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Hi Everyone so I been reading a lot of wuxia, xanxia novels in general and I like some parts and didn't like some but in general I loved them. So I decided i want to write my own story with elements that are share across all those stories such as BTTH, CD, ATG, Close combat mage, The Great Ruler, and some other stories I didn't list. But I want to combine some themes from both chinese novels and American novels. Anyway without further ado I hope you enjoy what I wrote and I'm also hoping to update it weekly since this is my first time writing a story. Plus I have school and other stuff ^^
Also if there are any plot holes or story issues that conflict with some stuff please tell me =D Leave a comment to if you liked it or not. Please leave a comment of what you think.  

Background: The setting is in another universe on a planet call Earth. This Earth is 10 times bigger than our Earth and it spins about 10 times faster and the days are 26 hours long so two hours longer than us. They also have 365 days in a year. Unlike our earth they have 22 different continents and you will learn about each one in the story. I will also be using some references from our time and universe so as to not confuse people and I do know that i am writing it in first person so it will be kind of weird if i use things like iphones and stuff as reference. This earth is also 6.7 Billion years old and the human population has only just started 47 millions years ago. The current technology is about a thousand year more advance than ours.

Xiaowei is an orphan living with his uncle and his family. His parents died a week after he was born. At the age of eight he found out that he had a very special body. His family felt impeccable doom because of this body since only one in a billion will have this body and this just so happens to have happen in there family who are one of the elite clans of the continent. In order to remove this danger they shipped him away. To a continent far, far away. His uncle loved Xiaowei like his own child and vow to bring him back no matter what. He told Xiaowei before he departured that he will do everything within his power to bring him back.

Genre:Adventure, drama, a little bit of comedy. action, a bit of scifi , and wuxia

-Xiaowei/Lintian- They are the same person with their names switched later on. Xiaowei is a kind hearted young child who yearns to live up his parent's shadow. He is a very intelligent child.  Lintian is a passive aggressive individual with a gentle heart. He is not willing to kill unless absolutely necessary. He hates himself for being weak and cowardly. His main fear is death. He is lazy when it comes to things he is not interested in and absolutely devote when he is. Lastly he is loyal to a fault for his friends and family with a slight gambling issue. May be subjected to change as events and time pass on

Cultivation Realms: The ages are when they move onto the next realm

Martial Body Realm: Strengthens body for next realm: Normally Completed before age of 8- Lives to 80ish
Refinement Realm: Absorb Qi and refines it: Above average 10 Average 12 Below Average 18 Slow af 34- Lives to 100ish
Martial Realm: Allows qi to exit body the stage to learn marital art skills:Above Average 18 Average 34 Below average 60 Slow af never master- Lives to 140ish
Master Realm: Above average 45, Average 110, below average never- Lives to 200ish
King Realm: Above average 110, Average 350 if train really really really hard.Lives to 400ish 
Heavens Realm: Above average 250 Lives to 1000ish
Ancestor Realm: Above average 1400ish if they train really really really really really really hard, Average-never - 2000 years old
Titan Realm: Above Average Never pass this realm no matter how hard they train.-Lives to 5000 years old
Emperors Realm- Only 10 people in History of 5 million years has ever reach this realm. Maybe forever maybe 20000 years old. Has not seen one since 200,000 years ago.

Qi Stones- 1 qi stone=2 dollars. It is made with the use of Titan Realm Qi and a special metal that is able to contain energy. There are a total of 1,679,000,000,000,000,000 in the world.Maybe more

1-Martial Realm
2-Upper Martial Realm
3-Lower Master Realm
4-Middle Master Realm
5-Upper Master Realm
6-Lower King Realm
7-Middle King Realm
8-Upper King Realm
9-Lower Heavens Realm
10-Mid Heavens Realm
11-High Heavens Realm
12- Lower Ancestor Realm
13-Mid Ancestor Realm
14-Upper Ancestor Realm
15- Titan realm

Weapon Tiers
Still Working on it.
Legend Tier-Pretty high up atm

Book 1-The Beginning- 72 Chapters
Book 2-



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    Chapter 1 The Beginning

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    To be blunt, you have a long way to go before you can start writing high quality material. I'm not sure if English is your first language, because the grammar you have is pretty bad. Some of your sentences are so awkwardly worded it almost hurt to read. Your often repetitive sentence structure doesn't make it any easier for the reader to digest your work. In terms of story telling itself, you do a lot more telling instead of showing, which isn't particularly engaging at all. I'd suggest taking some time to review grammar concepts and editing your first chapter to correct those mistakes before continuing to write more chapters.
  • Thank you. I also realize some of those point myself after you said it. I was trying to do first person point of view and since hes a child and dont have much knowledge of the world it became harder than what I orignally planned. Also If you can review my revise version that would be awesome. Also I love your bluntness
  • Chapter 1: The Beginning

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    Chapter 1: The Beginning 


    4000ZD a great comet that came from
    the north crashed dead center in the Eragoon Forest. It created a crater five
    hundred miles in length. On that very moment our protagonist Zhang Xiaowei was
    born onto this Earth.

    This comet was not a comet at all,
    but a great demonic looking human who has eight dragon like arms. He stood
    thirteen feet tall and a blood red color flame surround it’s body. Its eyes
    that were devoid of all life scanned its surroundings, as an extremely
    terrifying aura seeps out of its body. He roared out in rage. This roar was
    heard within a thousand mile radius. All wild life fled in fear. Even the great
    heaven realm beasts have no choice but to leave.  All the clans within this surrounding region
    sent out hundreds of their experts to suppress this disaster. Since this demon
    was known as an Asura. An existence so vile and ruthless, that no amount of
    words can describe it.

    These experts used their strongest
    martial art skills and yet not a single scratch surfaced on its skin. It was
    the same as throwing cotton candy at someone. That night about one thousand
    experts were killed without discrimination. Finally the sealing team managed to
    seal the Asura in a barrier formation of a hundred feet for a day. Eventually
    the Asura was breaking through barrier after barrier like it was tofu. Xiaowei’s
    parents had no choice but to go and try to suppress this catastrophe. His dad
    Zhang Ying and his mom Zhang Yue were the strongest within the Zhang family.
    They managed to hold the Asura for two straight days before their death.
    Moments later three God like humans arrived. They use varies method to weaken
    and kill the Asura. Even with the three God like humans arriving the Asura
    managed to hold out for a whole week before it died.

    Eight years later Zhang Xiaowei now
    an orphan lives with his Uncle Ming and his wife Meiyun. His uncle Ming has
    three children, two boys and one girl the same age as Xiaowei named Xingxing.
    The boys’ names are Lei and Chen. Lei is twelve this year and Chen is ten. They
    both go to the same school which is Tian Academy. This school is the number one
    Academy for cultivators on this continent.

    Today is the day where children
    that are eight years old would be tested for their element affinity and their
    talent. Xiaowei sat on a bed within a white room. In the room there is a white cylinder
    shape machine against the wall.

    Xiaowei sat there excited for this
    test because he wants to get into a good school and make his dead parents
    proud. Even through Xiaowei never met his parents before he heard people talk
    highly of them and he felt proud to be their child and from that comes a sense
    of duty to live up other people’s expectation of him. The reason he felt this
    excitement is because generally speaking a child usually inherits their parent’s
    ability and talent. Also only one in a hundred million would have a body that cannot
    cultivate therefore the odd of him getting disappointing results is the same as
    someone winning the lottery three times.

    Moments later a female instructor
    in a white suit enters.

    “Are you Zhang Xiaowei?” she asks.

    “Yes mam.”

    “My name is Su Xuiyin but you can
    just call me Miss. Su. Are you ready?” she asks pinching his cheeks.

    “Yes Miss. Su.”

    “You’re so adorable” she said
    letting go of his cheeks. “Walk into that machine over there and face outward”.

    Xiaowei did what he was told but he
    still felt really creep out that a total stranger would pinch his cheeks like

    Xiaowei stood inside and there were
    glass cylinder rings all around and a few seconds afterwards he heard the
    humming of the machine and it starts to lit up. A red glow on one of the rings
    started to light up and down.  Xiaowei
    felt a warm sensation comparable to a warm bath. Then a blue ring lit up
    afterwards, then green, brown, and finally yellow. When the yellow ring lit up
    he felt slight tingle run up his spine. Then there was a mellow flash. Then the
    machine slowly died down but the door did not open.

    Xiaowei has never done this before
    so he didn’t panic because he thought it was still going on. The machines
    started to hum again but this time only the mellow flash happened. The machine
    shut down again and the door finally slid open.

    Xiaowei stepped out of the machine
    and saw Miss. Su beaming with pride. “Xiaowei your results were great. You have
    fantastic affinity with Fire and lightning and a little above average with
    Earth. So SS rank for fire and lightning and b rank for Earth. This dual
    element only happens to one in a million and I just happen to test one.” She
    was beaming with pride and her smile could stretch across the room.

    “Is SS really good?” Xiaowei asked
    as his eyes grew bigger and bigger.

    “Yes. It is the best. SS is the
    best you can get. Then it goes S. After that it is A, B, C, D, and N. B is
    above average and C is average. D is below average and N means you have no
    affinity with it. Your dual element SS is a very rare occurrence and only one
    in a million will have it,” She repeated that last line because of how amazing it

     “What about my talent?”

    “There might have been something
    wrong with the system so I’m gonna have to check with the other instructors.” She
    stated matter o factly.

    “Oh” Xiaowei answers and a hint of
    worry was in it. Xiaowei wasn’t naïve and knew that something must be wrong but
    there was nothing he can do about it so he can only wait.

    “Going to the waiting room and the
    results will be given to your chaperone later” she said as she led me out of
    the room to the waiting room.

    He saw Xingxing his cousin sitting
    there playing with her hair and felt a surge of curiosity.

    “Xingxing” Xiaowei called out “how
    were your results?”

    She had the biggest grin on her
    face like she just hit the jackpot.

    “I got S rank in the water element
    and my talent is an A. What about you?”

    “I got SS in fire and lightning and
    I don’t know about my talent she said she will announce it later.” I told her.

    She stared at Xiaowei like he some
    kind of God. But Xiaowei felt something was wrong with his talent. Later on
    they did some physicals and Xiaowei scored the best result out of everyone.
    Afterwards one of the instructors handed their results to their chaperone Leo.

    They got back late that night and Xiaowei’s
    uncle Ming was in his room reading. The moment he heard footsteps his head shot
    up as he look curiously at his daughter and nephew.

    “Xingxing, xiaowei welcome back.
    How did the test go?” he asked.

    “Daddy, xiaowei got dual element ss
    rank for scores and he also did the best on the physical exam. I got S rank in
    the water element and my talent is an A. Aren’t you proud of me?” she asked
    cutely as she cuddle in her dad’s arm.

    “That’s my girl” as he rubs his
    forehead on hers, “Xiaowei how is your talent?” his eyes gleam with proudness.

    “Uncle I don’t know. My instructor
    would not tell me, but it should be on the paper they gave to Uncle Leo.”
    Xiaowei replied.

    “I’m sure you did great” he laughed,
    “our family finally got a dual element prodigy.”

    He got up and put xingxing down. “I
    will be back in a while after I check Xiaowei and the other children’s grades.”

    Aunty Meiyun came in just as Uncle
    Ming was going out.

    “Ming where are you going this late
    at night” she asked.

    “Just going to check on Xiaowei’s
    talent. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

    “Make sure to come back on time for
    dinner. I made a feast for Xingxing and Xiaowei”

    “This shouldn't take long” He said beaming
    with pride.

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    Chapter 2. Powerlessness 

    Xiaowei ate his dinner
    and sat in the kitchen waiting for his uncle to come back. Minutes pass by and
    eventually and hour passed by. Xiaowei saw that Aunty Meiyun was getting

    “Aunty I’m going
    to go check on uncle” Xiaowei said and hopped off his chair and out the door
    before his aunt even has a chance to refute.

    Xiaowei has an
    idea of where his uncle is because every year the elders of the family would
    discuss the results of the tests. To see which child they would pour most of
    their resources on. His cousin Lei once showed him where to go to listen in on
    the meeting. Every year since then Xiaowei would sneak into the vent Lei shown
    him to listen to the meeting.

    Xiaowei ran across
    the court yard into the yen garden that they have in the middle of the Zhang residence.
    He ran behind a bush that was hidden behind a tree truck. He saw the air vent the
    ground behind the bush. He put his hand on it and slid it up and to the left.
    The panel came off. Xiaowei gently laid it onto the ground and crawled into the
    vent. Xiaowei can feel a warm gush of air coming out and some muffled voices.

    The further he
    crawled into the vent the clearer the muffles become.

    “That will be what
    we decide for resources on the children this year” this was the head of the
    family’s voice and Xiaowei’s grandpa “What are we going to do about Xiaowei?”
    this was said in the most heavy and serious tone.

    The whole group
    turns silent for a moment. Xiaowei grew nervous as he heard the severity of the
    tone. He reached the end of the vent and peered through it.  There was an oval shape table and a hologram
    of his body flew on top of the table. On the body it has shown all his meridian
    points and veins in red. He could see his grandpa Zhang on the right end of the
    table and his uncle in the middle direct opposite to where he is. His three other
    uncles are there and two aunts and three elders were also there. Xiaowei’s
    second uncle Pashi spoke up first.

    “We can make him disappear”
    Pashi said carelessly.

    Fear ran through
    Xiaowei’s body but then he heard hear a slam.

    “PASHI!” Uncle
    Ming roared as his hand slam down on the table. A mold of his hand remains. “How
    can suggest such an outrages plan?!”

    Xiaowei can see
    all those cold sharp eyes shifting from Uncle Ming to Uncle Pashi.

    “Hmph. No need to
    get so uptight it was only a suggestion” Uncle Pashi said indifferently.

    “It’s not a bad
    plan. Remove the roots before it spreads,” one of the three elder’s stated.
    This elder was Grandpa’s oldest friend Roushu.

    Everyone else sat
    there eyes wondering around checking each other reaction. Since this decision
    can bring the clan to extinction or bring them to new heights.

    “I am dead against
    this plan. Xiaotian and Linmei saved us and their death against the asura 8
    years ago has brought about a new age for the Zhang family that we can never
    forget. I still have nightmares about those nights. Yet you despicable people
    can actually suggest such an atrocious plan against his son? Do you not have a
    heart?” Uncle Ming roared.

    “Calm down Ming.
    We are just discussing the possibilities” second Aunt Lingling comforted.

    First Uncle Lin
    finally spoke up. “Let’s all calm down and review the advantages and the

    Uncle Pashi laughed, “All I see is are disadvantages. Have you not see what an
    asura can do? Just one asura killed over one thousand elites who are all in the
    Master’s realm, King's realm and 20 heavens realm and it took three Ancestor Realm
    cultivators a whole seven days. If anyone ever finds out we cultivated a child
    into an Asura we won’t just be losing some petty pride. It will be the
    extinction of the clan.”

    “But if we are
    able to prevent the formations of the evil spirit soul or prevent it from
    merging with the soul of Xiaowei then wouldn’t we be able to bring our clan to
    newer heights and be on par with those ten great clans on this continent?”
    Uncle Ming urged.

    “Ming as much as
    we can hope for that possibility even you know it’s impossible.  In the past seven hundred thousand years there
    were over one million Asura cultivators and only one out of those millions were
    able to conqueror there inner demon,” the first Aunt Ting tried to explain.

    “One in a million”
    Grandpa Zhang murmurs softly, “One in a million.”

    “Not even one in a
    million” Aunt Ting continued, “the only reason that one asura was able to stay
    sane is because of a mysterious treasure. It is zero in a million. That
    treasure has been lost since his death sixty thousand years ago.”

    “The best solution
    is to” Pashi began, and brought he brought two fists together and open them
    upwards “Blup” he sounded.

    “Absolutely not”
    Uncle Ming shouted.

    “Pretty much we
    have two chooses. Eliminate the threat or take an impossible gamble” the Elder
    Roushu stated.

    Uncle Ming felt
    like the whole world was against him that moment. Even his father who doted on
    Xiaowei when he was young has not even uttered a word in defense for Xiaowei.
    Ming could not help feel angry at his father and his family members. Ming knew
    that everything was a stake here. It was either one child or the elimination of
    a clan with thousands upon thousands years of history and the lives of many. He
    also knew that his family was not evil but just trying to cope and make the
    best choice for everyone.

    “He’s also a child
    of SS rank dual element and that only comes by one in a hundred million,” Ming

    “Ha ha ha ha”  Pashi erupted, “so what? So what if he’s dual
    element. We have three dual elements in the family ourselves. And you think the
    risking the clan for one dual elementist is equal?”

    Ming knew this too
    but still couldn’t help but try. He felt guilt in his heart because he loved
    his younger brother Xiaotian and they left Xiaowei to him in hopes that he can
    raise him and let him have a good life, but now his very life is threaten.

