Taking a few steps, she had already arrived in front of him. He studied this girl for a while, who by the age of twenty years of age could already become a researcher. What he saw was a girl with a doll-like face, and a pair of large crystal eyes that revealed her innocence. Her skin looked fragile and had a milky-white color. She had a bell-shaped hairstyle and her blue dress was embroidered with Winnie the Pooh. A cartoon style backpack hung at her back. Although she looked like a Lolita, her chest was plump, not inferior to Su Yan Ni's. Furthermore, it was also firm and perky; it looked as if there were two balls wrapped inside the blue dress. Such a baby-faced girl with a big breast. She was much more attractive than his teacher, Mrs. Cang.

    "Are you the one who will protect me?" asked Li Ling Er innocently, like a small child.

    "Yes, my name is Zhao Tie Zhu." Zhao Tie Zhu took the luggage that Li Ling Er was pulling, then he said, "Let's go home."

    "Brother Tie Zhu, where are we staying?" asked Li Ling Er.

    "At my house."

    "Oh no, how can a man and a woman stay together in the same place? Brother Tie Zhu, could it be that you have some ill intention? Maybe something like harassing me in the middle of the night?"

    ".... There are also another two people living there."

    "Oh no, the three of you would harass me all together then?"

    ".... The other two people are women."

    "Oh no, Brother Tie Zhu, you're so awesome. Threesome!"

    "......" Zhao Tie Zhu decided not to speak. He had no idea what the girl was thinking. How could such a pure guy like him have a threesome? That wouldn't give him any sense of accomplishment. It should be with three or four women at once. Hey, thinking of the person in front of him, together with the other two women, tsk tsk. If he could do it with these three women, he wouldn't have any regrets in his life.

    "Oh no, brother Tie Zhu. Your smile is so perverted."

    “What are you talking about?” Zhao Tie Zhu yelled, his face reddening. “Come on, let's go. Don't talk nonsense."

    Taking a taxi, they got back to the villa. Su Yan Ni had already left for work, and Cao Zi Yi was out painting. Zhao Tie Zhu said to Li Ling Er, "For now, you should stay here. Just say you're an ordinary tenant. This is for your own safety, okay?" She nodded. Carrying the luggage on his shoulder, Zhao Tie Zhu went to the second floor and said, "Come with me into the room."

    "Oh no, brother Tie Zhu. I just arrived and you already ask me to go into the room. You're not attempting to do something, are you?"

    Did the brains of geniuses work differently than normal people? Zhao Tie Zhu was getting frustrated, "Come, I'll take you to the room you're going to stay in."

    "Okay." Li Ling Er laughed, following him upstairs.

    He had decided to give her the room across from his own. That way, if something happened, he could get there right away. After putting her luggage down, he asked her, "When are you going to register at FJ University?"

    "Soon. I need to register within three days. Brother Tie Zhu, are you going to study together with me?"

    "Yes. At that time, we'll go together," replied Zhao Tie Zhu.

    "Brother Tie Zhu, I want to take a shower first. Where's the bathroom?" asked Li Ling Er.

    "Over there," he said, pointing to the bathroom, "Go take a shower. I'm going downstairs to cook something. What do you want to eat?"

    "I want fried eggs. Brother Tie Zhu, let me tell you a joke. A man went to a lingerie shop to buy some underwear for his girlfriend, but he didn't know his girlfriend's size. So, the sales attendant asked him if her’s was big as an apple. Smaller, he said. As big as an orange, then? Smaller. As big as an egg? Yes, yes, as flat as a fried egg. Ha ha ha ha ha, this joke is killing me."

    The corner of his mouth twitched. Without saying anything, he went downstairs.

    Seeing Zhao Tie Zhu ignoring her, she didn't become angry. She took some clothes from her luggage and went to take a shower.

    "Brother Tie Zhu."

    "What's the matter?"

    "I forgot my towel. Can you please get it for me? It's in my luggage."


  • Chapter 15 (Is It The Underwear Thief?)

    "Get it yourself. There's no one upstairs," shouted Zhao Tie Zhu. He found this girl to be a bit nuts, so he decided it would be better if he didn't mess with her. Instead, he simply ignored her. Although her baby face and big breasts were quite tempting, she had a weird disposition. So creepy.

    "Brother Tie Zhu, please hurry. I'm already naked, it would be embarrassing." Li Ling Er pleaded, "Please..." Her voice was so soft; it made him feel limp to the bone.

    "This...." There was a battle of Heaven and Earth inside him. "No way, I'm the great Phantom, why should I be afraid of a little girl? Since she asked me to get it, then I'll just get it!" He was determined, a firm look filling his eyes as if he was going to do something to save all humanity.

    He took a deep breath and hurriedly ran to the second floor. When he walked into Li Ling Er's room, he saw the suitcase and went to open it.

    It was his first time to do something like this. It was a girl's suitcase, what kind of things could be stored inside? Zhao Tie Zhu couldn't help but feel a surge of blood bursting through his veins; a burst of turbid air spewed from his nose.

    The first object that caught his sight was...... a cute little pink panty. Right in the middle was with a picture of a small rabbit eating a carrot. Tsk Tsk, looking at the carrot, his perverted mind had pictured something somewhat dirty.

    "Don't look at it! I shouldn't look at it," he said to himself. As a decent person, how could he look at this kind of thing? He was only looking for a towel.

    Tearing his gaze away, he saw another pink lingerie...

    This little girl, why does she only wear pink stuff? "Acting cute like that. Ah, it really fits my taste. Ha ha..." He secretly said to himself, putting the underwear aside. "Huh? Why can't I find any towel?" Zhao Tie Zhu wondered, flipping through the contents of the suitcase.


    Suddenly, a screaming sound filled the air.

    "Zhao Tie Zhu, you really are the underwear thief!!!"

    Zhao Tie Zhu abruptly turned around and found that Su Yan Ni had somehow snuck up behind him.

    Then he looked back at his hand, which was holding the pink lingerie. He felt a bitter sensation in his throat. This... Even ‘jumping into the Yellow River to cleanse one's sins' wouldn't clear up this matter. (TL Note: To jump into the Yellow River to cleanse one's sins is a phrase that means to clear up a matter.)

    "I didn't expect you would really be a wolf in a sheep's clothing!!! I was wrong about you!!! Surrender yourself." Su Yan Ni took out a pair of handcuffs from her waist and pounced toward Zhao Tie Zhu.

    Watching the fast moving Su Yan Ni, he felt tangled. He couldn't hit her since she was a woman and also his own tenant. But, if he just gave up, then he would look even more guilty. What to do?

    However, there was no time to think about it. Su Yan Ni was getting closer, so he put the pink lingerie back into the trunk and dodged backward.

    It wasn't clear whether she was excited about catching Zhao Tie Zhu red-handed, or because she was angry. In any case, she made her pounce without thinking about her own safety and was rather too obvious in her movements. She didn't expect him to dodge that fast, and she just pounced into empty air, and then she fell to the ground.

    Ignoring the pain from bumping her chest, she stretched forward to seize Zhao Tie Zhu's feet.

    At this time, he had countless ways to get rid of her in an instant, but he couldn't do that. He watched wistfully at his feet being caught by Su Yan Ni. She exerted some strength. And being pulled off guard, he fell flat on his back.

    She used the momentum to pull herself forward, half of her body pressed down onto Zhao Tie Zhu. Pushing up with her hands, she moved to sit on his stomach.

    "Let's see you escape now."

    "You know, Ms. Su, this is very unsightly." He simply rested his hands beneath his head, watching her.

    Su Yan Ni's quick reaction left her positioned in an ambiguous position. Her hips looked almost as if she was riding on top of Zhao Tie Zhu. Even more embarrassing was that she was currently still in her police uniform, with a short skirt and black silk stockings covering her legs. Since today was quite warm, she didn't wear any pantyhose in the traditional sense, just black silk net stockings. Right now, her legs were in an opening position since she pressed him down the waist. All of a sudden, the scenery inside her skirt was unfolded without reservation in front of Zhao Tie Zhu.

    "You!! Don't look! Turn your head away." Su Yan Ni shouted.

    "Hmmm, the red ones, huh? You act like I'm the one who wanted to see, but you're the one who forced me to look?" He said in a low voice and turned his head away to the side.

    "What did you say?" Su Yan Ni's face was somehow both pale white and bright red at the same time. Her hands were faintly trembling as she held the handcuffs.

    "Ah, brother Tie Zhu," Li Ling Er shouted when she saw Zhao Tie Zhu. "What are you two doing!?" She suddenly appeared in the front of the room, drying her hair with a towel.

    "Hey, Ling Er, you have really put me in a bad situation." Zhao Tie Zhu gave a miserable smile, "You're holding your towel, why did you ask me to get it?"

    "Oh, after considering it, I realized it's a gender sensitive matter. So, I got it myself already. What's the matter, brother Tie Zhu? I wasn't disturbing you with this sister, was I?" said Li Ling Er.

    "There's nothing to disturb. But, why didn't you say it earlier? Now, somebody thinks that I'm an underwear thief." He looked at Su Yan Ni helplessly.

    Li Ling Er covered her small mouth and exclaimed in a surprised voice, "Sister, how can brother Tie Zhu be an underwear thief? Just now, I asked him to help me find something."

    Su Yan Ni realizing that this was a misunderstanding; her face was as red as a monkey's butt, and she hurriedly got up. Zhao Tie Zhu calmly looked at her and said, "Do I look like a sex maniac? Did you move in here because you suspected me of being a pervert and wanted to arrest me?"

    "No way! Just now, I saw you snooping in someone else's suitcase, plus you were holding someone's underwear while smiling pervertedly. Who wouldn't think you were an underwear thief?" Su Yan Ni adjusted her clothes and turned to Li Ling Er, "Hello, I'm Su Yan Ni, a tenant here. What's your name, little sister?"

    "I'm Li Ling Er, I just moved in today. I'm a freshman at the FJ University," said Li Ling Er.

