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  • Book 2 Chapter 54:Black Flames 2

    The splitting branches began to combine together to form a lance like weapon and just as it was being thrusted forward, Lintian moves to the side to dodge it. Further Lintian notices that the three trees were spreading out their roots and covering the whole field. Not only that but creating a dome like shape to block everyone’s vision.

    Lintian couldn't help but grin at their mistake. It wasn't really a mistake per se but just a glaring weakness against Lintian. 

    While everyone under the King’s realm can’t see inside the wooden dome. People in the Heaven’s realm and up could sink their perceptions into it. This was a battle between juniors so the people in the heaven’s realm and above only gloss over it with their perception.

    Lintian’s mind went deep into his dantian and concentrated for the black flames to come surging out. Once it did he guides the flow into his Armament of a thousand transformation technique. Two swords devoid of color appears in his hand like death himself. 

    The whole arena began to actively attack him. 

    Lintian’s hand moves like lightning chopping every tree branch or any type of wood coming towards him. 

    “What kind of weapon is that?” Beauty two asks.

    “I don’t know but he seems to be able to manipulate his qi into any type of weapon he wants.”

    “Could it be a rank 7 technique?”

    “Lets not care about it right now and focus on winning.”

    As Lintian cut a branch he would leave behind a residue of the black flame which would burn the branches.

    “I suggest you surrender now before it gets hectic!” Lintian shouts a warning to them.

    “Why would we surrender when we have the up hand?” Beauty one asks arrogantly.

    “Because the next technique I will activate will be hard for me to control. It might leave behind a nasty scar.”

    “Trying to scare us won’t work! HMPH!” Beauty three answers.

    Lintian activates all the black flame residue as it begins to eat and devour the trees. Little by little it grew. 

    The beauty’s eyes grew bigger and bigger in fright.

    “How is this fire burning out great tree formation? I thought it was immune to fire since Jessica has a B rank water affinity!” Beauty Two asks.

    “Why do you ask so much question that I can’t even answer?” Beauty one didn't know whether to cry or laugh. 

    Beauty three whose name was Jessica said, “maybe we should give up. I feel that he has been playing with us since the beginning. It might be a lost of face for us but its better that we know we lost than to keep fighting a losing battle. Furthermore those black flames are weird. It is eating my water qi like it is gasoline.”

    Beauty one hand a look of reluctance before replying, “we will give up then.”

    She really didn't want to give up but looking at the black flames it caused he heart to skip a beat. It was like looking at a devil towering over her.

    Lintian controls the flames to come to his and hand. He held the black flame like a fireball. The black flames became a ball the size of a basketball. 

    “I’ll give you ten-seconds and I’ll throw the ball at you!” Lintian calls out to them. 


    “WE GIVE UP!” they yells out.

    Wow no suspense at all? Lintian thought to himself. Lintian absorbs all the black flame back into his body.

    His body tighten up but his Asura cells began to calm and absorb it.

    “QUINCY SCHOOL WINS and will be proceeding to the top 12!” the announcer yells out. “THIS HASN'T HAPPEN IN TWO HUNDRED YEARS! EVERYONE WE ARE WITNESSING A HISTORY IN THE MAKING!”

    Most of the people here doesn't give a dam who won as long as they made money but seeing the events transpiring today they couldn't help but get their blood boiling! A second rate 

    School got into the top twelve! 

    “Hahaha brother how much money did you make today?”

    “A hell of a lot!”

    This event scared a whole bunch of first rate school. This is because just like the top four  this was one person defeated a team of three. Even through it took Lintian about ten minutes it doesn't mean that he is weak. This means that Quincy has the chance to contend for the top seven at the very least. Who knows they might even be able to get into the top four.

    “Elder John did you see what happened inside?” a big starchy man asks an elderly gentlemen next to him.

    “Mhmm no idea. I was playing chess with you. Tell them to bring the spiritual recording for us to view.”

    The spiritual recording is a special camera that can read every atom in the atmosphere by using light and sound to create an image. 

    “You,” the starchy man points at a servant, “go get the spiritual recording from broadcasting room.” He then tosses him a badge as proof identity.

    “Right alway elder Von,” the servant boy said politely as he sprinted away.

    “Hey Lin did you see what he did?” Lintian’s uncle Ming asks. He was actively paying attention throughout the whole fight but after the tree cover the whole arena it became a bit difficult. Especially since this tree technique actually causes the spiritual sense to be suppressed.

    “It was some kind of fire technique from the looks of it,” Lin said a little unsure of himself.

    “To be able to feed itself on water? It must be a pretty high ranked technique.”

    Lin sighs and said, “If only we were able to nurture him ourselves. His cultivation would have soar into the sky.”

    As Lintian got off the stage the whole upper echelon of the competition was in a heated discussion. Why did these girls who had the upper advantage decided to quit half way through? You must know that warriors have a high sense of pride. So for them to admit defeat they must have felt completely hopeless in a situation.

    While Lintian was getting off the stage he directly looks at Micheal Valiant taunting him. His eyes were saying I am coming for you.

    Micheal’s saw that glaring stare couldn't bare an ant like existence taunting him. This causes his killing intent to rage into the sky. His hand tighten and trembles a bit.