    Xiaowei lies in
    the vent filled with fear. His whole body kept trembling. His throat felt stuffy. His chest felt heavy. It felt like someone stomping
    on his chest and stuffing cotton down his throat.

    “Uncle please do
    something” Xiaowei whimpered quietly, “I don’t want to die,” as tears gushed
    and his nose get all stuffy.

    Ming felt helpless
    as no one would take his side.

    “Would you have
    said the same thing, if it was your son?” Ming reiterated.

    “Yes” Pashi
    answered immediately.

    This causes some
    of the people here to gasp.

  • This is my first time writing a story aside from mini stories so if anyone who reads this feels like giving me some pointers that would be great. Some things might be pace like events happening to fast or too slow, grammar, not descriptive enough, plot to weak, anything that you feel that i should do to improve the overall story and flow of it. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  • I think it's too early to say anything about pacing, grammar, or plot. I think once you have somewhere like 10 chapters. Then it'll be fair to talk about how to improve the story. Just be patient, be confident, and write stuff out. As long as you are dedicated to your story. There will always be people to support you, even if they don't say anything. 
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    3: Raising Another Man’s Child

    “I don’t care either way. No matter what you guys decide I will protect Xiaowei” Ming firmly stated, “Even if I have to give up my life.”
    “Why are you so dead set on protecting him?” Aunt Ting questioned.
    “It’s the only thing left of Xiaotian,” Ming muttered bitterly.
    This causes everyone to shut up. The room turns dead silent and only the sound of heart beats could be heard. Everyone glanced downward for a moment. In their hearts they felt guilt but the lives of everyone they hold dear was in the balance. The logical choice would be to kill Xiaowei and eliminate all evidence of him, but that would be doing injustice to their family hero and brother. They all loved their youngest brother Xiaotian. He was kind hearted, hardworking, talented, and pretty much an ideal brother, and human.
    The first Uncle Lin finally spoke again, “I didn’t want to suggest this idea but seeing as how adamant Ming is toward protecting Xiaowei even through the calamity that Xiaowei will bring is huge I also see it as an opportunity.”
    Everyone’s ears perked up and beamed toward Uncle Lin. Some of them were thinking, what is this guy scheming. Uncle Lin has always been the most scheming one of the family. In a time of just two years since he took over the family business, he tripled the Zhang family influence; turn the net worth of the Zhang family from 45 billion qi stones into 238 billion qi stones with a reserve of 56 billion qi stone. He was calculating, cold, and heartless when it came to business, but when it came to family he was warm, gentle and loyal like a dog.
    “We don’t necessary have to necessarily kill Xiaowei” he continued, “We simply just have to eliminate all connections that Xiaowei has with the family.”
    “That’s impossible. Consider what age we are in right now. It’s the technological era. Our family tree, our pictures, our records are all on ******* the internet. It is thank God that these test results are confidential and are not uploaded on the internet or saved somewhere and only one copy of the hard drive is kept. If experts see his meridian points from 3D X-rays we are doomed. They would see that he has the Heavenly Meridian points but there is a huge difference between the two. In regular person the Heavenly Meridian are 54 open Meridian points but the Asura Meridian points are 54 open points but the veins are a mix between demon and human veins. We got damn lucky that the person who did the test was too excited looking at the 54 opened points,” Pashi countered.
    “Your right Pashi but isn’t your plan worse than mine? You said earlier that we should make Xiaowei disappear and everyone here knows what you mean by,” Lin paused for a second “disappear” as he does an air quote gesture.
    “I’ll say this clearly even a retard can tell which plan is easier. Disappearing or erasing connections. Since you clearly love to interrupt me I’ll tell you every single reason why your plan would never work. One the nurse knows he has a heavenly meridian set of veins. Now wouldn’t it be weird for that person to suddenly disappear especial in a family as powerful as ours where we would treasure him more than all our family assets? So if he suddenly disappear that would arouse a lot of suspicion. Reason number two is how are you going to make him disappear that would not arouse the interest and suspicion of all the clans around us? Leo told me earlier that the nurse blab to everyone that she tested a heavenly vein child. If you check on the news right now everyone is talking about him.” Lin continued and his fingers touched the edge of his hologram screen and spun it across the room. Beams hit everyone’s screen and the news played.
    “We found out earlier that the Zhang family has produced heavenly vein set child. As we all know every single child that had heavenly vein were able to reach Ancestor realm before the age of 50.” Then it goes on to explain the impact this would have on the other families and such.
    “Third we can hide the fact that he has Asura veins but not the fact that he is part of our family when you make him disappear.”
    “You just gave me all the reasons why your plan wouldn’t work too” Pashi yelled out flabbergasted.
    Ming relaxed a bit after hearing Lin’s points and that the meeting is turning away from killing Xiaowei. Grandpa Zhang eyes also lit up like he knows where Lin was going with this and a slight smile that was barely visible to others formed.
    Lin rolled his eyes like Pashi was the stupidest person the earth right now. “I said we would eliminate all connection Xiaowei has with us. Nothing about killing these are two very different points. First we are simply going to find someone that looks like Xiaowei and have him replace Xiaowei here at the family. Then”
    “Wait. Wait. Wait. Then wouldn’t my plan works too if we find a replacement for him? But wouldn’t the problem that the replacement child won’t have the heavenly veins become a problem?” Pashi tried to defend and a couple others agreed with him.
    “Can you let me finish?” Lin said threatenly, as he glanced to the vent Xiaowei was in, “first of all have a heavenly vein doesn’t guarantee you can use it. You still have to open up all 54 points before you can cultivate at that speed. Having those veins just means you’re not limited. Now like I was saying I know a family in the United States of Ameri and they are on the complete opposite side and would take 8 days on the plane to reach. We will smuggle Xiaowei into the U.S. and give him a completely new identity that has no connection with us what so ever. Also we can replicate this file here and make a new file that’s adjusted for his school in the U.S.”
    “That’s a great plan and all but wouldn’t my plan adjusted be easier and better to do?”
    “Do you know why father did not select you to run as the head of the family business even through your cultivation higher than mine? It’s because you’re always trying to take the easy way out. Never once in your life have you not tried to face your problems. There is always an excuse with you. Your plan is great and all but have you taken into consideration everyone emotional feelings here? Xiaowei is our brother’s fresh and blood and you can easily utter those words of making him disappear? Have you got no respect for Xiaotian? For the brother that has always back you up whenever you’re in trouble? For the brother that bails you out? For the brother that risked his life to save your sorry hind when ran into the forbidden forest to try and prove to father your worth? You should be like Ming right now trying to save Xiaowei’s life not being the one that forced his death.”
    This speech left Pashi silent like some beggar came out of nowhere and slapped his face.
    “Ming will arrange for a family overseas to take him in and I will arrange for the visas and other IDs he will need overseas to prevent any connections to us. Does everyone agree?”
    Ming was left speechless. He never imagines that Lin can turn the whole situation around and make everyone forget about the risks involved. For example what happens if something go wrongs and people start investigating? Also the fact that if Xiaowei cultivated to the point where he becomes a Asura and goes crazy then wouldn’t it have great impact on the U.S? Isn’t this the same as sending in a Trojan horse or a man unknowingly raising another man’s child?
    “I like Lin’s idea and will leave it up to Lin and Ming to handle the rest. The rest of you make sure none of this leak out. Suppress the media for now. Lingling handle the test files. This meeting ends now.”
    Everyone got up and left. Their mood was down in the dump filled with worries. Xiaowei lay in the vent scared to move. Not knowing what will happen to him in the future. He wanted to cry because he felt all alone in this world. 

    Author's notes(I will be adding the currency and stuff into the first post so its easier to calculate. Also are these fonts and paragraph style easy to read or just hurtful to the eyes?)
  • Chapter 4: Resolution 

    While everyone has left Lin sat in his chair calmly waiting.
    “Xiaowei come out” Lin said when he felt that everyone has left the proximity.
    Xiaowei at that moment knew that Uncle Lin already knew he was there the moment he snuck in. Lin knew that Xiaowei was in the vent and has been releasing a small stream of qi to mask Xiaowei’s presence. This only worked because no one was searching for a presence and Lin only detected Xiaowei’s presence because he was the one that told Lei about the vent. He wanted Lei to know how the family came up with their decisions so there were less fighting and jealousy in the younger generation. So why didn’t he just let Xiaowei get discovered? Especially on such an important topic that concerns his death, because he wants Xiaowei to understand his predicament. So what if he is only 8. A child will have to grow up eventually and babying them and treating them like a child will not help them grow into their own person with the brain to think. He wanted to take a gamble on Xiaotian’s child because Xiaotian has amazed him time and time again when they were growing up. Lin feels like Xiaowei will be that child who will make history.
    Xiaowei got out of the vent and climbed down. He stood in front of Lin as streams of tears run down his gentle face. Lin brought his hand up and gently wipes off Xiaowei’s tears.
    “Uncle” Xiaowei sobbed.
    “Xiaowei come here” as he embraces Xiaowei, “it is going to be ok. It is going to be ok.” He repeated those words over and over as Xiaowei cried his eyes out.
    After Xiaowei calmed down and left Uncle Lin, Xiaowei went to his parent’s grave. He sat on the beautiful cliff as it reached out into the vast sky. The moon arches over the cliff, shining light to the town below and the sea. His parent’s grave sat on top of the cliff watching over this beautiful scenery. Xiaowei sat on the cliff in front of his parent’s grave hugging his knee as his head rest on it.
    “Mom, dad I was happy today when I found out I was a dual elementalist. I was happy because I know how great it is and how proud you would have been of me. I was happy because I would not be a useless person. I would live up to other people’s expectations of being your son. I was happy because I could be your pride. But, I end up betraying everyone. I end up being a monster. I end up being a disease. I end being your shame.”
    Xiaowei sat there quietly as he talked to his parent’s grave, letting out all his emotions.
    “Am I evil? I know I am a threat to the family and yet I don’t want to die. I want to live. I don’t want to die. I don’t have the will to kill myself for the family. I am weak, cowardly, and the very opposite of dad.”
    Xiaowei got up and walked pass his parent’s grave and sat at the end of the cliff.
    “If I fall right here. I can end it all” Xiaowei muttered, “no more danger, no more worries, no more problems and I can see you soon”
    Xiaowei laughed out bitterly and suddenly he doesn’t seem like an 8 year old anymore.
    “I’m despicable aren’t I? I have the ability to end everyone’s suffering and I don’t want to too. I sit here whining about it to you and won’t do anything to solve the issue.”
    Xiaowei spun his head around and saw his uncle Ming.
    “Xiaowei it’s getting late you should go back and sleep” Uncle Ming said gently.
    “I want to stay here some more.”
    “Why are you sad?” Uncle Ming asked. He sense that Xiaowei felt dejected. Uncle Ming didn’t imagine that Xiaowei heard the conversation.
    “Nothing” Xiaowei muttered. He knew his uncle did nothing wrong but still couldn’t help answering him that way.
    Ming felt that something was wrong and a flash cross his mind. Could Xiaowei have found out already? He quickly suppresses that thought since it was impossible. We just had the meeting two hours ago.
    “Xiaowei would you like to tell Uncle Ming why you are feeling sad? Is it about your parents?” Ming remembered back then that every time there were events and Xiaowei seeing other kids happy with their parents would run here later and tell everything that happen to his parents. Sometimes he would even fall asleep here crying. Even though he never met his parents, he still felt a connection from all the stories that his uncle and aunt would tell him. Thus, every time he sees other people with their parents the feeling of longing, closeness that nobody but parents can provide.
    Xiaowei didn’t reply. Ming sat down next to him and this silence dragged on for quite a few minutes.
    “Xiaowei I know how much you wish your parents were alive. I also wish my little brother, and your mom was here today to see your test scores. They would be the proudest and happiest parents in the world.”
    “But I’m a monster” Xiaowei retorted, “I don’t deserve this. I heard the conversation between everyone and I didn’t want to die. I wanted to live even through it would cause the family harm.”
    Uncle Ming’s face flinched for a second but soon realize that he would have had to found out sooner or later. He brought his hand around Xiaowei’s head and hugged him tightly.
    “It’s Uncle’s fault. I’m not strong enough to protect you” Ming’s voice wavered. “You are not a monster. Not wanting to die is a good thing. Your parents would not want you to die either. Having the will to live means your strong not weak.”
    “But I would be causing trouble for all of you.”
    “Ha. Xiaowei we are always in trouble. You are a blessing in disguise” Ming looked at Xiaowei proudly, “your parents would be proud of you even if you grow up to be an Asura. You did not ask for this.”
    Xiaowei wailed out his feelings. Slowly his thoughts were getting clearer.
    “Xiaowei know this. No one is born evil, bad or any of those. It’s the environment that makes them so. As long as you’re strong willed and care for others. You will never be a bad person. No one in this world can make everyone like them but everyone respects power. Grow up stronger. Become stronger than anyone has ever been on this planet. Turn this curse into a blessing. Make the name Asura a blessing.”
    “Uncle I will become stronger. I will not let these Asura veins define my existence. I will become someone that Uncle, aunty, grandpa, grandma, and everyone can be proud of.”
    “Uncle knows you will. Uncle also has a present for you tomorrow.”
    “What is it?” Xiaowei ask rubbing his tears away.
    “I will bring you to the market to get your first pet tomorrow.”
    “Really?” Xiaowei’s eyes grew huge and the gloomy feeling from earlier slowly fades away as curiosity took over. Xiaowei vowed in his mind that no matter what the obstacles are in the future he will pass them one at a time but right now choosing a pet was more important.
    “Really” Uncle Ming assured. Seeing Xiaowei becoming more lively made him felt happier and calmer too. “Now run back home and go to sleep. We have to wake up bright and early tomorrow.”
    “Ok Uncle Ming” Xiaowei replied and quickly got up shouted at his parents grave that Uncle Ming was going to get him a pet tomorrow and ran back home.
    Ming sighed a breath of relief as he watch Xiaowei’s back become smaller and smaller.
    “Xiaowei is a lot like you” Ming whispered looking out into the vast night sky.
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    Chapter 5 Picky Shopper

