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  • Book 2 Chapter 24: Seeing Dad Again

    Lintian’s eyes peeks open and he saw that he was in a hospital bed. Why am I in a hospital? Lintian wonders. I feel great. My body feels so light but strong and my head feels so clear but somehow my soul feels weak.

    “!!!!” Am I in the Masters realm!? Lintian wonders to himself.

    He remembers going into the woods and to that cave last night and that was it. He did not remember the excruciating pain that he went through.

    Kyuri sensing Lintian confusion mentally reached out to him. “Hey boss you awake? Something weird was happening with you two night ago. I felt part of your excruciating pain. It happened when you were making a breakthrough.”

    I don’t remember any of it, Lintian said mentally.

    “Well you destroyed a whole cave and forest…”


    “I don’t know I just felt your body qi spike intensely and then it exploded. I also felt this weird qi too but I don't know how to explain it. It felt so dark. Like it would absorb and destroy anything it touches.”

    Lintian was shocked by what Kyuri said. 

    “Oh you’re awake. Kyuri had to bring you back two days ago. Check your dantian and see what is new. I will unlock a portion of your memory so you know what happened a couple nights ago without remember all that pain that came with it.”

    “Okay,” Lintian replied obediently.

    Lintian decided to look within himself to find the answer. 

    His mind enters into his dantian and searched around. He saw that another one of the Nine Suns reserve divine ability’s seed turned into a dantian. As of now he has two other Dantians besides his original. Lintian then felt his Master Realm qi. He could feel the density of the qi and it he could feel that comparing Martial realm qi and Master Realm qi was the equivalent of comparing heaven and earth. 

    Next he looked closer at the dantian and saw traces of fire and lightning qi swimming around like fish in an ocean. Lintian then began to look for his qi dan. Since all Master Realm cultivators have a qi dan. Once Lintian saw his qi dan he was surprised. It didn't look like any qi dan that he has seen in books before. A normal qi dan is a mix of black and white. A grade 10 qi dan would look like a yin yang symbol sphere with a perfect mix and purity of yin qi and yang qi. His qi dan however was completely different. It felt like he was staring into the soul of the universe. The qi dan looked like a galaxy with the tiny dots of light and blue, red, yellow, and even green aurora swirling around. If once word was to describe it the word would be transcending.

    It also gave off an oppressive atmosphere that was suffocating Lintian. Lintian wanted to test it out, but fear kept him from doing so. Kyuri just told him that this qi literally blew up his apartment. Who knows what it will do here in a hospital.

    Lintian decided not to mess with it and return back to his body. 

    “Lintian my boy I am going to unlock your memories now.”

    Flash after flashes of memories and conversation were looped through Lintian’s brain as he remember everything leading up to it like watch a movie. He saw himself in massive pain but thanks to Rashu the pain was blocked.

    “Oh I nearly forgot I still have talk to Dr. Harris about something.”

    Lintian got off his bed. His body felt so light but was as immovable as a mountain. He strolls out the door and meets a nurse at the doorway and she greeted Lintian. 

    “Lintian are you ok?” the nurse asks.

    “Yeah, I’m fine Ms. Henna,”  Lintian replies, “actually I feel better than ever.”

    Seeing Lintian as optimistic as ever she decided not to bother him. “Well, you go ahead then and I’ll sign you out.”

    “Thank you,” Lintian waves good bye and leaves the hospital. Over the 3 and a half years that he has been awake he has been in this hospital at least 30 to 50 times. Some of the doctors and nurses practically thinks he lives here sometimes.

    Mhmm, Lintian thought. He decided to gather his Master realm qi and Emperor Step his way to Doctor Harris’s office. His qi began to gather then when he was about to use the Emperor’s steps his consciousness slips and brought him to a separate place. He was in the necklace again looking at his Dad.

    His dad still looking as lazy as ever lying on the ground like a sloth. Lintian didn't bother talking since it doesn’t matter. Due to the fact this is a memory imprint and nothing more.

    “Ah Xiaowei your back again hahaha,” Lintian’s dad Xiaotian chuckles happily.

    Lintian didn't react at all.

    “Alright, like I said before once you reached Martial realm I will teach you a new Martial art but I lied since there are a lot of things to consider but ya so you know I didn’t.”

    Yeah I noticed Lintian rolls his eyes. Get on with the martial skill already. He doesn't know why but he feels a little irritated with his dad.

    “So lets get started. Since you just enter into the Master Realm your soul is probable pretty weak but your qi is stronger than ever. Are you thirty this year? 15 maybe if you're a genius. Maybe your 20 something if you are a little above average.”

    “Just get on with it,” Lintian groans. I like talking to mom better. 

    “So I am in a bit of a rush so I haven't really thought through which techniques to pass onto you so I am letting you choose from three,” Xiaotian said grinning from ear to ear. 

    My dad is definitely stupid why have me pick one of the three? If your in a rush why would you have time to do this? 

    Three screens appeared in front of Lintian.

    [wiggling away technique]

    [Rapid Qi Bullets]

    [Qi Shock]

    Well, I don't think I will need a wiggling away technique and my soul penetrating fist is probable similar to a qi shock. So, I am left with the Rapid Qi Bullets. To be honest distant attacks use up to much qi but since I have three dantians I guess it doesn't matter. This technique seems like such a low tier skill through. Lintian thought in his head.

    Lintian was just about to click on the Rapid Qi Bullets when Xiaotian laughter echoes out, “Hahahaha, just kidding. My son can’t learn these cheap skills but you really should learn the wiggling away technique. It works wonders when you want to sneak out in the middle of the night. Come over here. I’ll impart you a distance martial skill. It has a long name through but it is a tier 5 skill called Armament of the Thousand Transformation . Just like the name suggest it is a qi manipulation technique that allows you to manipulate your qi into any form.”

    “Not bad,” grinned Lintian. Lintian saw his dad’s arm raised. A beam of light directly hits Lintian’s forehead and information upon information leaked into his head. Qi manipulation, direction manipulation, and string theory. All the information Lintian needed to use the technique.

    “Alright let me show how it is done,” Xiaotian said as he stood up and crack his neck back and forth. Qi begins to leak out of his body. Then these qi began to separate themselves into their own individual little balls. Next its shape turn into a blazing arrow. Lastly it began to rotate extremely fast and it looks like a very smooth rocket. “Use your dragon eyes if you have enter the Master realm. You should be able to see qi visibly now.”

    Lintian activated his Dragon eyes and he literally can see the qi visible. The qi that his father was releasing was like a beautiful blue lake. He could also see a dark blue qi in the center of the arrows. Then at the tip of the arrows he saw a blue qi that was equivalent to the size of a fishing line. Lintian followed that line to four different target dummies. 

    “Ready?” Xiaotian asks and releases the arrow. 


    There was a sonic boom and Lintian saw those arrows follow the fishing lines. It was so fast Lintian barely had time to react. One zipped pass his face. He could feel the full force of those arrows and felt extremely lucky it missed him. 

    “Even through this technique looks simple it is not. It took me at least a whole month to comprehend it to the ultimate form. The initial parts are easy but it lacks power. The more you understand the stronger it becomes. Right now I am at the creation level insight. I am sure you have learn this in school already. If not go ask the teacher,”  Xiaotian said calmly. “Anyway there is another technique I want to pass on to you but this martial art technique even I cannot use. So I can only pass on the information and show you inside this necklace. Your mother should have been the one to teach you this honestly.”

    Lintian’s eyes grew to the size of a watermelon. What kind of sacred martial art skill is this, that his father can’t even learn it. His father was a genius in the family. He was also known as the phantom thief. He would be able to steal his opponents martial skill in the middle of battle. There were no martial arts he couldn’t learn just ones he doesn’t like to learn.

  • Book 2 Chapter 25: Legacy

    Lintian had this highly anticipated look in his eyes. Something my father can’t even learn. What kind of Godly skill is this?

    “This technique is still in its development stages. Your mother and my friend Bartho something was developing this technique. She really should be the one to teach this,” Xiaotian sighs lethargically. “Anyway I will start with the basics. In this modern era there is a theory going around about nuclear fusion. It’s been proven to work theoretically but the energy it takes to cause a nuclear fusion is more than the energy it creates. But the cool thing is did you know that our sun is apparently powered by nuclear fusion. I was kind of shocked when your mom told me hahaha. I was like get the fuck out you lying to me.”

    Lintian had this excitement dancing in his eyes. His brain was going I will complete this.

    “Anyway, for this technique to work you would have to provide a large enough jolt to get it started. UGH!” Xiaotian rages. “I can’t F*CKING EXPLAIN THIS IS TOO COMPLICATED WOMAN!” 

    Wow? Lintian thought. 

    “Anyway go find this Bartho guy or something. He should probable have developed this technique even further since it has been at least a lot of years by now? Many years? Maybe 20 years since its creation? Maybe thirty I don't know how talented you are.”

    Lintian rolled his eyes. How did my mom end up with him? This guy is all over the place.

    “Oh let me give you an image of him,” Xiaotian suddenly thought. He snaps his finger and a guy identical to Mr. Harris appears. Lintian’s eyes nearly popped out from this coincident. 

    “He should be in the United Nation continent if I am right. That was what he told your  mom and me before he left. I can’t pronounce his first name so I usually call him Harris,” Xiaotian chuckles, “he would get so piss every time. He’s a good guy through. Even through his cultivation was slightly weaker than mine he saved me multiple times. One hell of a spell master through.”

    Slightly weaker? Lintian thought and was beyond confused. The Mr. Harris I know is only in the martial realm. There’s no way he could be in the Heaven’s or King’s realm. Wait could he be? Lintian ponders to himself. I always thought that his knowledge made up for his weakness in cultivation. Could he be suppressing his cultivation?

    “I don’t know your situation right now but try to get a plane to the United Nations and go from there. He likes to teach kids so he might have become a teacher, but to be honest he is sometimes even lazier than me. Um lets see to be honest this is kind of like finding a needle in a hay stack. Try to get your uncles to help you find him. I think Ming might have his cell transmission number.”

    “One more thing. When you have a chance go to the Zhang family treasure room and look for a black box with gold engravings. Then put in the code 24234825319875109580928941 and a drop of your blood on it. Thats all for now, see ya.” Xiaotian said and waves his hand. 

    In an instant Lintian felt his whole body being pulled back at an incredible speed. 

    Lintian’s body shot up. He looks around and he was back in the hospital again. It was dark in this room. It seems to be night time. Back to sleep Lintian thought.

    The next morning Lintian checked himself out of the hospital again. This time he went straight to Dr. Harris’s office without any problem. 

    Knock, knock, knock.

    “Come in,” Dr. Harris shouts out.

    Lintian opens the door and walks in. He took a seat opposite to Harris.

    Harris rubs his temples and asks, “Lintian what the hell did you do?”

    “I,” Lintian began before he was stopped.

    “Do you know you basically just challenged a Master Realm cultivator in the 7th stage?” Harris said sternly and can’t believe Lintian did something this stupid. “You’re not even in the MASTERS REALM YET!”

    “I just broke through three days ago,” Lintian interjects out in defense.

    “Wait what?” Dr. Harris said flabbergasted. Without Lintian noticing he released some qi to inspect Lintian. 

    “Yeah, it was in the middle of the night. It was that night I came to you in the middle of the night.”

    “Anyway that was still extremely stupid of you. You might have entered the Master realm but he is in the 8th stage. Even with your ability and battle prowesses the highest you will be able to beat is stage 6. Furthermore it is in 1 month!” Harris sighs. Harris was piss because of Lintian’s declaration everyone at the competition will target him.

    “I know. I was caught up in the moment and got carried away. I should be able to raise another stage within this one month.”

    Harris sighed and said, “Its fine. Lets do everything we can. Right now you don’t need to worry too much. Surprisingly Alex managed to break through two stages within the last week. He can act as buffer for a bit.” Harris contemplated to himself.

    “WHAT REALLY?!” Lintian gasped in surprise, “thats amazing! I didn't even notice it at the birthday party the other day.”

    “Never mind that. We need to get you prepared.”

    “Oh Dr. Harris I don’t know how to bring this up but I got a question,” Lintian began.

    “Oh what is it?”

    “Do you by any chance know a man name Zhang Xiaotian and his wife Zhang Linmei?” 

    Harris looks at Lintian suspiciously. He knows those names one hundred percent. They were his best friends but why would Lintian be asking this?

    “Why are you asking?” 

    “Well, you see they are my parents.”

    “What?” Dr. Harris said in surprise, “repeat, that one more time?”

    “They are my parents.”

    “No way!” Dr. Harris shouts in disbelief. He could tell Lintian wasn't lying but this coincidence was just too much of miracle. Considering how large this world was it was like winning the megamillion ten times in a row. “Your name is Wei Lintian. I checked your background and there was nothing amiss.”

    Lintian began to explain the circumstances and everything that led up to it. Harris listened very attentively and tears rolls down his eyes.

    “Your parents were good people,” Harris sniffed.

    Lintian then chose his words carefully and said, “And I was shone a photo of you yesterday and realize that I already found you.”

    “So your mother and father wants me to teach you the fusion technique?” 


    “It is incomplete. It will be dangerous to even learn at this phase. Its different from element and qi fusion. I understand that you inherited your father’s knack for martial art skills but this technique is different. The risk level of failure is similar to the soul penetrating punch except failure results in…” Knock, knock, knock. That sent a chill through Lintian’s spine.

    “My father said that it has been at least 15 to 16 years since he last saw it and was hoping you advanced it some more.”

    “It is not whether about how much I advanced it or not. The whole concept cannot even be tested. How do you suppose for a technique to develop? If it was before I might have tested it on you,” Harris said the last part guiltily. “And I wouldn’t care if you.” Knock, knock, knock. 

    “Except now that I know you are Linmei and that bastard’s son I can’t possible do that.” 

    Lintian grinned a bit and asks, “did my father offend you somehow?”

    “Offend me no. We were friends when we were little and was always competing with each other. I was more of a serious student and he was basically a clown. Funny thing was we both went to Tian Academy. Even through he jokes around and was basically a playboy when it came to what matters he always pull through,” Harris sighed. 


    “Well you see,” Harris said and began to play with his fingers and his face turning bright red.

    “What am I suppose to see?” Asks Lintian.

  • Book 2 Chapter 26-Nuclear Fusion First Stage Absolute Zero 

    “Lets just say we put hoes before bros,”  Harris laughs awkwardly.

    “Oh.” Lintian said catching the drift. He already had a feeling earlier but he kinda wanted to see Harris squirm a little bit for fun. “Anyway how far did you develop it so far?”

    “I finished the first stage and tested it out on 12 people but it messed up their meridian points really bad. Thankfully I was able to repair it but it still slowed their cultivation by a whole year. Still working on a theory for the second phase. I have a plausible theory but I don't know if it will work.”

    “Then teach me the first stage,” Lintian said excitedly. He knew that Harris would not say he is working on the second stage without finishing the first.

    “Did you not hear what I just said?” Harris said looking at Lintian like he was dropped on the head when he was a child.

    “Yeah I heard you said you were working on your second stage already so the first stage must be finished already.”

    “Yes, I finished the first stage already but do you know the reason why I am only in the martial realm right now?”

    “You tried the first stage on yourself and failed?”

    “Yes and no. I succeeded but the biggest problem was my meridian points and Dantian were not able to contain the excess qi that was created from the fusion and I also did not developed execution part of the technique therefore no way to release it fast enough.”

    “What do you mean? Can’t you just use your most powerful attack waste it?”

    “Think of it this way if you have a pool and it has a hole what do you think will happen to the water inside the pool?”

    “It will leak out of the hole.”

    “Now what if you add water into the pool at ten times the rate the pool is leaking water?”

    “Eventually the pool will be overflowing with water,” Lintian said and suddenly realized that if the pool was the dantian then when the qi is flowing out slower than it is gaining that it will naturally explode like a balloon with to much water.

    “Get it now? I swear you were smarter when you were 8,” Harris laughs, “but anyway I had no way to release all that built up qi and was about to die by explosion until I used a spell formation to absorb all the excess qi except due to my anxious mind at that moment I cast the spell at a higher intensity than it should be and caused an out flow of qi. I managed to deactivate the spell caused my meridian point to be messed up. So right now I am in the Martial realm while I restore my meridian point.”

      “I see but right now I don’t think I got a choice,” Lintian said helplessly. He could still remember back to the time during his childhood when he absorbed that wolf. That danger and intense dread but the desire to live knowing his will die. Over the years that feeling lingered and unless there were strong emotional desire that fear has always held him back to do anything extremely dangerous. When he was at the party he thought a part of it through. Lintian believes that with his abilities he can get into the third stage of the Master Realm in a month if he absorbs enough demonic beasts.

    “Fine I cannot believe I am doing this but the first step shouldn’t be too much of an issue.”

    “Follow me,” Harris sighs.

    “Alright!” Lintian said excitedly following after him. For some reason when it came to new martial skills Lintian always feels like a little kid again.

    Harris then brought out a silver jewel key from his interspacial ring. Harris channels his qi into the key looking object. In the next second the space in front of Harris began to warp. Another second went by and the warping hole became a solid looking door. This solid looking door was made out of glass. There were no frames or anything. 

    The moment the door appears before Harris he thrust the key forward and the glass door condensed outward. In the middle of that door was a picture of a mountain landscape. In this landscape there was a sky blue river. Trees that were actually dark blue instead of green and brown. The dirt on the floor were purple in color.

    “What is this?” Lintian asks in a flabbergasted tone. 

    Seeing Lintian’s surprise face Harris felt a little bit special. “Its called a dimensional pocket. Those in the Titan Realms are able to create special dimensional pockets for personal use or battle. It is a divine ability for entering the Titan realm. World Construction. Work hard, with your talent you will get there one day.”

    “Wait you’re not in the titan realm are you?” Lintian questions as his eyes grew bigger and bigger.

    “Haha sadly no. My current cultivation is only in the Heaven’s realm.”


    “Come on lets go. The time dilation is still only 1 to 1,” Harris said walking into the  dimension. “The better dilation ones are too expensive.”

    “Ok,” Lintian replies following after him.

    The moment Lintian steps through the door Lintian felt his whole body nearly sank to the floor.

    “Oh right nearly forgot to mention the gravity here is 8 times stronger than normal. For the next 20 days you will practice the first stage here. This will help you strengthen your body and stabilize your qi.”


    “Come over here,” Harris commands.

    Lintian walks over to Harris. He felt the pressure of having his weight increased by 8 times his usual weight but it was still manageable. This was thanks to his Asura body and Master realm qi circulating his body.  

    A 30 page book appears in Harris’s hand. Lintian looks at the title. Nuclear Fusion First Stage Absolute Zero 

    “Dr. Harris is this the first stage?”

    “Yes, take the time and read it.”

    Lintian sat down and opens the book. Inside were diagrams of the human body, the circulation of qi and all sorts of explanations. 

    After skimming through it Lintian began to read it in detail. Rashu appears behind Lintian and was also reading it. The idea of embodying the theories of Nuclear fusion in a living being was quite interesting.

    After spending an hour studying the Absolute Zero stage Lintian got the basic idea down. 

    After reading it Lintian himself summarizes it. 

    “So basically I need to be able to empty my qi to the point of absolute zero?” Lintian asks.

    “Yes and no. You don't really get rid of all your qi but you do need to freeze your qi to the point of absolute zero,” explains Harris.

    “But the book says to empty your qi so there is zero movement of qi in the body. Until it becomes an empty vessel.”

    “Yes, but it is a bit coded so just listen to me. I will explains the parts where the book does not explain. The more qi one has the harder it is to slow down their movements. Thank of this in terms of temperature. If you have a large room that is hot and has a lot of moving molecules in an area it would take more energy to calm them down than needed. Therefore you have to be able to release excess amount of qi and only have the needed amount in the body that you can freeze to absolute zero.”

    “Sounds annoying to do.”

    “It is a little. I’ll demonstrate it for you,” Harris said. “Hit me with the strongest Soul Penetrating fist.”

    Lintian raises his eyebrow and asks, “are you sure?” 

    “Of course.” 

    “You do know that I am in the master realm now right?” Lintian asks to reassure him.

    “Lintian it doesn’t matter what realm you are in come.”

    “Okay then,” Lintian replied. 

    Lintian jumps a couple feet back. Then a couple steps back because the gravity was a lot heavier here so he didn't jump back as far as he liked. 

    “Ready?” Lintian yells. “I’m going to use the fourth stage of the soul penetrating fist!”

    Harris’s face flinches for a milli of a second but calms himself down again. Originally he thought Lintian was just going to do stage three not four but if his student wants to go all out who is he as a teacher to stop him.

    Fire and lightning gathers around Lintian’s right fist like a hurricane. Three spell formations appears on his arm. In 1 second the technique was complete. Lintian has successful fuse the lightning element, fire element and his qi together. 


    Lintian explodes forward and realizes he was going a lot slower than before. Harris jumps a couple feet back and his hands came together into a triangle position like he was trying to catch a football. The area around him became hot like the Sahara desert. His body on the other hand was become cold like the Arctic.

    Lintian thrusts his fist forward. Along with a dense influx of wind. 

    Harris caught Lintian’s fist.

    Lintian’s eyes grew wide in surprise. His entire attack was being sucked right out of him. It was like he just shot a nuke into a bottomless pit hole. 

    Lintian’s dragon eyes activated instantly to see the flow of Harris’s qi. He saw his own qi the incomplete fusion of lightning and fire entering into Harris’s body and then entering into his meridian points. If this was any other person doing it their meridian point and arm would have been turn to dusk.

    Lintian’s powerful attack travels along Harris’s meridian channels like tamed puppy being led along.

    Lintian also realizes his qi was losing momentum and power. Once it reaches Harris’s dantian it was frozen solid. Harris’s own qi then begins to occupy the same space Lintian’s qi was occupying. Then boom fusion of the two qi began. Lintian didn’t see what kind of trick Harris employed to start the fusion reaction of Lintian got the gist of it.

    Lintian jumps a couple steps backward.

    Harris’s body surges with power.

    Lintian could see a foreign white qi in Harris’s body filling up all his meridian points. Then a powerful force exploded out from Harris’s body. Lintian felt like just slammed into a brick wall and took a couple steps backwards. Then this energy actually exited through Harris’s body through the arms to form to bright white flaming lotuses in the air. This white lotus felt deep like the ocean and mysterious like the cosmos to Lintian. The heat and energy it gave off felt like nine suns revolving around him. Yet it was freezing cold to the point that it was burning hot. This baffles Lintian. How can it be hot and cold?

  • Book 2 Chapter 27: One Mind As Two

    “This first stage is the power of Absolute zero. This second stage is the manifestation of the white lotus. Combine it is the first phase of the nuclear Fusion. You cannot have stage one without two since you will self implode without the power to release the energy. Your mother actually came up with this second stage but sadly she never did get to test it out. Come fight me and see how powerful this technique is.”

    Lintian could feel the overbearing pressure coming from that white lotus but every cell in his body felt excited by the challenge. He felt the scorching cold heat coming from those two lotus.

    Lintian body explodes with power from the master realm. The void sword appears in his hand. Black flames erupts from his body. Noticing the black flames Lintian controls it to cover the edge of the sword.

    Lintian was quite surprise since this was the first time he actually consciously control this flame. Originally he was just releasing his qi but somehow the black flames came forth. 

    Mhmm. These black flame actually follows my thoughts pretty precisely Lintian thought to himself. 

    Lintian bother with spell formations since he can never compete with Harris in that field. Lintian just simply activated a couple formations that enhance speed and body strength.


    Lintian disappears from his original spot and the void sword flashes forward like the waning moon. 

    A white lotus emerges from the area that Lintian’s sword was going to hit. A metal on metal sound screeches out followed by an explosion. 

    Lintian slides backward. The white lotus was still spinning in the air. Lintian’s face frowned. This lotus’s power was actually quite strong. In that one exchange Lintian notices that the white flames actually snuffed out his black flames. In Lintian’s defense this was the first time he used the black flames.

    The two flame lotuses flew into the air and began to spin like a top while spitting out fire balls.

    Lintian used his Emperor’s step and Dancing Moonlight martial art technique to dodge all those fire balls. The problem came after Lintian realizes that Harris switch from focus fire to random fire making his Dancing moonlight skill useless. 

    Thanks to Lintian’s nimble movements he managed to dodge all this fireballs. Lintian then swings out his void sword sending out a wave of black flames. Due to the large quantity of black flames the white flames were not able to snuff it out in one attack.

    Once more Lintian managed to close in upon Harris as his void sword surge forth again.


    A white sword suddenly emerges in Harris’s hand as he blocks Lintian’s void sword.

    Lintian could see that Harris was still completely calm. Not a single flutter of emotion could be detected on his face. From the looks of things Harris wasn’t even trying.

    Lintian’s sword attack’s speed increases exponentially. If anyone was to see Lintian’s they would be a bit surprise because the level of Lintian’s comprehension of the sword was almost at the level of one with the sword. The levels of understanding could be classified into 8 different comprehension levels. Initial, well-versed, mastery, one with the sword, Truth, one with the world, creation, and finally Dao domain. 

    Normally one would reach the Dao domain level at the Ancestor Realm. They will only be a bit surprise since a lot of geniuses would reach the truth level by age fifteen if they start practicing the sword by 10. What they don’t know is that Lintian has only practice the way of the sword for three years.

    As Lintian’s sword speed increases and the angle of attacks becomes more profound Harris could not help but smile in his heart because through this battle Lintian’s growth rate just became exponential. All the experiences that Lintian accumulated during their adventure, and learning were now being fused, adapted, and applied. 

    Lintian on the other felt that just using one sword felt limited. There were many combinations he wanted to try out. While his right arm wields the void sword his left arm felt empty like a piece of him was missing. It felt like his left arm was just sitting there. 

    He didn't feel this way before but ever since Lintian broke through to the Master realm he felt that his soul was weaker but somehow stronger. The strength of the soul was reduce by a half but its’ efficiency has more than tripled. His soul was at the stage where one mind is two. Meaning he can divide his mind into two. Basically speaking he can draw two complicated simultaneously one with the left hand and one with the right hand. For normal humans trying to draw a square with the left hand and a circle with his right is already a challenge but for Lintian due to his soul’s improvement in efficiency if he tried to draw two different pictures simultaneously it would be as easy as walking.

