Greater Will (Chapter 7) Sorry for the Late release

“Uhhh!!!!” I mentally say in my head, the class was silent as they were finishing their Ap Calculus exam.

I look outside to see a bright and sunny day without a single cloud in the the bright blue sky. ‘What a nice day’ I say to myself, My name is Jay Kidane. I am 14 and in high school, since middle school was too easy me the school moved me up to high school to say quote on quote “Expand My knowledge.”

Deciding this is it, I head up to the teacher and ask to go to the bathroom. He lets me go and told me not to linger in the hallways. “Psh” I whisper to myself, he’s so funny. Taking my time to head to the bathroom, I look outside the window to see a lone person on the field walking to the gym class, he was limping. The person took his time to go the gym teacher, Mr. Fields looks over and calls out to the guy.

I couldn’t make out what he said, but suddenly without stopping, the guy grabs Mr.Fields shoulders and bites into his neck. I look in horror and disgust as I see the insides of Mr. Field’s neck. You could hear the gurgling screams throughout the field and even for me to hear.

I almost vomit out my small lunch I had earlier. Everybody on the field start running to school, screaming in horror, some of them got trampled in the stampede of teenagers.  The other teachers try to talk to the guy who just literally ate Mr. Fields.

The guy got up again and started to walk to them now, as the man walked over you could see, very slowly Mr.Fields standing up to their directions. The other teachers stood there in distraught, they were probably wondering how is this happening.

One teachers tried to restrain the guy coming at him, it was the wrestling coach. He always bragged that back in his day, he used to be the best in the state of Arkansas. He grabs the guy’s arm and put him in an arm bar position. Yet the man seemed unaffected by it and teared a huge piece of the teacher’s flesh. Afraid of what happened, the teachers run to the school, pale in fright.

The students rush through the halls and scream in horror of what just happened. Wondering what occurred, students come out of class to question the frightened students of what happened.

I run to my locker, I wasn’t dumb like the rest. It was a zombie, it was the only way that a human being is able to eat humans and also the guy is limping *spoiler alert*! It was not that hard to figure out.

The halls were in mass panic, students running everywhere and teachers trying to regain stability. I finally open my locker (took me 4 tries) and grab my book bag, my hands couldn’t stop shaking at all. For some reason even though my mind was calm, my body seemed to be doing the opposite. I take a few seconds to calm myself and close my locker.I run down the hallway to see a zombie eating one of the special needs student. The zombie looks up to see me, it’s face was decayed and of gray color of skin. For some reason I couldn’t move, my body was frozen. After taking one more bite of the guy it comes walking towards me.

As it closed on me, it bended down to bite my leg, I knew it was over. With the feeling of hopelessness I just stop struggling and closed my eyes.

The next second all I could hear was Thwack!

I open my eyes to see a person holding a bloody bat. Next to me was a zombie with a insanely large indent in it’s head.

After a closer look it was Jason Scarland, he was one of the popular kids. He would sometimes hang out with the popular kids and sometimes he’d be with me. We are good friends, he also is the captain for the baseball team.

“What are you doing-” He stops talking as a translucent screen appears in front of him. I couldn’t read out what is said, but I was 100% sure that the words weren’t in english.

He holds out his palm and a 2 foot double edged sword appeared. He hands drop to the ground holding it.

“Jason what the hell is that?!”

“I don’t know, this screen appeared in front of me, and told me to pick a weapon, class, and one skill. I all I just know is that we have to get to a safe place. Agreeing with him, I grab his hand that he held out for me to stand up. I pat the dust off my back and follow him, through the hallways teachers and students saw us. One of the vice principals yells at us

“Jason! What  are you doing with a weapon in school, put it down or I’ll call the police!” He’s threat didn’t really matter to me or Jason at all. We just kept running till we got to the front door.

The moment we head outside, there was fires all over the city. One of zombies near our school heard us and walks over to us. Jason runs up to the zombie and uses the heavy weight of the sword as momentum to slice the zombies arm over. Yet without caring the zombie just looks over to Jason and keeps on walking towards him

“Jason! Cut of the head that will kill it!” The moment Jason hears it he rushes back with renewed vigour and with one clean swoosh kills the zombie and a ball of light rushes up to Jason and drops a pair of green gloves.