    As Lintian sat down he looks toward Alex, “so what happened?”

    Alex blushes red and said, “nothing. Nothing at all. They just caught me by surprise.”

    “If you fool around again for the next match you better believe that you will wish you were never born,” Principle Jenny threatens.

    Alex rescinded into the background. 

    Lintian was thinking those girl probable used an illusion of A1 babes being naked and everything. 

    This was the last battle of the day and the announcer did some announcing and stuff before everyone left on their own. Lintian felt like the fights will only get tougher from now on.

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  • Book 2 Chapter 55: Battle Royale

    Lintian got back to his room that night and sat down to cultivate his qi. Today was a risky day. If it wasn't for the black flames he would have had a tough time beating those girls. Winning wasn't impossible but it will be tough. 

    My weakness right now is my defense and range attacks Lintian mentally sighs to himself. Twelve hours is not enough time to increase my strength significantly enough to impact this tournament. 

    That night as Lintian enter’s the dream orb to train the thousand transformation armament skill. Even through the name was the thousand transformation armament skill it was not limited to just one thousand transformation but billions and billions. One has to know that even a spear has a thousand different forms if not more. 

    Lintian tries to gain more insight into the thousand transformation armament skill by experimenting with it. Thankfully the dream orb helps speed that up since whenever Lintian makes a certain weapon the dream orb’s shadow copies him and then completes the path of this weapon that he created.

    As the minutes creep by there was a slight disturbance outside. Someone was destroying the spell barriers that Dr. Harris set up one by one. Harris felt that his barriers were being destroyed set out to find the perpetrator.

    “Lintian wake,” Rashu warns. “Someone is here.”

    Lintian instantly came awaken from the dream orb. His eyes shot wide open as the dragon eyes instantly activates. Everything happened in slow motion but it was done in less than a second.

    An eagle like claw filled with heavenly qi shot out in the middle of the night aimed at his heart. There was no way to escape. There wasn't enough time! 

    Lintian’s mind blanked out but his instincts kicked in. All three Dantian’s merges together as the Black flames shot out from his body forming two dragons blasting toward the claw. He activated the fading technique.

    All the hidden spells that Harris placed in the room also activated simultaneous. The bed gushes out spell energy forming a protective layer. Conscious energy shot toward the shadow impacting the assassin’s soul sea.


    The claw broke through the protective barrier while the black flames nibbles away at the heavenly energy. It hits Lintian right in the chest as his body crashes from his floor to the ground floor. 

    There were claw marks on his chest as blood gushers out. Somehow his fading technique did not work at all. The worse part wasn't the physical injury but the internal injury. The heavenly energy that came in contact with Lintian’s body went on a rampage throughout his body. 

    It attacked his Dantian, it attacked his internal organs. The organs were the first to get injured as Lintian spits out a mouth full of blood. Luckily that black flames ate away the energy and the energy that attack his Dantian was completely absorbed by the Galaxy dan like it was some kind of bottomless pit hole.

    Lintian slowly stood up his body was a mess. He could barely muster up any qi at all. His eyes shifts toward the area he was attacked from. Rage was in his heart. Fear was the last thing on his mind.

    “She is gone,” Rashu said.


    “Yes it is a she,” Rashu stated.

    Lintian fell down to one knee. As his internal injuries acted up again.

    “Lintian!” Principle Jenny and a whole bunch of teachers, and elders came running over in worry.

    “I’m fine. I just need to heal up a bit,” Lintian said breathing heavily.

    “What cultivation strength was she?” Lintian asks Rashu mentally.

    “King’s realm. Stage seven.”

    I am still too powerless Lintian thought to himself.

    “Lintian gets get a doctor to treat you first,” Jenny said while hand Lintian a high grade healing pill.

    In a little while Harris came running over. 

    “What happen?” Harris asks gravely.

    “Someone tries to assassinate Lintian just now,” an elder told Harris.

    “How? Did anyone get a recording?” Harris asks. His mind was thinking how did they get pass the spells protection spells he casted. The people has to be at least in the heaven’s realm or peak King’s realm. For these type of people especially on this continent they would not easily be hired for an assassination attempt. This competition might be important but it was not important enough for anyone to pay such a price to assassinate someone.

    “You guys stay here and protect Lintian. Have at least 5 people in the King’s realm here to protect him. Jenny you should stay too just incase since you are the only heaven’s realm expert here,” Harris logically explains.

    Slowly through the night Lintian’s injuries were healed up. He was at the very least eighty to ninety percent healed. It was just his meridian’s that were still slightly damaged. Those are a lot harder to heal than other injuries.

    “Huh?” Lintian noticed something that he didn't notice before. His qi has actually became purer and denser than compare with before. 

    Instead of pondering on it excitedly Lintian took out two demonic beast cores and decided to cultivate.

    A couple hours passed and sunlight peers through the window.

    It was time to go. 

    It took a while but they finally arrived at the stadium again and today it turns out everything was little bit different. There were 25 schools yesterday and after Lintian eliminated two schools there were only twelve left today and all twelve of them aside from Lintian’s school were in the top fourteen ranked before.

    As the schools got comfortable in their own section they began to discuss about who they might be matched up with.