    Right now every single time Lintian sees an opening his left hand would form a sword through the armament of a thousand transformation martial skill. Except his comprehension of the skill was still too weak and the formed sword only has power equivalent to a stage three Master realm attack. Furthermore the strength and power  the White Lotus that Harris formed was equal to a King’s realm cultivator. 

    Lintian attack keeps on getting stronger and stronger. Every minute that passed Lintian’s body would get more adapted to the gravity and his attack strength would increase. If before his attack strength was at the same level as a stage 6 master realm expert then by new it has reached the 7th or 8th stage. This was due to his comprehension of the past experience in the training of his void sword. 

    Harris on the other hand was just happy and excited for Lintian’s growth. He has not even once tried to attack for real. He was adjusting his strength to the perfect level for Lintian to surpass in every attack. In a way he is guiding Lintian’s growth right now.

    Lintian on the hand was growing more flabbergasted by the second. How is he able to keep up? My Dragon eyes are able to see his movements clearly and I have been able to adjust every single one of my attacks to his weakest points but he is still able to effortlessly defend. Is his cultivation really limited to the Martial realm? 

    If this is the way it is I’ll up my strength then, Lintian thought and half his mind went into his Dantian and fuse his two extra dantian to his original. 

    Lintian’s strength quickly rises from stage one to stage three.

    Harris wasn’t that surprise since he already knew Lintian’s ability to raise his strength by one stage. Harris quickly increase his battle strength too. 

    Lintian’s eyebrows creased together. Even with the increase in strength Harris was still one level stronger. Furthermore it looks like he was still holding back. Lintian also noticed that Harris was guiding him. Harris was just giving Lintian enough sense of danger where Lintian cannot lose focus or else he will be injured. 

    Furthermore Lintian can endure pain but it doesn’t mean that he likes pain like some psycho. So he tried his best to keep up and surpass Harris. With the increase in strength Lintian was able to try out even stronger combination but it was all for nothing since Harris was like a bottomless abyss to the current Lintian.

    Lintian decided not to just depend on his sword attacks and cultivation anymore and instead activated stage one of the Divine Lightning Body God’s Art. Lightning surges through every single one of his veins and meridian points. 

    Boom! Lintian’s speed increase by 15 times his normal speed or 3 times his maximum speed. Lintian knew that he would only able to maintain this speed for approximately 10 seconds.

    Strangely enough Harris was still able to keep up. He felt Lintian’s surge in elemental qi and acted accordingly.

    In a single second with they were exchanging about 30 moves before but they are now exchanging over 90 moves a second.

    10 seconds passed and Lintian’s speed reduced back to his normal speed. By this point Lintian jumps a couple feet back to get his equilibrium back. Lintian was breathing heavily and that technique just now took a huge toll on him. Imagine the difference between jogging 200 meters and sprinting at maximum speed. Right now Lintian not only sprinted at maximum speed for 200 meters but compressed all his energy into completing 200 meters in the fast time possible. In other words Lintian took all his energy and compressed it to be use for a duration of 10 seconds. Which allows him to increase his body potential power 15 times.

    The sad reality that Lintian didn't understand was while Harris’s cultivation may have been suppressed to a mere Martial realm cultivator, but his experience and body was still a Heaven Realm cultivator. Therefore in terms of speed, reflects, strength, and mental agility Harris was still vastly superior to Lintian. Not only that but the nuclear fusion technique gave him energy that is equivalent to a King’s realm cultivator of the second realm. With all these combined Lintian battle strength was equal to a baby going against a full grown healthy adult. 

    “Not bad, not bad,” Harris praised. “Even if you're not able to beat a king Realm expert you would still be able to escape.”

    Lintian was still gasping and catching his breath. “How were you able to keep up?”

    “The white lotus that you saw earlier is a combination of your qi and my qi. About 100 years ago were able to quantify qi. Right now it takes 4 moles of external qi and one mole of internal qi combined to create one pure yin yang qi. This lotus qi is made of yin yang qi thats why you felt that it was hot and cold.”

    “Oh,” Lintian replies still breathing heavily like he was on the verge of collapsing.

    “The downside is the danger that this technique creates if you mess up. If it is not fused right the external qi that you absorbed would wreak havoc on your internal organs. It is like invited a hungry wolf into a cage full of lambs with no way for you to control the wolf.”

    “Oh. If there is a phase one is there a phase two? Because from the looks of it just have phase one already look like a complete martial art skill,” Lintian asks while breathing deeply to catch his breath.

    “No,” Dr. Harris replies as he releases his Nuclear Fusion qi into the air. “This is only the beginning. Right now this is just raw energy.”

  • Book 2 Chapter 28:Two Lives

    “Lets not worry about the complete stage of it yet. Lets focus on the now. You have to face that Micheal Valiant kid in about a month and if I remember correctly he is in the 7th stage of the Master realm and he is a light elemental cultivator. Therefore his speed is probable greater than your’s. Your biggest advantage is now gone so what are you thinking of doing?” Dr. Harris asks Lintian. 

    “Mhmm, if I think about it even through my speed is suppressed I find that my attack power might be greater than his,” Lintian said out loud. “Especially since I broke through to the Master realm.”

    “That is true. Due to your duel element your martial techniques will definitely be stronger but it is useless if you can’t hit. Also in this competition, poison, hidden weapons, and weapons that contain strength beyond the user’s capability is also forbidden.”

    “Its fine as long as there are no King realm participates whoever wants to beat me will have to pay a price,” Lintian said confidently. Before Lintian even broke through to the Master realm he could already deal with an average stage 4 master realm expert. Now that he is a master realm expert himself with the ability to increase his cultivation stage by two realms dealing with those average Master realm cultivators will be a piece of cake. Lintian felt confident in dealing with average cultivators up to the tenth stage of the Master realm. This is because even through those student cultivators are the top of the class in a first rate school it doesn't mean that they are the cream of the crop. Furthermore this is the United Nations which only has average cultivators. In the Nations competitions they rank 23 out of the 242 nations on this earth. Even through Lintian is confident in winning there are always exceptions so Lintian does not dare be arrogent. This is because if he meets a genius or those with legacies or has had a miraculous event happen to them then it will be tough to deal with.

    “Lets not waste time and start the training. We will first strengthen your meridian points. Asura meridian points are already strong but it is better to be safe than sorry. We will spend 5 days on strengthening it. 1 day on rest and the rest of the 14 days mastering the first phase of the Nuclear fusion technique,” Dr. Harris said and glances at Lintian. He saw that Lintian was squirming about like he has something to say. “What is it?”

    “Um I was wondering,” Lintian said a little bit embarrassed.

    “Spit it out.”

    “The name nuclear fusion sounds a bit boring would you mind if I change the name of the skill?” Lintian asks shamelessly. 

    “Who cares if the name sounds boring?” Harris said rolling his eyes.

    “Well, if I want to yell it out for the audience to hear,” Lintian said and blush tomato red.

    “This is not some cartoon where idiots yell out secret techniques out for their enemies to hear,” Harris face palm himself thinking Lintian was gonna say something important. 

    “Fine,” Lintian said mischievously.

    “First step is to strengthen your meridian points. Circulate your qi through your meridian points and increase the strength of the flow to the absolute limit,” Harris instructed.

    Lintian followed his instructions and did just that. This practice strains his meridian points but this exercise is similar training one’s muscle. Exhaustion and rest.

    For the next 5 days Lintian did just that. 

    Today was Lintian’s day of rest except that was not what Harris has in mind apparently. On the day of rest Lintian had to do soul training. For 24 hours Lintian sat in the lotus position and trained his soul through the Nirvana soul nourishment cultivation. 

    On the seventh day Lintian finally began his real training.

    “You feeling alright today?” Harris asks.

    “Perfect,” Lintian replies.

    “Ok, do you still remember what I did?” 

    “A good amount but I think you did it a bit to fast through.”

    “No problem. Pay attention,” Harris said and got into a stance. His hand came together parallel to his chest in a catching a football kind of way.

    Lintian activates his Dragon eyes to make sure he caught every single detail.

    Harris’s qi began to leak out of his body. It was like someone drip food coloring into the water from the way qi was leaking out from his body. 

    Once there was only 1 out of a million strand of qi in his system Harris’s body became colder and colder as that strand of qi movement came to a stand still.

    After that Harris’s hand became a suction and the qi that was originally released began to be suck back into his body.

    “Thats it. Practice the releasing and freezing step. I’ll be back tonight to check up on you. I still have to get Alex ready.”

    “Ok thats fine but can you ask the principle if they found my foster parent’s whereabout?” Lintian asks. 

    “Keep practicing. If she finds them she will naturally tell you,” Harris said and brought out that key again and left.

    Feeling a bit dejected by the answer Lintian got into the same stance as Harris.

    Rashu watched the whole scene and was a bit surprised by this skill because it was something he had never thought about before. Even through the power level is still a bit weak right now compared with some of the skills he knows the fact of the matter is that the profit is still pretty great even if the risk is high. With this skill it is like you have two lives. It is basically used as a last resort when a person runs out of qi. 

    Lintian felt that his situation was a bit special. Since he has three dantians right now then he has to release three times the amount of qi as the average person. Not that he is complaining or anything. 

    Wait why don't I just exhaust myself while practicing my skills? Lintian thought to himself.

    Thinking of that he got back up into a regular stance. Then he started to practice his attacks. The final stage of the soul penetrating fist. Then he practiced his attack the Armament of a thousand transformations. Finally he practiced the strongest martial skill he has. Lintian can only use this skill twice a day. Using it twice would already cause massive strain to his body and a third time would leave his body injured for a whole day.

    Finally Lintian was nearly out of qi. After that Lintian began to release the rest of the qi in his body and tried to cool down the qi in his dantian to zero. 

    As the day hours pass by Lintian was getting closer and closer to zero. If anyone was to check him right now they would have felt Lintian’s body being as cold as ice. 

    The grass around him were all frozen. The area was like the cold arctic. 

    “Hey Lintian,” Rashu voice chimes in his head. “I think you did it wrong.”


  • Book 2 Chapter 29:Control Heat

    “The way you are doing it right now is very different from how that teacher of your’s did his. The heat in his dantian seems to be released outward. You are absorbing the heat from the outside and then changing the course to one dantian and then using the difference in temperature to cool your dantian,” Rashu explains to him.

    “I know but it is a lot harder than it seems. I thought I can take a shortcut. I don't cultivate water qi so there is no way I can just simply cool my dantian without take this extra step. Also I specialize in fire and lightning which are both heat base qi,” Lintian sighs. With his high perception he already realized it but there was no other way that he can think of currently.

    “Well you don't have time to cultivate water qi into your system. Not only that but until your spirit is born there won’t be any improvement to your perception of the elements. I’m surprise this teacher of your’s did not notice this problem you have.”

    “He probable did and intentional not tell me. Probable trying to kick me down a notch. He likes it better when I struggle a bit. He thinks having someone telling me the answer will limit my growth in the future. It not a bad way to teach I guess.”

    “So he has a plan for you? Your tight on time and he is gonna be stingy about this?” Rashu comments.

    “For now there is nothing I can do. I’ll just have to try different methods out to get a result similar to his.”

    “I’ll give you a hint,” Rashu’s smiling voice rings in Lintian’s head. “Control the heat.”

    “Control the heat,” Lintian murmurs under his breath.

    The concept of heat is from high to low. Lintian applied this concept earlier. The way an air conditioner works is because of a coolant in the pipe. The coolant would absorb the heat and the fans in the ac when then blow the heat out. This is why Lintian said he needed to cultivate the water qi. Water qi allows you to create ice. Therefore with water qi Lintian’s coolant would be the water qi. Right Lintian does not possess water qi at all.

    “Control the heat,” Lintian ponders.

    Smack! Lintian’s hand hits his forehead. “Of course!” He shouted out loud.

    “I can simply go to the Arctic and hunt down a demonic beast that has a divine ability for controlling heat or creating cold.”

    “Eh, Lintian that is not what I mean,” Rashu said awkwardly. 

    “Yeah its a dumb idea,” Lintian replies realizing why it was dumb. Since he read a lot up on demonic beast he knows most of the informations about demonic beasts. This is because the weakest demonic beast with divine ability is tier 6, a lower King realm demonic beast. A divide ability is different from a genetic ability. For example Kyuri’s ability to blend into the back ground is a genetic ability while the nine sun reserve ability from Rashu is a divide ability. Both are inherited but one is blessed from the heavens while the other is blessed by the earth. 

    Furthermore demonic beasts that possess a divide ability are not actually called demonic beast. They are called bloodline beast. Demonic beasts refers to an animal that can cultivate qi through the use of a demonic core. A bloodline beast on the other hand are much more rare and they have intelligence equivalent to a human. Kyuri and Rashu are both categorized as a bloodline Beast. Now the difference between a demonic beast and bloodline beast asides from the divine ability is their cores. You can remove a demonic core from a demonic beast without killing them but doing so is the same as killing them anyway. For a bloodline beast the core is basically their heart. Once removed they will die. Inside the body the core will be like a heart and the blood and qi will flow through them. Once it makes contact with the naturally air they will crystallize. Lintian can of course find a baby bloodline beast but killing a child is just cruel and unusual.

    Lintian sat down onto the ground and began to meditate over a couple ideas. He would imagine the scenario and the results from those experiments. An hour passed and then three more hours passed. The day became night.

    Lintian slowly opens his eyes. He still has no idea what he should do.

    “Since I can’t think of anything I am gonna cultivate for a bit,” Lintian sighs. He reaches into his interspacial ring and brought out a tier three demonic core.

    Lintian then begins to suck the core dry. As he was sucking it dry and idea flashes before his face. Controlling heat. Thats what he meant by controlling heat.

    Heat is just a type of energy that is given off when there is a chemical reaction, Lintian remembers Dr. Harris teaching him during chemistry. Hmm if I can use my qi to create fire then I would technically be releasing the heat from the qi.

    Lintian got up and began to agitate his fire qi in his system. Then he used his qi to light a fire on his hand. The fire burned above his hand. 

    Lintian’s face turns into a frowned since he realizes that he was actually burning his own qi along with it. Lintian begins to go through several self thought out methods of releasing qi but none of them were quite right. Either it works but the rate of speed is way too slow or it doesn't work at all. Normally this kind of experiment cannot be done without a master supervision since the chance of a cultivator messing up their own meridian points is high. Except with Rashu watching his system the chances of that happening is slim to none.

    After another hour Dr. Harris came back. He wants through the portal bring with him a giant metal stick and a bunch of silk shirts and pants. 

    “Whats that?” Lintian asks.

    “Its for your training,” Harris grins mysteriously.

    “With a giant metal stick and silk clothing?”

    “Yup,” Harris said and throws the giant metal stick onto the floor. Then he brought out something clip those silk clothing into the air. Now they silk t-shirts floated in the air like ghosts. 

    “Alright Its all set up now,” Harris said happily as he claps his hand together in success. 

    In front of the giant metal stick looks it looks like someone was hanging out their silk clothes to dry.

    “So how much have you learn from my performance earlier?” Harris asks.

    “Not that much,” Lintian replied a little dejected. “I have the general idea but the process of cooling down my qi I have not been able to get pass. I don't believe I possess the abilities necessary to cool it down to absolute zero or close to in this case.”

    “Its alright I didn't think you would get it any way. It took me a while to get pass that part anyway. It would have require years of research. I am going to give you the methods now but you will still have to work hard and master it.” Harris flicks his hand and a tiny spell array forms in his hand.

  • Book 2 Chapter 30: 70 to 75 percent My *ss!

    “A spell array? Like a cooling spell array?” Lintian questions.

    “Yes this is a rank two spell array,” Harris answers flexing his hands. The spell array rotating around his hand like the moon orbiting the earth. Then he flicks it toward Lintian. 

    Lintian releases his soul energy and caught it.

    “Study it while I explain,” Harris said.

    “Ok,” Lintian answers and parts of his mind began to dissect the rank two spell array apart. 

    “This array is not an attack array. It is a dissection array. I reformed it into what I call a laser wave array. It took about two to three months for me to complete this array. The laser that I programed it to send out will be in waves. It allows the user to control the frequency of the laser frequency. For this to work you will have to find the right frequency for your qi. Once the frequency is sent in the qi inside your body will release the heat that it possesses. Which in turn would cool it down without losing all their energy,” Harris explains and then makes another array out of thin air. This one was huge. Visibly it stood about 8 feet high and wide. Inside Lintian saw about at least 16 other arrays working together in harmony. “This array is called the fusion array. You will create this array in your dantian. Once the qi is frozen solid you will use your mental energy and move the qi into this array. After that when you absorb the opponents energy you will also use your mental energy and bring it into this array. Once this array activates it will smash the two energy together and creating a fusion of pure yang and pure yin qi. Once these two combine together you will feel the hot and cold effect like before.”

    Lintian’s eyes grew wide in excitement. His body trembles in excitement.

    “Study this array too. I’ll give you 5 hours to study both arrays. Just a warning. Do not try to absorb energy one whole realm higher than what your current soul tier is. Even if you can fuse it the fusion array will be a complete mess and break down. Once that happens the foreign qi will wreak havoc inside your body,” with that said Harris disappears into the distance land.

    Lintian sighs to himself and that thought that absorbing energy 9 stages higher than his current soul rank is already more then godly enough. Lintian sat down onto the ground and begins to study the two arrays. Lintian found both arrays extremely fascinating. It was something he never thought of before. It was using light waves. By using tuning the array it also tunes the light waves that it sounds out. Little by little Lintian was beginning to understand the method. By using a light wave frequency that is lower than his qi he would be able to draw the heat energy away from his qi. While if he increase the intensity of the frequency to be higher than his qi then his qi will naturally heat up. With this method he can actually increase his fire style attack by a whole new level. 

    For the fusion array it was even more profound. The array purifies the qi into their most basic essence of yang or yin. Each individually small array has their own purpose which corresponds with the overall array.

    Lintian could have just taken an hour to have a complete grasp of the array but he wanted to completely understand and know the cause and effect so he used all five hours leaving him no chance to actually practice it out. 

    Harris pop back out of nowhere while Lintian was still absorb in studying the arrays.

    “Alright show me your insights into the arrays,” Harris commands.

    “Ok,” Lintian replies respectfully. Lintian got back up and a whole bunch of spell formations flew out. These formations then began to combine and fuse together. In another second the Laser wave array was composed. In another second it began to work and sent out a frequency. This was a low light frequency targeting the lake. In a mere fifteen-seconds about half of the lake was frozen.

    Harris’s eyes nearly pop out of his head. What the hell is wrong with this kid, Harris thought to himself. I know its only a rank two array but it has only been 5 hours since I gave him the array to study. Furthermore I gave him two arrays. He must have spent all 5 hours studying this array and didn't focus on the fusion array. He is happy that he has such a talented disciple but isn't this a little too much of an exaggeration? 

    “Not bad,” Harris compliments, “how about the fusion array?”

    “I only managed to understand about 70 to 75 percent of it so I don’t know if I can complete the array perfectly.”

    “No problem show me what you have learned so far,” Harris said calmly while in his mind he was thinking. Only 70 to 75 percent my ass! It took me a whole two years perfect it and 15 years of spell array knowledge to complete it and you're telling me it took you five hours to completely learn the laser wave array and 70 to 75 percent of the fusion array? Mother f**ker what kind of little monster are you?

    With Harris’s poker face on Lintian was not able to read any of his expressions. Lintian raises both hands and began to formulate the fusion array. This one took a whole lot longer to form than the laser wave array. The laser wave array compared with fusion array was like child play. After a whole minute Lintian managed to form a somewhat decently balanced fusion array. It wasn’t perfect but with a few tinkering it would be operational.

    Harris began to study the fusion array Lintian made and was bit shocked. It was actually 82 percent of completion. By this rate if I give him another 1 hour to study it then wouldn't he master both arrays in six hours? Harris thought to himself.

    “Take another hour and complete the rest of the array. I’ll give you this to study,” Harris said and sends Lintian another array but he didn't tell Lintian that this one was actually an improved version. It was a rank 4 array. For every rank a spell master rises this array would also rise up a rank unless the user intentionally suppresses it.

    “Okay,” Lintian replies and went back to studying it. To be completely honest Lintian didn't really learn the whole array but he was able to copy the array. Copying and understanding are two different factors. Even a monkey could copy but the fact of the matter was Lintian’s copy was near perfection even if he didn't completely understand it. Lintian however did manage to understand 50 percent of the fusion array and 90 percent of the laser wave array. 

    Lintian spent the next hour studying up on the arrays. After that his mental energy was spent and he doze off into a deep slumber. His unconscious mind was actually also studying up on the array. For tonight Lintian did not enter his dream orb and instead sleep. While the dream orb is a treasure for martial training it requires the use of mental energy to use and right now Lintian was completely spent of it.

    The next day Lintian spent about 3 hours tuning his laser wave array to his qi. After that he manages to practice the laser wave array on his qi and even got the cooling time down to 8 seconds. For the whole entire day Lintian just practice cooling his qi down. It was only after 3 days did he manage to cool his qi down to absolute zero is one-tenth of a second. 

    Then for the next 16 days Lintian focused his heart into mastering this technique. Lintian barely slept at all. During the night time he would practice his sword, martial skills inside the dream orb. By day he would practice the first stage. On the last 4 days of the 16th day Lintian was actually practicing the manifestation stage. The white Lotus. 

    There was actually still 6 days left before the competition but it required 2 days of travel and just to be safe Harris did not want to take the chance of being late.

    “Come we are leaving today for the capital today,” Harris said to Lintian.

    Lintian who was still in the white lotus stage got up and releases all his Pure Yin yang qi into the air.

    “Okay, but you promised me that the Principle where tell me the whereabouts of my foster family,” Lintian reminded Harris.

    “She will. She already found them and will tell you on the way there. For the last 6 six days I want you to absorb demonic cores to raise your cultivation,” Harris said. 

    “I don’t think I will be able to absorb enough demonic cores to raise my cultivation to stage two in six days.”

    “By my estimates you need at least 13 upper master realm cores and a lower king realm core to raise your cultivation to stage two. Or 67 upper master realm cores but I don't think we will be that lucky. Luckily I have a lower king’s realm demonic core with me and I managed to convince the principle that if she gave me 13 upper master realm cores I would help her refine a King’s realm demonic core for her to absorb.”

    “Isn’t refining a demonic core really annoying to do?” Lintian asks.

    “If your like me no,” Harris laughs and opens a door to the real world.

    (So I didn't want to spent 2 to 3 chapters talking about his 16 days of training so I condensed it to like 3 paragraphs. Hope this doesn't annoy anyway =)

  • Book 2 Chapter 31:Location

    After leaving the pocket dimension Harris brought Lintian to a large bus that was ready to leave. They were all going to the capital. There were actually 5 buses. Each were the size of a double decker bus. 

    “Harris, Lintian you’re finally here,” the principle yells from the other side. 

    “Hey Jenny!” Harris waves back.

    “Why are you always late?” Jenny snaps back at him when she arrives in front of him.

    “Principle Garner,” Lintian greets. 

    “Lintian how are you?” Jenny Garner replies sweetly and gently. Her personally took a 180 degree turn between Harris and Lintian.

    “Hey Jenny maybe we should get on the bus before talking,” Dr. Harris interjects.

    “I know that,” she snaps back at him and pinches Lintian on the cheeks. “Just checking up on my star pupil.”

    “Alright, alright, alright,” Harris said rolling his eyes.

    Once they were on the bus Principle Garner brought Lintian and Harris to the back of the bus where they walked up the stairs onto the second deck of the bus. On the second floor of the bus it was basically a room. There was a table and a bed.

    “Why is there a bed here?” Lintian asks.

    “Gotta make sure our star is well rested,” Principle Garner answers.

    “Oh…” Lintian answers awkwardly and looks around a bit.

    Seeing Lintian acting all awkward and whimsical Harris decided to take the initiative. “Hey Jenny do you want to tell Lintian about where his parents are?”

    “Oh right, right. I nearly forgot,” Principle Garner replies. “Sit Lintian sit down first.”

    “Ok,” Lintian said and sat down on a chair.

    “Like we agreed before I will tell you about your parent’s location and every single detail I have found, if you enter the top five of this competition furthermore as an incentive I am putting forth a Flanagan Plume Fruit. The value of this fruit to cultivators under the King’s realm is priceless. It will directly raise your strength by 50 percent. So if you can lift 1000 pounds right now then after eating the fruit you can lift 1500 pounds.”

    “Wow,” Lintian answers with his jaw dropping to the floor. 

    “The effect decreases as your cultivation rises. In the King’s realm the effect is only 5 percent of what it would be in the Master realm. Furthermore if you’re an alchemist master then you can directly use this fruit to refine a pill that can double your strength.”

    Hearing that both Lintian and Harris eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. 

    “I’ll only give this to you if you can get number 1 in the competition.”

    Lintian and Harris both glance at each other and they seem to be secretly communicating.

    We’re getting number one!

    Seeing their expression Jenny couldn't help but chuckle.

    This chuckle woke up Lintian from his day dream.

    “Principle Garner if I may be so rude as to ask. Is it possible to provide proof?” Lintian asks.

    “Of your parents or the fruit?” 

    “My parents.”

    “Sure,” Jenny said and waves her hand. A picture flew out from her interspacial ring. She then injected soft qi into the photo and flicks it towards Lintian.

    Lintian saw every single one of those movements and caught the photo. If it was just any normal stage one master realm cultivator trying to catch that photo just now their hand would have been sliced in half.

    Jenny Garner silently praises Lintian for his reaction speed, and perception. 

    Lintian didn't feel anything from that I knew that she was just testing him. Lintian looks at the photo and saw that his step parents were in this photo. They were both wearing a kimono and was in some kind of festival. His step mom had a long and dejected face like she wanted to be home. There were twenty-two continents on this planet and over 100 countries. The chances of Lintian pinpointing his parents country location from the photo were slim. Since he recognizes the Kimono as from a Japanese tradition and from the fact that Lintian knew they were from the Japan continent helps him narrow down the search but without a large network agency it will still be hard to find in Japan. Since the continent of Japan was the size of China. 

    In that continent there are also 6 countries competing for dominance. Therefore it will take a while even with the internet to find them. Not because they are not on the internet but because there are over 40 families with the Tsukino family name.

