The Path Less Traveled (Chapter 3)

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Hello people this is the author from Divine Elementalist. 

I have decided to write this for a little while instead of DE. Pleases enjoy the prologue

Devron was a youth who had zero talent for martial cultivation. He was picked on by everyone excluding his one friend Jessica. The genius of the younger generation picks on Jessica and Devron is severely injured. Devron makes and interesting discovery regarding the path to being strong.

The Path Less Traveled


Devron heard a soft female voice that sounded extremely far
away, “Wake up…”

Devron tries to move his body but is only able to sense what
is going on around him. Who was he? He couldn’t remember. All he knew was that
his name was Devron.

“Devron wake up…”

‘If only I could move’ Devron thought to himself.

“If you die…” The female voice sounded slightly panicked,
but was getting closer.

Devron slowly regains control of his body. His eyes slowly
open. He was on his back, eyes looking into the sky. He tries to get up but an
immense pain runs through his entire body.

Sobbing could be heard on his left side. Devron slowly
turned his head to look at the noise. Kneeling on the ground was a woman whose
beauty could start wars. Her hair was a golden brown. Her figure, that was
quite thin, could be clearly seen on the blood soaked clothing that she was
wearing. She looked about average height, but it was hard to tell since she was
kneeling. Her hands were covering her face as tears were streaming down from
her eyes.

Taking a deep breath, everything started coming back to
Devron. He was in a fight with another member of the younger generation within
the Je clan. Devron had zero talent for cultivating martial arts within the Je
clan… but the person he somehow provoked was the top rated genius of the
younger generation, Kyle.

The reason this all started was because his childhood
friend, Jessica, spent almost all her free time with Devron. Kyle was a
womanizer. He was able to get women by using money from his father, and was
able to get away with it due to his incredible battle power. He was about as
attractive as a pig who had been recently rolling in mud. Kyle had seen
Jessica’s beauty and instantly wanted to know what she tasted like, but she
would never leave Devron’s side. After seeing this, Kyle decided to openly
declare war on Devron by confessing his love to Jessica in public.

Jessica turned him down the very moment he was finished
talking with the words, “I do not love you, nor will I ever love a man so

Kyle felt like this was a direct slap to his face and his
pride as a man. Kyle was above everyone within the younger generation and even
a few within the older generation. Kyle was furious at Devron for being able to
spend that much time with a beauty like Jessica but not do anything with her.

Kyle devised a plan to get rid of Devron. He would wait
until the rest day of the clan and attack him when he made a journey through
the forest to the nearby city.

Two days later, Kyle puts the plan into action.

Devron slowly opens to try and talk, but he only spits up a
mouthful of blood. If he doesn’t receive treatment soon, he will die for sure.

Devron suddenly receives a kick to his side. It sends him
into a nearby tree causing splinters of wood to go flying in every direction.

Kyle just laughs, “So weak! You think you can fight back
with your puny strength!”

Devron slowly stands ignoring the pain. He spits more blood
out of his mouth. He stretches out his joints and looks into Kyle’s eyes, “If I
don’t stop you, who will? You are just another spoiled brat!”

An evil smile creeps across Kyle’s face, “Then let’s see you
try!” Kyle crouches down and launches himself forwards using only raw power. He
arrives in front of Devron in a split second. His right hand balled into a fist
and behind him prepared to punch with all his weight, “This is the end!”


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    Chapter 1: Powerless

    Kyle’s fist was caught within an old wrinkled hand, “Now,
    now. You should know better than to attack those who are much,” the old man
    lets out a snicker, “Much weaker than oneself.”

    Kyle’s face that had become rather ugly to behold, twists
    into a wide smile, “Greetings father.”

    The old man had hair as white as snow and a face so ugly
    that it could not even have been loved by his own mother. He was overweight but
    not quite round. He had an evil smile spread across his face, “Son, you know
    that fighting with this scum will only result in you losing face for yourself.”