    Exchanging pleasantries, the two women went downstairs holding hands to chat, as if they were good friends. Zhao Tie Zhu was left alone in the room.

    He lay on the ground, recalling the pleasant scene from earlier. Tsk Tsk, this life was really pleasant. Ha ha.

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    Chapter 16 (Disturbance In KTV - Part 1)

    It was the evening, and Cao Zi Yi still hadn’t returned to the villa. At the moment, Li Ling Er and Su Yan Ni seemed to be getting along very well. Not long after they all finished dinner, Li Ling Er proposed that they go to KTV to sing, which Su Yan Ni agreed to. Zhao Tie Zhu had originally planned to go out with Ray for a drink. But seeing two out of three people had already agreed, he figured that as the landlord, he should participate in the social activities as well. This would be a good opportunity to ease the embarrassment from that afternoon, to get to know each other better, and to contribute to the social harmony.

    Zhao Tie Zhu gave Ray a quick call. Since he was free, they agreed to meet at the entrance of "Golden World.”

    Golden World was the largest entertainment place in FJ city. It had a KTV, bar, fitness center, and according to the rumors, it even had an Underground Boxing ring. But that was just rumor. Whether it was true or not, the common people wouldn't know about it.

    Zhao Tie Zhu together with the two women took a cab and had arrived early at the entrance of Golden World. The two women could be classified as the best among the beauties; a Lolita with big breasts, and the even more enchanting big sister with the same big breasts. Su Yan Ni had changed out of police uniform into a denim miniskirt. With her perfectly rounded white thighs, she attracted countless stares from the guys. It was really two beautiful pieces of scenery.

    Su Yan Ni said to Zhao Tie Zhu, "I didn't see that Li Zi Qi guy the whole day. Tell me, how did you get out of that situation the other day?"

    "How else did I get out? Once I released my powerful and royal aura, Li Zi Qi and his underlings all became obedient and bowed down to me. So, naturally they sent me out nice and quietly."

    "Go to hell." Su Yan Ni squinted at him with her beautiful eyes. Seeing that he didn't want to explain, she didn't pursue the matter further. It was just that today, several colleagues had given her strange looks, different from the usual. And when she asked them, they just shook their heads and didn't say anything. It just made her heart itch.

    At that moment, several sport cars approached from the distance and stopped at the entrance of Golden World. Several youngsters with fancy clothes and their hair dyed in varieties of colors stepped down from the cars. Zhao Tie Zhu looked at them with a squint. Tsk Tsk, so awesome. These cars were virtually all the types of cars that he knew, Maserati, Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini. They were really attention-grabbing.

    The group included both young men and women. They laughed as they entered Golden World, making the people on the sidewalk to all glance at them.

    Just now, one of the young men, who had dyed yellow hair, saw Zhao Tie Zhu's group, especially Li Ling Er and Su Yan Ni. His eyes suddenly flashed. He quickly grabbed at several of his companions and pointed toward Zhao Tie Zhu's group.

    Those several people also glanced over, and a few of them even gave out surprised cries. They turned and walked toward Zhao Tie Zhu.

    "Brother Tie Zhu, you have to protect us, okay?" said Li Ling Er, squinting at Zhao Tie Zhu.

    "Well." Zhao Tie Zhu sighed helplessly. Beauty really had an incredible destructive power. If he went out again with the girls in the future, who knew how many dramas like this they would encounter?

    "Hey, beautiful, are you waiting for someone?" said the yellow-haired youngster, opening the conversation. After all, Su Yan Ni looked older than them. Or, were they trying for the younger one first?

    “Yeah we are, what’s it to you?" asked Li Ling Er, tilting her head. Her naive and innocence appearance would make countless queer uncles bewildered. (TL Note: Queer uncle refers to a young to middle-aged pedophile.)

    “Oh, nothing. Why are you waiting outside? Why not wait inside with us? What does your friend look like? I'll ask someone to wait for him. When he arrives, we'll bring him in." Yellow hair felt his blood rushing; this chick in front of him was a rare masterpiece.

    "No need, I'll just wait with brother Tie Zhu," Li Ling Er said, hanging on Zhao Tie Zhu's arm.

    Feeling the soft touch at his arm, Zhao Tie Zhu felt a burst of ripples in his heart, but he dared not to express anything on his face. Instead, he coldly said to the Yellow Hair, "We're waiting for someone, leave us alone."

    Yellow Hair flashed a coldness in his eyes and said, "Where are you from, my friend?”

    "Who's your friend, you poser? You don't deserve to be my friend," said Zhao Tie Zhu, feeling contempt. He smirked inside. This was really such a perfect opportunity to play an act. Perhaps, Li Ling Er would fall for him after seeing him in such godly brave manner. When that time came, in a romantic situation with no one around...... Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

    "Well, in FJ City, you're the first person to ever dare to talk to me this way. Great!” The coldness in Yellow Hair's eyes grew even more intense. Seeing that many people were looking at their direction, Yellow Hair whispered, "Just wait a while, and big brother will give you a good time." Then, he led his companions into Golden World. The waiter at the door hurriedly came forward to greet him and smilingly said, "Young master Huang, you’ve arrived. We have prepared the best private room for you. Please follow me." Yellow Hair pointed toward Zhao Tie Zhu and said, "Watch them carefully."

    "Yes." The waiter smiled and led Yellow Hair and his companions into Golden World.

    Seeing them leave, Li Ling Er released Zhao Tie Zhu's hand. He then said with a smile, "Hey, you never know when they’ll come out again. You should hold my arm a little longer."

    "Pervert," said Su Yan Ni despised.

    "Oh, brother Tie Zhu, you're so naughty.” Li Ling Er stood on her toes and gently blew into his ear and said, "Brother Tie Zhu, were you not hard just now?" Zhao Tie Zhu merely felt his sexual Qi upwelling, and suddenly his little Tie Zhu became alive.

    "This minx." He felt somewhat helpless. This Li Ling Er looked like a Lolita, but, sometimes, she was just the same as a **. Really... a feeling beyond describe. Ha Ha.

    It was at this time that Ray drove up to Golden World in his jeep. After parking, he approached Zhao Tie Zhu and said, "Sorry, I'm late. There was traffic on the way."

    "It's okay, we just arrived as well," said Zhao Tie Zhu, laughing.

    It was then that Ray saw Li Ling Er. Assuming this to be Director Li's daughter, he adjusted his smile and said, "Brother Tie Zhu, you switched girls so quickly."

    "Don't talk nonsense. Ling Er, this is Ray, my bro."

    "Hello, Ray." This time, Li Ling Er greeted Ray in a way a good girl should.

    "Let's go," said Zhao Tie Zhu, and the four of them walked into the Golden World.

    A hostess approached to welcome them. Zhao Tie Zhu said, "Give us a private room."

    "Okay." The hostess picked up the radio to contact the front desk for a while and then said, "505. Please follow me."

    Zhao Tie Zhu and the others followed the hostess upstairs.

    When they arrived at the room, Zhao Tie Zhu ordered two cases of beer and some small dishes and then asked the hostess to leave.

    After she left the, she picked up the radio and said, "Tell Master Huang, those people are in room 505."

    “Understood," replied the person on the other side of the radio.

    "Come on, I'll be the first to sing a song," said Li Ling Er, taking the mic. Unexpectedly, she picked the Doraemon theme song and stood up to sing. As she was singing and dancing, her plump chest seemed as if it would break through the layers of clothing at any time. It shook Zhao Tie Zhu to the limit, sending his animal blood boiling.

    "Ray, come on, let's drink." Zhao Tie Zhu single handedly popped open a bottle of beer and passed it to Ray. He opened another bottle and gave it to Su Yan Ni. She hesitated for a while before accepting it. After he opened one for himself, he clinked bottles with Ray and said, “It’s been too long since we drank together. Bottoms up." The two of them raised their bottles, and soon the beer was already finished.

    “Right, you remember that time? It was so hard to get a drink. And, every time we drank, we wondered if that would be the last time. I can't believe we finally made it back safely." It seemed as if Ray still wanted to say something when Zhao Tie Zhu gave him an eye signal and then glanced toward Su Yan Ni. Ray understood and didn't continue.

    But Su Yan Ni had caught Ray's words and asked, "What did you two do in the past?"

    Zhao Tie Zhu answered, “We broke into houses. You know, robbed, burned, killed and plundered. All kinds of unimaginable crimes."

    "Humph. If you don’t want to talk about it just say so. Forget it. Come on, let me get you a drink.” Su Yan Ni raised a bottle and then drained it.

    Zhao Tie Zhu smiled helplessly. She didn't even believe the truth. He picked up a bottle of beer and drank it up as well. Unfortunately, this beer was somewhat bitter.

  • Chapter 17 (Disturbance In KTV - Part 2)

    By the time Li Ling Er finished the song, Zhao Tie Zhu and Ray had each drained three bottles of beer. Su Yan Ni had also finished a bottle. Her little face was bright red, making her look charming in a way.

    Li Ling Er put down the microphone and picked up a bottle of beer as well. Zhao Tie Zhu shouted, "Little kids are not allowed to drink." Li Ling Er stuck out her chest and said, "Which part of me is small?" Zhao Tie Zhu looked at her helplessly. She opened the bottle and drank a mouthful. Because she drank too fast, she choked and couldn't stop coughing. Zhao Tie Zhu patted her back and said, "You didn't want to admit that you're still small. Is this your first time drinking beer?"

    "No, who said this is my first time drinking beer?" She slapped off his hand and drank another gulp.

    He ignored her and just kept drinking. "Drink slowly,” advised Su Yan Ni. “No one is going to snatch your drink." At the moment, Ray had already picked up the microphone. He selected the song "Gentleman's Love", stood up and belted out the song. With a two-meter-high body, he unexpectedly sang the song awesomely well.

    After Ray was done, Su Yan Ni also selected a song to sing; her singing was just ordinary. Then she gave the microphone to Zhao Tie Zhu, "Come, you should sing as well." He hurriedly shook his head and said, "I can't sing. Why don't you all sing? I'll just drink some beer." Refusing to comply with him no matter what, Su Yan Ni insisted he sing. Unable to refuse, he picked up the mic and selected an English song, "Hero."