“Woah” I let out a sound of surprise. Jason walks up to me and says “Next time a zombie comes at us I want you to kill it” My pupils dilate, my mind instantly remembers what happened last time.

“Jay, it is not that hard, just think of all the things you need to protect. Well i’m not sure if that works for you but it does for me. In my mind I think of my sister and my parents who I need to check on.

I calm myself and did exactly what Jason said to do, within a few minutes another zombie came from the forest next to our school. We slowly walk up to it, I feel the same dread but I’m ready. I remember my mom and I have to find her and make sure she is ok.

“AHHH!!!” I scream as I force myself to move. I swing the sword but miss completely of the neck and instead slash the zombies arm off. Knowing that the zombie will keep on moving, I run behind the zombie and put my sword against it’s neck. I pull the sword back and cleanly decapitate the zombies head.

A translucent screen appears for me as it did for him, it said

Hello humans, today is the day when you can become stronger than before. Survive this apocalypse and maybe you can live peacefully again. Signing off, good luck.

Level up! You have a choice of picking 4 classes and 5 skills.

Marksman: Bow and 20 Arrows          Blacksmith: Hammer

Knight: Iron Sword

Mage: Staff

Hercules Strength: For 5 minutes your strength increases by 25%. Two skill points to upgrade.

Light as a feather: A passive skill that makes you feel 10% lighter. One skill point to upgrade.

Mp/Hp Increase: Your health points or Magic points will recover 10% faster for 5 minutes. One skill point to upgrade.

“So cool!” The inner fanboy exploded there, it was like Empty Souls. There everytime you level up you gain skill points and stat points.

I choose the knight class and Light as feather skill, as soon as I choose it my body immediately felt super light. I give back Jason’s sword and we ran across the street near our school.

Jason’s family lived closer to the school, so we went there first. In the neighborhood it was very quiet, he takes out his key and opens the door.

Inside we found a dead zombie, it had a huge hole in its forehead and much in his body. On the kitchen table I found a note splattered with blood

Dear Jason, if you are reading this that means you came back for us but sorry honey we had to go before more of these monster kept on coming. If you are wondering where we are go to Washington D.C, the army had barricaded the whole city and prevented any of those monsters from coming in. I’m sorry for not waiting longer but we couldn’t hold out any longer.


                                                                                         Sincerely, Mom

                                                                                                                   Be safe my son.

“Jason, this is a letter for you” He rushes over quickly and grabs the letter on the table. After a few seconds, he stands up again with excitement and anxiety. 

“Jay, your family is next let’s go” We head outside and rush over to my house. Inside my house, nobody was there at all. My mom worked with the government and worked long hours I think she will be safe.

I turn on the TV to see that all over the news were about what happened today, there were many videos shown about zombies all over the US. One of them was a guy running so fast he was a blur and killed 50 zombies at once. All over the world many of these people were appearing, we are not the only one like this I thought.

Almost every state was in a state of emergency and told to stay in homes. 

I ask Jason “What do we do next?”,he looks over to me and say, “We gotta survive like the screen told us to do.”

“First we need supplies, food, and water” Near my house were many stores including a gun store.

We head to a local convenience store to find a zombie in a casher outfit walking over to us, Jason let’s me take on this guy, with my skill I rush over and decapitate the guy’s head off. 

A ball of light rushed towards with a pair of black shoes, 

Hermes Shoes: A shoe that grants the user 10% lighter. It cannot be stacked against a skill

The shoes are useless to me, instead of throwing them away I hand it over to Jason. He refused to take for free and gave me his gloves instead.

The green pair of gloves gave the user a really good grip that even football gloves pale in comparison. We fit as much food into my book bag but since it was only a book bag. We head to sporting store, inside there was no one so I guess free stuff for us. We change our blood ridden clothes for those really expensive undershirts, shirts, and pants. As we were about to leave, in the corner of my eye was a cat. It eyes shone in the dim store, I slowly walk over to pet it. And instead of that happening, it jumped on my head and sat there. 

