DPE vs Bluewind

So, what happens once Yun Che comes back and see all that happened to Blue Wind?
Where the fk is Princess Snow? i tought she would atleast stop DPE from doing this kind of shit


  • Yun Che start killing the DPE Army. YC rescued Cang Yue and currently in FCA. Princess Snow is on coma and just woke up after 3 years. She doesn't know anything about the invasion.
  • It will be interesting to see her reaction, when she finds out  !
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  • I hope She will despise DPE for this...
  • Oh I'm sure there will be hell to pay, I mean she already showed anger for probably the first time in her entire life and that was just because of her crappy brother talking trash about YC. She's also getting to the right age for a rebellious age, that combined with phoenix fire/soul, on top of finding out her father lied to her and attacked YC's homeland, there will be lots of fireworks in the future I think.
  • Also I'd recommend checking out Bladerash's Summary thread, you can get a clearer picture from it and your question was already answered there in more detail.
  • She's probably going to try to stop the fight without any side suffering and YC, like the playboy he is, is going to agree to her demands.
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    She's probably going to try to stop the fight without any side suffering and YC, like the playboy he is, is going to agree to her demands.
    He says....
  • there are already lots of suffering on both sides... that only works when the war still hasnt started but its already 3 years and YC and Yuanba rekted hundreds of thousands dpe people aswell
  • 650k+ vs 50m , i think i know who wins so far.


  • Divine Phoenix Empire, as it stands, will not exist by the time that Yun Che has finished exerting his hatred towards it.

    And it shouldn't. Their power is built off of the good will and legacy of the Phoenix spirit, who is a kindhearted divine beast that disdains the powerful bullying the weak... when it hasn't been corrupted by the hatred and base nature of its followers.

    Yun Che and Princess Snow will invoke the curse on the DPE to limit their power levels, effectively ending their hegemony over the continent. That's too interesting a plot element to use once and never again.
  • It will be like, the Phoenix gave you power, but the Phoenix will now take it back.
  • Ruki said:
    I hope She will despise DPE for this...
    rather than despise DPE wouldnt she despise her father for giving them such an order
  • Her father for sure but let's face it, most of DPE is full of arrogant pricks that look down on everyone else and have horrible attitudes, I'm sure even her brothers are getting to her now. Once the truth comes to light she may very well despise DPE as a whole, they haven't exactly been that great for her, she's been on her own most her life except for the phoenix, due to her over protective father. Plus from the beginning DPE has been the one causing problems with YC, BWE, other nations etc, and she was always a kind innocent person. As she matures do you think she would be able to put up with a nation like that for much longer, given her personality? DPE has already alienated every other nation on the continent, so it'll probably lose its princess soon as well. But one never knows what will happen in this story.
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