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hello fellow readers... I wanna start reading this novel, since I am very picky I don't wanna be disappointed after a while and hate myself for wasting my time on it.

could someone who read a good amount of the novel shortly describe what's this novel about? and how does it compare to other popular novels? I mainly want to avoid teen drama and excessive filler repetitions...

I know this is by Er Gen and I should expect this to be above average at least, nonetheless, trying to avoid disappointment.

I love ISSTH, love IET novels, so... any similarities?

thank you in advance...


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    Xiani Ni has a manga if you want to get a general idea and feel about the story. The novel itself is much more cruel than is depicted in the manga though.
  • Well i got to about 250ish with translations, and 300+ with MTL. The previous translator did about 180 chapters, and the current one is doing both 0-180 and 180-end. You can find the chapters up to 180 here, and at void translations, and 180-250ish (as of this post) at five star specialists (that's the current translators other site).

    I mainly want to avoid teen drama and excessive filler repetitions...
    I'd say there's none of that. It's a bit darker than ISSTH. The MC goes through one tough situation after another, has very few friends/companions. He doesn't smack talk, he is ruthless, and gets his revenge, but doesn't stupidly look for trouble, or go out of his way to make lots and lots of enemies. As far as i remember there have been non or very few reaction/filler chapters so far.
    I like it about as much as ISSTH, and a bit more than IET novels, it gets better and better later on, definitely worth a read.
  • i think remember someone describe well in that for everyone serious situation the main guy gets in he solves it without any plot armour and through his own power. i feel this is a good way to describe a good point for this series.
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    thanks a lot guys, I hope by the time I reach current early translated chapters, the gap will be finished...
  • I really recommend this novel and currently past the 1500 chapter mark. I have to say the details and wording of Er Gen really surpass most of the novels I've read before, giving it a "sense" of literature feel. As for the MC, his life is quite tragic, but pulls himself through and raise up in power extremely quickly, which in some cases are quite similar to many novels out there. The key traits about this MC is intelligence, perseverance, and luck. He is not a genius cultivator, but find ways to surpass geniuses with the one main thing that drives him throughout the entire novel, love.
    There is a saying by the MC that will pretty much give you a feel of what his character is like. "Ren bu fan wo, wo bu fan ren. Ren ruo fan wo, wo yao sha ren". Taken and changed from a famous phrase, which roughly means "If they don't offend me, I won't offend them. If they offend me, I will kill them"
  • already caught up with latest 255??, great novel. not as good as ISSTH imo, but muuuuch better than hyped novels like AGT, BTTH..... no offense to fans, I read them, dropped them, so I know (so far)...

    very different from cliché genres...

  • I have tried a lot of other novels by different authors. Most of them I stop after a hundreds of chapter since it is no longer interesting to me.

    I have read ISSTH. I think I stop at around 500 chapters. Although there are some good chapter, most of the chapter is a chore for me to read. I keep reading them because most people said that it's very good so I think maybe in the next few chapter it's gonna be good. And because I like the cultivation system in er gens novel.

    So it really depends on personal preference. On personal preference scales I would give xian ni 10, ISSTH 2, most other novel 1. I would like to read ISSTH chapter that have xian ni reference though. 

    It's not perfect novel but the only one I like that makes me even brave reading microsoft translation that is very confusing.

  • It doesn't mean that ISSTH is bad, or other novel is bad. But it's matter of personal taste.
  • except for 2 chase scenes, I think ISSTH exceeds in many aspects.... I came close to dropping it while reading chase scenes... Er Gen seriously loses control of his usual self and rambles non-stop at the chase scenes... totally meaningless.. although at times it is slow (rarely) but overall ISSTH is one of the best... hopefully RI will turn out to be a great novel... current latest 255+ chapters awesome, totally enjoy those slow chapters...
  • I would recommend it cos it's da best novel for me thus far maybe xcluding ATG....u can as well finish it @ lnmtl.com just as I did (a nice ending to the story)
    Blessed are those who ain't xpectin 4 surely they shall never ever be disappointed>>>Mars Snail

    2 much ANALYSIS "may" likely lead to PARALYSIS...
  • I would recommend it cos it's da best novel for me thus far maybe xcluding ATG....u can as well finish it @ lnmtl.com just as I did (a nice ending to the story)
    The novel is only until 200++ something at lnmtl.com

    Cabby find the full episodes there
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    i am very much enjoying the current arc (chapters after 250)

    it starts out slow, confusing and even boring yes but i would suggest readers not to get turned off by this. it gets significantly better later on. Interesting side characters and story delves into deep philosophy at a time
  • It is a great story, but unfortunately the translator is redoing someone else's work and is waisting time...

    But it is totally worth your time...
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