• Peerless Martial God. It's like MGA, but the MC has a sharper tongue. :P
  • shouldnt MGA be back soon. i hope theres a marathon once his summer break starts!
  • Can't beat Meng Hao tho.
  • edited May 2016
    i wouldnt recommend PMG. True its quite simmilar but they way it's written is terrible. I didnt notice that at the beginning only now when i was reading last 100 translated chapters. There is so much crap spoken everywhere. Every 2-3 chapters you have reminders about the same shit that happens earlier. Every time MC fight, some random dudes talks crap about him "no way he can win, oh no he will win" and so on. Just too much of useless text. I really liked that novel but what the author is doing with it makes me sick. 
  • The theatrics is part of PGM charm.
  • I'm pretty sure that PMG is on it's last lifeline in translating as the translator can't view computer screens any more...
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