Emperor Kongming

Who exactly is emperor kongming?, what calamity did he sense?, what is his cultivation level?, is he stronger than the sage emperor? and is he as cool as his introduction? I need spoilers.


  • I think Kong Ming and the Temporal Demon Spirit Book have all been made By Nie Li or maybe the Spiritual Time and Space god
  • In the raws, one of the primordial spirits (someone of the 1st group who fought the sage emperor) says he was a mystery person, was from tiny world and is possible he is still alive. It looks like he knows more but says Nie Li will need to find for himself.
  • zhuge liang lol
  • I dont know if this is true or a hunch but when nie li had found Tianyuan Great the primodal race strongest said the he understood something like he realized something when nie li asked him about Emperor konming. He told him he would find out soon. i think the nie li is emperor konmings reincarnation because he said in a another chapter that fate was guiding him when he first found the temporal demon spirit book
  • Then why in his previous life be like a dumbass person
  • Ahhh yet another thing that will probably go unanswered 
    "All things we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream." -Edgar Allen Poe -
  • What if the old man wasn't an inheritor to Kong Ming. But rather he was Kong Ming himself?
  • We will never know since the author has all but dropped this novel.
  • He would probably his sucessor because he was trash in the previous life died in shame but mostly he had some rekations with kong ming
  • Let everything flow
  • emperor kongming maybe the sage emperor himself before get crazy with power and strengh
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