    As the sunlight gleamed through the cracks of the windows Xiaowei woke up instantly. He was so excited to get a pet that he forgot everything that happened yesterday. No matter how serious yesterday was he was still only eight. Furthermore he has seen all his family members having strong pets for companions. His uncle Ming has a seventh tier Dragon hawk. Uncle Lin has a fifth tier shadow mouse and a sixth tier lightning jaguar. The point is every strong warrior must have a strong companion. His father and mother’s companions are still in the family. His father’s companion is a thirteenth tier Qilin that was heavily injured back then and is still recovering. The same goes for his mother’s Fourteenth tier Empress Dragon. His mother’s companion is able to turn into human form but currently it is heavenly injured that it will be in deep slumber for sixteen years.
    Xiaowei shot out of bed and got ready and was at the door steps. He couldn’t find his uncle in the house but moments later Uncle Ming came through the door.
    “Xiaowei you ready?”
    “Yes. Uncle.” Xiaowei replied eyes shimmering, “what kind of pets are going to be there?”
    “I don’t know. They get new ones every month.”
    They both got into the car and Leo drove them to the city. They ate breakfast in the car and discuss all about pets. How strong they were and what pet would be suited for him and such.
    About half an hour later they went into the demonic beast pet store. The inside was huge. It was about the same size as football field.
    “Welcome to Companions my name is Linmei may I help you with anything?” greeted one of the store workers. She wore a pink t-shirt with the words companion on it and a casual jean. Her looks were about average. Her black hair was tied up into a pony tail.
    “Yes” Uncle Ming answered, “my nephew here is looking for a companion. Can you help us look around?”
    “Sure no problem right this way please.”
    Xiaowei’s eyes were beaming with excitement looking at all the beast in the cages.
    “Do you know what kind of companion you would like?”
    “Something strong and fearsome at least 7th tier” Xiaowei shouted excitedly.
    “Mhmm. Strong and fearsome. Come over here then” Linmei expected these discriptions and directed to follow her.
    They took a few turns but eventually arrived in front of a big cage. Inside this cage contained an Earth Python. A seventh tier beast.
    Xiaowei looked at it and shook his head. He had a tiny fear of snakes due to past experience with a snake.
    “No worries. This whole aisle here, are seventh rank beasts I’m sure you’ll find something you like” she smiled. In her heart she is really saying my god you’re like five years old and you want a strong and fearsome beast that’s in the seventh rank? You’ll end up die before you tame it. Rich kids these days.
    Xiaowei looked at the next beast and it was a raptor spider. Xiaowei hated spiders too and moved on to the next cage. After that a rock bear. It was too ugly for Xiaowei. Next was an armadillo scorpion. Xiaowei also said no to that. Xiaowei pretty much hate snakes and bugs. So everything that were bug like were already a no. Snakes were a no too. After looking through every single seventh tier beast there was not a single one Xiaowei liked.
    “Do you have any 8th tier beast” Xiaowei asked afterwards.
    “Sorry we do not” Linmei replied with a slight irritation. My god this kid. What does he think 8th tier beasts are?” She then began to educate him, “due to an 8th tier beast being too strong we cannot contain them here in these special cages. Only when ordered can we send out hunters to get them.”
    “Sorry about that” replied Uncle Ming.
    “It’s ok we get a lot of customers that ask that. If you like you can look around and you might catch something you like,” she said gently squatting downing pinching Xiaowei’s chinks.
    “Ok miss” answered Xiaowei, “come on uncle lets roam around we might find something. It doesn’t have to be really strong either.”
    “Yeah. Strong isn’t always good.”
    “Have you ever thought of buying an egg?” suggested Linmei.
    “An egg?” questioned Xiaowei.
    “Yes. An egg. We have a data base for all the eggs here. Eggs are even better because you can use your blood to sign a contract of equality with them. You will generally feel closer to them than buying beast that is way stronger than you. Even beasts have their pride and won’t willingly summit to a master. They will grow from a childhood to adult and you will be imprinted into their soul. Also, as long as you treat them well they will also protect you with their life. Furthermore if you have a high level of talent the beast inside will fuse with your blood and bring forth a beast with even greater future strength. These beast we have on display are usually brought by people who need protection or cannot take the time to train them.”
    “How much are they?” Ming asked.
    “Depending on the parents it ranges from 100 qi stone to 20 billion qi stone. Right now our costly egg is 590 million qi stone and it is the rank 127th Opus Griffin that can grow up to be a eleventh tier beast with the possibility of being twelfth tier if the owner has special blood.”
    Xiaowei and Uncle Ming mouth both dropped to the ground. 590 million qi stone? They thought in their head. What the hell is wrong with them? This is extortion. The Zhang family only had 56 billion in their reserve and each member of the family don’t even make over 50 million a year. That’s twelve years worth of savings. Ming secretly thought in his head if Xiaowei wants it then he will buy it at all cost.
    Xiaowei looked at his uncle and thought 590 million is a lot of money. I don’t want to put that kind of burden on uncle Ming.
    “Uncle I’m going to look through the computer for something I like.”
    “Sure go ahead.”
    “Follow me this way please,” Linmei brought them to a table that has a touch screen hologram in the air.
    “The beasts are arranged into categories, of types, hybrids, family and tiers. Also it’s alphabetically listed too. I will be back in a few minutes. Take your time to search.”
    Xiaowei sat down on the computer and hit the dragon family button and then hit fire on the screen. 10 different types of fire dragons appeared on the list. These dragons are part of the dragon family but are not true dragons. He hit the Firelord Dragon a dragon hologram appears in the middle of the table. Each stage of the dragon was on the table. They all had red fish like scales across its body. When it hits the teenage years fire appear around it arms and legs. When it reaches adulthood its whole body and head were cover in flames.
    Xiaowei look through the database for hours and hours. He didn’t even know his uncle left and came back with lunch. Even when he was eating he searched through the data base. His brain absorbed every little tiny detail about each demonic beast. A couple more hours few by and still he couldn’t find the ones he like. It was either too ugly, incompatible, or too expensive. He wanted something that looks cool and he can show it off.
    Another hour went by and he saw something that caught his attention. A feather like dragon beast called the Jeholornis dragon. It had dragon like features and its arm was fused with the wings. The tail was like a raptor bit it had beautiful feathers at the end. It’s body had green feather while its wings were red and blue. The head has a fusion of dragon and bird.
    Xiaowei loved its looks. Linmei notice how excited he looks and came over to help.
    “Have you decided on what you would like?” Linmei asked.
    “Yes, I want this one” Xiaowei pointed. His Uncle stood to the side a little shocked at his choice.
    “Are you sure? The strongest it will get is 5th tier” she said seriously.
    “Yes it will be fine. I looked through the entire 7th to 9th tier and there really wasn’t anything I like” Xiaowei answered. In his heart he knew that this little guy would be at least 8th tier when it grows up because he had and Asura body and blood. With his special blood raising it by three tier is no problem and if lucky maybe even 9th tier.
    His uncle also knew what he was thinking too but he had a serious expression on his face because the special blood would not only affect him but the beast too. If he goes berserk so will the beast because they would be linked mentality.
    “If you want it then I will get it for you" sighed Linmei, "You’re in luck too because that is the only egg we got for this one. It is also a dual element. Fire and water.” she smiled and we to the back to get the egg. A couple minutes later she came back with the egg.
    “This egg will be 1000 qi stone.”
    The egg had three fire patches on its egg and blue lines circling it. Generally speaking no one can tell the difference between each egg aside from it sides. The element is also always shown on its skin.
    Uncle Ming handed her his card and received the egg.
    “We have special room if you would like to contract the egg right now” she smiled.

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    Chapter 6: What Hell is going on

    Linmei led them to a private room in the back of the building. The room was a sealed black room. The table had a hole for the egg. Around the hole were about a hundred symbols arranged in a specific pattern. This was the pact of equality that is used to bind the companion and the human together.
    There are actually three different pacts you can make, equality, slave, and resonance. Equality means the two of you are equal and can sometimes share each other powers. Slave refers to master and slave. Generally this is used on a stronger beast to cause absolute loyalty. Resonance is used only by the shaman warriors. Each shaman warriors is taken to be matched with their spiritual or demonic beast partner that will last for life. They have a special test to look for compatibility of the two. There are two differences between the equality pact and one of it is that the shaman warrior has the ability to fuse with their companion. The companion would then be weakened for a whole day or more depending on the length of fusion. The second is the stronger the shaman warrior the more companions he or she can have but they can only fuse with one at a time. The equality pact on the other hand only allows up to three companions at most. The slave pact on the other hand allows you to have infinite slaves but each slave you own a little piece of your soul will be embedded into the slave and will cause you to weaken. Thus most warriors like to have the equality pact.
    “Please place the egg there directed” pointed Linmei.
    Xiaowei did as she was told. Then she brought out a tiny life.
    “Use this knife and cut your finger to draw out blood. Then drip it on the egg. This will initiate the contract.
    Xiaowei did as he was told and used the knife to cut his finger. A drop of blood slowly dripped out of his wound. Upon landing on the egg, the egg instantly absorbed the blood. They all stared at the egg. A few second went by.
    “That’s weird the pact should have activated by now.”
    “Maybe the blood was too little” answered Uncle Ming.
    “That shouldn’t be the case. I’ve done this more than one hundred times and all the eggs only required one drop of blood to activate the pact,” Linmei said doubtfully.
    “Let’s try adding more blood. Xiaowei’s blood is a little special compared to other kids” Ming didn’t bother hiding the secret because there was no point in hiding it. His face was all over the news anyway.
    “Ok” answers Xiaowei and this time he didn’t drip one by multiple drops.
    Still egg soaks up the blood like a sponge not leaving even a hint of red behind.
    “Is this supposed to happen,” questioned Xiaowei.
    “Why is it eating up his blood so fast? It’s a low rank beast. It should do that,” Linmei said and lifts up her left arm and hologram of a computer screen appeared from her watch. She looked through the inventory and asked someone to check the box she got the egg from incase she got the wrong egg.
    Xiaowei thinking it was interesting that the egg kept eating his blood that he kept dripping at it. His index finger moved up and down forcing out the drops blood. A couple minutes later the blood stopped dripping. He dripped at least 100cc worth of blood and still no effect. Uncle Ming then notices something strange on the egg. The blue line wrapping around the egg was changing colors.
    “Xiaowei drip more blood on it. Your almost there,” Uncle Ming whispered to Xiaowei. He has seen this before. It was when his brother’s wife Linmei got the Empress Dragon as a companion it required a certain amount of blood from the initiator to begin the process.
    “I’ll talk to my manager. I’ll be right back” Linmei the assistance said.
    Xiaowei then made another cut on his right finger and started the process over again. After about a pint of blood was drawn from Xiaowei he started to feel dizzy, but the symbols on the tables began to shine. Ming could feel the fluctuation of qi as the physical form of qi in those patterns began to float. It began wrapping around the egg. Those symbols began to work the egg like a master sewer, weaving in and out of the egg. The fire symbols on the egg began to sprout like lotus flowers. The blue line puffs up a bit and blue energy starts swirling around. Electric could also be seen fly around the egg. Then in a split-second it absorbed everything and went back to how it was before. Xiaowei and Uncle Ming looked at it dumb founded. Xiaowei has looked at other people’s video of the equality pact but none of this ever happened.
    Five seconds after it went back to normal a ripple of energy surged out of the egg. The whole shop went frenzy. The entire demonic beast population in the shop started howling and banging themselves onto the cage. Xiaowei and Uncle Ming both felt the ripple and heard the commotion outside. 
    Linmei who was with his manager thought what the hell is going? The manager looks just as confused. He immediately realize the danger they are in. It is like someone woke up and angry King Gorilla. The manager immediately went onto his watch and initiated a code red. All the employees knew what this was and began bring the customers out calmly. 
    Linmei sprint into the room Xiaowei's room yelling “Hurry you guys have to leave. There was some kind of energy ripple and the beasts have all gone berserk. Take the egg with you and we can do the pact next time. We are very sorry about this. This has never happened before.”
    “Its’ ok we can do the pact at home. Please rest; assure that your assistance was most helpful” Uncle Ming smiled and brought Xiaowei with him out the door.
    “Take this with you then if you’re doing the pact at home” Linmei said handing him a small black box. It is about two inches long on all edges.
    Uncle Ming accepted it and brought Xiaowei away. Afraid they might link the cause to them. Xiaowei was hugging the egg that was the size of a football as his uncle brought him outside. Leo pulled his car up a couple minutes later and they got in.
    “Seems like you got a treasure,” Uncle Ming smirked.
    “Its just a tier 5 companion,” answer Xiaowei doubtfully but he was thinking his blood must have made it special.
    Uncle Ming handed him a black box. Xiaowei knew what this black box was. It’s a pocket dimension for demonic beasts. There are different tiers for each box too. Generally speaking it ranges from class 12 to tier 3. The boxes are called beast cubes and this cube is connected to a personal pocket dimension. The higher the tier the stronger the dimension is and the larger it is. Most of the time people get a beast cube that is one tier above there beasts. It is a space where they use it to recover their energy or to rest. This was invented 500 hundred years ago because some beasts are just way too big to bring around with you in the city. Xiaowei’s family business is also pocket dimensions. They have created spatial rings and beast boxes. They are competing for first rank with the Su family who is one of the top ten powerhouse family on this continent. Even though they are both equal in wealth the Su family has an Ancestor realm cultivator backing them up. Each of the top ten family all has an Ancestor Realm cultivator backing them up.
    There is also a reason why the Zhang family has not crushed even though they don’t have an Ancestor Realm cultivator is because they have a treasure that would be able to bring all the cultivators up another realm for 24 hours. The consequence of this treasure is to lose a whole realm worth of cultivation. So it is a double edge sword. They are not willing to use it unless absolutely necessary. The Top ten powerhouse not wanting to give the other nine and edge over them chose to ignore the Zhang family’s progress and leave them allow for the time being. Since no matter how much wealth they gain the true power of a family is still in the family cultivator.
    When Xiaowei and Ming got back that night they were greeted with a full on meal. Uncle Ming told Xiaowei to keep what happen today a secret and only Uncle Lin would know about it. They feel like trust in their other family member is a little shaky right now.

    Next Chapter title sneakpeak "An eccentric dream" may or not change a bit 

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    Chapter 7: A weird Dream
    When Xiaowei got back that night he ate a meal fit for a king. There were lobsters, raging cow steak, vegetables, scallops, and even amarata cantaloupe for dessert. Amarata cantaloupes are fruits that help cultivators absorb qi faster. It was worth 300 qi stones a melon. Also lobsters, and scallops are all animals below tier one. The raging cow steak were a tier two demonic beast. The lobster and scallop were the same as our world but two times bigger and stronger.
    After breakfast he went back into his room. Grabbed a cloth and started wiping down his future companion. He couldn’t wait to see what kind of beast would pop out from this egg. After a while of wiping his future companion, Xiaowei started surfing the net. He wanted to know exactly what happened today. He later found an article about today’s event. It read.
    (Today at Fanshu city a historically bizarre event occurred. The multibillion corporation Companions known for their beast trade had one of its centers go into berserk mode. Hunters and many master cultivators were deployed to track and capture the beasts. Furthermore police also dispatch martial realm cultivators to protect its citizens.
    We later asked the manager what happen. Mr. Moshiwalucabasha reply was that there was an energy ripple that has never been recorded before. That it’s wavelength was able to agitate the beast’s instinct to its max. Reasoning was out the window and only thoughts such as lust, hunger, aggression, and fear remain. It was like someone releases all their sense of restraint and some seventh tier beast even rise to 8th tier but it was quickly suppressed. Also we will have all our investigators working full time on this. This could very well be an attack on our company’s reputation and on the people. We were very lucky the energy ripple was on a small scale. If it was just a rank stronger it might have cost catastrophic disasters. We would like the police to cooperate with us on this event since it could very much endanger civilian lives. Luckily we were able to suppress it and no one got hurt. We are also checking if any beast got loose at this very moment. One last we come down and shop at Companions where we offer the best offers.) 
    It seems the that Mr. Moshiwalucabasha was very happy that no one got hurt and is working around the clock to find the cause.)
    Xiaowei exited the article and was a little scared of his Asura blood. He had a hunch that the cause was his blood and his future companion, and if this gets out it would be very bad. The time now was 13 o clock or midnight in our time. He brought the egg onto his bed and hugs it like a child who would hug its teddy bear.
    He wonders what his future would be like now that he is a dangerous individual. Should I limit my contact with others? Should I make a lot of friends? Will I ever find someone to accept me for who I am like my Uncle Ming and Uncle Lin? Those questions swirled around in his head and eventually drifts him off into deep sleep.
    Xiaowei was lying on the dark floor. He got up and starts walking around. Slowly light began to shine. Doors appeared everywhere. There were big doors, small doors, black doors, white doors, yellow doors, pink doors, glass doors, metal doors, clown doors, doors that I cannot describe do to age restrictions, dragon doors, lion doors, snake doors, and all sorts of weird doors flowing everywhere.
    Right now Xiaowei’s consciousness is at a point where it is just observing information. Somewhat like a dazed state. Like when you’re dreaming and you don’t question the events that happen. You just accept it for what it is.
    He opens one door and a gush of wind charged out. Xiaowei was blown away by that but nothing really happened. The door closed itself and Xiaowei was not even hurt. Xiaowei opened the next door and a chill so cold that he felt a burning sensation and inside the door he saw an ice land. He immediately closed the door. His awareness began to creep in little by little.
    He began to question this world. Where am I? He entered the state of lucid dreaming. It’s when a person can personally control his dream but it doesn’t last long. Usually last about half an hour. 
    Xiaowei kept walking forward looking at all the strange doors that kept popping up. He saw a semi interesting looking door. In a way this door was calling out to him. Like a light at the end of the tunnel. It was a door that was a tree but its trunk and doorknobs were dark black. He opens the door and inside was a lush green forest. A cool gush of wind dances out. Xiaowei steps in and wonders where this was because he has never been to such a huge forest before. He saw adventure videos of people hunting in a forest but have never really experience it himself alone before. He walked around for a bit pondering on this experience. Is it a dream he wondered. It seemed too real to be a dream. Every single atom of his body was feeling a sensation he never felt before.
    The tree trucks had a diameter of about 100 meters with a height of at least a thousand meters. Every tree was about the same size. He eventually came across a cave. The entrance to the cave was about 13 to 15 meters wide and has a height of 10 meters. Compared to the trees it was like comparing an eagle with a hummingbird. To Xiaowei who was about the size of an ant compare to all this stared in astonishment. Right now he doesn’t care if it was dream or it was real but he just feels amazed by all this.
    Compared with the tiny trees back at home this was a millions times more breathtaking. Xiaowei doesn't even notice that he was floated into the cave. Inside the cave laid a pair of dragons. They had feather like scales covering their body. Their head had two pairs of horns. One dragon had a pair of horns flowing back like those of the Chinese dragon. The other horn was like that of a ram. It goes back but curves forward later. The other dragon has both pairs of horns flowing back but was twisting around each other. The twisting horn dragon had a mix of light and dark blue feathers and 3 pairs of sky blue wings. Like a serpent the underside of both their body were a mix of white and gray while the ram horn one's was darker. Their tails were the same length as from the tip of the dragon’s head to where the tail protrudes out. The ram like horn dragon had bright crimson red feathers with mix of pink feathers. They both lay around a baby dragon. It seems like the blue dragon just gave birth to it and was cradling it under its arm and the feathers on its’ arm were like soft marshmallows. It was bright pink and white underneath.
    Surprisingly both the dragon doesn’t even notice Xiaowei like he was a ghost. They continued to coo at the child. You can feel their love just from their eyes.
    A deep rumble suddenly vibrated across the cave. Both the dragons were now in fully alert. The red dragon got up and walks out of the cave. The blue one hugged the baby tighter to her chest. It was still weak from giving birth.
    Xiaowei floated outside of the cave and looked around. The red dragon stood outside the cave scanning for danger. A couple of minutes later five human figures appeared in front of this dignified dragon. One was a 60 to 70 year looking old man that had a skinny face in a suit of gold color armor. The second one was about the same age but has a full grown beard the run all the way to his belly with the same set of armor. The third guy looks like he is in his 50s and had a black suit of armor. The fourth guy was also old and around the same age as the first two except he doesn’t wear armor and you can see his frail looking body. The last guy looks like he is about twenty to thirty years old and had a dignified expression on his face. To most girls he would be a really good looking a Asian. He wore light armor and carries a sword on his back.
    They all give off the presence of a Titan realm cultivator except that young man in the group. His aura was in the late stages of the Ancestor Realm.Those oppressive aura could have completely killed Xiaowei except he could not even feel it due to his zero presence here. The mighty dragon also gave of his aura that completely canceled out the five Titan realm cultivators. It seems that the red dragon was also in the Titan realm. Thus it was deduced that the dragon was a 15th tier beast.
    “Humans, what are you doing in the Bermuda forest and in my dragon territory?” bellowed the great dragon.