I could hear snickering behind me, Jason was standing there covering his mouth from not laughing.The cat was firmly planted on my head and hissed when I tried to take it off, I just left it there and went on with my life. We left the store and made our way to Washington D.C which was about an hours walk from the store. Along the way I had killed 5 zombies and Jason killed 5 too. 

Suddenly, the screen appeared again, You have 4 points to use

Strength: 4

Vitality: 4

Endurance: 3

Intelligence: 7

Wisdom: 4

Agility: 5

Stamina: 3

A bunch of stats appeared for both of us, thinking smartly I put 2 points into stamina and one for vitality and strength. The moment I put those stats in, I felt a boost in energy.


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  • After about an hour we had made it to Washington D.C, all around were many sandbags and cars lined up to block a street. We climbed over the mountain of cars and got to the other side. As soon as we landed 10 soldiers with M4 carbines in their hands, were ready to shoot us.

    “Drop the Sword and put your hands up now!!” One of the soldiers yelled at us. Jason and I look to each other, we slowly drop our swords and put our hands in the air. With their guns still pointed at us two of them released their M4’s and let it hang. They rush us and give us a pat down.

    “What are your intentions here?!” In my mind I was about to cuss them out about how they should treat their civilians.

    Jason speaks for both of us and says “We came here looking for our parents.”

    “Then what’s with the swords in your hands” He points to our iron swords on the ground.

    “That was to keep us safe on this journey, if we didn’t have this we would die” I come back with a smart remark.

    “Well these swords will be confiscated until further notice” He tried to pick it up but it would not move.

    An translucent screen appeared in front of me,

    Bray Diller is trying to take your weapon of the system, do you allow it?

    I was deciding of whether I should do it or not, the man was trying to take his sword but I shall let him take it. I press Allow and suddenly the man can pick it up, he gazed at the sword for why it had been so heavy at first.

    As another man tried to pick up Jason’s sword but failed but after a while it finally he was able to pick it up. We were escorted to a building and asked us for our name address and all that good stuff. We were told that we were free to go anywhere in the city except the Capital Building and the White House.

    Jason seperated from me to go look for his parents. I headed to the Winston Hotel and asked if a Sara Kidane had booked a room, this was usually the place my mom would go when she had government business.

    She had told me that one of the penthouses was rented by her. I rush to the elevator and push the PH button. I anxiously tap my feet waiting for the elevator to go faster. To me the ride took forever, and then there was a *Ding!*

    I start looking at the door numbers till I reached room 324, I calm myself down and knocked on the door. “Hold on!” I hear a very familiar voice inside the room, my face lightens up to hearing her voice.

    You could hear the unlocking of locks on the door, and the door opens up to a woman in her 30’s with hazelnut hair and brown eyes. Her hair was straighten out and looked like today was a huge day.

    The moment mom see’s me her face lights up and pulls me into a hug with Hulk strength.

    “Thank god you are alive” She pulls me out to see my face and then pulls me in for another hug. “Mom can’t… breathe” My lungs exhale all the air it could, she pulls me out of the hug and says “Sorry… where were you I called school and everything, I’m just so glad you are alive”

    I explain to her everything that happened including the screens and zombies.

    “Mom, what is happening?” She gives me a look of concern, turns on the TV. On the screen there was the president sitting down addressing the nation.

    “Residents of United States of America, I come before you today to say that all over the world many monsters appeared and I would like to say keep calm, stay inside your homes, lock your doors. The military has been deployed all over the country to provide assistance for those in trouble. We are in official State of Emergency I say again we are in a State of Emergency.” And the transmission turns off, we sat there in a good silence of about a minute to soak up all of what just happened there.

    For about 2 weeks we moved on in life, the government reduced the usage of electricity and has been rationing our food supply to last us longer. My mom has rarely been home, most of the time she is working at her job. I’ve spending most of the time in the penthouse and sometimes go to Jason’s place. His parents had haggled a way to get a hotel room for shelter for a while. On TV most of the channels have been shut down, only thing left is news channels.

    Most of the time I just take a walk around the city, if you were tried to go near the white house you would be arrested (I did it one time). As the day slowly came to an end, I walk pass an alley and heard some sort of groaning sounds. I look to see who was there but it was a zombie. I thought to myself you aren’t going any farther zombie, I put my hand to my side to feel there was no sword.

