Timeline questions

So I was bored and started making at timeline for DE. At about book 8 chapter 5, I hit a major roadblock. Ji Ning enters the Black-White College in book 7 at the age of 16. He says this to Mu Northson. But then in B8C5, the very end says over 3 years later he turned 22. Now either I missed something or the math is wrong cause it takes more than 3 years to go from 16 to 22.

Anyone got a clue as to what happened?


  • Author is bad at math I'd say
  • To be honest, you shouldn't really take age to mind in IET's work. In ST and DE they both have treasures that accelerate time so effectively they are around ten times the age that they should have been, and you easily forget their current age. >_<
  • Age doesn't matter.

    The Almighty Froppy
  • I seem to remember that after entering the Black White College, there was two time skip near each other : one of two year and one of three years for a total of five years. Then, that would make 16->21, plus give or take a few month and going up to 22 should not be a stretch.
    (that is just what I vaguely remember thus it may be totally wrong)
  • Ah okay thanks guys
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