    “Top five?”

    “Yes, and if you snatch first place I’ll gift you the Flanagan Plume Fruit.”

    “Why is it call flanagan plume fruit?” Lintian asks.

    “Because the person to discover it was Henry Flanagan and he is also a very self conceited person. Plus he is long dead so it doesn't even matter.”

    “Why don't you use it for yourself?” 

    “Like I said it is useless for me. In the King’s realm the effect is only 5 percent. If it was 20 years ago I might have considered it,” as she admits that she flicks her wrist again and a bunch of demonic cores came flying out. “Harris said he will help you refine these thirteen demonic cores for you to absorb.”

    “Yes, I did say that,” Harris chuckles. “Jenny I think you should let Lintian begin the cultivation now since every second is precious.”

    “Yes, yes you’re right. Lintian I will be going now,” Jenny said.

    “I’ll see you later then.”

    Jenny turns around and went back downstairs. Harris waves his hand and the walls of the room flashes white. 

    “I have sealed the room so no one can get in or out. All the energy will be trapped in here so there will be no waste,” Harris explains. 

    “Lets begin then,” Lintian said smiling as he picked up a demonic core. It really was an upper master realm demonic core. She must have spent a fortune on these. 

    “Hey boss are you going to let that dream orb absorb all those cores or can I eat some?” Kyuri’s voice rings in Lintian’s head.

    “I’ll probable put two in the dream orb and let you eat the rest.” Lintian mentally replies.

    Lintian picked up the first one and began to absorb the qi from it. There was no point in using these cores to open up meridian points since he would require at the very least 200 upper master realm core to open his next meridian point. Therefore it is more useful to absorb this energy and refine it to boost his strength.

    The bus ride took about four days and in those four days Lintian absorbed 9 of those cores. He could have absorbed more but he had to make sure there were no side effects and solidify his base each time he absorbs one.

    The bus arrives at the entrance of Washington DC the capital city of the United States of Ameri continent. 

    “Everyone we have arrive!” the bus driver shouted through her intercom. 

    “Everyone in a single passage line and come out!” A chaperone yells. 

    Inside the room Lintian was calmly absorb the qi in the surrounding air. The density of the qi in this room was quite thick from four days of bus ride. It honestly would have been faster if they took a plain but apparently Principle Garner was too cheap and wanted them to take the bus to save money. Surprisingly she did save about seventy-thousand qi stones which would be enough to buy yourself two tier five demonic cores. Lintian didn't mind since he got his own private room Kyuri on the other hand was mad and kept cursing at the principle for being cheap because he ran out of food on the second and starved for two days because he could not go out to hunt. The rations they gave Lintian was not enough to support them both but they did share half and half. Normally Kyuri would be able each a whole cow by himself.

    “Cheap ass,” Kyuri’s voice rings inside Lintian’s head. Lintian chuckles to himself as he got off the bus.

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    Book 2 Chapter 32-Mercenary Registration 

    “Welcome to Washington DC City!” the guard at the front of the entrance greets. 

    As Lintian came out of the bus he glances at the giant magnificently shiny metallic wall that engulfed the entire city. On the surface of that wall Lintian notices there was a glister that was reflecting some of the sunlight right off of it. 

    Harris noticing Lintian checking that glister out immediately said to him, “that is a grand spell formation that is placed to protect the city. The glister you see is due to the reflection of light. The strength of that formation could withstand a blow or two from a titan realm cultivator.”

    Lintian couldn't help but admire this wall. Still he was a little perplexed. If the wall was so great can’t cultivators just fly over it? Once a person reaches the Heaven’s realm they have the ability to fly.

    “Haha no one is gonna be able to fly over it. The formation is a dome shape. The wall is actually behind the formation. While the formation is power there are still ways around it if you are intelligent enough. The wall increases the difficulty of getting a giant army in,” Harris calmly answers Lintian like he knew what he was thinking.

    Before Lintian even notices he was at the front of the line.

    “Here is your limiter,” the Guard said handing Lintian two bracelets. Lintian accepted the limiter and puts it on. Like the name suggests the Limiter suppresses a person’s cultivation. This Limiter was actually able to suppress a person from releasing even a whiff of qi. With a limiter on it is even possible to make a King Realm Cultivator into a mere refinement realm cultivator. Furthermore a more powerful limiter could theoretically reduce a King’s realm cultivator to become a mere mortal. 

    These limiters only work on King Realm practitioners and lower because their spirit soul has not been born yet. Once the spirit soul is born they cannot be suppressed by a limiter. Another thing is even if a limiter works on Heaven Realm cultivation is doesn't mean that a Heaven realm cultivator would willingly accept it. Since in this vast world they might not stand at the top but for this portion of the continent they are the supreme existence here. The probability of an individual being a Heaven realm practitioner is 1 in a million. This probability might be different in an extraordinary large clan, or sect but among average cultivators of the world this probability is already quite decent.

    The moment Lintian place those limiters on he could feel his qi being suppressed but then it stopped like it was just doing a diagnostic. It turns out that even through the limiter is placed on an individual the limiters will not suppress a person's cultivation until someone with the clearance activates it remotely. The limiters work by actually absorbing and using the absorbed qi to power itself.

    One by one the students and elders of the school puts on the limiter. Even Principle Garner had to put one on. Only after that was everyone able to enter the city. Due to this the city lord had absolute control of the city. No one unless you are in the Heaven’s realm will be able to revolt or cause a disturbance. This is because with everyone’s cultivations limited the police force of this city sat at the top of the city food chain.

    Even through this is true this is still the capital city therefore there are many Heaven realm cultivators residing here. Especially since the United States of Ameri’s first rate middle school competition is going on right now. Therefore many elders and principle are here as spectators or supporting their school. Those elders and principles are generally in the King Realm or Heaven realm. 

    Too make sure there will not be a huge disturbance incase of feuds the city lord even invited an Ancestor realm powerhouse to help oversee this event. 

    “Are their anyone with companions or pets?” the guard asks loudly. “If so come forward now.”

    Lintian, seventeen other kids, and a bunch of teachers came forward. They all brought out their beast box and the guards specifically place a beast seal on the box. This seal just prevents the box from being opened inside the city.

    The principle and Harris shows the guard some kind of badge and did not have too.

    Once everyone puts on their limiter and the beast box were all sealed the bus proceeded into the city where they head for their inn. It was another 30 minutes later when they finally arrive in their inn.

    Lintian got his own private suit along with Alex and their third participant. 

    “Hey boss why can’t I get out of the box?” Kyuri asks mentally.

    “There is a beast seal on the box right now. I’ll try and get it removed later.”

    Once Lintian got into his suite he began to unpack most of his belongings. A few second later Harris came through the door.

    “Dr. Harris hi,” Lintian greets.

    “Hi. Does Kyuri want to come out?” Harris asks.

    “Yeah, why do you ask?” Lintian asks.

    “Haha because my companions were like that too when I first came to capital with my companions.”

    “Oh, so do you know how too?”

    “Its simple actually. You just have to join the Mercenary group here in the capital. Those who join will have the special privilege of bringing out their companions in the city.”

    “Then why doesn't everyone just register so they can release their pets?”

    “The reason is because every year you have to do a mission or missions that would net you 25 contribution points. Furthermore you have to pay a fee of 500 qi stones a year to be a mercenary in the USA or else your badge would be terminated. Furthermore once your badge is terminated you cannot reapply for one without going through the hassle of doing missions and a fine of 1000 qi stones.”

    “That doesn't sound so bad.” Lintian was thinking of applying and never coming back. Furthermore Lintian didn't know when but his back account suddenly jumps from 7000 qi stones to 207,000 qi stones overnight. He just assumes it is from Katrina paying him for the job, which it was.

    “I’ll head over there right now then. Kyuri is dying to get out,” Lintian laughs. “I’ll see you later.”

    “Oh before you go I need you to give this to someone at the Mercenary Headquarters,” Harris said as he brought out a 3 by 2 inch chip. “Give this General Headstone at the Mercenary Headquarters. Tell him it is from Songbird and you can do it after you get your Mercenary badge since only mercenaries are allowed to enter the inner parts of the headquarters.”

    “Okay, anything else?”

    “No that will be all. Might want to hurry they close in 2 hours. Here is a map of the location,” Harris warns as he sends Lintian the coordinates.

    Lintian’s watch beeps for a second and the map appears before Lintian. The map shows that the Headquarter was actually only 30 minutes of walking distance from where they were now. 

  • Book 2 Chapter 33:A Sheep Provoking a Sleeping Tiger

    After Lintian left the inn it took Lintian about 25 minutes of leisurely walking to arrive at the Mercenary Headquarters. The building was huge. It was in a dome shape form and at the top of the dome a metallic v shape sail was placed across it. Just from looks alone it has this magnificent but domineering aura to it like some majestic bloodline beast.

    In front of the entrance to the door stood two golden Griffins with azure blue lines spiraling around it’s claws and neck. Even through it looks like a dead object Lintian felt that these two objects were not that simple. This is because the moment Lintian arrive he has already activated his dragon eyes. He saw that there was a faint soul energy surrounding the Griffin statues. His eyes were still too weak to discern the spell formations placed on these griffins. Furthermore this whole dome were full of different kinds of spell formations and qi.

    From Lintian’s dragon eye perspective the flow of qi and spell formations were like a symphony of a grand concert. 

    While it took a while to describe Lintian was only stunned for a second before opening the door and entering. Inside the mercenary headquarters it was quite chaotic. There were numerous people coming in and out of the place and every dressed in all sorts of outfits. This is because while this area is the mercenary headquarters it was also the area where mercenaries come in to turn in their missions or take up missions. 

    Therefore the upper echelons of the Mercenary Headquarters decided to make some money off of these mercenaries and put in a bar.

    From what Lintian could see every one in here were at least 30 years of age and were big and burly. It looked like a gathering of gorillas. The smell of cigarette and alcohol were very strong here.

    Lintian scan the area and found the registration booth. Luckily it was empty and no one was registering today. There were actually no age restriction on registrations. Even if you were a baby you can register. Of course the requirements is that this baby is strong enough to complete 25 contribution points worth of missions a year.

    Lintian effortlessly weaves through these over grown gorillas and arrives in from of the registration booth. The girl behind the booth looks to be in her twenties and was quite decent looking.

    “Hi Miss I would like to register to become a mercenary,” Lintian said politely. 

    “Huh?” the mid twenties girl at the booth responded. She looks at Lintian who looks like he just hit puberty a year ago. “Sorry what was that again?”

    “I would like to register to become a mercenary,” Lintian said again politely. He wasn't offended that the girl treated him like that because truthfully Lintian knows he is a bit young to be here. He is not even fifteen yet and he still had a childish look to him even if he was very mature mentally.

    “Oh sure no problem. Do you have the 500 qi stone registration fee?” The girl asks regaining her composure. It wasn't any of her business who signs up and who doesn’t. “Just a heads up. You will need to be able to complete 25 contribution points worth of missions each year to retain your mercenary badge. It would be better if your cultivation is at least at the Master realm before registering.”

    “Thank you for Miss’s advice but I would still like to sign up now,” Lintian reassure her.

    “Hahahaha the mercenary headquarter sure is cunning,” a husky voice resounded next to Lintian. “Even a little runt who hasn't even hit puberty is allowed to register. This is really a disappointment and a blow to all the mercenaries here.”

    Lintian glance to the side and saw a 6 and half feet burly individual with a smug face staring him down with disdain. Lintian didn't want to cause a commotion since he just arrived so he decided to ignore him.

    “Just ignore him. He is a trouble maker here,” the girl behind the counter told Lintian. “There are seven levels to the badge which one would you like?”

    Before Lintian had the time to respond the loud husky voice spoke again. “Ignore me? I’m a trouble maker? Hahaha thats a laugh. You can clearly see this kid hasn't even grown balls yet. Probable still sucking on mommy’s breasts for milk.”

    “I would like the level that would allow me to release my companion in public,” Lintian calmly said pronouncing every letter and syllable carefully so the girl behind the counter can hear him over the burly man’s loud voice. Furthermore with each passing second Lintian’s nerves were itching to give this guy a beating. Lintian looks at his facial expression but all he saw for some reason were joy and contempt mixed together. Really weird.

    “Haha you want to release your pet in public? Hahahaha tsk tsk tsk a momma’s boy indeed. Now that I take a good look at you your mom must look pretty decent herself. How about this you let me f*ck her a couple times and I’ll help you complete a couple missions. Hahaha oh better yet I’ll bring a group of my friends and we can have a good time,” this over grown idiot laughs.

    Lintian’s eyes gleam with a dangerous glint to it. His eyes were like a tiger locked on to their prey and ready to pounce any second. Lintian retracted that gaze because he remembered that he was here for a competition and his cultivation and everyone else’s cultivation here were suppressed. If he makes a scene now who knows what sort of situation will sprout out from this, but he cannot take someone insulting his mom or people who he cares about lying down. What kind of man would he be if he did. Lintian made a mental note of this person’s appearance and aura. If he ever meet him again he will make sure to make this person’s life a living hell.

    The burly man didn’t like the way Lintian’s eyes were looking at him.

    “What are you going to do about it?” he said giving Lintian a push.

    “Hey bastard don’t go to far!” the girl behind the counter said icily to him. 

    “Me go to far never,” he smile.

    Lintian took a step back when he was pushed. His cultivation was suppressed and this man’s physical strength was definitely double Lintian’s or maybe even triple. What purpose does he have picking on me? Lintian questions himself mentally still trying to stay calm.

    “Boss why don't you beat this b*tch?” Kyuri questions Lintian.

    Lintian still trying to keep his anger down didn't respond. Lintian tried to stay calm.

    “Don’t go to far,” Lintian growls at the burly man.

    “Hahaha what are you gonna do about it?” the man kept provoking pushing Lintian again. “Your dad must be a huge cower to have raise a cowardly b*tch like you.”

    This was really like a sheep provoking a sleeping tiger.

    This was the final straw that Lintian could not take. Insulting his mother already push Lintian to the brink of the edge but now insulting his father by calling him a coward has tipped him over. 

    “You want to fight?” Lintian asks coldly. If it was anyone that had a bit of a brain he would have felt that the Lintian right now was exerting an insane amount of killing intent. 

    Most of the veterans in the headquarter could feel the  killing intent being emitted from Lintian but they did not interfere. This is because they all enjoy a good show. Especially if it is free and it doesn't involve them.

    “Fight you?”

    “Do you dare or not?”

    The man narrows his eyes, “why wouldn't I dare.”

    “Hey if you want to fight there is an arena downstairs. There are referees down there if you want to bet anything too,” an energetic man shouts out.

    “Do you dare or do you not?” Lintian asks again coldly.

    “Of course I dare but I want your interspacial ring and necklace,” the man sneers.

    “Little boy don’t do it he is Tyler Alika and is in the fourth stage of the Master realm. Even if his cultivation is suppress just his physical strength alone will put you at a disadvantage,” the girl behind the counter warns kindly. “Your in the Mercenary headquarter right now even if he wants to do something he can’t. Don't give him a reason too.”

    “Thank you for your warning but I have to do this. He insulted my parents and as a son I can take whatever is thrown at me but I cannot stand here and take these insults thrown at my parents,” Lintian said and turns toward the brawny man. “I won’t kill you but I will make you regret ever saying those words.”

  • Book 2 Chapter 34-Leading a Wolf in Sheep clothing into a Group of Sheep

    “Hahaha this little pussy has got some guts. Don’t regret this. Follow me and your daddy will show you what pain is,” Tyler Alika laughs as he turns around waiting for Lintian to follow.

    Among the crowd the mercenaries were whispering to each other. 

    “This kid is dead for sure.”

    “Sigh he is so young too.”

    “Is this kid retarded? Did his parents drop him as a baby?”

    “Should we help him out?”

    “The f*ck? Do you know which guild he is from? He’s from Sumirika a rank 8 guild in this city. Unless you don't want to stay in this city anymore I suggest we just go watch.”

    “Brother will he be ok?” a girl that was about seventeen asks a scholarly young man with refine looks.

    “Mhmm I think this kid will give this Tyler guy a run for his money,” the scholarly young man laughs heartily. 

    “Should we help him?” the girl asks.

    “For now no. With those limiters on it is annoying to scan a person’s cultivation but its always a good idea to establish a link for now. I’ll probable bet some money on the kid later if that make a betting ring for this match. Lets go check what the odds are.”

    “Brother really! Your gonna gamble in this kind of situation.”

    “Little sis you gotta learn the best time to make money is when there is a problem,” he laughs heartily and grabs his sister’s hand.

    Lintian still coldly stares at Tyler but he had a playful smile on his face. As Tyler walk away Lintian follows.

    As he was following Tyler he suddenly heard a calm voice. It was not to deep and it was full of warmth.

    “Little brother, I am going betting some money on you later so try to win. If you think you are going to lose raise your hand in battle and I’ll come rescue you.”

    Lintian scans the room but couldn't find who sent the voice message. This voice message is sent by using qi energy. It directs the vibration of the sound released in a specific direction. He turns on his dragon eyes to look for a qi flux.

    “Little brother if you understand tap your nose twice.”

    This time Lintian using his dragon eyes and found the source of this voice. It was a scholarly looking young man and next to him was a girl slightly older than Lintian himself. The couldn't be said to be a beauty that will cause Kingdoms to collapse but she was still quite beautiful indeed. 

    Lintian smiles and sent a voice transmission back at him, “How should I address you sir?”

    The young scholarly man had a surprise look on his face but calms down extremely quick and laughs to himself like he just heard a funny joke. 

    “This little brother can address me as brother Yan. How should I address little bro here?” the young scholarly man replies.

    “This little one is called Lintian. Thank you for brother Yan’s concern. If it is not too much to ask would you be willing to let me borrow and empty interspacial ring that you might have? If it looks like mine it would be great?” Lintian asks politely. Lintian has a weird feeling about this whole situation and has a feeling he might need an extra interspacial ring. Then Lintian caught himself, why am I asking him for an interspacial ring to help?

    “Little bro sure is funny,” the voice laughs. “I will sent a person to you right now with it.”

    It took about 5 minutes they finally arrived in the underground duel arena. The brawny man went over to the desk and told one of the booth ladies there about the duel. The lady then called Lintian over to confirm. Lintian confirms it and brought out his interspacial ring.

    As Lintian looks around he notices something peculiar. While everyone has a greedy face there was a group of 10 individuals setting up a betting table. Then Lintian notices one of the guy in the group. It was the same man that yelled out about the underground battle. Lintian couldn't help but get this feeling that he has been tricked. Then a sudden thought dawn on him. 

    Lintian chuckles a bit to himself thinking of that possibility. It really is leading a wolf in sheep clothing into a group of sheep. They might think they are the wolves leading a sheep to their dens but I am actually the wolf being lead into a group of sheep.

    Lintian realizes there is a possibility that this Tyler purposely provoked him. Then have his friend called out the duel arena to cause him to challenge him to a duel. This way it would look like it was Lintian’s idea for the duel but in reality that is what he wanted all along. They prey on the weak but sadly today the prey becomes the hunter.

    “Little brother would you like me to help you place a bet for yourself?” this warm voice asks.

    “If it is not too much to ask would you be willing to tell me the odds of the bet first?” Lintian asks.

    “Little bro Lintian the odds are 1 to 200. If you win the amount of money you bet will instantly multiple by 200. If he wins within the 5 minute time limit the people who place their bet on him will only get 3 times of what they betted. So the betting ratio right now is 3 percent hoping you win and 97 percent hoping you lose. These ten has register this betting table with the administrators so there is no way people can run or cheat the money. Would you care to make a bet?” Yan asks.

    “Yes, I would like too. Can you bet two hundred thousand qi stones for me. If I lose I will definitely pay you. Many thanks in advance brother Yan,” Lintian said in the transmission. The reason he placed a bet is because he might as well make some money right now. 

    “Alright and good luck. If you need saving I will come right away and you just need to stay alive for 5 minutes and you will win 10 times the amount. Stay alive for 10 minutes the amount is 30 times. Win it the amount is multiple by 200.”

    “Thank you. Actually before you place the bet can you tell me how much the total bet is for me to lose under 5 minutes and how much the bet is for me to win?”

    “Currently from what I can tell it is 1.3 million to 43 thousand.”

    “Keep me posted until the final ten minutes and I will tell who to bet on. Another two question through.”

    “Go ahead ask away,” Yan replies amusingly.

    “How is a winner determined?”

    “When either you or him is knocked unconscious.”

    “Ok cool also if he doesn't have the money to pay up what would happen?”

    “For him to make a pot this big down here he has to have enough money to cover everything.”

    “Good and can you keep track of everyone who betted for me?” Lintian smiles evilly. 

    About another 50 minutes went by and the betting table were calling for any final bets.

    “The total right now is 249 million on your lost under 5 minutes. 1.9 million on your win.”

    “Bet on me losing under 5 minutes and tell the people who betted for me to switch over and if they don't listen then it is their lost,” Lintian replies smiling like a devil thinking you want to play with me lets see how your daddy plays with you.

    About another ten minutes pass before Lintian and Tyler were both called up onto the stage. 

    “Hahaha little p*ssy, it is not to early for you to admit defeat like a coward right now or I might have to rough you up a bit.”

    Lintian rolls his eyes already noticing his play on words before his tongue flew like a professional piano player, “hey over grown gorilla if you have the ability just stop talking and fight. Just listening to yelp already made me want to kill myself. No wonder you have such a big mommy issues. Did your mommy not loved you enough as a kid? Oh wait did she run off to become a prostitute because your too god damn ugly.”

    “You’re courting death,” Tyler yells out. Inside he was extremely happy because if this kid really did admit defeat he would lose a lot of money.

    “Whats with the clique lines. You’re courting this you’re courting that. No wonder your girl friend left you too. Your intelligence is at the same level as a goldfish and your face is uglier than a hippos butt. Also you reek of sh*t,” Lintian shouts back. He was also receiving information about Tyler from Yan at the same time. The power of internet is really wonderful. 

    “I’m gonna enjoy ripping you a new hole!” an enraged Tyler shouts.

    “Hurry it up. Your grandpa doesn't got all day.”

    The arena lit up brightly and the limiters on Lintian and Tyler’s hand deactivated.

    “Huh?” Lintian gasp in surprise. He originally thought that he was gonna have to fight with a stage one martial realm cultivation base but he was fine with that. With the limiter gone Tyler’s cultivation rose up to the fifth stage of the Master realm. 

    He is a stage 5 master realm cultivator? I thought he was only stage four Lintian thought. Oh well this doesn't make much of a difference anyway. 

    As Tyler charges over Lintian already began to circulate his master realm qi all over his body.

    Not even three hours with the limiter and its already deactivated Lintian chuckles to himself. 

    As Tyler charges over his body began to emit a fire like glow. 

    The crowd gasp in surprise. He is already activating a fire element martial skill against a fifteen year old boy? Does he not have any shame?

    Lintian looks at him in disdain. This fire was clearly for show. Any true expert can see that this fire was only capable of some third degree burns that can easily be healed by some second rate pills.

    If you want to play I guess I will play with you Lintian muses to himself. He smiles a wide grin that gave the audience a shock.

    This kid is probable so scared he went retarded on us most of the audience was thinking.

  • Book 2 Chapter 35:Evening Things Out

    Tyler lashes out on Lintian but Lintian saw that his movements were so slow it was like waiting for a turtle to crawl to you. It was powerful but slow. Lintian simply steps to the side and dodges. The fist and flame whistles pass him but due to Lintian’s great affinity with fire the heat was of no consequence. Especially when this fire can only cause some superficial third degree burns on martial realm practitioners.

    Tyler himself was trying to drag out the time to five minutes so he would win the most money from the bets placed before the match. Tyler already heard the sound transmissions from his friend. 99 percent of the people place the bet on him winning under 5 minutes. The ratio was 255.3 million to 130 thousand. If he drags out the time to 5 or 6 minutes then the 255.3 million would lose and the 130 thousand will be multiplied by 10 and he would net a profit of 254 million. This was a great scam indeed. With his 10 friends combined getting a loan from the Shark he has enough to cover everything.

    Lintian dodges again but this time Lintian’s fist flew as quick and agile as a snake jabbing Tyler right on the left side of his face. A tiny bruise appears on Tyler’s face.

    Lintian frowns and said, “f*ck your face is too uneven let me even it out for you.”

    Another fist flew out and jabs him right on the left side of the face.

    Tyler staggers backward all confuse. What the hell?

    “Mhmm the left side seems to be bigger than your right side. Let your grandpa here fix it for you,” Lintian contemplated out loud.

    Tyler flew into a stormy rage as pure flames envelopes his body. This place would definitely kill a martial realm cultivator in a couple of seconds.

    He threw another punch forward but Lintian dodges again and a jab went pow toward Tyler’s face!

    The right side was hit again!

    “Fuck!” Lintian shouts and spins to the left dodging yet another flaming punch by Tyler while the back of his hand flew toward Tyler. 

    Smack! This rang loud and clear to the audience. Those ten friend of Tyler’s face sunk. The crowd went dead silent since they betted all their money on Tyler.

    The left side of Tyler’s face burns bright red with a hand print. 

    “F*ck!” Lintian swore and smack him on the right!


    Smack on left!

    “Ugly ass b*tch!”

    Smack on right!

    “F*ck you’re still ugly!”

    Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

    “Who the f*ck are you!?”

    Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack!

    “For my mom!” Lintian yells and launches a kick toward his balls.

    “This is for father!”  Lintian yells kicking him right in the lungs.

    “This is for being ugly!” 

    Smack! Smack! Pow! Smack! Smack! Smack!

    The crowd was basically dumbfounded right now. What the hell is going? It felt so one sided just now. Some of them were thinking who the f*ck made them switch to Tyler.

    “You f*cking c*nt your gonna let a kid whip your ass like a h*e mother f*cka!” a crowd member shouts.

    “Piece sh*t can’t even handle a kid!”

    “F*ck you and your family!” 

    The crowd flew into a rage at the sight of this match.

    Tyler’s friends face turn completely white like they just saw the reaper of death.

    Only two minutes has passed since Lintian started his beating.