    “Damn it all” I say, I look to my side to see if there were any military personal around, but this was the inner city of Washington D.C. Maybe if I ran away- no I can’t do that, the zombie will probably just eat that person and keep on infecting.

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  • I look around to see if there were any thing I could use as a weapon. But all I could find were small pebbles and the sorts. My heartbeat grew faster and faster as the zombie got closer, “Well, if I die while fighting maybe I be a hero” I knew that deep in my heart I was afraid like no other. I run up to the zombie and threw a right hook at its chest. The zombie stepped backwards, but kept on moving towards me. As It came near me it used it’s hands and tried to  grab me. I pulled my arm back but I was caught by the hand, It quickly moved it’s head forward and bit me… I look to my arm to see a huge piece of flesh, I thought I would feel the pain but my brain was so shocked it couldn’t register the pain.

    The one emotion that flared up was not fear or regret or even sadness that I will die. No it was anger, anger for the reason that this creature not worth of pity bit him, anger for a chance that he will never see his mother again. “YOU BASTARD!” I grab the zombie’s head with my non bitten arm, my hand with incredible strength crushed the zombie’s skull and rotten brain matter went everywhere. As I keep looking at the zombie, a distant sound could be heard. Suddenly the pain finally registers to me, but for some reason I did not care, my body fell to the ground and I watched the sky. I’ll never see the sky, never see the amazing sights of the world, or even my mom again.

    “Goodbye world” I whisper to myself and darkness takes me. I am encased by a warm darkness, it was comforting. I gave me a feeling of safety, like a mother’s embrace to her child. It felt like forever till a small light came, it slowly became bigger and bigger until all darkness was gone.

    I breath in a big amount of air as I wake up. I look up to the sky to see the sun still there watching over all of us. I stand up to find bodies everywhere, they were all grey colored faces and had bullet holes all over them. It was a landfill, there were mountains of bodies everywhere. I step down carefully but I tripped on an leg and fell all the way down. I journeyed through the landfill and climb over the walls, I didn’t recognize where I was, there were abandoned buildings everywhere. Some buildings were cut cleanly in half, and I standed there in awe, what had happen? I thought to myself.

    I walk through the streets and there was rubble everywhere. Cars burnt, cracks on the floor of the street. “He..lp…” I hear a faint voice to my left, I turn to see a man with a huge piece of concrete on his arm and there was blood all over him.

    I run to him and lift the piece of rubble off him. I look at my hands, ‘How was I able to do that’, before I couldn’t dream about lifting the piece of rock.

  • I shake my head and turn my head to the man. The man had a steel bar pierced through his chest and by the looks of it he was going to bleed out in a bit.

    I kneel down by his side and ask him “What happen?”. A look of terror could seen in his eyes,”Monsters… big… too...strong”.His breathing stopped and his eyes had no light in them anymore, I pick up the man’s body and walk over to a field. For hours I used my bare hands to dig the brave man a grave for him to rest in peace. By the time I finished endurance and stamina hand went up by 3 points, but my hands were bleeding all over from all that digging.

    I carefully drop him in the 4 feet deep hole, his hands were on his chest and eyes closed. It was almost peaceful, maybe it would be better.. No no I can’t think of that I still have to get to mom and see if she was safe and sound. Using my already bloody hands I push all the dirt back in and pat it down. I wrote on his grave A brave and courageous soldier, For the night I had found a small shack with some canned beans, without a fire I ravaged the beans and still thought it was the most delicious thing ever created.

    I woke up to the morning, warmed by the morning sun. I swear I had some many tight muscles and sore muscles from sleeping on that damn floor. After about a minute of stretching I head out to explore the city. All over the city were bodies of zombies everywhere, and even soldiers. For safety reasons I took one of their M4 carbines and looted 4 mags of ammunition and 2 grenades. I also took their protective gear and a small bookbag, I turn around a corner to see a… I don’t what to call it, it was about 5 meters long and 4 meters tall. It laid on the ground with thousands of small holes and tens of bigger ones on it body.