    Kyle laughs while nodding, “I’m well aware of this small
    matter father. I was only showing Jessica how I am able to protect her if she
    follows me.” Kyle licks his lips while staring at Jessica. He laughs once
    again, “With such a beauty by his side, yet not being able to even protect
    himself. What a shame.”

    The father and son combination laugh with each other while
    exchanging remarks about her beauty.

    “Son. Even your father wouldn’t mind sharing her with you.”

    “Father. You know you are too old for this young woman. You
    would be imprisoned!”

    Jessica ignores their comments and slowly stands up and
    walks towards Devron who was barely able to stay on his legs. Jessica catches
    him as he almost falls over, “Devron, can you walk okay?”

    Devron lets out an extremely weak laugh that would make even
    a beggar pity him, “Sadly… I think it’s a miracle I can stand.” Upon closer inspection,
    one would see that Devron’s legs were shaking uncontrollably.

    Jessica gives Devron a friendly smile, “Come on then, just
    put your arm around my shoulders then.” She starts to blush as Devron puts his
    arm around her, “It’s not like I want to help you or anything. Hmph”

    Devron’s face slowly distorts with pain but manages to
    slightly tilt his head, “If you don’t want to help me, why are you?”

    Anger flashes across Jessica’s face, “We’ve been friends
    since just after birth! Figure it out already!”

    Devron just weakly smiles as he and Jessica walk towards
    Devron’s house. The father and son didn’t even notice them leave as they were
    distracted with talking about the plans they had for Jessica. Devron had dark
    brown hair and was about six feet tall. His pupils were the normal black color,
    but his iris was completely white with a black outline around it. He could see
    perfectly fine even though most people thought he was blind at a glance. His
    body was weak yet he was not skinny nor was he fat. If his face wasn’t covered
    with large amounts of his own blood and dirt he could be considered quite

    Jessica was two inches shorter than Devron. Her eyes were a
    blue color that was even more profound than the sky itself. Her eyes were
    spaced perfectly apart and here cheekbones were also the perfect shape. No part
    of her could be called ugly. She had a figure that could stun the average man
    into silence, yet she was only nineteen years old.

    Devron was also currently nineteen years old. A person would
    start to cultivate when they were eighteen years of age. Before eighteen years
    a person would not even be at the first rank of martial cultivation. All
    members of a clan would receive a cultivation technique on their eighteenth
    birthday. If a person was not able to reach the first rank by the age of
    nineteen, they would be known as useless. Some larger clans would even send
    them away from the clan.

    Devron had not even been able to sense the energy that flows
    through the air, Qi. Qi was supposed to be extremely easy to sense. In order to
    reach the first rank of martial cultivation you had to sense ‘Qi’ and be able
    to absorb a small amount into your body’s muscles and bones. Devron was unable
    to sense Qi no matter how long he tried. No cultivation method worked for him.

    Jessica gives Devron a wide smile, “Come on Devron, cheer
    up. You will be able to beat him one day.”

    The words she said made Devron even more depressed than he
    had been before. He could accept that his childhood friend, Jessica, was at the
    second rank of martial cultivation. He could accept that he had zero talent for
    martial cultivation. The one thing he could not accept, was the fact that even
    the next weakest of the younger generation could even beat him senseless.

    The strength of the first rank is that of ten normal men.

    The second rank had the strength of twenty five men.

    The third rank had the strength of fifty men. Kyle was at
    the third rank.

    Devron just gives Jessica another weak smile while walking
    with her, “No need to tell me that. I know it is impossible for me to even stay
    in this clan for much longer. The elders of the clan have been looking for one
    reason after another to throw me out of the clan. It’s about time for me to
    give up any hope of staying beside you.”

    Jessica’s eyes start to water slightly, “What are you
    talking about? You know we have that promise…”

    Devron gives a light laugh as not to disturb his injuries, “That
    stupid promise we made when I was five? Are you serious? You want to marry a
    useless person like myself. Also… my parents are missing… and presumed dead. I
    have no familial ties left in this world if they are dead. Both my parents were
    only children and I was never told about grandparents. My best bet would be to
    leave the clan and try my luck as a farm hand in the countryside.”