    During all these slaps and punches Lintian has only infuse 1/100th of his qi. It did enough damage that it cause pain but it wasn't enough to knock Tyler out due to Tyler’s size and built. 

    Lintian punches him right in the guts and as Tyler’s body lurch forward Lintian a slap came flying across Tyler’s face like the morning sunrise. 

    Throughout this whole process Yan was laughing out crazily. Even through he betted 3 million qi stones on Tyler he doesn't even care right now because this match was an extremely amusing show. It was entertainment at its best. The other mercenaries did not think so through. They did not have that much money too spare.

    As for those who didn't switch over they were so happy they felt like they were in a dream betting on the underdog. 

    At the four minute mark Tyler’s face was so bruised that his mother probable can’t even recognize him anymore. It was black and blue with the colors of the rainbow. The people who on betted on Lintian losing was now extremely worried. Their hearts were pumping like a rapidly beating drum. Sweat were coming down their forehead.

    Tyler staggers around in a daze. Another 30 seconds pass without Lintian pounding on him and he came to his senses.

    The moment Lintian saw that he smiled a devilish smile. The clock hit 4 minutes and 40 seconds.

    “I give up!” Lintian shouts out loud.

    “YEAH!” the crowd cheered out. “HAHAHA we’re rich!”

    “I just tripled my wealth!” another person shout out in joy. 

    “This little boy is the man!” another shout out. 

    “Whats his name?” another asks.

    “Lintian I think?” someone answers.

    “Lintian! Lintian! Lintian! Lintian! Lintian! Lintian! Lintian!” every cheers in unison.

    The ten scammers however had an extremely ugly face right now. They were ready to vomit blood and have their intestines explode! 

    Tyler however was still quite daze and couldn't comprehend what has happen. Even through he came to his senses it was his sense to fight not comprehend. He looks around in a daze thinking why the hell is everyone cheering?

    Lintian walks down the stage to collect his money. Everyone made room for him since this kid right here was their gold mine. Tripled their wealth in less than 10 minutes.

    “F*ck! If I knew this was gonna happen I would have betted everything,” some of the people grumbled. Others were just happy they won but still even through some of them were grumbling they were happy they won.

    “Hahaha little bro that was a classic,” Yan voice transmission sounds toward Lintian. “If you ever need a sparring partner come find me. I’ll be in the city to watching the first rate school competition.”

    “Then I will have to bother brother Yan to watch after me then,” Lintian replies.

    “Hahaha little brother Lintian come upstairs.”

    Lintian went upstairs and found the scholarly youth with his sister.

    “Little bro Lintian come over here,” he said in a voice transmission while waving to him.

    Lintian lightly jogs over to them. 

    “Brother Yan how are you?” Lintian said warmly. He doesn't know why but from the moment he heard his voice till now Lintian couldn't help but feel a sense of intimacy. Like he has known him forever.

    “Good, good, good. You just made me an extra 6 million qi stones hahaha,” Yan said and then brought out six hundred thousand qi stones. In his hand were six golden stones. These six stones were bright yellow. “These are worth 100 thousand each stone. Here are six of them. I should advise little brother Lintian to open up a debit card with the Mercenary association when he go get his Mercenary license.”

    “Thank you for brother Yan’s advice but I original borrowed two hundred thousand qi from you to make the bet. Therefore I should only receive the difference which is four hundred thousand.”

    “Hahaha no need to be so polite,” Yan said patting Lintian on the back. “From the moment I saw you I knew we were gonna be great brothers whats a little two hundred thousands qi stones to me when you helped me make 6 million qi stones in under ten minutes. Think of it this way if you didn't tell me what to bet on then I would definitely have lost two million qi stone.”

    “What about the interspacial ring I took?” Lintian asks.

    “Think nothing of it. Interspacial rings can be brought for as little as 10k a brother like you is priceless.”

    The girl next to him smacks her own face seeing her trying to con a little boy’s emotion. Good intentions but it seems a little overly friendly to the point if someone didn’t know any better it would like a grown man leading a child into his van.

    Lintian saw that he could not change this person’s mind so Lintian decided to accept.

    “Then I will thank brother Yan for his gift. If there is anything I can help with thats within my power then I will definitely help.”

    “No need to take it so serious. Come I’ll help you get your Mercenary license,” Yan said warmly.

    “Then I will have to thank brother Yan again.”

    Lintian follows behind Yan as he approaches the window again. 

    “Young lord Zifeng,” the girl behind the counter greets.

    “Beautiful miss if I can bother you for a couple seconds,” Yan Zifeng said gentle and warmly. 

    “No trouble at all,” the lady blushes. “What can I help the young lord with?”

    “My younger brother here needs to register for a mercenary license,” Yan said, “and I was wondering if you might be able to help with that.”

    “No problem at all. Can your brother fill out this form?” 

    “Of course. Little bro Lintian once you fill out this form and hand it to her you will be all set.” 

    Lintian receives the form and fills it out. At the bottom of the paper there was a section for him to embed his qi into it.

    “Also if you don’t mind can you get him a debit card too? This will be deposited into it,” Yan said as he hands the girl the six golden qi stones. 

    “Yes young lord Zifeng,” the girl replies respectfully as she receives the six golden qi stones and Lintian’s form.

    In but 3 minutes Lintian’s badge was formed along with a debit card. The badge was a class 4 badge. It was golden with a blue pearl in the center. The debit card on the other hand was made out of sapphire crystal that gave off a deep sea blue glister.

    “Thank you very much for your help,” Lintian said sincerely.

    “No problem at all. This is but a small problem,” Yan said and then suddenly his face frowned. “Little brother Lintian I am sorry but there is an emergency at home. I have to leave quickly. If we have a chance to meet in the future lets get dinner together.”

    “Oh no problem at all,” Lintian replies. “It just so happens I have another task I must do so brother Yan is not rude at all. We will see each other in the future then.”

    “Then we will meet again in the future,” Yan smile as he left with his sister. 

    After seeing Yan leave Lintian realizes something about the stupidity of those common people’s bet. If they had people an equal amount on both players then it wouldn't matter who lose or wins. They would have made money on both. Even if the profit wasn't maximized.

  • Book 2 Chapter 36:General Headstone

    After Yan Zifeng and his sister left Lintian went back to the girl and had his beast box seal removed. The girl then puts on a new seal so the guards and police force of the capital would know he is authorized to release his companion into the public.

    The next thing he has to do was meet this General Headstone at the mercenary quarters.

    “Hi miss I was wondering if it possible for me to meet general headstone?” Lintian asks the girl name Martha behind the counter.

    “Sorry, Mr. Wei but only certain people are allowed to meet General Headstone, but I can pass a message to him for you,” Martha replies respectfully. She saw her friend and overheard that this boy was with young Master Zifeng. 

    “You can just tell him songbird,” Lintian said. He remembers Harris telling him to pass on the words Songbird to him. Either way one of the two task given would be completed.

    “Alright. If Mr. Wei can just wait in the waiting room I will sent general Headstone a message and if he wants to meet you I will let you know.”

    “Thank you,” Lintian said and went to the waiting area. 

    A short while later, about 2 minutes to be precise the door opens and a young girl whose about the same age as Lintian came through the door. Her long jet black hair that somehow glistens in this averagely lit room. Her face was like a painting from a divine artist. Her body from top to bottom was like the works of a sculpture God. Even Lintian could not help but be sent into a daze. His heart dancing to the beats of a rapidly played drum solo.

    “Is there a boy Lintian in here? My master wishes to meet with you,” the girl announces. Her voice was beautifully tranquil like a siren’s allure. 

    “Ah, I’m Lintian,” Lintian said waking up from his beautiful daze.

    “Follow me,” she said coquettishly that would have sent any men into a stupor. 

    “Yes,” Lintian replies a little awkwardly. 

    As Lintian follows behind her he couldn't help but stare at those nice round and firm rear buns. They were just jiggling up, down, up, down, up down, as she walk it just becomes too entrancing. 

    Lintian tries with all his might to avoid looking and having any dirty thoughts but he is still a young boy in puberty and couldn't control himself. Some of the thoughts slipped through. Lintian’s mind tries to become as frigid as possible.

    As they walk up those stairs it became even worse. Those round firm rear buns became even more hypnotic. The little bastard between his legs couldn't help but get stiff. A bulge suddenly appears upon his pant. 

    After what seems like a decade they finally arrive in front of General Headstones office. Lintian pinches himself to snap himself out of it. 

    “Master is waiting for you inside,” this girl said to Lintian.

    “Okay,” Lintian replies finally in control of himself again. The pressure of appearing like a pervert in front of a powerful figure helped lower his primal instincts.

    Lintian opens the door and inside he saw a large glass window, a levitating chair facing the window, a magnificent desk behind the chair, and pictures of beautiful women in exotic poses framed all around the wall. 

    Oh god what did I get myself into, Lintian thought to himself.

    “Your name is Lintian?” a deep voice sounded out from in front of the chair.

    “Yes, sir,” Lintian replies thinking that it is General Headstone in the chair.

    “What do you think of all these women?” 

    “Sorry sir repeat that one more time?” Lintian asks not believing his ears.

    “What do you think of the women in the pictures I have?”

    “I think they are very beautiful sir,” Lintian replies respectfully. 

    “Haha, still young, still young. Harris should have something for me right?”

    “Yes sir.”

    “Put it on the table.”

    Lintian walks over and placed the 3 by 2 inch chip on the table. Then he took a couple steps back respectfully.

    The chip floated into the air and then to the front of the chair. Then Lintian heard a buzzing noise and then it stops.

    “Lintian I am gonna ask you a series of questions and I want you to answer carefully,” General Headstone said his tone changes into a more serious tone.

    Lintian’s body tensed up. 

    “Yes, sir.”

    “Good first question,” he said as he leaks out an invisible pressure upon Lintian.

    Lintian’s body clenched together. It felt like someone took an armor of weights and puts it all on him at the exact same time.

    “When were you born?”

    “May 12th 4000ZD.”

    The pressure increased.

    “What level is your cultivation right now?”

    “Master realm first stage,” Lintian answers. The pressure was still bearable to him.

    The pressure increased again.

    “What school are you thinking of attending next year?”

    “Tian Academy in the Confederate States of China,” Lintian replies his teeth grinding among each other.

    The intensity of the pressure increased again. It was to the point that Lintian began to circulate his qi to his limit and yet his bones still felt like it was being grind together.

    “Do you really believe that you a child from a second rate school has the qualifications to enter?”

    “Whether I believe it or not does not matter. Its whether I have the ability or not. I don’t believe I will enter. I know I will enter,” Lintian growled.

    The pressure increased again. 

    One of Lintian’s knee nearly bent down.

    “Hurry use the Nine Sun Reserve Lintian!” Rashu shouts in Lintian’s mind.

    Boom! Boom! Boom! Lintian fuses with one of the Dantian. The increase of Lintian’s cultivation mitigated half of the pressure.

    Headstone’s eyebrow raises in surprise.

    “Not bad, not bad. Now for the most serious question of all,” General Headstone said his tone turns dead serious.

    “Go ahead.”

    “Are you a virgin?”

    “Huh?” Lintian replies feeling out of place. Lintian instinctively wanted to say no but he said, “Yes?” 

    The intensity increased again and Lintian fused the second Dantian.

    “Not bad. Two more questions left. Do you like butts or boobies?” 

    “I’m sorry what?” Lintian asks again. All of these out of place questions kept throwing him off.

    “Do you like butts or boobs?” He said again. “Answer careful. Answer wrong and I might have to kill you.”

    Lintian felt the intensity of this whole situation. What the f*cking hell did Harris get me into again. Lintian calm down, he said to himself. He looks around the wall. Then notices the pictures again. Before he was trying not to look but now he examines each picture inch by inch.

    One picture shows an extremely beautiful with her butt out like she was going twerk. Another picture shows a girl with her body flat on the floor and her butt stick up. Another one shows the side of a girl’s melon size boobs and a great view of her butt. In the 21 pictures in the room 4 pictures emphasize the boobs and the other 17 emphasizes the butt. 

    “I like the butt,” Lintian answers confidently. I really like the boobs a bit more than the butt through Lintian thought in his heart.

    Boom! The pressure intensified great. It was to the point that it created two imprints of Lintian’s feet but Lintian withstood this pressure. 

    “Haha great men do think alike and now for your final question,” Headstone laughs heartily. “Why do you like the butt?”

    After analyzing those pictures Lintian had already came to a conclusion. “Great butts equal great health and an intelligent mind.”

    This was analyze through the style the women were posing in and what they were wearing. The ones with great butts seems to be more intelligent than those with smaller butt and great mountain peaks. Furthermore the some of those with great butts wore lab coats, glass, and head a more intelligent looking face. 

    The pressure instantly disappeared after Lintian gave that reply. His whole body was sweating and his muscles and even bones felt sore and aching.

    “Hahahaha still young. Still too young. For now I’m satisfied with that answer but in the future you need a better answer. Your answer is just too nerdy,” Headstone laughs and sighs.

    As he turns the chair around Lintian saw a little dwarf like man sitting in the chair. 

    You’re a midget Lintian nearly blurted out.

  • Book 2 Chapter 37:Trouble Follows Like An Ex On Steroids

    “What you looking at boy?”

    “Sorry, I was just thinking. If I may be so bold as to ask why do you like the butt?”

    “General Headstone looks at Lintian like he was dropped as baby, "Obviously, I head first into a butt.”

    Lintian looks at Headstone’s height and understood his meaning.

    “You got much to learn my boy.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    “Relax stop being so stiff.”

    “Ok mind if I ask another question?”

    “What is it?”

    “Were you really going to kill me if I answered wrong?”

    “Obviously… Yes,” he replies with a duh kind of expression.

    …. There was this awkward silence as the wind walks by.

    “Sike! I was going to toss you out the window. Don't worry about it you answered correctly.”

    “…”, Lintian just feels like a fish out of water right now.

    “I’m sure you gotta get going soon,” he said filling the silence as a cabinet opens and he grabs the win inside.

    “Harris told me you were going to participate in the upcoming first rate school competition?” He continues while pouring himself a drink. “You want any?”

    “No thank you sir and yes I am participating in the competition.”

    “Mhmm, this aged win is not that bad,” Headstone said after taking a sip. “You sure you don't want some? Mind help you grow some hair down there.”

    “No, thank you,” Lintian declines respectfully.

    “Suits yourself. Here catch,” he said all of a sudden and tosses an emblem to Lintian.

    Lintian reacted quickly and caught it.

    “That is my emblem. Show that emblem to anyone here and you can automatically come to my office. Since you pass my test Harris begged me to give you these two swords,” Headstone shrugs and brought out two finely crafted swords and tosses it to Lintian.

    “This is the Mokoratori twin sword. It is a master realm sword. Should serve pretty good for this competition.”

    “Thank you sir.”

    “You need to get laid…”

    “Shua shut come in here and help this virgin out.”

    “Yes Master Headstone.”

    The door creaks open and there stood the goddess.

    “Young master Lintian this way please.”

    Lintian’s face turns tomato red from Headstone’s comment about his virginity. As Lintian was follows her out, Lintian was thinking whether or not to say something to him. Except, by the time Lintian reaches the front entrance of the Mercenary Headquarters. 

    “Um, uh bye?” Lintian mumbles.

    “Have a good day Young Master Lintian,” she responds.

    “Okay. Hey I never got your name,” Lintian manages to shout out.

    “If fates lets us meet again young Master Lintian will defiantly know,” she winks coquettishly. 

    “Oh, ok.”

    The door closes behind her perfect figure as Lintian stood there all daze. 

    Stupid, stupid, stupid Lintian berates himself. Then he mutters to himself, “hey I never got your name? What kind of pick up line is that?”

    “Boss in looooovvvvve,” Kyuri teases mentally.

    “Did I hear someone say he doesn't want food tonight?” Lintian thought loudly enough for Kyuri too hear.

    “Boss is number one, he is a king of harems. He is short but got a long d*ck!” Kyuri mentally praises after hearing no food. “Boss with your good looks if you go up to her and say I might be short but I got a long d*ck I’m sure she will fall head over heels for you.”

    Hearing all this Lintian didn't know whether to laugh or cry. 

    “Boss, I just thought of another pick up line you can use. My d*ck might be small but I got the motion of an ocean. Oh wait here’s an even better one. You can say if I was a squirrel would you help me bust a nut? Wait this one might be even better. Go up to her and be like God gave you everything but my number.”

    Lintian was flabbergasted by all this. Where the seven hells did he get all this? “Where did you learn this stuff?”


    “Ok… My d*ck is not small,” Lintian interjected to clear it up. 

    “Can I come out?” Kyuri whines a bit.

    “No, you’ll attract too much attention.”

    “I can transform into a different shape. How about a squirrel? A bird might be better I like to fly.”

    “If you can then fine,” Lintian said finding no problem with it.

    In but a second the beast box began to glow and a bird flew out. It was a sparrow. 

    “Would this do?”

    “Yeah. Hey Rashu if Kyuri turns into a bird it won’t affect his future will it?”

    “No, he has the phoenix bloodline so he will be fine. But human transformations and any complex demonic beast transformation will. Anything with DNA passing 20 chromosomes will. A bird is fine.”

    “Ok, lets get something to eat then,” Lintian said feeling a little bit hungry. 

    As they walk around Lintian saw a restaurant called Heavenly Taste. Since it sounds tasty it must be somewhat decent Lintian thought. Furthermore it looks busy too.

    Lintian walks inside and saw that there are two floors. The place was bustling with customers. A beautiful hostess came over to greet Lintian.

    “Sir table for one?”

    “Yes,” Lintian replies and follows her upstairs. Then she gave Lintian a seat in a corner.

    “Your waiter will be right with you,” she said after leaving a menu for Lintian.

    Lintian glances around and saw that the restaurant was packed and when looks at the menu his jaw couldn't help but drop like a rock dropped from the sky.

    200 qi stones for a bowl of herbal soup. 315 qi stones for a wild pork dumpling a piece. 50 qi stones for a bowl of white jade rice. 500 qi stones for taurus del felle de roast. 

    “Hi sir what can get for you to drink?” a gentleman asks Lintian.

    “Two glass of water will do for now. I am still deciding.”

    “No problem take your time. I will be right back with the water.” The waiter turns around thinking f*ck another poor country bumpkin. 

    While Lintian was still looking over the menu in shock he heard some familiar voices.

    “Victor dad said not to randomly wonder around what are we doing here?” Chelsie’s voice echoes in Lintian’s ears.

    What is she doing here? Lintian wonders.

    “Boss should we go say hi?”

    “No lets observe for now.”

    “Chelsey stop being a party pooper and just relax we’re just getting something to eat. No biggie,” Victor says.

    “Sis relax if anything goes wrong we’ll protect you,” another girl’s voice came out. 

    “Danial you know Victor attracts trouble nonstop. Everywhere we go we get into some sort of fight.”

    “Whats there to be afraid of. Danial and I are both from first rank school. There aren't that many people that can match us in cultivation anyway,” Victor said arrogantly. “Hey Danial lets get that nice table over there.”

    “You just got beat with your tail between your leg the other week.” 

    “Stop reminding he got lucky ok! If I went all he be in the hospital. Luckily I took the high road,” Victor defends himself while sitting down.

    “Fine but can you even afford the food here?”

    “Obviously I can if I come here. Sheesh if I knew you were gonna nag so much I should have left you back at the house. Why did you come anyway?”

    Chelsey’s face turns a shade of red.

    “Obviously its to keep you out of trouble you bubbling idiot,” Chelsey retorted.

    “Sis don’t be so rude to your brother.”

    “What are you calling me sis for? We’re not even related,” Chelsey fumes. She never liked this girl Danial. She was part of the reason her brother Victor keeps getting in trouble.

    “Hey kid give up your seats,” a rough voice grunts at Chelsie and her group.

    What the f*cking seven hell is wrong with our luck today Chelsey curse in her mind.

    “Hey boss is Chelsie on her period today?” Kyuri asks.

    “I don’t think so.”

    Victor turns his head towards the group that just arrives before his table. “Get out of my site or I’ll sent you flying.”

    “Kid my boss is in a bad mood today. If you yap that p*ssy *ss mouth of your’s off for another second we’re gonna have to rip you a new hole,” the guy beside the rough look man warns. He even sent out his cultivation to warn them.

    Lintian moves his menu down a bit and saw the group. There were two overgrown gorillas. Two average size man. There was also a guy wearing a dragon scale suit right behind them. The cultivation Lintian felt from that average size man was the 6th stage of the Master realm.

    Victor was unfazed by the aura and sent out his own to warn them.

    Lintian felt Victor’s aura to be one stage higher than that Man’s. Lintian was not scare of those underlings but for some reason the guy in the dragon scale suit gave him an uncomfortable feeling like a sleeping tiger. 

    “Come on lets just move tables,” Chelsey whispers to Victor.

    “Show these imbeciles whose boss,” Danial said out loudly.

    Victor bangs his hand on the table and stood up. “Do you know who I am?”

    “Some brat who hasn't hit puberty?” someone answers.

    “Your mom!” Victor swore. “I am Victor Goddard second heir to the head Goddard position. If you don’t leave now my father will hunt you down when he finds out about this.”

    “You’re in the capitals boy not some backwater country. So what if your from a bumpkin family? In this city this is the boss’s territory. I suggest you take your own advice and get the fuck out of here.”

    “You!” Victor scold in rage.


    “You, you, you what? What are you gonna do about it?” the man continues as he sends another slap at Victor.

    Victor was completely froze even through he had the higher cultivation he was frozen in fear.

    Lintian sitting in the corner observing notices that this man was not as simple as he look. Even through the killing intent was weak it would still have require a good amount of killing. Furthermore his control was semi okay to sent it directly at Victor who has no battle experience. 

    “Oh your pretty cute in the back,” another underling said noticing Chelsey and Danial. As his hand flew forward to grab Chelsie it was met by another hand. This hand belongs to Lintian. Lintian’s eyes glare with a coldness that told them to f*ck off.

  • Book 2 Chapter 38: One Trouble After Another

    The underling tries to get out of Lintian’s grip but notices that his arm felt weak. 

    The moment Lintian gripped his hand Lintian has been slowly releasing lightning essence into this underling’s arm weakening his arm.

    “Who the fuck are you?” he growls.

    “Just a passerby,” Lintian answers.

    The giant next to him raises his fist and swung it towards Lintian at a great speed. Chelsie’s face turn white in fear for Lintian.

    Lintian’s dragon eyes gloss it over and his hand flew out and directly block the incoming fist.


    “I’ll say it again. I just called the police. If you don't want any trouble leave now or when the police gets here you can deal with the consequences.”

    The giant and his peers were in a bit of a daze seeing Lintian block that fist which contained seventy percent of his full power. They had probed Lintian early and only felt a stage one or two master realm qi. Furthermore his cultivation was four stages above his. This reality should not have happen.

    The guy in the black scale dragon suit let out a sneer and said, “lets go.”

    The underlings did not question the boss at all and follows.

    Lintian had an instinctive feeling that Victor was going to talk again so before Victor could let out a squeak a brick appear in Lintian’s hand and whipped it toward Victor’s face. Bang and it knocked him out.

    After they left Lintian turns around, “Chelsie are you ok?”

    “Yeah I’m fine. Are you okay?”

    “Yeah. What are you guys doing here?” Lintian asks pretending he didn't listen in earlier.

    “Oh my brother is a representative for a first rate school,” Chelsie said. “So I came to cheer both of you on.”

    Lintian couldn't believe someone this weak could be in a first rate school. If so then this competition is gonna be easier than he thought.

    “Oh, ok. Lets get something to eat all that fighting worked up an appetite,” Lintian said cheerfully.

    “Okay,” Chelsie said happily forgetting all about her brother and Danial.

    The waiter came back looking around all confused. Where did that boy go? After looking again he saw that Lintian sat together with another group.

    For a while they ate happily but it was finally time to depart. Lintian still has to get his strength to the second stage of the Master realm.

    After saying his goodbyes Lintian departs with Chelsie and her group.

    “Lintian there is a group of people stalking you,” Rashu warns. With his superior soul strength he could easily sense these weak stalkers.

    “What are their strength levels?”

    “Two in the martial realm. 4 in the Master realm. Stages 2, 4, 4, and 5. Barely counts as a rank 1 soul.”

    “Their manageable then,” Lintian said playful. As he walks further and further down the street Lintian uses his soul to perceive his surroundings and was walking into an area that was less and less crowded. Then he took a sharp turn into an alley.

    “You guys can come out now,” Lintian said.

    One appear from right behind Lintian going for a sneak attack. Except Lintian already knew each and everyone of their locations. Lintian simply grabs the martial realm cultivator’s head and slams him to the wall.

    “Anyone else want a light beating?” Lintian sneers.

    Light beating? Those stalkers thought nearly vomiting blood. The guy was knocked with a bruise that could be it’s own mountain. 

    Seeing, that they were sent to do a job they could not back down. 

    Both of the stage four master realm expert appears from the shadows striking Lintian but Lintian simply uses his fancy footwork to dodge. The attacks were too predictable and slow. He hasn't even activated his dragon eyes yet and he doesn't even feel threaten. 

    Lintian instead chose to use the first stage of the soul penetrating first as an attack. Breaking a couple bones here and there. Then Lintian vanishes and appears before the martial realm cultivation and knocks him out too.

    “And then there were two,” Lintian said relaxingly but to those two stalkers it sounded like the devil’s whisper. This little boy was the embodiment of the seven hells coming to claim their lives.

    A couple minutes later Lintian walks out of the dark alley way extremely satisfied. It has been a whole week since he was able to release the pent up adrenaline in his body. The fight earlier today was not even a challenge since even through that person has a high cultivation. His skills simple did not match his cultivation. These guys were easier but due to how many there were he had to think and move with a purpose. 

    “Hey Lintian since you got a bit of money now I have a way to increase your cultivation to stage two in a span of 3 days,” Rashu said.

    “Uncle Rashu how?” Lintian asks.

    “We’re going to make a pill for you.”

    “What kind of pill?”

    “A pill that will bring you to stage two.”

    “Whats it call through?” Lintian kept asking to pry more information out of him.

    “Lets go to a medical shop to get the herbs first.”


    Lintian got to the medical center. It was a big pagoda like tower that stretches for 20 floors. From the looks of it the building itself does not fit into the modern looking buildings around it. 

