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Is the place where jasmine is from Star God realm and the place where True God resided i believe it was called God Realm same place or are they different?
Same like different continents in same world but called realms or are both places just different worlds


  • Well Realm of the Gods as a whole is where Jasmine is from and where the True Gods used to reside. But you forget that Jasmine said all of the True Gods' are all dead and only one that still remains alive is the Dragon God's daughter who is sealed in the number. 1 heavenly treasure. 
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  • Domain of the Gods/Divine realm and the such are more likely a collective term for all the various higher realms (star realm , moon realm , fire and ice realms). It's unclear if its just one huge planet with continents or several planets that are close to each other. Could be just one super continent as well , but the realms they reffer to be like the Heaven Basin Secret Realm just opened all the time.


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    So what do you guys think would yun Che travel there after he takes care of blue wind troubles and together with xia siblings? 
    Since I assume thier mother is some one from relam of God's who has great lineage or clan? 
  • Realms such as "realm of the Gods" refer to somewhere in outer space, planets/solar systems/nebulas etc.
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  • I think he will go for Su Ling'er first and maybe he will acquire the Vermilion Bird's blood there. There might be White Tiger and Black Tortoise as well. They are part of the Four Divine Guardian in Chinese with Azure Dragon and Vermilion Bird.
  • Your reasoning for why the Four Divine Beasts won't appear in the story makes sense but the Vermillion Bird is already in the story so I see a very big chance that the other two might also be in the story.
  • I feel there's too many fire beasts in this story, needs to introduce some other elemental inheritances. His Frozen End arts for example are great, but if he had a water element inheritance similar to phoenix / crow / vermillion, it would help him much more I imagine. Not saying it has to be water, but damn I hope the author gives us another element beast at some point lol, instead of just "fire fire fire".
  • He should get a wind attributed bloodline inheritance since wind seems like a good combo with his fire inheritance.
  • I think it'll be water next. I mean he did get it second and he does have frozen end arts. 
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    He should get a wind attributed bloodline inheritance since wind seems like a good combo with his fire inheritance.
    He cant get wind attribute inheritance until he gets the wind seed, then any wind inheritance would work for him.
  • Does it matter if he has to get the wind seed first? After all we are talking about future inheritances. Besides he doesn't need the wind seed, however he is most likely going to get it before getting any wind inheritances or Profound Art.
  • Water and fire are opposites so they were trying to destroy each other? Or something like that that is why Yun Che needed the water seed however I don't think wind can be considered an opposite to any of his current Profound Arts so they should be able to exist peacefully together even without the seed.
  • Agreed with what Universe Creator is saying, the only reason YC had issues before was because the two element arts he had were opposing elements. Wind's opposite should be earth, so he shouldn't have any issues here. In regards to "needing the wind seed before the inheritance", BS lol, that's like saying you "need" the fire seed before getting the Phoenix, Crow or Vermillion Bird inheritances through their trials. It makes it much, much easier true but it's not necessary, otherwise nobody would get the inheritances except evil god :p I'd be down for a wind element inheritance, that could add a nice twist to things.
  • it is different. If it was only fire legacies that he had would be kind of ok, but he has 3 types of elements inside of him with fire water and lightning each one by themselves might not suppress the wind but all of them together?
  • Why would it even get suppressed in the first place? It has already been explained in the story that the Frozen Cloud Arts and Phoenix fire that Yun Che had would have destroyed his Profound Veins due to the fact that water energy and fire energy are opposites and can't coexist that is why the Frozen Cloud Arts was suppressed. However wind is not the opposite to any of these energies so they should be able to coexist without the need of a the wind seed.
  • I think he will get the earth seed before the wind seed. Remember the mine near Floating Cloud City that Divine Phoenix Empire is coveting? I think the mine was bred by the earth seed. Each seed has a strong attribute where the location it is in exhibits its power or the being it is with tends to become strong. What if the earth seed is not with any profound beast but simply was lying there buried very deep and started to breed precious crystal ore with its power?

    However this theory can simply be undermined by the fact that his sky poison pearl did not react to it. I wonder how DPE was able to detect the existence of the mine when Sky poison pearl itself could not detect it. On the other hand, it could be that sky poison pearl won't alert Yun Che about things like Purple Veined Divine and Heaven Crystals. Otherwise it would have been going haywire whenever he was near these crystals - purple veined heaven crystal from Quingyue in blue wind tournament, Xiao branch sect treasure in New Moon City that he looted and around Hua Minghai's wife, the 60 jin purple veined divine crystals in Yun Clan.

  • you could be right buddhadao though personally I don't think there's much of a chance of that, for one simple reason: he literally "just" got the lightning seed not too long ago, it's way too soon for the author who likes to stall, to give YC a second new seed when he still hasn't even gotten that much practice with his newest lightning one yet. Agreed with the pearl, it wouldn't react to the mine, it detects a lot of rare treasures but a mine doesn't count as one, even though it's valuable. I'm curious about how the elders at DPE detect treasures in general, they seem to have a few devoted to seeking treasures out. also in response to earlier about elements clashing: it's been clearly stated in previous chapters that practitioners with multiple elements exist just fine, it's only when they try to do elements that oppose each other that they run into trouble. So he'd have no issue taking in wind element with or without a seed, it wouldn't make a difference as far as his body being allowed to absorb it and use it.
  • No one knows if Sirius and rage god are any element so that very well may be some others... I mean Sirius is a sky wolf so that might be wind. And gwotb sounds earthy to me but this is all just speculation. 
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