Accomplishment recognition problem

This is the accomplishment listing for Lin Langtian from chapter one. (please tell me if there are translation errors in the release that would explain things away)

At 10, he started training.

At 12 he broke through the 9th Layer of Tempered Body to enter into Yuan territory.

At 14, he advanced to the Earthly Yuan level.

At 17 he advanced to the Heavenly Yuan level.

At 25, the Yuan Qi in his body exchanged Yin and Yang, finally succeeding in forming a Dan. Like a carp that became a dragon, in one fell swoop, he joined the ranks of the rarified few in the Great Yan Dynasty to ever form a Yuan Dan before the age of 30.

This guy is revered as a first class genius and prodigy. I am assuming that he fought Lin Xiao sometime after that (explaining the one hit cripple).

Yet, by the time we reach the Wasteland Tablet about 7 years have passed, so generally he should be 32 at least.

Lin Dong meanwhile is at most 19 or so at that point (or possibly even younger only appearing older) and has reached sooooo much more. Yes he did so with luck and an immeasurable traesure, but no one knows that.

Yet while in tablet-space the reaction of the Lin clan (and frankly EVERYONE ELSE) generally considers Lin Dong's talent to only be 'pretty good'.

This happens in so many stories and is incredibly immersion breaking to me.

There is almost literally a 10 year age difference between their accomplishment yet everyone treats him like just above average.

I'm guessing that this is virtually always a mixture of the weird clan-is-life thinking of people combined with the author not figuring things out in the beginning, but come on.


  • The author changed the last one, Yuan Dan at age 25 to age 20 later in the story.
  • Even changing his age down to 20 when he reached yuan Dan is still insignificant to Lin dong as shit is to cake. If I remember correctly Lin dong is somewhere in the qi stage during that arc? Or late form stage... If he's in the qi stage that's 2 full stages difference, and he's still younger. Even if he's in the late form stages, that's still almost 2 stages... Shit compared to him.

    author totally fked up with the aging even after changing it to 20 since by this point at the harder stages he Langtian is also bling up 5x faster then he used to. I guess it must have to do with the yuan spirit in his body, but the author still fked up with the people's actions 30 yr old or so vs 20, 20yr old fights to a stand still and they still think 30yr old is better... Dumbasses
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    so weird, author seems like drunk when changing Lin langtian's age from 32 to 25...

    LD's father and Lin langtian was dueling on young generation match right??

    the age gap is too wide then, when LD actually will fight him again on young generation match...

    actually more reasonable if Lin Langtian is 32 old when tomb arc, ok i will just enjoy this story while lot of flaw is found 1 by 1..LOL
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    The thing was lin dong came out of nowhere and lin lingtian was the favourite for 10years already.  He was the first youth genius.  So until Lin dong showed his stuff,  it was hard for others to accept him as on the same level. It was a case of everyone realised he was a genius but thought he was too young to beat lin lingtian. Lin dong yuan power level was below lin lingtian all the way to the hundred empire war. He had other gifts that closed the gap,  so others couldn't Accurately judge him. 
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