    “Lintian are you well enough to participate?” the principle asks with concern. 

    Lintian smiles back warmly as he said, “I’m fine. I have already healed ninety percent.”

    “If you feel that you cannot hold up don't worry about it and give up. You coming this far has already proven to me your strength.”

    “I’ll be fine.”

    “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Welcome back! Today we have a special treat for everyone! Since there are only 12 teams left we decided to do something fun and new for everyone. Instead of having another team get the unlucky number of having to fight twice we decided to do a battle Royale and the last four teams standing will be in the finals!” The announcer on the stage shouts out excitedly.

    “What the hell?” someone mutters under the breath, “Why are they constantly changing the competition format?”

    This could actually go to our advantage Lintian thought to himself.

    “Alright we will explain the rules!” the girl on the stage continues to shout. “Each team will receive a special gold medallion, and a watch from us. These medallions cannot be forge and cannot be hidden. Once the team receives a medallion it will teleport you into the battle Royale zone. It is a 12 mile by 12 mile arena. It will have lakes, waterfall, and even a 1 mile high mountain. Even through it is small it will be enough for people to take advantage of the area. We made it as close to reality as possible. Inside the 12 by 12 mile arena are also rank 4 and  5 demonic beast to keep you on your toes. This is to help speed up the battle. This is so if all teams just happen to have the same strategy it can be disrupted. This battle is a cycle of 24 hours. Every 24 hours either you defeat a team and receive a gold medallion, or defeat three rank five demonic beast, or twelve rank 4 demonic beasts. Once you have three gold medallion you will be automatically teleported out of the arena.”

    “Furthermore to make this more interesting the higher ups have decided that all teams that were defeated yesterday will have chance to come back in today’s competition. They must obtain 3 gold medallions just like the other teams but they will not receive any medallions themselves. Furthermore in order to make this fair for the current teams the losing team from yesterday will not be able to launch sneak attacks and their watch will warn the current team when you are 10 meters within range of them.”

    “Alright let the twelve teams from yesterday come up and receive your medallion and watch.”

    All twelve teams walks up the aisles and lined up to receive the watch and medallion.

    Some of the teams gave Lintian’s group a slight sneer before they receive the watch and medallion before teleporting away.

    Micheal Valiant turns to Lintian and whispers through a voice transmission, “watch yourself.”

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  • Book 2 Chapter 56: Paranoid 

    Right before Micheal Valiant teleported away he saw Lintian smirk. Lintian saw Micheal scowl before teleporting away and he couldn't help but chuckle to himself.

    After the top ten schools were teleported away it finally came down to Quincy Middle school. 

    The female announcer kindly asks, “where is your third participant?”

    “He is still badly injured and can’t make it,” Lintian replies as calm as the summer lake.

    “The rules will still be the same whether you have one participant or three,” she warns.

    “I understand.” 

    After hearing that she finally handed out the gold medallion and watches to him and Alex. For the two of them Lintian took the medallion but they both received a wristband style watch. Once it was on their wrist it was locked on with no way of taking it off until the end of the battle Royale. 


    Lintian and Alex were both teleported away. In the next second green grass and trees appears before both of their eyes.

    “Hey Lintian so whats the plan?” Alex asks.

    Lintian didn't respond and chose to activate his dragon eyes and scan the field. He saw three two inch sphere drone cameras flying around watching them.

    “We are going to hide and hunt down some demonic beast,” Lintian answers.

    “Wouldn’t we just be wasting our energy and effort? It is only a twelve by twelve mile inclosure.”

    “Let me ask you a question. If life give you lemons what do you make?” 


    “Yup. So with all these master realm demonic beasts why should we not take advantage of this and collect some demonic cores to cultivate later?” Lintian asks rhetorically with a playfully shameless expression on his face.

    The people watching this didn't know whether to laugh or cry at this statement from Lintian. They want all their disciples to focus on winning the competition and here is an anomaly trying to waste energy on hunting demonic beast for demonic cores to cultivate. This is just extremely laughable especially when you he is one of the top twelve in this competition. It really degrades it.

    “Lets get moving,” Lintian commands as he jumps into the trees. For Lintian to travel twelve miles at his fastest speed would only take him about 50 secs but with the detergent of trees Lintian or anyone in this forest can never reach their full speed.

    Multiple spell diagrams began to appear in Lintian’s hand as energy tracking spells flew out everywhere. 

    “What are you doing?” Alex asks.

    “I’m sending out energy triggering spells. This will keep us safe for the time being,” Lintian explains. 


    Then Lintian saw a tier five tiger jay walking through the forest. 

    “Should we kill it?” Alex asks.

    “No, not yet,” Lintian replies. “The spell array I am setting up is still not done yet.”

    The small spell arrays that Lintian sent out were sinking into the trees and ground. In Lintian’s vision he began to see the lines connect between each small spell array he sent out. 

    “Follow me,” Lintian whispers and changes directions.

    Alex trusts that Lintian knew what he was doing and changes direction with Lintian without asking.

    When Lintian changed directions it was because his eyes saw some suspicious energy a mile up ahead. What he saw wasn't exact but more like a blob of energy. 

