A little details on how he saved Luo Li and stuff !!

So basically he becomes a Host of a influence in the continent he is in now and called it as Mu Palace it has few Lower Earth Sovereigns and a Earth Sovereign big Perfection [This seems like a level Above Superior Earth Sovereign and just a step behind Heavenly Sovereign] he along with few of elders of Mu palace rush to Luo Li continent and just arrives there in time when Luo Li be in middle of inheriting the Luo Empress Legacy and about to be attack Mu chen comes blocks them and hold his ground against 3 Earth Sovereigns of tht Blood smething clan after which idle talks happen and Battle Emperor sends his palace Earth Sovereign big Perfection to invite Luo Li be Battle Emperor palace Saintess which she rejects and the Earth Sovereign big Perfection summons Battle Emperor who like a pervert and usually Xianxia Novels assholes still want to take her away by force and kill Mu chen believing he can win her heart slowly only after killing Mu Chen and when he was bout to kill him Mu Chen Summons Flame Emperor Xiao Yan who kind of pisses battle Emperor its kind of funny actually lol and says Luo clan has a history with him and he wont allow anyone harm them Battle Emperor then says he wont force Luo li but wont let off Mu Chen and says he would like to have a battle with Flame Emperor for which Xiao Yan mentions Mu chen can call another helper and Battle Emperor wouldnt wanna meet him and its turns out tht Battle Emperor shits his pants in name of Martial Ancestor Lin Dong Battle Emperor tries to act brave but everyone can see he's damn scared and finally says he let off Mu chen Giving Flame Emperor face lol we all know main reason anyway after which Xiao yan ask battle Emperor to allow Mu chen to take part in Child of Western Heaven continent battlefield[This is where all talented Earth Sovereigns in Western Heaven Continent come together and fight each other winner of this would've higher chance of becoming Heavenly Sovereign in Future and this is once in 100 years opportunity] and Xiao Yan gives Battle Emperor a Dragon and Pheonix Pill and get a superior Earth Sovereign Quota[Battlefield is divided into Lower Earth Sovereign BattleField, Superior Earth Sovereign BattleField and Earth Sovereign Big Perfection BattleField] since he believe Mu Chen with his Lower Earth Sovereign no matter how talented wouldnt be able to be Child of the Continent in superior Earth Sovereign BattleField and now in latest chapters Mu chen is in superior Earth Sovereign battling it out and Luo li takes part in lower Sovereign BattleField,
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