Heavenly Defiance (ISSTH-ish) fanfic!

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I've been mulling over writing this for a while. I said to my friend that i could write a wuxia style story about cultivation and ascension with my very own cultivation ranking and badass characters. he said I couldn't. we'll see who's wrong! i'm going to post a short summary and glossary for now and get started on the first ten chapters. let me know what you think and whether you'd bother reading it. plz note that any similarities between this and other wuxia novels are coincidental as I do read most of them and therefor try to be original as much as possible but of course there's a limit as to how much new content i can come up with. if there are gonna be any similarities it will probably be with ISSTH as that is my favorite novel and it is my basing point for this fanfic but on the whole it will be written in quite a different way from ISSTH. you'll see what i mean later on

Heavenly Defiance fanfiction:


Summary: Yan Kong is a 12 year old street kid that works for his uncle at a pharmacy. As he is nothing more than a simple assistant and business is declining, he earns too little to provide for himself and his sick mother thus he earns extra by stealing money from the arrogant noble’s children that frequently parade down the street of pleasure near his house. Until one day the door of cultivation opens before him and the Free Cloud Sect beckons… or does it?



Yan Kong: an ordinary but quick-witted child born in the Wei province. His father left him and his mother when he was eight and now he has to work for his uncle in order to sustain the two of them whilst also stealing money from arrogant young masters. Although he steals he retains a sense of justice and his dream is to one day be able to end all conflict and defend the weak.


the world of cultivation is vast and unforgiving. in the east there is the great mountain continent where a golden emperor is both the sun and the moon. In the north  are the twin continents, separated by a narrow sea they are home to two great lineages of rulers. In the south there is the ghastly domain where darkness replaces light and evil cultivators hone their arts. And in the west there is the smallest continent where our MC lives. These lands are peaceful and yet divided by the continuous rule of the seven great clans the five great sects and the holy church. in between them is the endless great ocean where countless creatures and secrets dwell.

Cultivation types: Ki, mana, mental energy, divine essence

Martial artist: most common type of cultivation. Warriors who train both their body and their Ki and become legendary fighters. Their cultivation core is in the middle Dantian. While Ki is regarded as only the second weakest type of power it is undeniably the simplest to train and master. Their opposite energy is mental energy.

Acolyte: cultivator of faith based heavenly energy or divine essence. Cultivators engrave the mark of an immortal deity upon themselves and become a worshipper of that immortal. Through prayer and divine contemplation they increase their connection with this immortal and allow their power to grow. Considered the weakest of the four paths and rarely suitable for immortal ascension. strength lies in the vast power produced by the unique resonance between those who pray to the same immortal. They have no core of power and are thus called “fake-cultivators”. Their opposite energy is mana.

Sage: practices the art of refining mental energy. Rarest of the four paths and regarded as almost on par with magic. Sages use contemplation and enlightenment. Meditating upon the hidden truth of this world allows them to achieve control over a heaven defying energy within themselves. Their core lies in the upper dantian. Their opposite energy is Ki

Mage: practitioner of magic which is regarded as the greatest of the four paths. Many cultivators have ascended to immortality by relying on magic. By refining the mana first within themselves and later that of the world they increase their power and cultivation base. Their core lies in the lower dantian and their opposite energy is divine essence.


Cultivation: cultivation has many variations and paths but for all types of cultivation the major distinction can be made between 10 tiers or realms of cultivation. By ascending through these ranks one inches close to the ultimate path. The path of immortality!

1.       Primal awakening stage: initial, advanced, perfect

2.       Middle awakening stage: initial, advanced, perfect

3.       Late awakening stage: initial advanced, perfect

4.       Primal Dao formation stage: Minor, Major

5.       Middle Dao formation stage: Minor, Major

6.       Perfect Dao formation stage: Minor, Major

7.       Half-Saint stage: 1st leap, 2nd leap, 3rd leap.

8.       Saint stage; 1st leap, 2nd leap, 3rd leap.

9.       Immortal seeker: first ascension, second ascension, third ascension.

10.   Immortal challenger (false immortal): lesser challenger , greater challenger, half-step


The final leap from false immortal to real immortal. This act requires to either reach final enlightenment, be gifted with an immortal symbol, or to use a catalyst or immortal legacy or by simply having a strong enough cultivation base. If accepted the original cultivation base will be cast off and turn into an immortal treasure and fall back to earth. If denied the heavens will smite the cultivator and destroy his body and spirit before it can become an immortal. This decision falls entirely up to the immortals of the first tier.


Immortal stages:

4th tier: Lesser Immortal, nameless immortals without a domain. Those that ascend without a strong catalyst, legacy or unusual cultivation base are usually stuck at this level for eternity. They can but look at those who ascended with a higher path to follow and curse their own negligence.

3rd tier: Minor deities, immortals who serve as gods of an object or lesser concept. The gods of music or birds or bells. (one exception is the god of dragons which is second tier)

2nd tier: Greater deities who are often lords of an entire domain or greater concept. God of the sea, god of the netherworld, god of dreams, gods of emotions.

1st tier: greatest of all immortals. Lords of existence and continuity. They rule over time, space, karma, fate and they alone have the power to issue heavenly decrees a,d decide the rules of existence such as mortality, the rejection of ascension and the ban of cultivation techniques, weapons or legacies.   


  • I put the first chapter in original stories as after some tweaking I decided to make this story completely my own instead of simple fanfic. feel free to check it out in original stories under the name "Defiance of the Heavens" still if you like ISSTH you will definitely like this one as well.
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