    A melodious singing voice filled the room as Zhao Tie Zhu softly let out a humming sound. With the touching melody, plus his attractive voice, Su Yan Ni and Li Ling Er quietly sat down and listened to his singing. It was as if Zhao Tie Zhu poured all his feelings into this song, giving this ordinary music a breath of life; the bouncing notes seems to tell stories from his past. Su Yan Ni's eyes grew brighter and brighter. What kind of past did he have to let him have such feelings? She suddenly felt curious about Zhao Tie Zhu. Li Ling Er was too influenced by the sadness of the song; her eyes reddened for a moment. On the other hand, Ray didn't seem to think it was unusual at all. He just glanced at the two girls and thought, "Humph, my bro's capability isn't something you two little girls could comprehend or experience."

    It was then when a waiter ruined the moment by opening the door and walking in the room. She said to Su Yan Ni and Li Ling Er, "Miss, young master Huang invited the two of you to join him in his private room for a drink."

    Being suddenly disturbed, Li Ling Er's face was full of anger. She yelled, "Get out of here! What kind of service quality is this? Can’t you see that we're singing? Is this the kind of service you provide in Golden World?"

    The waiter’s face expression changed, "It's the young master Huang who invited you over..."

    "Slap." Ray suddenly already appeared in front of the waiter and slapped him in the face, "I don't give a damn about any young master Huang or young master Bai. Get lost right now, or I might just loosen some of your bones." (TL Note: In Chinese, Huang means Yellow, Bai means White.)

    Looking at Ray's huge posture, the waiter’s knees got soft, and without saying a word, he ran out of the room.

    "Who is this young master Huang?" Ray turned around and asked.

    "Just a bully. No need to worry about him. Come on, let's drink. Yan Ni, sing another song for us." Zhao Tie Zhu called out.

    This time, Su Yan Ni didn't argue with him. She just quietly picked up the mic and chose an English song as well. As if still immersed in Zhao Tie Zhu's mood, she performed the song, which clearly was a happy song, in a tragic way.

    Another bottle of beer vanished into his stomach. This kind of beer was nothing to him. When he, Ray, and Angel were drinking together, they would drink bottles of Baijiu. Only after drinking four or five bottles each would they collapse. Thinking about those times, Zhao Tie Zhu laughed. It was all in the past already, his current life now was also great. (TL Note: baijiu is a white spirit drink, similar to Sake in Japan)

    Ten minutes later, the door of their private room was pushed open again. Zhao Tie Zhu looked up to see; it was that Yellow Hair. He walked in with seven or eight big fellows.

    When Yellow Hair saw Ray's thickly built frame, he was slightly surprised. His glance lingered on Ray for a while. However, Ray just ignored him, so he couldn't help but feel anger in his heart. But since he still had something to accomplish, he suppressed his rage and smiled at Li Ling Er and Su Yan Ni. "Ladies, let me introduce myself. I'm Huang Ning, my father is the Vice-Mayor of FJ City, Huang Qi Fan. Let's go to have a drink together." After saying this, he continued to smile toward the two girls. From his experience, once hearing that his father was the Mayor, many women would go for him. He was sure the two girls in front of him would be no exception and waited to see the worshipping eyes of the two beauties. Nevertheless, after a long moment, the only thing he saw was Li Ling Er beginning to sing again, while Su Yan Ni continued to play dice with Zhao Tie Zhu. Not a single person actually paid him any attention, which really hurt his pride.

    "Ladies, you're really not giving me any face,” said Huang Ning, his look becoming a little ugly.

    "You're so shameless. Can't you see we are currently having so much fun, but you keep bugging us? Crazy." Li Ling Er cursed directly into the microphone.

    "Stinking bitch! Say it again if you dare!” Huang Ning's face became unbearable to look at.

    "If you want me to say it again, then I'll say it again. Wanna bite me? You're crazy! Can't you see that our boyfriends are here? Darling, this guy yelled at me..." Li Ling Er said to Zhao Tie Zhu in a spoiled tone.

    Zhao Tie Zhu's expression changed, and he looked at her. This time, he had become her “boyfriend." Were it for real and he could do things a boyfriend could do to his girlfriend, then he wouldn't mind it. But, she just used him as a boyfriend to piss that mother-effer off.

    Sure enough, Huang Ning's eyes glared at Zhao Tie Zhu as if he could stare him to death. Ray frowned and stood up. Zhao Tie Zhu, completely ignoring Huang Ning, just calmly drank his beer.

    "What are you looking at? Your daddy?" Ray yelled.

    "Ray, don't say that. I don't have a son like him,” said Zhao Tie Zhu slowly.

    "F*ck, what are you guys standing here for?” roared Yellow Hair angrily. “Can't you see them cursing me? Go beat the crap out them! I'll take responsibility if you kill them. And get those two girls for me. I think they’re drug dealers!”

    Having received their orders, the handful of strong men moved forward. They grabbed some bottles off the floor and swung them toward Zhao Tie Zhu.

    Ray looked at them coldly and moved across to stand in front of Zhao Tie Zhu.

    "Don't kill anybody," whispered Zhao Tie Zhu. Then he glanced at the nervous Su Yan Ni and said, "Come on, let’s keep playing dice."

    Su Yan Ni was about to scold Zhao Tie Zhu for being so calm. Couldn't he see that those people were going to pound his head in? Counting on her own skills, she estimated that she could barely deal with just one person. And now, with this situation... Su Yan Ni took her phone and was about to call the people in her office to come for rescue.

    Zhao Tie Zhu reached out her hands and said, "Don't underestimate Ray."

    Ray took a step forward. Bang! Just stomping on the floor with his one foot had actually caused such a loud bang. Boom! With just a punch, the frontmost person was sent flying. His body, which looked to weigh about 200 pounds, smashed directly against the wall with a loud echoing sound. Crash! A bottle landed on Ray's back. The hint of blood-thirsty smile twisted the corner of his mouth, and with one hand, he grabbed the guy's head who attacked him from behind. With a booming sound, the man crashed onto the floor. He lay there twitching a few times and then no longer moved.

    Ray kicked the third person, sending him flying into the air. The fourth person was knocked to the ground by an elbow; it was hard to say whether or not he was dead.

    All the people brought over by Huang Ning were knocked out in the blink of an eye!!! What an extremely powerful force! Ray stood in front of Huang Ning and looked at him with disdain in his eyes, just like an enormous dragon looking at an insect. As if his body was pressed down by Mount Tai, Huang Ning's feet couldn't help but lose its strength, and he fell sitting on the floor.

    "Just throw him out,” said Zhao Tie Zhu.

    Ray grabbed Huang Ning by the collar with one hand and threw him outside. Huang Ning passed out in midair and smashed against the wall as if he was made of mud. A hint of some yellow liquid flowed out from his trousers.

    After throwing all those people lying on the ground out of the room, he shut the door and returned to Zhao Tie Zhu's side.

    Su Yan Ni's little mouth gasped in disbelief as she stared at Ray. He could only rub his head, feeling embarrassed under her gaze. He foolishly smiled, "Don't look at me like that, it's embarrassing."

    "Wow, you're really a monster!" Su Yan Ni exclaimed aloud.

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    Chapter 18 (Disturbance In KTV - Part 3)

    "What monster..." Ray rubbed his head naively and said, “I'm just stronger, that's all."

    "Just stronger?” Su Yan Ni said, gasping in admiration, “You're a superman! Even the teachers at our police academy aren't as awesome as you." She pinched Ray's arm, which was as big as her legs.

    "Okay, okay, come on, Yan Ni. Ray, let's have another round." Zhao Tie Zhu raised the beer, interrupting Su Yan Ni, easing Ray out of his embarrassment.

    Su Yan Ni picked up a beer, still trembling a bit, she said, "Tie Zhu, we should leave. That guy said he’s the son of Vice Mayor Huang."

    “What's to be afraid of?" Ray drank a mouthful of beer and shouted, "If he still dares to bring more people, then I'll just throw them out one by one."

    As if to respond to Ray's words, just as he finished saying the words, the door was pushed open again for the third time. This time, it was only a middle-aged man with a grim look who walked in the room, followed by a person dressed as a waiter. As he entered the room, he glanced at everyone for a moment. When he saw Ray, he was startled for a moment. After all, a person with a figure like Ray wasn't someone that could be neglected. The middle-aged man gave a meaningful glance, and could see right away that Zhao Tie Zhu was the focal point of this group. He didn't hesitate and sat down in front of Zhao Tie Zhu, "Young fellow, your face is unfamiliar."

    "It's our first time here,” said Zhao Tie Zhu, taking a sip of beer.

    "May I ask your honored name, please?"

    "Zhao Tie Zhu."

    The middle-aged man hailed the waiter and gave him a few commands. The waiter then walked out of the room, and soon came back holding a bottle of red wine and also a couple of glasses. The middle-aged man opened the wine bottle and poured five cups. He picked up a cup and asked the waiter to hand the other cups to Zhao Tie Zhu and the others. Then he said, "I'm Sun Zhi, the general manager of Golden World. I'm fortunate to meet some talented young people like yourselves today. I offer you my respect." Having said that, he drank up his wine.

    Zhao Tie Zhu swirled the red wine in his hand and looked at Sun Zhi, "You're not here to throw us out?"

    "Everyone who comes here is our guest, how could I do anything to harm my business?" replied Sun Zhi with a smile.

    "Okay, we'll give you some face today. Ray, bottoms up." Zhao Tie Zhu drank up the red wine. Then, he said to Sun Zhi, "You're very smart."