    Jessica frowns at Devron’s comment, “That won’t do. I will
    protect you for as long as I can!”

    Devron sighs as he looks around the path he was hobbling on
    to get back to his house. On either side of the path were dense trees that had
    a yellowish bark on them. The two were currently most of the way back to Devron’s
    house at this point.

    Devron sees his house in the distance. It was a small house
    with only a single floor. It was made of wood and nails. Devron’s father had
    built this house just before Devron was born. The house was covered in dirt and
    had many words written all over the outside walls.





    The list goes on and on. Devron lets out a weak sigh and
    gets the key for his house out of his pocket. Jessica opens the door and just
    carries Devron to the bathroom to help him clean up. Jessica blushes as she
    wipes down his chest and back.

    Devron sighs, “There’s no need to do this. Just help me to
    my room and I’ll wash myself in the morning.”

    Jessica smiles. Still blushing she continues to wash the blood
    and dirt of Devron, “If I didn’t do this we wouldn’t be able to spend the rest
    of the day together.”

    Devron looks out the window. The sun is still high in the
    sky. He laughs lightly, “What can we even do? I can barely move my own body. I
    even have to get you to wash me.”

    Jessica just laughs, “We can talk about random things and
    play word games like we always do when this happens.”

    Devron just laughs, “I’ve been hit so many times I’m
    starting to wonder if my memory is being affected.”

    The two just continue laughing until the night ends. Jessica
    goes back to her own residence where her parents are waiting for her return.

    Devron was already lying in bed. His thoughts were running
    wild. He closes his eyes and talks to himself, “I wonder if I’ll be able to
    walk tomorrow? Jessica will be busy cultivating and training. But because I’m
    trash… I get stuck on kitchen duty. Tomorrow is a new day and maybe… just
    maybe. I will be able to cultivate.”

    Devron quickly enters the land of dreams. Unknown to Devron,
    the shadows around his house had already started to move deeper into the clan’s

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    Chapter 2: Smiling

    A clock will tick, never missing a beat,

    She will stay by your side as long as you
    feel heat.

    If you lose your way, she will be gone,

    Gone before the end of the sweet song.

    Open your eyes and do what is told,

    For if not, you shall never grow old.


    Devron opens his eyes. The pain in his body had mostly gone
    away. He slowly gets out of bed and stretches.

    Devron looks out the window that was in his bedroom, the
    blue sun that shone in the sky was filling the clan’s area with light. The
    shadows of the various buildings overlapped each other. A couple people were
    walking along the paths to get to their morning jobs.

    Devron changes out of his sleeping clothes. He starts to
    walk towards the food serving building which was near the center of the area, a
    twenty minute walk.

    Devron gives a weak smile as he waves to the other kitchen
    staff. They all smile at him and one older lady walks over, “Come on Devron. No
    need to look so glum, we just started cooking.”

    Devron gives a light laugh, “Okay Hilda, what station am I
    on this morning?”

    The old lady points to the sink, “Dishwashing.”

    Devron just smiles as he walks over and starts washing the
    dishes that were already in the sink. The water stung his hands as it was
    slightly too warm. He was not able to make it colder as changing the
    temperature running through the taps required martial energy.

    He just laughs as minor burns start to surface on his hands.
    No matter where he was, even though people may smile, he always ends up with
    the short end of the stick one way or another. People would never treat him
    fairly, but he didn’t mind too much. He has already put up with it for over ten

    Meal serving finishes and Devron was still washing the
    dishes. The old lady walks over to Devron and tosses him the keys with a laugh,
    “Make sure to lock up when you leave. Wouldn’t want your kind sneaking in here
    for food.” She slowly walks away, but turns around while standing at the door,
    “Oh yeah,” and evil smile appears on her old face, “Your pay this month. I’ll
    be taking that. It’s not like you need it.” She laughs her way out the door.