    Walking into the medical shop Lintian glances around at all the herbs, and alchemist items on display. This was only the first floor so the things on display were rather low class. 

    “Hi sir how can I help?” a young looking man came over asking.

    “I need to buy some ingredients I was wondering if you can help me,” Lintian asks politely.

    “My name is Josh what is your name sir?” Josh asks.


    “Lintian this is Bio Medical Hall the number store for alchemist and spell masters. I can guarantee that if you can’t get it here you can’t get it anywhere. So Mr. Lintian what ingredients can I get for you?” Josh said out proudly.

    Rashu began to name the ingredient to Lintian.

    “I need a grade one jade phorism, a grade two popo flower, 5 ounce of snake blood,” Lintian continues. He lists of about 25 ingredients. “Last I need a grade 4 longevity bamboo stalk.”

    “Right away sir,” Josh replies. 

    Rashu was in the necklace dead silent and mentally watching for Lintian’s reaction.

    Lintian stood to the side humming to himself while looking around as he waited for Josh to come. Lintian did not find Rashu’s silence strange since he is normally silent anyway.

    It took about 15 minutes but Josh finally came back with all the ingredients.

    “Mr. Lintian here are all the ingredients. This is actually the last stalk of grade 4 longevity bamboo until next month,” Josh said holding up a sturdy brown looking bamboo plant. 

    “No problem, how much is everything all together?”

    “254,633 qi stones sure.” 

    Lintian’s expression was still calm but mentally his jaw dropped to the floor and were popping out. 


    Rashu chuckles to himself mentally. The reason he didn't tell Lintian about the price was because of this reason. If Lintian heard the price and ingredients before hand he would have not likely gone to buy it.

    “No problem I’ll take it then,” Lintian said miserably but still kept up the poker face as he fish into his ring for the debit card. The debit card appears in Lintian’s hand and it gave off a deep sea blue sapphire glow. Lintian handed it to Josh for him to take out the correct amount.


    A boy about 15 to 16 years old came barging through the door. 

    “You!” He pointed at Josh.

    “Me?” Josh replies in surprise. 

    “Hurry and go find me a stalk of grade four longevity bamboo stalk. And hurry it up!”

    Josh had a complicated look to his face since he was just about to sell it to Lintian.

    Lintian had only one thought in his mind right now. Ah f*ck it!

  • Book 2 Chapter 39:No Value

    Josh looks at Lintian and then looks at the young master that just rushed in. His face was scrunch together implying his dilemma. Seeing his facial reaction Lintian could already tell sh*t was about to go down.

    Josh finally took a deep breath and said, “Young Master James, I am sorry to say that the last stalk of the grade four bamboo is being brought by Mr. Lintian right here.”

    From Josh’s perspective he handled this situation very smoothly, but Lintian saw the cunning meaning behind his words. Josh basically delegated the problem from him to Lintian. By saying the last stalk is being brought by Lintian he is telling James that he has no control of the situation since the company policy is first come first serve and he does not have control of the situation. The key word was “being” since that implies the process is still going on and Lintian has the power to say, “no don't want it Young Master James can have it.”

    “Hey peasant,” James shouts arrogantly. 

    Lintian frowns in disappointment.

    “I’m generous today. Give me the stalk and I am willing to pay double the price you paid.”

    Lintian sighs to himself and then said in a calm tone that was not to fast and not too slow. “I am sorry but I need this stalk at the moment. I will have to respectably decline since money is the problem.”

    “You!” He shouts in rage. “You don’t know whats good for you. I am being nice by giving you a mere peasant face and you throw mud on mine?”

    Give me face? Calling me a peasant is giving me face? Lintian thought. Still being nice Lintian replies, “if I have offended you somehow I am sorry but currently I do urgently need this. How about you come back another time and they might have it or go to a differently medical store.” While Lintian was saying all that he was handing Josh the money to pay for everything.

    “If you’re not willing to hand it over then you force my hand peasant.”

    Stop with these clique lines please, Lintian mentally rolls his eyes. “Force your hand? I’m sorry but if your gonna cry to your dad then you have no qualification to even talk to me.” Lintian was through playing nice.

    “Hmph! Who needs my daddy when I got the owner of the bio-medical hall on speed dial.”

    Lintian finish the transaction with Josh and handed Jon a thousand qi stone as a tip. It was bit extravagant but for Josh to be willing to even continue the exchange in front of this pampered buffoon shows his honest personality. A person can be cunning but they must only have loyalty and honesty if not they would be no better than a thief or villain.

    Once the exchange was finish Lintian began to walk out the door ignoring the raging buffoon. 

    “You stop right there!” A deep voice echoes through the room. The voice was lace with qi making it appear domineering.

    Lintian stops in his footsteps because this voice that was lace with qi was actually in the King’s realm. Lintian turns around and saw someone that nearly made him gasp in surprise. It was a guy about 34 years old dressed in a black scaled dragon suit. The reason Lintian knows it is real dragon scale is because the scale resonance with Lintian’s dragon bloodline. This was that boss from earlier. So he wasn't just some gang boss after all. No wonder he left so easily after being threaten when I said I called the police.

    “Its you again,” the man in the black dragon scale said amusingly. “James is this the kid that took what you wanted?”

    “It is him brother Shi,” Josh replies in a respectful tone. It was a lot more mature than before.

    “Kid I suggest you hand him the grade 4 bamboo stalk and apologize. If not you might lose the cart chasing a horse.” It seems that he was still mad about earlier today.

    Lintian could read between the lines easily since he didn't even try that hard to mask his threats. Basically he was saying this is my territory and if you don’t listen to what I say not only will you get a beating but you will also lose the everything you have on you.

    “Is this how the Bio-Medical hall does business? No core values everything is done on a whim? Begging like a whore for a sausage,” Lintian said mockingly. He had no grievance, hatred or any negative thoughts toward whores since even they have their values. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to survive.

    Lintian could see Shi’s facial feature change showing that he was enraged.

    “Guards take this brat to the dungeon!” Shi shouts. 

    Two King realm pressure came flooding out restriction Lintian’s movements and puts him under immense pressure. 

    Lintian felt threaten and that his life was on the line. That might have been a stupid move on my part, Lintian thought to himself. He didn't think that two King realm experts would be guards.

    “Hahaha sister Ting Ting what are you complaining about. It was hilarious. Did you not watch him fly like an idiot,” a familiar voice snuck into the room.

    “Can you be mature! Dad said that if you keep fooling around like that he will remove you from the succession.”

    “You know I don’t care about that crap. I’m like 9th in line let Shi and elder brother Fei compete for it or Tifi is not that bad either,” a scholarly looking youth said while strolling in. “Mhmm whats going on here?”

    Lintian saw that it was actually Yan Zifeng that he met this morning or earlier today. What are the chances?

    “Oh brother Lintian what are you doing here? You’re not some crazy stalker that fell in love with me are you? I don’t swing that way…”

    “I don’t swing that way either…”

    “Yan! Calling an outsider brother? Have you no shame!” Shi said in disgust.

    “Big brother Shi chill. Whats the big deal. I can call whoever I want brother,” Yan replies in a happy tone while secretly helping Lintian bear the pressure. “So whats going on? Why is Lintian my friend being pressured by two King realm guards?”

    “Your friend here is a thief. Taking things that don't belong to him. Then disrespecting the bio-medical hall.”

    “Respect is earn not given,” Lintian criticized. 

    “Brother Lintian what happen explain it to me,” Yan asks.

    “That kid over there came running in here when I was in the middle my transaction with Josh and demanded that I hand over the grade four bamboo stalk to him. He offered me double the price but I refuse. Then he could this guy here down and since he doesn't listen to reason and decided to be a bias asshole.”

    “Brother Shi if my friend Lintian already brought it then he is not a thief. Let him go we will lose a lot of face. Dad will probable be piss. This idiot right there hasn't even grown hairs yet. You like 35 this year why are you even helping a 15 year old fight his battle. Even I might have to look down on you if you keep this up,” Yan said. He already had the gist of the situation when he came in. He saw the momma’s boy James and he saw his brother on the stairs and had a vague sense of the situation. Further Shi is engaged to Jame’s older sister so helping out her little brother is right but sometimes you can’t be bias.

    “James leave for now. I’ll have a little chat with my little brother.”

    “Brother Shi I will take my leave for now. Please help me out,” James said.

    “Are you still in love with that arrogant b*tch?” Yan asks. “You do know she will never love you back right? All you have is your daddy’s money and nothing else. No talent, no drive, no maturity, no brain. There are no redeeming quality to you. While she is the number one student in the first rate school and has a background only slightly weaker than your’s. Take my advise forget about her you have no chance. You need to grow up and mature.”

    Jame looks at Yan hateful and left. 

    “Why did have to say that to his face?” Shi glares.

    “It was the truth. You can’t baby them forever.”

    “And you can’t fool around forever. You don’t know that I know what you are doing everyday outside?

    “Eating and f*cking? These are two of life greatest joy,” Yan shrugs.

    Ting Ting was watching from the side. She can’t stand the way Yan always demeans himself. She saw Yan for what he really is. A talented, brilliant, gentle and loving brother who doesn't want to get into the family succession conflict. Who just wants a peaceful life and that is the reason he always does stupid things outside, and gets into trouble but none the trouble he gets into defaces the Zifeng clan in the slightest.

    “So can I go?” Lintian asks.

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    Lastly I want everyone to tell if they would rather just have a link to the other site or would they rather have me post the chapter here and the link to the  other site. Thank you.

    Book 2 Chapter 40-Seven Set Rainbow Pill

    “Yeah you can go,” Yan said. “We’ll have to hang out sometimes to whore and eat.” Yan winks at Lintian. Ting Ting’s expression turns from a calm smile to a disappointing smile. In that one change of expression Lintian could not identify the reason but he couldn't tell it was not contempt but disappointment.

    “Definitely Brother Yan,” Lintian replies sincerely.

    “Did I say you can go?” Shi asks in a commanding tone.

    “Shi you don’t want father to get involve in this do you?”

    “Are going to keep threatening with father every time you can’t get your way?” Shi glares.

    “No, if you weren't in the wrong then you wouldn't care even if I call father right now.”

    “I’ll let him go this time but if I see him again,” Shi said with a sneer. “I won’t be so kind.”

    “Thank you, I will take my leave now,” Lintian said mockingly and left through the front door.  

    “Uncle Rashu what was their level of strength?” Lintian mentally asks.

    “That James kid was only 1st stage of master realm. The two guards were both fourth stage of the King’s realm but they were at least one hundred and fifty years old. That Shi kid was in the third stage of the King’s realm. Not bad. That Yan Zifeng kid is only seventeen years old and he is already half a step away from stage three of the King’s realm. He probable enter the King’s realm when he was around fifteen years old. A talent that is one out of one hundred million by your human standards.”

    “So he is really that strong?”

    “Definitely, unless your in the first stage of the King’s realm I highly doubt you will be able to even beat him. You running away with your tail between your leg is possible but beating unless some miracle happens I highly doubt it. You can already tell from his mentality and movement that his combat prowesses is extremely high and might be comparable to your’s.”

    “Mhmm, I’ll take things one step at a time,” Lintian said profoundly. “There’s no need for me to compete with him.”

    “Thats right. So lets go make that pill,” Rashu grins.

    “Aren’t we going to need equipments like a cauldron?”

    “Oops forgot. Then lets go buy one.”

    It took another hour or two before Lintian finally brought everything and headed back to the hotel. 

    “Uncle Rashu, I’m poor again,” Lintian pouts.


    After closing the door and sealing the whole room with a rank two spell Lintian began to set everything up. Kyuri was helping too in his dragon form.

    “Boss good thing its a big room,” Kyuri said. 

    “Yeah, I didn't think I be making pills before the competition. Uncle Rashu how come your able to make pills, an extremely talented spell master and even a genius cultivator?”

    “I thought I told you this before, I lived for a long time you tend to get bored easily. Plus nine tail fox are innately intelligent. Thats why its hard for us to reproduce and any child is regarded as a treasure. Well alchemy isn't really anything. Just gotta study and practice a lot. Your talented in all three field too why even bother asking me.”

    “True. So how do I get started. This is a rank four pill so I don't think I will be able to make it. I’m not even rank three yet.”

    “Don’t worry if you can’t make it I wouldn't even recommend it. Kyuri will be controlling the fire and you do the ingredients I’ll help you along the way. Make sure to bring out all the firewoods you brought theres no time to bring it out from the tele ring. Plus your gonna have to be one hell of an alchemist when you forge me a new body,” Rashu teases at the end.

    “Alright,” Lintian said and brought out everything he brought from the store.

    “Start blowing the fire to four thousand degrees to heat up the cauldron. Lintian throw in 10 firework,” Rashu commands.

    The temperature of the room heated up instantly. If it was anyone else in the room they would have suffered third degree burns. Good news is that this room has godly air conditioning system, the window is also open and Lintian laid down a cooling array in advance. Therefore the temperature in the room right now is only around 200 degrees. 

    “Take the basic ingredients and throw it into the water to be heated.”

    “Now use your qi to mix the ingredients into the water.”

    “Kyuri lower the temperature to three thousand degrees and Lintian throw an oak smoke wood log into the fire.”

    These instructions continue on for ten minutes until the liquid inside the cauldron gave off a purplish color.

    “This is the most important part. You need to control the liquid inside this cauldron into tiny streams that will enter into the bamboo itself. Kyuri keep the temperature stable.”


    Lintian split his mind into two. One controlled the bamboo with one mind and with the other mind he sent his qi into it to map out the veins of the bamboo. Then he place mental energy in certain spots so he doesn't have to actively control each vein of the bamboo since there were actually more than a thousand veins and each were likes than a millimeter thick. 

    “Good job so far. Keep it up.”

    One the one thousand two hundred and thirty-six veins were completely navigated and has his mental energy Lintian began to control the water to enter. 

    If this was any other alchemist they would be mentally exhausted by now. It is thanks to Lintian’s rank three soul that he went mentally exhausted. In life every will work with one another you just have to figure out the how.

    The liquid began to circulate the bamboo like it had a beating heart. As time passes both Kyuri and Lintian’s qi were dwindling.

    The bamboo began to glow purple and began to bloom. Seven balls of rainbow color energy flew out.


    Hearing Rashu yell Lintian knew this was an important step. He immediately did it. 


    Lintian did just that. 

    “I’ll take over from here,” Rashu said. “Now watch carefully.”

    Rashu invaded Lintian’s body and mentally took over. Lintian went into a deep part of his mind and watched Rashu’s movement like he was watching TV.

    Rashu control all seven at the same time and were merging and condensing the energy and physical object into a pill. Then he controls the liquid inside the cauldron and was have the pill absorb every single drop of essence in it. In two minutes Rashu condense seven of these pills. Each Pill was a little different but all seven had a rainbow stripe to them.

    “This is call the seven set rainbow pill. After you finish eating all seven your qi dan will be nourished with all seven element of nature and you will be in stage two of the master realm. The main thing is your qi dan being nourished. As for your cultivation it will rise no matter what anyway. It is just about time.”

    “Only have two days left before the competition starts. I don’t think I will be able to ingest them all in time,” Lintian said in a worry tone.

    “Don’t worry about it. Your dan tian is very different from everyone else’s. What applies fro them do not apply for you.”


    “You will be digesting all seven of them and take two days to refine all seven of them,” Rashu said with a cunning smile like he was genius. 

    “All seven?” Lintian replies in disbelief. Just from refining it Lintian could already tell how potent the energy inside was. Lintian was imagining himself bloating up like a puffer fish after eating it.

    “Lintian relax a bit, your uncle Rashu has thought everything through,” Rashu chuckles.

    “Okay then,” Lintian said, and took all seven pills and popped them into his mouth like he was eating candy.


    “Lintian spit them back out!” Rashu cries out in alarm.

  • Book 2 Chapter 41:Fifteen Year Old King Realm Cultivator

    Hearing Rashu suddenly shout Lintian accidentally swallows it all down.

    “Uncle Rashu! What are you shouting for!” Lintian yelled back in the heat of the moment.

    “Quick sit down! And start refining it!” Rashu shouts back. “Who eats profound pills like candy?” Rashu curses rolling his eyes. Originally Lintian was supposed to eat one pill every thirty minutes not all seven at the same time.

    Lintian realizes how stupid it was to pop seven profound pills into his mouth, but Rashu had such a calming, and everything will be okay voice that he was somehow subconsciously wasn't cautious of the consequences. It just felt so right at the time. It was like watching a very interesting show on TV and by the time you realize it you have literally ate, and drank everything in the room.

    “Quickly activate your qi dan to absorb it.”

    Lintian went into his qi dan smoothly and as the seven pills gushes out tidal wave after tidal waves of elemental, and yin yang qi. Lintian could feel his stomach bloating up. Normally a person should only refine one sort of qi at a time but this was like a tsunami, tornado, and all of the natural disasters you can think of happening at the same time.

    Lintian activated his the qi dan in his dantian. Immediately the grade 11 qi dan known as the galaxy dan began to rotate. Once this rotation happened the qi from the seven set rainbow pill were being suck into the galaxy like a great whirlpool. 

    While that happens Lintian began to pick out the yin yang qi to refine. He Lintian was refining them at a rapid pace he notices that his cultivation technique cannot keep up. He only managed to refine one strain for every hundred. The rest went straight into his Galaxy dan.

    Then another weird event happened that Lintian did not expect. The yin yang qi were also shooting toward the two dantian from the nine sun reserve divine ability. Also about 3 percent of the elemental qi were divided up into seven different elements and each one were flowing towards the six egg shape dantians that were still locked. The lightning element shot into the first nine sun reserve dantian that Lintian opened up along side the yin yang qi. While the fire element shot toward the second dantian Lintian awoken alongside the yin yang qi. The other five shot out at five of the egg shape seeds. The last egg shape seed was alone and didn't absorb anything. It just float their like a lifeless moon. 

    Another thing that escape Lintian was that his dragon blood in his system was feeding off the energy. The remnant was entering his blood, bones, and muscles.

    Due to Lintian being completely focus he didn’t even realize Dr. Harris coming in. Dr. Harris saw the elemental fluctuation in Lintian and decided to just sit there and watch incase anything happens to this treasure of his.

    Meanwhile while all this was going on the six people that Lintian beat up in the alley way were crawling back to their boss to report their failure.

    “Boss Chang he is too strong,” one of the robbers cried. 

    “F*cking trash!” Boss Chang curse at them. “Six on one and you couldn't do sh*t. I got four idiots who can’t even setup a gambling ring properly. Now I got six b*tches who can’t even take out a stage one Master realm cultivator. Did you at least find out who this is before you came crawling back like a dog?”

    The martial realm person immediately came out and reports, “yes we did our research into him. His name is Wei Lintian. He is from a second rate school and will be turning fifteen soon. He came from a second rate school call Quincy Middle school. He is also participating in the upcoming first rate school competition.”

    “Is that all you got?” Boss Chang glares. “Even a monkey can search up those info on the internet. I NEED DETAILS!”

    Another person from the beaten group came forward. “From what I gathered he the strongest contender for his school. Furthermore he is a fire elemental cultivator. He has no known girlfriends.” The guy went on to blather a bunch of useless details.

    Boss Chang looks at them coldly. They could feel themselves freeze just from their boss’s glance.

    “Go call my son Karlier,” boss Chang cold said to his assistance. “You six have lost a lot of face for my Sumirika sect. I won’t kill you but you will spend the next six months in detention.”

    A couple minutes later a young boy that looks to be eighteen or nineteen years old came walking out. He was actually only fifteen years old. His body exuding a sharp qi that could easily be identified.

    “Father why have you call for me?” Karlier asks.

    “Son you broke through?” Chang asks in surprise. 

    “Yes, I broke through just this morning and was waiting until tonight to tell you in private,” Karlier said respectfully.

    “How confident are you in winning the first rate school competition?” Chang asks his son.

    “As long as no other King realm appears then I am one hundred percent certain I will win.”

    “Then I have a task for you. I need you to cripple a certain boy from a second rate school for me. Sending out high level experts to deal with this boy might attract the city protector’s attention. If you can get one of your friends to intervene and cripple him during the match then naturally the city cant do anything about it,” Chang said slyly. 

    “Who is this boy that would stress out father so much?”

    “His name is Lintian,” Chang said and sends out a picture to his son through the watch on his wrist. “His current cultivation is only stage one but got the ability to fight against stage 3 and possibly stage four cultivators too.”

    “Cha only stage one and these servants can’t even deal with them,” Karlier said in disdain. “Father I will immediately message my friends to take care of him. Furthermore I will not be at the competition opening day. My teammates will be able to win tomorrow’s opening battle.”

    “That is fine. Take care of it well.”

    “How is big brother Jolon doing in the Tian academy?” Karlier asks.

    “Your big brother is a big disappointment. He is still a follower in the academy and have not been accepted as a formal disciple. I hope you don't disappoint me too.”

    “I will do my best not too,” Karlier said emotionlessly. “I will take my leave for now father.” He bows and left.

    Two days later Lintian emerges from his cultivation. His cultivation had broke through to the second stage of the Master realm. Furthermore his dantian was already half full. Normally medical pills are only fifty percent effective with Lintian due to his Asura body but for some reason he was able to absorb all 100 percent of this seven set rainbow pill. 

    The moment Lintian woke up from his cultivation Harris was there to greet him.

    “Are you hungry?” Harris asks Lintian. 

    “Actually I am starving,” Lintian replies back happily.

    “Then lets hurry up and eat. The competition has already started. We need at least an hour to get there. I didn't want to move you due to your state of cultivation.”

    “WHAT IT ALREADY STARTED?” Lintian gasps in surprise. “How are they doing?”

    “So far we are going fine but in another hour we will be facing a first rate school as our last match.”

    “Lets go then,” Lintian said anxiously. He didn't make this break through to lose without even participating.

    As Lintian opens the door to leave a wave of qi came rushing in. This was due to Lintian draining the room of qi when he was cultivating.

    Harris leads Lintian to a car at the front of the hotel. Once they got in Harris brought out a feast from his interspacial ring.

    Harris phone began to ring. Harris picks it up, “hello?”


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  • Book 2 Chapter 42: Prolonging 

    “Traffic is gonna be about an hour long! Try to delay as much as possible until he gets there,” Harris shouts back anxiously.

    “How!” Principle Jenner shouts back angrily.

    “I don’t know think of something!”

    “I have might have an idea,” Lintian said with a devious grin.

    At the tournament twenty minutes after the call!

    Principle Jenny, the coaches, Alex, and Joe Philip the third contestant were all standing around actively listening to be called up. There were at least 20 platforms being used for the elimination round. There 200 first rate schools from all over the country in this competition. There were 300 sects in the country that were participating too. Furthermore there were 100 second rate school in this competition too. 

    “Quincy Middle School second rate and Toronto Middle school first rate head to platform three.”

    “We’re up. You guys remember the plan?” Principle Jenny asks Alex, and Joe.

    “Yes,” they answer in union. 

    As they walk toward stadium three most of the people were sneering at them.

    “Why do these second rate schools even bother coming to these competitions?” Said a student from another school.

    “Yeah, all they do is show how pitifully weak they are.”

    “Brothers you are right. I heard in the past one hundred years not a single second rate school were able to get pass the elimination day.”

    “Hey are heard they are the strongest out of all the second rate schools you believe that?”

    “So what if they are the strongest?” Another said arrogantly. 

    “You know there is a huge difference between us. Our martial arts, skills, cultivation technique are all vastly superior to them. Our talent is also superior.”

    A scholarly young man, and his sister walks over, “what are you guys talking about?”

    “Senior brother Yan, and senior sister Tingting,” the gossiping group greets. “We’re talking about the second rate schools.”

    Yan Zifeng smiles and said, “this year might surprise you.”

    The gossiping group stares in a bit of bewilderment. What made this young master say such a thing. No matter how they probe or look at this batch of second rate school their cultivation strength are way too low. None of them even pass the second stage of the Master realm.

    As the group arrives before the platform Principle Jenny, Alex, and Joe had an anxious expression on their face. There was difference of three stages. The weakest contestant of the first rate school were at least stage five. It was not a difference that can be made up with second rate martial skills.

    “Quincy Middle school choose your first fighter,” the referee calls out.

    “We nominate Joe Philip to be our first fighter,” declares Principle Jenny. 

    “Toronto Middle school choose your first fighter.”

    “We nominate Adu Jaba,” the representative for Toronto declares.

    “Then head to the stage now.”

    “Can my fighter have three minutes to prepare?” 

    The referee looks at Jenny Garner with disdain in his eyes. F*cking second rate trash wasting my time he seem to swear in his head.

    “Fine!” he shouts since the rule book did allow it.

    “Becareful,” Principle Jenny whispers to Joe. “His strength is at the sixth stage of the Master realm. Follow the plan and we might still win this.”

    After three minutes has pass Joe Philip went onto the stage. He looked to be about six feet tall with a very muscular body that did not seem to belong to a child of fifteen.

    Joe intensely glares at the boy walking up the steps. He was a pale white skin boy. His face sunk in like an undead. His body looked like it would shatter into pieces from a light flick. 

    Just from the outside look alone anyone would have thought Joe would easily win, but in the cultivation world looks can be deceiving. Even through his appearance was frail his vitality wasn’t. 

    “Start!” the referee shouts.

      Joe’s qi spikes and multiple afterimages of himself appears. 

    Adu stood their like a mountain unyielding and immovable. 

    Joe saw he wasn't attacking so Joe launches the first attack. Normally he was a close quarter combat individual but the principle has advise him on two things. One is to hold on as long as possible. Second is to destroy as much of this stadium as possible, but even he has his own pride. So he complied with the principle’s wish and decided to probe this boy’s strength before going into a close quarter combat.

    The stadium floor rock flew into the air and were like shurikens flying toward Adu. 

    There were no rules on destroying the platform. 

    Adu didn't even both dodging at all and simply extend his hand out and grabs the rocks flying towards him. The ones he did not catch hits the formation that was placed around the platform.

    “Is that all?” Adu asks with neither contempt or pride. There was just pity in that voice that seems to say, with your measly ant like strength I pity that they sent you up here to face me.

