Danganronpa: Killing School Festival

"Kukukukukuku... Monokuma here! You thought this was over, didn't you? Well, it's time for more death, punishment and despair! For the unlucky ones, good luck! Though you won't remember what I say here. Hehe" [Monokuma]

"Yes, time for a new experience Monokuma. Though this might just be my last..." [???]

 "C'mon [???], you destroyed the fun in this! Though I guess that's what despair does to you. Junko was much more fun than you!" [Monokuma]

"Well, for one, I am not her, and do not intend to become her. Despair and Depression are different, you know." [???]

"Okay! Just get it started already! Jeez, [???] you sure take your time." [Monokuma] 


  • Chapter 1.1 

    "Where are we? Wait, who are you people!" [???]

    "My name is Cole Birch, Ultimate Intern" [Cole Birch]

    "Liliene Esters, Ultimate Experiment"

    "Rachel Winter, Ultimate Elite"

    "Maxwell Peters, Ultimate Curse"

    "Quinn Jackson, Ultimate Target"

    "Allen Marx, Ultimate Director"

    "Jade Summers, Ultimate Hacker"

    "Olivia Trey, Ultimate Actor"

    "Zack Johnson, Ultimate Gambler"

    "Amelia Wren, Ultimate Researcher"

    "Caroline Hake, Ultimate Tutor"

    "Alice Fall, Ultimate Dancer"

    "Wren Spring, Ultimate Sniper"

    "Julianna Ferrren, Ultimate Luck"

    "Okay, I guess I can trust you all. Taylor Minx, Ultimate Eater" [Taylor]

    As you introduce yourself, you wonder if everyone is telling the truth. You remember some people but not others. Looking around your surroundings, you see it is a school festival. You feel as if something is off. Then it hits you in the face.

    "What is a bear doing here?" [Alice]

    "I am not a bear! My name is Monokuma, and I am your school principal and in charge of this killing school festival!" [Monokuma]

    "Di-did you just say killing?! As in murder!?" [Caroline]

    "Aren't you the smart one. Okay, on to the rules.." [Monokuma]

    "This is just happening and no one is stopping it?" You say, trying to get a grip on what has happened.

    "Which crazy ass fan decided this script? Monokuma, was it? Show me the script! Now!" [Olivia] 

    "There is no script, hun. This is real.
    Rule 1: Killing is allowed and nessecary to your survival.
    Rule 2: Any one caught in the act will be punished. 
    Rule 3: No manhandling the principal
    Rule 4: ... 
    Whatever, I forgot the rules past #3. Check your student handbook for the rules. You can do pretty much anything else. See ya!" [Monokuma]
  • Chapter 1.2

    "So what do we do now? It's not like we can just sit around doing nothing." [Cole]

    "Why don't we split up and search for clues?" [???]

    "Ok… wait, who are you? You weren't here earlier!" [Zach]

    "I actually was here, none of you bothered to notice me or listen when I introduced myself. I am Karina Delan, Ultimate Band Student. Anyways, can we just split up and search our surroundings now?" [Karina]

    "I believe we should, and split into groups of three or four and search for food, water, and shelter. Of course, if we need to, we can always resort to cannibalism." [Liliene]

    "That is just gross and its murder." [Rachel]

    "I meant hacking off a body part. Let's just search." [Liliene]

    We split into five groups; 
    Karina, Allen, Olivia, and Alice
    Cole, Maxwell, Quinn, and Taylor
    Rachel, Jade, Amelia, and Caroline
    Julianna, Wren, and Zach
    Liliene, who just went off on her own, after suggesting to look in groups.


    "Hey guys! I found the food stalls!" [Olivia]

    "You don't have to be so loud. We aren't that far away from you." [Allen]

    "And I thought actors were supposed to have good tone quality and not destroy my eardrum." [Karina]

    "Stop quibbling. At least we found something." [Alice]


    "Where are we?" [Wren]

    "Obviously the game section. Anyone want to play a handy game of blackjack?" [Zach]

    "Yeah! Why not?" [Julianna]

    "We're supposed to be looking for useful stuff, not play blackjack!" [Wren]

    "Here's your hand, Wren." [Zach]


    "Why are there RVs?" [Rachel]

    "They're here for us to sleep in." [Amelia]

    "There is a total of sixteen RVs, with each belonging to a different student. The girls RVs will lock, while the boys won't. See ya! Kukukukukuku" [Monokuma]

    When they turn around, he's gone. Strange.

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