    After hopping, skipping, and soaring around for thirty minutes Lintian has covered the whole 12 by 12 mile area.

    “Lets find somewhere to hide,” Lintian said a bit tired. Covering a 12 by 12 mile area caused Lintian to expand half of his mental energy. Even with his strong soul it was lot of work to cover such an area especially when you also have to avoid everyone here.

    They went into a cave. Lintian then set up a concealing spell array with an illusion array.

    “Help me watch. While I take a nap,” Lintian said.


    As Lintian closes his eyes he slowly snoozes off. He didn't even bother going into the dream orb. His mind was exhausted. It was like taking a sleeping pill and then trying to stay awake. 

    After sleeping for three hours Lintian felt completely refreshed. When Lintian woke up his eyes scrunch together, but also couldn't help but let out a sly smile.

    Someone is cracking his spell formations a lot quicker than he expected.

    “It is time to move,” Lintian said.  

    “I want to take a nap too,” Alex replies.

    “The person cracking my spells are here,” Lintian murmurs in a low tone.

    “Lets take them out,” Alex suggests. 

    “Not yet. Its not time,” Lintian whispers. 

    “What are we waiting for?”

    “The area is too small. If we take one school out we will be weaken and then the other teams will be able to take us out. We have no where to hide if we are injured. My nap for example took 3 hours but in those three hours someone crack a third of my spell formations I set out,” Lintian explains.

    “Make two clones of yourself and transform into me and then have those two run off and then we will sneak out,” Lintian explains.

    “Okay.” Qi began to gather around Alex as two versions of himself appears. Then one of his clones transform into Lintian. The only problem was that his qi did not resemble Lintian’s at all. Thats why Lintian walks over and touched the forehead of the clone and injected conscious energy into the clone. Masking Alex’s qi with his own. 

    The two sprinted out of the cave as they perform the same evasive techniques. 

    The school outside was the Divine Academy. 

    They began to chase after Alex’s clones. 

    Lintian than used the spell formation he set up and had a location on everyone within the  twelve by twelve. The only problem was one-third of the diagram was cracked but luckily he hid tracer diagram in all of them making it so he can still detect them. The tracer diagram spell is hidden underneath the ground and uses the vibration of footsteps to track them. 

    Lintian knew that the statistics of him being the only spell master in this competition is extremely low so he decided to use the energy detection spell as a decoy to distract them from his actual diagram underneath the ground.

    Once Lintian notice that all of the people began to chase after the clones, Lintian also flew out from the cave closely followed by Alex.

    “What is your aim?” Alex asks a little bit confused. He knows for a fact that Lintian could have easily took out all three of those outside with his help but Lintian is somehow wasting energy here on tracking spells, and illusion spells to hide.

    Lintian gave him a mysterious smile and kept sprinting.

    “You know keeping me in the dark is not going to be helpful,” Alex grumbles.

    “Don’t worry you will know soon enough,” Lintian sent through a voice transmission and signals with his eyes to look at the camera drones following them around. 

    Since the assassination attempt from last night Lintian has always been in constant thought of the person who hired the assassination in the back of his mind. Also he might be being paranoid but in this kind of world only the paranoid survives.

    The reason he won’t tell Alex his plan is because he felt like someone is not only watch through those cameras but actually sending out information to their teams inside. At first he wasn't suspicious at all but for someone to crack his spell and see through the illusion spell he placed. There are only three possible reasons. 

    One is someone is providing them information from the outside.

    Two is someone is in the King’s realm.

    Three is the person sent in is also a rank three spell master like him but he has already checked the top ten teams and none of them can possibly have a rank three spell master among them. This is due to their cultivation. To be at stage seven of the Master realm and be a rank three spell master is almost statistically impossible. Especially when Lintian already probed them and there was only one two spell masters among them and one of them was rank one while the other just entered rank 2.

    Therefore only the first two reason is logical even if the first one seems almost impossible. A person can never be too safe.

    As Lintian hops from tree to tree he opens his hand and qi began to condense in his hand. A spear appears in his hand made from qi with a wisp of black flames hidden inside.

    Lintian threw it through the air.

    A loud shriek rings through the forest.

    Lintian hops down and took the dead tier four demonic beast corpse into his ring as he continues to run through the forest. Alex following behind wasn't even remotely surprise by his actions anymore.

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  • Book 2 Chapter 57: The Siren

    After another two hours have passed Lintian noticed that less than half of the teams sent in here were left.

    Lintian contemplated to himself, “Either the teams left in here are weak or they are the strongest team left.”

    As Lintian’s mind was scanning the entire field he notices that one of the team was significantly far from the other teams. They were roughly 3 miles away from the closes team.

    “I found us a target,” Lintian said to Alex and then runs off. 

    A three mile distance wasn’t much of a distance when their light jogging speed was roughly 60 mph. 

    “Lets do this fast. Don’t let them escape. Use the your clones to get the drones. I’ll finish them off,” Lintian instructed. His three dantians fuses together and instantly his cultivation grew from the second stage to the fourth. Lightning were dancing on the tip of his skin.

    “ITS AN AMBUSH!” Lintian heard one of them shout but it was too late. Lintian’s body accelerated as his Dragon eyes kept his reaction time in control.