    Joe coldly glares at him. He finally knows how large of a gap there were between him and Adu. Even through he was not the brightest of all the participants here he was not dumb either. Joe’s strongest aspect was his innately gifted strength but even then he does not know if it will overcome a differences of 5 stages. 

    Joe decided to redecorate the entire stadium by raising up walls of rock and making huge pot holes while whipping stone after stone at him. Adu didn't even seem anxious at all. He simply stood there taking all of Joe’s attack like they didn't even exist.

    Alex and Jenny stood below the field a little amazed at the difference but only a little since they expected it like this anyway.

    Two minutes later Adu said, “Play time is over.”

    He took one simple step and his body vanish like a ghost. Reappearing in front of Joe grabbing onto his throat.

    Since this was close quarter combat Joe did not hold back at all and unleash one hundred and ten percent of his strength. His fist flying forward with strength comparable to a stampede of bulls. This was one of his martial techniques he learn known as the earth shattering fist.

    Adu raises his hand and caught it like a catcher catching a ball. He felt a surge of earth qi rummaging through his arm and through his body causing him to be surprise.

    Joe seeing his attack getting caught so easily was not discourage but continues to use his other fist to launch another attack.

    Adu instinctively let go of Joe’s throat and dodged.

    Ad’s face was calm but his heart was in chaos. Innate divine strength? He couldn’t help but wonder. The hand he used to block was still in shock. It was to the point where he couldn't even muster an ounce of strength into it.

    “I would like to apologize for sorry display earlier. I will take you on seriously starting now,” Adu said seriously. He no longer had that your beneath my feet notion in his eyes. 

    Joe hearing that and watching Adu’s change in expression sent a chill down his spine.

    Adu took a step and disappeared again but this time he sent out a full power punch toward Joe’s stomach area.

    Joe didn't even have time to react. In the next five-seconds Joe became a punching bag Adu.

    After the attacks ended Joe simple fell to the ground. 

    “Not bad. For you to last that long you should feel proud,” Adu said. “Whose next?”

    “Winner! Adu!” the referee yells out loudly. “Quincy Middle school sent out your next contestant.”

    “Our next contestant will be Alex,” Jenny shouts.

    Alex hearing his name walks up to the stage. 

    “Sir, I was wondering if you can have someone fix the stage before I start my match,” Alex said as he looks around the stage to hint at the distraction Joe caused.

    The ref rolls his eyes in contempt. It was similar to how a waiter or waitress feels when a customer asks for fifty different things and the waiter or waitress knows that they will not be tipping.

    “We will be subbing out Adu for Kachi,” Toronto Middle school head coach shouts to the ref.

    Kachi walking up arrogantly said, “Ref I would also like the stage restore to its proper form. A great master like me can’t simply fight on such a messy stage.”

    The ref rolls his eyes but did not refuse. “Fine then.” 

    His hand glows red and a beam of energy was shot into the air.

    This was Lintian’s plan all along. In order to waste time he told Principle Jenny to have the participants destroy the stage in order to have them fix it. It should take about twenty to thirty minutes just enough time for him to get their even with the traffic.

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  • Book 2 Chapter 43:Everything Is Not What It Seems

    A couple seconds later a rough middle age looking man came jogging over. 

    “Hey you called?” the man asks.

    “Yes. The participants asks that we repair the field,” the referee lazily answers.

    “Oh, no problem give me like two minutes,” this field fixer replies.

    Jenny who was relaxingly drinking water spits it all back out at the stranger next to her. 

    Alex’s ear twitches like it was having a spasm hearing the words two minutes. What the hell? How the hell are you going to fix a field that looks like it got gang banged by hundred guys? Alex thought silently to himself with his eyes fixated on the field.

    When Joe heard that it would only take two minutes for them to fix his rampage he fainted on the spot from the mental damage.

    The field fixer guy raises his hand and presses something on his watch. The field shook a little and a ball metal ball flew into the air. Then this ball began to gather the rumbles and field around it. Then step by step the field was being rebuilt. In about just two minutes the field looks brand new.

    Alex and the principle couldn't help but let their jaws drop. They didn't know whether to laugh or cry looking at this situation.

    “Both of you get up now!” the ref shouts out irritated. 

    “Principle Jenny pulls Alex to the side a bit and whispers, “waste as much time as possible.”

    Alex nods his head and slowly walks up to waste time. Kachi the other participants lightly jumps up onto the stage. His movements were so smooth that it looked like the descent of a god. 

    The referee rolls his eyes in contempt. Why are these people wasting my time today? This whole match should have only taken ten minutes has already move to twelve minutes. This was only the second battle too. At this rate it will be thirty minutes before their done. Ugh!

    Once they both arrive on stage the ref yells out “Start!”

    Kachi raises his arms and a sword made out of light forms in mid air.

    Alex seeing this ran to the side and began to run in a circle around him.

    The light sword flew forward chasing after Alex like it was a game of cat and mouse. While being chased Alex reaches into his interspacial ring and brought out a sword. His body began to split apart creating multiple images of himself.

    “Mhmm not bad,” Kachi murmurs. This was because these were genuine clones. Even first rate students would have a hard time mastering this martial skill. Not only that but Alex created four perfect copies of himself. 

    Kachi couldn't tell the difference at all, but sadly the difference between the two was still too large. It was not something that can be filled this easily. Therefore it doesn't matter how many perfect closes Alex creates because at the end of the day his qi is limited.

    In total Alex create five extra clones because that was his limit. If someone was to pay attention they would notice that Alex’s face remained calm and steady without a trace of anxiety or fear. One of the clones was battling against the sword and even managed to put it to a stalemate. The four other clones including Alex himself charges toward Kachi. 

    Kachi merely smirks, and ten more sword lights appears. 

    Alex simply smiles in amusement. Right now he could feel that Kachi is simply playing around with him and because Alex and had so many mock battles with Lintian he doesn't feel threaten at all if Kachi did not go serious. For now Alex didn't want to reveal his full strength so he used a footwork technique to dodge the light swords. This set of footwork was taught to him by Dr. Harris. The Reverse Nine Trigram steps. 

    Even through sword lights were fast Kachi simply couldn't figure out the footwork technique that Alex was using. This cause all of the sword light’s strike to completely miss by a wide margin.

    A cold glint appears in Kachi’s eyes as he summons nine more sword light making a total of twenty sword lights. This was not his best attack but these twenty sword lights were equivalent to his current stage six Master realm strength which should have easily over powered Alex’s first stage master realm strength. 

    One of the clones escapes the sword light and charges toward Kachi. The earth follows that clone as the materials on the ground began to slowly cover Kachi’s body. Even through I said slow, to normal human eyes it happened in just a second.

    Kachi didn't even bat an eye before his hand flew out to grab the clone’s incoming fist. Once they made contact Kachi sent out a shockwave of qi directly canceling out all the martial technique it used.

    The clone spasms and went poof disappearing into thin air. Three more clones came running in. They were all using he earth body armor technique. 


    They all flung out a punch that could have crippled a first stage master realm cultivator but in front of Kachi it was nothing but a punch. In less then a breath of time all three clones were gone like smoke in the wind, but the moment they disappeared the real Alex and a clone appears out of the smoke and both sent out a fist technique that felt ominous to Kachi. 

    He channels thirty percent of his qi to strengthen both of his arms for defense against Alex since it would be pretty embarrassing to dodge or run away from a stage one master realm attack when he is at the sixth stage.

    Both Alex and the clone smirks in amusement at Kachi’s action. 

    Both the fist made contact with Alex’s hands and the next scene cause everyone who were watching to go into shock. Even Kachi himself was shocked. This shock eventually turns to rage.

    The clone and Alex chose to use stage two of the soul penetrating first. This technique bypasses the out defense and directly attacks the internal defense. Furthermore Alex used stage two of the soul penetrating punch which incorporate elemental qi. Not only that but Alex used two different qi to attack Kachi. The real body used the fire element which is best known for its offensive strength. The clone used the wind element best known for their speed and sharpness. 

    The viewers and ref heard a crack and both of his arms broke. Falling to the side like a raggedy doll.

    Kachi tried to sense his arm but he could not muster a single ounce of strength. Panic set into his eyes that were invisible to everyone else. Not having one arm was still fine but not having two even if his strength was another realm higher it would be pointless. He would have to rely on range attacks which comes from his soul control. Furthermore this punch from a stage one master realm cultivator somehow affected his soul too.

    Alex came out of this without a single scratch. Alex muses to himself, “I might not be as strong as Lintian but that doesn't mean you can underestimate my strength.”

    All of the Quincy middle school audience presently watching jaws dropped to the ground. What the hell? When did he get this strong! 

    Principle Jenny’s eyes nearly popped out of her socket when she saw this. She grew excited and knew that she made the right choose picking him. Then again he was stronger then everyone else in the school so it wasn't a hard decision.

    Kachi had a mad glint in his eyes as his qi fluctuates wildly. The ground beneath him cracking in a spiderweb like formation. Six beast like arms formed by the condensation of proton light became a solid exist giving of a tyrannical aura. This formidable aura sends spiderweb like cracks throughout the whole feel.

    Alex could feel the oppressive aura that Kachi gave off and his face turns serious because right now it means Kachi be fighting at full power minus the arms of course, but those six arms made from light seems even stronger than anything he has seen from Kachi so far.

  • Book 2 Chapter 44:One Strike!

    Alex created multiple clones again. Each of them spread out into a formation. 

    Kachi then brought out six master realm sabers into his hand. As he springs forward he created afterimages of himself.

    At this moment Alex decided just to prolong his fight as long as possible. 

    Kati seeing Alex’s intentions couldn't help but sigh a breath of relief to himself. This was because the light element is known for their speed and healing. 

    Alex wasn't running around mindlessly but each of his clones were getting into position to do a finally attack.

    Should I? Alex began to question himself. Should he show his true strength? Or should he just prolong it for as long as possible? 

    Fuck it he thought to himself. I’ll just fight to the best of my ability without relying on that power.

    All five of Alex’s clone including himself hands touch the floor. The floor rumbles and a shockwave of earth blasted toward Kachi.

    Kachi leaps into the air to avoid the shockwave but Alex predicted that already and two of the clones adjusted their attacks to control the earth to spikes the size of a telephone pole to be shot towards the Kachi.

    Kachi sneers at Alex for his pathetic attempt. The twenty javelin were easily broken with his saber.

    Kachi’s voice roars out, “do you know the difference between a first rate school and a second rate school? It is not just the students but the resources too! Have you even heard of the elemental laws?”

    Alex didn't reply because what he said was actually a true fact. Learning laws is a lot harder then just cultivating. This was the difference between a first rate school and a second rate school. Second rate school refers to the acceptance of students through the government of the land similar to our Earth’s public school system. 

    While a first rate school is more of a private institution accepted by the Government. Therefore the funds for a first rate school and a second rate school is vastly different.

    To hire a teacher that will instruct the students in the elemental laws will cost a hundred times more qi stones then hiring a teacher to guide students in cultivation. Normally a cultivator would personally learn the laws when they reach Heaven’s realm but starting early will give you an enormous head start.

    Sadly through that might be true for every other student but Alex’s teacher was Dr. Harris a genius spell master, and a heaven realm cultivation. 

    Alex continues to smile and defend. Kachi’s close quarter became increasingly savage but thankfully having five extra clones of himself helps tremendously. Especially since the laws of the earth were well hidden in his defense and attack.

    He can’t hold on much longer Principle Jenny thought to himself. Jenny can feel that Alex’s rate of depletion was five times Kachi’s due to the clone. Furthermore, there was five stages worth of difference between the two. Add all that together Jenny figures that Alex should be able to last at least one or two more minutes at this intensity.

    Kachi himself was feeling quite surprised that Alex was able to keep him in a deadlock for so long. Furthermore he could feel that Alex was still holding back and wasn't using his full strength to compete with him. As he uses the light element to heal his arm his attacks became increasingly savage.

    Two minutes passed and Alex’s eyes became a slight shade of red. His physically strength was actually increasing bits by bits.

    “Stop!” a voice transmission rang in Alex’s ears.

    Like someone dumping an ice cold bucket of water over him he snapped out of it and his eyes return back to normal. 

    “I give up!” Alex yells out jumping backs to evade any incoming attacks.

    “Winner Kachi!” the referee yells out. “Final contestant from Quincy middle school Wei Lintian get on stage! Toronto Middle school do you need to sub?”

    Lintian walks up to the stage like he had been there for the whole thing. His hair blowing against the breeze and his clothes fluttering like he was some sage descending onto the mortal world. 

    Huh? When he get here? Principle Jenny wonders. Then she checks her watch and there was still 20 minutes before the said time.

    “Hey Jenny hows the students holding up?” Harris asks.

    “How you get here so fast?” Jenny asks in surprise cutting straight to the point. 

    “Its a long story,” Harris chuckles.

    “40 minutes isn't that long,” Jenny states sternly.

    “Lets watch for now,” Harris smiles mysteriously. While mentally he still couldn't believe what happened actually happened.

    Lintian stood on the stage casting his gaze outward waiting for his opponent. 

    “We are going to sent Adu for Kachi!” the Toronto representative declares. 

    Adu walks back onto the stage no longer holding that arrogant air anymore. Just from the first two fights he could clearly tell that this individual in front of him was vastly stronger than the last two that came up onto the stage. If he held that earlier arrogant like Kachi then he might suffer the same humiliation.

    Adu felt like he could beat Alex but not that easily and with the way Alex and this Lintian’s eyes interact he could tell that there is a vast amount of respect from Alex’s eyes. Therefore he can only conclude that Lintian was definitely stronger than Alex by a wide margin. Whether its to the point that Lintian can beat him that is not known until the future.

    “Whenever your ready,” Lintian said politely.

    “Sure, be careful I won’t be going easy on you,” Adu replies getting into a stance.

    Lintian’s eyebrows raise a bit in surprise. He was actually expecting Adu to haughty and arrogant like the other first rate school students here.

    “Thats fine. I like a challenge.”

    “Start!” the referee yells out.

    Lintian’s dragon eyes activates and he carefully watches Adu’s movement like an eagle on a prey.

    Adu uses his movement technique to the limit and his quickest strike. Creating multiple afterimages of himself trying to get a surprise drop on Lintian.

    Little did he know Lintian’s eyes made it so that Adu might as well not even be using a movement technique.

    With zero waste movements Lintian took one step and unleash a palm strike.


    Adu didn't even have time to react before the strike appeared before his chest sending him flying out of the arena and into another arena a hundred meters away.

    “Oops.” Lintian didn't expect a stage six Master realm expert from a first rate school to be this weak.

    The referee stares in a dumbfounded manner. Never in his wildest imagination did expect a first rate school student to be struck out in one hit. Could it just be luck? Referee wonders. 

    “Hey ref can you call out the winner?” Alex calls out loudly, interrupting the Referee’s daydream.

    “Huh? Uh yes. Winner Wei Lintian!” he shouts. “Toronto sent up your next fighter!”

    The representative looks at Kachi and then at the youth next to him. “You’re gonna have to go up. Kachi’s arm is still injured.”

    “Useless,” the youth swore.

    The youth got up and walks onto the stage. 

    “My name is Jon Vladimith, and I will be the next participant,” the youth said to the ref.

    “Battle begin!” the ref shouts out loudly and proudly since he saw that more and more people were gathering around this platform. This was due to Adu being sent to another battle field that was a hundred meters away. Even a battle between first rate schools didn't cause such scene much less a second rate school.

    “I’ll give you a chance!” Jon’s arrogant voice rings across the platform. “Draw your weapon, and give your best because this will be the last battle you see.”

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    Book 2 Chapter 45:Shameless

    “Mhmm,” Lintian contemplated. “Are you going to use a weapon?”

    “For ants like you why would I need a weapon?” 

    “In that case I don't need a weapon either,” Lintian replies but in his mind he was thinking that if this guy did draw his weapon then he can alway use the Armament of a thousand transformation skill to defend. Lintian could feel that this guy was at the eighth stage of the Master so he is not someone that he can kid around with.

    “START!” the referee roars out loud. 

    Lintian instantly combines his two extra dantians together into which increased his cultivation from stage two to stage four in less than a second. Furthermore the mist technique that his step dad taught him when he was younger. Right now his cultivation still appears to be in the second stage of the master realm to everyone.

    Lintian flashes forward at an impeccable speed that not many could match. Lintian flew forward in a z shape line. Lintian threw out his first punch to test this person’s reaction speed, and power.

    Jon flicks his wrist pushing Lintian’s fist to the side. Lintian retaliates by ducking toward the floor to do a leg sweep. Jon merely picks up his leg and then tries to stomp down toward Lintian’s leg. 

    Lintian’s leg increases its speed by at least three to four times which surprises Jon. Then something unexpected happened. Lintian’s leg flew up like a rising dragon.

    All the male spectator’s face winces in pain from looking.

    “AAAHHHHH!” Jon screams out in pain as his body lurch forward and his hand holding his groin in pain.

    Lintian jumps back a couple steps.

    “Sorry, I panicked!” Lintian apologizes.

    Alex gives Lintian a thumbs up.

    “That is so despicable!” the Toronto school disciples cried out.

    Some of the onlookers watched in amusement. This was basically what you get for being arrogant and stupid. Furthermore it was cheap shot but it was easily avoidable if he was serious. Hand move down to block it. Jump backwards. He has no one to blame but himself. 

    They shook their heads in disprovable. 

    “Can you still continue?” Lintian asks which was basically pouring salt on the wound.

    Jon’s stare looks like it could kill.

    “I’ll take that as a yes then?” Lintian said with the most serious of faces.

    The crowd couldn't help but look in surprise at the dedication and the seriousness Lintian puts into it. It was like he was proud in kicking another guy’s balls.

    Lintian ran over like a jaguar and launches a kick at Jon. It was too the face. Jon flinches backward on the ground.

    Lintian already saw that reaction coming so the kick was a fake for his next move. The kicking foot came smashing to the ground right in front of Jon’s face and then Lintian uses that foot as the pivot foot. His body spins already and the heel of his left leg smashes into Jon’s stomach sending him out of the battle field.

    They couldn't help but feel kind of awkward for Jon. Two get beaten in such a way by a stage two master realm cultivation. He can never show his face in public. Might as well dig a whole and bury his head in it.

    Lintian’s school was stun by the results. Actually not by the results but the way the results came about.

    “Isn’t this kid a bit too shameless?” an irrelevant person asks.

    “Che! Your mother! Shameless? He’s six stages weaker than that idiot. What kind of idiot  says all the shit then goes down with a kick in the balls?”

    “Winner Lintian!” the referee yells. There was no rules saying you can't do that since every cultivator’s first instinct is protect their manhood.

    “We forfeit!” the Toronto middle school head representative shouts out before the ref could even ask for the next contestant. “Get this idiot to the hospital.”

    “Quincy Middle School second rate qualifies for the First rate school competition!” the ref announces loudly.


    “Hell yeah!” Everyone cheers loudly.

    Lintian quietly walks down the stage to be greeted by his school.

    “Wow! Lintian I didn’t know you were this strong!” one of them praises.

    “Did you really have to kick him in the manhood?” another asks.

    “It was an accident,” Lintian explains.

    “Sure it was?” another person laughs. “Did your legs flail? Hahaha.”

    “How did you get here so fast?” The principle asks Lintian. 

    “It's really a funny thing,” Lintian chuckles while they were all walking back. Lintian glances at Harris for his approval to tell. Harris gave nod.

    “Tell us,” an elder of the school urges.

    Seeing them urge so much Lintian gave in. 

    What happen after the call ended with Principle Jenny

    The moment Harris hangs up the phone Lintian began to contemplate on how to get there faster.

    “Should I just get out and start running there?” Lintian asks Harris.

    “You can but the problem is if your bracelet triggers a certain speed it will automatically activate and limit your cultivation. Two seconds. If your speed it over is faster than 80 miles per hour for over two seconds the limiter will activate.”

    “That will still be faster than this slow moving car,” Lintian said. “I can just run at sixty and I should make it in 10 minutes.”

    “Its better that you don’t since if the police starts being a dick about it they can arrest you and that will definitely take longer than an hour to deal with it. At least this way we know we can get their even if it is gonna take a while.” 

    Lintian sighs.

    Knock! Knock! Knock!

    “Huh?” Lintian gasp in surprise and rolls down the window.

    “Hi are you Lintian?” a middle age man asks.

    “Yes can I help you?” Lintian asks.

    “Our Boss Chang said that he would like to help you get to the preliminaries.”

    “Ok… How through?” Lintian asks. While his mind he was thinking I don't know any Boss Changs. I’ll use them for now and find out later.

    “We will open up the traffic for you. The boss has connections in the police force,” the middle age man said. 

    Knock! Knock! Knock! 

    This time Harris’s side of the window was being knocked on.

    Harris rolls down the window.

    “Hi are you Lintian?” A young man asks.

    “No but he is,” Harris replies.

    “Can I help you?” Lintian asks.

    “No, we are here to help you. Our Young Master Shi would like to help you get to the preliminaries on time,” the man said sincerely.

    Young Master Shi? Lintian thought. Could it be Shi Zifeng? Why would he want to help me out? Did he maybe say the wrong master? It should be Yan Zifeng helping right?

    “I should be fine with Boss Chang’s help,” Lintian politely declines incase there was something malicious going on.

    “Our boss sincerely wants to help you get there!” the man said stubbornly.

    “Hey brat! No means no. Get out of here before our clan gives you a beating!”

    “Do you truly wish to offend our Master Shi Zifeng?” the young man glares.

    “Sh, sh, sh, Shi Zifeng?” the middle age man stammers. “Of course not. How about we work together in get out guest Lintian to the preliminaries.”

    The young man rolls his eyes and said, “How about it Young Master Lintian? Would this work for you?”

    “As long as you guys get me there then I definitely have no complaint,” Lintian smiles.

    Now back to the current time frame.

    “So I had them bring me here and when I got to the entrance they remove my limiter when I told them my identity and provided the proof.”

    When Lintian finish explaining everything they were on the bus going out to celebrate passing the preliminaries. 

    “Do you know who they are?” Jenny asks in a worrisome tone.

    “I know who Shi Zifeng is but not Boss Chang. I don't know why Shi would help me but I can think of two reasons. As for Boss Chang I’m sure I will find out eventually so there is no worries there.”

  • Book 2 Chapter 46:We Meet Again

    When Lintian got back to the hotel from the celebration Lintian was originally going to go back to cultivating but decided to check something on the computer. He needs to do as much research information on his opponents as possible. 

    Once Lintian opens up a browser he checks for the qualifying schools, and clans in this tournament. 

    A list of schools and clans appear. There were fifty schools that were listed as qualifying. Quincy Middle school was the fifth name to appear.

    There were 37 first rate schools, 12 sects, and 1 second rate school. 

    Lintian then surf the web a bit and found last year’s winner. He finally found an article on last year’s winner.

    (Archaic Middle School emerges victorious among the fifty schools that came through the qualifiers. Tyler Andreas 15, Nicholas Waas 15, and Ryan Forwright 14, dominated the tournament. Their momentum was unstoppable with Ryan Forwright’s nonstop win at the age of 14 and Tyler Andreas coming in for the finish. Nicholas Waas only had two chances to fight in this whole tournament. With Ryan Forwright’s stunning performance they are bound to win the tournament next year too to cement the first seven win streak record. At age 14 with the cultivation base of the sixth stage of the Master realm who knows what his cultivation base will be like for next years. Furthermore at such a young age to have such a high insight into the Archaic Dragon Sword Arts it unfathomable for him to not be a winner next year. Then again anything can happen so we will all have to wait until next year to see the result.)

    Archaic Dragon Sword Arts? Lintian thought in his head. Lintian then begins to search through the web for any videos or information on it. He found two videos but they were all too blurry to the point where you can barely make out the movements which basically made it useless. He then found an article but it only gave a basic outline of the origin of the Archaic Dragon Sword Art. 

    After reading it Lintian found that it was a pretty strong sword path but it wasn't anything he had to be overly worried about. This was due to his Dragon bloodline.

    After reading through it he found two people that might pose a threat to him. One is Shiko Saint who is known as the undead warrior because of his high regeneration. It was said that he was able to regenerate a whole arm in the middle of a fight.

    The second person that might pose a threat is Sarah Quick. Like her name implies she is focus most of her time of speed and attack. She is known to probable have the highest attainment in speed and agility in this tournament. Lastly his cultivation base is at the seventh stage of the Master Realm so her attack base  attack power is already higher than Lintian’s from a normal perspective but in truth they are probable on par with each other.

    Mhmm Lintian looks around for a bit and walks over to the bed and went to sleep. In his sleep he was slowly cultivating.

    In the morning they all got on the bus and went to the competition together. At the competition the workers there took off Lintian’s limiter and Alex’s limiter. As for Joe he was still injured pretty badly and they can’t find a replacement for him.

    “Its up to you two!” Dr. Harris cheers. “We are going to be the first on up.”

    “Who are we facing?” Lintian asks Principle Jenny Garner. She had this anxious look on her face. It was like she was suffering from an anxiety attack.

    “The Archaic school,” she said in a stress tone.

    “We’re gonna have to face them eventually so facing them now or later doesn't make that big of a deal,” Lintian comforts.

    “Sigh, that is true but if we are the first to lose then our best ranking would be twenty five,” Principle Garner sighs, “but try your best. We were originally aiming for the championship anyway.”

    “Thats the attitude Jenny we like,” Dr. Harris cheers while patting her on the back.

    “First battle of the day! Quincy Middle School second rate verses Archaic Middle School first rate! Please attend to stadium one!” a symphonic female voice echoes over the intercoms.

    When their group arrives at stadium one they couldn't help but be surprise by size and audience. It was totally different from yesterday. The stadium was at least three times yesterday’s size and the audience was at least 100 times yesterday’s audience.

    They couldn't help but have a look of shock in their eyes. Watching this battle from a television is a completely different feeling then being here. The energy from the spectators and the pressure they emit couldn't help but penetrate into your heart for the desire to give the audience a shock they have never experience before.

    “You wanna go first or should I go first?” Alex asks mischievously.

    “You can go first,” Lintian said. He needs to conserve as much of his strength as possible before going up. Since he knows for sure that even if Alex took out one Alex definitely can’t beat another one. Secondly it gives Lintian some time to study the Archaic school’s Archaic Dragon sword style. This way it would help him conserve energy when fighting.

