What does the title 'Wu Dong Qian Kun' signify?

Law might have translated the title if it made any sense.
So at first I figured that maybe the title signifies the names of main characters in the novel.
Lin Dong
Wu Yun

But then Wu Yun disappeared from the story, and the only Qian in the story till chapter 200 is Xie Qian. And no Kun has appeared in the story yet.
So does the title signify anything?


  • 武动乾坤

    Wu Dong Qian Kun

    Wu is the word for Martial, Dong is the word for to move.

    Qian Kun means the Heavens and Earth, or the Universe.

    No idea what the story is about, but I'd imagine that the character names are coincidental to the title. 
  • Oh! So it's like one of those novels with totally random titles, like ATG, TDG, LLS etc.
    The only novels (that I have read) that have titles which are not totally random and are present somewhere in the story are Douluo Dalu, Coiling Dragon, ISSTH and some others.
  • martial expert that shake the world/universe
  • it means martial movement upheavel something like that
  • Shake the world with kung fu.It's not quite the title, but it's as close as I can get
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