    Lintian appears before a well built youth before drilling his fist into his abdomen as a wave of dense qi attack this poor youth on a cellular level. Then Lintian’s body spins around as the heel of his feet connects with the youth’s jaws.

    This all happened in less than half a second. Lintian’s body then appears to teleport away then reappear with his elbow ramming through another cultivator’s lungs. The cultivator fell to the ground grasping his chest.  Then Lintian ruthlessly kicks him on the head knocking this guy unconscious. 

    In less than a second Lintian took out two cultivators in the seventh stage of the master’s  realm.

    Then there was one left.

    “Please don’t hurt me!” he pleads while kowtowing on the ground.

    “Ugh. Have some dignity,” Alex said backing away a little as he stares at the yellow puddle on the ground.

    “Give me the gold medal you have on you and I’ll spare you,” Lintian said loudly but even he knew that there was no way they would have any medal on them given their strength they just displayed. This wasn't the real reason why Lintian attacked them.

    “Wawawa we don’t any,” the guy stammers.

    “Don’t tell me you don't have any demonic cores either,” Lintian glares.

    “We do, we do!” he repeated twice.

    “Give me everything you have and I’ll spare you. You will also be working for me from now on. When your teammates wake up sent them my regards,” Lintian said as three spell arrays appears in his hand. One of each array flew into the body of the three cultivators.

    “This is a soul destruction array. From now on until the end of this competition you will hunt down demonic beasts inside this arena and hand them over to me. I will come and collect them at the end of the day. If you fail this spell array will detonate inside your dantian. It won’t cripple or kill you but it will cause sever damage that will set back your cultivation by three years.”

    This cultivator had a horrified look on his face.

    “Now hand my partner everything you have.”

    The cultivator unwillingly gives Alex everything and even went over to his teammates to give Alex everything.

    As Lintian was leaving he turns around and remind the guy, “I will be expecting five tier four cores by the end of today.”

    Once they reach a significant distance away Alex chuckles, “you sure are ruthless.”

    “What do you mean?” Lintian asks innocently.

    “Making them work for you like that and setting a spell array like that inside their body.”

    “I found another.”

    This time they did the same thing. After doing it two more time Lintian notices that there were only five teams left and that included him and Alex. 

    “Hey are you okay?” Alex asks seeing Lintian’s face a little absent minded.

    “Yeah. Lets go hide first. I need to discuss something with you.”


    A couple minutes later they found a cave. 

    “Alright what do you need to discuss?” Alex asks.

    “I found that there are only five teams left and six if you include us. There are only a few possible explanations. The three teams we just attacked are still here meaning there are two teams that are still an unknown.”

    “Right,” Alex nods.

    “So there are only three likely possibilities for the last two teams. Either one team holds two gold medals and is just innocently trying to find us or they both have the same plan as us to wait it out and swoop in for the final kill.”

    “Okay? So what are you worried about?” Alex interrupted.

    Lintian’s face grew dark and as he said solemnly, “The third possibility is that they are working together and their final target is us. Well mostly me.”

    “Wow you narcissistic much?”

    “These three are the only possibilities.”

    “Couldn’t they both have two gold medals an,” Alex was saying before cutting himself off. The reason was because if Lintian was right and there were only three team with gold medals left it was mathematical impossible due to the fact that the announcer did say that once all three golds are obtain they will automatically teleport out. “Are you saying Michael is working with another team in the top twelve to take you out?”


    “Wasn’t the bet a one on one fight?”

    “No and yes. The bet was to meet and fight in this tournament. Also whoever was knocked out before the other team also loses. We assumed it was going to be one on but we did not state it out loud. Since the organizers of the tournament has been changing up everything then it is not cheating to team up.” Lintian explains.

    “I have an idea.”

    “What is it?”

    “Why don’t we use those teams you made to work for us? You basically have a bomb strapped to them.”

    “Well about that. The spells I place on them aren’t really detonation spells. They are just shock spells. Detonation spells are way to complicated to place inside a person.”

    “Well they don’t know that.”

    Lintian thought about it and it seems reasonable. Plus he didn't damage those guys enough to kill them.

    “Alright, we’ll settle on that plan. I know where the last team is,” Lintian grins. Then he closes his eyes and concentrated on three teams that he placed the shock spell in. 

    “Come meet me at this location in 5 minutes. If I don’t see you there I will detonate the bomb I placed inside of you,” Lintian messaged them mentally. He also sent them a map.

    “Lets go,” Lintian said and leaps into the air. As they travel through the forest it took them two minutes before they reached the intended location. 

    “Stay here,” Lintian commands Alex as he creeps closer to the enemy’s camp.

    Thanks to the Tsukino family assassination skills Lintian’s aura remain hidden even when he was only 10 meters alway.

    “Do you think he’s dumb enough to actually fight us?” a feminine voice sounded out from a manly looking dude. If someone was to close their eyes and hear the voice they would think it belonged to a mermaid, or a fairy from the distant heaven.

    Micheal looks at the dude with signs of contempt as he answers, “it doesn't matter either way I win. Tell your team to keep looking”

    “Micheal remember what you promised me,” a young man laying of the floor said to Micheal.

