Sections of the Golden Crow Clan: Guess game

Since MH had 9 Nascent Souls, I suppose that he had 9 Totems. It would be fun to guess how the cultivators of each totem will cultivate, a bit like the five tribes of the Crow Divinity. (It's just a game. I don't think that's the case or even that the Golden Crow Clan will have an impact in the future)

If you don't remember, here is the 9 Nascent Soul:

Wood: An Immortal Tree travelling between planet
Metal: An ancient pill that became a Demon
Fire: The Flame from the Violet Sect, used in alchemy (but seems to contain more secrets)
Earth: Frost soil of the First Peak of the Demon Immortal Clan
Water: The blood of the Second Peak + the Violet Water (Represent Life and Death too)
Wind: The feather/scale of the Roc
Thunder: Heaven Tribulation
Flesh and Qi: Flesh and Qi
Demonic Qi: Qi of the Third Peak.

For me: Wood: Tank, Highly durable
Metal: Alchemists
Fire: Crafters (to avoid redundancy with the previous one)
Earth: Zone controls, debuffers
Water: Poison and anatomy (Surgeon expert, able to find weak spot and substance weakness)
Wind: Scouts
Thunder: Assassin
Flesh and Qi: Warrior
Demonic Qi: Summoner, Demonic Beasts.


  • Water gave him the ability to use the power of extermination that formed when life force met death aura or something wasn't it?
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