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    Chapter 8: The Great battle

    “Ahh. Are you Kyurima Emperor of fire? My name is Denzel Pylif Menphis I have come with my subordinates to hunt for a companion for my darling sister. I was wondering if the Great King Kyurima would let us,” introduced the young man.
    “Hahaha. You humans have really weird ranking systems. A mere Ancestor realm has the ability to command four titan realms. Hahaha too funny” Kyurima laughed but that tone turns dead serious, “but do you really think just because you bring four titan cultivators I would let you do as you please?” He was blunt because he knew why Denzel brought four titan realm cultivators with him and it is to threaten.
    “Great King Kyurima, I am not asking for permission I am demanding for permission. You think a lowly beast like yourself can compare with us?” said Denzel confidentially
    Kyurima’s facial expression did not change at all. He still remembers that his wife and child are in the cave. If a battle does happen they will be injured. He mentally sent a message to his wife, “Ani take little Hyacin to a safe place.” Ani knew that she is extremely weak right now due to giving birth. She who was originally in the titan realm too was in the initial stages of the ancestor realm. She carefully brought their child deeper into the cave. This all happened with a fraction of a second. Also the reason why these five did not detent Ani and Hyacin was because the cave had a special formation set up so others cannot detect what is inside the cave.
    “Humans today I’m in a really good mood and am willing to let you go. If not you will all die here,” Kyurima directed.
    “Dave, Krillin, Machiavelli, Rashu get ready” interjected Denzel. Dave the skinny face gold armor guy qi began to rise quickly. Krillin the guy with the beard also did the same. Machiavelli the guy without armor disappeared like the wind. Rashu the guy in armor qi also began to circulate. Denzel flew backwards.
    Kyurima sensing all this released his demonic qi outwards. Sharp fire starts to cover his body. The wave causes the four guys to be pushed back a couple meters. A demonic beast in the same realm as a human will always be stronger. Kyurama was also 5 meters tall and his 3 pairs of wings spread out were 7 meters from the left tip to the right tip. His right claw also did a scratch motion towards the humans. A visible fire claw was flying towards them from the right.
    Rashu blocks it with the left arm but the qi dispersing caused a huge hole to appear on trees around them. Dave who condensed 1000 titan qi swords spread them all around Kyurima. These swords were not small either. Each sword was 2 meters long and one foot wide. Krillin also began condensing lightning energy onto his hand.
    Kyurima circulated his fire qi outward the moment he saw those swords. He knew that his defense was tough but since this is a five on one battle even a small injure will become a fatal injury down the road. A blue fire wave of fire quickly engulfed a circumference of 15 meters around him as the swords fly in. As the swords enter the fire it quickly started to crack and dissipate.
    “Not bad. Not bad. I decided I will make you my slave when this is over” Denzel’s voice rang out.
    “Insolence. If I don’t kill you all today then I am not worthy of being a Phoenix Dragon” roared Kyurima. He then blew out a smoke of blue fire that quickly started to cover a distance a hundred meters.
    While all this was going on Rashu was preparing a defense formation. That energy quickly started to weave around everyone and just as the fire smoke swallowed them they were absolutely protected from the heat.
    Kyurima could feel all five of their energy but in the next instant one disappeared. He could not even see the one that disappear anymore. Kyurima’s eyes were special. If his vision was clouded he could see the qi of his opponents instead. Furthermore his eyes slow down all movements for him by 4 times. So if the opponent moves at 4mph before now it’s only 1mph. It is not the opponent slowing down but him being able to process images four times faster than before. The entire true dragon race has this ability with their eyes. Thus, he believes that Machiavelli had died.
    Kyurima was not stupid and knew who the leader was. His wings batted and his speed was so fast that it was almost the same as teleportation. Denzel also knew Kyurama was not stupid and had already set up some defense formations to protect himself, but those formations were like paper to a sharp scissor almost nonexistent. The moment Kyurima was about to tackle Denzel a strange ball expanded from Denzel. Kyurima felt that he tackled into reinforced diamond. Of course, Denzel and his sphere shield flew back and crashed into the tree behind him.
    Also the moment Kyurima came into contact with the ball like shield a lightning tiger was charging at him. Having no time to flee he has his wings cover his whole body. The tiger tackled into the wings but at the moment of contact he spread his wings opened which directly disperse the tiger. A highly compressed air bullet also flew at Krillin who created the lightning tiger. An invisible barrier blocked the bullet.
    Suddenly a shadow appeared out of nowhere digging its dagger deep into the backside of Kyurima. This figure was Machiavelli who took advantage of the interval where Kyurama would be slightly stunned due to forcing his wing out at such speed. The feathers on Kyurama’s hand became like sharp swords and he tried to swing it at Machiavelli but it was of no use. Only an after image was left behind.
    The moment Machiavelli came into contact was Kyurima’s scale he knew how tough it was and that the little wound he did was all he can do if he didn’t want to die. So the moment it penetrated the scale and drew blood he already moved far always and was waiting for another opportunity to strike.
    “Cowardly humans” bellowed Kyurima. Xiaowei stared in amazement at this battle. All these martial art skills were at such high levels that his family’s battle seems like child’s play. The battle continued and Kyurima created 10 clones of himself to do battle. These clones only had half his strength but the highly concentrate flames in their body made them a moveing titan level bomb.
    The images soon began to become blurry and Xiaowei was pulled out of this door. He stood in the hallway dazed and was piss that he couldn’t finish seeing the battle. He ran the door kicking it pulling at and trying to chew it but it wouldn’t open.
    Still fuming about it he moved onto the next door. This door was blue and wavy like water. The moment he touched it he was absorbed right into it. It seems to be a different forest this time, but Xiaowei saw the mother dragon again and chased after it. It seem like she was frantically searching for something. Moments later she dived down like she found it. It was a nest about a hundred meters big. There were about one hundred eggs in it.
    These eggs all have patterns similar to the ones that he had. But none had both fire and a blue swirl around it. Ani landed down on the nest. It seems that the Jeholornis dragon parents feared Ani and backed away. Ani put his son down onto the nest and covers him up with the palms of her hand. A strange fluctuation of qi and elemental energy was being directed at the baby. Strange symbols also began appearing. When she lifts her hand an exact replica of the egg Xiaowei brought home appeared. Xiaowei began to grow excited. He made a distinct connection between the two and knew this wasn’t some weird dream he was having but memories he was swimming in. Somehow when he is holding the egg it allows his dream state to enter the memories of the dragon inside.
    In the entire database he searched before he has never seen a Dragon Phoenix being mentioned. Also this little guy will grow up to be able to fight four titan realms cultivators. If this was not a treasure then he doesn’t know what is.
    The mother dragon roared and the Jeholornis parents walked forward. They were talking in the beast language. Xiaowei didn’t know what they were saying but he could guess what they were talking about. He thinks that the Ani is asking those parents to guard her child until she comes back.
    Ani swings her 6 wings and flew away. Xiaowei watches her fly. After she disappears, Xiaowei walked over and hugs the egg.
    “I too have lost my parents. Your’s too despicable greedy humans and mines to a monster. From today onward I will be like your brother and protect you from danger in place of your parents. Even though I am not strong today I will train to become stronger with you. We will help each other get stronger. One day we will find your parents or avenge them,” Xiaowei promised. He knew that the reason he was able to meet Hyacin was because his parents have died at the hands of those cultivators. Either that or they have been injured to the point where they are not able to retrieve back their son. The images began to get distorted again. 
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    Chapter 9- Reality or Illusion?

    Xiaowei was sitting on his bed holding the egg. This was his room. He saw his knife on the computer table. His mirror stuck to the door. The window was right behind the computer. He notices two bright red eyes peeking out from the closet. They stared deep into Xiaowei’s soul.
    Both their gazes penetrated each other. The red eyes were completely motionless. Xiaowei can feel that those red eyes can see him. Xiaowei doesn’t remember waking up from his dream. Is this still a dream? He questioned. If this was, then he should scream for his uncle. Xiaowei slowly moves his hand to his watch to call for his uncle.
    The watch suddenly vanish when he touched it. No way, Xiaowei cried in his mind I know for a fact it was there a moment ago.
    The red eye creature springs out from the closet both his claws ready to kill Xiaowei. Xiaowei dodged to the left side but his body was to slow and his right arm was scratch. Not a life threatening wound but still painful. Xiaowei screams out in pain but no sound came out.
    “UNCLE MING” Xiaowei yelled but no sound came out. Xiaowei started to panic. Everything feels so real and he knows for a fact this is not the egg’s memories because there is no way it has been here before. Secondly this little beast can sense him.
    It was a squirrel beast and it was the same size as our world squirrels and it was a tier 1 beast too. Tier one beast were already comparable to a Martial realm cultivator. Xiaowei who hasn’t even broke through from the martial body realm would stand no chance against it. He was only able to dodge it due to a squirrel beast's playful nature. To break through from martial body realm to cultivation realm require the user to start cultivating qi and Xiaowei has never even attempt that. It takes about a week for a person to open their first meridian point.
    Xiaowei who only found out about his meridian point and got the cultivation book two days ago would not have enough time to even cultivate. Never mind open one meridian point. Opening a meridian point was equal to drilling a hole through a tree with a spoon, a very tedious task.
    Xiaowei slowly sliding his legs while against the wall for his knife near the computer. His egg in one hand and a pair of eyes focused on the squirrel. He still remember the battle between the titans and it makes his blood boil anxiously just thinking about. Also if this was a dream then it was a battle with no consequences. He suddenly remembered to a certain time one year ago when he saw on the news that someone died in their dreams during a lucid dream therapy session. The therapist was later arrested because it was in the city when it happened. So the laws still apply to him.
    The squirrel knew what he was trying to do and was amused by it. A child who doesn’t even have qi thinks he can pierce his body with a knife. This child is way too naïve he thought.
    Xiaowei grabs the knife and held it forward against it. He may not have train in qi but his body was comparable to theirs. This knife was also special. His Uncle Ming an initial stage Heavens realm cultivator has imbued his qi into it. It cannot be sensed when it’s not held but once it’s held its energy will swallow the blade like a raging inferno.
    The moment the squirrel sensed it he quickly attacked. It's claw went straight at Xiaowei’s face but Xiaowei quickly move his knife at it while dodging. This was all base on instinct. Xiaowei could only see a blur when the squirrel moved.
    Xiaowei feeling that the egg was obstructing his movement he quickly toss the egg at his bed while dodging. The blade came into contact with the squirrel. The squirrel can feel it approaching and quickly hit the blade away and retreated. All this happened within a second.
    Xiaowei held onto the blade with all his might. He lost his balance due to the squirrel and crashed on to the floor in a spiral movement. He felt like someone took a huge hammer and hit it at the side of the knife. His hand still trembled from the shockwave it produced.
    His movements were still way to slow and the moment he crashed to the floor the squirrel already came to attack him. He saw a trajectory of the attack and swung his knife at it. For some strange reason even through Xiaowei’s movement was only half the speed of the squirrel the knife still manage to find its target.
    The squirrel was now really pissed. A martial body cultivator was able to hold his own against him who was comparable to a martial realm cultivator. The hair on his back stood up. It arched it back backwards and launches itself into the air. This all happen within one second but Xiaowei was able to see every detail.
    He then thrust forward his sword at the exact point where the squirrel was going to hit. The squirrel was not stupid. It knew how slow Xiaowei was and when he saw the knife he used it as a platform to bounce off from. Xiaowei seeing all this in milliseconds detail knew he can’t possible hit the squirrel even if he knew where it was going to hit. He decided to move the knife down. When the squirrel tried to launch himself of the knife it felt really weird and was only able to produce half its power.
    Due to the sudden loss of power he didn’t manage to eat right through Xiaowei but his teeth still manage to bite deeply into Xiaowei’s shoulder. Xiaowei knowing he got bitten didn’t even feel pain. He directly moves the knife and lodged it directly into the squirrel’s body. The heaven realm ki made it extremely easy for the knife to pierce through a tier one beast's skin. Xiaowei didn’t think the knife would pass through the squirrel that easily and also ended up stabbed himself on the shoulder.
    Xiaowei fell to the ground his body arched against the bed. He looked toward the mirror. He sees the knife lodged right through the squirrel and his shoulder. Blood spilled everywhere. His eyes were very peculiar too. It was blood red but his pupils were black devoid of even the slight hint of light. His pupils was also in a slit like a cat. Seconds after, his eyes return back to normal and Xiaowei thought it was just his imagination and fell back into deep slumber.
    With the knife and the squirrel still lodge into his body his mind blacked out before he could see a reddish purple aura being sucked out from the squirrel into his body. 
  • Chapter 10- An Impossible task

    Xiaowei woke up the next morning still a little daze from the night before. His body felt sore from head to toe. Strangely there is a new sensation he never felt before in his money. It was qi. This qi was constantly circulating in his body. To a normal practitioner this would have been the same amount as stage one in the cultivation realm but to Xiaowei he felt like he just broke through to cultivation realm.
    He didn’t ponder on this any longer and sat straight up. A streak of pain ran all over his body.
    “Ah” Xiaowei let out.
    His left shoulder felt miserable. What happened? Xiaowei wonders. He was wearing a loose white medical tshirt. He opens the collar and looked in. There was a huge white piece of cloth covering it with special tape wrapped around it. Slowly his memories of his dreams began to surface. Was that real? Xiaowei wondered. How is it possible for me to kill a tier one beast? Images of his battle began to surface. He is surprise by this memory because he clearly felt it was a dream.
    Moments later his Uncle Lin and Ming barges in the room.
    “Xiaowei are you ok?” Uncle Ming asks touch Xiaowei all over the place.
    He got woken up the moment he felt the squirrel’s qi. He instantly ran to his room but when he got there he saw Xiaowei’s body sitting on the floor with his back to his bed with the knife through the squirrel into his shoulder. Uncle Ming was struck with grief and was next to Xiaowei instantly pulling out the knife and applies qi to close the wound. He picked up Xiaowei and brought him to the family hospital.
    “I don’t remember” Xiaowei replied, “I had a really weird dream and it took me to my room. I had a dream fighting a squirrel but I remember the exact details.”
    Uncle Lin and Uncle Ming faces show astonishment. How? Uncle Lin quickly moved next to Xiaowei and grabbed his wrist. He released a bit of his Master Realm qi into Xiaowei’s body. The qi slithered through Xiaowei’s body. It checked every single one of his meridian points and found traces of cultivated qi.
    “Stage 1 cultivation qi? One meridian point opened?” question Uncle Lin. This speed is simply too frightening. Even Xiaotian with his speed took 5 days to open his first meridian points. Yet his son opened it overnight. Since, he knows for a fact that Xiaowei doesn’t even have the time the last two days to cultivate. Also the fact that Xiaowei can kill a tier one beast that was on the level of a mid-martial realm cultivator was simply just as astonishing. How much battle insight and battle sense does a person need to do that. Given the fact the tier one beast had twice his speed just simply keeping your eyes focus on it would be a challenge never mind beating it. Yes he had a heaven level qi knife with him but a weapon is still just a weapon. An expert with a stone can still beat an amateur with a sword, gun, and spear. Just these facts added together were telling Lin that this kid’s future will be greater than his little brother Xiaotian.
    “What?” cried out Ming, “did you say he open one meridian point already?” Ming also sent his heaven chi into Fei’s body. Amazing Ming thought. What takes others weeks or months took this kid overnight. Then he thought of the squirrel. Then he began to connect the dots. He finally remembered how an Asura trains and this astonishment turns to fear.
    Lin expression also began to turn to that of fear. He wasn’t afraid of Xiaowei but the thought of an Asura training speed. If there were ten of them together wouldn’t they be invincible? He quickly suppresses those thoughts and stares back at Xiaowei.
    “Xiaowei later come to the study office. Ming and I have something from your father and mother that we should give you before you leave. Also as you know you have a special body and there is a special way to cultivate it. We will explain the details further in the office,” Lin instructed. He began to grow excited. This gamble of his is really on a whole new level.
    “Rest well. I will have your aunt bring you some nutrient soup later. Try to rest your body” instructed Ming. Knowing he was safe gave Ming a sense of relief. He will have to figure out how a tier one beast was able to hide and sneak his way into the house. Even if it was able to hide it’s aura it would still not be able to get pass all the formations that were laid down around the house. Also the security cameras would have picked up on suspicious activity. Did one of the family members try to kill him? Ming wondered.
    “Thank you Uncle Ming and Uncle Lin. I will rest well and get back to top condition soon” reassured Xiaowei.
    “Good boy. Ming and I will leave for now.”
    Both Lin and Ming walked out of the hospital. Xiaowei looked out of the window. He is going to miss this place. It was the only home he knew since growing up. The friends he made here and the relationships he had with his family would all become nonexistent soon. All that will disappear. I will be all alone Xiaowei thought. I wonder what life would be like pass these walls. Will it be like the one he has now or will it be harsh like the shows he seen on tv.
    All these thoughts bothered Xiaowei but one truth stood above all else. He will return. He might be leaving but he will come back. Maybe not today or tomorrow but one day he will. He looked around and seeing nothing that excites him. He still started to borrow follow the instructions on the book he got two days ago.
    Close your eyes and relax your mind. Feel the flow of nature around you. Interweave your fingers and connect the two thumbs. Now focus on the dantian and rotate it around in a clockwise movement. Let your body accept those energy but make sure you open one meridian point first or else your speed will be extremely slow.
    The qi seems to cover his whole skin, but only a little tiny drop was cultivated at one time. He did this for about seven hours. In those seven hours he felt like he didn’t even cultivate enough energy to fill a pint size cup. Is it because I only have one meridian point open? He wondered. The one at his stomach was opened. This was the first one that’s supposed to be open. The next would be the lung one. After that would be the heart.
    In the book it told him to focus his mind on the meridian point he wants to open. Then cultivate the qi in the air but make sure all the air qi is flowing into that meridian point. Also if this is your second one focus your qi at it too.
    Xiaowei followed the instructions in the book step by step but there were no improvements at all. It was like digging a tunnel through the mountain with a small spoon. The kind of spoon you use to drink soup with. A task that is simply impossible. The book said this task should be as hard as drilling a hole through the tree with a spoon but this is simply unbelievable. Xiaowei felt that the book is a big fat retarded liar. Xiaowei couldn’t even leave an extremely small dent in it. The qi that hits it just bounces off. It was similar to throwing jello at a steel wall and trying to make a dent on it. Just simply impossible.
    Xiaowei piss at the result decides to just sleep on. He has always been able to come up with new ideas or solve his problems when he sleeps. Maybe this was one of them too.