    “Jarid like I said to both you and Harry if you help me with this I will naturally gift you a King’s realm weapon. 

    Whoosh! Whoosh!

    Two girls appeared out of nowhere. They were exceptionally beautiful like super models. 

    “My team is back,” the feminine voice said. “Whats the situation?”

    “We can’t find them. There are still three teams heading toward our direction but I found no signs of the team Micheal is looking for. Perhaps they have already been defeated?” The girl suggests.

    “We’ll know once we take out the three teams that are coming to this location,” Micheal answers emotionlessly.

    “Hehehe,” the she male giggles evilly. “Everyone shut your ears.”

    Lintian didn't know why she said shut your ears but he did just that and created a sound barrier around his ears. 

    A soothing melody surges out of the she male’s mouth. It encompassed a radius of 2 miles. 

    Alex who was fifty meters away felt his soul being assaulted when he heard the melody. Each note was piercing his soul. He felt like he was going mad as he tried to resist. His eyes turning bloodshot.

    With his last strand of consciousness he remembered which school majors in musical soul attack. It was the Hessi school and one of their student contending was known as the siren. No one has seen her before but it was said that her voice was so soothing that even the strongest of men would fall into a daze.

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  • Book 2 Chapter 58: Flight or Fight?

    As Alex’s mind was slowly being infiltrated a blue energy gushes out from his Dantian as it forms a shield around his soul.

    Alex’s complexion transform back to normal in seconds.

    “That was close,” Alex mutters to himself. 

    As for the others that heard the melody they were instantly hypnotized as they walk like zombies toward the voice. 

    Since Lintian blocked out all the sound from his ears he couldn't detect the melody at all but due to his strong soul he did detect some form of conscious energy bouncing off of his soul. He couldn't help but frown after he scan the locations of the three teams he sent coming here. Their vibrational rhythm were perfectly in sync. That is impossible since every living being have their own unique vibration.

    Lintian can easily detect vibrations due to his training in the Divine Lightning Body God’s Art. So in this world there are three types vibrations. The dimensional vibration which is kinda of like vibration form of DNA that structures and glue this reality together. Then there is the physical vibration of the mass in the world. The mass each of their own unique vibration due to density, materials and so on. Then the last vibration is the one that Lintian found weird. It is the unique vibration that all living beings have. It is similar to a DNA. Most would call it a rhythm. An example would be how we can tell who it is just by hearing the footsteps in a different room. 

    It is not impossible for someone to copy another person’s rhythm but it is impossible for all three teams with no prior contact or pre-coordinated plan to do so, to have a perfect rhythm of each other.

    Another problem is that it is a new rhythm that didn't match any of these 9 individuals but it did roughly match this she male’s rhythm roughly.

    In order to test this theory Lintian activate the shock diagram inside those nine individuals. The results were they were not even slightly effected. 

    The good news was Alex was somehow not effected and Lintian moves back to Alex.

    “Hey are you okay?” Lintian asks through a voice transmission.

    “Yeah,” Alex replies but Lintian couldn't hear.

    “Nod for yes and shake your head if not. I can’t hear you right now.”

    Alex nods his head. Through the vibration Lintian could tell.

    “Alright here is the plan. We are at a huge disadvantage right now and those three 

    teams have be compromised. How many perfect clones can you create?”

    “Perfect clones I can only create two,” Alex whispers as he brings up two fingers.

    “Do you think you can hold off five of them?”

    “Hell no I’m not you,” Alex whispers back in disbelief. If Lintian himself wasn't even willing to take them on five on how would he who was clearly weaker do it. In response Alex shook his head to say no.

    Lintian swiftly snuck back to where Alex was unnoticed. Then he casted a sound deflection spell around them. Then Lintian release the other spell he casted around his ears.

    “I think you should use one of your clones to attract demonic beasts to area to distract them while we fight,” Lintian suggest.

    “I don’t think that would work at all,” Alex responds. “The demonic beast in here are not strong enough to effect them at all. If we could kill those beast with ease I feel like they could too.”

    “Then there isn't much we can do,” Lintian sighs as he sat down. 

    “Uncle Rashu you got any ideas?” Lintian mentally asks.

    “This is not something for me to suggest. This is a test for yourself. I can’t help you solve it.”

    “Hey how about you take five on one and I’ll stall Micheal for you. If I use two clones I am sure I can tie him down for at least 3 minutes,” Alex suggests.

    “They just took out all three of the other teams.” Lintian thought for a bit and then replies, “we will do that then. If you ever feel in danger run as far and fast as possible. Also you need to stop hiding your cultivation. If you keep doing so we will defiantly lose.”

    Alex smiles knowingly and stopped the suppression of his cultivation as his cultivation rose to the fifth of the Master’s realm.

    Lintian’s eyebrows crunch together as he didn't realize that Alex’s cultivation was actually higher than his.

    “You rascal,” Lintian chuckles. “I thought it was at the fourth not the fifth. When did you break through?”

    “Two weeks ago.”

    “Okay you hold him off for three minutes. That should give me enough time to take out two to three of them. Once I take out two of them we switch. Lets wait a bit more before moving out.”

    “You two go take care of the three teams heading toward us,” said a feminine voice. This could only have been said by that She-male Lintian thought.