    Sun Zhi smiled and said, "I'm just trying to make a living." He was inwardly glad. When he heard that Huang Ning was beaten by someone, he was about to bring more people to help Huang Ning. After all, Huang Ning's father was the Vice-Mayor. Afterward, he heard from a waiter that someone here was driving a military jeep, so he took a few men to check. As a matter of fact, it was fortunate that he took a look. The military jeep's license plate was that of FJ District's Commander. Sun Zhi immediately realized that the people who had beaten Huang Ning and his group would not likely have smaller influence than Huang Ning's. With the toast just now, and also considering that his men had taken Huang Ning to the hospital, he had as done everything possible to avoid grudges from either side. Although the owner of Golden World was also someone with a lot of influence, having a conflict with the Vice-Mayor and the military at the same time would still be troublesome.

    Sun Zhi waited for the others to finish the wine and then said, "Tonight, all your expenses at Golden World will be on me. Everybody, please have fun. Now, I have some other matters to attend to. I’ll take my leave."

    Zhao Tie Zhu just nodded his head without saying anything.

    After leaving the room, Sun Zhi made a phone call to the hospital to check on the injuries of Huang Ning and the other guys. Fortunately, after being examined in the hospital, they just suffered from bone fractures. At the moment, Huang Ning's father, Huang Qi Fan had already arrived at the hospital. Seeing his son had been beaten into a coma, his face became unbearable to look, and he said to his secretary beside him, "Connect me to Golden World's Sun Zhi."

    Just when Sun Zhi hung up the phone, it rang again. He answered the call and a faint voice was heard, "I'm Huang Qi Fan. Tell me about what just happened."

    Sun Zhi explained the situation as it was, and especially emphasized the military jeep with the Commander's license plate.

    When Huang Qi Fan hung up the phone, he couldn't help but frown. Since when did the military have people like this? It seemed that a while ago, old Li's son was also beaten by several military persons. Could it be that there was any connection between these two incidents? Huang Qi Fan instructed his secretary to connect him through Li Gang. It wasn't clear what the two men were talking about on the phone. In the end, Huang Qi Fan said, "Teach them a lesson but do it secretly. You provide the people, and I’ll take care of any fallout." Then he hung up.

    Still holding the phone in his hand, Li Gang's face was gloomy. He picked up a cell phone, which he usually didn't use and make another phone call.

    Two more hours passed; Zhao Tie Zhu and the others had already finished three crates of beer. Li Ling Er had drunk three or four bottles, and Su Yan Ni drank even more. Her face was like a peach blossom. Seeing that Li Ling Er was already a little woozy, Zhao Tie Zhu, who still completely sober, said, "Okay, it's getting late. Let's go home." Su Yan Ni felt as if her feet were floating. She wasn't a good drinker to begin with and felt quite drunk already. Li Ling Er was currently sleeping on the sofa. Zhao Tie Zhu tried to poke her, but instead, she rolled over into his open arms. He helplessly continued to call her, but she wouldn't wake up. Having no other options, he put her on his shoulder, and they walked out the room.

    Outside of Golden World, Ray said, "We'll use my car." Zhao Tie Zhu nodded. Just as he was stepping into the car, at that moment, from all four directions, a group of people suddenly rushed forth. Some were holding an iron rod in their hands, some were holding sabers, and some were even holding wall bricks in their hands. These people looked aggressive as they rushed directly toward Zhao Tie Zhu's group.

    "Ah, how come I keep running into trouble wherever I go?" Zhao Tie Zhu sighed helplessly. He reached out to push Su Yan Ni, "Go hide inside Golden World."

    Su Yan Ni's face had turned pale. There were about a hundred people that were charging toward them, and every one of them looked so scary. She was just a small police officer who had just graduated from the police academy and had never been in such a chaotic fight. Although Ray was very skillful, in the end, they were short in numbers. Even if he was more skillful, wasn't this too impossible. He might be able to resist five punches, but could he then fight back 50 people? Could he fight back 100 people? Even with a higher martial arts skill, he would still have to worry about the knives. Even with a greater martial art skill, they should still try to escape. But right now, under the influence of the alcohol, with her feet already weak, how could she run?

    "Stupid," Zhao Tie Zhu yelled, "what are you still waiting for? Hurry up and hide inside Golden World. Against so many people, I can still look after a person, but not two."

    "I'm not going!" said Su Yan Ni stubbornly. Hearing Zhao Tie Zhu's commanding tone, she became courageous, mostly because of the alcohol.

    "Crazy..." said Zhao Tie Zhu. Then he turned to Ray, "No mercy!"

    "Oh yeah!" Ray's eyes shone with a bloodthirsty aura. He firmly rushed up toward the crowd.

    Carrying Li Ling Er on his shoulder, Zhao Tie Zhu walked slowly toward the crowd. Bang!

    Both sides clashed. Unfortunately, the numbers were just completely uneven.

    And yet, the outcome was shocking enough to cause anyone’s jaw to drop. Ray slammed into the crowd like a tank. No one could stop him in the slightest. With every punch, a person would fall. Iron bars and other items slammed into his body but were repelled by his huge counter-force power, causing wounds to appear on the hands of those who wielded them.

    They didn't know that Ray also had a nickname in the underworld: "Thunder Beast." The rumor said that once Thunder Beast went berserk, he would shred to pieces everything that stood in front of him. His valiant name spread throughout the underworld.

    Everyone saw this huge guy who looked like a God descending from Heaven, and felt fear in their hearts. Seeing Zhao Tie Zhu carrying Li Ling Er at his back, they quickly gave up on Ray and attacked Zhao Tie Zhu instead. From their viewpoint, this young man was an easy target. Even more, an easy target carrying another easy target on his back.

    They would have never expected this person in front of them was the Phantom, an even more terrifying figure than the Thunder Beast. He got the nickname Phantom partly because of his invisibility skill. But on the other hand, it was also because of Zhao Tie Zhu's "Evil" character. He was rumored to be an assassin who had made a pact with the devil. In just a few months' time, he had slaughtered countless people. When the Phantom descended, Heaven and Earth would change colors.

    Zhao Tie Zhu looked at the people, and a disdainful smile appeared in the corner of his mouth. With a flash, the surrounding people suddenly couldn’t see him. When he reappeared, he was directly in front of them. This was one of Zhao Tie Zhu's first class unique skills, the Strobe Flash. His incredible power could let him move with a lightning speed. As he began to move, he would use his invisibility power, and after moving several steps, he would make himself visible again. By doing this repeatedly, it would make it looked like as if his speed was lighting fast. Although it had limited practical use, for him, this unique skill was matchlessly graceful.

    Whenever Zhao Tie Zhu dodged, a man would fall. It was as if he were dancing in the air while carrying a weightless Li Ling Er. In her sleep, she revealed a hint of a shallow smile as if she were having a sweet dream.

  • Chapter 19 (The One-armed Werewolf)

    For ordinary people, it would be difficult to imagine that a single person could be so powerful. It wouldn't be rare for a person to be able to defeat several people. But, for two people to each beat up dozens, even hundreds while one of them was even carrying a person on his back, well, that would be very rare. Fortunately, it was late already, and there weren't many people around. And, those few people had already gone to hide, afraid of being caught in the middle of the chaos.

    Zhao Tie Zhu easily dodged an iron bar hitting toward him. From the corner of his eyes, he caught a glimpse of several people rushing toward Su Yan Ni. She seemed to be so scared that she wouldn't even budge. He frowned slightly. Within the time of a few breaths, he had arrived in front of her. His sudden appearance gave her a shock until she saw him smiling with a grin. Without even looking, his leg performed a back kick, and the person behind him was sent flying away.

    "Don't just stare," said Zhao Tie Zhu lightly. "Go wait in the car." As if her soul returned to her, she realized that she wouldn't be of any help and ran to the jeep. He turned around to join the fight again. In less than five minutes, about a hundred people were already all lying on the ground, their weapons scattered all over. Ray walked slowly toward Zhao Tie Zhu and said, "It's been a while since I’ve done any exercise. They're all too weak, no fun at all." At this time, Ray's clothes were ripped in several places, and some wounds could be seen.

    "Where can you find any experts nowadays? Next time don't just clash head to head. If you meet someone weak, then it's fine. But if you meet an expert, you're the one who might lose,” said Zhao Tie Zhu, walking to the jeep.

    Ray just grinned. As he was about to walk to the jeep, he suddenly turned back. There was a man wearing a black hat heading toward them, his body swaying back and forth. Ray looked serious and his muscles tensed. The man was also wearing a faded black suit, which had been worn for who knew how long. His eyes were completely expressionless. One of his sleeves was empty and fluttering, blown by the wind. Surprisingly, this man had only one arm!

    When Ray turned around, Zhao Tie Zhu also heard the footsteps and turned around. When he saw the one-armed man, he whispered, "Ray, come here."

    As the one-armed man got closer and closer, Ray's muscles became even more tense and fighting lust grew in his eyes. His whole energy rose up as if he were a tiger meeting a lion.

    "Be careful," Zhao Tie Zhu warned, "If I'm not mistaken, that person is the 'One-armed Werewolf.'"

    The one-armed man stood about ten meters in front of Ray and glanced at him coldly. He slowly said, "Thunder Beast."

    Ray loosen some of his joints and smiled maliciously, "You're One-armed Werewolf. Who has influence big enough to call you out?"

    "No one asked me. I just happened to pass by and saw Thunder Beast's great power, I feel the itch to try you out." One-armed Werewolf lit a cigarette and threw it toward Ray, who punched it directly, disintegrating it. One-armed Werewolf's eyes suddenly became fierce; the pupils shrank to a size of a dot and emitted a faint green light.

    "Wolf eyes? Just watch me break you!" shouted Ray loudly, and he rushed toward One-armed Werewolf, who already moving toward Ray with his hand stretched out into the shape of a wolf's claw. Ray sent a punch over, but One-armed Werewolf's speed suddenly accelerated, and he dodged the blow in a flash. With a leap, he clawed at Ray, and blood splashed from Ray's upper arm. One-armed Werewolf touched his lips and then licked the blood off of his fingers. His green eyes shone more intensely.

    Ray focused his eyes and turned around to rush toward One-armed Werewolf again as if his wound didn't exist at all. One-armed Werewolf looked at him disdainfully. Their two silhouettes clashed, and another cut appeared on Ray's body. After going back and forth a few rounds, Ray's body was cut seven or eight times.