    On it’s head were 2 humongous horns and 2 dead eyes staring in front of it. I turned to the monster thing and touch it. As I touch it magically turns into a huge ball of light and drops a chest in front of me.

    200+ EXP

    Level Up! Level up! Level Up!

    You are now Level 6! You can allocate 12 points!

    You have killed the Mutant Boar Beast!

    Choose your prize

    Luv’s Sword: Every ten hits you have a chance of setting your enemy on fire

    Falcon Eyes: Able to see enemy’s health points and able to see through walls, Passive skill

    Stone Skin: A thin armour able to become as hard as stone

    I read every prize over and over again thrice. If I get a Luv’s sword I be able to have better weaponry, but if I get Stone Skin I can tank on most things. I decided to go with eagle eyes because I’m able to see enemies through walls which is really useful and you can have a jump start at running away if the enemy is too strong to begin with.

    A white descends upon me and I felt like I could see anything. I do a slow 360 turn to look around, there seemed to be no enemies around me for now. I returned to the translucent screen and look through my stats. My strength seemed to be at 7 already, that’s why I was able to do all those things. I put my stats in Vitality, Wisdom, and Agility

    Strength: 7

    Vitality: 9 (4)

    Endurance: 8

    Intelligence: 7

    Wisdom: 8 (4)

    Agility: 9 (4)  

    Stamina: 8

    Another shine light went on my body and I felt rejuvenated. I start off to a run but I couldn’t control my speed and I hit the wall. But the impact didn’t as much as I thought, increasing stats are friggin’ awesome!

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  • It’s face was incredibly cute and it seemed to be very young about 2-3 months. I quickly grabbed the piece of rubble and threw it away. I yank the chain off of him like it’s nothing and sat it up it’s leg, but it’s leg seemed to be injured. Thinking to myself if I leave him here he’ll probably starve to death with his injured leg but if I take him I have another mouth to feed and to take care of. After about a 1 minute of going between pros and cons I decided to take the fox with me. I put him in my book bag and leave a gap for him to poke his head through and breathe.

    I head out and find shelter for the night. We had finally found a warehouse that had some rations and other things. I had tried to start a fire with a piece of clear glass, but when I was about give up, the broken pieces of wood started to smoke up. I kneel down and start blowing at the smoke so the wood could catch on fire. After about few seconds the once small smoke became a brilliant fire. I warm up the rations and share with the small fox, we eat in silence and fall asleep with the fire still burning. I wake up to a sound of footsteps and silently get up. I take a look around and find a person with a Ar-10 Assault Rifle walking around. I hide behind a crate and yell in a deep voice

    “Who are you!” I turn to my shoulder side and watch his reaction. He jumped back in surprise and fell on the floor. I slowly crouch over to the man and look at him, his pupils weren’t found. Did he… pass out? In a few hours he sat up and looked around till he saw me.

    “Who are you?!” He quickly moved back in fright. “I am Jay” I kept my hands up in a defensive position.

    “How are you… alive everybody died a week ago” He gave me an astonished look.

    “What do you mean everybody”

    “The attack on the city, everybody had died that day except for members of the government” His eyes changed to that of resent when he had said that.

    “Then how are you alive” My mind was in overdrive, what if… what if. But I told myself that I would be strong.

    “I was with a group of people lead by Ranger, that’s what we call him. He has kept us safe through times of peril. We had been near when the day happened, a monster horde had came and destroyed everything. They were held off by the army for the while till It came. It was huge and destroyed buildings with a swipe. But something was wrong with it, it wasn’t attacking randomly, it was looking for something.We didn’t see what happened next, we had been attacked by some of the monster that had broke off from the horde”

    I pulled back and thought what could’ve happened unless… I look to the fox thing, maybe it was the mother and that why it wasn’t attacking randomly. It was looking for it’s child, but why is the fox still here that’s the problem.

    “Did it kind of look like a fox?”

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    “How do you know that?” He gave me a look of suspicion

    So it was the mother! She must of came to the city and tried to get her child back from someone I guess.

    The man stood up and patted the dust off of him and said “ Well I have to get back so if you want to come you can come that’s if you’re useful though, Ranger will accept women and children but if you’re a man you have to be somewhat useful”.