    Devron returns to look at the dishes but just keeps smiling.
    Devron was supposed to be paid with ten small coins a month. Small coins were
    the lowest form of currency within the clan. One hundred small coins could be
    exchanged for one medium coin. One hundred medium coins could be exchanged for
    a large coin. One hundred large coins could be exchanged for one copper. Devron
    did not know of any larger form of currency at the moment.

    Ten small coins was enough to buy a new pair of clothes from
    the clan. The old lady would walk up to the payment counter in the clan’s main
    building and say that she was grabbing his pay for him. Devron kept smiling
    anyways. He had nothing to gain from fighting with an old woman.

    Devron takes the thin gloves off that never stopped any
    water from getting in, but no liquids would come out until the gloves were
    taken off. Devron smiles and walks to the door, and walks out of the building.

    Devron locks the doors behind him while his face distorts in
    pain. Blood covered the door handle. Devron just wipes it off with his shirt
    while still smiling.

    His hands had started bleeding. After having his hands in
    such hot water the skin that would normally just shrivel slightly had started
    to rip. Wounds, ones that were not small, covering his hands, Devron’s smile
    never faded.

    He pulled out some bandage wraps from his pockets and
    started to wrap his hands, the soap from washing dishes had already cleaned the

    He walks back to his house to wait for lunch duty. Devron
    walks in the house engraved with insults, with a smile. The door opens before
    he can get his keys out. A man walks out with a smile. Devron knew this man. It
    was the head elder of the clan. His authority was only second to the second in
    command and the clan leader himself!

    Devron lightly bows his head, “This young one greets the
    head elder.”

    The head elder turns his head and ignores Devron. He leaves
    with a light ‘Hmph’

    Devron slowly enters his house to see that there is a note
    on his dining room table. Devron reads it and his smile wavers slightly. Devron
    re-reads it;

    ‘Hello Trash,

    We decided that it was a waste to let someone as talented as
    Jessica stay by your side.

    We are forcing her to stay with Kyle in order to nurture her
    talent. Kyle has already agreed to let her stay within his house.

    If you are upset with this decision there is a duel already
    planned. There is mandatory attendance. If you fail to show up you will be
    expelled from the clan. If you lose the fight you will be expelled from the
    clan. If you manage to tie… you can stay. But if you somehow manage to win, you
    will be allowed to see Jessica once a month.


    The Elder’s Circle

    P.S. The duel will start five minutes after the head elder
    leaves your house. Come to the dueling platforms behind the main building.’

    Devron slowly sets the note down while smiling. He gives a
    sad laugh and walks out the door of his house not bothering to even close the
    door behind him. As he knows what the outcome of this duel will be.

    He looks up into the cloudless sky. The smile on his face
    never wavering, he starts to run as fast as he can to the dueling platforms. He
    arrives within ten minutes.

    Half of the clan was sitting on the nearby viewing
    platforms. They all saw Devron and started shouting,

    “Trash came!”

    “I’m surprised he didn’t run off with his tail between his

    “I’m surprised his pants are dry!”

    The crowd continues to throw insult after insult. Devron was
    used to it. It was almost like a plant taking in the rays of sunlight. Devron
    continues to walk forwards.

    Kyle was standing on the opposite side of the dueling ring,
    “Do you dare face me?”

    Devron slowly climbs up on to the stage, “What do I have to
    lose? I don’t see the need to prolong this anyways.”

    A muffled scream could be heard from within the elder’s
    viewing booth. Devron ignored it. He was breathing his final breaths, he will
    smile until the end.

    A clan elder appears on the stage and yells to the crowd,
    “Today we have Tr- I mean Devron and Kyle sharing pointers with each other. In
    duels, those who are careless will lose their lives! As elders we hope that no
    one will die. Let this be a fair fight.” The elder gives an evil smile to
    Devron, “FIGHT!” The voice echoes through the area.

    Kyle jumps forwards as fast as he could have and punches at

    Devron raises his arms to block. The punch connects with his
    left arm and shatters the bone into thousands of fragments from the elbow down.

    Pain contorts Devron’s face, but he keeps smiling. His left
    arm was dangling by his side, completely unusable.

    Kyle turns to face the crowd, “Who wants more!”