    “Next, I’ll slit your throat." One-armed Werewolf ran his finger across his neck with a slicing motion.

    Ray ripped his shirt off and threw it on the side. He laughed and said, "Next, I’ll snap your neck in two."

    Almost simultaneously, the two of them accelerated. Seeing Ray was about to just foolishly throw punches at him like before, One-armed Werewolf revealed a hint of disdain at the corner of his mouth. He clearly thought that Thunder Beast was nothing. Just like before, when Ray's fist was about to strike, he sped up. "F*** your mother!" shouted Ray.

    One-armed werewolf seemed to be on the verge of completely dodging the punch when suddenly Ray opened his hand. Exerting all the power and speed he could muster, he grabbed the man’s neck. The muscles on his arm suddenly bulged, and he smashed One-armed Werewolf's head into to the ground. Bang! To one's surprise, the hard floor was split open.

    "You son of a turtle," said Ray. "If I didn't lower my speed on purpose to catch you off guard, do you think you could have injured me at all? You can’t even defend yourself! You should change your name to Broken-necked Werewolf. No, it should be the Broken-necked Weredog." As he spoke, his other hand punched the one-armed werewolf's head over and over. What was it made of? Getting punched continuously by Ray, it unexpectedly didn't burst open. This made Zhao Tie Zhu a little bit curious.

    Struggling fiercely with his one hand, One-armed Werewolf managed to free himself from Ray's grip. With a few leaps, he retreated a few meters away. He didn't hold himself in an elegant manner like before. His crooked nose seemed to be broken, and his face was cut open in several places. His whole face was covered with blood. He stared at Ray with an indeterminate expression and then turned around to run. Ray wanted to chase, but Zhao Tie Zhu called, "Don't chase him. You won't catch him." Hearing those words, Ray stopped his movement and turned around to approach Zhao Tie Zhu, "That f-er is too fast,” he said. “He can change his speed instantly. To catch him really won't be easy."

    Zhao Tie Zhu shook his head, “He should be faster than that.. Well, forget about it. Just take me home."

    When Ray got into the jeep, Su Yan Ni's eyes were already flashing with countless stars. Her voice full of admiration, she said, "Ray, in the future, I will regard you as my master." Seeing that, Zhao Tie Zhu immediately regretted not doing anything before. If it weren't for giving Ray a chance to exercise, he would have knocked down that One-armed Werewolf within five moves. Ah! An opportunity to charmingly act the hero was gone.

    Ray once again naively said, "Brother Tie Zhu is much more an expert than me. Why don't you ask him to teach you?" Hearing that really moved Zhao Tie Zhu's heart; Ray was really such a great bro. Zhao Tie Zhu struck an expertly pose and looked up to the sky.

    Su Yan Ni looked at Zhao Tie Zhu with a despised look. "With his thin figure? Perhaps he can beat a few people, but not like you. You beat dozens by yourself." Just now, of the hundred people, about seventy or eighty were beaten by Ray, whereas Zhao Tie Zhu only beat around twenty persons. Under normal circumstances, he could be considered powerful. But, compared to Ray, Su Yan Ni thought that the difference was just too much.

    "Are you looking down at me?" Zhao Tie Zhu placed Li Ling Er into the back seat and then sat down into the passenger seat. "Even if you ask me to, I won't teach you. With your physique, you'll turn out to be a useless police officer. Ray, let’s go."

    Su Yan Ni punched Zhao Tie Zhu on the back a few times and shouted, “Quit bragging. Come on, let's have a duel!"

    "True men don’t fight dogs."

    "What! You're calling me a dog! I'm going to kill you, Zhao Tie Zhu!”

    With a wave of laughter, the jeep proceeded toward the villa. Seeing Su Yan Ni and Zhao Tie Zhu quarreling, Ray's mouth revealed a charming smile, "Perhaps, this is indeed the life that brother Tie Zhu wants to live."

  • Chapter 20 (Registering As Freshmen)

    Not long after Zhao Tie Zhu's group left, Li Gang and Huang Qi Fan separately received phone calls from their subordinates. Their expressions became exceptionally serious when they learned that the group of roughly one hundred people had been defeated by Zhao Tie Zhu's group. Huang Qi Fan said to himself, "Could it be that these two men were one of the Top Experts?" It was that night that Zhao Tie Zhu's and Ray's names became known to the top echelons of FJ City. That included not only the officials but also the underworld society.

    However, Zhao Tie Zhu's group wouldn't care about such chaotic affairs. After they returned to the villa, Su Yan Ni bade everyone good night and went to sleep. Li Ling Er, however, refused to go upstairs. Having no other option, Zhao Tie Zhu had to carry her upstairs.

    In Li Ling Er's room, he was about to leave after putting her down. Suddenly, she grabbed his hand and cried, "Don't leave me." He was stunned for a moment and looked down at her. Her eyes were still closed and her face looked sorrowful. Was she dreaming about him? Zhao Tie Zhu smirked. At this time, she mumbled a few words, "Qing Di, don't leave me." He immediately felt down; the words obviously weren't for him. Who was this Qing Di, to so heartlessly abandon such a beautiful girl? Li Ling Er held his hand up against her face. The exquisite feeling of it made his blood rush. He wasn't an animal, though, and wouldn't do something beastly to her. He simply lowered himself and sat on the floor, watching Li Ling Er. He didn't pull his hand away, fearing it would surprise her.

    By this time, Cao Zi Yi had come home. Passing Li Ling Er's room and seeing Zhao Tie Zhu, she smiled faintly at him and nodded. Then, she went back to her room carrying her drawing board.

    Leaning against the bed, his eyes were half shut, seemingly between sleeping and awake.

    The next morning, Li Ling Er woke up from her deep sleep. She had slept so peacefully the night before. She rolled over and was about to continue sleeping when she suddenly saw Zhao Tie Zhu. She cried out in surprised. It was when she realized that she was holding his hand. She blushed.

    Zhao Tie Zhu was already up by the time she awakened, but he kept quiet. Eventually, he pulled his hand away and said, "Don't keep sleeping after you wake up. Get out of bed and eat something. Your alcohol tolerance is so low, but you wouldn’t stop. Seriously!"

    Li Ling Er nodded. She waited until he left the room and then looked at the hand that had been holding his. It was as if she could still feel his warmth. Her face slowly returned to normal. She softly said to herself, "Humph, I'd let you take advantage of me."

    When he went downstairs, Cao Zi Yi was in the middle of cooking. He stood closely behind her and inhaled deeply, "So fragrant!" Only, he didn't know whether the fragrance was from her body scent or from the cooking...

    Cao Zi Yi smiled and said, "Go, wash your hands."

    Time passed like the flow of water, and a few days had passed. The day to register at FJ University had arrived.

    Very early in the morning, Zhao Tie Zhu followed Li Ling Er to FJ University.

    FJ University was one of the best universities in China, and also one with the most students because they accept students from all over the world. It's not bragging to say that even a department of the university had more students than the entire amount of other universities. It was located in the FJ suburbs, occupying an area of thousands of Mu (TL Note: 1 Mu = 667 square meters). At the moment, in front of the FJ University's entrance, two young people walked over from a taxi. One was a young beauty with a tight, white T-shirt and a bell-shaped hairstyle that made her looked completely adorable. The size of her breasts caused passersby to continuously turn to look at her. Next to her, stood a young man with a calm expression. His face was nothing special, but his eyes weren't like the eyes of an ordinary young person. They were deep and vigorous. He just wore a simple outfit; it wasn’t sloppy, but wasn’t very eye catching, either.

    These two people were Li Ling Er and Zhao Tie Zhu. "It's really damn big!" he exclaimed, seeing the complex in front of him.

    "Of course. FJ University's campus is the largest in the country. They say it's even bigger than some county's district area." Li Ling Er laughed. Her laughter sounded like silver bells that attracted many glances from others. A beautiful woman, no matter where she went, would always be the focus of attention. Zhao Tie Zhu sighed. He was a guy with such a potential; it was too bad that no beautiful woman hit on him. It seemed that not everyone could see through his outer appearance and notice his rich inner quality.

    “Come on,” said Li Ling Er, curling her arm around his. Suddenly, numerous glances shot toward Li Ling Er. He sighed inside his heart. Once again, she attracted hatred toward him.

    Being half pulled by her, Zhao Tie Zhu entered the FJ University.

    Li Ling Er was enrolled into FJ University's Foreign Languages Faculty. Naturally, Commander Chen had also arranged to get Zhao Tie Zhu enrolled in this department. The two of them were looking to the instruction board and found the registration point of the Foreign Language freshmen.

    Su Can was a third year in the Foreign Languages department. This year, he arrived early to meet all the freshmen. Unfortunately, he painfully made great efforts and had to spend a lot of money to treat the counselor to dinner to get this assignment. As everyone knows, in terms of the number of female students, the Foreign Languages department is only second to the Economics department. The number of female students in the Foreign Languages department wasn't ordinary. It was said that this year, of the one hundred people who enrolled in the department, eighty percent of them were females. This, of course, had made the still single Su Can extremely excited. He was aware that several of his fellow seniors had met girls during freshmen registration, and then fires had sparked. Bang! A burning romance. This had made Su Can to endlessly envious. Unfortunately, today he came so early to the freshmen registration, but only a few dozen had registered. He wasn’t sure if it was because the girls weren't interested in him, or because they were a bit weird. In any case, he was now a bit drowsy.

    "Excuse me,” he heard a girl say. Her voice sounded intellectual. "Is this where I register as a Foreign Language freshmen?"

    Su Can dispiritedly opened his eyes and handed a form to Li Ling Er. As his gaze met hers, a burst of light shone out from within his eyes. As if it had filled him with energy, he abruptly sat up straight and, using his most charming voice, said, ”Junior sister, come, come, please sit down while you fill out the form. Don't stand there, it's a hot day today. Oh, right, let me introduce myself. I'm Su Can, a third-year student here in the Foreign Languages department. You can just call me senior. What's your name, junior sister?"