    TL notes: So I will be very busy tomorrow and have decided to just release this chapter early. There might be a couple spelling a grammar mistakes since I didnt even proof read this one =/
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    Chapter 11: WTF?

    The next morning Xiaowei went to Uncle Lin’s office and Uncle Ming was there too. They both sat in a floating chair looking at Xiaowei.
    “Xiaowei come take a seat” directed Lin.
    Lin sat down and was looking around very anxiously. His eyes wondered all over the place. He doesn’t know what they wanted to talk about. Is it the tier 1 beast? Are they going to ask about his companion?
    “Xiaowei calm down you are not in trouble” said Uncle Lin noticing how anxious he was, “It is regarding what your father left behind for you.”
    “My father?” questions Xiaowei.
    “Yes. Before your father left for battle he gave your uncle Ming a very special necklace.” He held up a necklace for Xiaowei to see. At the end is a black metal triangle. The center of the triangle was empty. The outer skin looks as smooth as a baby’s bottom and the light reflecting of off it was like a mirror. The middle was a thin layer of glass.
    “Your father told me to give this to you when you enter the first stage of the cultivation realm,” Uncle Ming said, “The day you were born the Asura crashed into Eragoon forest. Your father knew he was going to be deployed but due to your birth he was able to delay it for three days before he left. Your mother who loves your father very much also left with him. She couldn’t bear to leave him alone to fight such a monster. Before your father left he came to me. He gave me three things. This triangle necklace, this beast cube, and a box he said that only you can open. He also left me two instructions. One for if he survives and one for if he dies. If he survives we should act like none of this happen. If he dies he wants me to raise you the best I can and gives these to you when you reach the first stage of the cultivation realm.”
    After Ming finished Uncle Lin tosses the necklace to Xiaowei. Xiaowei caught it on reflex.
    “Your dad told me that the only wait to activate it is to focus your qi into it. Apparently it’s a DNA qi lock. Only the intended person can view the inside. Even if someone of the Ancestor realm strength cannot break the laws set by this item” explain Uncle Ming. He tried to forcefully open it one time before but the defense system activated forcing Ming to sustain an injury that cause him to stay in bed for a week
    “Ok” Xiaowei answers and began to focus his qi into the necklace. The necklace released a slight yellow glow that invaded Xiaowei’s mind.
    Xiaowei opened his eyes and see himself in a room that was just plain white and limitless.
    There was a person lying on the floor. He looked about thirty and had some similar details to Xiaowei. His hair was dark black and face was calm and welcoming. He gives off a really carefree attitude, but the atmosphere he gives of was like that of an iceberg. Unimaginably deep.
    The guy opened his mouth and yawn, “Xiaowei you’re finally here?” he yawned.
    “Dad is that really you?” asked Xiaowei his mind started to fog. His voice quivered.
    “Well I am going to assume you’re going to ask if I am your father or something along those boring lines,” he said lazily while still yawn, “Yes I am your father and I spent three days and three nights making this. Or was it three days and two nights?” he pondered. “Never mind that. The point is I spent a long time doing this. So be grateful.”
    Xiaowei was taken aback by his tone and attitude. Every adult he met so far was well discipline and were respectful and well-mannered but his father was just all over the place. This was actually being kind.
    “This is all just a soul imprint of me so I can’t really talk with you. You might not understand this but I have imprinted an algorithm system into this necklace so every time you enter a new realm you will see me. Also your mother was nagging me left and right to implant three lifesaving methods into the necklace. I only had time for one so use it wisely. If your mother finds out I only implanted one she would kill me.” He chuckled.
    Xiaowei was flabbergasted. Wtf is this situation he thought. Xiaowei was about to tear up but the way his father was acting was like bringing a comedian to a funeral. This was supposed to be a dramatic reunion. Yet his father was making light of it.
    “Anyway, as a man you should take some risk and not be a ***** when in danger. Also always remember this when your training or in any type of situations. Everything has a weakness. No matter how strong or invincible it is it has a weakness. Also never think you’re the smartest one in the room, unless you’re me. Don’t show of too much unless you have the strength to back it up. Mhmm. Think outside the box. If you can’t solve a problem this moment walk away and come back to it later. Pretty much be tricky, wise, and smart and strong and not strong and stupid. Those guys future are so limited so much talent and yet so weak.”
    He is all over the place, Xiaowei thought but he got the main message his dad was trying to get across. His dad changed positions and lays on his back. His arms spread out and moving like he is trying to make a snow angel.
    “What else is there to say? Your mom wants you to keep yourself healthy don’t do stupid things. Eat well. Wear clean clothes. Make friends. Do your homework, listen to your elders. Go out and adventure. Become strong, smart, cool, and a chick magnet like me” the moment he said that last line his body flew like someone hit him. “I don’t know why I fell in love with such a brutal woman.”
    Xiaowei laughed because he could imagine his mom hitting him. It was actually the first time he laughed in days.
    “On a serious note, I left two techniques in this stage. The rank 7 emperor steps technique. Yeah I already know you’re going to be dual element in eletric and fire. Anyway this technique is special compared to other foot techniques and would go perfectly with your electric element. Originally I wanted to only teach you this when you enter the Martial Stage but your mother wanted you to learn a technique that can save you in dangerous situations. Pretty much be a chicken and run away.” His body flew again. “Stop hitting me!”
    “Let’s see where was I? This technique would be easier to learn if you have cultivated electric energy but not having it just makes it a bit harder to learn. If your stupid just forget it. There are five steps to this. One to four will be somewhat similar and you can rely on internal qi to learn but it will only be a rank 3 or maybe four if you use it well. It isn’t until you cultivate electric qi will it become rank 7. Watch me.”
    He stood up and starts walking toward Xiaowei but then instantly disappeared and appeared right in front of Xiaowei. His presence was similar to an emperor and Xiaowei automatically felt the floor. He just fell due to surprise.
    “Jin is the first step. To advance or enter a person’s personal space.”
    He then disappeared again and reappears 15 meters away. Xiaowei stood up again. He was surprised at a natural movement. He couldn’t even see the direction his movements. Usually there needs to be an initial movement for such fast speed.
    “Tui. To retreat. This allows you to retreat when you feel danger.”
    He disappears again and this time standing back to back to Xiaowei. Xiaowei didn’t even felt it until he talked.
    “Bi. To evade. It allows you to avoid enemy’s attacks and even sight.”
    He kicks one of Xiaowei’s leg and Xiaowei fell face first onto the floor.
    “qin. To attack. This one is a bit different from the first three. You must be able to read and predict your opponent’s movements and use the first three skills to invade and cause the opponent to lose balance, giving you the opportunity to attack.”
    Xiaowei looks up at him all amazed. He had personally just seen his dad use all these techniques. Even he could tell the flow and master of this skill is not just smooth but like he has been using it his whole entire life.
    Then multiple images of him appeared in many different poses. There were at least 50 of him.
    “This last one is xiang. By using the lightning qi you can create a movement from one space so fast that you leave an after image of yourself. You can do this with your normal qi but at most three images before your ankles and body will start to hurt. I will also show you the first three using electric qi.”
    Xiaotian stood still and all 50 of those afterimages disappeared. Xiaowei saw his ankle moved and he disappeared but and afterimage remain but Xiaowei knew he was far back but then Xiaotian flick his head.
    “You probable thought I was back over there but with the electric element in the technique your speed would increase to the point where a person’s eyes cannot keep up. Therefore they cannot see which are real. The greatest part of this technique is not xiang but the first three.”
    Next Xiaotian lifts up his hand which was glowing sent a wave of energy at Xiaowei. Then a flood of information entered his brain. It was the training method of the emperor steps technique.
    “This is a rank 7 technique because of its simplicity. Instead of waste movements it focuses on the ankle which determines direction. It puts a lot of strain on the ankle but you have an Asura’s body so you should be fine.”
    Huh? Xiaowei was surprised how his dad knew when he was just born and everything was not dead set yet.
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    Chapter 12: Asura Training Method

    “Your mother already knew due to her clan’s special hereditary innate skill. That’s why we prepared all this for you. We wanted you to be safe,” he said affectionally.
    “Asuras have a special way of training. Your mother’s clan once had an Asura and they experimented on the training methods and stuff. They kept a detail record of everything and it just so happens to have happen 1000 years ago.”
    Xiaowei was thinking his mom’s clan must be really strong to know all this stuff.
    Xiaotian continued, “An Asura has two way of training. The demonic way is by using a demonic method to cultivate dark qi. This dark qi is the only way for them to open up their meridian points. This would guarantee absolute power in the person but he will also be absolutely guaranteed to be an evil Asura. No matter how you train in this method you will turn evil and demonic. The second method allows you a 70 to 30 percent chance of turning demonic. This method is by absorbing magical beasts. Also the only reason you are able to activate this necklace was if you actually absorbed one. Probable a tier one I presume. Good job by the way. If you killed it yourself I’m proud of you. And if you somehow accidentally found a dead tier beast I don’t know what situation you were in but good job on that too.” He laughs.
    “Anyway, although it seems like there were zero good Asuras in the world it is not necessarily true. The meaning of Asura is to oppose the Gods. Us cultivating qi is the same as us human beings opposing the Gods. In a way we are all Asuras. Anyway, the higher your cultivation you achieve the harder it would be to control this Asura's power. Such as lust, greed, hunger, and such. This is because you’re absorbing the beast’s soul in order to open up your meridian points. Some might be good some might be bad, but always remember this in your heart. You are not a monster. You will change this world. For good or bad I don’t really care. You are our son and that’s all that matters. If you become an evil Asura I might come and kill you but be proud you’re an Asura. It’s not every day that a person would be bestowed the ability of an Asura. Try not to kill humans so much. The more you kill the more likely you will become an evil Asura. For now you can leave. When you reach stage 6 in the cultivation level come visit me again. Also when you reach Master Realm I will tell you a secret” he winked, “One more thing use your qi the same way for the other two items. Don’t even let your uncles see it. Don’t let anyone see it for that matter. Also lastly do not ask others to defeat a magical beast for you to cultivate. If you cannot defeat it yourself you have no right to cultivate it.” Xiaotian waves his hand.
    Xiaowei was back in his Uncle’s room again.
    “I, I, I just saw my dad” Xiaowei stammered.
    “How was he?” Uncle Lin and Uncle Ming grinned. They both know Xiaotian’s temperament.
    “Not really what I imagined” said Xiaotian, “he is different from everyone I meant so far.”
    “Hahaha” they both laughed. They were remembering the good old times when they were young. No matter how noble Xiaotian was, he was still free like the sky and does whatever he wanted.
    “Oh. One more thing your father wanted me to give you this box after you have visited him in the necklace” said Uncle Ming. He brought out a brought out a box that was black and has many inscriptions on it. These inscriptions are seal formations in order to deter thieves and others from peaking at the content inside. “Your father said that the content inside only you can view and should let no others see. He said it is a training method only you can do or something like that and if others see it would be very catastrophic for the family.”
    Xiaowei accept the box and when it was in his hand the triangle necklace began to glow. Next a bright yellow glow sent a beam at the box from his other hand. The Inscriptions on the box began to light up and some seals could be seen undoing itself.
    “Your Uncle Lin and I will step out of the office and be back in a couple hours. Try to do what you can. Also Uncle Lin and I both have a gift for you. We will give it to you afterwards,” Uncle Ming smiled and left with Lin.
    Xiaowei was very curious about the things his parents left behind. Just the necklace alone was a huge treasure. If it was to be ranked it might even be at the legend ranking. He opens the box and inside was three items. One is a bright blue orb. It looks to be two inches in diameter. The other was a medium red size box. Seven inches in length, five in width and three in height. The only weird thing is there are no places for it to open and it was just plain smooth across it. There was also a written note in the box. Each of the letters was elegant like a leaf gliding through the wind.

    (Xiaowei if you’re reading this then you probable already met your dad in the necklace soul imprint. He can be insensitive sometimes but he means well. Also he forgot to explain the use of the dream orb and the box inside this box. I hope you are doing well. I would write more for you but we are in a time crunch. There are some things I would like to do for you before I leave but due to time constraint I was only able to set up this dream orb for you and will see you in it soon. This orb can only be activated when you go to sleep. It cannot be entered otherwise. You must first drop a hint of blood on it to contract it. It will allow up to two beings to be in the same dream at the same time. I will explain the rest in the orb. Your father was being stupid and forgot to give the instructions in the necklace. So goodnight and sweets dreams. Mommy has to go.)

