[Novel] Against Heaven

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Hi everyone, I wanted to suggest a novel for translation.
Against Heaven it is a web novel of genre xianxia Written by Er Gen (耳根).It has been translated up to 12 chapters at www.gravitytales.com but it is only a teaser project so i wanted someone to pick it up ,it looked extremely good .I hope somone would translate it.

The summary is from novelsupdate:
In the post-apocalyptic age, men were damned.
On a fateful day, one ordinary man found a black mystical crystal in a mine.
The crystal gave him the opportunity to change his life forever.
Could he escape from his predetermined fate and create a destiny for himself?

I found the  raws are here http://tianyibook.com/tianyibook/20/20371/

I hope that someone would pick this up for translation. :)


  • 1st are wuxia pay this novel license 2nd i recomended Death blade he cam release a will eternal in a morning then in night againts heaven i wish it can be true
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