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This is the place where everyone will be able to upload any fan-art or any other creative creations of their own devising!  There will be competitions (with prizes!) held every so often, so please show your stuff!  Remember, please only upload your own creations and do not copy or steal anyone else's works!


  • First competition suggestion;

    Map of Infernal Plane, Yulan Plane
  • Oooo.  Good idea.
  • Oh I love that too. I think the map idea is really solid. I'd like to see what people would come up with for buildings, scenery, or scenes too like Beirut's mansion, Leylin creating his old continent, the Indigo Palace, Linley (or anyone else) breaking through (to the next level e.g. saint -> demigod, demigod -> god), a view of the Infernal Realm, and the wrath/power of a sovereign!
  • Scenery is always more important than actual character designs. I personally think Character design should stay to the mind but scenery is so important and different. For example, the first city in Infernal plane had plenty of buildings with Greek feel to it. While the castle of that Asura ranked Death god in same prefecture had a castle with European feel, mainly Italian/Spanish which were more notorious for cliff castles etcetra.

    Besides, including a map of Yulan Plane which majority of the story took place so far, is something that would benefit lot of readers. Considering how much travelling and exploring they did in said plane. I remember reading the Eragon series, and they included a map of the world in said book. I found it very appealing to just look back at the map and get a sense of feel where they were. Where they might go next in the coming chapters etcetra.
  • make it the Yulan plane. We don't yet know enough about the infernal realm considering its size and what limited sections have been revealed so far in the translations.

    personal idea's I would love to see:

    the Baruch Clan estate - both in its prime and current state
    Yulan Continent as a whole
    the fenlai kingdom
    a scene involving both linley and doehring - their meeting, testing affinities, doehrings sacrifice to save linley
    the magical beast mountain range
    the magic academy
    important moments between linley and delia - and some of alice i guess (bleh lol)
    the Skyrite mountain range - and the beast styled area's like the azure dragon road
    Linley's current home
    beiruts living metal castle in the forest
    any serious life or death moments
    when linley first subjugates haeru
    arrival to the infernal realm
    delia falling into the golden magma of phusro
    phusro's freedom scene - must contain Ren's favourite line
    Linleys travels in the Amethyst mountains
    the necropolis of the gods
    Current Linley looking at a child Linley - but in a scenario where both his mother and father live peacefully.

    Yeah there is a lot of scenes I would love to see made into art :S I just consider too many parts of the story as important enough to justify them all xD
  • Suggestion: Bebe n Ninny
  • Ehh..the problem with making maps of the Yulan plane and infernal plane is that we don't have enough information. The infernal realm is WAAAY to large. But we can do stuff we have seen in the book. And Linley didn't really explore around enough for us to get an image and expand. Maybe we can do a competition on the stuff we have seen?
  • For example, War God mountain? They gave us enough information to know kinda know what it looks like, so we can leave more details to the creativity of the people who send the work.
  • Guys, this is a thread to talk about the rules, try to stick to it. If you want to give suggestions or talk about different things open a new one. Otherwise this will be a mess.
  • I'm sure RWX can always send the maps to IET and ask which is closest to what he imagined. See if he even replies xD
  • Is graphic designed maps allowed like say I use a cloud brush from photo shop allowed or do you want all photoshop free hand

  • No rules on what tools you need.
  • How do I post my picture?? Do I have to put it on a website?
  • Ghost-kun should draw something too :P
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