    I decided to follow the man back to his base instead of starving and barely making ends meet. I grab my book bag from behind the crate and told the fox to be quiet, that if he understood.

    The journey took about an hour’s walk from here and was situated on a steep hilltop. The base was surrounded with a wooden walls that seemed decently built.

    As soon as we got close, the men that were stationed on top pointed their assault rifles at us.

    “How was the walk down Golden Road” One of the man called, I thought to myself what kind of catch phrase was that suppose to be.

    “Shitty” What the hell was the man trying to say, is he trying to me and him killed at the same time- “Welcome back Rodney!” The wooden gates slowly open to show two fully armored men in kevlar suits standing there.

    As we both walk past the gates I get stopped by the two guys while “Rodney” got a free pass.

    “Rodney, who the new guy?” One of the guys pointed at me.

    “He’s a survivor from D.C” The men gave me looks of awe and astonishment, was it really that bad?

    “Who’s the fox?” I heard from behind me, dammit how did they see. I turn around quickly to see a man in fully covering clothes except for the eyes, standing there holding the fox in his hands petting it. With my enhancement speed I reach out to take the fox back. But the moment I had touched the man, he faded away into the wind like dust in the desert.

    “That’s a rude thing to do to a person you know” He was behind me again, how did he do that even with my enhancements making my body do incredible features.

    The moment I had turned around, you could see all the of the men saluting the man. The man was still there petting the fox while fox purred like a kitten. Can foxies even do that?

    “Can I get the fox back” I say to the man yet he still does not even look at me for a second.

    A tinge of anger could be felt within my heart, “I’m not giving it back to you because it is not your’s, it was it’s mother’s in the first place. Survival 101 do not have a dangerous beast’s child as a pet. You saw what it did to D.C, it can do same thing here so no I will not give this back to you unless you can do something for me”

    The man had finally looked up at me, his killing intent could be felt from right here. My legs were shaking so hard that I feel like I’m going to pee my pants.

    “An… And what is that” I gulped down huge amount of my saliva in nervousness.

    “From today on you will work for my new division of this base, Scouts!” My face turned to dread, if you knew what I knew about scouts you would be pissing your pants already.

    Throughout history, Scouts were known as the spy’s of the military or go to dangerous areas for information concerning a certain target or thing.

    But the more the realistic approach for the current situation happening all over the world with reminds of more of the anime “Attack on *****” It was overall a very dangerous job for anybody.

    “Since currently, there are less voluntaries than necessary” His voice increased a bit on the voluntaries, also as he said it most of the men there had looked away or just scratched the back of their heads in shame.

    But they weren’t dumb, they know the risks of being a scout in this day and age where there are beasts able of destroying cities with a wave of their hand.

    “You shall be joining it!” He turns around and walks away while holding the fox in his hands.

    “Follow me” said a deep baritone voice in the crowd. Everybody had moved out of the way for him, he was about 6’0 with black hair and eyes.

    I follow him without a word, we walked past numerous homes and people. Mostly everybody was happy and joyful, if only they knew the terror of the outside.

    The man had stopped at some sort of barracks. He opened the door for me to get in, inside were about 10 people. 4 women, 6 men, they are were sitting down eating there food and talking to each other.

    The moment we had came in they had all stopped talking, they gave me faces of a predator looking at its prey. But it wasn’t even close to the other guys killing intent.

    “Boss who’s the new guy?!” A man holding a tray with beers on it called out to the man behind. So that means that the guy wa the boss of all these tough looking people.

    “Introduce yourself” The man shoved me forward and I felt their gazes became even more penetrating. It felt like I was naked, they could see through all my lies or clothes, felt weird.

    “H-Hi I’m Jay, I’m new to the Scout’s Division and to the camp. I’m 14 and in the ninth grade.” I felt like I gave away too much information about myself to them.

    All of a sudden they seemed to lighten up to me and said all at once” Welcome Jay! “

    They pull a chair for me and gave a bowl of soup and bread. My mouth watered at sight and devoured  the meal like an animal that hasn’t eaten in days.

    I was too focused to hear their laughter and hear shouting of “Eat,eat, eat!!”

    When I finished eating everybody had introduced themselves including that guy that brought me to the barrack.

