Would you recommend it?

hello fellow readers, I need serious unbiased opinions....

please shortly explain what kind of novel it is???

things I am trying to avoid is heavy on the romance, ecchi moments and teen drama, and excessive repetitive filler explanations....

thank you in advance...


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    its about a kid who's trying to protect his village in a world where humans are very much the bottom fish in the world. i haven't noticed any filler moments too much but it doesn't properly explain the cultivation levels till quite a bit in. also the villain is good in that he's pulled the biggest dick move and super easy to hate  

    personally i like it for the simplicity of the story in that in the  current arc his thinking is eat first eat some more then ask where can i find more food. its also a novel where the MC is a kid but they dont do the whole he was mature for his age in that he just does things the simplest and most direct method so don't expect any guile from him 
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