    The crowd stands from their seats, “YEAH!”

    Kyle turns back to Devron, “You’ve said your final prayers

    Devron laughs and shrugs his shoulders, “I don’t know.”

    Kyle says no more words and kicks at Devron’s leg. His knee
    cap shatters instantly. His leg folds at an unnatural angle and tears start to
    flow from his eyes. Kyle laughs sadistically, “If you beg for mercy I may spare
    your life.”

    Tears flowing from his eyes, Devron only looks at the sky,
    “If this is the cruel fate that our creator has decided for me… I have no
    complaints. I lived, and now I shall die.”

    Devron relaxes everything within his body. He does not fear
    death. What he fears is that he has disappointed his family, wherever they may

    Kyle raises his fist high in to the air… and swings it full
    force on to Devron’s chest. Several ribs break and his right lung is punctured.
    Blood starts to come from his mouth, “I’m sorry father, mother. I wasted the
    life you created.”

    Kyle turns to the crowd. Devron’s consciousness was quickly
    fading. The last thing he sees is Kyle raising his foot above his head. The
    smile never leaves Devron’s face.

    Devron’s vision fades to black and all feeling in his body
    fades faster than one can snap their fingers.

    After what seemed like an eternity, a warm feeling enters
    his body, “What’s this?”

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  • This story has not been forgotten about! I just had other things to do in real life (Animals are stupid and didn't let me sleep on schedule. Plus constant construction... Ever feel like giving something a good stabbing? That's what i felt like)

    Anyways, here is chapter 3. Enjoy the longer chapter!

    Chapter 3: Desert

    Devron feels the warm energy entering his body, His
    shattered bones are starting to mend and his vision slowly starts to clear.

    Voices that sound so far away enter through Devron’s ears,
    “Greetings second in command!”


    A loud sound comes from the inside of the dueling ring.
    Devron opens his eyes to see that the elder that started the duel was missing
    his left arm. The large man that just did this was about seven feet tall. His
    muscles quite large. He walks over to the elder and stops the bleeding but does
    nothing else. He looks to the crowd, “Anyone else who wants to hurt my son?”

    Devron fully opens his eyes. Devron did not recognize the
    man in front of him. He slowly rolls over and attempts to stand.

    The second in command looks at Devron and immediately helps
    him up. He gives Devron a warm smile, “It’s been a while son.”

    Devron tilts his head slightly, “Dad?”

    The man nods, “Yes. I’m sorry for not coming sooner.”

    An angry expression covers Devron’s face, “You’re my
    father!? Where were you when I was growing up!? Where were you when people were
    calling me trash!? Where have you been!? If you were actually my father you
    wouldn’t have abandoned me!” Devron let the feelings that were bottled up
    inside of him out. Tears had started to flow from his eyes from the beginning
    of his shouting.

    The man just smiles, “Um… well… It’s complicated.”

    Devron walks off the stage, “As I see it you are not my
    father. Let me be.”

    Kyle smiles as he launches himself towards Devron in a sneak
    attack, “Where do you think you’re going!?”

    The man moves so fast there is an afterimage in the place he
    was previously standing. He forcibly rips Kyle’s left arm off, “I told you what
    would happen if you tied to harm my son!” The man throws Kyle’s arm towards the
    elder’s platform.

    The head elder catches the arm. He jumps over to the
    platform with very little grace. Kyle’s father also jumps down.

    The head elder smiles at the man, “Now, now. Is there really
    any need to get so fired up over a child so talentless? This duel was a way of
    cleaning up the tra-“


    A loud noise rings out as the head elder’s left arm
    disappears from his body. The man holds up his arm, not having moved from his

    The head elder frowns, “Was that really necessary?”

    The man just laughs, “Well, you may have eyes but you are
    truly not able to see the potential of this child. This clan is just too small
    to be of any use to him.”