    They were either former army or elites of the guards here. Tomorrow is the first mission of the Scout Division. For the night I slept on a bunk bed with me on the top and Jacks on the bottom. Everybody had a partner except the captain because out of all of us he is the most powerful.

    I had woke up at the crack of dawn for some reason, I don’t know if it was excitement or nervousness that had woke me up but I had to get ready. You know what they say “Early bird get’s the worm.”

    I was given a Iron Sword, it was just like my other one that had got taken away back in D.C, we had to strive to improve our stats but it was really that they didn’t have enough guns to give to us or they don’t trust us enough.

    We had all gathered at the command center, “Today we are going to scout a small neighborhood for a precious equipment and take as much as we can back to the base, we will taking 2 jeeps and 1 hauling truck. We want to take as little time to get there and come back to base so no lolli gaggin ok!”

    We walked to the entrance and got in the jeep on the passenger side. I could hear the engine “vromm” and we sped down the mountain.

  • We had gone through some detours because of the cars blocking out the road. It took about an half an hour to get there.

    It was desolate and barren, it like a cowboy’s movie ghost town. There were no one here, we followed captain to an house with iron bars all around it. For the door it was locked by an thick iron chain, but it was quickly destroyed by a yank of captain’s hand. We looked at the captain in awe, he felt our gazes on him “What?” he gave us an confused look but we just shake our heads and move on.

    Inside the house was a pretty messy place. Chairs on the floor, broken glass, a TV with blood on it.

    We walked as quietly as we could, we had stop at a bookshelf in a room upstairs. The captain randomly started pull out book till he slowly pull a plain green book out. The shelf slowly moved to the left, making a huge rumbling sound. There was a stairway behind the bookshelf with lights turning on for us to see.

    The trip down the stairs was actually deeper than I thought, it took about a minute of walking before we made to the bottom. But the trip was worth it, on the walls were all military grade assault rifles and with crates full of ammunition.

    “How’s house is this?!” I called out in awe of all these guns.

    “It’s Ranger’s” Captain said coldly, we started picking up the guns and ammunition and took it to the truck.

    “We got some trouble!” We heard a yell from outside and rushed out the house. Selena was pointing to a group of zombies coming down the road to us. There was probably 25-30 zombies slowly walking over to us.

    “Hurry up with the cargo, Selena and Jay you guys will be holding them off till we are done” The captain yells off the order.

    “Me?” I point at myself, I had just joined give a break

    “Yes you! Go!” He gives a push forward and one to Selena too before going inside the house to pick some cargo.

    I gather up my courage and run to the closest zombie near me. I swing with incredible speed with the iron sword and cut the zombies neck. It was like a hot knife going through butter, then I run to the next zombie and the next.

    I was so absorbed in the easiness that I didn’t realise that, by the tenth zombie I was out of stamina. My sweat was all over my body and I heard dings but I was so sore I didn’t care at all.

    I turned to look at Selena who seemed to take her time killing the zombies unlike me who was too hot blooded to realise that I needed to conserve my stamina. I had taken out 12 zombies before my stamina went out. Her weapon seemed to part of her arm as it flowed with her body, within a minute or so she finished up the rest of the zombies.

    I struggle to walk back to the car and take a seat inside, I’ll just close my eyes for a while…

    I feel a strong grab pull me out of the car, “Wake the hell up, we couldn’t wake you up no matter what we did. We are also back now”

    Opening my eyes I could see the familiar house and wooden wall, I head back to the barracks, I felt sore but I felt reenergized from the great sleep.

    When we got there we were told that we were free for the rest of the day. Most of them headed out while others decided to stay here and eat and talk.

    I laid down on my bunk bed while looking at my stats, the increases were in Strength, Stamina and Endurance.

    Strength: 8 (1)                    Vitality: 9

    Endurance: 9 (1)                 Stamina: 8 (1)

    Intelligence: 7                       Wisdom: 8

    Agility: 9

    My main stat’s had improved mostly by one, yet my level barely even went up at all? I scroll through some of my skills till I reached one of them.

    Z virus Immunity : You have developed an Immunity to the Z virus, Increasing level difficulty, decreasing difficulty gaining stats.

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