    "Hello, senior. My name is Li Ling Er." She spoke softly, with a tone that made his bones grow limp. It was then that Su Can noticed Zhao Tie Zhu standing next to her, which made his heart sink. Could it be that she was already taken?

    After filling out the form, she handed it back to Su Can. Not obviously pointing toward Zhao Tie Zhu, he said, "Is this your brother? How nice of him to accompany you to register."

    "Oh," Li Ling Er smiled. "He's my boyfriend, also a freshman. We're studying in the same department. Senior, can you give a form to my boyfriend too, please?” Su Can's pure virgin heart was shattered instantly, “What the hell, I'm way more handsome than this guy! How come he has such a beautiful girlfriend while I have to secretly pleasure myself secretly in the toilet? Ah!" He reluctantly handed the form to Zhao Tie Zhu. Seeing this change, Zhao Tie Zhu maintained his silence and returned the form after he finished filling it up. Su Can picked up the form and looked at it, "Zhao Tie Zhu... Even with such a tasteless name, he can get a girlfriend. I think, I will name my future son Su Tie Zhu, Su Tie Qiu, or whatsoever. That way, he wouldn't follow my miserable footsteps." (TL Note: Tie Zhu literally means iron pillar, Tie Qiu means iron ball)

    "Bring your acceptance letter to building A of the Foreign Languages Department. You can find your counselor in the main hall there." With that, Su Can drowsily laid his head onto the table again.

    Li Ling Er said, "Thank you, senior." Su Can trembled for a moment and suddenly had the strength to sit up straight. Combing his hair with his fingers, he said, "Don't mention it. In the future, if you need anything, you can come to look for me." By the time he finished saying that, Li Ling Er was already leaving, slinging her arm around Zhao Tie Zhu.

    "Ah." Su Can let out a sigh.

    "Don't always use me as a shield. It won't help." Zhao Tie Zhu whispered.

    "What? Brother Tie Zhu don't want to be my shield? Is it that you're willing to just watch as those men harass me?" Li Ling Er gave him the ‘puppy eyes’ look.

    Zhao Tie Zhu was helpless and said nothing further.

    "Okay, then, later on, I will treat brother Tie Zhu to a meal."


    "I'm just joking."


  • Chapter 21 (Teacher Linda)

    After wandering around for a while, Zhao Tie Zhu and Li Ling Er finally found Building A of the Foreign Languages Department. It was a white gothic building, its walls engraved with a hint of European style. They found the main classroom. By this time, she had already let go of his arm; they walked into the room separately. About twenty people were already gathered there. Seeing others walk in the room, they all looked toward the entrance. When the female students saw Zhao Tie Zhu, they couldn't help but let out disappointed expressions. However, they were all shaken looking at Li Ling Er. Her beauty had practically already reached the degree that could kill both males and females. She gave friendly smiles toward the people in the classroom, and most smiled back in response.

    Zhao Tie Zhu looked around the classroom for a moment. Among the two dozen people, only three of them were men, who at the moment were all looking at Li Ling Er with glowing eyes. Zhao Tie Zhu randomly picked a seat and sat down, and she sat next to him. A fat person walked smiling toward them from nearby and sat next to Zhao Tie Zhu as well, "Hello, fellow student. I'm Fan Jian from HB province. What about you?"

    Fan Jian... Zhao Tie Zhu was speechless. This guy's name was even more impressive than his. "I'm Zhao Tie Zhu, from FQ," he said. (TL Note: Fan Jian's name sounds the same as 犯贱, which basically means "to commit lewd acts")

    The fatty named Fan Jian stared for a moment and laughed, "Ha ha, our names really stand out and are unusual. By the way, who is this beautiful lady?"

    "I'm Li Ling Er, from BJ," Li Ling Er replied with a smile. "My name isn't funny like you guys'." Still smiling, Fan Jian said, "Ah, from BJ. You're really beautiful."

    "Thank you."

    "Tie Zhu," asked Fan Jian, "which dorm do you live in?" This guy didn't really annoy him, so Zhao Tie Zhu replied, "We're both commuter students. My house is in FJ."

    "Oh, I live in the school at the third dormitory room 308. There are two other people, Liu Ding and Zhou Shao. They live there with me. When you have the time, why don't you come to hang out?"


    Several people also came in while Zhao Tie Zhu and Fan Jian were chatting. About an hour later, the classroom had more than 60 people. Then, a figure appeared at the classroom entrance, and the buzzing classroom suddenly quieted down. It turned out to be a girl with a figure comparable to Li Ling Er, only she bore an arrogant look. When she came in, she swept a gaze at the classroom for a while. But, when her gaze met Li Ling Er, her expression changed slightly before returning to normal. In that split second, Zhao Tie Zhu had noticed a hint of hostility in her eyes.

    She walked to a seat and sat down without saying anything to the others. She put her bag on the table, revealing a Louis Vuitton logo. The surrounding girls looked at it with glittering eyes. Her mouth twitched with a smile. Then, she took an IPhone 4 out of her bag and played with it, which also caused admiration among many of the others. (TL Note: This chapter was written back in 2011, and at that time, IPhone 4 was the latest model.)

    More and more people filled the classroom, the vast majority being females. Including Zhao Tie Zhu, there were only about 20 male students. At that moment, a woman dressed in a formal black suit walked into the room holding a folder. When she stood on the stage, one by one the people in the room quit their chatting and looked at her. Zhao Tie Zhu squinted his eyes; she looked to be about 170 cm in height. Including her high heels, she might as well be close to 180 cm. She wore red-framed glasses, and her hair was neck long. Her sexy lips were red like the devil himself. Her face was oval, and at the corner of her mouth was a small mole, which made this woman looked even more appealing. She wore a white shirt beneath her black suit. Her full ample breasts pushed against the shirt, revealing gaps between the buttons to show a hint of fire-red color inside. Below, she wore a short black skirt, just to the knee. Her legs were smooth and round, with a pair of black high heels down there. As soon she appeared, she had already attracted everyone's attentions. Although her figure could be compared with Li Ling Er's, her sex appeal was much more than Li Ling Er's. If Li Ling Er were to be a flower bud, then this woman would be an already blossomed red rose; beautiful and sexy, just waiting for her owner to pick.

    "Hello, everyone," the woman said in a flat, but very charming voice. Her sound was a little sharp, which wouldn't make someone uncomfortable, but instead, they would feel willing to let their heart be stabbed. It was soft and pleasant. "I'm your foreign language teacher. You can call me Linda. Hopefully in the coming days, we can spend a good four years' time in college." The audience burst into applause, especially the men. They clapped loudly in the hope to attract Linda's attention. She smiled lightly, "Okay, it seemed that enough people are in attendance. First, I need someone to help me collect the admission notices. Is anyone willing to help me?"

    "Me! Me! Me!" Almost all the guys raised their hands, including Fan Jian who sat beside Zhao Tie Zhu, who cried out vigorously. Zhao Tie Zhu helplessly shook his head and felt despise toward that kind of guys. Jeez, it was as if they had never seen a beauty.

    "Wow, all of you are very enthusiastic. You're giving me a hard time. I really don't know who I should pick." Linda frowned slightly, causing the guys to become even more chaotic.

    "Well, I'll just randomly pick a name then." She picked up the attendance list, scanning it and shouted, "Zhao Tie Zhu, could you help me to collect them?" Zhao Tie Zhu was dumbfounded; this Linda really knew who to pick; she picked the only guy who didn't even raised his hand. He felt a bit depressed. Feeling the murderous looks around him, he exclaimed, "Ma'am, I'm currently busy."

    "Oh?" Linda looked at Zhao Tie Zhu with astonishment. She had picked his name because its meaning seemed relatively straightforward, but to her surprise, he refused to help her. Was he not a man at all? "Student Zhao," said Linda, "please help me out. I'll make it worth your while..." She blinked at Zhao Tie Zhu, her eyes revealing a hint of temptation.

    "This... Since teacher insists, then I'll help you with it." Zhao Tie Zhu had intended to keep a low profile, but it seemed that the more she got rejected, the more she would desire. He might as well comply for now, being aware of her flirtatious glance. Seeing the desire in her eyes, he really felt a rippling sensation rising up within.

    He stood up and collected the admission notices starting from the first row. Seeing him, Li Ling Er wrinkled her nose as if to express her contempt for his lack of resolution. He just ignored it. As he collected the notices from the male students, he could sense the hatred within in their eyes, which he also ignored. The girl with the LV bag looked at him with hatred for a moment, then took the notice out of her bag, and threw it toward him. He collected it, ignoring her.

    Soon, all the notices had been collected. He brought the thick stack of papers and placed it onto the podium. Linda smiled and thanked him who then looked at her puzzled. Linda wondered, "Student Zhao, is there anything else?"

    "Teacher," Zhao Tie Zhu asked, "didn't you say it would be worth my while?"

    "Oh, I almost forget about that. Well, how can I make it worth your while?" Replied Linda.

    "How should I know?" he continued, "you're the one who said it. A teacher shouldn't back on her own words."

    "Then I'll think about it, and we can find a time to discuss it in private." She emphasized the two words 'in private' with a serious tone. Once again, she threw a flirtatious glance at him. He wanted to get away, but she had killer skills and had already locked him down, trapping him helplessly. He then said, "Very well then."

    When he got back to his seat, Li Ling Er pinched him and said, "Brother Tie Zhu, you're so easily swayed. No wonder you haven't been able to find a girlfriend. Girls can't feel secure around you."

    Zhao Tie Zhu didn't know what to say...

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  • Chapter 22 (Ling Er, Don't Cry)

    Having received the collected admission notices, Linda counted them and then smiled and said, "All students have arrived, so now I'll roll call. When you hear your name called, please introduce yourself to everyone."

    "Number 1, Liu Ying."

    A girl stood up and said quietly, "Hello everybody, I'm Liu Ying, and I'm from QJ. Nice to meet you all."

