Restrictions vs Formations

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whats the different? at the moment i'm at chapter 181 at the mountain of restrictions, and i don't get what restriction are... can someone explain please? 


  • Basically, restrictions are like traps, tripwires, landmines, combination safes. They can be defused safely like a bomb with the correct knowhow and combination of movements OR they can be forcibly triggered/broken-through if you have high enough cultivation to weather everything exploding around you. 
  • I think of it like formations represents everything and restrictions are offensive formations if that helps
  • restriction form can be a formation but when your cultivation high enough you can make a restriction just from your power and it's function is like @emptybox explain and like it's name implied it's to prohibit something/someone
    formation use is wide. You can use it for restriction,spell,illusion and more
  • So only difference I seen so far is formation requires materials, like you have to have certain materials to set up the formations. While restrictions are created purely by your spiritual power and is much more flexible and self sustaining. Like formation require someone to man it while restriction can function by it self and well.
  • formation also comes in the form of different cultivators working together to gain extra power..
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