So i am only on chapter 3 here so it might change, but i thought this guy that was playing the game and went to the other world was going to take over Bai Yunfei's body and all, but that hasn't happened. So does it happen eventually? 


  • no it doesnt. at times his personality intertwines with the gamer's but he stays himself.
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  • thank you 
  • So the guy from another world died right
  • yes he died... some of his memories get assimilate into the MC... this lead to him sometime act "out of role"... and he himself find it strange that he acted that way (for example he find himself looking in unreserved manner at girls on the street... that is something he would have never even tought about before... or use some strange word that only he can understand the meaning of... but doesn't know where they actualy come from...)
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