    Xiaowei was grinning from ear to ear because he would finally get to see his mother. Then he picked up the small box and inside was a pair of contact lens but his mother didn’t say anything about those contact lends in the letter. He tried to open the other box but it wouldn’t budge. His qi couldn’t do any and there was nowhere that he can try to forcefully open.
    After that Xiaowei pricked his finger a little and a drop of blood fell on the orb. Then a clear beam of light shot out of the orb and hit Xiaowei’s head. Nothing happen through. Feeling that there is nothing he can do he called his Uncle Lin and Ming that he is all set with the box. Since the dream orb is contracted and cannot be used unless he is asleep. The red box cannot be opened. He has no idea what the contact lens are for. So the only option left is to call his Uncles.
    His Uncle Lin and Ming finally return to the office a couple minutes later. Both hold a small box in there hand.
    “How were the items your parents prepared?” asked Uncle Lin.
    “Two of them I don’t know how to use it and one of them has a lot of restrictions,” answered Xiaowei.
    “Hahaha. They mean well. Anyway, Uncle Ming and I both prepared a gift for you that I am sure you will love,” he said as he handed Xiaowei his gift. It was in a tiny box and when Xiaowei opened it he found a ring. This ring was Zhang family technology. It is an interspacial ring.
    “A interspacial ring?” yelled Xiaowei excitedly. After reaching 8 the children in the family would all get one. It is a tradition passed down in the Zhang family.
    “Yes and this interspacial ring is different from all the others. The other rings can only hold up to 100 cubic meters worth of materials at most but this one is able to hold up to 2000 cubic meters worth of materials at once. Also it is our newest ring too and you are the first to have one. I don’t know why you will need this much space in the future but it is still fun and convenient to have” Uncle Lin said.
    Immediately Xiaowei put it on and instantly the things he wanted to go into the ring warped into it. The space bend and the box of his parents items were absorb into the ring.
    “Wow! This is amazing” exclaimed Xiaowei. Uncle Lin had a prideful look on his face. He stayed up extremely late for a year to improve on this item. It would give transportation with ease a whole new meaning.
    Uncle Ming stepped forward and stated, “My present might not be as useful as your uncle Lin’s but it will certainly be beneficial to you in the future.”
    Xiaowei accepted the gift and opened it up. Inside was beast cube. The edges were bright red and the surface was bright blue. There were twelve inscriptions on it. Could this be a tier twelve cube?
    “This is a tier twelve cube. I don’t know if you will ever need it in the future but from what I can tell your egg was special and you might need it in the future. How I got it you don’t need to know. Just know that a tier twelve cube isn’t like other tiers at all. With the ability to contain a titan beast it also has the ability to help your magical beast cultivate. I am positive that this will prove to be beneficial to both you and your companion” uncle said proudly. He had this cube since he was 23. His dream was to have tier ten beast or higher as a companion but sadly he never got the chance to use it. He didn’t even give it to his brother Xiaotian when they were pursuing a tier 9 beast the Qilin.
    Xiaowei couldn’t help but tear up a bit from happiness. He loves these two uncles who were always kind to him. He ran up to both uncles and hugs them tightly and said “I will not disappoint you.”
    “Silly kid” Uncle Ming said and patted him on the head, “how will you disappoint us. Just knowing how hard working and talented you are already one of our greatest pride of you. I don’t believe that a child of Xiaotian and Linmei cannot make a miracle happen.”
    “Now stop crying. You’re a man. Go out and have some fun. There is still 7 hours before bed time. Your Uncle Lin and I both have to make preparations for your departure next week.”
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    Chapter 13 A lot of information

    Xiaowei hurry and ran back to his room. He locked the door. Pull down the shade and took out the orb from his interspacial Ring. Got into the bed and pulls the blanket over himself. He has the orb on his chest. Closes his eyes and tried to fall asleep.
    Except due to the excitement he couldn’t fall asleep. He closed his eyes but he just couldn’t fall asleep. His thoughts just keep running around. Hours upon hours pass. Clock read 8pm but he still can’t fall asleep. I wish this orb helps me fall asleep thought Xiaowei.
    A couple more hours passed and Xiaowei started to zone out. The next moment he woke up on the beach. The water glistened as it pat the sand, and the sun shining brightly in the sky. A beautiful woman in a blue dress stood on the sand looking at Xiaowei. Her skin was a whitish tan and her long black hair flow down her shoulders. She looks a lot like Tia Lee from the Taiwanese drama. She looks to be about 5’6 but she gives off a really dominating aura. Like that of a mountain. Immovable.
    Xiaowei stared and wonder if this beautiful woman could be his mother. She had a smile on her face and looks at Xiaowei. A few meters to the right of her he also sees a black shadow clone of himself.
    “Hi Xiaowei. When you are see this message it means I am either no longer with you or in hiding. I am sorry that I am not a good mother and stay behind to take care of you. I love your father very much and I want us to be a happy family. I hope you will grow up and become stronger than both of us or grow up just happy. I wish so much right now I can give you a hug.”
    As she said that a drop of tear rolled of her cheek. Her eyes look so sad. You can see the longing of a mother in those eyes.
    “Mom” Xiaowei whimpered.
    “On another note we will be here forever if I keep this up. I will first begin to explain how this dream orb works. The orb itself is not really an orb. If you sent in qi you can change the shape of the orb but the mass must still be the same. The main power of this orb is the dream state. The orb allows you to enter your dreams but the limits of reality are still being imposed here. All the physics and laws will not be broken in this state. Also time in this space is slowed to one third of original time flow. Techniques that you have learned will also be on display here. For example your father taught you the emperor steps. That shadow clone of you over there will constantly replay the technique. It will show you how to move and everything, if you activate it. It will begin its movements to teach you the ways of the emperor step. It will not teach you how to use it in a fight you must learn that yourself. The good news is you can create shadows base on reality. It will take your memories and recreate the opponent in your dreams. Remember this through. The opponent in your dreams and the opponent you will fight in life are not the same. This is a simulator and not an actual opponent. It will not try to kill you since any damage done in here will reflect on your body in reality. Also you cannot cultivate qi in here. So use it carefully. Also always take a break from training every three days. Too much training is not good for the mind and body. Try to go out and enjoy yourself sometimes.”
    Xiaowei face light up because he can now cultivate in the morning and practice the martial art skills in here.
    “There is one more thing I must tell you about and it is the contact lens in the box. When you have time have your uncle makes some that will fit you. The contact lenses are really important. The reason is because you have half my blood flowing through you. Even with half my blood, my innate skill was still passed down to you. It is a blessing and a curse. My clan is the Long clan and we all possess the dragon eye skill. This skill allows us to see movements in slower motion and able to see a greater range of details. The stronger our eye prowess is the slower we can see the movements and the more details we can process at the same time. Our peripheral vision will be increase from 170 to 200. Also the eyes will also try to make predictions for you. It can be right or wrong depending on the opponents’ skill. 99 percent of the time it is right but it doesn’t always appear. The higher the realm you go the greater the abilities of these eyes will appear. For example in the martial realm you can also see the qi of your surroundings. It is great to have but you should not always use it. Only use it when you are in danger or fighting an opponent stronger than yourself. Do not become too reliant on it. This skill will never dull always but still practice it but don’t rely one or else your other senses will dull.”
    Xiaowei was just astonished by his mother. He feels like he already used it once to kill the tier one beast. Isn’t a bit overpowered he wondered.
    She continues, “Remember to train your body so it can keep up with your eyes. Even if you can see it slows if your body can not keep up with it. Having those eyes and not having it doesn’t make a difference. The reason I want you to hide it is because of the danger it poses. 800 years ago my clan was at the top of its power but due to a special reason it started to decline. Right now members of my family are being hunted down for their eyes. Since no other race has it but the dragons. They cannot hunt dragons and use their eyes due to their body rejecting it but it is different if they take and transplant ours. That’s why you must hide your eyes and never let others know. That is why I sealed your eyes when you were a baby. The reason I did the orb and not the necklace is because of this reason. Seals and formations still work in here. Step over there” she pointed.
    Xiaowei did as she was told.
    “I will now undo the seal formation I did when you were still a baby. It will weaken over a two week period.”
    “Mom thank you” whispered Xiaowei. He knows his mom can’t hear him through. Then a deep aura seal formation appeared from the ground trapping Xiaowei in it. His clothes fluttered. It moved up and down attacking the formations already placed on his body. His eyes flash white bright a couple times.
    “AHHH” Xiaowei screamed. The friction and rebound from the two formations colliding sent out powerful waves that causes streaks of pain on Xiaowei’s body. To Xiaowei it felt like someone took a taser gun and constantly taser him with it. Linmei just stood there looking at him but no emotions could be seen. This was afterall just an imprint left behind and not the actual person. So is the unsealing formation and that is the reason why it is not perfectly unlocking the previous formation.
    A minute later it came to a stop. Xiaowei fell to the ground hugging himself all over from the pain. He was still only 8 and hasn’t felt major pain before. SO this is actually the first time he felt pain. The pain from fighting the squirrel did not count due to being in a dream state his body suppressed the pain.
    “Your eyes will start to awaken soon. Practice the emperor steps as best as you can. It will be a lifesaving method one day for you. Be smart. Also the extra benefit of this orb is that it will also sense people within a 30 meter radius of you. So you can still practice in your sleep and awaken yourself when you feel danger. Due to an giving birth my power is at a really low point and I cannot continue this any longer. Xiaowei remember I love you.”
    She slow faded away. Then a screen popped up.
    <Next Message>
    Xiaowei pressed next message but another screen popped up.
    <Does Not Meet Requirement>
    Xiaowei guessed it has something to due to his low cultivation level and stopped pondering over it. He did as his mother instructed and started to practice the Emperor steps. He knows his parents means well and that if they could they would be with him today but the world is not perfect and sometimes just accepting is better. His parents has left behind many treasures for him. They did not have to do all this for him but they did. He could feel their love just from the careful planning of everything.

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  • Chapter 14: The Asura Wei Lintian

    About a week passed and Xiaowei has been training diligently inside the dream space and has been cultivating qi in reality. After a week worth of cultivation he has only cultivated about a cup full of qi if qi was in liquid form. Also his Emperor Steps has improved slightly but not much. He could not get the qi to match his movements due to low level of qi. Normally only cultivation stage 3 can begin to practice it. Linmei’s intentions were to increase Xiaowei’s control over his qi.
    He did manage to have little spurts of speed but one spurt depletes all his qi. Today was also the day he leaves. During those few days he spent most of his time with little Xingxing who has open up one qi point too. They would go into the forest and adventure. Pretending to be heroes of the past, slaying demonic beasts. He also spent a lot of time with his aunt and uncles. He wanted to spend as much time with them as possible because after this he will not see them again for many, many years.
    Today is the day he leaves. Xiaowei looks back at the house and reminisces on all the memories he has here. He remembers all the good times and bad ones. As he looks at the house he felt a sense of longing but he knows in his heart he cannot stay. Xiaowei turns and looks at his Uncle Ming and they both got into the car. Xiaowei packed his essential needs into the interspacial rings. There were not many things to pack. He got his egg into the beast box. The gifts his parents left behind for him. He also brought his favorite blanket and pillow. It’s a weird habit that he picked up. The rest of the stuff his Aunt has packed for him and he stored it into his ring.
    “Xiaowei everything will be alright. You will be back before you know it” smiles Ming.
    “It’s ok Uncle Ming” replies Xiaowei, “Lei left for the best school on the continent when he was 8 too. I’ll just think of it as the same thing.”
    “Good boy. I remember Lei crying the day he left,” chuckles Ming.
    “It just he missed he guys a lot.”
    “Xiaowei when you go over there you will have new identity.”
    “Can I decide my name? Or is it already made,” Xiaowei pouted.
    “It’s already made but I think.”
    “What is it? Is it foreign or still Chinese?” Xiaowei ask warily. He doesn’t want to give up his national identity. They say a name defines a person and in the end a person only has his name.
    “It is still chinese” reassured Ming, “your new name is Wei Lintian. It is your mother’s and father’s name combine with yours. Lin is the forest like your mother a mystery, Tian like your father who has unlimited future prospect and wei is to become. Your name means to become the forest and sky. It can also mean the power of heaven and earth. You must live up to that name in the future. We put a lot of thought into that name” Uncle Ming said while patting Xiaowei.
    “Thank you Uncle Ming. From today onward I will be the Asura Wei Lintian.” He smiled and from today onward he has locked it in a treasure chest and buried the name Zhang Xiaowei deep inside his heart. A special name his parents give him. A treasure that will cause the greatest harm to the one closes to him.
    “Xiaowei the family you’re going to be living with is the Tsukino family. They are a Japanese clan. This will lower the connection between you and the Zhang family. The reason being their son has died of an illness 6 months ago here. The father is Chinese and one of my friends. They are a small family so changing the information in the family is easy. Also the father wanted the son to have a solid Chinese background that he sent him here since he was 1 to learn the culture. He has hidden his child’s death in order to not cause more grief for the wife, but since his wife won’t be able to live for 5 more years the wife has begged him to bring their child back. My friend Chen not wanting to cause her to feel regret has agreed to have you as the replacement after much convincing. Your age match very closely so you should be fine.”
    “Wouldn’t my new name be an issue?”
    “No because his family name is Wei and he has told his wife that their son is name Wei Lintian now due to not having the proper paper works here on the continent and the family not being able to contact him gave the boy a new name. Also he told her that he knows how important names are too her and that’s why he lied before. It’s a small family so they won’t pry too much into it. Furthermore they have three other children besides you. A girl name Yuki whose one years older than you. Two older brothers Tsuna and Kira. Tsuna is 12 this year and Kira is 14.”
    “Oh. They won’t hate on me because I’m Chinese right?”
    “You should be fine their half Chinese too. Be on your best behavior. Keep a low profile. We have registered you for a second rate school to not raise any suspicion because both Tsuna and Kira are in second rate schools. The girl Yuki will be registering for a first rate school this year. Her talent vastly surpasses her brothers. We have compressed a file of the Wei family for you to read. Since he’s eight there not much to know beside family structure. I will be going with you.”
    “Oh,” Xiaowei said feeling disappointed at the fact he has to go to a second rate school.
    “I know you want to go to a first rate school, but this is for the best. People are always checking family backgrounds for top rate school children. It might raise suspicion.”
    “Uncle I understand. I will keep a low profile. You don’t need to apologize. I understand.”
    Afterwards they talk about Xiaowei’s pet and stuff like that. They also talk about Ming’s childhood with Xiaowei’s father. The more they talk the more Xiaowei forget the time and they arrived at the airport in a flash.
    Xiaowei stares at the plane and a drop of tear rolled down his face. This was his first time going on the plane but a sense of excite was overshadowed by the sense of homesickness. He knows that once he boards this plane he will never see his family for a very long time. It will be a brand new beginning under a new identity. His parents won’t be Xiaotian and Linmei anymore but two completely new strangers.
    Tears begin to roll down his face. It was the same as two waterfalls. Even though he knows he will see them again but some deep emotion in the back of his mind won’t let logic dictate his actions.
    Ming grabbed Xiaowei’s hands and whispers, “from today onward you are Wei Lintian. The child of Wei Mao and Yukira Tsukino.” They board the plane Wei Lintian was born into this world. “I promise I will do everything in my power to bring you back.” He swore.
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  • " not strong and stupid"
    LOL Thats about 95% of shounen characters. 
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    Chapter 15: A New Home

    The plane ride took about three days before reaching its destination the United States of Ameri Continent. After clearing the security check. Ming brought Lintian to meet Wei Mao.
    Ming brought Lintian to the bathroom in the airport and had him change into new clothes. These clothes were clothing that the Wei family would wear. Ming also changed clothes himself to further disguise himself. They later went to a ramen shop in downtown Boston.
    Ming walked into the restaurant and his eyes scanned the whole area. He was searching for Wei Mao. Seeing that he was not there he was received by the hostess to a table in the corner. Lintian and Ming both sat down and ordered some appetizers and ramen.
    After a couple minutes a medium biult Asian man about 6 feet tall with a horseshoe mustache walks through the door. The moment he walked in Ming’s eyes lit up. They stared at each other for a brief moment and the man walks over and sat down on the table. Ming releases his heaven realm qi to set up a sound barrier so no one can hear unless they are within it.
    “Mao this here is Lintian. Lintian this here is Mr. Wei who’s going to be your dad,” introduced Ming.
    “Nice to meet you Mr. Wei, I am Wei Lintian how are you?” greeted Lintian respectfully.
    Seeing how respectful Lintian was Mao couldn’t help but smile a bit.
    “No need to be so formal. We will be family soon,” said Mao.
    Lintian smiled and still felt a little uncomfortable calling Mao father. So he just sat there quietly.
    The waiter seeing that there was a new customer came by and entered the sound barrier without noticing it.
    “Hi sir would you like something to drink?” asked the young waiter.
    “I'll have some ice water and can you put in a sozaku ramen for me?”
    “No problem. I will put it in right away” the waiter replied and walked away.
    “So Lintian your uncle Ming has probable already told you but my son has passed away and my wife is ill. Ming told me that he cannot disclose the circumstance you’re in but you need to hide away for a while. That’s fine by me but I do wish that we can become a proper family.”
    Lintian sat their quietly nodding his had and not knowing how to reply.
    Mao Wei feeling that Lintian might not feel comfortable continued, “it is ok if you don’t feel a bond between us right now but we have plenty of time and I hope that you will regard us as your family, like how I will regard you as my son.”
    “I will try” replied Lintian. He felt that Mao Wei was a really nice person but he is still emotionally attached to his real parents. Even if his mind cut ties with his old self his emotions are still attached to his identity as Xiaowei.
    “That is good enough for me” smiles Wei Mao, “Let’s eat before it gets cold.”
    The waiter has brought back all the food. They all ate and discuss the tiny details of the plan. From time to time Mao would show guilt in this plan but he would steel himself by reminding himself it is for his wife. After they finish eating Lintian left with Wei Mao and Ming said his goodbyes and left for another city in the United States.
    Lintian followed Mao to his car and they went to his Chateau. When they got to the door the maids and butlers greeted them. The whole place was like a tiny village. Most of the houses were styled like the old imperial Japanese homes. It was big with many floors but it looks like wood. The houses surrounding it were smaller and were only one or two story high.
    Mao introduced everyone in the house to Lintian and brought him to one of the branch house living quarters. It was an elegant home and even had a yang garden. A underground pool inside and the basic necessities of a home.
    On the way to his wife’s room a young girl about nine years old yells out, “dad!” She ran up to him and hugs him really tightly.
    “Whose he?” she asked.
    “Yuki this is your little brother Lintian,” introduced Mao.
    Lintian could not understand what he said since it was in English and he could only speak mandarin at the moment. He only nodded after hearing his name.
    “Lintian? I thought little brothers name is Dao Wei?” she questioned.
    “Haha silly child there were some issues overseas and his name changed,” replied Mao. He realized that it is better to answer this question then dodge it for the future.
    Xiaowei couldn’t understand what she said so he only keeps nodding. He felt like an idiot and stopped.
    “Lintian nice to meet you, my name is Yuki Tsukino” Yuki introduced herself in mandarin.
    “Nice to meet you too,” replied Lintian. He thought that she was a really cute girl and couldn’t help but present himself properly. It wasn’t like a lewd expression just one of attraction.
    She turns back to her father and asks, “is he going to visit mom? She’s asleep right now. Maybe we should go later. Tsuna and Kira are fighting again.”
    “Those two,” Mao sighed and had Yuki lead the way. She brought them to a stage outside the house.
    “Kira I will beat you today,” a boy about 12 years old yelled. He was holding a wooden Japanese saber. This boy must be Tsuna observed Xiaowei.
    “Tsuna you’re too weak. It’s annoying having you challenging me every other day. I know father said I have to accept but at least get close to my cultivation before you do or else it’s a waste of my time,” Kira said.
    Tsuna yelled really loud and charged forward. He executed a strange footwork and he sped forward leaving a footprint behind.
    Kira just looks at him and smirks. He has seen his little brother do this many times and wonders if he was going to change it up a bit.
    Kira moved forward and into Tsuna’s personal space. Using the back of his left wrist to hit Tsuna’s right wrist and coiled his hand around to disabled Tsuna’s sword hand. Tsuna let the sword go and used his left knee to aim at Kira’s stomach. Kira already anticipating it used his right hand to block it. Not wanting to injure him Kira decides to grab his leg and wrist and unbalance him causing Tsuna to fall.
    Kira noticed his father at the edge and of the stage and quickly greeted his father.
    “Dad welcome back. Is that Lintian?”
    “Kira stop teasing your brother and come down.”
    “I’ll beat you next time,” Tsuna muttered.
    “Hello I am Lintian,” Lintian introduced himself in mandarin.
    “Oh nice to meet you too,” Kira and Tsuna both said in mandarin.
    “Kira, Tsuna how many times have I told you not to fight so randomly. The last match you had wasn’t even three days ago.”
    “Dad I just entered the sixth stage of the refinement realm and wanted to test it out,” refuted Tsuna proudly.
    “That’s great!” laughed Mao picking up Tsuna.
    “Dad can you have Tsuna bother someone else? I’m already in the martial realm first stage. I don’t want Tsuna to keep bothering when I’m training,” Kira complained.
    “Haha. Tsuna maybe you can challenge some of the guards,” Mao said. Then one of the butler ran over to Mao. The butler whispered in Mao’s ears and Mao’s expression darkens and he quickly concealed it.
    “Lintian, why don’t you go play with your older brothers and have them show you around. Father has something to take care of. Yuki, Kira, Tsuna make sure you show your little brother around. I don’t want to hear you guys bullying your little brother. He can’t speak English right now so try to speak mandarin so he understands.”
    After he said that Mao quickly left with the butler.  

