[Suggestion] Disqus for comments

Disqus or other comment widget which would display the most liked comment. It would not only solve the issue about the site bots, because fanatics wants to become first in the comments so they keep refreshing and some are even using bots, but it will also display the best liked comment and/or newest instead of the nonsensical "first". Gravitytales and others are already implementing this. Well, if you did listen to this suggestion in the first place when someone suggested this then this site wouldnt have been blacklisted by one of your ads network . There is still a lot of ad network out there anyway so good luck.


  • I agree, next to it they should also remove the time stamp (except for which day), just to be sure!
  • I am agree too, even though sometimes disqus is slow for few countries ( I don't know maybe bad CDN) but overall it an OK
    • since it can handle spam
    • keep the mysql server in check, since it will hit disqus server for the comment but when someone come to those page without make any comment it's only hit disqus server so in the end of days your sql server load is much lesser.
    • convenient login, so user can used their id from social sites (SNS) without needed to created new account.
    • it can handle html and multimedia link without any code, you just need paste youtube link and walla there is embedded youtube with player in the comment.
    I am running most of my wp with disqus for that exact reasons.
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