    “First up from Archaic Middle School is Harry Middleton ranked thirteenth on the country wide first rate school list! From Quincy Middle school is Alex Giovani,” the announcer was shouting out but his voice eventually trails off when it came to Alex.

    Lintian smirks a bit and activates his Dragon eyes to watch but then something out of the corners of his Dragon eyes caught his attention.

    “He is here,” Lintian murmurs under his breath. No wonder he couldn't sense Rashu’s presence at all.

    High up in the balconies Lintian saw Denzel Pylif Menphis. He was wearing a white robe and he looks completely healthy.

    What is he doing here? Lintian thought. For now I should ignore him. Did Kyuri sense him yet? 

    Lintian’s hands moves so fast that unless someone was paying attention they would not see. He places a seal on Kyuri’s beast box to prevent him from coming out of the beast box without permission. Then he seal the beast box’s senses from being sent to Kyuri.

    Lintian’s mind then splits into two. One was paying attention to the battle while the other was paying close attention to Denzel. Then something that was totally unexpected took place they gave Lintian such a shock that both of his minds couldn't help but look. Even his face turned toward’s that direction. It’s effect was like someone throwing passing you a hot pot while you were chopping vegetables.

    Lintian saw Denzel meeting up with his Uncle Lin and his Uncle Ming. Even Aunty Ting was here. Lintian saw them shake hands and then Uncle Lin leading all.

    “What the hell is going on?” Lintian wonders anxiously.

  • Book 2 Chapter 47:Absolute Dominance

    Lintian stares and stares in shock at the meeting between Denzel and his uncles and aunt. If he remembers correctly Rashu told him that Denzel needs at least ten years at the fastest speed with rare medical herbs, and pills. Rashu said that some girl told Denzel six to seven years but that is simple not possible with the attack he employed. 

    Should I sent a sound transmission to talk with my uncle? Lintian thought to himself. No I probable shouldn't the distance between us is too big and can easily be intercepted or accidentally sent to the wrong person. 

    This was because when sending a sound transmission it would travel in a linear line and someone just happen to step right in between them then it could easily be intercepted. Furthermore there was at least a thousand meters of space in between them which doesn't help at all.

    Sensing that Lintian was about to do something stupid in the heat of the moment Rashu’s voice rings out in Lintian’s head.

    “Don’t worry about them for now. Focus on the competition. Even if he is still injured your strength is basically insignificant in front of him. Don’t do anything foolish.”

    Hearing that Lintian calms down a bit. My uncles and aunt are good people they probable have their own reason for meeting up with him Lintian told himself. It was similar to a feeling of seeing your girlfriend talking with a you personally hate on an intimate level and you happen to walk in on it without prior knowledge of them two ever knowing each other.

    This all happened in less than 3 seconds so the battle has not even begun.

    “Principle Garner,” Lintian said in a serious tone. “Can you tell the referee that Alex and I will be switching places?”

    Lintian was going to finish these battle fast and get to his Uncle and Aunt as soon as possible. Not having seen his family for six years has basically sent him on a rollercoaster ride. This was especially true since seeing his family and enemy meeting in such a naturally and friendly manner cause his imagination to go a bit wild. Furthermore logic sometimes goes out the window when a person gets overly emotional. Therefore Lintian came up with the conclusion to finish all three battle as quickly as possible. Then sneak away from his group to meet with his family. This completely violates the reason why he was exiled to this land to begin with.

    Principle Jenny yells out to the ref, “We would like to switch our first fighter!”

    Alex turns around and gave a look of surprise.

    “Who would you like to sub?” the girl asks.

    “Too our team captain Wei Lintian.”

    The ref looks at the Archaic school representative, “Are you guys fine with that?”

    “Does it matter?” the representative states with an air of arrogance. This was because the move they just made was the worst move possible. Normally it goes from weak to strong in order for the weak to chip away at the opponents strength. This way they can at least win a battle and not lose face. To be completely honest when you are facing absolute strength no matter what strategy you employ will be completely useless.

    “Fighter change for Quincy Middle School second rate. From Alex Giovani to Wei Lintian,” the female announce shouts.

    “Good luck,” Alex said to Lintian as they walk by each other to switch places.

    Harry Middleton stood on the stage with his bright gold hair and his muscular body that resembles that of an adult. 

    “Are you going to bring out your sword?” Lintian asks with an aloofness to his voice that would piss off anyone that may think he is stronger.

    “Would I need it for you a brat like you?” Harry growls.

    “Up to you it doesn't really matter to me. A win is a win.”

    “Battle start!” the ref roars out.

    Lintian was always paying attention to the movements of her lips and the moment it moves to the moment it finishes Lintian combined all of his Dantian which directly brought his cultivation to the four stage of the Master realm. Then when she finish saying start Lintian used the Emperor’s steps to do an instant movement Jin to invade Harris’s personal space and then launches a palm strike that contains a hint of the laws of fire and lightning.

    Boom! Harris was instantly pushed off the stage. Not even a second has passed by since the ref roars out start. 

    “Winner Wei Lintian!”

    “THAT ATTACK IS IN VIOLATION OF THE RULES!” the head representative shouts losing his composure in the fit of the moment. Then he looks over at Harry to realize that Harry was already unconscious.

    “It was fair,” the ref said back with an air of irrefutability to it. This causes the representative to be taken aback. Then she explains. “He has already asked your student if he wanted to take out his weapon and he did not. Then was probable looking down on this boy and didn't expect such a fast attack and couldn't react in time. Lastly Lintian made every movement after I said start. So it was not a violation of the rules. Just damn stupid on your end. Who are you sending up next!”

    “I will go up,” a brown hair boy said. He wore an azure robe and his eyes contains a wildness to him that a youth should not possess. It was like he was has seen and face man life and death situations.

    “My name is Ryan Forthright,” the youth said to referee.

    “Next battle Ryan Forthright verses Wei Lintian,” the referee yells. “Are both sides ready?”

    “Yes,” Lintian and Ryan both answer simultaneously.

    “START!” the ref yells out.

    This time Lintian didn’t do the same thing because the opponent would be expecting it. Furthermore this youth in front of him was not underestimating him at all. He was staring like tiger on a prey. The young brought out a sword in his hand. 

    Since he wasn't being disrespectful Lintian did not feel the need to do the same either. Lintian brought out a Master realm sword that he received from General Headstone. The Mokoratori twin sword. This sword was made from using the demonic core a twin Mokara shark. It is said that when these two swords are used at the same time their strength can rival a King Realm sword.

    Lintian brought only one out but its strength was probable comparable to Ryan’s sword.

    “My sword is called streamline. It has been a long time since I met someone who has given me a feeling of danger that I can’t help but come up,” Ryan smiles.

    “I’ll try my best to not disappoint,” Lintian passively said since he doesn't want to waste time on useless conversations.

    An ancient like aura began to assemble near Ryan.

    Lintian’s eyes shifts around as he saw a strange energy assembling itself around right. Behind Ryan was a spirit dragon holding a sword. This spirit dragon was invisible to other’s but it was visible to Lintian due to his eyes but it was hazy.

    “Spirit manifestation?” Lintian murmurs. Sadly you manifest the wrong spirit to fight me Lintian giggles to himself.

    Since this wasn't the semifinals yet the amount of experts paying attention to these fights  were basically none. At most they would probable watch it on a recording later.

    Lintian activated his dragon bloodline. The Yinyang God Dragon’s spirit resonance through this whole arena but Lintian controlled it to the best of his ability to just directly aim it at Ryan. Lintian already knew about his dragon bloodline since he has researched it during his spare time but he just doesn't know how powerful it is and it just so happens today that someone was able to manifest a dragon spirit causing him to want to test it out.

    Crack! Phwoosh!

    The spirit dragon behind Ryan completely crumbled away like a shattered glass. Ryan himself cough up a mouth full of blood as he fell to his knees. His heart palpitating and sweat pouring out like a broken dam. 

    “I admit defeat,” Ryan shouts without an ounce of resistance. What the hell was that? He wonders. He has never felt anything so scary before. It was like he was standing before a huge mountain and that mountain was alive. That feeling of being crushed without the ability to resist. He was absolutely dominated. He thought he was the strongest in the younger generation but who knew that before this boy he doesn't even have enough strength to be an ant before him.

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    Book 2 Chapter 48- Lefted Out 

    Lintian stood before Ryan like a God before a mortal.

    “Since Ryan has admitted defeat then the winner is Lintian!” the ref announces. “Would you like to sent up your last participant?”

    “No, we will admit defeat,” the head representative for Archaic Middle school sighs.

    “Master can I give it a try?” the third participant asks.

    “Why?” the representative asks in doubt. “It is not like you will be able to win when Ryan just lost without being able to lift a finger.” 

    Even he felt something weird from that. For an explicit half a second he could feel the weight of a mountain crashing down on him mentally. He then dismissed it as a misconception of an extremely strong individual passing by.

    “I just want to give it a try. Just for experience purposes,” the third participant explains.

    “Thats fine then. I will sent up John Frost!” the representative yells out.

    “Next match Wei Lintian verses John Frost!” the ref shouts out.

    John frost walks up the stage and brought out two swords.

    Out of respect Lintian brought out a sword too.

    “Start!” the ref shouts out.

    John struck out first. Sprinting forward in a z like style. 

    Lintian stood at his spot without a care in the world expression on. His face was tranquil but his eyes contains a profoundness that was as sharp as a sword.

    John launches his first attack and Lintian parries it to the side. As John attacks Lintian continues to be on the defensive. This was because the pressure he was experiencing right now was completely different from the one he had with Dr. Harris. How can a Master realm cultivator compare with a Heaven Realm cultivation in terms of experience and strength?

    For a millisecond Lintian saw an extremely huge opening in John’s sword play. At that moment Lintian was about to strike only to realize that something was off.

    John purposely left that opening hoping for Lintian to strike. When he saw Lintian’s movement to strike he felt elated. That elation to win was short lived since Lintian withdrew his attack and continues to defend.

    Feeling that this was enough to give Archaic school team face Lintian moved in to finish them off. Lintian used his emperor’s steps to close in. This threw off John’s movements since from what Lintian could see he felt that the Archaic Dragon sword style focuses a lot on large movements with a hidden mystery to it. It leaves huge openings but the power behind the sword was five to ten times the strength behind an average sword attack. 

    Just as he got into their space dark spikes pops out of John’s body. Lintian uses the emperor’s step again to dodge. In another second Lintian’s sword arrives before John’s neck.

    “Winner Wei Lintian. Quincy Middle School Second rate will move on!” the referee yells out.

    Before anyone could even say anything Lintian hops down from the stage and disappears. 

    “Eh? Wheres he running off too?” Principle Jenny mumbles.

    “He probable has diarrhea or something,” Harris chuckles making an excuse for Lintian. He too saw earlier that Lintian noticed his aunt and uncles. It might be good for his mental state if they meet up again.

    Lintian began to weave through the crowds before reaching the end. Lintian’s dragon eyes saw that there were too many cameras for him to use the fazing technique from the Divine Lightning Body God's Art. He saw that his uncles and aunt were still at the balcony on the seventh floor looking down onto the competition.

    Since he came in like he was rushing Lintian does not have full understanding of the stadium. Either way he was always bad with directions.

    “Don’t go meet with your uncle right now. Meet with him later when he is alone. There are too many people here watching. I’ll watch them you go back to your school,” Rashu advise mentally.

    “Sorry, got a little excited,” Lintian said finally calming down. Meeting now would cause many questions to come up and for that Denzel guy to notice my existence. 

    Lintian weaves through the crowd again and back to their group.

    “Where you go?” the principle asks.

    “Bathroom, hahaha,” Lintian laughs a little awkwardly.

    “Hey guys I’ll be right back too,” Alex said sheepishly. 

    “Whats wrong with you?” the principle glares.

    “Um I kinda betted all my money on our school winning. It was a 20 to one ratio. So I need to go collect my winnings.” Alex then looks around at Harris who coughs and turns away. Then he looks at four other kids who betted with him.

    “Oh lets go collect your winnings then,” Principle Jenny said out happily walking towards the betting booth.

    “Did you guys all made bets and not inform me?” Lintian asks feeling a bit letted out.

    Everyone who betted began to walk faster.

    Then someone pointed and shouts, “Oh! Look! A flying rank 7 mammoth!”

    Lintian rolls his eyes at this person’s stupidity and walks out of the arena. This was a perfect opportunity to leave.

    While Rashu was meticulously tracking Lintian’s uncle’s and aunt. Lintian then went into a hiding spot and waited. 

    An hour passed by. Then another hour passes by. It wasn't until a passing of five hours that his Uncles and Aunt finally separate from Denzel.

    Lintian began to hide his presence little by little until his presence was completely gone. The moment Lintian saw his family members leaving he began to follow. As Lintian follows his Uncles and Aunt he kept a great distance away. As they kept on walking Lintian notices something strange. The crowd was thinning.

    There were less and less people around the further he follows. It seems like that already knew he was following. 

    After about an hour of following they finally arrived at a desolate location. They even took a car which made it extremely annoying to follow and even exhaust fifty percent of Lintian’s qi. Luckily he possesses two extra dantians which refilled his qi extremely quick.

    As the three of them got out of the his aunt Ting shouts out, “whoever is following us you can come out now!”

    Since he was caught already Lintian made his presence appear again and he used the emperor’s steps to appear before them. 

    “Uncle Ming, Uncle Lin, and Aunty Ting how are you doing?” Lintian asks with a big cheerful grin on his face.

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  • Book 2 Chapter 49:Happy

    “Xiaowei?” Uncle Ming blurts out. This was because Lintian’s face looks identical to the replacement’s face.

    “Why are you here?” Aunty Ting grunts.

    “Uncle Ming, Uncle Lin, and Aunty Ting how are you?” Lintian asks ignoring Aunty Ting’s harsh tone.

    Uncle Lin frowns. “Why have you followed us?”

    Lintian continues to smile happily. “I saw you guys in the balcony area talking to someone so I came to find you.”

    “Xiaowei how have you been?” Uncle Ming asks gently.

    “Pretty good,” LIntian replies his. “Is everyone doing okay back home?”

    “Why do you care so much?” Aunty Ting asks a bit irritated.  

    “Aunty its been a long time. I just want to check up on my family.”

    “Ting stop being so rude. Xiaowei is just home sick,” Uncle Ming tries smooth things over.

    “Ming! What if he was followed? If a connection is made then all those years would have been pointless!” Aunt Ting hisses viciously.

    “I’ll try to make it quick,” Lintian said in order to please his aunt.

    “Xiaowei don’t be like that. Your aunt is just on one of her mood period,” Uncle Ming said and winks a couple times. 

    “Uncle Lin that ring you gave me,” Lintian begins. “Is it a teleportation ring?”

    “Yes,” Uncle Lin replies smiling.

    “So did it work out okay? Hows the family doing?” Lintian questions began to pile. “Is my replacement doing well?”

    “Hahaha,” Uncle Lin laughs. “calm down a bit. We have a bit of time. Ting how about you go shopping for a bit. It is pretty rare for us to visit the United States of Ameri. We’ll have a chat with Xiaowei here. We’ll keep it on the down low.”

    “Do whatever you want,” Aunt Ting said and left with a raging hormone.

    “Hold on,” Uncle Lin said and brought out three pills and gave one to Lintian and one to Ming. 

    “What is it?” Lintian asks.

    “Transformation pill. It will change out appearances. Image someone in your head and you will change into that form. It lasts four hours max,” Uncle Lin said and pops it into his mouth.  In less than a minute Uncle Lin changes into an old looking man. Uncle Ming did the same and he too changed into an old man.

    “Eh, am I suppose to change into an old man too?” Lintian asks a bit taken aback.

    “Here change into this person,” Uncle Lin said showing Lintian a picture of another old man.

    “Okay…” Lintian answers and pops the pill into his mouth. In a second he could literally feel his body transforming. It felt like thousands of little bugs crawling around inside him. 

    Lintian couldn't help but shudder after that sensation. This was actually a bit more weird than feeling pain.

    “Lets go then,” Uncle Lin said and leads them to a restaurant. This restaurant has a private room that is sealed from inside out to prevent intrusions. 

    Uncle Lin and Uncle did most of the ordering and everything so before Lintian new it there were food and drinks on the table.

    “Xiaowei how have you been?” Uncle Lin asks.

    “I don’t really mind it. Just a bit homesick,” Lintian replies.

    Uncle Ming sighs. “Xiaowei, Uncle is sorry for being so useless. I tried almost everything but the family elders have decided that you’re a potential risk that can’t take.”

    Lintian felt his heart throb remembering back to his uncle’s gray hair. Smiling Lintian said, “Uncle don't worry about it. I am happy here. I made lots of friends. Plus the family that adopted me loves me just as much as much if not more than the people at home.” As Lintian said these words out loud he couldn't help but feel his chest tightens. His mental state was in chaos. He didn't know how much he has missed home until now. 

    “Are you eating okay? Do you need money for food?” Uncle Ming asks gently.

    “Yes, I’m eating great and don’t worry I have a decent amount of money,” Lintian smiles genuinely.

    “Boss stop lying and get some money for steak,” Kyuri mentally nudges. Lintian removed the seal the moment they got out of the stadium. It turns out Kyuri was taking a nap so Kyuri didn't even sense Denzel.

    Then Uncle Lin and Ming had a surprise look on their face that Lintian couldn't miss even he tried.

    “Whats wrong?” Lintian asks.

    “Your already in the second stage of the Master realm?” 

    “I entered it just yesterday.”

    “Hahaha not bad not bad. To be able to raise your cultivation to this level in a second rate school with a family that small you must have worked really hard,” Uncle Lin praises.

    “Maybe we can use this to bring Lintian back,” Uncle Ming said excitedly like a little kid.

    Looking at Uncle Ming who was in the form of an old man getting excited like a little kid humorous for Lintian to watch. Thus he couldn't help but chuckle a bit.

    “Uncle Ming, Uncle Lin I don’t think I want to go back yet. How is my replacement doing?” Lintian asks.

    “You don’t want to come home yet?” Uncle Ming said a bit stun.

    “Not yet. Grandpa and everyone might know that we switched but the rest of the family and clan does not. If we suddenly have a change then it would become suspicious,” Lintian explains. 

    “That is true,” Ming sighs.

    “How has replacement been doing?” Lintian asks again.

    “He is going to enter the Tian Academy coming year,” Uncle Lin said.

    “Thats great. To be able to enter than he must be really talented,” Lintian said feeling happy that his replacement was doing well but than he caught a bitter look on Uncle Lin’s face. 

    “Whats wrong?”

    “Xiaowei even through he might get into the academy it is not a great thing. Due to you being assessed as having the Heavenly Meridian points the family and clan assumes a certain potential growth rate that he simple can’t meet easily. Your Uncle Ming and I has been secretly helping him raise his cultivation and everything. Right now he is at the sixth stage of the Master realm but that is simple trash in their eyes. His insight ability is far too weak and that part he can only depend on himself.”

    “So basically he is being ridiculed due to jealousy?” Lintian asks. He felt a little guilty for the events that transpired.

    “Something like that. Furthermore your grandpa won’t name him as the first successor this caused further ridicule,” Uncle Lin continues. “A heavenly meridian child not being named a successor causes people to talk and stuff. People are thinking something might be wrong with Xiaowei. So in order to help him your uncle Ming and I have managed to get his name into the Tian Academy testing list. If he is able to pass all those test then naturally it will clear away all doubts.”

    “I am also heading to Tian Academy,” Lintian said. “I don’t know if I am able to pass but if I can I will try my best to help him.”

    “Whether he pass or not is up to him. We can’t possible baby him forever. Eventually this will come to light. His talent is far to weak compare with you,” Uncle Lin sighs.

    “If I can help then I will. If I can’t then I won’t.”

    “Lintian listen. You don’t have to try so hard for the family’s sake. Your parents wouldn’t want you to live this way,” said Ming.

    “Uncle Ming, Uncle Lin this is what I want. I will strive to be the strongest. I want to be able to live a carefree life that is not control by others. Since little I have always depended on others to decide my life. This Asura meridians will not define my future. I will not stop until I have the strength to control my own life,” Lintian said out resolutely.

    “Well said,” Uncle Lin claps. “Your parents would be proud. We can’t have any connections towards you so you will have to do it yourself.”

    “I know.”

    “Win this tournament. This will serve as your resume for their selection,” Uncle Lin explains. “Don’t take it too lightly. Even through this is a second rate martial continent competition there are still a couple here that would give sect disciples in China a run for their money. Hehehe.”

    “Lets not talk about that. Xiaowei tell us how you have been over the years,” Uncle Ming said. 

    “Oh I almost forgot. Let me introduce to you my companion. Kyuri,” Lintian said happily releasing Kyuri out of his seal.

    “Is that the dragon that hatched out of that egg?” Uncle Ming asks.

    “Yes. He is very strong,” Lintian winks at his uncles.

    “Mhmm not bad. It seems he is about to become a tier fourth companion,” Lin praises. 

    “Yeah. Kyuri this is my uncle Ming and Uncle Lin.”

    “Grrr, grrr,” Kyuri growls happily. 

    “Kyuri said hi and if you can order more raging cow steak,” Lintian translates.

    “Hahaha of course,” Lin laughs heartily and orders more food.

    Lintian began to tell his story starting from when Uncle Ming left him in the care of Tsukino family. He also left a lot of stuff out. He letted out the event with Rashu. He left out the part of the God’s Art inheritance. He left out a lot of Harris’s part too and the fact that he has a galaxy dan. 

    “Oh Uncle Ming, Uncle Lin who was that person you were talking at the balcony?” Lintian asks sneaking in his original intention for meeting up.

    “Oh you mean Denzel Memphis?” Uncle Lin asks.

    “Sorry I don't know who that is,” Lintian replies.

    “Hahaha oh. I thought you would know him since he operates a lot in the United States of Ameri. His family is one of the most powerful family in this world. On the top ten family list his family is ranked as the ninth family right behind the Egyptian family.”

    “Oh thats cool.” Lintian has never heard of any of these families before. They were not on the internet or anything. “If they are so powerful how come I have never heard of them before?”

    “Have you heard of the Olympian family whose rank fourth?” Uncle Lin muses.


    “This is because these are secrets only Ancestor realm cultivators and higher will know. We only know because of your grandpa,” Uncle Lin explains. Why was he telling all this to Lintian? This was because he didn't want Lintian to live in a well.

    “Xiaowei listen carefully. Do not offend any of these top ten family. I’ll give you an example the Olympian family contains twelve main branch family. The family names are Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Ares, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Hermes and Dionysus. This is part of the reason why you have never heard of the top ten family is because at the center of the family is the main name while they have main branch family that lead to the origin. I will give you a book containing details on all ten. Destroy is when your done,” Uncle Ming explains. 

    Lintian suddenly remembers something about Katrina Apho. She said she was a branch family of the main family Aphrodite. Could she be part of the superpower families?

    Feeling that they were getting a little off topic Lintian asks, “so why were you with him?”

    “We are doing business together,” Uncle Lin replies. 

    Lintian could tell that something was up from all the facial recognition training that he was given. Lin’s face says that there is more to the story that just that. There was stress and worry and a hint of disgust. His voice level also indicated he was hiding something.

    Lintian was about to pry further into it and decided not too. If his uncle is trying hide it then there is no point in trying to pry it open. When they are ready he will know. Furthermore his strength is by far to weak. He might be able to bully these kids but against people who has train for years Lintian would be no match at all.

    Lintian changes the topic and they began to discuss on all sorts of topics. From training, to martial skills, and demonic beasts. 

    For the first time since he could remember he felt relaxed and happy from the bottom of his heart.

  • Book 2 Chapter 50:Team Battle

    After Lintian reverted back to his original form Uncle Ming gave Lintian a chip that contains information on the top ten family. When Lintian stepped out it was already night time. He said his goodbyes and snuck off into the night.

    Ming and Lin who were still inside sigh a sigh of relief.

    “I guess he is doing well,” Ming said breaking the silence.

    “If only the family wouldn’t be such a pussy about these small matters,” Lin replies. Normally he would never use such words but he is with his brother so theres no need to put up a front. “If not he would definitely be in the Kings realm by now. His strength as spell master is not that bad either.”

    “Why didn't you tell him what was really going on?” 

    “Was there a need too?”

    “He looked like he came for that specific reason. Everything else was a plus hahaha.”

    “Ming sometimes ignorance is bliss.”

    “He is going to find out eventually you know.”

    “When that time comes then the time might be right. The world has a way of working itself.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “His strength is too weak right now. Knowing might affect his cultivation negatively. Lets hope he finds out when he is at least in the Heavens realm,” Lin sighs. In the past few years he has aged considerably. 

    “Why did you tell him about the top ten family then?”

    “To tell him his current strength is insignificant. Plus he is living in the USA and it is the Olympian family’s main base of operation. If he is anything like his father then there will be no doubt that he is gonna piss of many people,” Lin laughs.

    Lintian went back to his room and enter into his dreamscape.

    The very next day was Lintian was first to arrive to the stadium. There were only twenty-five teams left today. Since it was an odd number of teams they decided to draw a lottery. The lucky team would not need to fight today. 

    As Lintian’s school sat down in their section they saw the announcer at the middle of the stage today. Around the platform were many sections with teams in them. 

    “Ladies and Gentleman!” the announcers shouts. “We will be beginning after we draw some lotteries. Due to having twenty-five teams one unlucky team will have to battle twice today. So lets get started. Would each team pick a number between 1 to twenty-five?”

    Then a green screen appears before the stadium. The principle selected a number for Quincy Middle School and everyone else selected a number for their school.

    A minuted later a giant virtual screen appears before the stadium. It listed out the twenty-five teams and it’s matchup. 

    Lintian scans through the teams and saw that his team was somehow the unlucky team that has to battle twice in a row. Meaning his battle will be first and will be the last team to battle. This is definitely rigged Lintian thought. This was because the aside from some mediocre teams the top three teams all have semi easy opponents and one of them was his team.

    Then he saw the team he was looking for. Micheal Valiant’s team. His school was the Atlas school. The school that came in the top three last year. 