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    " not strong and stupid"

    LOL Thats about 95% of shounen characters. 
    Thats so true. There are always so much plot armor and lucky involved with their survival throughout the story.
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    bonifide said:

    " not strong and stupid"

    LOL Thats about 95% of shounen characters. 
    Thats so true. There are always so much plot armor and lucky involved with their survival throughout the story.
    Thats why after reading xianxia web novels, I pretty much drop almost all of anime and most manga. Maybe I love the killing and survival of the fittest instead of mercy bullshit. lol
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    Chapter 16: The Amazon Clan

    “Lintian have you ever been to the United Nations before?” probed Kira.
    “Tsuna, Yuki you want to go to the Boston market?” Kira asks.
    “Yeah,” they both answer with their eyes as big as a basketball.
    “Okay. I’ll call Balshi to drive us down,” Kira said and pressed some button on his watch.
    A couple seconds later another butler came up and led them to the car. After a half hour drive they were now at the entrance of downtown Boston.
    “So Lintian I never been to dad’s side of the family but I heard they are a family stronger than the Tsukino family so if you got time tell us some stories about them, but this here is the Boston market one of the top 100 greatest market in the world,” he said proudly, “I have to buy a new gem for my sword.”
    They walked to the entrance of the market.
    “Kira are you really going to switch the gem stone. What happen to your old one?” Yuki asked.
    “Haha it broke when I was trying out the striking moon strike technique. Plus it’s been four years old. I don’t think it can take martial realm qi anyway,” Kira said casually.
    Lintian could feel that Tsuna’s hand tighten and his whole body tense up. Tsuna has always felt inferior to his brother. He would train twice as hard and long but he doesn’t seem to be catching up to his big brother at all. It wasn’t a sense of jealousy. He just doesn’t want to stay in someone’s shadow.
    This market was different from the one that Lintian went to before. It was not just big but huge. There were stalls everywhere. Mini shops to be exact. They were 7 feet long table set up with merchandise everywhere. Lintian didn’t know what 95 percent these stuff were. It was his first time seeing all this. Usually he would either be with his uncles or aunties. Also they always had a sense of direction and never really shopped around.
    Kira brought them to a building name Rain Forest.
    “Lintian this is a specialty shop that you can order anything. This shop is own by the Amazon merchant clan. They have mercenary cultivators hunting for treasure, eggs, plants, and pretty much anything you can name all over the world. If you need anything in the future you can come here to buy it. The market outside is also a good place if you have time to roam around. Prices are usually cheaper outside.”
    Kira brought them to the third floor for gems. The building itself was divided into 6 layers, from everyday items on the first floor, to extremely rare items on the sixth floor.
    Lintian was surprise at the amount of treasures he saw here. It was not as extravagant as the Xiao family’s but just the sheer quantity of it made it breathe taking. This room was at the very least 45,000 square feet. There were about seven hundred people shopping on this floor.
    A purple gem caught Kira’s eyes in one of the gem bins. Kira swiftly walks over and was about to grab it when another hand shot in and grabs its. The boy looked to be about 14 to 15ish. He was some extravagant black suit with a pink vest. He also had two pairs of ring on his fingers. His face was about average and nothing to boast about. His height was comparable to Kira’s.
    “Hohoho, if it isn’t Kira what brings a country bumpkin to the city?” the boy said sneeringly.
    For a brief moment Lintian saw Kira’s eyes flash with anger, “Mairon what is a pampered momma’s boy doing at a big boy’s town by himself?”
    They were both speaking English and Lintian couldn’t understand a single word they said.
    “Yuki sister can you tell me what they are saying?” whispered Lintian.
    “Lintian Kira and this moron are not on good terms. They usually fight and bitter with each other in school. Mairon is one of the sons of the Collin family. In terms of wealth and prestige they are rank in the top 100 in this region. We are ranked 376th. His two brothers both went to my first rate school but one graduated and one still has a year left. They are extremely despicable people,” explained Yuki.
    “You,” yelled Mairon steaming with anger.
    “Can the moron stop point and going you, you, you?” questioned Kira, “you don’t need that gem so give it here.”
    After hearing that last sentence his face relaxed, “first come first serve. I knew a country pumpkin like you wouldn’t understand.”
    “Stopping so h*m*s*xual and give it here. My little brothers and sister is with me today so I don’t want to make a big deal out of it.”
    “Hey Mairon you finish finding a new bracelet yet?” another person called out. This guy brought over a group of five people. They all look like followers.
    “Peter this bumpkin right here thinks that he owns the store,” Mairon sneered.
    “Sigh. If you want it that much I guess I’ll have to be the bigger person and let a moron like you keep it,” retorted Kira.
    Tsuna stood behind Kira steaming like a hotpot ready to explode.
    Kira reached for another purple gem but all of sudden a palm of energy was aimed at Kira. Kira already saw those movements and his elbow reacted to block the blow. They were evenly matched.
    “Martial realm?” questioned Kira.
    “You think you’re the only one who can enter the Martial realm? Let your grandpa show you how vast the world is,” mocked Mairon. His martial realm started too boiled up. His whole group started activate the qi in there body. Some were at the top of the refinement realm some were mid realm. Kira’s and Tsuna’s qi also began to rise. They were getting ready for a fight.
    Lintian felt that something was wrong and quickly whispered into Yuki’s ear to yell for help. Lintian knew that Kira’s pride wouldn’t let him yell for help and Tsuna would follow suit, but Yuki was different and wasn’t influence by her ego yet.
    “Help” Yuki’s voice screened out. Lintian based his judgment on the fact that his cousins were the same way at the market place when meeting a rival clan. Most of the time they would come home bruised but eventually he got sick of it and yells for help when things look disadvantage to them.
    A strong layer of Martial Realm qi quickly suppressed everyone in that area. The clerk rushes over and gave them all a disdainful look.
    “Insolent brats,” roared the merchant, “try to start a fight again and I’ll make sure both your parents hear about this.”
    “Che” Mairon let out disdainfully and instructed his group to leave. The clerk gave him an intense look and Mairon left the purple gem behind. This clearly has happen more than once.
    “Mr. Bashi, thank you for help,” Kira thanked respectfully
    Mr. Bashi had a stern look face and left. Kira took the purple gem and went to the register to buy it.
    “Yuki thanks for yelling out that time. I wasn’t thinking right and nearly put all of you in danger. Even Lintian who just arrives would have suffered because of my pride,” Kira apologized.
    “Ah” Yuki began but Lintian pulled her sleeve to stop her. Lintian didn’t want them to think he was busy body or a weak individual who cries for help, “hahaha. It’s no problem; my brothers are stupid after all.” She said it with such a cute face they couldn’t help but left.
    They went back home and nobody mentioned this incident again. Kira went back to his room to rebuild his sword. Tsuna left to train and Yuki showed Lintian around. After that incident Yuki had a really good impression of Lintian. She thought that he was really mature for his age and looks up to him. At that time she panic and was scared but Lintian was just calm and judge the situation as is.
    That night, Lintian lies in his bed looking at the ceiling. He was thinking of his life from now on. A slow smile creeps across his face. It might be fun he thought. My father left to another continent at the age of 8 too and met my mother a couple years later. My situation is just a bit different. So what if I don’t go to a first rate school he thought. It is just better resources and stuff like that. Kira still manage to enter martial realm at the age of 14. A cultivation speed that was little bit above average, and since I have an Asura’s body once I open all 54 points my train speed will definitely surpass everyone. 

    "School began so it might be 1 chapter every 2 days and maybe 1 chapter a day if im not busy. Thanks everyone for reading =D Time skip will happen soon =D"
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    Jzhang said:

    bonifide said:

    " not strong and stupid"

    LOL Thats about 95% of shounen characters. 
    Thats so true. There are always so much plot armor and lucky involved with their survival throughout the story.
    Thats why after reading xianxia web novels, I pretty much drop almost all of anime and most manga. Maybe I love the killing and survival of the fittest instead of mercy bullshit. lol
    The same thing happen to me. I was reading zhan long and then it just spread from there. I always hated the way the mangas have so much bullshit powerups especially fairytail like tf? You hear some motivation speech and of all sudden you went from 0 to 100 so quick like wtf kind of drug did you take. Some of them are pretty good tho like death note and stuff. Naruto was good in the beginning and then went bullshit later on but the plot was still really good. Bleach is just on steriods right now with the rinse and reuse method.
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    Chapter 17: Mother and a Wolf

    Lintian woke up early the next morning. Brushed his teeth and washed his face. Puts on some clothes and head out to the yard. He sat on the rock and started to meditate. This was a slow and tedious process. With only one meridian point open it was the same as getting a snail to finish a 26 mile marathon. He has tried everything to speed it up. Training pills were almost useless because with one meridian point open he can’t maximize its effect. Even if it doubled his absorption speed.
    Two hours passed and a maid came up to him. She was decent looking and dressed in a black maid outfit.
    “Master Lintian, madam Tsukino would like to see you,” she said.
    “Sure lead the way,” Lintian answers in mandarin and jumps down from the rock. He followed her to his new mom’s room.
    His mother’s room was all pink with brown bamboo tiles. There were moon pictures everywhere. On the floor of her bed was a sealing formation. It looked terrible complex to Lintian.
    She was laying in the bed and her head staring at Lintian. Her features were beautiful but her skin was dead white, and her face looks really skinny. A ting of sadness arose within Lintian. Even in this state she still wanted to see her son. It can only be called the love a mother.
    “Lintian, come here. Let mommy get a good look at you,” she whispers softly. The voice was hoarse like when someone has a sore throat. She spoke this in mandarin so Lintian could understand her.
    “Mom, are you ok?” Lintian asked back in mandarin. That was a stupid question he thought. Of course she’s not ok.
    “Mommy is fine. Look how big you grown,” she said as her hand reach out from under the blanket to touch Lintian. Her hand was almost just skin and bone. “Has the Wei family treat you well?”
    “Mom, grandpa and grandma and everyone treated me very well,” Lintian answered. It wasn’t really a lie but it wasn’t the complete truth either. Furthermore right now Lintian just doesn’t want her to worry.
    Seeing the pitiful and sad look in Lintian’s face Yukira tried to muster up all her energy, “don’t look so sad mommy will get better soon and we can all go out together.”
    “With Yuki, Kira, Tsuna and dad?” questioned Lintian.
    “Of course. Now tell mommy everything that happens. Don’t leave out any details, especially if you got a girlfriend already,” she smiled. It was a warm smile.
    Lintian blushed and began to tell stories of his life that were half-truth and half lies. He mixed the data that his uncle gave him and his own experience to make it seem more real. Hours, after hours passed.
    “Mommy is tire. Lintian hold my hands for a bit. I don’t want to see you go away again,” said Yukira. During this whole conversation Lintian felt the warmth of a mother. Even if it’s a lie he likes it so much that he subconsciously believed it was real. It was a connection that he doesn’t even share with his aunt who took care of him for 8 years.
    Lintian held Yukira’s hand. It was cold and bony almost like touching death. Lintian felt so bad that he fell asleep there after quite some time.
    Lintian opens his eyes and he was in a dark space just floating there. He recognizes this was a dream space immediately. This is because he has gone into the dream space of dream orb so many times he developed the ability to lucid dream.
    Two pairs of eyes stared straight at him. It’s feature became more, and more detailed. It was a gray wolf figure that appeared. The energy that it gave off was that of a heavenly beast, but what is it doing in his dreams. There were chains curling around it and disappearing into the darkness. Those chains gave of a familiar feeling to Lintian.
    “It’s been years since I saw another meal,” it said.
    “Who are you?” retorted Lintian.
    “Me? A mere brat dares to question me?” it growls.
    “My name is Lintian and may I ask who you are?” Lintian asked respectfully.
    “Haha. That’s more like it. I am Shavuli the master of the alpia wolf clan. I who was a heaven realm wolf was killed disgracefully by these humans.”
    “May I ask why I am here? You mention that humans killed you so does that mean that I am dead too?”
    “You? You brought yourself here and dare to ask such a question to me?” roared the Wolf.
    This wolf got some brain issues thought Lintian. He still put up a respectful charade because he could die easily in front of such a beast.
    “I meant to ask where am I if the great Shavuli will answer me.”
    “You are inside the dantian of Yukira Tsukino the despicable woman who killed me. Soon I will kill this woman. I have already disrupted all her meridian points. Soon she will never be able to cultivate again. After that she will die. Then I will kill each and every one of her family one by one with her body. HAHAHAHA!”
    A thought sprinted through Lintian’s mind. Wait if this wolf is dead then wouldn’t it be a beast essence that has invaded a human being? If so then can’t I absorb him? The Asura's method is to absorb beast essence to break through. Also with her weak, and unconscious state right now she won’t know what I did. A smile creeps along Lintian.
    “If you’re so powerful why did you die?”
    “They outnumbered us and used dishonorable methods to kill us. I want to torture them slowly. My body does not exist anymore and my essence has weakened but I can still kill four more before I die. This will avenge my family. My very soul is intertwining with this woman so if they want to kill me they have to kill her,” It laughed.
    “Hehehe. So you’re weak. Here I was afraid you might try to possess me and kill me too but I guess I was worrying over nothing,” Lintian goaled. If he enters my body instead than she might be saved Lintian thought. Should be fine right?
    “Brat you’re going to be my food soon. I was going to take pity on you and kill you fast but I changed my mind.”
    Lintian shrugged his shoulders, “whatever. All talk and no action. Come and possess me if you can.”
    This wolf’s intelligence was not very high. Lintian easily manipulated his actions. This was Lintian’s first attempt to absorb a beast essence. His real mother left him a detailed training method for Asuras. Absorb the beast essence into the dantian and refine it. By endlessly trying to crush it and sent it at the meridian point.
    Since it was a heaven realm beast there was no way he can absorb it but if it enter willingly that be a different story because the Asura veins and dantian will handle the rest. He just has to make sure it doesn’t escape and direct the energy at its weak points.
    The wolf was outraged and endless amount of heaven realms energy flood the room. It then turns into a black smoke and directly attacked Lintian.
    Seeing this, a smile creeps across his face but he was also a bit worried. His parent's instruction did state that he should not absorb any essence he cannot kill by himself. The smoke enters from every point on his body and into his dantian.
    “AAAHHHHH” screamed Lintian. His body felt like it was burning. A sensation that was like his skin was being peeled off by a dull knife. His internal organs were being played like a drum. The wolf started to laugh in his Dantian.
    “I’ll cripple you for life” it roared, “I will not let you go even if you beg. I’ll make sure that you are alive as a cripple.”