    The head elder’s face goes pale, “You aren’t saying…”

    The man smiles and nods, “Yes. That is exactly what I’m

    Kyle’s father has used some sort of healing and has managed
    to reattach Kyle’s arm. Devron was still walking away. The last thing Devron
    hears from the dueling rings is, “He needs to be kicked out of the clan
    immediately then!”

    Devron walks back to his insult covered house. It seems he
    was able to return, thanks to the man who claimed to be his father. “Father,
    Fifteen years. You have been missing for fifteen years. How do you expect me to
    remember you?”

    Devron just shakes his head and wanders into his bedroom to
    sleep. “I feel so tired. I thought I was going to die… in fact. I should have.”

    He lays down in his bed, not bothering to change his clothes.

    He raises his arm above him and spreads his fingers like he
    was trying to grab the roof above him. He clenches his hand into a fist, “I am
    not able to stay with Jessica anymore. If that man claiming to be my father
    looks away for even a second, my puny life will end. Yet why am I not afraid?”

    His hands were incredibly still, his mind calm and clear. At
    this moment he feared nothing, not even death itself.

    He shakes his head to clear it of unnecessary thoughts.
    “What should I do?”

    “Come with me.”

    Devron quickly shoots out of bed to standing position. In
    front of him was the man who claimed to be his father… and Jessica. Jessica
    runs over and hugs him, “I never thought that you would survive…” Tears started
    to flow from her eyes like a waterfall, “If you would have died…” Devron’s
    chest tightens.

    Devron hugs her back, “It’s okay. I’m still alive.”

    She slightly pulls back and kisses his cheek, her face turns
    a bright red. She closes her eyes… but the man who was watching coughs once.
    “Sorry for interrupting something that seems long overdue… but the matter of
    what is going on right now is a lot more important.”

    Devron and Jessica nod with bright red faces.

    The man just laughs, “Jessica, you go to the Clan leader’s
    house, he will protect you until we get back.”

    Jessica nods and quickly leaves the room. Devron frowns as
    he sees her leave. “You claim to be my father. Do you have any proof of said

    He scratches his head and lightly laughs, “That’s an issue
    that should be overlooked. You inherited almost everything from your mother.”
    His face has a sad look on it before quickly changing back to a smile. “We need
    to make some preparations before you can come back and stay with Jessica.” He
    raises one finger.

    Devron just tilts his head, “What preparations?”

    The man smiles, “You are one full year behind your peers in

    Devron weakly smiles, “I am not able to train martial arts.
    I cannot sense Qi at all.”

    The man smiles, “That’s perfect.” He reaches into his pocket
    and pulls out a stone with strange markings. Devron looks at the stone. It was
    a bluish color with white marking of another language. The man smiles, “This
    will take us to our destination. Place hour hand on the stone and close your

    Devron sits down on his bed, “I don’t feel like it.”

    The man’s face twitches, “You damn brat. Do you want to be
    trash for life?”

    Devron just smiles, “Why not? I don’t really care about it.
    Also, thanks to the duel, I have no more regrets in life… as I should have died
    anyways. It was just convenient that you showed up at the perfect time to white
    knight the situation.”

    The man forcibly grabs Devron’s
    hand and places it on the stone, “Good luck…” His voice fades and Devron’s
    vision goes black.

    Devron wakes up to something cold touching his hand. He
    quickly opens his eyes to see that there is water very close to where he
    currently was.

    Devron quickly stands up. He looks around.

    White sand…

    Thin trees…

    Not a single blade of grass…

    Surrounded by ocean…

    “Where am I!?”

    Devron feels something hit against his chest. There was a
    bottle attached to a string around his neck. Inside the bottle was a note,

    ‘Welcome to the desert island.

    To the north. Very, very far away, there is a mountain. I,
    Nick, your father, am currently over there preparing a few things.

    The reason you are on that island… is to find a way to
    travel to the mountain using your own body.

    However, I don’t recommend trying to swim. There are some
    pretty scary things that hide within the ocean.

    Good luck. If you can’t do this much… then you truly are

    P.S. There is only enough food on that small island for two

    Devron frowns, “What a way to treat your own child.”