    Micheal sitting across the stadium lethargically sat there napping like the world has nothing to do with him. Lintian and Micheal sat about one thousand five hundred meters alway from each other. Therefore they could not see each other. They both however could see the giant virtual screen in the middle of the stadium. The schools were listed out in ranks with a number next to them indicating their first match.

    1. Azure Phoenix-4
    2. Olympus Academy-7
    3. Atlas-6
    4. Phantom Phasm-12
    5. Lionheart-8
    6. White Rose Clan-13
    7. Saint Guardian-3
    8. Black Rose Clan-1
    9. Divine Academy-2
    10. Devils Clan-8
    11. Hesse Clan-5
    12. Brave Stallion-7

    The list continued on until Lintian saw his school as rank twenty-fifth and the number next to his is twelve. He will be facing the Phantom Phasm school. Right after that he will face rank sixth group White Rose.

    So if I prevail through all this by tomorrow I will be facing Micheal Valiant Lintian thought to himself. 

    “The group to go first will be Phantom Phasm middle school and Quincy Middle school. Can the participants get onto the stage?” the Announcer shouts into the microphone.

    “Lets go,” the principle said gravely. Even she knows how tiring this competition is going to be. To face two school in the top ten will not be easy. Even if there are twelve battles in between. Just imagine playing two full games of basketball without substitution with only a two hour break in between. Furthermore it's not just any game but also imagine that your team is physically weaker than both your opponents. The mental energy and physical energy needed to overcome all of it is immense. 

    As Lintian’s group arrives before the stage the crowd was silent. More than a hundred thousand eyes were staring them down. Enemies and friends alike within this massive stage.

    “Ladies and gentlemen as you all know every year we battle it through as one verses one but this year we would like to change that. We would like to start doing team battles. This will showcase the overall ability of the school rather than just one school having a lucky year. AM I RIGHT!” the Announcer shouts out. 

    “HELL NO!” someone from the stadium shouts out.


    There was a long awkward silent and every turn to stare at the man that shouted it out.

    “Hahahaha sorry guys got a bit carried away,” the man said awkwardly. The problem is that many of the people their felt the same way. This was because they all made bets on the school that was most like to win based on individual talents rather than groups. 

    Now that it became a team battle many new variables comes into play. Formations, teamwork, compliments and so on. An example would be a teammate would be able to cover your weaknesses. 

    Furthermore its not like any of the audience can complain. Secondly the first rate schools have all voted and approved the team battles. A majority of them voted for the team battles. 

    “Without further ado can we have both teams get on stage!” the announcer yell out. 

    Lintian and Alex both got up onto the stage. Their third teammate was still injured and in the hospital. 

    “Hey you got any plans?” Alex asks.

    “No, how about you?” 


    “We’ll wing it then,” Lintian laughs. No body knew this was going to happen so no one made a plan. Even Harris couldn't predict this.

    “So you take on three and I’ll support?” Alex asks hopefully.

    “The f*ck, your the one with the clone technique.”

    “Hey you're the only OP character here.”

    “I’ll take two and you take one then.” 

    “I’ll distract them and you take them out one at a time?”

    “Come on how are you gonna be the strongest with that attitude?” Lintian goads.

    “You can’t be the very best dead can you?” Alex shrugs.

    “Hey what are you whispering about over there!” another kids voice shouts over. These were the Phantom Phasm kids.

    “Shut up!” Lintian yells back. “We’re making a plan!”

    Principle Jenny looks to Harris and whispers, “aren’t they taking this too lightly.”

    “Relax Jenny.”

    Jenny obediently sat down and looks at the battle with high intensity. If staring could take down enemies you would have the deadliest weapon here.

    “Arrogant shit! Say that in my face!” a skinny kid about five feet six wearing all black yells back.

    “I said shut the hell up! We are making a plan!” Alex shouts back this time. 

    “Alright all of you calm down!” the announcer said. “We have over here Kain Afred, Jothin Monty, and Adam Fall. Over here we have Wei Lintian and Alex Giovani! MATCH BEGIN!”

    The moment she said that the three from the Phantom Phasm school instantly shuts up and spread out. The skinny kid was called Jothin Monty while the tallest kid there was called Adam Fall. The last guy a medium built teenager was Kain Afred. 

    Two of them came running toward Alex.

    “Switch!” Lintian yells. Lintian and Alex instantly swap places. The two that was originally running toward Alex came to be running toward Lintian. 

    Swoosh! Swoosh! Multiple shadows came out from behind the three of them. These shadows then transform into wolves. The three of them merges into those shadow wolf beasts. Beneath their feet multiple diagrams appears covering them with a dark purplish light.

    “Oh shit! We fuck!” Alex grumbles.

  • Book 2 Chapter 51:Chaos Devouring Wolf Formation

    During the whole entire process Lintian’s dragon eyes never left them. Taking in the whole scene Lintian observes the whole process. With a mocking smile on his face Lintian moves forward instead of backwards.

    “Has this kid gone crazy?” Some of the people in the crowd said. 

    Four shadows pops out from the body of the wolves. These shadow looked like a solid black sword weaving through the air.

    Lintian dodges the first one and then the second one. Three kunai knives appears in Lintian’s hands. These weren't just any kunai knives but ones form from the thousand transformation armament technique. These three kunai knives were made from lightning qi suppressed to Lintian’s limit right now. Which makes its strength equivalent to a first stage King’s realm cultivator’s damage output. 

    Lintian swings his hand behind his back and the kunai knives flew like a fish through water. The kunai knives flew right between Alex’s leg and armpit and the third one right pass his neck.

    While this took a while to explain it all happened within a single breath of time. Lintian’s body surges with lightning. Alex summons five clones of himself. 

    During the whole entire process Lintian’s dragon eyes never left the Phantom Phasm school. Taking in the whole scene Lintian observes and analyzes the whole process. With a mocking smile on his face Lintian moves forward instead of backwards.

    “Has this kid gone crazy?” Some of the people in the crowd said. 

    Four sharp ribbon shadows pops out from the body of the wolves. These shadow looked like a solid black sword weaving through the air.

    Lintian dodges the first one and then the second one. Three kunai knives appears in Lintian’s hands. These weren't just any kunai knives but ones form from the thousand transformation armament technique. These three kunai knives were made from lightning qi suppressed to Lintian’s mental limit right now. Which makes its strength equivalent to a first stage King’s realm cultivator’s damage output. 

    Lintian swings his hand behind his back and the kunai knives flew like a fish through water. The kunai knives flew right between Alex’s leg and armpit and the third one right pass his neck. The first kunai stabs the shadow wolf right in the heart. The second was dodged by the wolf and the third kunai was swiped away. Just this bit of help allows Alex to gain the upper advantage.

    Another kunai appears in Lintian’s hand and he tosses it at the shadow wolf running toward Alex.

    Half of Lintian’s consciousness was watching the black sword like ribbons trying to trap him. Lintian decided to use a combination of Emperor’s steps and moonlight dancing technique to move around. While he did that Lintian’s hand kept on touching those shadow ribbons. In less than a single breathe of time Lintian managed to dodge everything and escape the encirclement. 

    Then Lintian brought two swords out of his interspacial ring the Mokoratori twin sword. Without a second thought Lintian sent a surge of qi into the swords. Lintian slashes out the first attack. This slash parries one of the shadow ribbons. Then Lintian charges forward using the emperor’s step and dancing moonlight to dodge and deceive the phantom phasm school of his actually body location. 

    Seeing the impending disaster coming at him the student that was facing Lintian sent a voice transmission to his two teammates. Due to that one of the teammates left Alex and came to help him out.

    Out of the corner of his eyes Lintian saw him coming to help. Except Lintian didn’t care and continues to charge forward.

    The one that came over to help released an energy arrow technique. This arrow soars through the air like a hawk lock onto a prey. 

    “You should you want to take this gamble?” Rashu asks Lintian.


    “You’re still going to do it, aren't you?”


    As the spectators watch the scene unfold they couldn’t help wince. The reason is because they could see the devastating aura from the arrow itself. Even if they would facing it they wouldn't have the confidence to directly take the attack.

    Lintian could see the trajectory of the arrow coming for his spine. Lintian crouches down a bit and moves his body to the right. He wanted to minimize his risk as much as possible. He activated the phasing technique of the God’s Art. 

    The two phantom phasm members watching this had a gleeful smile on their face. Their smile grew wider as the arrow with all its force digs into Lintian’s upper left shoulder. This smile did not last long. The arrow passes through Lintian like he was a ghost. 

    Lintian let out a sigh of relief as the arrow rapidly approaches the Phantom Phasm member. 

    That Phantom Phasm member on the other hand seems like he has been slapped silly. He bit down on the tip of his tongue to spray out some blood. Then he used that blood to increase the strength of his shadow. Then he jumped backwards as he shield. The arrow touches the shield and cracks began to appear on it before it flew through with one third of it’s initial speed. This arrow then penetrated a three inches into the shadow wolf’s shoulder. 

    This member releases his technique. He stood before everyone with an arrow in his shoulder. His hand moves across as he pulls it out. Blood gushes out but was quickly sealed.

    If this was a normal battle Lintian would have rushed up to kill him but strangely enough Lintian had this ominous feeling that something wasn't right. While this phantom phasm member was pulling out those arrows six lightning kunais appear in Lintian’s hand as he whips them at his opponents. 

    Right before it hit it him there seems to be an invisible barrier that blocked all six kunais.

    “Everyone Chao Devour Wolf formation!” the person that Lintian was facing shouts out. 

    The other two members retreats and spell formations began to glow on their body. The field shook and even if Lintian and Alex want attack they could not since some sort of dark energy was assaulting them nonstop. 

    The world energy began to gather around them as it surrounds them like a cocoon around a caterpillar. This cocoon stood 20 feet high and had a diameter of 70 feet. It was like a majestic storm brewing.

    “Their done for,” chuckles a member at the Phantom Phasm school.

    Boom! The cocoon exploded and out pops a wolf with bat wings and three snake heads out of its rear end. Its fur was black with blood red streaks across its body. It gave off a tyrannical aura.

    Lintian stood before it like he was standing before a tyrannosaurus rex. 

    “So how we gonna fight this?” Alex asks.

    “I have no clue,” Lintian replies grimly. It would be one thing if it was a demonic beast but its another thing when it's a demonic beast controlled by humans. This is because demonic beast with intelligence makes killing a hell of a lot harder. Furthermore it is not a living being so the crucial killing points are gone.

    Denzel sitting high up in the stadium eyebrows went up in surprise.

    “This third rate school actually has a chaos devouring wolf formation?” He thought to himself.(It is a first rate school but where he comes from they wouldn't consider them a first rate school.)

    Lin sitting with him had the same thought with a few changes in words. Even through the Chaos Devouring Wolf formation they are using is actually a simplification of the original it was still a significantly powerful diagram in this country. Further it has the essence of the actual beast itself. 

    Denzel himself was actually quite impress because when he was little he actually traveled to the void dimension with his father and that was where he saw the Chaos Devouring Wolf for the first time. It even gave his father a bit of trouble.

    “Should we move in and save them?” Ming asks Lin through a voice transmission.

    “No, just keep watching. His expression doesn't say that he has given up. It looks like he is amused.”

    Around the whole stadium people were gasping in surprise or making their own judgement. 

    Lintian looks at the wolf towering over him.

    “Whats so special about getting fat,” Lintian mutters.

    Some of the elders at the Phantom Phasm school were fuming with raging after hearing that comment. 

    “Does this kid have brain problems?”

    Some of the people with keener perception and hearing couldn't help but think that Lintian might have been drop on the head when he was a child.

    “ROAR!” the wolf roars. Cracks began to appear on the platform they were on.

  • Book 2 Chapter 52:Mountain Piercing Blade

    Lintian jumps a couple meters back as his Dragon eyes analyzes everything. Due to him entering the Master Realm his eyes were finally able to see the fluctuation of qi. He saw that the wolf had a high density of black qi covering itself. Inside he saw three qi that was not as dense. Then he saw something that surprised him. Beneath the wolf’s stomach the density of qi was actually only one-third of the body. 

    Lintian after retreating a few meters back Lintian charges forward in a z style. The wolf uses its claws to swipe at Lintian. Gracefully dodging each move Lintian couldn't help but feel a sense of danger with each passing move. From time to time Lintian would release a sword at it. Like a slash or a stab but it’s defense was strong enough to defend it all. It was like stabbing a steel wall. Lintian would move to the back of the wolf and unleash an attack only to have it be ineffective.

    Alex would be using an artillery attack from a distance. Fireball after fireball would be blasted towards it but it was no different from throwing balls of imaginary air at someone. 

    This time Lintian infuses fire qi into the sword before he found an opportune moment to stab out.


    The aftershock from the stab attack causes Lintian to be momentarily stun for less than a second but that was enough time for the wolf to retaliate.

    The claw came flying in like a giant hammer that is about to wipe a mountain out. Lintian all had enough time to create a layer of qi shield around his body and have hand in a cross position in from his body and face. While the sword was facing outward.


    The impact rings like a church bell.

    “He’s definitely dead,” someone shouts out loud.

    The Mokoratori twin sword shatters on impact as shards of metal flew everywhere. Thankfully this gave Lintian just enough time to use the Emperor’s step to retreat but the problem was that due to the close proximity of the claw and the activation Lintian only managed to reduce the damage he would have receive to a minimum. 

    Lintian’s body was like a raggedy doll flying backward creating little potholes as he flew backwards. Alex seeing this happening rushes to Lintian to help soften it. Alex caught Lintian but couldn’t help but feel the impact was a little weird. It wasn't that Lintian was traveling backwards fast but rather he was heavy. There was some kind of intent left on Lintian.

    When they finally stopped they were only about a feet from falling over the arena.

    “Whew,” Alex lets out a sigh of relief.

    “Lintian are you okay?” Alex asks.

    “Ugh, yeah. Thought I got hit by a truck,” Lintian answers in a bit of a daze. The paw that hit him had some kind of erosion and stun qi. That cause Lintian to be temporally paralyzed. “I’m fine now.” If I didn't move back with the emperor’s step at that last possible second I would be dead Lintian thought which sends a chill through his body. 

    “Are you sure you’re okay?” Alex asks with concern looking at the burn marks, and scratch wounds all over his body.

    “Yeah, I’m fine. Distract it as much as possible I got a plan,” said Lintian grinning from ear to ear. During that whole entire process Lintian was using his own body to test the defense of the wolf.

    Lintian stood up still feeling a little sore and ran forward while to the side. Lintian’s mind began to pull out his conscious energy and making three spell formations. These were rank three fire spell formations know as fire tornado. 

    “Get out of the way!” Lintian yells. 

    Alex hearing that ran away so quick they would have thought he was never there. 

    “Support it with wind qi!” Lintian yells out again.

    The five clones that Alex made all began to gather wind qi and began to blast out wind blades one after the other. 

    The fire tornado being blasted out from three formation begins to heat up the arena. Furthermore the wind blade became support like gasoline on fire. The fire tornado blazes up as it was like a stampede of buffalos charging across the plain. 

    The wolf opens up its mouth and a dark hole like orb began to absorb the fire attack. 

    Lintian wanted to curse out loud looking at that black substance absorbing everything. 

    Lintian’s right hand began to surge with lightning and then fire began to cover it. Lintian’s hand wants to close together into a first but Lintian tries to force it open which causes it to look like a claw. A sec later fire and lightning were being fuse together. 

    Boom! Lintian moves like a light forward. 

    “ARGH!” Lintian lets out as his claw like hands became a spear. Lintian was moving so fast that each step was damaging the floor.

    The Chao devouring wolf could not keep up with its speed. It could feel an ominous danger coming towards it as he release a bunch of sword ribbons to cut Lintian down. 

    Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! Fowish! 

    Lintian was able to see everything clearly even while moving at the speed. Dodging those ribbons required an enormous amount of concentration and so did maintaining this move Lintian calls the Mountain Piercing blade.

    The reason was because the ribbons were moving at such a high speed and with Lintian himself moving at high speed his reaction and prediction had to work overtime. An example would be a bunch of balls flying towards you and you are running towards it while trying to catch them all.

    Lintian arrives right underneath the belly of the wolf and since he didn't have time to stop from the moment he arrive he leaped upwards. His spear like hands pierce right through the belly of the wolf. 

    When his whole arm was inside the wolf the spear hand became a dragon claw release a storm of Lightning and fire into the air. The lightning pierce multiple holes out of the body and the three phantom phasm members inside was not easily left off either. 

    Due to being inside the wolf it was very hard for them to move around. Furthermore they had to concentrating on absorbing they fire tornado coming at them. The moment Lintian pierce through the belly they already began to use the formation to protect themselves. 

    The lightning fire release by Lintian ricochet off of them but each ricochet did enormous strain on their defense and after a couple ricochets the lightning fire finally found it’s way to them. 

    “AH! UGH!” The audience could hear a bunch of agonizing screams. 

    Immediately the referee sprints were in such a speed it would shame any speed practitioners. 

    An overwhelming surge of King Realm qi flew up. It directly rips apart the chaos devouring wolf formation, destroy the three fire tornado spells and rescues the three phantom phasm members. 

    The members of the Phantom Phasm had third degree burns all over their body and their clothes were burn to a crisp. Some of them even lost all their hair.

    “YOU ARE DESPICABLE!” Yells an elder from the Phantom Phasm school after seeing the condition his pupils was under.

    Lintian glances over coldly. 

    “Elder John please calm down,” one of the other elders whispers.

    Still fuming he finally calms down.

    “Someone bring them to the medic,” the bearded elder from earlier said. 

    None of the audience or other school thought that Lintian went too far at all. They just thought that the Phantom Phasm was too weak and looked down on them. 

    After today’s event the Phantom Phasm school lost a lot of face that would take some time to recover unless all the other first rate school in this competition suffers the same fate.

    Over at the betting section of the stadium a middle age man sat in his comfy chair counting his money.

    “Wahahaha! What comes around goes around, hehehe.” The middle man was giggling and self praising. The moment the door opens his expression turns serious.

    “Boss Chang should we change the betting rate?” His assistant asks.

    “Yes, lower the ratio for the second rate school to 1 to 20 for winning the championship, 1 to 10 for top three and 1 to 5 for top five.”

    “And for the other schools?”

    Boss Chang glares and the assistant immediately got scared and said, “I’ll have the research team do the rate adjusting.” Then he ran out with his tail between his legs.

    After being left alone he began to contemplate. “Should I tell my son to stop or just forget about it? On one hand he did make lose a lot of money the other day. On the other hand he did make me a lot of money today. Still the medical bills for those underlings were expensive. Still the money made today covers it all.”

    After much thought he said to himself, “I’ll just let it see how it plays out.”

  • Book 2 Chapter 53:The White Rose Clan

    After going back to their section Lintian sat down with two demonic cores in his hands. His body began to absorb the demonic cores like a dry sponge. He couldn't take qi replenishing pills due to his special body. A lot of pills are fine but for some reason qi replenishing pills don't work as nicely. Furthermore with the demonic cores he can even try to open up more meridian points. 

    “Lintian eat this pill first to heal your injuries,” Harris warns as he hands Lintian a spherical green pill. 

    Lintian’s eyes pops open and pops the pill into his mouth. A warm feeling spreads throughout his body as saw the wounds on his body healing at a rapid pace. Not even a minute passed by before all the superficial wounds were healed. The only wounds left were the internal wounds which will take a little longer. 

    “Wow this pill is awesome,” Lintian praises sincerely.

    “Hahaha this pill costs two thousand qi stones per pill. Its effects better be at least that good,” Harris brags.

    “Two thousand? Isn't that a bit expensive?” Lintian asks.

    “Che, the ingredients alone costs one thousand seven hundred if not for my hassling skills it might have even cost as much as five thousand per pill.”

    “Alright, alright stop bragging so Lintian can get back to recovering his qi,” Principle Jenny reasonably said to them.

    After hearing that Lintian went back to recovering his qi. 

    While Lintian was recovering the battle rages on.

    The next battle that took place was between the Divine Academy and against the seventeenth ranked school Yale middle school. It was a quick and precise battle that took less than two minutes two finish. Out of the Divine Academy group only one girl stood forward and finished them off. 

    After that the Saint Guardian group went and they happen to take a lot longer than normal. To be precise it was twenty-four minutes and thirteen-seconds. The reason is because they are a defense orientated school making their attack power the weakest among the top twenty. Even through having a weak attack might be deadly weakness their defense is so overwhelming that it greatly depletes the other school’s qi and can no longer keep up with their attacks.

    The Azure Phoenix school went next and they were arrogant enough to not even sent up their first and second member. They sent up their weakest member to fight. Even through he was the weakest member he still overwhelmingly destroyed his opponent in less than a minute. This was the thirteenth school. To be able to use their weakest member it shows the overwhelming disparity among the schools.

    The medium built boy wearing a black overcoat sighs to himself, “that took a lot longer than I thought.”

    He then walks off of the stage.

    These battles continue on until the Atlas school went up. They too also sent up only one member to fight. Sadly it wasn't Micheal Valiant that went up. The person that went up looked like he took steroids everyday since elementary school. Surprising his speed and movement were very agile, almost fairy like. People seeing this shudders in their heart. Still this battle took roughly three minutes.

    “At this right it will be our turn in an hour,” Principle Jenny said anxiously.

    “Relax the school we will be facing is the White Rose Clan,” the Harris said calmly. “Most of their Martial Techniques are based off of the wood element. Which is weak again fire. Right now even with Lintian’s comprehension it is to late to give him a formation for him and Alex to practice. We can only wish them good luck for now.”

    “Sigh, I guess your right.”

    All the matches after Lintian conclude in roughly two hours.

    Lintian’s eyes shot open and he could feel that his body was in his optimal state again. 

    Lintian stood up and looks at Alex who was already ready to go.


    LIntian and Alex both race onto the stage.

    The White Rose clan has also arrive. LIntian and Alex both looked a little surprised. This was because all three of the members were female. Not only that but they were hot. Like from a scale of 1 to 10 they would be like an eleven.

    “Hey Lintian are you sure they are our opponents?” Alex whispers in his ear.

    “I think so?” Lintian replies not to sure of himself. It is not like he cant bring himself to hit girls but he felt like hitting girls were a bit degrading. Especially when there was not a single guy of the team. 

    “Hey what are you staring at!” one of them shout out rashly. 

    Alex who was caught drooling face turns absolutely red like a strawberry. 

    “MATCH START!” the referee yells out not wanting to see them argue back and forth. 

    For now we will call them beauty one, beauty two and, beauty three. 

    Lintian and Alex’s face turns extremely serious. 

    “I’ll take two and you take one,” Lintian said to Alex through a voice transmission.

    “I want to have the threesome!” Alex said back.

    “Can you even handle two?”


    “Then its settled.”

    “Your dick is small.”

    “Still bigger than your’s.”

    Lintian saw a huge mist of flowers rise in the field. Immediately Lintian activates his Dragon eyes and surprisingly the moment he did one of the girls appears in front of him with his rack nearly knocking him out. They got a close quarter combating with Lintian trying not to hit her face.

    “Hey I know this is kinda being a little sexually biased but can you surrender? Because some of my attacks might be a little embarrassing to do in public on a girl,” Lintian tries to explain.

    Feeling discriminated against beauty one increase her attack speed like a savage.

    Lintian glances over at Alex and saw him bleeding out of his nose and then flying out like he got KOed somehow. 

    “Useless,” Lintian sighs to himself.

    “Ladies we can talk!” Lintian shouts as all three of the beauties started to chat among themselves while paying careful attention to Lintian.

    “Hey how come that technique didn't work on him?” beauty one asks beauty three.

    “Che! How am I suppose to know? It worked on his teammate so I definitely casted it successfully.”

    “Could he be you know?” Beauty two tries to say.

    “Could he be what?” Beauty three asks.

    “You know the type that likes men?”

    “Gay?” Beauty one said.

    “Hey I can hear you! You know!” Lintian shouts back. 

    “He wasn't even fazed through.”

    “Extremely gay?”

    “Lets ask him,” Beauty three suggests.

    “He might not have come out of the closet yet through,” Beauty two explains.

    “HEY! I’M NOT GAY!” Lintian shouts back feeling a little out of place. He doesn't know whether to laugh or cry right now.

    “Lets finish him off first and find out later,” Beauty one said.

    “Hey can you guys not gossip in the middle of a fight?”

    A formation diagram pops up beneath each of their feet. 

    Lintian ignites his fire qi and infuses it into his Armament of a thousand transformation. Two blazing fire staffs appears in his hands. The way he held it was like he was holding a sword.

    Beneath those formations plants began to grow from them. With three formations the growth of those plants came at an extraordinary speed. Imagine planting a tree your backyard and instead of a normal growth the growth speed is multiplied by a million. Meaning one-second is actually a million-seconds. 

    It was still a slow growth when used in an actually battle but even through it was slow when three formations are formed three trees were growing out. Lintian ran forward as three fire arrows forms above his head to be shot out at the three formations. 

    It seems that they already had a plan as beauty one, two and three stepped forward to defend the formations. The funny thing was they didn't even need to be spell masters to cast this spell because it was a martial spell which uses conscious energy and qi to use.

    At this moment Lintian didn't bother with the trivial gender stuff and only focus on winning. Each of his attacks were lethal. The arrows shot out with deadly precision. 

    All three of them came together attacking Lintian in union. Beauty one was using a spear, while beauty two was using a whip and the third beauty a sword. LIntian’s was originally defending but gradually he transform the two star in his hands into sword.

    A whole minute went by. Lintian managed to injure them a couple of time but those were only skin damage and nothing lethal. 

    “What the hell is with his weapon?” Beauty three ask beauty one. “I could feel my hand paralyzing with each hit. If his cultivation wasn't lower than mine by five stages I think I would be done for.”

    “I think he is infusing lightning qi into his weapon and each hit he would channel them into our weapon.”


    The three formation grew out three giant trees. 

    “Its ready get ready for the next stage!” Beauty one shouts out as she retreats.

    Standing before Lintian was two giant trees. It stood all the way up into the ceiling and the trunk was at least 6 feet wide. The branches shot out at Lintian. One branch becomes three, three becomes nine, and nine become twenty-seven. 

    Lintian for the first time in this competition felt overwhelming pressure.

    The audience couldn't help but gasp. The elders of each school nods in approval. The white rose clan sat there enjoying the bath of glory brought on by their disciples.

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