When does puti choose ji ning as a disciple?

they really hyped up this tournament and i'm kinda bummed seeing that ji ning never got chosen by crimsonbright. but then i learned that he got chosen by puti supreme, so what chapter does he get chosen and what are the reactions?


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    I'm not familiar on what chapter this happens but as far as everyone's reactions no one knows that this occurred. Puti supreme is very secretive with his disciples with most not even knowing who his disciples are but Ji Ning will disappear at the end of this volume and people can only assume that some great power had taken him as a disciple
  • It's in the next few chapters, he's just gonna wait and chill for a bit in the Emperors castle and then a disciple of Xuputi will come and invite him, that will be the end of book 12.
  • Does the emperor know about it

  • blue fire said:
    Does the emperor know about it

  • wat is the emperor crimsonbright's reaction on meeting ning afterwards..surely ning wud be much stronger by then..
    does he know that ning is now under tutelage of puti
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