    Lintian could feel through the vibrations of the ground that the two girls were already shifting through the forest to take out the other three teams.

    “Now!” Lintian shouts through a voice transmission to Alex.

    Lintian’s cultivation flew from the second stage to the fourth stage. Lightning surges through his veins and meridian points. His dragon eyes activated. Then Lintian casts two spells on Alex and himself. This spell increases speed, strength, and defense by twenty percent. 

    Micheal and his allies instantly felt the changing flow of qi in the air.

    “He’s coming,” Micheal shouts. “You three take care of his team mate and I’ll take care of him.”

    “Isn’t it overkill for us three to fight some no name second rate school student?” The female like male laughs mockingly at Micheal. 

    Micheal glares intensely at him ready to snap but decides not too. “Melinda if I were you I would not underestimate him.”

    Rustle, rustle.

    Micheal heard a rustle and instantly his thoughts were we are under attack and a creepy smile spreads across his face like he has been waiting for this.

    Micheal saw a flash of crimson yellow flying towards him and his body simultaneously reacted to the stimuli. A small six inch knife appears in his hand as his body moves to attack the crimson yellow flash. 

    Lintian using his Dragon eyes managed to slow down the surrounding area as he sprints toward Micheal. He saw Micheal react to him and saw the knife coming out from under his sleeves. Lintian’s body arches lower the closer he got to Micheal as he blew passes him aiming for the he-she was seems to be the leader of the group. 

    A ruler size sword made from the Armament of a thousand transformation technique appears in his left hand. As the sword flows toward’s Melinda’s neck Lintian’s right hand made a couple of shurikens. As he twists his body around the shuriken’s zooms towards the other two members of this allied group. 

    The sword almost made contact with the he-she’s neck until Lintian felt and invisible resistant near that person’s neck which caused spark to fly. In a split second decision Lintian pulls the sword back and retreated a couple meters.


    An area of five feet around Melinda was decimated. This all happened in less than a second which didn't give people enough time to react.

    Micheal who was the fastest in the group was about to attack Lintian when he saw three Alexs’ come running like rabid dogs towards him.

    “Hohoho you managed to activate one of the self defense spells I placed on myself,” chuckles Melinda as she or he pulls out a fan from his or her interspacial ring.

    Lintian’s right hand surges with lightning and his left hand a kunai knife made from a mix of black flames and lightning. This was the simplified version of the mountain piercing blade. It was a high and quick attack but it lacks the ability to destroy everything in its path.

    The two men from Micheal’s team just fended off the shurikens and was about to charge toward Lintian but Lintian already disappeared into the wind.

    Lintian’s body moves forward again and this time Melinda was prepared as sound waves were surging out like ocean waves. It lacked power but it was enough to make it difficult for Lintian to get closer. 

    Then Lintian thought of a method as he used his left hand to create a vibration absorbing spell diagram. Instantly all sound were being absorbed. 

    In that split second through Melinda’s flicks his wrist containing the fan and tsunami like wave came crashing on top of Lintian’s body. The first wave hit. Lintian felt like his organs were about to explode. 

    Without a second thought Lintian’s body tune itself into the same frequency as those sound waves.

    Due to this the lightning and kunai in Lintian’s hand disappear but an even deadlier weapon appears. 

    Lintian used the God’s Art to pass through those waves as his fist gathers energy for the Soul Penetrating fist. 


    Out of the corner of his eyes Lintian saw Micheal came sprinting in as his right hand formed a lance. His speed was actually even faster than his by at least one level. Lintian has to make a decision now.

    Flight or fight?

  • Book 2 Chapter 59: Still Too Weak

    In that split second Lintian chose to fight. His eyes turns from soft brown to piercing blue. This change in color gives him the ability to see the vibration of the world. This was the reason why he was able to train in the phasing technique of the God’s Art so well. If not for this he would not be able to use it in battle so easily. He tunes his body’s frequency to Melinda’s as his body directly passes through her’s like a ghost and Micheal’s lance whistle by a couple feet from Melinda’s face.

    Lintian’s body twists around as a sword made from the thousand armament transformation technique emerges. 

    Swoosh the sword flew forward but Melinda was not afraid because his or her sound shield was going to protect her. Little did she know was that Lintian fine tune the sword to the same frequency as the shield around her body.

    Lintian’s sword passes through the first layer and then boom!

    Melinda’s body flips through the air from the impact. Alex came rushing back to tie Micheal back down.

    Lintian’s body flew towards the other three as lightning fuses throughout his whole body. Swoosh Lintian’s body speeds up a couple levels leaving the three minions unable to keep up. In less than a second Lintian’s made a one thousand pound bat out of the thousand armament transformation as he appears before the first minion. 

    This minion unleashes his full power fire attack but Lintian uses his Absolute steps that he developed to avoid his attack and unleash a swing from his bat to the back of his head.


    The guy face planted himself into the ground.

    Lintian then went onto the next person and did the exact same thing. After the second guy went down the third guy nearly wet his pants before Melinda came raging back. This time the sound waves were not just flying out in waves but instead in concentrated beams. If not for his eyes Lintian would not have been able to see it and avoid it.