    He laughs as he looks around the small island once more. The
    trees were probably edible, considering they were the only other thing on this
    island other than himself.

    Devron makes a complicated expression, “If the trees are
    food… what will I make my shelter out of? But what if the trees aren’t food?
    What is?”

    Devron walks around the small island. He sees some sand, and
    some more sand… followed by… more sand. All Devron could find was sand. “I
    wonder if the sand is edible.”

    Devron bends down and takes a handful of sand to his mouth.
    He slowly puts some of it into his mouth, but he immediately spits it out.
    “Sand… is not edible.”

    Devron’s stomach growls. He glances towards the trees.
    “Well, I guess there’s enough trees to eat and make shelter out of… they could
    be edible.”

    Devron slowly walks to the nearest tree. He rips a little
    bit of the bark off and puts it in his mouth. Devron’s stomach convulses and
    the contents come out through his mouth. Devron smiles, “Tree bark… also not

    Devron sits in the shade of the tall tree. “How am I going
    to make shelter if I have nothing to cut the tree with?” Devron just stares out
    into the ocean. “I have to go north.” He hangs his head, “Which way is even

    Devron looks at the water, he sees something just under the

    Devron walks over to see what it is. He bends over to pick
    it up. His hand starts to bleed as soon as he touches the side, “So sharp!”

    Devron carefully picks it up. It was a piece of metal. It
    was a sky blue color, and incredibly sharp.

    Devron smiles, “I now have a means to create shelter… it
    seems way too convenient for this to be here… and for it to be so sharp.”

    Devron stares at the piece of metal for a long time. He
    takes the sting that was around his neck and ties the sharp piece of metal to a
    stick. It looks like a very poorly made axe.

    Devron swings the axe like thing slowly. Even though it was
    moved slowly, the blade is so sharp it causes the air to whistle. “This would
    suck if I hit myself with it.”

    Devron looks at the tree and starts to make a small shelter.

    End of Day 1: Devron made a shelter and found out that the
    tree leaves were edible. He fell asleep looking up at the distant stars. Devron
    found out that on the center of the island was a fresh water spring.

    End of Day 3: Devron realized that he could find the
    direction of north based of where the sun rose and set. He had marked the
    direction of north inside his small shelter.

    End of day 6: The rain had stopped Devron from doing much,
    it had rained for two days straight so far.

    End of day 9: Devron still has no idea on how to get from the
    island to the mountains in the north. Before the man forced him to come to this
    island he said, ‘You are one year behind.’

    During day 10: Devron was sitting with a straight back and
    legs crossed practicing the breathing technique the Je clan had given him. No
    results as usual. However he felt the presence of something strange just
    watching him from far away.

    End of day 11: The presence keeps getting stronger as he
    stays on the island. Whatever was watching him had no intent to harm him.

    End of day 13: Devron had only one day of food left.
    Whatever was watching him was watching from all directions. He could feel that
    it was everywhere. Was this Qi?

    Final day: Devron had finished eating the last of the
    leaves. Like the man said, exactly two weeks of food were on this island.

    At this point, if Devron focused he would be able to see a
    colorless energy floating in the air. He had no idea what it was, but he was
    not able to absorb it using the method written in the breathing techniques… so
    it might not even be Qi.

    Devron was laying on the ground. He was looking out in to the
    sea, “What a beautiful view. The ocean seems like it goes on forever… seemingly

    Devron feels the presence get suddenly stronger. Devron
    stands up and looks around but does not see anything.

    Devron was about to sit back down when a strange power
    suddenly enters into his body. He feels energy flowing through his body. It
    feels like it is travelling through predefined paths.

    Devron’s head sinks as a sharp pain runs through his entire

    Devron feels the urge to concentrate the energy underneath
    his feet. The energy swirls from within him and moves to his feet. He walks
    forwards, then he starts walking in the air. The energy quickly runs out and he
    collapses to the ground. Devron asks himself in a weak voice, “What is this?”

    Devron’s vision slowly starts to fade.

    Feeling leaves his body, the last thing he sees is the
    boundless ocean before him.

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