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     Chapter 18: God Like Speed

    “Aaahhhhahhahahhh!” Lintian's agonizing scream echoed throughout the building. His arm grasped his body all over.

    "I f*cked up," he thought regretfully to himself.

    His whole body felt like it was being fried in a sea of flames. A wave of dragon energy rammed itself at the wolf trying to protect Lintian but it quickly dissipated. At this level it was too weak. This was his mother's bloodline qi.

    “QUICKLY GO FIND THE DOCTORS!” yelled the head maid. She had an idea of what might have happened. It might be that the heaven’s realm beast has entered his body.

    Lintian could feel the wolf inside his dantian. Even if I damage my meridians I have to do something to survive, he thought. Through all this pain he sent his qi to attack the bloody wolf but it was the same as a baby throwing tofu at a brick wall. Very ineffective. Soon waves of energy enter his dantian. It was trying to wrap itself around the beast.

    Lintian’s mind entered his dantian looking at the event. Shavuli the wolf has sent out his energy to the very edge of his dantian. From his perspective right now his dantian has a circumference of 30 meters and the beast was about 4 meters big here. A dark rod condense of heaven realm qi shot out from various parts of Shavuli's body. Piercing many part of Lintian's dantian.

    Then a new form of energy that felt like formation qi condenses into a chain and attacked Shavuli.
    “If it didn’t work before why would it work now,” Shavuli snickered. It waves his arm breaking the chain like metal bat against a wooden stick.
    The doctors outside were sweating. Some of their bodies were over heating from over using their qi this way. They had to reinforce Lintian’s dantian so it doesn’t break and form qi soul chains to restrict it’s movements but it was useless.

    Those broken chains then turn into needles. Thousands upon thousands of dense spiritual needles floating there and then it began to rain down. It’s speed were close to 600 mph.

    The wolf quickly retracted all the condense rod of energy, while his body omitted a black mist that became a shield.

    Lintian subconsciously activated his Asura cells to begin absorb it’s energy. The holes left by the rods were also quickly rebuilding itself.
    Streams of that black mist were being separated from the wolf. Before Lintian couldn’t do anything but now that the wolf was in defense mode he could suck out its energy little by little. About a couple breathes later the needle stopped. The black dome defense it formed was a bit battered with needles but no harm were done to it’s actual spiritual body.

    “I played around long enough.” Shavuli sent out a shockwave of its qi. Lintian’s whole body shook. His dantian was almost shattered if it wasn’t reinforced by the doctors and if he didn’t possess Asura qi. Truthfully he wouldn’t be in this position if he didn’t possess the Asura cells. Regretfully he didn't over estimate himself. Lintian gritted his teeth and tried his hardest to resist. If I get through this I won't try something this stupid again, Lintian thought to himself. 

    The necklace on his body seems to have answer his payers and began to glow and omit a terrifying heaven qi. Lintian’s body was quickly being repaired. His dantian was also being repaired. It was almost instantaneous.

    Fear creeped into the wolf’s eyes. It could feel the extreme danger from this energy. It was something he never felt before. Lintian on the other hand remembers this aura. It was his father’s. Two arms began to form. It shot directly at wolf. The wolf tried to run but it was of no use. The two arms began to crush it.

    Feeling powerless against it the wolf tried to escape by turning into a mist. Lintian began trying to absorb it again. He might as well take advantage of this. Some of the mist were being refined and absorbed. The arm began to change into a different form. Its speed was almost close to light and enshrouded the mist into a sphere. Then conscious energy formed inside the sphere in the shape of little balls. It began attacking the mist. This conscious energy bombard Shevuli's soul. He did not even have a chance to survive since this happens within seconds. 

    The doctors were flabbergasted by this. They didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. They tried so hard and not even a shed of result were shown but this strange necklace took not even 10 seconds to solve what they couldn't in years. Not only did it defeat the heaven realm wolf in ten seconds, whom they couldn’t even restrain in those five years but it even completely healed Lintian and his dantian. Also they did not know what an Asura cell or energy was like so they even assume the asura veins were part of the wolf’s doing.

    The consciousness of the wolf was destroyed. Only its heaven realm energy was left behind. Only about three percent of its total qi was left behind.

    Mao came running to Lintian the moment he heard about Lintian's situation. He broke the door down and went next to Lintian. A sense of guilt could be seen on his face. He felt that it was his fault since he was the one who wanted Lintian to comfort his wife. He held Lintian’s hand probing his body for danger. He also thought Lintian’s body was affect by the wolf and assumed that Lintian’s asura veins were the wolf’s doing too.

    Lintian was in his dantian refining the remaining wolf qi and trying to open his meridian points. Before it was almost impossible to open a point but now it was like he had an electric drill going through the tree.

    Mao stayed with Lintian for three whole days when he was unconscious afraid that something might happen. When he was probing he could feel that Lintian was refining the remaining qi left behind by the Heaven realm beast. At first he was a bit surprised but after thinking a bit about his circumstances he wasn’t too surprised anymore but felt glad he was safe. On the third day Mao felt Lintian’s dantian expand. The old membrane of the dantian broke and a new membrane was formed. The space also increased from thirty meters to sixty meters. Mao wasn’t surprised by this but this cultivation speed is extremely frightening. It took him two whole months to go from one to two. Both of his sons took about the same amount of time.

    On the first day Lintian opend his second meridian point. On the second day his third meridian point. On the third day his fourth meridian point was open. His cultivation also increased by one level. In a span of about two weeks he opened four meridian points and entered the refinement realm stage two. This god like speed would make the most talented cultivators seem average.

    Lintian’s eye slowly opened. He saw Mao holding his hand.

    “Dad” he whispered, “ is mom ok?”

    “huh? Oh yeah she’s fine. Her condition is much better now,” he said, but suddenly his expression change to delight. He heard Lintian said the word mom and dad. It seems that he is beginning to accept us Mao thought. “Tell me what happen. You nearly scared me to death you know.”

    “I fell asleep when I was in her room,” he explains, “but I entered a dream state and the wolf was there. He sensed me and attacked me. Can I go see her?”

    “Its my fault. I should have told you why she was sick. If I told you none of this would have happen. We got lucky your family left you a protection artifact.”

    Lintian thought for a bit and answers, “it’s ok. Mom is healed now I think and will recover and I manage to enter stage two thanks to it. In the future I will be more careful,” comforted Lintian.

    “Let’s go see your mother. She is worry about you but her body has not moved for three years so it is still weak. She cannot move at the moment. School also starts soon and I still need to teach you the mist technique. It will hide your cultivation.” It was Ming who told him to teach it to Lintian if his training speed was ever extremely fast.

    “Sure,” Lintian replied and got up from the bed. His body felt extremely light. Qi that was about one and a half times denser than his previous qi was coursing throughout his body. He felt like he can finally use Emperor’s step without tiring out after one successful attempt.
    Lintian followed behind Mao and arrived before his mother in no time. His mother’s complexions were much better. Before she was ghostly white but now she had at least a rosy cheek. Her body was still very skinny but a few months of diet should fix that.

    “Lintian how are you. If you died because of me I would have blame myself for eternity,” she said and her voice was on the verge of tears.

    “Mom, its fine. You didn’t do it on purpose. You couldn’t have known it would have attacked. I am really glad you are getting better through.”

    “Mommy is very sorry it has never left my body before and has even intertwine it’s very soul throughout my body. Even my heaven realm cultivation was reduced to the lower martial realm after five years.”

    Lintian couldn’t blame her. It was his own idea of goading the wolf to possess him. He overestimated the Asura cells and himself. A mistake he will never make again. Also he wasted his father’s life saving energy in the necklace. It was also a traumatic experience for him. He could still feel the pain from before dancing on his skin. His body shuddered when he thought back to it.

    “Mom as long as you are ok I don’t might a little bit of pain. Also I wasn’t too afraid. Uncle Wei gave me this necklace before I left. He said it could save me in times of emergency” Lintian smiled brightly.

    “Good child. Go out and play with your brothers and sisters I bet they are worried about you too.”

    “Okay, mom. I will leave right now. Make sure to eat properly. I will come visit you every day. Make sure you get better soon so dad, Yuki, Kira, Yuki and you can all go out together.” Lintian ran over and hugged her and then ran out the door.

    Mao caught up to him a couple second later and brought him to an abandon storage house.

    “Lintian I am going to transfer you the mist technique right now. Make sure to master it within this week. We don't want to raise to much suspicion with your cultivation speed. It would be fine if you were going to a first rate school but a second rate school is different,” Mao said. His finger touched Lintian’s head and a flood of information raided his mind.

    “Huh?” Lintian gasped dumbfounded, “dad wait one second. I think I got it.”

    Lintian rampage through all the information he got. It was a lot easier to comprehend and control than the Emperor’s step. In a time span of five minutes he suppresses his cultivation to one and then to zero.

    Mao was astonished. His eyes popped wide open and his mouth dropped to the floor. This was a easy technique to master but it should still take at least one to two days to master. Mao as of right now felt like trash in front of Lintian. He is thirty nine this year and he is one step away from heaven realm. This was already considered above average and a genius already. With Lintian’s god like training speed and ability to master techniques he was makes Mao look retarded. If we were to put Lintian’s training pace in motion then wouldn’t he be in heaven’s realm at the age of 16 or 17? Even Titan’s realm wouldn’t be an impossible reach for him. The only problem is he doesn’t know that Lintian has an Asura’s body and that this recent improvement was all due to the wolf’s heaven qi.
    Mao quickly recovers from his shock and said, “very good, but keep it at stage one for now.”
    “Your brother and sisters are worry about you. You should go catch up with them,” he said and left.
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    Chapter 19- The Eccentric Doctor

    For the last couple days Lintian has been chilling with his new brothers and sister. Lintian likes them. They remind him of Lei, Chen and Xingxing. Kira is a bit like Lei who is always caring and acts like a volcano. Cool and calm on the outside but a bomb on the inside. Tsuna is like Chen with an inferiority complex. Yuki on the other hand is like Xingxing but not exactly. Yuki is more observant and rash than Xingxing but they both like to tease Lintian.

    Today was the first day of school. Kira and Tsuna are both in middle school so they are not with him. Yuki is at a first rate school so she’s at a different school.

    Mao brought Lintian to the entrance of the school and gave him his badge. Around the school there is a level two formation set up. This formation is to prevent outsiders from entering and only people with badges can enter.

    “Good luck in school today,” said Mao.

    “Thanks dad,” replied Lintian and walks through the entrance with his bag. There were ten squares the size of a basketball court set up in the front yard of the school. Within it are letters from A to J. There were a bunch of kids in the squares already. Lintian remembers that he was supposed to be in square F. There was really no specially meaning behind these squares aside from separating them up into classes.

    Lintian walks over to it and stood there. He looks around and sees all sorts of kids range from Fat, skinny, nerds, entitled, ugly, weird, and even a couple of elfs. There were actually many types of humanoid species here in the United Nations. Certain species occupy certain states, but usually there are still other species mixed in.

    A lot of the kids were chatting with each other. Lintian walks into the middle of the square in order to not stand out to much. More and more kids started to come through the entrance.

    About another half an hour passed and the squares were pretty densely packed before a group of teachers came out from the front door. Everyone quiets down. Leading them was a muscular female who looks to be about 40ish. She wore a dark blue suit but you can see some muscles bugling out from the shoulders. This female was the principle and her cultivation was in the fifth of the King's realm. She was forty two when she entered the King's realm. This year she should have been eighty seven but the King's realm allows a person to reduce aging by three times and keep the day they pass over to the heaven’s realm appearance for about fifty years before they begin the aging process again.

    Behind her, were teachers who all have auras of a master realm cultivator. The kids all stared at the group of cultivators. Each of those teachers walks over to their respected square, except Lintian didn’t see any teacher coming over to his square. 

    The principle palms her face in anger. Clearly this wasn’t the first time it has happened. An elder behind her urged her to start the ceremony.

    “Everyone welcome to Providence Elementary Academy we are ecstatic that you have chosen to attend here. As you can see each square has a head instructor and” she was cut off at that moment.

    “Jenny wait up! I’m here” yelled a loud voice from behind. This person has a messy brown hair and his lab coat and face seems like he fell into the chimney. He ran up to the principle and apologized for his lateness and ran over to square F. The principle Jenny looks like she was ready to strangle him but restrained herself for the kids.

    “Like I was saying before I was rudely interrupted,” she gave a death stare to the instructor at square F, “the instructors at each square will be the one to assess and watch over your progress every quarter. They will be the one too state whether you pass or fail. Here at providence elementary we are given the task to educate you in the field of language, math, science, history, qi study, and the most important of all combat and cultivation. Whether you can get into a first rate school later on depends on your effort. We as instructors here will meet you half way. As you can see around you there are many students this year. The instructors will divide everyone into five groups within each group. They will give you the breakdown everything,” her voiced echoed through area. Then she left just like that.

    Everyone in square F turn their attention to the guy that was giving of soothe smoke.

    “Kids my name is Bartholomule. I will be the head instructor for this group here. I have already thought of a way to divide you all,” he said scratching his head.

    He walks over to the left of the square and pointed down, “everyone from my fingers line of sight down take ten step to the left.” Everyone one the left of his finger did that. Then he went to the right and did the same and told them to step to the right. Then he went around and to the middle and told everyone to step away from his finger.
    What the square look like now is that there is six mass of kids divided up.

    “I will point at your group and you will be assigned a teacher classed teacher and the last group will be with me,” he yelled across.

    He pointed at the corner to the left, “You guys over there are with Ms. Mcdonald, and you guys to the right are with Mr. Mutai, and you in the bottom right corner are with Mr.Robinson, and to the left bottom corner with Ms. Edward. Then there were two. Who’s going to be the lucky group?”

    Lintian was in the group in the back. He was hoping in his heart please don’t let me get him. Please don’t let me get him.

    “Group in the front your with Mr. Dawn.”

    Wow just my luck, thought Lintian. He didn’t want someone so weak for an instructor. Lintian could feel that his aura was still in the Martial Realm. Lintian sighed and calmed himself down. It doesn’t even matter he though. I have to hide my cultivation anyway maybe this instructor might be helpful.

    “Lucky group in the back will have me the genius instructor,” he said. The other instructors brought their group away but Lintian’s group stood there.
    “Can anyone tell me the difference between each realm stages?” he yelled across.
    Some of the boys and girls raised their hand.
    “You,” he pointed at a boy who was wearing glasses.

    “The higher the realm the more powerful you are?” he answered. His voice wavers a bit showing that he was unsure of his answer.

    “Yes that is true but why?” the instructor continued.

    The boy stood there quietly and didn’t answer.

    “Let’s start with your first lesson. Once you start cultivating qi you will understand. When you began cultivation you will open a dantian in your body. It is created when heaven and earth meets. This dantian has a limited amount of space to house qi. Every time you break through a stage your dantian space will increase. Everyone’s increase is different but near similar. When you are at the last stage of a certain realm your dantian will break and reform. It is your dantian condensing back to its original size. It will keep repeating over and over. We will be studying this in class and improve your understanding of it to help you speed up your conversation. It’s like sharpening the knives for faster and better work later on. We want you understand why it gets harder as you level up.”

    Lintian suddenly thought of his experience before. When his dantian broke and reform from 30 meters to 60 meters. He had an idea that he could store more qi now and he could feel his qi get denser.

    The instructor saw Lintian’s expression and his eyebrows raised a bit. The expression Lintian gave off was one of understanding. A smile creeps across his face. He found someone interesting to play with.

    Lintian was pondering about what he said earlier and didn’t pay any more attention to the instructors.

    “Oh before anything I forgot to introduce myself. You guys can call me Dr.Harris. I am in the fifth of the martial realm. Also I am theorists so if you have any questions please come and ask. I will always be happy to help. Now follow me and I will give you a tour of the school.”

    Dr. Harris led them away. They tour the school for about an hour and a half. During the whole event he kept his eyes on Lintian. Studying and dissecting him apart. Somewhat like mind raping him with his notice.

    "If anyone got any comments post them below. Just want to get some opinions. If the speed is to slow or to fast. Not enough detail ect. Anything helps. Just want to improve my writing =D and yes I havent mention the egg in a while ;)"
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