    One by one, their names were called. Bored, Zhao Tie Zhu leaned on the table and counted the buttons on Linda's shirt; from top to bottom and from bottom to top, back and forth countless of times.

    "Number 38, Zhao Tie Zhu."

    It was Zhao Tie Zhu's turn now. He stood up slowly and said, "Hello everyone, my name is Zhao Tie Zhu, and I'm from FQ. Thank you." He was about to sit down again after introducing himself. At this time, Linda asked, "Student Tie Zhu, what is your interest or hobby?" Zhao Tie Zhu pondered for a while and then answered, "I don't have any hobbies." Then, he immediately sat down, ignoring Linda.

    Her beautiful eyes glanced across at him. Seeing this, Li Ling Er glared at her. Linda just smiled and continued to call names.

    "Number 49, Fan... Jian." Linda was obviously stunned for a moment. The parents of this Fan Jian were truly courageous to dare to give their own child such an aggressive name. Previously, she thought that Zhao Tie Zhu's name was incredible. However, compared to this, the difference was just too much.

    Fan Jian stood up with a smile and said, "Hello everyone, my name is Fan Jian, I'm from HB... ... ..."

    Five minutes later.

    Linda opened her mouth to say, "Well, student Fan Jian, we're really interested to hear about your aunt going abroad to study, but our time is limited. Next time, if there's a chance, you can tell us more about it."

    Fan Jian stopped unwillingly. He had started talking about his family and had only finished telling them about his father and mother, grandparents from his father's side, grandparents from his mother's side, and now he had just started to talk about his great aunt. There was still his other aunt, first and second maternal uncle, his paternal uncle, his father's sister, his paternal and maternal cousins, none of whom had he talked about. He hoped that in the future, he would have the opportunity to tell his fellow students about them, to allow them to have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding about him.

    "Number 83, Guo Jing."

    The LV girl put down the iPhone4 she was holding and stood up proudly. With her head slightly turned up, she said, "My name is Guo Jing." Then she unexpectedly just went on to sit down. Suddenly, buzzing sound was heard from her surroundings.

    "Student Guo Jing, it seems that your parents must have been really liked to watch The Legend of the Condor Heroes," joked Linda. Guo Jing glanced at Linda, giving her a look indicating how boring she sounded, then she picked her phone and ignored her. Seeing that she didn't get Guo Jing's attention, Linda just continued to call more names.

    "Number 97, Li Ling Er."

    "Hello, my name is Li Ling Er, and I'm from BJ. I like to watch movies, listen to music, and eat nice gourmet food. I don't like to eat porridge, heh heh. I hope that we all can spend some wonderful time together at University." Li Ling Er smiled and nodded toward the other students around her, and then sat down.

    There was another buzz rising up around her. These two beauties were really different. Compared to the arrogant Guo Jing who wore all brand name clothing, many people would prefer Li Ling Er who only wore plain and simple clothes, and had that “girl next door” look. Just with a few words, she had hands down become the most popular girl in this Foreign Language Department. As for Guo Jing, only a few of them liked her, especially some girls who looked at her bag and cell phone with glittering eyes.

    "Nice cover story," Zhao Tie Zhu said without even looking at Li Ling Er.

    "What cover story? What are you talking about? Brother Tie Zhu, you shouldn't slander people," Li Ling Er protested in a coquettish way.


    "Okay," Linda said, "all the names has been called. Since there's nothing left to do, and tomorrow is military training, you should get a good rest tonight. Commuter students can leave, boarding students please stay."

    Guo Jing was the first to get up and walk straight out. Li Ling Er and Zhao Tie Zhu followed as well.

    As soon as they walked out the door, Zhao Tie Zhu realized that it was raining.

    It was sunny in the morning, so neither of them had brought an umbrella. They could only stand there under the eaves, waiting for the rain to stop.

    Guo Jing glanced at them with contempt. She took out her phone and made a phone call, "It's raining, I didn't bring an umbrella. Can you pick me up? Hm, yeah, okay, then I'll wait for you here." Hanging up the phone, she looked at both of them with more arrogance and disdain.

    Li Ling Er totally ignored Guo Jing and just stared blankly at the falling rain. She whispered, "Brother Tie Zhu, when I was little, my mom told me that it's raining because the Heaven can't bear to see the earth being scorched by the sun. That feeling then incarnated into the form of rain to cool down the temperature of the earth. Although the earth became cooler, but the rain was turned into steam because of the heat and dissipated in the air. Do you think that there will also be a person in the future willing to die for me?"

    "There will be." Zhao Tie Zhu laughed.

    Li Ling Er looked at him and smiled. She turned around and rushed into the rain, dancing in the rain as if she was a rain spirit. Her movement was graceful and lively. Layer upon layer of rain mist made her figure become hazier.

    Guo Jing said in disdain, "Crazy."

    Zhao Tie Zhu smiled and walked in the rain as well.

    An Audi Q5 appeared in front of Guo Jing. A handsome young man walked down with an umbrella. Guo Jing smiled sweetly and embracing his arm, she went into the car. However, the young man's eyes glanced vividly at Li Ling Er, who was not far away.

    The car slowly passed Li Ling Er. The young man fondled Guo Jing's plump thighs while she glanced at him coquettishly.

    Li Ling Er suddenly pulled Zhao Tie Zhu's hand and ran forward.

    Being pulled by Li Ling Er, Zhao Tie Zhu ran along and enjoyed the feeling of the rain hitting his face. However, the rainwater suddenly became a bit salty.

    Zhao Tie Zhu sighed lightly and sped up his steps. He held her in his arms and whispered, "Good Ling Er, don't cry."

    Li Ling Er embraced his neck with her arms and buried her head into his chest, sobbing silently.

    The rain became bigger and bigger.

  • I wonder why she is crying?
  • Chapter 23 (Brother Tie Zhu, You're Such a Pervert)

    Zhao Tie Zhu didn't know anything about Li Ling Er's past, but neither was he in the mood to ask. Continuing to hold her in his arms, he hailed a cab, and they went back to the villa. When they arrived, she went into her room without saying anything, grabbed some clothes and then walked into the bathroom. Zhao Tie Zhu removed his shirt and shook out his hair, then grabbed a towel to dry it. Cao Zi Yi was out again, no one knew where she went every day. Su Yan Ni had also already left for work. Zhao Tie Zhu went into the kitchen and cooked some dishes. When Li Ling Er finished her bath, he called her over to eat. By this time, she had returned to normal and ate some of the Cola Chicken Wings, which he made. She smiled, "Brother Tie Zhu, your cooking skill is really good."

    "It's just fine," Zhao Tie Zhu said humbly.

    Like clouds dispersed by blowing winds, the food on the table was wiped clean. Li Ling Er stood up and went back into her room. Zhao Tie Zhu washed the dishes and then also went for a bath. Afterward, he went back to his room to go online.

    The day passed without words.

    The next morning, the sky was sunny and clear. As always, Cao Zi Yi prepared the breakfast and waited for Zhao Tie Zhu, Su Yan Ni, and Li Ling Er. After breakfast, she took her drawing board and went out to sketch. Su Yan Ni donned her uniform and went to work. Zhao Tie Zhu and Li Ling Er went to school by taxi.

    Today was Military Training day. The classroom had been packed since early in the morning. Unexpectedly, Guo Jing, the girl from the day before, didn't show up. The classroom was filled with many sets of camouflage uniforms. Linda said, "We'll distribute these camouflage outfits for use during the military training. Fan Jian, please come up to help."

    Fan Jian delightedly went forward to help distribute the clothing according to students' height and size information from the registration forms. When the distribution was finished, Linda said, "Now, everyone should go back to their dorm to change. Commuter students can change in the bathroom."

    Zhao Tie Zhu and Li Ling Er walked separately into the bathroom carrying their uniforms.

    After changing, Zhao Tie Zhu waited for Li Ling Er in the hallway. A moment later, appeared in front of him. He couldn't help but stare at her. The current Li Ling Er was even more beautiful, with a different kind of style.

    "What are you looking at?" Asked Li Ling Er, blushing.

    "Nothing. I didn't expect you to be even more beautiful in uniform," said Zhao Tie Zhu with a smile.

    Ignoring him, she walked into the classroom.

    Before long, all of the students had changed into their uniforms. Linda walked into the classroom accompanied by a man in a military uniform. On his shoulder was a stripe of three stars; he was a captain.

    "Hello everyone. My name is Niu Meng. For the next one week, I'll be your instructor. I have only one training philosophy, which is: obey my commands unconditionally." With a serious look he said, "Assemble at the field in ten minutes. Don't be late, or you'll face the consequences." With that, the captain turned around and walked out the classroom. (TL Note: Niu Meng literally means fierce bull.)

    Linda said, "Okay, let's head to the field. Today is the first day of your military training. I hope you'll give the instructor a good impression." After saying that, Linda walked out the classroom as well.

    Along with the others, Zhao Tie Zhu and Li Ling Er went to the field. By this time, there were already other teams that had begun their training. Niu Meng was standing in the field with cold expression, and one after another, the students from the Foreign Languages Department assembled in front of him.

    "First, we'll do the most simple training exercise. Everyone is present, so ATTEN-SHUN!" Hearing the clear voice, which was like a giant bell, the previously noisy crowd suddenly quieted down. Everyone stood there ramrod straight.

    "Maintain this posture for half an hour," said Niu Meng. Then he sat cross-legged on the ground.

    To stand straight for half hour was nothing for Zhao Tie Zhu. His stance was better than the others' which solicited special attention from Niu Meng. The opposite was Li Ling Er. It was obvious that she had never done this before. In less than five minutes, sweat poured off of her face like rain, and her body was somewhat unsteady.

    "Stand still and don't move," Niu Meng said coldly. "If you want to move, you need to make a request first. You're not allowed to move before I approved it."

    The faces of many of the people had slowly turned pale. At the moment, the sun was extremely hot. Because of yesterday's rain, the hot air was very humid.