    The ground exploded. 

    “I’LL KILL YOU!” Melinda’s raging voice roars over the land. Melinda glares at Micheal and shouts, “piece of trash you can’t handle someone only in the 5th stage!”

    Micheal was immediately enraged too but he kept his mind calm and retorted, “speaking of trash. You’re not even able to handle someone in the 4th stage even with the help of three others. So shut your mouth and quit nagging like a women.”

    Micheal’s probably was even through he was faster than Alex it was three on one and Alex’s clones are able to communicate telepathically. Also there was an invisible synergy like he was in some sort of formation.

    Furthermore Micheal didn't want to waste too much energy on Alex since his real opponent was Lintian.

    Lintian’s only option was to keep running since the vibrational attacks from Melinda was at the 8th stage of the Master realm. If he was to directly take on or deflect the attack he would be wasting to much energy.


    “Argh!” Lintian growls to himself as a streak of pain rush through his body. He could feel his Asura cells beginning to move. As black flames try to rush out.

    “What the hell!?” Lintian mutters to himself. Sh*t if this happens right now I will be exposed. 

    Boom! His body flew through the air as he coughs out blood.

    In that momentary lapse of control he was hit by one of those vibrational attacks. Luckily he had a qi shield on to take most of the damage but his upper right chest was still bruised.

    Lintian speeds up his thought process while calming himself down. Alright first I have to block out those cameras.

    Two spells instantly appears in his hand. These are two low level spells. One is a dust spell and the other is a low level distortion spell.

    Then he releases thousands of little qi strands to block out the qi vision. 

    Then his mind enters into his body as he tries to control the Asura cells in his body. Jet black flames began to burst out from every single pore in his body. With his dragon eyes Lintian is able to see in this illusion as clear as day.


    Lintian flew forward as his body was covered in black flames. He was trying to exhaust the Asura cell’s energy.

    “Cheap gimmicks!” Melinda roars. She like Lintian was also able to see through illusion since she is using echo location to see.

    Lintian didn't mind at all. If he was to use to a sound absorbing spell it would have taken another half a second longer and his sole purpose of these spells was to hide the black flames. Sound will only see shape and not energy and color.

    Lintian appears before Melinda. His grim reaper like hand stretching forward. The black flames absorbs the energy vibration shield Melinda made to protect herself like a sponge.

    “Give up or die,” Lintian said mercifully.

    Melinda’s face grew ugly, but even she or he can tell how dreadful this flame in front of her is. Unwillingly she activates the surrendering feature in the watch that teleported him out.

    Then Lintian spreads out the flames toward Micheal. In a way that is without control but just simply wasting energy.

    “Alex get out of here!” Lintian roars mentally.

    Immediately Alex retreated backwards and as far away as possible without question.

    “ARGHH!!!!” Lintian screams out in pain as he shut his eyes tightly. It felt like someone was drilling needles into his eyes.

    Black flames rages on inside and outside his body.

    “Alex get out of here quick!” Lintian warns out loud. “TELEPORT OUT!”

    Lintian could feel it. His teleportation watch was getting extremely hot. His body was pulsing with heat.

    Alex wasted no time at all and inserted qi into the watch and was immediately teleported out. 

    Micheal sneers feeling that Alex’s presence was gone. However he didn't know what it was but there was this foreboding sensation he couldn't get rid of. 

    The watch on Lintian completely melted away and the ground around him turns into red hot lava.

    Where is this intense heat coming from? Micheal wonders.

    Why is this happening now? Lintian wonders in his painful state. Why is it acting up so random!

    “ARRGGHH!!!!” Lintian screams out.

    “Hehehe, I found you,” chuckles Micheal excitedly. Light energy began to gather around him. The light lance that he always use turns to a concentrated laser lance. 

    You doomed yourself, he thought evilly to himself. Using these illusions, and qi to misdirect everything. Hahaha you set up the perfect scenario for me to kill you.

    Phwoosh! His body flew forward as light as the wind. He thrust out his laser lance forward aiming toward Lintian’s head.

    In that precise moment Lintian’s head suddenly look toward Micheal and his eyes which was tightly shut suddenly opened.

    His iris were crimson red and his dragon like pupils were devoid of light.

    Before Micheal even had time to react his ashes were dispersed into the wind.

    “AAAHAHHH!!!” Lintian continues to scream as his eyes started to feel the same piercing needle like sensations again. His muscles and bones felt like it was on fire.

    “Your body is still too weak,” Lintian heard an ancient voice sigh. 


    The flames rages out and shot off in a hundred different directions. Even over 30 miles away the strength did not weaken. The barrier sealing this area in was easily pierced through like it didn't even exist at all.

    “Hehehe my bloodline flows strong in you,” the ancient voice laughs.

    The dream orb bracelet began to glow blue as it shot a stream of energy throughout his body.

    The release of the black flame became wilder and wilder.


    Immediately, miserable cries sounded out from every direction. All types of demonic beast were being burned and killed to a crisp.

    In a radius of 15 miles nothing black fire rages. The barrier that kept them in was gone. The trees on fire. The ground was melting and flowing like water.

    A loud roar struck down like thunder as dark clouds loom by. This forest was in utter chaos.

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