    After twenty minutes, a "bang" sound was heard. A girl fell to the ground, unconscious. The medical staff at the side of the field immediately rushed over to carry the fainted person on a stretcher and take them to the shade.

    Li Ling Er's face turned increasingly pale. She staggered, but then a look of determination flashed in her eyes, and she straightened her posture again. Niu Meng glanced at her without saying anything.

    Another five minutes passed, Li Ling Er's face almost had no color left in it and her clothes were drenched in sweat. Suddenly her eyes rolled up, and she fainted.

    The moment she fell, Zhao Tie Zhu appeared in front of her and caught her.

    "Who allowed you to move?" Niu Meng angrily stood up from the ground and sent a leg sweeping at Zhao Tie Zhu, who didn't dodge it and endured the hard hit by the sweeping leg. He simply glared coldly at Niu Meng, who was suddenly pushed back by the intense murderous aura which emanated from within. He had only seen this kind of glare from people who were the elite among elites in the armed forces. He immediately felt a cold shiver rolling down his back, and cold sweats appeared on his face.

    Zhao Tie Zhu ignored Niu Meng and brought Li Ling Er into the shade. Several doctors came over and gave her some medicine. Seeing that she was all right, he returned to the ranks.

    Niu Meng looked at Zhao Tie Zhu with an uncertain expression. How could this seemingly ordinary freshman have such eyes? This person's hands must be stained with blood, and no small amount at that! Niu Meng decided not to provoke this Zhao Tie Zhu.

    This so-called military training was like child's play to Zhao Tie Zhu, not challenging whatsoever. It continued on until dusk, during which time more than a dozen students from the Foreign Languages Department fainted. Unexpectedly, the fatty Fan Jian wasn't one of them. This somehow made Zhao Tie Zhu look at him with a different sense of respect. After the first day of military training came to end, Zhao Tie Zhu came to where Li Ling Er was resting and laughed, "I didn't expect your body to be so frail." Li Ling Er snorted and without saying anything just stood up and left.

    Outside the field, a roaring sound of a car could be heard, and an Audi Q5 stopped beside Li Ling Er. A very handsome young man's face appeared as the car window opened. It was the same young person who picked up Guo Jing yesterday. He smiled at Li Ling Er and said, "Hey, fellow student, need a ride?"

    Li Ling Er glanced at him and then ignored him. He wasn't annoyed but instead continued, "If you don't want to, then just forget it. I'm Chen Zhe, a third-year from the Economics Department. In the future, if you have any problems, you can come looking for me." With that, he glanced at Zhao Tie Zhu and nodded to him as a form of greeting. Then, he drove away. However, there was a hint of disdain on the young man's face.

    Zhao Tie Zhu sighed, "Ling Er, you're so incredibly charming, guys are falling for you left and right."

    "Humph, of course," Li Ling Er said proudly, straightening her chest.

    "You have incredible charm, but also incredible..." said Zhao Tie Zhu, staring at her breasts.

    "Brother Tie Zhu..."


    "You're such a pervert."

  • Brother Tie is great
  • Chapter 24 (The Stunning Gun Shooting)

    Back at home, Su Yan Ni and Cao Zi Yi were playing Kart Rider. Seeing the two people coming in, Su Yan Ni said, "There’s food in the kitchen, help yourself." After that, she didn't pay Zhao Tie Zhu any more attention.

    Zhao Tie Zhu and Li Ling Er devoured the leftovers and then returned to their rooms. Zhao Tie Zhu turned on his computer and logged into his QQ account. A picture flashed up immediately. Zhao Tie Zhu clicked on it and a message popped out.

    "Brother Tie Zhu, the 130 million US dollars that you invested last time had been withdrawn and this time, the gain from the investment was 70 million US dollars. Brother Tie Zhu, please check it."

    Zhao Tie Zhu smiled. During his time as an assassin, he had made an enormous fortune. A part of it was squandered by himself. But another part of it, together with some of Ray's money, he’d given to a friend of his, Jack, known as the Investment Genius, to manage.

    Jack really lived up to his reputation as Investment Genius. In just a few short months, he had used the one hundred thirty million US dollars to make a profit of seventy million US dollars. With this kind of yield, even some of the so-called investment experts would be overshadowed.

    "Thanks, Jack." Zhao Tie Zhu replied. "Can I trouble you to help me manage the funds once again?"

    "Brother Tie Zhu," Jack replied, "if it wasn't because you saved me last time, I won't be here now. There's no need for thanks between us. Of course I'll help you taking care of the money." Zhao Tie Zhu smiled, logged off from QQ, and then called Ray. Ray seemed to have just woken up. After a big yawn, he asked, "Brother Tie Zhu, what's the matter?"

    "Jack has withdrawn the money," said Zhao Tie Zhu. "He made a profit of seventy million US dollars. We'll split the money in half. In a moment, I'll make the transfer to your account."

    "You called just because of this? Brother, just do as you see fit, I'm going back to sleep."

    After hanging up the phone, Zhao Tie Zhu immediately transferred thirty-five million US dollars into a foreign account that Ray had opened. Then, he transferred thirty-four million dollars to another account and left one million for him to use. He thought that since now he had the money, if he didn't spend a little of it, it would be a sin toward the dollars.

    Thinking that currently he had to take a cab to university every day, he decided he should buy a car.

    At this time, Li Ling Er walked in. Seeing Zhao Tie Zhu was browsing for cars on the internet, she asked, "Brother Tie Zhu, are you going to buy a car?"

    "Yes, but I'm unfamiliar with cars. I don't know which one to buy."

    "Buy a BMW or Mercedes, it’s so nouveau riche." Li Ling Er laughed.

    "I'm not nouveau riche, I’m middle class."

    "Then just buy a QQ car, it's comfy and easy to drive."

    "A QQ car? Hmm, I think it's good too. I'll buy a QQ car, then."

    "Brother Tie Zhu, you really have a lot of money... Why don't you keep me as a mistress?" She said, blinking her eyes.

    "I'd like to, but, I'm afraid your dad wouldn't agree to that." Zhao Tie Zhu lay on the bed, laughing.

    "Brother Tie Zhu, after buying the car, you have to drive me to the campus."

    "No problem."

    Day after day of military training had slowly begun to turn Li Ling Er’s white skin a bit dark. However, her physical fitness was gradually improving.

    One morning, after assembling the groups, Niu Meng said, "Today, we'll go to the shooting range that my army uses for target practicing." Just as he finished saying that, a burst of cheers came from the group. After all, in the country, guns were strictly regulated, and ordinary people wouldn't have access to firearms. Finally, they would have a chance to fire a gun, so, naturally, they were very excited.

    "Today, it won't be just us, but all the freshmen are going to the shooting range for training. After the training, there will be a shooting competition. I hope you won't lose me any face."

    "Yes, Sir!" all the students cried promisingly.

    "Guns... Ah, how long has it been since I last touched one?” Zhao Tie Zhu muttered to himself. “It seems like after the war in Africa, I've never touched a gun ever again. I'm not sure if I’ll be able to handle it like before."

    Niu Meng led the freshmen into the bus and drove to the shooting range.

    The people in the bus were thrilled and noisy all the way to the range.

    When everyone got off the bus, Niu Meng brought the group to the target shooting area. From the side, he picked up a gun and said, "This is our country's own Type 81 rifle. Its overall length is 950mm, the gun barrel length is 44mm. The shooting speed of the bullet when it leaves the muzzle is 720 m/s, and it uses a 7.62mm bullet. This is the gun you will use for your target practice. Now, I'm going to demonstrate how to shoot."

    Zhao Tie Zhu looked around, bored. From another practice area, the sound of gunfire could already be heard. He couldn't help but feel heated up inside.

    "Okay, now according to your attendance list number, you'll take turns in a group of ten to practice." After finished giving a demonstration and explaining the essentials, Niu Meng indicated them to begin practicing.

    Bang, Bang, Bang. Loud gunfire could be heard, but the results weren't good. Niu Meng was disappointed and shook his head.

    It was Zhao Tie Zhu turn already. He leaned on the ground and put the back of the gun against his shoulder, looking attentively at the distant target. Niu Meng watched him with a serious expression. Zhao Tie Zhu's posture was the most standard shooting position. Caught up in the spirit of the moment, he concentrated on the distant target, and Bang! The gun shot. The electronic display on the side showed a 9.5.

    9.5! Niu Meng was surprised. This result was very good, even better than most of the normal soldiers. Who exactly was this person? Niu Meng pondered.

    Zhao Tie Zhu sighed and stepped back. In the past, he never got below 9.8. However, not having even touched a gun for so long, his feeling and accuracy had declined a bit.

    An instructor from the team next to them came approaching and asked, "Niu Meng, how's your team practice?"

    "Not bad. Some of them are relatively good. What about you?" asked Niu Meng.

    "There’s a prodigy in my team. The first shot only hit a 9.7, but the next three shots all hit 9.8. Don't you think that's awesome?" That instructor said proudly.

    "Awesome, indeed. Who is it?" asked Niu Meng.

    That instructor pointed his finger to a young man with a cold look and said, "That's him. His name is Liu Xing. I think at today's shooting competition, he will be the champion."

    Niu Meng shook his head slightly, "I'm not sure about that." Then he looked toward Zhao Tie Zhu. The other instructor shook his head in disbelief and returned to his team.

    "Bang." Another gunshot, Zhao Tie Zhu fired a second time.

    9.8 points! Niu Meng looked surprised at the electronic display. It really was 9.8!

    "Have you used a gun in the past?" Niu Meng asked Zhao Tie Zhu.

    "Yes, it was when I was abroad," said Zhao Tie Zhu, standing up.

    "I see," Niu Meng nodded. Zhao Tie Zhu turned around and went back into line, not saying anything anymore. The surrounding students all looked at him with surprise. After all, up to this point, the only person in the team who could hit above 9 was Zhao Tie Zhu. Some of the girls were showing a hint of admiration in their eyes. Zhao Tie Zhu put his arms around his chest, looking solemn.

    With disdain, Li Ling Er muttered, "Jeez, he's starting to play cool again."

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